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Author's Chapter Notes:
Choice that won:

Kiryu will make a large announcement, calling a meeting, in which he will announce: creation of that new base, those who feel qualified or willing to lead there should speak to kiryu, who may test their abilities with a small sparring session (don't want to seriously injure our own guys, especially a potential leader.)

We will announce rem's death first of course, as well as our appointment to leader by his decision, people respect rem, and his decision will carry weight. May need another like Thrigon and others from his same rank (commander, right?) to confirm that Rem said it so it doesn't seem odd. As leader, its true tough decisions like keeping secrets, but I believe the soldiers will find out eventually, and will NOT appreciate if Kiryu doesn't tell them. Do stress that the rest of the world doesn't know which will provide protection in our somewhat desperate situation so maybe don't blab it around just yet. >.>

Also announce possible promotion to commander status, which will be decided similarly to the base leader thing, but more testing skill against current commanders, results weighed against what other qualities we know about individuals, auditions for commander will be upcoming, not immediate. (This is to allow piccolo to get back first.)

Lastly, afterwards, I'd like kiryu to take lind and mantis to train, tien too. Mantis vs lind, Watch their fight, and provide tips based on what we see to help them grow.
Next kiryu vs tien.
Your alarm clock blares a few feet next to your bed, so you reach your hand out and throw it away. It crashes against the wall and silences itself in pain.

"Ugh, morning already..." You say as you wipe your eyes and sit up, yawning soon afterwards. Due to the fact that you were tossing and turning for hours on end, you didn't get a very satisfying rest. "Oh well."

You walk over to the bathroom and hop in the shower. A ray of hot water cleanses your pores and rejuvenates your mind. There is a lot to do today. Not wasting any more time, you jump out of the shower and throw on a pair of clean clothes, brush your teeth, and stare at yourself in the mirror for ten minutes.


Wandering through the halls is surprisingly peaceful. Since it's still early, most of the soldiers are still up in their rooms. Those who are supposed to go out on missions are likely to still be here due to the time; generally, very little people take their leave at such an early hour. This is the best time to call everybody together.

You walk into Rem's Quarters, noticing that a new door was built in place of the previous hole in the wall, and trek over to his desk. It looks the same as how he left it: neat and tidy. The microphone used to make announcements is also still in place. You turn it on and pull it over to your lips, breathing slowly.

"Everybody, this is Kiryu. I have an important announcement to make." Your voice booms throughout all of Forte Valkyrie, on each floor. "Please head outside the building and line up formally. You have thirty minutes. Also, will the other Commanders please meet me in Rem's
Quarters. That is all."

Sighing intently, you plop down on Rem's couch and shut your eyes. Ten or so minutes pass. Soon, each of the four Commanders surface in Rem's Quarters, quiet yet confident, and take their places around the room.

Joseph pulls up chair from the corner and has a seat on it, leaning over on the opposite side. Echo and Thrigon sit next to each other on the couch next to the one you are on. Kaiba folds his hands together and sits on top of the table with his legs crossed.

"So?" Echo questions, hardly giving you any respect. "Why are we here?"

"I'm going to tell everybody about Rem's death."

"What!? Rem told us not to do that! Are you stupid, Kiryu?"

"It's best we do it now. The longer we wait, the harder it will hit the others once they find out. Besides, people are starting to get suspicious."

"Still," Kaiba charges in, "If word gets back to the Red Ribbon Army, we might be in trouble."

"Something tells me they'll figure it out whether we hide it or not. All of us are back in tip top shape, and as Thrigon mentioned to me yesterday, we have plenty of new recruits--powerful ones."

"I did say that, didn't I? But still, we can't handle a head on attack from the Red Ribbon Army." Thrigon admits.

"Don't worry about that. The Red Ribbon Army won't attack us; they're afraid of the Saiyans right now."

"The Saiyans? I don't get it."

"Me either." Echo rubs his chin slowly. "Isn't there only a couple of them left? What can they do?"

"Forget about that for now." You take a deep breath and close both eyes. When you open them, Joseph is staring right at you with a serious look on his face. He knows what you're thinking. You try to clear your mind, but alas, trying to stop thinking about something only makes you think about it.

"I think..." Joseph begins. You take another deep breath, sure that he is going to spill the beans. "...that Kiryu is right in telling the others that Rem is dead. If they find out Rem is gone and we've buried the secret, we might have a rebellion on our hands. Something like that would destroy the FBM..."

"Good point," Kaiba concedes. "We have to think about what our own soldiers will do if Rem's death is hidden, not what the Red Ribbon Army will do if they find out that Rem is dead."

"Tsh. Fine, fine, whatever." Echo bites his bottom lip and shakes his head.

"Good. Also, Thrigon brought up a good point to me yesterday."

"Thrigon? Bringing up a good point? Is that even possible?"

