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Sung to the Tune of Avril Lavigne’s “Complicated”


This is a bit of a tirade from Bulma to Vegita, based upon the way he lives at Capsule Corporation as if he owns the place. She’s fed up with it, and she’s gonna tell him off! (Pre-Jinzouningen time period)

Categories: Humor, Songfic/Vidfic
Characters: Briefs Buruma, Vegeta
Genres: Humor, Parody, Songfic
Warnings: Coarse Language, Fluff

Series: None
Chapters: 1
Wordcount: 485 - Pageviews: 1605
Complete?: Yes - Published: Apr 06, 2009 - Last Updated: Apr 06, 2009

1. Chapter 1 by Shuko [Reviews - 19] (485 words)