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Author's Chapter Notes:
2A Wins. ;)
"I should tell Rem..." You begin, "Tell him everything I know. Although it may make me look bad and effect my status, if it helps us in War it'll be worth it." You open your room door and a large, empty hallway morphs. Not many people come around on this floor, let alone this part of the floor. You close your room door and begin to walk away from it. Onward to Rem's Quarters.

In roughly 2 minutes of a steady walking pace, you arrive at a Dining Room. The same one when you first came to Forte Valkyrie after Forte Hieno was destroyed. Rem is not in the room this time, however. His computer isn't occupied for the first time in a long while. If he isn't on the Computer, he must be doing something in his room just as important. You walk up to the door and give it a knock. No answer. "Huh? Not in here or at his Computer. That's new..." You say to yourself as you turn around and begin leaving the area. You can't get into Rem's room due to a specific finger and eye scanner that is used to open his door; same for his Computer.

You exit the Dining Room area and begin walking through the hall somewhat aimlessly. Where could he have gone? You take a left at the four way intersection in the middle of the second floor, and head toward Pitou and Echo's rooms. It's possible he could be around there. In a few minutes, a door awaits you which causes you to swipe your Key Card in order to enter the vicinity. Once you do so, the steel door opens and a small living room arises. Rem, Pitou, and Echo are all occupying the chairs and couches, talking in a group. As you walk in, they all look at you as if you don't belong in this conversation.

"Rem," You begin.

"Get out." Pitou barks. "You're in Echo and I's Quarters right now and we're busy. Now leave." He calls out to you while signalling you to leave with his hand. Echo nods in agreement.

Without letting him overtake you, you continue. "Rem, when you're finished your little chat with these two, I have some important information among other things that I would like to discuss with you. I'll be waiting for you by your Computer." He nods while turning back to the others. You exit the room and walk back to where you originally looked for him and wait. You wait for a few minutes on a wooden chair near Rem's Computer, silent and patient.

"What is it, Kiryu?" Rem says to you as he walks in the room, alone.

"I have some important information to give you. This will be heavy..."

He nods and has a seat beside his Computer. "It better be, because i'm a very busy man."

"Well, I spoke with an old colleague at the Red Ribbon Army, in hope of getting information for us..."

He looks at you in shock, but stays quiet. It appears that Rem plans on hearing you out before he shares his thoughts and concerns.


(Authors Note: You tell him everything that happened on that phone call; nothing more.)

"That's everything. What I did was dishonest and it may damage the trust you put in me. However, I don't believe I did anything wrong. This information was crucial that we got a hold of. Without it, you and everybody else staying at Valkyrie may have been killed or put at a disadvantage in the least."

"Perhaps..." He says. "Though, it appears that I should have been more upfront with you, Kiryu, on my plan to do everything possible that we reign supreme and change this world into our Utopia. A world that will allow everybody to live in equality."

"Hmm?" You wonder and he continues.

"I initially planned on only telling each Commander their specific duties for this War. This will keep everyone's lips tight and avoid unnecessary confusion on their part in the war. However, it seems that I'll need to enlighten each of the Commanders on the entire plan I have laid out."

"Why is that?" You ask, confused.

"To avoid you all from acting on your own. You made the correct decision based on the knowledge that you had but unfortunately I had already accounted for such an event."

"Elaborate." You quickly reply.

Without wait, Rem goes on once again. "I'll start with what the Commanders will do: You, Kiryu shall take command of the battle formation of everybody including the Commanders. You'll decide who will fight whom and the overall design of the attack. A very important job. Though, your main mission is over once you all break through the main gate. After that, each of the Commanders are instructed to go their own way with their own squad that I will assign you all. You will continue the main assault because I am confident in your leadership and battle commanding skills that you will put up a great fight and occupy the Saiyajins while other important jobs are being completed. You'll know when and how to move forward when the time comes."

You nod and he goes on. "I won't bore you on the details of everything Pitou, Echo, Kaiba, and Thrigon will be partaking in, but they each have an important mission inside the Saiyajin Base that will link to yours. You however, must be able to hold out until their missions are completed. You run the main force and even if they complete their missions, if you faultier, they will die. I trust that you'll come up with a suitable battle plan to hold out against their main forces that will floor out. Take the Artificial Moon into account as well."

"Gotcha. I won't fail, Rem." You motion for him to continue.

"I hope all goes well in the Saiyajin War. But what we do here is just as important, if not more important than what goes on with you all." He takes a breath of air and picks up a bottle of water and takes a sip of it. While he drinks you notice that he doesn't blink. It's almost as if he trained himself to cease blinking so that he would catch every glimpse of the world in front of him. At least that's what you got from it.

"I have been aware of the bunker in the Forte Valkyrie territory for a long time now. It surfaces somewhere around the southern part of the great lake in our land. I am the one who proposed this idea to the Red Ribbon Army...Well, in theory." He says with a smile.

