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Author's Chapter Notes:
Choice that won:

First of all, everyone except Blue and Piccolo should focus on distracting Black. Once Black is distracted, Blue uses his telekinesis to paralyze him and once he is paralyzed Krillin should use his Destucto Disk. At the same time, Piccolo readies his Hellzone Grenade and fires as soon as Krillin launches his Destructo Disk. If this combination managed to open a hole in the roof, escape through there as quickly as possible without taking the time to see if Black is dead.
Just Outside Red Ribbon Headquarters...

A blood-stained shirt drops to the ground. Bits of dust sparkle up from it, but are soon blown away by a sudden gust of wind. Commander Dysect glares at his foes menacingly, refusing to show any kind of emotion.

In front of the man, a platoon of Red Ribbon Soldiers of multiple different ranks all face Dysect. They gulp in sync, hardly able to stay standing in front of such a man. His solid body is magnified now that he has thrown his shirt away, wearing nothing but black pants and shoes of the same colour.

"None of you will leave here alive." Dysect barks as he ties his jet black hair into a bun. A frightening aura engulfs his figure. Dysect makes a fist with his only arm and stretches it out in front of him. "Today, I will wipe out the entire Red Ribbon Army. Or I'll die trying."

"That's suicide! You won't even make it past the front lines, fool." Someone yells from a midst the crowd while stepping forward. Even while speaking, the man is prepared for battle at any moment. The soldiers make way for him until he stands across from Dysect confidently.

Their eyes meet. This person has a strange gold colored body without clothes, relatively large wings that are purple on the inside, and three pointy toes. It is obvious that he is far from a human. Soldiers in the crowd now seem to have a wave of confidence.

"I know perfectly well who you are, Commander Dysect of the Freeborn Military. Your powers will not work on me," he continues. "For I, Nuova, will burn you to a crisp before you even get a chance to attack me." He places both hands in front of him and a gigantic ball of flames forms in his grasp. "Nova Star!"

Flames surround the area from Nuova's incredible attack, not even leaving a trace of life behind.

Yet somehow, Dysect reappears just under his foe and smashes his fist into the man. Nuova wrenches over in pain as he clutches his gut, coughing wildly while drool splashes beneath him. Dysect places his palm flat on Nuova's face and a dark wave engulfs his head. When the blast settles, the now headless Nuova collapses to the ground--lifeless.

Screams ignite from the crowd. The Red Ribbon Soldiers, terrified of Dysect's overwhelming power, retreat back to their headquarters not far off in the distance. However, prior to making any distance, Dysect shoots a countless amount of Dark Bullets at each and every soldier, piercing their heart and killing them instantaneously. To his surprise, Dysect soon realizes that he won't be able to kill all of the soldiers this way. There is simply too many.

"Hmph. Fine then," Dysect calmly reaches a conclusion. He clutches the ground, flames still spreading behind him, flares up a dark aura in his arm, and then tosses a gigantic tsunami of Dark Ki at Red Ribbon Headquarters. The vast attack covers the skies as it towers above everything in sight, holding enough power to wipe out thousands of fighters at once.


Back In West City...

"Attack!" yells Piccolo.

All three McGuy's scatter around Black and leap into action. He calmly fends off his opponent, but shows difficulty when it comes to landing clean hits. Black's arm turns into a murky sword fueled by his devastating Ki. Surprisingly, the man shows little skills in actual combat as he fails to slice any of the McGuy's even once.

John Giant peels his sword from its sheathe and clenches it with both hands, waiting for the opportune moment. He rests the tip on the floor to his side and gently scrapes it, creating a loud screech as he does so.

"Imprisonment Ball!" McGuy fires off three bright balls of Ki in all directions in order to make escaping impossible. Sure enough, Black jumps into the air but is caught by one of them.

"Sword Wave Slash!" A flying blade bursts out of John's sword and tears into the Imprisonment Ball. Black tries to block the attack but his movement is hindered from the small space. Blood shoots out of his chest, giving the inside of his prison a fresh paint coating.

McGuy slams the ball into the ceiling and a gigantic eruption ensues. However, the endless screams from the man inside confirms that he is far from dead.

