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Author's Chapter Notes:
Choice that won:

Kiryu will hear nefro out. We don't know him just yet so we don't know if he's trustworthy.

Of course it'd be nice to actually have an alliance. If asked, we'll just say Kiryu+rest of commanders has the authority to do this if asked why Rem isn't doing it.

Someone will/should be with piccolo and contact us if he begins to wake...i don't like this...
Next we should go make 'amends' with Tien, like apologize for the roughness, but be honest in what we learned about him. Other opponents he faces in combat won't be merciful. If he toughens up, all the better, if not, we do have other jobs, like perhaps east city like what was considered for Lind. But such decisions will be made later.

After that, see who else is vying for auditions. This time, since pretty much everyone is weaker than Kiryu, have him, if in audition sparring, go easy. In the way that he plays defensive, watches their technique and style to see how good a warrior they are. Throw some attacks to see their defensive tactics, and get a good feel for their skill.

After a bit of that, if there's time talk to Joseph, if he knows abot phoenix. Joseph is smart and trustworthy, so his advice on whether to tell the other commanders would be appreciated.
"Can you get Nefro on the phone again?" You ask.

"Yeah, sure. You want to talk to him?"


"Got it."

You have a seat across from Kaiba while he attempts to contact King Nefro. The equipment he is using appears to be quite advanced, not that you know much about electronics. A voice starts speaking on the receiver and Kaiba replies by stating who he is, and that he would like to speak to King Nefro. Before long, he hands you the phone with a smile.

"This is Kiryu speaking on behalf of the Freeborn Military," you declare. "Who am I speaking to?"

"Ah! Is it really you!?"

"Again, who am I speaking to?"

"Oh, my apologies. I am King Nefro, the wealthiest and most influential man in the north. It is great to finally put a voice behind the stories." He sounds rather high-pitched, brimming with life. At the same time, his voice is rather raspy, which leads you to believe that is must be quite old.

"Yeah, pleased to make your acquaintance. I fought-who I can only imagine is-your son at the recent tournament."

"Indeed you did! He hasn't stopped talking about you since!"

"So," your voice suddenly becomes serious. "You mentioned something about an alliance? Care to resubmit your proposal?"

"This kingdom has been in my family for a long time, and we have done our best to protect it, as well as our people. For sixty-one years I have been in charge. When I first turned eighteen years old, my father made me his heir. Similarly, when I pass away, my son will become my

"You want to protect this kingdom then? From the Red Ribbon Army?"

"That is right. I don't understand why, but they have been turning the entire world upside down for the past few months. I fear that my kingdom may be their next target. Even with all of our forces combined together, we would be overtaken in a matter of weeks--perhaps days."

"So you want our protection?"

"I do. Please!"

"And in exchange?"

"Anything! We can ship you supplies; weapons, armor, and such. If you need to ally forces against an enemy, I'll certainly have my men back you up!"


"I'm getting old, Kiryu. I may die in a couple of months, perhaps even days. For all I know, I'll pass away tomorrow."

"So why go to such extremes? If you're going to die anyway, why not just let everything be?"

"Because my son will have to take my place, no matter the circumstances I leave under. It isn't about me anymore. I could never leave him without knowing that he, and this kingdom, is safe. That is why, while I am still in charge, I will do everything in my power to assure the safe future of my kingdom!"

"Well if that didn't convince me, I don't know what will."

"So does that mean...?"

A) Yes, I will accept this alliance. Let us combine our forces together."
B) Sorry, but we simply don't have the forces to send out to assist you. The answer is no."


You walk alongside Kaiba as the two of you walk out of the Communications Center. You aren't sure why he is following you, but he should be gone soon...hopefully.

"You sure about your choice?"

"Yeah, definitely. By the way, go to the Medical Station and make sure that Thrigon stays with Piccolo until he awakes. I need to know exactly what happened."

"Huh? Piccolo is back?"

"Just go. Thrigon can tell you what happened."

Kaiba runs off in the opposite direction just as you step into the elevator. A few soldiers are in it. For the entire duration of the trip, the hold their heads high and salute you. Afterwards, they allow you to walk out first. The whole group of them follow you into the Training Center.

I should find Tien. I didn't get a chance to talk to him after the battle yet.

There are still a great deal of Generals training down here, and surprisingly, some Elite Soldiers are among them. It looks like everybody wants to get promoted. You can hardly blame them, considering the living conditions for those of the lower ranks.