Your eyes go wide and suddenly Rem seems like some form of God before you. Does he know everything? "I have 6 Frontier Agents who have been employed at the Red Ribbon Army for quite some time now. Years. I gave them the idea to slip the idea of an underground bunker that could be used for sneak attacks against other armies. They continuously fed everybody these ideas until even the Executives got a hold of the information, and proposed the ideas to the Chief Executives. It just kept going higher and higher until it was in discussion. The bunker just finished being built 3 weeks ago, apparently. I will use this to our advantage."

"Very clever, Rem. You never cease to amaze me. Having a Spy is one thing, but having a Spy implement ideas to the higher ups in order to benefit us? That's simply incredible." You think.

"I would not be surprised if the RRA has a bunker near the Saiyajin Empire too." Rem continues, "The bunker is stacked with artillery, food, weapons, and even medical kits. But not on their end. On our end. It would make more sense to keep all this stuff near the surface so you don't have to carry it all prior to the invasion on their part. But on our part, it puts everything we need right under us. Whoever leads that squad of the RRA down that tunnel will be met by Dysect and a large formidable squad of Generals at the end, at the ready for a preemptive strike."

"Hahaha. Beautiful plan." You praise. "Though, what if Dysect and some Generals isn't enough to handle whatever they bring? What if they bring thousands of people?" You investigate.

"That shouldn't be a problem. It's less of a surprise attack if you send all of your troops down that tunnel, because we won't have anybody to deal with on the other end. But more importantly, it's unethical. What if the cave collapsed and they all died? Surely nobody would be so foolish as to put all their eggs in one basket."

You nod and he goes on once again. "Dysect will exterminate all of them. Meanwhile, I will not show my face until a certain amount of time has passed. This will lead the RRA to know that not only are the Commanders away, but I too. They'll attack at full throttle for sure. If they charge with stupidity in the air, they'll be engulfed in multiple explosions and field traps I had laid out recently. This is just a bonus however.

"How will only a few Generals and weak underlings hold out long enough for them to attack you head on?" You question.

"We have defense. All of our traps and defensive measures that I shall instruct will lead us to not only hold out, but win the initial attack. If we don't win the initial attack, they won't have reason to attack with all their forces."

"No..." You respond, "The Red Ribbon Army won't lose in a battle of military power. If you plan to stall for any longer than 24 hours without more than petty defenses, you'll have all the men killed."

"Fortunately for us, I have one more idea up my sleeve." He calmly states with a smirk on his face. "Dysect will be here to support. Exterminating large numbers of foes should not be a problem for him. Thanks to his ability after all."

"That's true...That man is dangerous if you attack him without a plan. If he uses 'that', the initial attack phase will go to us without a doubt." You think to yourself.

"And onto the second phase of my plan," Rem continues while you think to yourself. You snap to attention immediately. "At this point, the Red Ribbon Army will be sure to think 3 things."

"At what point?" You question to verify your assumptions.

"Before they launch their second attack at Forte Valkyrie. They will think 3 main things. One is that I am not at the Forte, and am actually leading the War against the Saiyajins. Two, is that their men who came down the tunnel underground have successfully arrived and are in hostage of Dysect himself, and finally th-"

"I'm not following. Explain why they will think this. You're leaving out important details, as if you're begging me to stop you mid sentence."

Still calm, he answers you. "I am going to leak two pieces of information to the Red Ribbon HQ. How you ask? I'll leak the information across the base. There is most certainly a Spy among us, whom I haven't confirmed yet, but he or she will do the job. They will hear this important information and tell their superiors down at the RRA."

"Makes sense. But what is this information?" You question.

"The first piece is rather important. It's that I will be accompanying many of my Commanders to fight against the Saiyajin Empire and will therefore, leave Forte Valkyrie unattended. This sounds awfully stupid on my part so they'll proceed with caution. This is why I cannot show myself until later during their assault on us. Once they have confirmed that I am not at the Forte due to the mass slaughtering going down on the battlefield, they'll believe the second piece as well."

"This man is amazing. Even more-so than I thought..." You continue to think.

"The second piece of information is that a Spy in this base has been caught and executed. Of course no such thing has been done, but it will give the actual Spy a chuckle when he hears it and reports it. If anything, it will cause him to slip up on a later date or cause the Red Ribbon Army to have him dig him deeper into Valkyrie than he's ever been before. It's easy to catch people are liars once they start acting or being out of their character."

"I agree. Now, why would the RRA believe Dysect has been captured?"

"Simple, really. He'll just kill everybody in the tunnel with that ability and strength of his and use their phone to call the RRA HQ impersonating them, and saying something like 'We got him. That Commander Dysect. He must have been in charge of the base since Rem is away. We just snuck up from under and captured him when he was off guard.' He'll fake this phone call once he's done on the battlefield above of course. I'm sure you can figure out the uses of the RRA thinking this, can you not?"

"It will benefit you all in many ways. I'm aware."

"Good. I think that's all I have to say about the War then..." He says to you while wondering if that really is everything.