"Whenever you're ready Blue," informs Piccolo. Each of the Generals survey the immediate area to find hundreds of balls of Ki floating around aimlessly.

Black drops down from the hole in the ceiling, but prior to making contact with the ground, his entire body is electrocuted. Blue smirks momentarily, but Black pulls himself together despite being paralyzed. He raises his sword arm and grins toothily, locking on to the short bald man across from him, holding two yellow disks--one in each hand.

"How is he still moving!?" Blue snaps, "I've never heard of such a tenacious man!"

Krillin laughs gently. One of the circular blades is held above his head while the other rests down by his shoulders, just far away enough so that they don't make contact with each other.

"Kienzan!" One of the disks is thrown, and after a slight delay, Krillin tosses the other.

Black slips over to the side while sucking his gut in, barely able to control himself freely due to Blue's paralysis, resulting in the first blade zooming just past him. The next one approaches swiftly. Black whips his Dark Blade down and it clashes against the Kienzan, screeching like two pieces of heavy machinery colliding at once. It spins recklessly against Black's arm for an eternity, until finally, he rips through the blade and shatters it completely. It crumbles to pieces before vanishing.

"Mwahaha, like that would work you-"


Half of Black's upper body is suddenly ripped apart from the first Kienzan that passed by. The man screams at the top of his lungs while blood gushes out of the half of his body that has been cut off. His left arm, connected to half of his chest, stomach, and leg all splatter across the ground.

"Hellzone Grenade!"

Thousands of miniature balls of Ki fling into Black's body at once and explode upon contact. Piccolo points to the hole in the ceiling and then waits for a brief moment, confirming that everybody notices his signal. He then leaps up above and is soon followed by his team.

Continuous explosions and screams ignite from down below. Wasting no time, everybody sprints across the ruined city together. Krillin takes one last look back-gulping all the while-and notices that the entire complex above the underground chamber is now collapsing down on Black.

Yet despite the chimes of victory sounding off, none of them waste any time in removing themselves from the city. Each of them stick close together while making sure to get as far away from this place as possible.


A Few Minutes Earlier, Inside Red Ribbon Headquarters...

"Sir! Sir! This is an emerg-"

"What is it?"

A Red Ribbon Soldier rests his hands on his upper thighs and bends over, sweating nervously. He gulps. "Chief Executive Nuova was just killed! We're being attacked and as I speak, hundreds, if not thousands of Red Ribbon Soldiers are being gunned down!"

"Nuova was defeated? I'm surprised," the holder of such a deep and frightening voice stands up and darts his eyes down at the puny soldier. "How many enemies are there?"

"That's the thing, sir, there is!"

"What!? Is it Vegeta again!? Ergh, damn that bastard. We aren't prepared for battle right now. All the other Fleet Executives are out gathering the-"

"Sir, Fleet Executive Bojack, if I may!"

"What, what!?"

"It is not Vegeta. The man has been identified as Commander Dysect from the FBM. Only, he seems to have just one arm! I don't know what he's doing here, but he means business!"

"Him!?" Bojack rushes over to the window and snaps the curtains open. He immediately locks onto Dysect, slaughtering a countless amount of soldiers with ease. "Cowards. Running away like that. Oh well, I suppose it's understandable. Guard, are you positive that Dysect is the only one out there?"

"Yes, sir, we have done a perimeter sweep and nobody else is here."

Bojack smiles deviously, still staring down at Dysect from his window, positive that he can win.


Back With Piccolo & Friends...

Each of them sit around in a group together, far outside of West City and in the middle of a desert-like terrain. The mission was an overwhelming success, yet nobody has said a word since they left the city. After all, despite working surprisingly well together, none of these warriors enjoy each other's company.

"I feel sick," Krillin finally breaks the silence with. "All that blood that came out of him."

"Why the hell did you invent such a technique if you were too afraid to use it?" McGuy practically yells.

"For situations just like that, duh." McGuy rolls his eyes.

"Owaha, that battle made me feel quite left out. You all had a moment to shine, but I had to sit on the sidelines. How disappointing."

"We should keep moving. You're all in good enough shape to press forward, right?" Piccolo asks. Each of them nod. "Alright, lets get going then."

