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Author's Chapter Notes:
Choice that won:

Piccolo creates a large room that is made to have air and whatever is necessary to live for the amount we'll be using it. Fiasco takes mcguy to heal in the illusion world until he's at least able to stand and fight somewhat, not full health.
Mcguy will have the dragonball, as it wouldn't be expected in case black finds them.
Krillin will blow the entrance to our current locale, either a doorway or entire corridor, to stall.
Blue and john will keep close watch. Once he breaks through John will use that slash that weakens an opponent, and Blue will immediately go for a paralyze to counteract the obvious counterattack black will put up. Also take/destroy gun if possible.

Once mcguy is up to snuff, he(through fiasco telling him the plan.) Will split as much as possible sending one to Balance against Black, at which point all will use Return, and prepare to fight.
Piccolo will be the one to hold off Black until Mcguy is ready. Unless he has to be IN the illusion world in which case Krillin shall hit Black with solar flare about the same time John hits him with that drain slash.

Hopefully with the debuffs he'll be easier to fight. Don't allow him to draw his weapon. But be careful of other attacks.
After completely clearing his mind, Piccolo presses both of his palms up against each other and holds them apart from his chest. A tranquil aura burrows out of his figure. The rest of the team watch in awe, but John Giant holds onto McGuy's wound tightly, refusing to relinquish the pressure in hope that it helps cease the leaking contents.

"Piccolo Realm." The underground chamber's walls and ceiling all crack violently, letting out a loud cry as this happens, until finally, it all shatters on collapses onto the ground like glass. Krillin gasps in surprise. Everybody else whips their head around the area, unsure of what is happening, confused as to why they are all floating in a seemingly infinite realm of darkness.

Moments pass. Piccolo cannot answer the countless questions that his team ask him, for he must focus as to not disrupt the ritual. McGuy coughs up an unusual amount of blood, suddenly struggling to breathe. He attempts to roll over onto his side, but the heavy gravity pushes him down. Strangely, while it appears as though everybody is floating, they all remain in the exact same position as they were before; in the middle of an underground chamber.

Clouds surface above. Soon enough, the properties of a real world form in this bizarre realm. Piccolo lets out a large breath of air and falls flat on his back--exhausted.

"Owahaha. My, my...that was far from an ordinary experience." Fiasco notes, rubbing his chin repeatedly.

"My Lord...what was that!?" John whispers, showing signs of fear.

"I don't have time to explain the details. For now, we are safe. Dr. Fiasco, please heal General McGuy as fast as possible."

"Right away." He pulls John over to him and digs two fingers into McGuy's wound. The man cringes in pain, but doesn't have the strength to lift his arm to stop Fiasco. "Owah, worry not...I can fix you yet."

"In a nutshell, we are currently in an artificial world that I created. We will not be seen by Black if he looks down the hallway, nor can we be sensed by him. HOWEVER, if he walks into the right location--ergh, well, for us it would be the wrong location, then he will immediately warp here. Furthermore, if he goes on a rampage and starts blowing **** up, then the Warp Portal that will bring us back may be destroyed. In that case, we will be trapped in here until we die."

"What the hell!? Why did you bring us here!?" Blue snaps. He grabs his short, blonde hair and pulls on it. Even a man like him is starting to break down from the tension.

"...Which is why you, Krillin, and John are going out to find Black. I would go too but if I leave this realm, anybody left inside will immediately be kicked out and it would have been a waste bringing us here. Once McGuy is healed, us remaining three will immediately back you up."

"You expect us to fight that monster? Are you crazy, Piccolo? He's out of our league! I'm a survivor of the war against the Saiyan Empire, and I certainly know what it means to be outmatched. There is thing called tactical retreating for a reason."

"You're right, there is. But we're not going to do that. Now, listen up. I'll tell you everything you need to know..." Blue gulps, but decides to listen to his superior's orders for the moment. Krillin and John Giant do the same.


Meanwhile, In East City...

"So this is it? Are you sure you don't want to stay any longer?"

"Yeah, I've long overstayed my welcome. I imagine you're heading back to the archipelago, Roshi?"

"Keyehehe, I am." Roshi looks down to the ground with a nostalgic smile. "It was good seeing you, Kiryu. I hope this isn't the last time."

You fling a backpack over one shoulder and shrug mischievously. "Who knows. Say, Goku..." The Saiyan turns to you, sitting on the type of stone that neighboring children no doubt love to play on. He nods upward, signalling you to continue. "Come join the FBM. Bring Gohan as well." Goku pats his son on the head, chuckling to himself, and then sighs.

"You know I can't."

"Do I?" You lock eyes with Goku and then crack a smile. "Yeah, I know."

Goku picks Gohan up into his arms and stands face to face with you, only his body is over a foot shorter than your own so it's actually face to chest. "If you ever need anything, I'll be there in a heartbeat. Just power up to the very limit and I'll know."

"...Ergh, th-" You stutter, not used to such sentimental words. "Tha-th-, bah. Will do."

