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Author's Chapter Notes:
Choice that won:

D. Knock out the guards, tie them up if possible. take any communications on them just in case. We can take them prisoner temporarily back at base when it's over. Treat them decent, and possible allies we may get.
Enter in search of dragonball with piccolo leading. His super hearing should allow us to avoid black, and any possible traps.
Mcguy is obnoxious, and may give away stealth. Stress the stealth apect to the team beforehand, and whisper to blue to watch mcguy. if we spot black,but he doesn't see us, and mcguy is going to blow our cover, blue will freeze him, and get him out.

If worst comes to worst and we hear him get it, head for entrance, set up ambush outside. Where we charge our powerful attacks, blue freezes him when he steps out, and FIRE!
"Do you understand?" Everybody nods as Piccolo finishes his plan, minus General McGuy, who doesn't appear to be paying attention. "That includes you, Guy. Are we clear or not?"

"Huh? Oh yeah, sure, we're good. Can we hurry up and break in now, I'm tired of waiting." Piccolo gulps heavily, disliking the poor response from McGuy, but ignores it for now.

"Blue, go for it."

"Right away." Blue jumps out from behind the building with Ki sparking on the tip of his fingers. Each Red Ribbon Soldier makes eye contact with Blue and instinctively lift their weapons in preparation to attack, yet before any of them can make a move, a blinding flash spews out of Blue's finger tips and engulfs the entire squad.

McGuy jets toward one of the soldiers and smashes his brusque elbow into his gut. Blood expels from the man, but McGuy is already taking out the next soldier before it even splatters across the ground.

All in a few brief seconds, every armed soldier is knocked unconscious. Piccolo and the rest step out from behind the building and make their way into the underground chamber that Fleet Executive Black resides within. After commanding Krillin, John Giant, and Dr. Fiasco to wait up ahead, Piccolo searches the soldiers for any possible electronic devices. He finds nothing. They must not want any of this recorded or heard by those who don't need to hear it. Piccolo tells McGuy and Blue to hurry up, but doesn't wait for them before entering himself.

"Need a hand?" McGuy yells, not bothering to turn around.

"Haaah....yeah, I'll be fine. Don't worry about me."

"I'm not worrying about you." Blue laughs a bit, half expecting that kind of a reply. "I'm worrying about the success of the team," he finishes.


McGuy peers directly into Blue's soul. "Don't mess things up, Blue."

"I wouldn't have come if I had thought that was a possibility."

"Good. Now come on, the rest are already inside."

Blue wipes the sweat off of his forehead and slowly makes his way inside. McGuy enters last, making sure not to forget to push the unconscious soldiers out of the way, in the unlikely event that somebody sees them while strolling by.

Filled with joy, the citizens that were being held captive all rush away at full throttle.


Meanwhile, At Forte Valkyrie...

"Are you serious!?"

"Yes, Commander Thrigon," replies one of the head scientists for the Freeborn Military. "It took a lot of work, but the 'Ray Gun' is finally complete and ready to be mass distributed."

"How much will it cost?"

"17.1 million dollars. However, Lord Rem already approved the price some months ago."

"Eeshk, that's a lot but if Rem said it's cool then..." After a short silence, Thrigon asks exactly how it works. Proud of his work, the head scientist and technician answers.

"This is state of the art technology. We extracted and studied as much as possible from the Ray Gun that was stolen from the Saiyan Empire. I was surprised at the magnificence of it. Simply extracting and understanding the advancement took months. Afterwards, my team and I had to build mirrored pieces by using our own technology! Needless to say, this was nigh impossible and we ran into a lot of setbacks. Finally, after nearly a year of hard work, we have successfully expanded upon the Saiyan technology and now have access to a far superior version of their Ray Gun."

"Uhh, what does this have to do with what I asked?"

"Ergh, sorry. The Ray Gun blasts high doses of alpha radiation which internally intercepts the blood-flow. Normally, this would not be useful in combat as it does not induce short-term effects, however, we fused it with what is known as-"

"Hold on! Hooold on!" The head scientist looks flustered for a moment, but then realizes his mistake. "I just want a basic description man."