The six of them wander through the rural landscape for hours upon end. Eventually, the strong pollution from West City escapes their nostrils and allows them to travel in peace. On the direct path back to Forte Valkyrie, a very distinct figure comes into plain view. Quite large, yet smashed apart from the impact against the ground.

Not waiting for the others, Piccolo rushes towards it and gawks at the sight in awe. He gently rubs his hand up against the cracked exterior and peaks inside the sole door of the structure, seeing nothing but torn leather seats and broken equipment.

"What exactly is this?" John call from behind, having finally arrived at the scene. "If you look closely, you'll notice that the FBM insignia is on the side."

"This is a...plane."


Back Outside Red Ribbon Headquarters...

Moments before Dysect's tsunami of Darkness wipes out the entirety of Red Ribbon Headquarters, a gigantic spiral of Ki ruptures the core of the blast and it all implodes upon contact. The remainders of the darkness drop from the skies and splatter across the ground-wiping out every soldier that tried to run at once.

Flames continue to flicker far off in the background.

"So you finally decided to show yourself." Dysect comments, noticing a being float down from the peak of the main building. His skin is coloured teal and his long hair is bright orange. Furthermore, the man has a large scar scaling across his face. Finally, he lands on the ground and approaches Dysect confidently--but not foolishly.

"You've done some very cruel things to my soldiers, Commander."

"You won't be an exception."

"Fufufu, oh, I like you." Bojack flares his aura up and prepares a fighting posture; one palm pointing straight at Dysect, other hand covering his chest, and both feet squared apart. "You know, I've heard the rumors about you."


"Yes. I've heard all about how you're unbeatable. That with the exception of Rem, you are the most powerful-and most dangerous-fighter in the entire Freeborn Military."

"Yet you still challenge me?"

"Fufufu, that was when you had two arms. I wonder how you will fare against me with half your strength."

Dysect frowns.

Blitzing forward, Dysect thrusts his knee into Bojack's head, but to his surprise, only makes contact with his foe's forearm. The sheer might from his attack pushes Bojack back for a second until he can no longer withstand the force, thus blasting him backwards.

Bojack flips over in the air and skids to a stop, quickly locating Dysect approaching from the left. He swings at a miss, but manages to dodge Dysect's coming attack as well. Bojack then launches his leg upwards, however, Dysect grapples it with his whole body and tosses Bojack into the air.

"Dark Snake!" A thin beam of darkness with a vicious snake-head spirals after Bojack at incredible speed--aiming at his heart.

"Barrier!" Much to Dysect's surprise, the snake shatters upon contact with Bojack's defense sphere. Bojack grins while relinquishing the Barrier and poking his arm out. An enormous surge of Ki bursts from with his arm, yet only continues to grow as time goes on. "Don't overestimate your abilities! It is true that Dark Ki would normally melt through any regular Barrier or Ki attack, but if the user cannot fuel his attack with enough Darkness, then it is completely worthless at the hands of a superior opponent!"

Damn him, Dysect thinks, studying his opponent thoroughly. He's going to try and kill me with this next attack. It's best to defend for now so that he wastes his energy.

"Farewell!" Laughing as he holds a green ball with unlimited energy, Bojack screams at the top of his lungs. "Big Bang Shot!"

Dysect quickly wraps himself in his own Barrier. "Dark Shield!"


An eerie sensation fills the area. Bojack slowly descends from the skies, panting heavily from unleashing such a devastating attack, as he surveys the newly formed crater beneath him.

A midst the rubble, Dysect reveals himself standing. Only, his calm and calculating posture that normally succumbs him is nowhere to be seen. On the contrary, he appears to be showing signs of anger and surprise.

"I told you not to overestimate yourself," Bojack lectures. Blood seeps into the ground underneath Dysect, but he still holds himself firm, trying to play off the damage. Unfortunately, it is a failed attempt in Bojack's eyes. It's evident that his Big Bang Shot overwhelmed Dysect's Dark Shield and penetrated his body deeply.

"Haaa...haaa..." Dysect lifts his bloody paw up to his nose and wipes some snot that had begun forming.

