Joy of Misery by SSJ 4
Summary: Goten and Trunks are playing tag when they stumble across an old cave. They have no idea about the legend of the demon known as the Terror and unleash her.
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1. Prologue by SSJ 4

3. Chapter 2: The Demon Is Indestructible by SSJ 4

4. Chapter 3: Hiseria - Her Autobiography by SSJ 4

5. Chapter 4: A Glimpse of Hope by SSJ 4

6. Chapter 5: The Battle Begins - Good Vs. Evil by SSJ 4

7. Chapter 6: The Terror Is Defeated by SSJ 4

8. Chapter 7: The Terror’s Victims Are Reawakened by SSJ 4

Prologue by SSJ 4

Yet again, another horror saga from the
Heero-crazy author, SSJ 4. I don’t own any characters
mentioned, except for the demon Hiseria. I got the idea from Tenchi
Muyo! Don’t ask me where I get all these names from; they just
pop up in my mind!

Goten ran into the cave. “Can’t
catch me!” he shouted happily.

“Oh yes I can!” Trunks ran after
him. Goten ran from him, laughing his head off.

“Woah!” They both skidded to a halt
when they caught sight of the huge gates in front of them. The gates
were rusty and old. Trunks pushed one of the gates. It opened with a
loud creak.

“Let’s go!” he yelled
and ran in.

“Are you sure about this, Trunks?”
Goten asked doubtfully as he followed his best friend in. “I
mean, it could be dangerous-“

“Don’t be silly!” Trunks told

“But-“ Goten started, but Trunks
interrupted him.

“What’s going to happen?”
Trunks sighed, “I mean, it’s just an old passageway!”

“Whatever,” Goten shrugged and they
started walking down the passageway.

As they walked, they saw drawings on the cave
walls, horribly gory drawings. They seemed to show a person hanging
and killing other people. Goten was about to tell Trunks about this,
but before he could, they found themselves falling.

the two young boys screamed as they fell, their arms and legs
flapping with the force. It seemed like ages before they landed with
a thud on the ground.

“Where-where are we?” Trunks
asked shakily, getting up.

“I-I have no idea!” Goten stammered,
dusting himself.

As the two boys dusted themselves down,
Trunks noticed a small pond a few yards away from them. “Hey!”
he hit Goten on the shoulder. Goten looked at where Trunks was
pointing. He followed Trunks towards it.

The water was pure white. Trunks was about
to touch it when Goten found something. “Look at this!”
he exclaimed, pointing towards the cave wall. Trunks got up and went
to see what Goten was looking at.

On the cave wall was a message:

Beyond the water lies a terror

A terror great and dangerous

A terror that joys in pain

Sadness and misery

So beware, my friends

And don’t let the terror run loose again

“Cool!” Trunks exclaimed as his blue
eyes scanned the message. “I bet we have to move that rock down
there to ‘let the terror run loose again’!”

“Trunks,” Goten said, “I don’t
think we should-“

“You’re scared aren’t you?”
Trunks asked him in a teasing tone.

“But, the message-“ Goten started.

“Who believes in old legends like that?”
Trunks said impatiently.

“I do!” Goten said firmly.

“Ba-ba-ba-ba!” Trunks started
flapping his arms and clucking, “Ba-ba-ba-“

“I’d do it!” Goten stated. He
walked towards the rock. He put his hands on it and was about to move
it, when the message flashed in his mind again. Don’t do it!
A voice screamed in his mind. He hesitated, and Trunks started
clucking again. Determined, he pushed the rock. It fell on its side
and left a perfectly rounded. Goten watched it fearfully, but nothing

“See!” Trunks yelled, “I told
you it was a legend!”

As Goten started walking back, he heard Trunks
yell and point at something behind him. He spun round, not wanting to

Blood. Blood was coming out of the hole
and turning the pure white water into red blood. Screams rang round
the cave. And, as Goten watched, two ghostly white hands came out of
the hole.