You smirk. "You really are underestimating them. If they come with a stronger force than you expect, your entire plan will crumble."

"You're completely right about the plan crumbling if such an event were to take place. But it isn't that i'm underestimating them..." He pauses for a second. "It's that I know how they think and I will play accordingly. War...Is simply a game of Chess. The only difference is that sometimes you don't have all the pieces of a set and your opponent does, which complicates matters further."

"Heh, if you know how they think...They'll know how you think!" You taunt in a serious manner.

"Not if I think outside the box." He replies with power.

You nod while staying silent. Rem is clever with his choice of words.

"Kiryu, prepare for War. You are all leaving in 3 days."

"3-3 days?" You question. "That's much earlier than we all expected."

"Yes, I know. I'm going to have to rush through some things; I shall pray that it doesn't effect the outcome but since you gave away the battle plan for attacking the Saiyajins, we have to leave earlier than they expect us too so we can still keep the surprise attack."

"It's possible, and highly likely that they don't know of what I told the RRA."

"Indeed. But in the small case that they do know, we have to act to surprise them. Always believe that your enemy knows everything you hope they don't."

"I hate to admit it, but that's completely true." You say in anger as you put your fist by your forehead. It's your fault that this is happening after all. And for such meaningless information to Rem! No use dwelling on it though. At least it caused Rem to enlighten you on the rest of this situation.

You stand up and give your legs a small stretch as you're ready to leave. "One more thing," You say to him. "I have a prime suspect of who the Spy might be."

"Leave that to me, Kiryu. You're brilliant at making logical deductions, but sometimes one must inspect a situation using more than just the raw evidence. That's the only way you'll always get the main culprit."

This annoys you. He's insulting you, isn't he? Seconds later, you turn around and begin to make your way out of the room. You can feel his stare burning your back as you walk away. "Before you go, Kiryu..."

You turn around to face him and suddenly he's right behind you. How did you not notice his presence as he came up behind you? "Don't you ever act on your own with such a matter again." Rem raises his right arm slowly with his palm open. He's going to attack you! Immediately after deducting this, you jump back and put up your guard.

"Fly away..." He calmly says to you. He thrusts his palm at you and a pocket of raw, intense air fires out at a rapid rate. The pelit hits you in your stomach and you begin losing your ground. Such POWER! He hasn't even formed a Ki attack, yet it's peeling through your stomach.

"AhhhhhHHHHHHH~!" You scream as you fully lose your ground and go flying out down the hallway, crashing into Soldiers, walls, and everything in your path. You have trouble standing up after that "attack" of his, but you manage to do so.

"Eeek, Commander Kiryu, are you okay?" A fairly young women runs up to you and puts her hands on you, checking to see if you're alright. "I better get you to the Medic, you look really injured." She quietly says to you, worried.

"It's fine..." You grab her hand and she helps you to her feet. You finally fully notice her. She looks to be about 18 years old and has black hair that is moderately long, worn in a ponytail. She has big black eyes, and a warm face. She wears a blue uniform with red pants, an arm band, white socks, and a red sash. You've never seen her around before. She could be new, but you don't know many people here so it's up in the air.

"Thanks for helping me up, but i'm fine. Just haven't slept in a while so my body feels frail." You turn your body and begin walking away from her. She runs after you though. This ignites you with a small bit of annoyance but you hold it in...for now.

"I'm Chi Chi!" She pleasantly says to you with a smile. "A General from upstairs."

You continue walking, but decide to talk to her until you reach your room. "General, eh. What are you doing around these parts then?" You interrogate.

"I just came up from training and thought I would eat down here. Care to join me?" She asks with a smile.

"No, I'm fine." You bitterly reply. "How long have you been working here anyway?"

"Oh, I don't know. Maybe 2 years now. I was just promoted to General rank 6 months ago. Before that, I wasn't working at Forte Valkyrie."

You see your room door in the distance and decide it's best to end this conversation. "Quite the story. I'd love to hear more but I'll take a rain check on that this time." You say in a sarcastic tone to get rid of her. She doesn't leave your side though.

"I can see that i'm getting in your comfort zone now so I'll get going. Commander Kiryu, I hope to see more of you before we go off to war. You may act like a jerk, but I think you're a nice guy underneath." She smiles to you and than turns around and begins walking away while waving. You acknowledge the wave and enter your room after entering your Security Code.

"What a strange women." You say to yourself. "Oh well, it doesn't hurt to know a few people that I may be ordering around soon enough." Suddenly a picture of Colonel Silver pops into your head which annoys you. Quickly, you erase it from your thoughts and let out a large sigh and have a seat on your bed. "What next?"

A) Go to the Training Center. Who knows who might be there for you to train with. Last minute training can be quite effective.
B) Leave Forte Valkyrie and go to nearby towns to explore. Wonder what will happen out there.
C) Go to sleep. Who knows what the dream world will offer tonight.
D) Jump out the window and kill yourself. Go out with a bang!

(Authors Note: Whew, that was a long one. Damn that Rem sure talks a lot!)
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