You rush up the stairs and notice that a line of people are forming on the right side. On your way up, General Watson comes into your view. He is one of the few people in this long line that looks remotely familiar. Beside him is his trusty friend, Stiffy.

"What's with the line?" You ask, somewhat interested.

"Commander Echo and Joseph are upstairs doing auditions. One General goes in at a time and fights one of the two Commanders while the other one watches. We're all just waiting for our turn."

"Which one watches?"

"They said they were gonna' switch after each battle, for obvious reasons."

"Any news on possible promotions or anything?"

"No idea. I think they are going to announce those who might have made it after everything is done."

"Huh, well, good to know they are being productive. I should get Kaiba up here too. Anyway, good luck you two."

Watson and Stiffy give you a formal nod while you jog up the rest of the stairs, staying on the left hand side, until you reach the door that leads into where you fought Tien. You swipe your Key Card and enter it. This time, however, there are a couple Generals sparring with one another. It's a large room, so it isn't at all annoying. You locate Tien at the far corner and walk towards him. He is sitting quietly and looking down at the floor, hands folded together.

"Stop being gloomy."

"Eh?" Tien looks up and notices you. He quickly shies away. " What's up?"

"I think our little match was essential for your growth. Everybody has a weakness. Now you know yours."

"What good does knowing that I'm secretly a coward do?"

"You think you're a coward?"

"What the hell else would you call it? I was petrified!"


"And what!?"

"Listen, Tien. I don't think you're a coward. What you experienced was an internal fear that was built into your psyche. You just aren't used to this type of combat. It could happen to anybody."

"But it happened to me..."

"So what are you going to do about it? Sit here and sulk like a coward or figure out the root cause and fix it? Because if it's the former, then you can say goodbye to ever tasting real combat again. Other opponents won't be nearly as merciful as I was."

"How do I fix something like this?"

"I don't know." You pause and shake your head slowly. "I don't know. But there is a guy here who might. General Jones; he fought in the war against the Saiyans and has never been the same. Post traumatic stress disorder. He can't throw a punch anymore, so he had to retire. Now he just does random tasks around Forte Valkyrie."

"So you're saying I'll never be able to recover?"

"No. No, you don't have post traumatic stress disorder. I'm just saying that there is someone here who can relate to you. Someone who probably didn't want to retire. There is a good chance he can shed some light on what you're experiencing. I hear he did a lot of research on the subject."


"Don't thank me. Just get better. And if you can't, there will always be other jobs for you here." You turn away from Tien and walk back outside the room. The line has moved up quite a bit during that conversation. Echo and Joseph must not be holding back very much.

Maybe I should go remind those two that these are auditions, not actual fights... After thinking about the idea for a few seconds, you decide against it. Those two are competent enough to be able to get a good read on the powers of others.

Watson is in front of you again. You passed at least twenty people on your way up to see Tien after running into him, yet he has already reached this high up by following the line. It must be fate.

"Watson, Stiffy, come with me. You can do your auditions with me."

"Cool," Stiffy says with a smile. Watson nods his head and follows you back into the room.

"Everybody, get out. I'm doing auditions with these two right now. You guys can resume training after I leave." In a rush, everybody who was in this room, including Tien, rush past you and disappear upon doing so.

"So who's going first?"

"Same time. Both of you come at me together." Stiffy raises an eyebrow for an instant, but then shrugs his shoulders and puts on a fighting pose. Watson grins while turning over to Stiffy. They lock eyes and laugh quietly, obviously liking the situation.

"So what do we have to do in order to get promoted?" Watson says in a confident tone. You laugh at this.

"Surprise me."

"Alrighty. Bulk-Up!" His muscles snap in size, allowing his power to grow.

Beside him, Stiffy wraps an blue aura around his body and his aura flares as well. "Energy Steroid!"

"You know what to do, right?"

"Roger that." Stiffy confirms.

Watson sprints towards and bashes his knuckles into your guard. He packs quite a punch for somebody with a Battle Power just short of 50,000. Stiffy flies into the air and circles you, shooting small beams of Ki as he roams around the room.

You block each and every one of Watson's punches, surprised at how fast he is moving. Noticing that balls of energy are aiming at you, you Speed Blitz out of the area and confront Stiffy in the air. He is shocked at how fast you reached him and isn't able to react immediately.

Before attacking Stiffy, you give him one more second to do something. He grunts while placing both palms against your chest and firing a powerful beam against your chest, launching you into the wall. Prior to hitting it, however, Watson appears behind you and axe-kicks you into the ground.

