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Author's Chapter Notes:
Choice that won:

I vote A to form an Alliance. As far as the Dragon ball, give it to a research team on the Fort and tell them to create an exact replica if possible. If they can do this, we give the fake one to get back our soldiers.
You crack your knuckles obnoxiously in order to get Thrigon's attention. He peers over from across the room with a grim look on his face, obviously worried. In fact, he appears to be more distressed than you are.

"Thrigon," you call. He immediately stands up and nods his head. "Bring Kaiba in here and wait for me. I have something I need him to do once I get back."

"Alright." Before exiting the room, Thrigon pauses and turns back. "Where you going?"

"Just down the hall."

"Oh. Okay, I'll go get 'im then."

Moments after Thrigon rushes out of the room, hurriedly so, Piccolo, in between mild coughs, begins speaking aloud.

"You aren't considering giving them the Dragon Ball, are you?"

"No, no I'm not." Not wasting any more time in here, you quickly make your escape and head towards the Research Laboratory, just next door to the Medical Station. Not if I can help it, that is...

Upon entering the Laboratory, you are greeted by a platoon of scientists. Many others are hard at work in the background, doing who knows what, but to your surprise, the majority of them do not appear to be doing anything in particular.

Smoke erupts from the steel floor as you drop your Capsule to the ground--successfully opening it. A few items appear on the ground next to the open container, but you only care to pick up the Dragon Ball that remains inside.

"Listen up!"

Everybody stops what they are doing immediately and turns over to you in a rush.

"See this orb in my hand," you reveal, showing the scientists the Dragon Ball handily, before putting it back down by your side. "I need an exact replica made. It is of utmost importance, so I want all of you to cancel whatever you're doing and get working on it immediately."

"Lord Kiryu, may I see that please?" You look over to your right to find a relatively young man standing up from his chair and reaching out his palm. Without hesitation, you hand the Dragon Ball over to him and he begins to examine it thoroughly. He puts it down on his desk and inspects it carefully, using a great deal of utensils all the while. Nearly five minutes pass before you decide to ask the obvious.

"Can you do it?"

"I'm not sure yet. I've never seen any material like this before. Hmm..." He puts it down gently and scopes the room. "Yeah, I think I can. Come back in a couple of days and I'll update you on my progress."

"You have under four hours."

"Fou-four hours!? Comm-, ergh, Lord Kiryu, it can't be done!"

You simply stare at him blankly. Sweat begins slipping down his temple until he finally nods.

"I'll need everybody's help."

"They're yours to use."

"Four hours?"

"Four hours."

"...Okay, I'll give it a shot. Guys, come on over here! We have work to do!"

You pick the Capsule up off the ground and place your belongings back into it. In order to get out of their way, you swiftly turn around and head back to Piccolo's room in the Medical Station. Once you return, Kaiba is idly sitting on the floor with his legs stretched out and arms buried behind his neck.

"What's up Kiryu?" Kaiba asks.

"Can you use the satellite to track my location?"

"Depends. Where are you doing?"

"I'm not sure yet, but it shouldn't be too far from here."

"Tatito, sure, no problem. Why though?"

"Potential enemies of ours, who are in hiding, are about to reveal themselves to me. Once the exchange is finished, however, I won't be able to keep track of their movements. So I need you to do exactly that. Have the satellite watch me until I'm at the point of exchange, and once I leave, have it follow them. This way, we'll know exactly where their hideout is."

"That's good. That's really good, Kiryu. I can also get pictures of them all if this exchange-thingy takes place outside. Then we should be able to get even more information on them all."

"Doesn't matter whether or not the exchange is inside or outside. As long as the satellite keeps watch, they'll be forced to show their faces eventually. We'll be able to keep track of everything they do. So if they attempt to attack us, we'll know they're coming."

"I'll do my best!"

After taking a deep breath, you close your eyes, lean up against the wall, fold your arms over your chest, and silently wait. Soon enough, Kaiba gets bored of doing nothing and prances out of the room. Piccolo, on the other hand, like yourself, is happy to keep quiet.

Over three hours later, nothing has changed, except for the fact that you slid down from the wall and began sitting against it. Piccolo, too, is wide awake.

"You know," he finally speaks up, in a slightly awkward tone, "we don't know if our men are still alive. What if it's just a trap to-"

"Doesn't matter. I can't just forget about them because of the possibility that they are already dead."

"I know, and I'm not suggesting you do. Perhaps, though, a plan should be made in case it is a trap."

"Were you not listening earlier? Kaiba will be monitoring me the entire time."

