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Author's Chapter Notes:
I forgot about this place so sorry for not updating.
Part 2 of Peach Creek Saga

*no one’s point of view*

“My Back!” A spiked haired boy shouted as he landed on his back with a crack.

“Messy, messy, messy. Oh dear. I just said a fragment.” Said the sock hat wearing boy as he brushed himself of the dust on the floor.

“What the heck is going on Double D?!” Yelled the three haired boy as the spiked haired one got up and fixed his back with a crack from behind him.

“I haven’t a clue Eddy, but where Ed?” Said the sock hat wearing boy or Double D to the three haired boy or Eddy.

He got his answer when a unibrowed boy or Ed landed on the spiky head boy.

“Ed you Baku, get off! You smell!” shouted the spiked haired

Boy at Ed. (Baku means idiot inJapan)

“Quack.” Said Ed as he got of the boy.

The boy then got up but he hit the ground again when a brown haired boy land on him.

“What do I look like, a landing pad!?” Theboy thought as he tossed the other boy off his back.

“SorryAce.” Said the other boy as he got off the ground and dusted himself off.

“It’s okay Ben it happens all the time.” The boy or Ace said with a growl as he also got up.

“Where are we anyway?” Asked Edd as he looked around the area.

“Not in Peach Creek any more, that for sure.” Said Ace as he looked at the plains far-off in the distance.

“I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore.” Ed said only to get a fist to the head.

“Shut up Ed!” Eddy yells as he holds his fist in pain.

“Man, his head is tough!” Eddy thinks (He thinks?!).

“Anyway...…….we got to found out how we got here and see if we can get……..”Ace stopped in mid-sentence as he sees something that he didn’t see before.

“What the heck?! How did we get into our clothes!?” Ace yelped as he looked at his signature black and red jacket, black shirt and black and red pants.

“Strange, we were in our sleeping clothes and now we are in our normal clothes. How is this possible Ace?!” Edd said look at his own clothes.

“Can this day get any weirder?” Said Ben.


They all heard a explosion behind them.

“You had to go and say that didn’t you.” Eddy growled.

“Somebody got to do it.” Ben said

They then turn around and saw Son Goku and Vegeta training about a mile away from them.

“Do you know those guys?” Eddy asked Ace because both Ace and the men had spiked hair (In fact Ace’s hair looks like a super saiyan 4`s)

“What makes you think that I know them, Eddy?” Ace said

“Because you have the same type of hair as them? Ed asked in a smart voice.

“Why, Ed`s right Ace!” Double D said as he looked between Ace and the men

“That’s a first.” Ben said.

“Just because he haves their hair means he know them?” Ed said.

“I’m telling you that I don’t know them.” Ace states.

“Sure you don’t.” Said Eddy as he rolled his eyes.


“I told you, i don’t know them!” Ace yelled as his right eye twitted as he held a fist only the now swelling head of Eddy.


“Did you hear something Vegeta?” Goku asked.

“No.” Vegeta said as he fired a ki blast toward Goku who dodged it and fired his own.

“Now what do we do?” Edd asks.

“I have no idea sock head but i suggest we start walking if we want to find somewhere to rest before night falls.” Ace states as he looked at the now lowing sun.

“He’s right Double D.” Ben said.

“But there are no towns near here!” Edd shouted.

“Has that ever stopped us before?” Eddy said with a smile.

“Are you guys thinking what I’m thinking?” Ben asks as he, Ace & Ed also smiled.

“Oh dear.” Edd said as Ben turned into XLR8 and race off with the others holding on for dear life.

Eddy yelled “Yahoo!!!”

“This is awesome!” Ace yelled.

“This is madness!” Edd shouted.

“This is Sparta!” Ed yelled back.
The End...Maybe?
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This story is part of the series, The Adventures of Ed,Edd,Eddy and Ace!.
Chapter End Notes:
Will Goku and Vegeta find the kids? Will the kids get back home? Who is Ace and is he a Saiyan? Why is Ben there? Will I stop asking questions?

All questions but the last will be answered next time on DragonBall Ed!

End of Chapter 3

I’m evil yes, no?

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