Goku laughs innocently. Gohan does the same, deciding to mimic his father. Then the both of them have a laugh together. You shake your head at this, trying not to break composure. "Want me to bring you back? It'll sure save time."

"No, it's okay. I'll manage on my own." Goku nods. "Well, this is it. Roshi, Goku, Gohan," you make sure to include. The child smiles, happy to be acknowledged by his name. "Stay out of trouble."

You whisk around with your heavy coat and hop into a private jet; the FBM logo glimmers across its exterior shell. You called it in the night before to come pick you up, but it wasn't able to arrive until this morning. Roshi and the others wave you off carelessly, but you end this goodbye with a slight nod before signalling the driver to take off. The plane shakes for a moment before taking off from the ground and soaring into the sky, leaving East City behind in minutes.


At this very moment, just outside Forte Valkyrie...

"Hey, Pitou. Sorry I couldn't make it sooner. Its been busy, you know?" Echo lights a cigarette and takes a long drag, coughing uncontrollably while he does it. He chucks the cigarette away and spits on the ground, disgusted and slightly nauseous. "Damn, I thought it would look cool but I can't stand the taste."

Echo has a seat on a path of soil-now in the middle of the Freeborn Military's graveyard-and crunches his face tight to hold in a stream of tears. Straight in front of him is the grave of his former comrade, Ex-Commander Pitou. "How are things going down there? Hehe...I miss you man. Rem went ahead and let Kiryu be the boss. I don't hate Kiryu or anything, but it just, like, isn't the same without Rem."

Pitou remains silent in his grave, but Echo sees fit to continue talking; talking about how he can't trust Kiryu's word like he could trust Rem's. "When Rem gave us an order, I could always count on him to know everything. But Kiryu, he's one of us! We all make mistakes, him included, so what if he messes up and we all die!?" Echo hears Pitou practically laughing at this, which brings him into a rage. "Hey, I'm not afraid of dying or anything, ***-hole!"

Suddenly self-conscious, Echo peaks behind him to make sure that nobody is watching. Fortunately, he is alone outside. "Well, anyway, I guess I'll have to trust him for now. Rem wouldn't have made him the chief if he wasn't confident that Kiryu would succeed, so I should be too!" Echo rubs his nose from the cold, but his hand freezes by his face for a moment. The Commander slowly shakes until a few tears drip onto his cold, rugged fist.

"Idiot, why did you have to go and die? You know I had to build this ****ty grave myself because everybody hates you for what you did. Going out like a loser like that, it's disgraceful." Echo snorts and wipes the rest of his tears away. "I'll get him for you, Pitou. For the both of us. I know why you did what you did. I also know that you'll never rest in peace with that man still alive. I swear to you, I'll kill 'em...I'll kill him," he repeats for effect. All the tears Echo tried to hold in now come dripping out and sinking into the soil. He buries his face in the soil and lets it all flood out, soon finding himself unable to control the tears. "I'll kill him, I'll kill him," Echo, between pants and stutters, constantly repeats to himself. Pitou does not speak back.


Back With Piccolo's Team In West City...

"Are we clear?" Piccolo finishes, now thoroughly educating his team on his plan of action. Each of them nods. With a sigh of relief, Piccolo slips the Dragon Ball he was holding into McGuy's pocket. "Hold onto it tight. It's everything..."

Krillin cracks his knuckles. Blue turns over to Krillin with a smirk. He was the one who recruited Krillin, so Blue knows full well just how powerful he is. "Lets get goin', then."


"Same here. Lead the way, capt'n." Piccolo points to the a stone wall behind Blue, Krillin, and John Giant. They nod while walking directly into it, dispersing upon contact.

"Kamehameha!" A bright blue light skids down the hallway, smashing into a wall far down the line and exploding it on contact. Just as this happens, the walls around his attack begin to cave in and break down. "Come on, we don't want to fight right in front of the portal. Piccolo said if it's destroyed--"

"Yeah, yeah, come on." Blue rushes down the hallway, feeling slightly heavy. Krillin and John run after him, following his lead. "That was dangerous," John informs Krillin. "You could have destroyed the entire chamber and had this place cave in on us."

"I'm confident in my control," the bald man says arrogantly. John smiles. The three Generals skid to a stop and hide up against a wall, peaking down the hall in front of it every now and again to see if Black comes into sight. "I blew up all the other routes that lead to us. If he's coming, it's definitely going to be through here."

"Unless he comes through the rubble or something."

"I don't think he'll do that. He seems to enjoy being discrete."

And so, the three of them wait patiently. With every minute that passes, another bead of sweat slams into the floor. Tension grows to an all high, however, after what seems like a lifetime for these three, Black comes into sight right down the hall. He is walking like a typical businessman; not a shred of worry is hinted at.

"I know you're the~re. Come out come out wherever you a~re," calls Black. Judging by his tone, it isn't clear whether or not he knows the current location of them. The cunning bastard is playing with their mind. "The arm of justice will get you eventually. Oh please, won't you come out."