"You aren't used to fighting with one arm, are you?" Dysect scowls. "Fufufu, I thought so. If you had both of your arms when creating that shield, you may have had enough power to completely disintegrate my Big Bang Shot. But with one? Pah, there was no chance at fending off my blast. Do not underestimate Destructive Ki. Of course it's the most basic manipulation of Ki, but it is by far the most powerful."

"Stop talking already. If you think you can finish me, then hurry up and do it!"

"...I really do like you."

Bojack leaps at Dysect while firing off a barrage of blasts, which Dysect makes swift work of by batting them each away. While he does this, Bojack disperses from his location and reappears behind Dysect, only to be elbowed in the eye. As he skids back a few feet, struggling to see out of his wounded eye, Dysect circles around him through his blind spot.

Multiple attempts to jump back are made by Bojack, but Dysect speed blitzes him each and every time, delivering devastating blows to his opponent without giving him a chance to retaliate.

Finally, Bojack regains vision out of his right eye and engages Dysect in close quarters. Even with one arm, Dysect still manages to keep up with his opponent at every turn.

I can't let this fight drag on, analyzes Dysect just as he parries a right hook. He jumps a few feet off the ground and swings his leg into Bojack's temple, hurling the large man into the ground. My legs...i'm starting to lose feeling in them. His earlier attack must have damaged my body more than I thought!

Bojack pushes himself off the ground and knees Dysect in the gut, and then follows up by hammering him into the ground.

A swirl of darkness surrounds Dysect, which cues Bojack to fly into the air before he is killed on the spot. Now looking up into the air while he pulls himself off the ground, all of the darkness is absorbed into his arm. Dysect charges his Ki up, gathering more darkness as time goes on, and launches a destructive ball at Bojack.

"Dark Blast!"

"Fufu, you cannot overpower me!" Both of Bojack's arms nearly double in size and Ki flutters throughout them. Two orbs form in each of his hands, bright green in color and electricity quaking within their core. Bojack slams them together and fires it off towards Dysect.

The two blasts collide with each other with a bang. Bojack's mighty force demolishes Dysect's Darkness, yet the Dark Ki melts the life force of Bojack's attack. Droplets of sweat plummet down from the sky and splash in front of Dysect. The two fighters glare at one another for a brief second before Dysect zaps into the air and continues a battle of close quarters.

Bang! The skies rupture as both fighters collide in the air. They each try to overpower one another with their legs, but soon find it impossible, so they each bring in another leg. A frenzy of kicks ensue and Dysect slowly gains the upper hand, but just as he does so, Bojack throws an arm into the mix.

A right straight guns towards Dysect's face. Fortunately, his reflexes kick in in time and he parries the blow with his forearm, but soon notices that Bojack is smiling even while the two continue to clash.

Damn it! Dysect tries to speed up his movements to take control of Bojack, but is stuck at a dead even exchange. The Commander screams at the top of his lungs and coughs up blood; Bojack's remaining fist caves into his chest and stops his heart for a moment, finally blasting him into the ground hundreds of feet down below.

Bojack tumbles down from the skies and bashes his knee into Dysect's gut before the Commander even has a chance to stand up. He attempts to scream in pain but his vocals tighten up and he is unable to make a noise. Fleet Executive Bojack hops to his feet and grins, proud that he managed to subdue such a worthy opponent.

"S***! I won't easily! I, I will win no matter--" Bojack, truly frightened by Dysect's actions, gazes at the man in awe. After taking so much damage, he still tries to pull himself to his feet.

"So 'easily'!? I've already told you not to overestimate your abilities! My first Big Bang Shot had enough power in it to wipe out an entire city, yet you took it head on! Of course your body isn't moving as well as you would like it to, but that's only natural! I've never encountered anybody strong enough to take that attack head on! Know your limits!"

"Kill me...if you think you can!"

The two fighters stand a few feet away from each other, face-to-face, neither of them giving up.

"Fufu..." Bojack chuckles to himself, but it doesn't even voke a reaction out of the man across from him. "I don't know what monster you fought that forced you to sacrifice an arm in order to claim victory, but in your current state, you can't beat me."

