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Author's Chapter Notes:
Choice That Won:

Go visit General Blue.
Afterwards, get the Medical Unit to do a scan on all those who were captured to make sure Gero didn't place bombs/spying devices in them.
Finally, visit the science team and give them the same Dragon Ball to further research to see if we can make a sensing device.

All of a sudden, an image of General Blue pops into your head. Now that you think about it, he did seem awfully shocked when you revealed the news about Rem's death. The others were most certainly speechless, but there was something different about Blue's reaction. You decide to pay him a visit.

Promptly, you walk towards the nearest elevator and press the button idly laying next to it. After a few moments, the doors open. Presently, there are four different soldiers in the rather confined space. Each of them wastes no time in saluting you, but you pay little attention. The doors close once again and you dock on the third floor.

While you exit the elevator, the other soldiers continue going up to the fourth floor. Due to being unsure of where room Blue's quarters are, you are forced to simply wander the halls of this floor. The renovations over the past year have fused the two previous halls that separated the Generals and Frontier Agents into one large room, similar to the second floor.

Time slowly passes by as you continue lurking the empty corridors. The thought of knocking on a random door and asking whoever answers where Blue might be crosses your mind, but doing such a thing seems rather unprofessional. A leader of a military organization cannot ask one whose rank is so far below his own a question like that. Right now, more than ever before, you need to maintain and build the proper identity; one that assures everybody that they are safe, and that you know what you are doing.

A familiar figure walks out of a door to your left, in which you foolishly mistake for Blue at a glance, however, when the two of you lock eyes, his true identity is revealed.

"What brings you up here?" White asks, maintaining his distance.

"Nothing that concerns you, Agent 86." White squints his eyes in acknowledgment, lets a small frown loose, but eventually nods haltingly.

"Okay then."

"Hold up," you finally let out just before White walks past you and makes his inevitable escape. "I hear you went toe-to-toe with Commander Joseph Pike? Is that true?"

"I guess, but I still lost in the end." Refusing to break eye contact, the button on your Scouter is pushed and White's power level reads 41,000. A respectable power for General, on the high end, actually, but still nothing compared to any of the Commanders.

"Can you raise your Ki higher than what it's at?"

"No, afraid not."

"Then how did you manage to fight even with Joseph for ten minutes, or however long it was?"

"...It's through a technique. But when I use it, I lose control over my mind and am unable to do anything outside of fighting the enemy I had locked onto beforehand. It's very dangerous for extended periods of time. I've been practicing, though, and I'm able to relinquish the trance when I choose to. It takes a lot of effort, sadly, so I'm pretty much wiped afterwards."

"I wasn't asking for your life story."

"Good, because I didn't give it to you."

"Certainly felt like you did."

"Stop complaining just to complain. I know you aren't at all fond of me because of the whole 'White' thing, but get over it already. I've made up for it already."

"Tsh. By the way, where's Blue?"

"Down the hall on your right. Room 108, if I remember correctly."


White continues his voyage down the hall while you make your way to Blue's room. You quickly locate it and give a loud knock on his door. He opens it rather quickly, wearing gym shorts and a sleeveless shirt. Actually, this is the first time Blue has ever dressed informally, at least in front of your eyes. His skin is unusually pale and he doesn't appear to have any energy at all.

"Command-, ergh, Lord Kiryu. What brings you here?"

"Mind if I come in?"

"Oh, no, not at all." Blue opens the door up all the way and leans up against it so that you can make your way through. "Sit anywhere you like."

"I'll stand, actually." Blue gently closes the door and takes a seat on his perfectly clean, king-size bed. You note that the carpet is also vacuumed and smelling fresh. Everything around you is also neatly put away. It's clear that Blue is a clean-freak.

"So?" Blue finally says.

"I couldn't help but notice that you seemed particularly bothered when I mentioned the news of Rem's death. To be quite honest, I just came up here to see if you were doing alright."

"Ah. So that's what it was."

"I don't mean to pry, so if it's something personal..."

"I wouldn't really call it personal. It's stupid, but I've always respected Rem as a person because he sort of reminds me of myself. I've only ever had a few conversations with him, but that was enough for me. Rem was an inspiration, something to work towards. Now that he's gone, I feel as if all my training and hark work have gone to waste. Rem is gone and he ain't never coming back. I think...I just wanted his praise; something to tell me that I was on the right track. None of that will ever happen now." Blue looks up at you sorrowfully, yet still manages to force a smile. "I told you, it's stupid."

Praise, huh. I could lie to Blue right now, tell him that I had a conversation with Rem in which your name was brought up. Say that Rem was closely surveying him because he thought he was a diamond in the rough. Something so simple would give Blue the motivation and drive he's seeking. But I won't. You kneel down so that you can gaze directly into Blue's sapphire eyes. "You want to know what I think?"

"What do you think?"

"Your goal, praise and acceptance from Rem, is gone. As you said, it's never coming back." Blue frowns while slowly nodding. "What you need to do is find a new goal. Strengthen yourself with that, and climb to the next level. If you aren't moving forward, you're moving backwards. Take a day or two off. Rethink your life and priorities. You'll find the answer eventually."

"What answer?"

"Who knows. Nobody comes to the same conclusion." Blue smiles faintly. "I'll be leaving now."