There isn't enough light in this part of the chamber to use the Solar Flare on him. I'll have to leave it up to Blue then...!

"Telekinesis!" An electric shock wave bounces off the walls while trekking towards Black in the small corridor. Watching it eerily, Black decides to pull out his gun. Go ahead and shoot my attack, idiot! No bullet can pierce through electricity!

John Giant sees this and immediately whips out his sword, swinging it violently as he roars: "Sword Wave Slash!" Black jumps into the wall at the side to dodge the flying slash, but then is struck by Blue's Telekinesis because he no longer had time to react to it. Moments before doing so, he seals his gun back in his coat. Electricity surges throughout Black's body and traps him in his location.

"That was unnecessary, he wouldn't be able to shoot through my attack anyway."

"Whether he could or couldn't, it is foolish to allow your enemy to draw their weapon without trying to stop them." John sprints down the hall at an astounding speed, yet none of his footsteps can be heard on the ground beneath his toes. "Demon Slash!"

Blood sprays from Black's chest and shoots all over the walls. A bit lands on John's cheek, but he wastes no time in wiping it off before going into a frenzy with slashes. The General waves his sword in a multitude of directions as he cuts through Black's flesh, until finally, the Fleet Executive regains control over his body and ducks down from John's next slash. Taking this opportunity, Black presses his feet together and fires them into John's sword, blasting it into the ceiling.

"Ergh," John grunts. The General gazes up at the ceiling instinctively, checking to confirm his sword's location, but during this time, Black draws his weapon once again. John snaps his head back into the battle, but before he can react further, the shot is fired.


The bullet is launched directly back into the wall where Black is leaning up against. It rips through it and the the ceiling in the immediate area collapses on top of Black. Krillin floats down with his leg stretched out and prepares for Black's next move.

Impossible! John Giant gawks at his fellow General in awe, frozen in shock. The bullet that not even Piccolo could see...he...he kicked it back at Black in the blink of an eye!? Just who is this kid!?

"Get on up," Krillin calls out to Black. "I know that didn't hurt." Black stands up just afterwards and brushes his pants off. He tucks his gun back into his overcoat and frowns, unhappy with this development. The longer he stands, the more his strength drains.

"This is rather tedious. I think I'll end your lives right about-" Black is sent hurling into the ground just as the wall behind him explodes and three figures emerge from it. Oddly enough, every one of them is General McGuy.

"Balance," McGuy steals more power from Black and powers himself up a smidgen. "Return!" His muscles bulk up in size and the three copies of himself surround Black, who is now pulling himself off the ground. Piccolo and Dr. Fiasco emerge from the pathway that Black first wandered from, while Blue stands at the ready on the other side. Black is trapped in the middle of this small chamber.

"Each of you is trying your very hardest. For that," Black pauses, "I will show you the essence of my infinite power. God entrusted me to carry out his justice, so there is no way I could possibly lose to the likes of you all."

"I'm on a strict schedule, so I'll be jumping ahead of you!" All three McGuy's leap at Black, fully charged at max strength, yet they are immediately blown into the wall by a gigantic surge of Ki emitting from Black. Everybody else is astonished, gazing at Black's murky aura in awe. Darkness seeps from his veins and a terrifying, ominous feeling writes its way into everybody's minds.

Black stretches his arms straight out, palms raised high, and Dark Ki builds in his hands. Piccolo screams for everyone to get down, so they do just that. "Satan's Judgement." His dark powers swallow up every artificial structure in sight, aside from the ceiling and the floors, thus preventing anybody from leaving his sight.

All three forms of McGuy hop up and put on a fighting pose once again, unharmed. Black does not pull his head up from facing the ground. An awkward moment of silence passes.

I can't sense his Ki. I know it's there, but he has no presence. How the hell am I supposed to know if we can take him out if he's a ghost? Piccolo, holding himself up on one knee, presses his leg off the ground and jumps several meters away from black. Sensory Inflation, Piccolo then focuses his mind until he can smell the rotten corpse of the old man that Black killed earlier. Suddenly the way out of this chamber becomes all too clear. The only question is: will they be able to escape from Black?

Piccolo surveys his team, surprised that each of them is not showing any fear or worry. Furthermore, all of them are prepared to fight. But will they be able to muster up enough strength to put this man down?

More and more questions pile up in Piccolo's mind, yet despite it feeling like he has been thinking things over for an eternity, less than ten seconds have passed since Black revealed his true powers.

"Fight," Piccolo yells calmly, "...or run?"

A) Run...just run. The Dragon Ball has already been secured. Engaging Black further is pointless.
B) Have some people fight and others run.
- Who fights? Who runs?
C) Everybody takes on Black in combat. The time for running has long since passed.
- Details for a plan?
D) Hand over the Dragon Ball. He seems like a reasonable man.
E) Other?
Chapter End Notes:
Piccolo's Move List:

- Meteor Burst
- Light Grenade
- Hellzone Grenade
- Regenerate
- Raigeki
- Piccolo Realm / Portal Release
- Sensory Inflation
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