"Right, didn't think of it like that." Piccolo takes off his bandages and stretches his limbs while pulling himself out of bed and standing up. Shocked that he has recovered so quickly, you gaze at him incredulously. "Namekians heal quite fast, so I've found."

"I'm going back to the Research Laboratory. They have less than fifteen minutes left before I need to phone Gero back." With that said, you hop up off the ground and waddle on out. On your return to the Research Laboratory, you are not greeted; in fact, you aren't even noticed. Most of the workers are gathered in one large group, no doubt still working on the replica.

"Well? How did it go?" You call out rather abruptly. The scientists swiftly turn around before nudging the one who spoke to you earlier forward. They hand him two crisp Dragon Balls, and to your amazement, they look identical.

"Well, ergh," the man begins. "As you can see, they are identical. Nobody would be able to tell them apart by merely looking at them."


"But," he continues. "The synthetic fibers we used to make the replica are nothing at all like the orb you gave us. To be frank, there isn't anything like the one you gave us in this world, so because of that, we were unable to create an exact replica."

"Meaning what, exactly?"

"Anybody who has felt this orb before would be able to tell the difference immediately. It's like apples and oranges, really. Here, see for yourself," he chucks you the two Dragon Balls, which you easily catch. As soon as the orbs touch your grip, the difference is clear.


"On the bright side, if the person you are giving the replica to has only ever seen a Dragon Ball and has never touched one with his own hands, then the replica we gave you should work perfectly. But if he has, know."

Has Gero ever felt a Dragon Ball before? Hmph, I wish I knew. But considering he has been ex-communicated from the Red Ribbon Army, I'd say there is a good chance he hasn't. You tuck the original Dragon Ball back into your Capsule and put the replica into your jeans pocket. "Well done, everybody. It might just work."

As you exit the Research Laboratory, you flip open your cell phone and have it call back Dr. Gero. He answers on the first ring.

"Cutting it close, aren't you, Kiryu?" His sinister voice hisses through the poor quality of his phone.

"I decided to take you up on your deal. I'll give you the Dragon Ball in exchange for my men back."

"It took you just a few minutes short of four hours to tell me that? Are you sure that you aren't planning anything? Heheh."

You chuckle a bit. "Now why on Earth would I do that?"

"Fly thirty miles west from Forte Valkyrie. When you come in contact with a building, which will be alone in the middle of the desert, so there isn't any chance of mixing it up, head towards the front door of the house. Further instructions will await you once you arrive."

"Fair enough."

"You have thirty minutes."


"Sigh... Looks like I better get a plane ready." Prior to putting away your phone, you enter a few digits into it. A man answers. "General Orez, I need a jet. Have one prepared in five minutes. Clear?"

"I'm on it, Lord Kiryu!"

"Thank you, goodbye." You snap your phone shut and do a light jog over to the Communication Center. Inside, as you expected, Kaiba awaits. He's eating a sandwich while watching The Dark Knight play on his personal computer. "I'm heading out now."

"Here, take this." Kaiba grabs a small earpiece and tosses it over to you. "Put it in your ear. I already set it up so that we'll be in direct communication with one another. If I see anything suspicious through the satellite lenses, I'll be able to warn you as well."

"Is the satellite set up? I'll be flying roughly thirty miles via plane. It can track that just fine, correct?"

"Shouldn't be a problem. It's advanced enough to be able to follow nearly anything. Of course there are probably some exceptions, but we'll be fine. Don't worry about it, I got it covered."

With a nod, you turn around and head out the door, being sure not to forget to put in the earpiece on your way out. Hurriedly, you jog across the hall and jump in the elevator. It takes you down to the ground floor. You walk out into the sunlight and are greeted by General Orez, keeping patrol.

Upon seeing you, Orez guides his hand in the direction of the plane--awaiting your arrival. You follow his guide, seeing a rather cozy jet awaiting just west of the front gate. The walk to the plane is efficient and swift. At arrival, the pilot steps out and helps you on board. Rather unnecessary, but still nice. You take your seat near the front doors and await takeoff.

"Where are we heading, Lord Kiryu?" The pilot asks through the microphone in his headquarters.

"Just fly west until you can locate a building of some sort, about thirty miles away. Fly relatively close to the ground so it's easier to spot." You say back into your own personal microphone.

"Roger that. Prepare for takeoff."

The front doors close automatically, signalling the plane to begin its launch. At incredible speed, it zooms down the runway just outside of Forte Valkyrie, finally taking off the ground and soaring through the open skies.

Less than fifteen minutes later, the plane slowly loses altitude and begins descending to the ground. The pilot must have spotted the building and is now preparing to land the plane.