Dysect spirals a Dark aura around him which extends into the skies. He doesn't unlock his bloodshot eyes from Bojack while he prepares his final attack.

"It's a shame, really," Bojack jumps back a dozen feet. His aura magnifies once again. "We could have made the best of rivals had you not burned yourself out at a place like this."

"I'll see you on the other side."

"Big Bang Shot!"

"Darkness Glock!"

Clattering against each other with a roar, the raven attempts to smother the vert to death. Both fighters put everything they have into this final struggle, demonstrating enough power to wipe out humanity itself. Ferocious sparks of electricity surge across the terrain as one fighter is slowly pushed back. After a long and harsh war, the victor is finally decided.

Red Ribbon Headquarters. Commander Dysect versus Fleet Executive Bojack. Though the winner of this encounter is unknown, one thing is for certain: this battle triggered an event that will engross the entire world.


"Ah!" You whip your head forward and then look back and forth, slightly nauseous. Nobody is around. You peer down and notice that you are sitting in a relatively large leather chair, completely free to move around. "...Damn, what the hell happened?"

"Nothing too exciting," a voice chimes in. You almost choke on your saliva upon seeing who it is. "You should have been unconscious for at least another twenty minutes. I'm surprised you've come to so soon."

"You're that prisoner. Phoenix Graham, right?" He smiles gracefully and nods. As opposed to his look back when you saw him chained up in Valkyrie's prison, Phoenix looks quite a bit different. His grey hair is now short and kept neat, but still just as puffy as before. The man is still sporting the same blue earring in his left ear, and doesn't feel the need to wear a shirt even though he is no longer imprisoned. Phoenix is wearing dark black jeans with a belt hooked around his waist, as well as grey and black shoes.

"I'm overjoyed that you remember me." He smiles eerily at you, which instinctively makes you flare up your aura. This man has the power to take control of others, so it's best not to let your guard down. "The nausea that you're feeling should go away in about ten minutes or so. Seriously, you woke up too soon for your own good."

That's right, you suddenly recall. I was in the plane on my way back to Forte Valkyrie and then it got shot down from the skies. Before I had time to react, I started feeling sick and passed out. The wine that that flight attendant gave me must have had something in it.

Phoenix catches a look in your eyes and sighs. "I apologize for the pilot, who crashed and burned to death. However, as you may be able to tell, I am quite anxious. Very much so. There is something we need to discuss, Mr. Kiryu."

For the first time since you woke up, you notice that you aren't chained up at all. If you so wish, you can stand up and walk out of his mysterious cave and carry on as if nothing ever happened. "Why didn't you put me in chains? Or better yet, why didn't you kill me while I was still unconscious?"

Flustered, Phoenix rubs his palm up against his chest and shakes his head solemnly. "What kind of a man do you take me for? This is not a kidnapping--no, this is a negotiation."

"A negotiation?"

"That's right, a negotiation."

"The FBM will not be joining up with the Red Ribbon Army, so you can just stop."

A chair is pulled out from the corner and placed directly across from your own. "Of course not," he boldly replies. Both of you make heavy eye contact, which soon turns into a full blown staring contest. "The matter at hand is not a discussion about a potential alliance between the Red Ribbon Army and Freeborn Military. Don't be silly, we both know that could never happen."

"Then what is the matter at hand?" You humbly question, now leaning forward with your fingers clutched over one another as your elbows rest on your knees.

"An alliance between you and I." You gulp, shocked at the mere thought of it. "Kiryu, won't you hear me out?"

A) Don't listen to his blabbering. Phoenix has already proved that he cannot be trusted.
- 1) Leave this place immediately. Kiryu doesn't negotiate with terrorists.
- 2) Kill him. In a one on one battle, he doesn't stand a chance. Besides, he's a dangerous enemy.

B) Hear out his proposition and make your decision afterwards.
- 1) Are there any questions that Kiryu wants to ask? Now is the time.
- 2) No questions in particular, but if something Kiryu is unaware of pops up, ask Phoenix to expand upon it.

C) Listen to him and ask questions, but do not join up with him no matter what.
- 1) What questions? What will Kiryu do afterwards?

D) Something else?
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