Instantly, you stand up and shoot two balls of Ki into the air; one at Watson, and the other at Stiffy. Stiffy maneuvers himself out of the way with his speed and ability to fly, but Watson is struck in the chest and crashes into the ceiling.

This time, Stiffy engages you in combat. He starts by bashing his knee your guard, which is unable to even budge you from your position, but then teleports behind you elbow's the back of your head. You swing a backhand backwards, but he manages to duck and follow up by using both legs to launch you into the air.

"HA!" A series of Ki blasts are shot from Stiffy, all fueled with power that is 1.5x his own, but you are still able to bat them away relatively easily. His pace picks up, and soon, balls of Ki are coming from all directions. Stiffy must be able to control his Ki attacks.

"Not good enough!"

You kick off the air and set up your knee so that it hits him directly in the face. Stiffy continues to throw more Ki attacks, but you simply crash through them all with ease. Seconds before you reach him, your Scouter reads a gigantic number coming from the right.

"Crusher Ball!"

A flaming meteor burrows across the room at a speed that barely allows you to throw up your arms in a position to block. The sheer magnitude of Watson's most powerful attack burns through the flesh of your skin and launches you into the ground. However, you use all of your strength to hold your footing while the blast pushes you across the room.

Smoke fades away and you are shown standing, panting quite a quite. Watson drops down from the skies and curses to himself. Now that the attack has faded, you relinquish your guard and look at your right forearm, noticing that some of the skin has peeled off of it, leaving
the rest burnt.

That was good. Such a strategy wouldn't have worked had these two not had perfect confidence in one another. Had Stiffy not distracted me with that bombardment of Ki, I would have scene Watson's attack coming and made the proper adjustments to prepare for it. Because of their teamwork, I was thrown off and nearly hit directly...

Watson and Stiffy get ready to go at it again but you simply raise your burnt arm to signal the end of the fight. You have made a proper assessment of their skills.

"So how did we do?" Stiffy asks, letting out a sigh of relief. Watson falls to one knee and smiles for some odd reason.

"Better than I expected. I was mostly surprised by your teamwork. If you guys keep at it, I think you'll become fine Commanders one day."

"One day."

"I'm glad." Watson says. "Thank you for the assessment, Lord Kiryu!"

Finished assessing people for the day, you decide to leave the Training Center and go take a look at Piccolo. But before you do that, there is one person you would like to speak to. Once again, the audition line has shrunk dramatically. Yet, there still appears to be at least fifty people still waiting. It will have to continue tomorrow.

You rush up to the top of the stairs and use your Key Card to open the door. Inside, Echo is facing off against an Oozaru Shugesh in the center of the room while Joseph eyes them both as he writes a few notes down. Careful not to get in the way of the battle, you close the door behind you and walk along the edge of the room until you reach Joseph. He looks up at you for an instant, but then returns his attention to the battle at hand. The man's face is beat red and a great deal of sweat has already formed on his forehead.

"So, do you know?" Joseph doesn't respond. You have a seat next to him and lean back up against the wall, surveying the match with him.

"Do I know what?" He finally says.

"About Phoenix Graham. You were reading my mind during that time, weren't you?"

"Yeah, I was."

"Stop doing that."

"Doing what?"

"Reading my mind. It's an invasion of privacy."

"Then clear it so I'm unable to do so. That's what Rem did."

"That's because-, bah, never mind. So what do you think about it? Us allying with them temporarily in order to defeat the Saiyans. Do you think I should tell the other Commanders?"

"Why do you care about my opinion?"

"Just answer the ****ing question."

Joseph laughs, albeit in a creepy manner, before speaking up. "I wasn't there, so I have no idea whether he was sincere or not, and from what I'm gathering, neither do you. I'm not against joining together to defeat a common enemy. Quite honestly, it sounds like a great idea." Joseph pauses for a split second. "But don't jump into the wolf's den without being fully prepared. If you do get the call, we need to figure out exactly what we'll do in case we get screwed over."

"So you think I should tell the others?"

"Five minds are smarter than two."

"That's a good point. Well, carry on here then. Than-," you pause and cut off your sentence, remembering that Joseph can't stand positive sentiments. "I'll be going now."

And so, you make your escape. Just before you leave the room, Shugesh tumbles to the ground and deforms upon doing so. His eyes are white. Echo laughs from behind and then takes a seat next to Joseph, obviously drained. It would be challenging to fight a seemingly endless amount of Generals all day long. The two of them will probably be finishing for the day soon.