"I apologize, Commander. Once the large doses of radiation infect the target, their body will begin to show signs of shutting down and they will experience multiple symptoms such as seizures and vomiting simultaneously. After a few minutes, cancer cells in their body will grow and they will lose control over their body, sometimes entering a coma. Finally, the target will die."

"Whoa...sounds epic."

"I have a question," somebody speaks up. Thrigon turns over and notices Joseph Pike leaning up against the wall with his arms folded. "Radiation spreads, no? Would this not be hazardous to our own combat force?"

"Radiation cannot spread from person to person, and since we designed the Ray Gun to not release the chemicals within the beam until coming into contact with the target, damaging our own would not be a problem."

"Oh, how very smart." Joseph hops down from the ledge and walks away, as if he was never there in the first place.

"Hey," Thrigon mutters. "Distribute one of these to every Soldier, Elite, and General. I imagine it will be the primary force for the first two, and perhaps a nice back up weapon for Generals."

"Yes, sir. I'll get it done."

"Good work. With this, nobody will be able to take us down!"


Back with Piccolo's Team...

Drip. Drip. Drip.

Bits of condensed water, leaking down from the ceiling, dribble onto the floor repeatedly. Everybody remains quiet while slowly following the agonizing smell that awaits just down the hall. Not far off, Piccolo's team confronts a dead old man with moths and cockroaches flooding over his deceased corpse. Nearly throwing up, Krillin gulps heavily while looking away. Piccolo signals the team to keep moving forward.

Cautiously yet interested, Piccolo rubs two of his fingers up against the jagged wall. Every inch of this chamber has hieroglyphics scattered across the walls. It is obvious that this place is filled with ancient teachings and history, which would make sense why they preserved the Dragon Ball down here.

Abruptly, Piccolo halts. His team instantly get on their guard, but Piccolo waves his hand to let them know that they can be at ease. He, quietly, murmurs something just after that. "I can hear him wandering around. He isn't far off now."

"Are we gonna' follow him?"

"No, we'll go the opposite way. With any luck, we'll find it first. If not, we can rush outside and set up a parameter."

"Sounds good," Krillin agrees.

"I can go crush Black myself," McGuy boasts. "I don't like this cowardice plan you have us following, Greeny."

"Quiet or I'll kill you. Or better yet, go find Black and he'll kill you."

"Hmph. Whatever."

And so, they all turn in the opposite direction as Black in search of the Dragon Ball. Nobody speaks to each other during this time. At some point down the hall, another split in the hall appears. McGuy solemnly suggests that everybody split up, but Piccolo insists on staying together. Ten, maybe twenty minutes pass, but the hall keeps on going until, eventually, they arrive at a dead end.

"See! Dumb idiot, I told you we should have split up!" McGuy yells. He slams his fist against the wall in anger, gritting his teeth.

"Shhh!" warns Krillin.

"Who are you anyway? Why the hell did Rem assign me to a mission with a bald midget and a coward green man? This is bloody ridiculous! We wasted all this time and now we came up to a dead end! If we just-"

"Can you just shut up!" Blue barks. McGuy pushes him against the wall and presses his arm up against Blue's throat, agitated. "What? You're going to kill me?"

"I"m considering it."

"Ladies, calm down." Piccolo finally speaks up. He puts his hand up against the wall and mutters the word 'Raigeki', crumbling it down to pieces instantaneously. Behind this wall, a relatively large room awaits. In the center, a gorgeous ball laments solemnly.

McGuy pulls his arm away from Blue, speechless, and gazes into the room. "H-how did you do that?"

"Every tunnel in this underground chamber is interconnected. It must have taken years to mold all of this together so perfectly, not that people in that age cared about time."

"Piccolo, you're amazing." Krillin compliments, smiling joyfully. Blue and John nod slowly to themselves, glad that this endeavor is nearing its end. "How did you know?"

"I listened intently. Every stone put in place has a distinct breath. Of course knowing this place was a maze had nothing to do with that; it was just my intuition. I lead us all down the path with the highest probability of reaching the room where the voices...changed. Because everything in this chamber is a narrow path, an open room such as this had a much different sound to it."

"Are you trying to say that the one's who built this put a fake wall at the end of the only route that lead to their treasure?" McGuy interrupts.