"Shut the hell up!" Thrigon angrily pushes Echo off the couch.

"Anyway..." You scratch the back of your neck and gather your thoughts. "We need to promote some new Commanders. The four of you guys isn't enough to keep this place under control. I also want to build another base in East City, so we'll need to send some men over there to take charge. I'll go into all the details in the announcement though. All I wanted to discuss with you guys is the issue about Rem."

"Speaking of which," Joseph stands up heads towards the door. "It's about time for your announcement. Better get out there."


The five of you exit Rem's Quarters, Thrigon holding a spare microphone in his hand, and walk down outside. You walk out onto the balcony so that you each tower above all the other soldiers. Tens of thousands of soldiers are lined up, divided into their respective ranks, awaiting orders.

"Thank you for coming." You scream into the microphone that Thrigon holds up to your mouth. They are quiet and attentive. "I have some regretful news. In the recent battle we had against former Commander Pitou, Lord Rem was...killed in battle." Time seems to slow down for everybody listening. "I apologize for not informing you all earlier, however, the information was sensitive and I did not want us to appear weak in a time of desperation."

Echo takes the microphone out of Thrigon's hand and coughs into it. "I'd like to add that Rem suggested that we keep it a secret until the timing was right. If you feel betrayed or something...don't be."

"It's as Echo says," you speak up while snatching the microphone from him. "And as it turns out, Rem made me his successor. From now on, I will be acknowledged as Lord Kiryu. I hope that we can work together nicely. Please remember that the rest of the world does not know of this yet, so do remember to not blab about Rem's death. The longer our enemies think he is alive, the better off we'll be."

To your surprise, the crowd is still quiet. Those that knew Rem must still be in shock, while those who are new to the FBM and are not very familiar with him, are holding their tongues shut in fear of being scolded for saying something insensitive.

"Now, onto business. There are now only four Commanders. This is not near enough to keep Valkyrie under control, so we will be promoting a select few individuals. Tryouts will be held in the Training Center for those who believe that are qualified for the job. You will battle against the current Commander's, and if they feel you are strong enough to join their ranks, there is a good chance you'll be promoted. Naturally, other factors such as intelligence and how much we trust you will be factors as well."

For the first time since you started talking, whispers break out from within the crowd. Giving good news with the bad is certainly helping the soldiers digest Rem's death.

"Lastly, the Freeborn Military will be expanding its territory. A new base will be built in East City. We need men to go down there and build the base, and of course, to stay there to keep everything under control. That city needs to be cleaned up! Those who feel they are qualified for the job and don't have a problem with being relocated, come see me later today. You may return to your rooms now. I'll be in the Training Center for the majority of the day, so those who wish to speak to me can find me there. That is all!"

Thrigon, Echo, Kaiba, and Joseph all go back inside, but you wait out on the balcony for about twenty minutes. During this time, all of the soldiers head back inside themselves. You're in no rush as of now. Soon enough, very little soldiers remain outside.

You peek inside to see a great deal of soldiers heading to the Training Center. That's only natural. Due to probably every General wanting to be promoted to a Commander, it makes sense that they would get in last minute training. After all, the Commanders and yourself will soon be down there to start the auditions.

Piccolo and the others still aren't back, so you won't solidify any promotions until they get their turn. However, the process will most likely take a couple of days, so them not being back yet shouldn't cause any delay.

"Well," you say to yourself. "Guess I better get down there."

Not long after walking out from the balcony and darting over to the Training Center, you run into a familiar face: Lind Thrasher. The two of you make eye contact. He looks a little nervous, but you pay little attention to it.

"So that Rem guy was dead after all, huh?" Lind says when you reach him.

"Best not to address Rem so disrespectfully in front of others. You might just get killed." Lind gulps, somewhat afraid of the environment. It's obvious just by looking at him that he would have never pictured himself being in a place like this. "Come with me. I want to see how well you would fare in combat against somebody."


"Somebody who was also at the tournament."

You click the button on your scouter to try and locate the Iron Mantis, and fortunately, all of the Battle Powers that are close enough to his are currently located in the Training Center. Every General Tier person in this place is in there it seems.

"Come on." You nudge Lind and take the lead. He runs up beside you before long and the two of you walk beside one another until you reach the Training Center. You swipe your Key Card to gain access to the area and find a great deal of fighters in there. After one quick survey of the room, you locate the Iron Mantis.

Joseph Pike and Echo are already in here, and are currently heading upstairs with a few Generals you don't recognize. The tryouts have begun.

"Iron Mantis, come here for a moment!" you call out. In a few short seconds, he rushes over from the other side of the room and meets up with you and Lind.

"Lord Kiryu!" he screams with enthusiasm, probably treating everything like a toy game. "What can I do for you!?"

"Are you in the mood to battle?"