"I'll see you later, Lord Kiryu. Thanks."

"Get some sleep, Blue. You're a few hours away from turning into a ghost."

"Heh, okay. I will."

"Oh. When you wake up, go down to the Medical Station. Tell them to give you a full body scan. I need to make sure that Gero didn't implant anything inside of you, or any of the other former captives." Blue gives you a firm nod, clearly taking the matter seriously. Not needing to say another word, you open the door once again and head on out.

Wasting no more time, you return to the second floor via elevator and make your way to the Medical Station for a quick word with one of the doctors. On route to your destination, you take it upon yourself to stop and gaze out one of the nearest windows. The night sky is beautiful, filled with many stars and a moon that is close to being full. You are no expert, but that usually means that there will be a full moon in the coming days.

Now, with that unprecedented stop out of the way, you resume travel on the short path to the Medical Station. Upon arrival, Kaiba's brother, Dr. Ed, greets you at the front office. He appears to be locking the station up at this moment in time.

"Ed," you call out. He shakes a bit, startled, before turning around and smiling for a brief moment.

"Lord Kiryu! Its been a while."

"Indeed it has. Are you done for the day?"

"Done here?" You nod. "Yes, unless you would like an examination before I get on out of here?"

"No, no, I'm fine. Here, walk with me."

"Just one second." Ed inserts his key into a lock on his office door, and then enters a four-digit code on the keypad next to it. A green light flickers in the, now, dark room, signalling the end of work. The two of you saunter out of the Medical Station and he repeats the same process for the front doors, this time.

"You going to the third floor?"

"Doctors and scientists' rooms are on this floor, Kiryu."

"Ah, I see."

"Yeah, you may want to familiarize yourself with the layout of your own base." Ed teases, but you acknowledge it sternly. "So, what is it you needed to speak with me about?"

"I presume you heard from your brother about the recent kidnapping? Dr. Gero, who formerly worked at the Red Ribbon Army, and the Saiyans, have teamed up and devised a plan to trade off some of our men in exchange for a particular item."

"Kaiba didn't mention it. Are they okay?"

"I got them back, yes." Ed has a sigh of relief. "But I'd like you to do a full body examination on each of them tomorrow, just to make sure Gero didn't do anything funny while he had them."

"Of course, consider it done. Who are they?" You list the names of the five Generals who were captured and Ed eagerly jots their names down on a small notepad he carries around with him. Once he does so, you bid him farewell. Ed advances in one direction, presumably back to his own quarters, while you move forward to the Research Laboratory.

Unlike the Medical Station, which was near empty at this hour, the Research Laboratory is filled with scientists working hard. You'll have to ask them what they're working on one of these days. A few of them take notice of you and stop what they are doing, while others pace towards you in an efficient matter.

"Lord Kiryu," the young man who took charge earlier says languidly.

"Those who worked on the Dragon Ball earlier, and those who would like to work on it, please come forward." A relatively large group of scientists all gather around. "I'm going to let you borrow this Dragon Ball for the time being. Please find out if it is possible to create a device that will function in a way that will make it possible to detect objects with similar energy. Other Dragon Balls, basically."

"Similar energy? How do you know it even radiates-"

"I can feel it," you cut him off. Looking down at the ball, it glimmers back peculiarly. There is definitely something unique about this entity. "I don't claim to be an expert in this field, so I can't demand that you make something that may very well be impossible. However, I am asking that you give it a shot."

The scientist seizes the Dragon Ball from your grasp and gives you an austere acceptance. Just as you turn around, he forces out a cough to retract your attention.

"Actually, Lord Kiryu, there is something that I've been meaning to speak to you about."


"Lord Rem, prior to, you know, invested a great deal of money and resources into using a new brand of technological advances to vastly improve are current security measures." Inexplicably, you gawk at this man. He has trouble staring at you directly in the eyes so he constantly maneuvers his eyes around the room while speaking. "In short, we are finally at a stage where we can use this technology to establish renewed armaments. We have options, though."

"Interesting. What are these options?"

"We can use it to create the Ultimate Force field. These new and improved defense systems will be able to keep out nearly anyone. Our current barrier is quite advanced in itself, if you weren't aware, but this one will be greatly improved in every aspect. Incomparably superior. If that isn't to your liking, then perhaps the Ray Gun Cannon will be. It will take time to gather up the appropriate energy, but once it does, this cannon will have enough firepower to wipe out anybody from existence. This is a step beyond our recently developed Ray Gun. The initial shock of the blast should be more than enough to kill the targeted enemy, before all of the side effects kick in."

"Hm. Is that it?"

"Not quite. We can also manifest the Divine Radar. It will always be active, ready to detect the distance, amount, and exact arrival time of potential enemies. Compared to the current radar, which Ex-Commander Pitou was easily able to get around, this one will be unbreakable. It will extend hundreds of miles around Forte Valkyrie, giving us an excellent warning that battle is approaching."

"You can only build one?"

"As of right now, yes."

You scratch your chin solemnly, speculating which option will benefit Valkyrie the most. All of them are useful, no doubt, but one of these in particular stands out the most.

"Build the..."

A) Ultimate Forcefield.
B) Ray Gun Cannon.
C) Divine Radar.
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