“Let’s get out of here!”
Trunks screamed behind him. Goten and Trunks ran for their lives.
They went back to the hole they fell through and blasted upwards like
their tails were on fire. They didn’t see the woman behind

A tall woman had just come out of the
hole. Blonde hair cascaded down her back and on her spine. Emerald
green eyes dazzled brightly. She appeared naked, but suddenly she
screamed, throwing her head back and raising her arms up. Her body
was shaking madly as the blood in the pond slowly raised and formed a
small tidal wave. Suddenly it crashed on her. One watching this scene
wouldn’t have been surprised if the woman had died. But as the
tidal wave calmed down, she appeared again, but this time, she was
covered in blood. It slowly dried on her. Her lips were stained with
it, and her hair was speckled with it. She didn’t seem to mind.
She examined herself slowly. Her long fingers curved as she examined
her nails. They were like cat’s claws, black and curving. She
raised her foot, bathed in blood and looked at it. She gazed at her
body. A cruel smile formed on her face. She stretched her arms out
and started muttering a few words. A whip suddenly rose from the
hole, and flew towards her. She grabbed it.

“THE TERROR IS BACK!” she screamed
suddenly and laughed manically, “Hiseria is BACK!”

Well, how was that? I promise, the next chapter
will be much longer. I’d like to thank Ash The Wanderer for
inspiring me to write this (Thanks Ash!). Please R/R!

Chapter 2: The Demon Is Indestructible by SSJ 4

I think I forgot to mention in past chapters,
but Hiseria is indestructible. The Z gang cannot stop her as
she has an unknown power so powerful that it can kill anyone…
Anyway you’ll find out in this fic and in other chapters!

Goten stared at his mother sheepishly,
“Mum, I’m worried about Gohan. He should have been here
an hour ago.”

His mother looked up at him, “Don’t
worry Goten, he must have had an after school tutorial or something.
He’ll be back soon.”

Goten shrugged. He left his mother to go
to Trunks’ side. He was playing with his Gameboy, but Goten
knew he wasn’t concentrating that hard.

“Trunks,” he whispered so no
one would hear him.

“What Goten?” Trunks

“I think we should go back to the
cave and find out more about this murderer.” Goten whispered.

“Goten! We’re not even sure if
it’s the terror that the message was talking about!”
Trunks hissed. His face fell, “Kuso, I lost, it took me ages to
get to the last level…”

“Trunks!” Goten hissed
angrily, “I’m sure it’s the terror! And you know
for sure as well!”

Trunks narrowed his eyes, “OK
Goten,” he sighed, “We’ll go back.”

“Thanks Trunks,” Goten
mumbled. “Let’s go back,” they started tiptoeing
out of the room.

“And where do you two think you’re
going?” a voice asked behind them.

Trunks and Goten turned to look at Bulma
and Chichi.

“Um… we were… going to
get something from my room!” Trunks lied quickly.

“NO YOU WEREN’T!” Chichi
shrieked as she pulled out her infamous frying pan, “GOTEN!”
she slammed it over her poor son’s head.

“Mum!” Goten shouted. The
frying pan had a dent in it.

“Look, Mum, Chichi,” Trunks
started impatiently, “We know where the murderer came from!”

“Trunks,” Bulma was confused.

“I think you’d better explain
to us, Trunks,” a hard voice said. It was Vegeta.

“OK, Dad,” Trunks sighed, “It
starts like this…”


Gohan was grossed out with the smell of
blood. “Who are you?” he repeated.

The woman stared at him. “So…”
she muttered, “You want to know my name, huh?”

Gohan trembled, then spoke bravely, although his
voice was shaky, “Yes. I want to know your name,” he

The woman’s gaze hardened, “I
am Hiseria, the person causing all of this misery. I joy in misery,
pain and sadness.”

Gohan was shocked. She had actually
admitted that she was the crazed murderer! “How could you cause
all of this?” he asked shakily.

“I told you, I joy in it,” the
woman narrowed her eyes, “You know too much. Now I will destroy

Gohan was angry. “No way!” he
shouted. “MASENKO!” he yelled as a huge ki-blast formed
in his hands. He aimed it at Hiseria and it hit her. A huge bubble of
smoke formed instead of the woman. “That probably took care of
her…” Gohan muttered. He started walking to Capsule
Corp, to tell the others that it was safe.

“Not so fast,” a smooth voice
spoke behind him. Gohan was confused. It couldn’t be her…

He went SSJ 2 and turned round. It was
her. He started throwing tonnes of ki-blasts at her. A huge golden
bubble expanded and exploded.