"Excellent. Lind," you say while pushing the man forward so the two of them are only a few inches away from each other. "The Iron Mantis will be your opponent. Come upstairs with me and we'll get the match started."

And so, these two warriors follow you upstairs into a much larger room; one that is more suited for intense training. Gravity training is also an option, but that won't be necessary for now.

"Whenever you're ready, go ahead."

They set themselves squarely apart and stare deep into each other's souls. Iron Mantis makes the first move. He rushes over to Lind and throws a wild punch, which is easily ducked. Lind counters with an uppercut to the jaw, but it appears to have no effect on his opponent.

Lind gasps in shock, leaving himself open for a brief instant. His head is bashed to the ground by a hammer-fist, causing the man to cough up blood on the floor. Mantis kicks him off the ground and Lind floats around aimlessly as he tries to recover himself.

"Cotton Mantis!" At magnificent speed, Mantis reappears above Lind and spins wildly above him. Lind tries to throw up his guard but is launched down to the ground with a powerful kick. Mantis plummets down from the air and crashes his knee into Lind, damaging him even more.

Thrasher suddenly recovers from the attack and kicks Mantis off of him before jumping up to his feet and honing his energy.

You watch their battle carefully. In terms of abilities, Iron Mantis has a clear advantage. However, based on your battle with Thrasher, you know for a fact that he can generate attacks that are far superior to most.

"Oily Mantis!"

Mantis skids across the room without removing his feet from the floor, surprisingly quick. He's using this-likely new-manipulation of his to gain speed on land.

The two fighters clash once again, only, every attack Lind throws at his opponent fails to scratch him. All his attacks are sliding off of Mantis' slippery body and reducing the damage. With this, Mantis takes control of the scuffle once again. He's actually pretty good now that you think about it.

"Lind!" you shout. "Don't let him take control of the battle. If things carry on this way, you won't be able to recover. If you can't beat him up close, then jump back and think of a new strategy!"

"Good advice."


You turn your head to the side and Tien Shinhan has a seat next to you. He crosses his arms and smirks at the battle. You take your focus off of him and put full attention back to the battle at hand.

"After this is done, fight me. I want to see exactly how strong you are."


The fight continued on for a little while longer. Lind took your advice and not long after that, began to adapt to his opponent and take control. The damage he suffered early on, however, did not go away, leading to his eventual defeat. For some reason, he didn't try to use the same attack he used against you in a last ditch attempt to win. Instead, he simply conceded to his opponent after Mantis smashed his fist into Lind's gut and dropped the man to the floor.

"Well done you two. I think I have a good idea of how strong you each are." Neither of them compare to any of the Commander's, of course, but they would make fine Generals. "Take a break, or whatever."

Mantis walks out of the room sweating, but before Lind can follow his lead, you grab him by the hand and ask why he didn't use his most powerful attack. He looks baffled at first, but lets out a sigh and answers.

"It's a sparring match. If I used the White Lightning attack, he may have been killed. I would rather lose the fight then injure a comrade."

"...I see, so that's what it was. Go on, get out."

Lind exits the room, leaving only you and Tien here at the moment. Tien stands up and stretches his legs, readying himself for battle.

"He's timid," Tien says rather loud. You look over to him, stretching yourself now. "It wasn't about injuring the guy he doesn't even know. He's just used to a world with restrictions. That guy ain't military material yet."

"I know... Perhaps I should send him back to East City to build the base there. Ease him in by having him do things like keeping the crime under control and whatnot. I don't think he would be successful in war with his current mindset. He's still afraid of this kind of life."

"Meh. Anyway, whenever you're ready."

I should be able to handle him without transforming based on what he capped out at when he fought Goku, but it'll be close. I don't know how much stronger Thrigon and the other Commanders have gotten this past little while, though, so I can't say for sure how he would compare. Nonetheless, somebody hovering around 160,000 should definitely be strong enough to be a Commander. The question that remains is...can I trust him?

Tien leaps at you and crashes his knee into your forearm, blasting you across the room from the sheer force. Before he can follow up, you Speed Blitz across the room and surface behind him. He manages to track your movements and block the incoming strike, but a few cracks are heard from the bones in his arm. He grunts in pain at this, not used to somebody with such a high base power.

You jump back to dodge a swift punch from him, but then he locks both his hands up by his eyes and glares at you intently.

"Solar Flare!"

"Speed Blitz X3!"

The light focuses in your direction, yet you are able to move at a speed fast enough to disperse before the light can blind you. Tien gulps in terror, feeling your aura fluttering behind his own.

Tien ducks an incoming fist and then sprints across the room to make a safe distance. Seconds after that, you race towards him once again, engaging him in combat. Your muscles bulge and then cave into his arm, cracking the bones within. Tien tries to keep up by using his superior speed, but before he is able to get a good hit in, freezes up and takes another blow.

Not before long, your ruthless onslaught bullies him back and forth. Your massive aura and overwhelming strength frightens Tien.

