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The Nightmare Pt2


Part 2 of Peach Creek Saga


*no one’s point of view*



“My Back!” A spiked haired boy shouted as he landed on his back with a crack.


“Messy, messy, messy.”Said the sock hat wearing boy as he brushed himself of the dust on the floor.


“What the heck is going on Double D?!” Yelled the three haired boy as the spiked haired one got up from behind him.

“I don’t have a clue Eddy, but where Ed?”Said the sock hat wearing boy or Double D to the three haired boy or Eddy.


He got his answer when a unibrowed boy or Ed landed on the spiky head boy.


“Ed get off! You smell!” shouted the spiked haired boy at Ed.


“Quack.” Said Ed as he got of Ace.


  Ace then got up but he hit the ground again when A brown haired boy land on him.


“What do I look like, a landing pad!?” Ace thought as he tossed the boy off his back.


“Sorry Ace.” Said the boy as he got off the ground and dusted himself.


“It’s okay Ben it happens all the time.” Ace said with a growl.


“Where are we anyway?” Asked Ben as he looked around.


“Not in Peach Creek that for sure.” Said Eddy as he looked at the plains not so far away.


“Hey! How the heck did we get into our clothes!?” Ace said out of nowhere as he looked at his signature jacket, shirt and pants


“Strange, we were in our sleeping clothes and now we are in our normal clothes.” Double D said look at his own clothes. 


Can this day get any weirder?” Said Ben.




They all heard a explosion behind them.


 They then turn around and saw A gi wearing man (Son Goku) and a amour wearing man (Vegeta) training.


“Do you know those guys?” Eddy asked Ace because both Ace and the men had spiked hair (In fact Ace’s hair looks like a mix of both men’s hair (it looks like Vegito `s))


“What makes you think that I know them?” Ace said


“Because you have the same type of hair as them? Ed asked in a smart voice


“Why, Ed`s right Ace!” Double D said as he looked between Ace and the men


“I don’t know them ok!” Ace yelled so loud that the men heard him.


“Did you hear that Vegeta?” The man in the gi asked


"No.” Vegeta said as he fired a ki blast at Goku.



Will Goku and Vegeta find the kids, will the kids get back home,is Ace a Saiyan, Why is Ben there? Will I stop asking questions?


Find out next time on DragonBall Ed!



End of Chapter 3


I’m evil yes, no?





Chapter End Notes:
Sorry i have updated in while.i don`t have a lot of writing time. but i will update soon so just hold out.
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