Angrily, the small plane collapses to the ground and rumbles in its entirety, eventually coming to a complete stop. Near instantaneously, the front doors reopen and the engine cools down.

"It is safe to exit the plane. I hope the flight was of satisfaction."

"Stay in here," you say into the microphone attached to your seat. "I'll be back soon. Don't move the plane either."

"Roger that!"

You jump out of your seat and make your way through the front doors. Rather than walk down the stairs that lead to the ground, you jump over the set of them and land a few feet across from the building.

What an odd structure to be placed in the middle of nowhere. You examine the spectacle for a few seconds, coming to the conclusion that it must be from a Capsule. Once business here is done, they'll probably pack it up and make their escape.

The surrounding area is dead silent. Growing rather eerie because of this, you tap on your Scouter to try and locate any Ki Signatures in the vicinity. For some reason, not a single power is located.


A noisy creaking noise breaks out beside the building which causes you to blitz over to find out exactly what is going on. An underground chamber is opening in the ground, obviously a signal from Gero and the Saiyans to get you to enter.

"I won't be able to see anything with the satellite once you go down there," Kaiba whispers into your ear.

Yeah, I know... Rather than waste time thinking about what awaits within, you decide to take a leap of faith and head down the stairway. Looks like Gero has covered his bases. He might be a worthy adversary after all.

Confidently, yet with utmost caution, you take large strides down the stairs until you reach the bottom. A peculiar passageway greets you at the bottom level of this bunker. Straight down the long tunnel-like hall, about forty meters in, is a revolving door that is glimmering with a substantial amount of Ki.

"Hmm..." You click on your Scouter again in an attempt to detect nearby powers, but alas, no signature is found. On your way towards the revolving door, you graze your hand against the walls of the chamber, finding that the core of it is embedded with Ki. Looks like I won't be able to break through the wall and go around that door. Or for that matter, I won't even be able to destroy the bunker and have it collapse on them all. How very interesting.

After what seems like a millennium, you arrive at the revolving doors. While you stand on one end of them, a mysterious figure is on the other end. You carefully examine the structure in front of you; the doors are transparent, so it is easy to tell exactly what is inside. Surrounding the doors is a glass-like cage that is implanted from the ground to the ceiling of the underground tunnel. There is a small slot used to place items in a few feet off the ground.

"Where are my men?" You solemnly declare.

The figure on the other end glares into your soul. Due to the many layers of Ki fueled glass doors separating you both, it's difficult to make out exactly who it is. However, he has long white hair that drags down to the lower end of his back, a mustache of the same color, slightly tanned skin, and a clean shaven bald head. He's sporting an orange attire with the center covered by a black vest, a red sash beneath the vest, and bushy brown pants that are tucked into his boots.

"Well? Are you going to just stand there or what!? I can see that you aren't a Saiyan. You're Dr. Gero, aren't you?"

"...I am." He finally says. "Bring them out!" On cue, five men of different races and sizes all begin walking out in a line and entering the revolving doors. One of the glass doors is closed behind them, thus locking them in. Each of your soldiers are gagged and blind-folded. You can't be certain, but they appear to have headphones on as well--blocking out their sound.

"Now what?"

"Place the Dragon Ball in the cubby in front of you. We'll both rotate the revolving doors so that your men and the Dragon Ball will switch locations; you'll have your soldiers, and I'll have my Dragon Ball."


"However," Gero suddenly continues. "The cage on your end will not open until I verify that the Dragon Ball you are handing me is, in fact, the real deal. If it isn't, well, you should know what will happen."

This is it. You stare directly at Gero, refusing to show any sign of weakness. He darts his eyes back at you and a full blown stare down ensues. If he's felt a Dragon Ball before, I'm screwed. But if he hasn't, I win! So the question that remains is: is Gero bluffing about verifying its authenticity? Hmph...

"Lets do this then."

"Very well." Gero agrees. "No games, Kiryu."

"No games."

You reach into your pocket and grasp the fake Dragon Ball, clenching it tightly. It's game time.

A) Go through with it. Hand Gero the fake Dragon Ball and hope for the best.

B) Change of plans. Give him the real Dragon Ball. Doing otherwise is too risky.

C) Don't give him anything. Your soldiers are right in front of you. Try to smash through the cage and break them free.
- 1) If successful, immediately retreat. Hop in the plane and head back to Valkyrie.
- 2) If successful, kill Gero. After that, hop in the plane and head back.
- 3) If unsuccessful, do what?
- 4) Other?

D) Something else?
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