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Author's Chapter Notes:
A wins.
Meanwhile, In An Unknown Location...

"Dragon Balls?"

"Yes, Lord Vegeta," an old and mischievous man responds in a sly tone. "When you gather all seven, a wish can be granted."

"I desire no such thing." Vegeta plainly says, rather uninterested. "Gero, you should know by now that I only seek vengeance from the Freeborn Military. Those runts attacked the Saiyan Empire and nearly wiped out our entire species. Unforgivable."

"Lord Vegeta, think of the possibilities!"

"Rem, the Commanders, the soldiers... I'll kill each and every one of them. Now that I'm a Super Saiyan, I'll crush them all! After that, I'm sure all the fallen Saiyans will be able to rest in peace."

"You can wish the Saiyans back with the Dragon Balls." Vegeta turns his head over to Gero with a sudden change of heart, and motions for him to continue. "Every Saiyan that died on that day can come back to life. You can rebuild the Empire from scratch once we exterminate the Red Ribbon Army and the Freeborn Military."

"Tell the others to get ready. We're going to war."

"Not so fast," Gero warns. "It would be foolish to attack recklessly. Fortunately, I've already begun working on a plan to execute this mission without fail."

"Excellent!" Vegeta waves his fist in the air, showing his change of heart. "Tell me the plan. If you give the orders, I'll make damned sure it's successful. Are you sure it'll work?"

"Of course," Gero cockily retorts. He folds his fingers together and chuckles for a brief moment. "Since we've met, have I ever been wrong?"


Back With Kiryu...

"Alright, I can accept those conditions."

"Splendid," says Phoenix, smiling. "I'll be on my way then." He makes his way to the small ray of light beaming in from the outside world, quickly, before abruptly halting and turning his head back towards you. "We aren't far from Valkyrie. Head north a few miles and it should come into sight."

"What line should I contact you at if the Saiyans attack Valkyrie?"

"It doesn't matter. Just state your name and ask for me directly."

Phoenix exits the cave.

"...I should definitely start thinking of a plan in case Phoenix tries to screw me."

End Of The Alliance Arc!

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