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For thousands of years the Earth has been protected under the watchful eyes of the mighty and wise Kami-sama's for countless generations. Earth's current Kami, Maoketsu-sama, is a 48 year old namekian who's exceptional talent and vast knowledge of the ancient arts was the main reason for the former Kami to have chosen him as his succesor. Shortly after becoming Kami, Maoketsu decided to pay tribute to one of his namekian ancestors who used to be a Kami long ago by reviving the legendary dragon balls which existed long ago, something Maoketsu would go on to regret later on. It appears that after Maoketsu created the new dragon balls some sorth of evil energy spawned inside of him. Maoketsu fears that this evil might grow and grow until it consumes him completely, and if that happems Maoketsu fears that no one on Earth will be able to face this evil, not even him. That is why he and his trusty assistant, Jubei have devised a master plan to try and prevent a chaotic disaster from destroying the planet. A new journey is about to begin, and a new legend is about to unfold!
Categories: Action/Adventure, Drama
Characters: None
Genres: Adventure
Warnings: Major Character Death

Series: None
Chapters: 1
Wordcount: 6387 - Pageviews: 955
Complete?: No - Published: May 28, 2009 - Last Updated: Jul 09, 2009

1. VOLUME ONE - THE FALLEN by Ryu-ken [Reviews - 7] (6387 words)