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500 years ago, powerful warriors waged battle across the Earth and the stars. The cause of the battles was often the mystical Dragonballs. At the end of this era, a dark cloud loomed over the entire universe, threatening to destroy it. The heroes managed to defeat the evil, but with that came the loss of the Dragonballs, and a very close friend. Peace returned to the universe, and life carried on...

Today, most people are totally unaware of these events in the past, save for myths and legends.  Saiya-Jin and Nameks have faded into history, nobody aware they had ever existed. All this is about to change, with the sudden appearance of a small, magical sphere... 

Categories: Action/Adventure, Alternate Universe
Characters: OFC(s), OMC(s)
Genres: Action, Adventure, Alternate Universe
Warnings: Coarse Language

Series: None
Chapters: 4
Wordcount: 11910 - Pageviews: 5463
Complete?: No - Published: Dec 14, 2008 - Last Updated: Dec 15, 2008
Story Notes:
Still a work in progress, but please feel free to let me know what you think, positive and negative feedback. This story is based off of Dragonball/Z/GT, but with a little twist. I had run a DBZ RPG on aol ages ago, and I had everyone make up unique characters. I ran through a few of the main sagas (Cell/Buu/Bebi), but mostly made up ones. In this world, Goku, Vejita, Gohan and company weren't the ones always saving the planet. There will be references to names that you won't be familiar with, but it'll be explained further along in the story. Anyway, enjoy!

1. Chapter 1: The World Tournament Begins by XZTopazZX [Reviews - 17] (3195 words)

2. Chapter 2: The Preliminaries by XZTopazZX [Reviews - 0] (2475 words)

3. Chapter 3: Revelations by XZTopazZX [Reviews - 0] (3718 words)

4. Chapter 4: Remember When... by XZTopazZX [Reviews - 0] (2522 words)