"No, not quite. I guessed wrong and we actually did reach a dead end," Piccolo exhales gracefully. "But as I said, every path in this place is interconnected. I just had to break down the wall-silently, of course-and I knew that it would lead me to where I wanted to go."

"Hmph. Well done then. Perhaps you are a competent leader after all."

"Your sentiments mean nothing to me." Piccolo cautiously enters the room and sees one path that leads into the hallway out. The alleged 'correct' route. "Come on, lets grab this thing and get going. I don't want to run into Black..."

Krillin hops over and plucks the orb from its position, almost surprised that an alarm didn't go off upon doing so. He chuckles to himself and turns around with the rest of the group. While walking away, Krillin passes the ball to Piccolo, who swiftly tucks it into his attire.

Mission complete!

"Wait up a minute..."

The hairs on Krillin's back spike up and he freezes still. Blue clutches his fists together and glares at his feet, hoping that what he heard was his imagination. John Giant addresses 'God' as he makes a quick prayer while McGuy smiles arrogantly. Dr. Fiasco pouts to himself, but does not seem all that bothered. Piccolo is sure to hide any emotions that could show weakness to himself or the enemy, so he casually turns his head to find Fleet Executive Black standing about twenty feet behind them. He must have just arrived at the room where the Dragon Ball was stationed at.

Was I careless!? ...No, that wasn't it. Even while speaking, I never let my ear off Black. I heard him! He was far off from here, wandering around aimlessly! There is no way that he...there just isn't any way!

Black stands taller than everybody on Piccolo's team, the leader included, at just over seven feet tall. Like a true military man, his arms are folded behind his back and he is holding himself up by using the strength of both his feet at once, as opposed to resting one at a time. Other than his abnormal height, he could be mistaken for a regular human as he casually slipped into a suit that any wealthy businessman might wear.

"Do you mind handing the Dragon Ball over? The Red Ribbon Army would greatly appreciate it."

A white cape is tossed to the ground and a loud THUD follows, bits of dust spraying up from the ground. Piccolo cracks his neck as he flexes both arms. "Get lost."

"Are you refusing to cooperate?" Black asks, genuinely shocked. "You do know that such an act would brand you as a criminal. Are you willing to accept-"

"I said get lost."

"...How regrettable."

"Hey Piccolo," McGuy speaks up, fully prepared to engage Black in combat. "I can win. I know it."

"Don't be reckless, this dangerous."

"I know. Don't take me for a rookie who can't tell when he's outmatched. I know I can win!"

"Gentlemen, I will ask you once more: hand over the Dragon Ball that you have stolen. It does not belong to any of you," Black cuts in as he digs one hand into his overcoat. "Well? ...I'm waiting."

"You're done!" McGuy roars, skidding across the floor by pressing his body forward with a burst of Ki. A compact strike bangs into Black's temple. The rest of Piccolo's team watch in awe; McGuy's fist caves into Black's forehead and he finally releases his thrust, sending Black flying into the wall.

Stones collapse from the ceiling and crumble over Black's body. McGuy smirks, but doesn't let his guard down at all.

"Incredible!" Krillin yells, amazed by his colleague's strength.

"Hah, all in a day's-"


Thick layers of crimson build squirt around aimlessly and McGuy falls flat on his back--his entire body shaking. Krillin screams something and tries to rush over to McGuy, but Piccolo quickly grabs him by the arm and stops him from being hasty.

Now standing tall, as if nothing happened at all, Black tucks his trusty pistol back into his coat. He shakes his head in sadness, distressed by the plain and simple fact that Piccolo killed his own subordinate. Trying to overthrow justice is a preposterous action that only those with a flawed ideology could ever attempt to do.

"Does it pain you?" Black asks. "...To know that he died because of you and only you?"

Piccolo grits his teeth, barely able to withhold himself from attacking that man with everything has has. He peers over at McGuy, noticing that he is still breathing. The bullet hole pierced through the entirety of his body, thankfully.

I couldn't see the bullet...! I knew he wouldn't be put down in one blow, and McGuy did too! But even knowing that, it was impossible for either of us to even SEE his attack! This is a mismatch! Sweat slowly slivers down Piccolo's forehead until eventually splashing on his shoulders. It's clear that he doesn't know what to do.