Another fighter comes in, and this time, Joseph steps up to bat. Uninterested, you walk out of the room and head downstairs, eventually leaving the Training Center through the elevator. As soon as the elevator docks on the second floor, Thrigon is standing just outside of it. Both of you lock eyes.

"Piccolo's up."

Not wasting any time, both of you trek down the hallway until you reach the Medical Station. You walk straight into it and find Piccolo's room. He looks rather depressed. Thrigon takes a seat next to the bed, right next to his laptop.

"I'm sorry," Piccolo admits before you get a chance to confront him. A cast is wrapped around his left arm, but he doesn't seem to be in any pain at the moment. "On our way back from West City, we got attacked by a Saiyan."

"A Saiyan!?" you snap.

"He was a big guy who didn't wear a shirt. Oh, and he wore a lot of gold jewelry."

"Why did he attack you?"

"Don't know...we were all defeated in an instant. His power was...immeasurable. None of us stood a chance. I used my Warp Portal to hide until he left, so I could come back and warn you."

"Warn me of what exactly?"

"I think the Saiyans are going to wage war on the FBM." You gulp, slightly taken aback. "Here, this is also why I had to get away." Piccolo pulls out a shiny orb from his cloak and hands it to you. "We got the Dragon Ball from West City. Keep it safe."

You carefully pry the sphere from his grasp and insert it into your personal Capsule. With that, you now have two of the seven orbs. "Where are the others now?"

"I told you everything I know. Sorry, I wasn't strong enough."

This isn't good. Blue, McGuy, Krillin, John Giant, and Dr. Fiasco are all captured!? One or two dying could be considered misfortune, but five? Those bastards are after something.

Ring, ring, ring.

You whip your head around, still in shock, and find that your cell phone is chanting diligently. The number is unknown, but you decide to pick it up anyway.


"Hello, Kiryu." A sinister voice says slyly. "Does my voice ring a bell? Here, I'll give you a hint: we both worked together at the Red Ribbon Army once upon a time."

"Who is this? How did you get my number?"

"Still nothing? Kiryu, I am Dr. Gero." You nearly drop the phone upon hearing his name. Why is this man phoning you directly? "...And I have all five of your men captured."

"..." Still in shock, you are unable to say anything. Thrigon immediately notices who it is and opens a program on his computer.

"If you want to see them again, oblige my terms."

"What terms?"

"It has come to my attention that you are currently in possession of one of the seven Dragon Balls. In exchange for the safe return of your men, you will deliver it to me. Whether they live or die is up to you now. I will not negotiate. The only item I desire is the Dragon Ball."

"Where is the point of exchange?"

"I will tell you that information when necessary. You have four hours to make up your mind. When you do, phone me back at this number and I will inform you of the whereabouts of the exchange. If you do not return the call in four hours, I will have all five of them killed. If I sense any irregular power coming this way before you confirm the deal with me, I will kill them. If I have reason to believe that you are going to try and deceive me, I will kill them!"

"I get it!"

"You have four hours. Goodbye."


You close your phone and take a deep breath, unsure of what to do. Giving up even one of the Dragon Balls is not an option, but letting five powerful soldiers die is hardly one either.

"His location," Thrigon finally says, breaking the ice. "I tracked it. If you can think of a plan to get over there without getting our men killed, we can make it. He isn't too far from here."

"But the Saiyans are with him..."

"Are you sure?"

"He said he would 'have' all five of them killed. Obviously he can't do it himself, so he would get one of the Saiyans to do it."

"Can we take out the Saiyans?" You shake your head. "Damn it, I thought so. They're strong, aren't they?"

"Unbelievably strong, supposedly. Piccolo and everybody with him losing in an instant only proves that point."

"What are we going-"

"Shut up, let me think for a minute." You take a seat and carefully examine the situation. Naturally, the easiest way to do things would be to simply hand over the Dragon Ball, or let the five captives die. But I don't like operating that way... I can't let them die without even trying. And after all the hard work I went through to get my hand on that Dragon Ball, I can't just give it a way!

1) Create A Plan For How Kiryu Will Get Everybody Back Without Handing Over The Dragon Ball.
- Include as many possibilities, details, and stipulations as you can.

2) Go to the point of exchange and give the Dragon Ball in return for the soldiers.

3) Leave them to die. Giving up the Dragon Ball is not an option.
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