I can't win! Tien thinks, truly terrified. Another blow strikes his gut and blood expels from his lungs. It's not just his strength. For some reason, the way he fights is...terrifying.

You let out another battle cry and bash your fist into his skull, firing him into the floor with a bang.

"Haaa...Haaa..." You shake off a few beads of sweat and kick Tien off the ground. He rolls over in pain and struggles to get up, shaking all the while. "I expected more from you!"

"Wha-!?" Tien snaps, blood dripping from his cut lip and bruised nose.

"You fought beautifully against Goku. Your head was in the game and you fought as hard as you could. Yet now, against me, you're fighting like a wimp! Yes, I'm stronger than you, but this is just pathetic."

"You...!? Shut up!"

Tien races at you once again and delivers a series of powerful strikes, getting your adrenaline boiled once again. The close ranged exchange starts up, yet sadly, Tien isn't able to maintain fighting for very long. Once you start fighting him at full force like before, his movements and attacks get sloppy and you overwhelm him completely.

Damn it, he's mentally fragile. You think, still pummeling the man into the ground. He was commenting about Lind Thrasher being timid earlier, but he's no different. Tien has never fought somebody like me; this may be a sparring session, but I'm giving it my all an am not afraid of crippling him. He's scared. Goku was certainly above him as well, but the entire atmosphere of their battle was more calm and friendly than this. If Tien were to fight in a battle against the Saiyans or the Red Ribbon Army, he would freeze up in fear. He isn't fit to fight in this kind of atmosphere...not yet, at least.


More blood squirts out of Tien's mouth and he crashes against the wall at the other end of the room. He wipes the sweat off of his forehead, barely managing to stand by the looks of it, and tries to glare you down. You grunt violently, which puts more fear into him.

Tien gulps. This isn't good, I can't focus. Every attack he throws...I can't...what exactly has this man been through in his life to be able to put on a look like that!?

"It's over. Speed Blitz X3!"

No! He's coming! He's...he's coming!

An orb of Ki forms around your clenched fist. Tien yelps as you close the distance, throwing up a sloppy guard over his eyes. You appear in front of his eyes and launch your full powered fist forward like a rocket.


Less than an inch away from Tien's skull, you immediately come to a halt. Tien whimpers for a brief instant and then collapses to his knees. You retract your arm and gawk down at the man; he almost fainted from fear. Without a doubt, Tien won't be in any condition to fight for a while.

"Kiryu," the same voice from before says again. You turn your head to see Thrigon in the doorway, sweating wildly. "It's Piccolo...!" A shiver crawls up your spine. Thrigon's tone is grim. You rush out of the Training Center with him, leaving Tien in his fragile position, and Thrigon fills you in on your way to the Medical Center.

"What the hell happened? Is he back?"

"Yeah, and he's alone."

"Alone!? I thought he took-"

"He did!"

The two of you arrive in the Medical Center and are brought to a bedroom. Inside, Piccolo is lying on a bed--unconscious. He has serious wounds all over his body and is covered in a great deal of purple blood.


"Apparently he collapsed at the front gate. General Orez brought him in just now. I don't know what happened, but none of the Generals he brought are with him."

"," Piccolo murmurs quietly. You rush over to the bed and shake him.

"Piccolo, it's Kiryu. Tell me what happened!" You demand, trying to keep your cool.

"We got attacked...I had to...had to...leave 'em." His eyes flicker for a moment before giving out. You call his name multiple times, but he doesn't wake.

"He left the others after getting attacked? What the hell is he trying to say..."

"In any case, we need to wait until he wakes up before we find out more." Thrigon pulls up a chair and takes a seat in it, shaking his head all the while. "You can go, I'll wait until he gets back up and then figure things out."

"Tell me when he wakes, okay?"

"Got it."

You walk out of the Medical Center and bump into Kaiba. He grabs your shoulder and directs you towards the Communication Center while muttering some nonsense. You brush his hand off your shoulder and walk alongside him quietly, somewhat distracted.

"An alliance? Who again?" You ask.

"Yes, an alliance." Kaiba has a seat on his leather chair, now in the Communication Center, and looks up at you incredulously. "Some dude who called himself King Nefro just contacted us. He said he wants to form an alliance with the FBM."

"King mean the guy who sent a bunch of people to the tournament? Actually, I fought one of them in the Preliminary Games. He was actually quite strong."

"No idea what you're talking about man."

"What exactly did he say?"

"Tatito, he said that his men told him what you did at the tournament and he was astonished. Guy basically just wants his kingdom protected because the Red Ribbon Army might try to take it over, since they do that s***. In exchange, he said that if we ever go into war or need extra manpower, he'll send his army in to help us out."


"I told him that I would get back to him, so what do you want me to tell 'im? Yay or nay?"

What Will Kiryu Do?
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