"Please, hand over the ball before another soul is taken by your inhumane actions."

"Solar Flare!" A blinding light surges throughout the area, and taking this opportunity, Krillin grabs McGuy and makes a run for it, leading everybody else towards the exit. Another gun shot is heard, but this one causes the entire chamber to begin caving in. Stones drop from the ceiling, exploding on contact with the ground, yet Krillin still manages to ensure that nobody is struck by the obnoxious obstacles.

A few minutes later, the crew find themselves hiding in an unknown location within the chamber. The aimless dash no doubt lead them down the wrong path, however, if nothing else, it temporarily got them out of danger.

" He's probably following us," Blue manages to say within heavy breaths.

"Piccolo, can you hear him?" John Giant asks, looking over at his team member. He quickly learns that Piccolo is nervous, doubtfully focused enough to hear Black.

"No, no..."

"Guys, McGuy lost consciousness. I'm trying to...I'm trying to patch the wound up but I can't!" Krillin tries to hide the tears forming in his eyes, but they eventually drip down on top of McGuy's wounded chest.

"I can help with that," Dr. Fiasco cuts in, indifferent about the situation. "Owahahaha, if we can spare the time, that is."

"We have to leave him if we're going to get out of here successfully." Blue acknowledges.

"What? No!" Krillin objects.

"He may be a jerk, but we cannot leave him for death without even trying," John adds.

"Guys," Blue sorrowfully replies. "It sucks but this kind of stuff happens in battle all the time. We can't be expected to carry a guy like this with us. Think about it logically! If we have to lug him around, there goes HALF our chance of escaping!"

"Even so, I do not approve."

"Piccolo, focus!" Blue screams, anxious himself. "Where is Black now!?"

"I AM FOCUSED!" Piccolo rubs his temple back and forth, sweating nervously, trying his best to listen for Black. I don't understand! It's just like before, when he suddenly appeared in front of us. For some reason, this man...can completely hide his presence in every aspect of the word! Just where is he now!?

"Sorry, I got ahead of myself. Guys, we can't stay here forever. The longer we wait here, the higher chance Black has of finding us. If he can sense our Ki, then there is no doubt that he is on his way now! Fiasco, there isn't any time to heal him. Piccolo, can you lead us to the exit?"

"...Hmm," Piccolo listens intently. Familiar sound waves bounce off the walls in this maze and he finally nods. "Yes, I can lead us out."

"Good, we need to get going. Leave McGuy here, it's over for him."

"No!" John and Krillin yell together, refusing to listen. Together, once again, they say, "Fiasco, please do your best to heal him right away."

"Let it go! We need to save ourselves!"

"I can see now why you defended Kiryu. Blue, you're a coward just like he is. Leaving a wounded comrade to die while you joyfully hop on ahead. It's disgusting."

"Don't push me, John. We're all on edge. Piccolo, give us an order."

Piccolo gulps, unsure of what to do. "Right. We should..."

A) Have Dr. Fiasco heal McGuy. Afterwards, everybody heads towards the exit.
B) Have Dr. Fiasco heal McGuy, but rather than attempt to escape, have the team confront Black once again.
- How would you like to fight him?
C) Carry McGuy to the exit. Don't heal him until the team has safely gotten away from Black.
D) Leave McGuy here to die. Casualties happen in battle. It's best to ensure the good of the team.
E) Other?
Chapter End Notes:
McGuy's Move List:

- Imprisonment Ball: McGuy traps his opponent in a paralyzing ball of light and controls its destination with his own Ki. Upon contact with the ground, the Imprisonment Ball explodes with enough power to exterminate the one inside it.
- Split Form: McGuy can make up to three copies of himself, cutting his Power Level by the number of forms he creates. Commander Kaiba taught him this technique.
- Balance: McGuy powers himself up by 10% and weakens his opponent by 10%. This move is only usable when fighting someone who is stronger than himself.
- Return: This move can only be used when McGuy is not at full strength and/or cannot access his full strength. It costs 0 Ki. McGuy will return to full strength for one minute. This move can be stacked with other techniques (Hint: Split Form).

Race: Human.
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