“Phew…” Gohan murmured.
She had to be dead.

When the smoke disappeared, Gohan nearly
fainted. She was still there.

“HAHAHA!” she laughed

“What?” Gohan shouted, “NO

“Since you tried to stop me,”
Hiseria grinned, “I’m going to be kind to you for making
me laugh at your pathetic way to survive. Goodbye.” She grabbed
him and stabbed him with her claws.

Gohan struggled. He could feel her
stabbing him. No…

He struggled to hold on, “No,”
he mumbled. He could feel himself dying slowly. No…

“You are dead, boy,” Hiseria
muttered darkly.

Gohan breathed his last breaths. He didn’t
want to die. But he knew that nothing could save him at that time. He
hoped that someone would find him. He slowly closed his eyes.

“Goodnight,” were the last
words he heard as he fell to the ground, blood pouring from his

Hiseria grinned. She bent down and slashed
her sign on his forehead. She slowly licked up all the blood
squirting out of his torso.

“His blood tastes different,”
she muttered, “He isn’t human…Oh well!” she
laughed as she flew away in search of her next victim.


“So that’s the whole story,”
Trunks finished.

“GOTEN!” Chichi screamed as
she slammed another frying pan on his head, “YOU SHOULD NOT GO

“Mum!” Goten shouted, “STOP

“Chichi,” Goku put a hand on his
wife’s shoulder, “Leave Goten alone. He’s going to
find more about this evil.”

“Go son,” Vegeta told his son.

Trunks nodded, and he and Goten left with
their mothers screaming protests and their fathers trying to calm
them down. Trunks grinned sheepishly at Goten as he opened the door
and they went out.

After going through the corridors and up
all the staircases again, they left Capsule Corp.

They blasted off into the night, when suddenly
Goten felt something.

“It’s my brother!” he
shouted, “I can’t feel his presence.”

Goten and Gohan were very close, and if
one of the two had been injured or hurt, the other knew, not by just
sensing the ki, but also by feeling his pain.

Goten felt something hurt his heart. He
flew down and started running. Trunks followed him.

Goten suddenly stopped. Trunks ran next to
him, panting, and he knew why Goten screamed.

It was Gohan. He was lying on the ground,

“No,” Goten muttered, “Gohan…”

“He was stabbed.” Trunks pointed at
Gohan’s chest. There was a deep wound there, but no blood was
spilling out of it. Trunks looked at Goten and was startled when he
saw his best friend. He was pale and he was trembling. Trunks watched
as a tear rolled down Goten’s face.

“How could the murderer have done
this?” Trunks murmured gazing at Gohan. Gohan’s face
formed a look of terror.

“NO!” Goten yelled, his voice
echoing in the night.

“Goten, I think we better go back
and return your brother’s body to your parents.” Trunks
put a hand on his shoulder.

Goten nodded and lifted Gohan up shakily.
They flew back to Capsule Corp and ran inside.

Trunks and Goten flew for the rest of the
way. Trunks glanced at Goten. He was crying.

They reached the wall after a long time and
Trunks repeated the process to enter the room. The door opened.

“Trunks! Goten!” Bulma
exclaimed, “I’m so glad-“ she saw Gohan.

“Dende,” she muttered.

Chichi saw them. “Goten!” she
ran to her son. The she saw Gohan. Chichi fell to her knees and
started sobbing, her face in her hands. “Gohan, oh my dear

Goku got up solemnly and asked Goten to
put Gohan on the floor. Goten did, silently and watched his father’s

Goku helped Chichi up. They both gazed at
their lifeless son. “Goten and Trunks,” Goku started
seriously, “Go back on your quest.”

Trunks and Goten nodded and left the
silent friends to take care of Gohan.

“I’m doing this,” Goten
stated as they flew out of Capsule Corp, “For my brother. The
murderer will pay. He or she will PAY and I solemnly swear it.”

I’m sobbing right now myself. I didn’t
want to make Hiseria kill Gohan in the way she killed her other
victims, because he doesn’t deserve it. Anyway, more will be
revealed about Hiseria in the next chapter. Please review!

Chapter 3: Hiseria - Her Autobiography by SSJ 4

OK, I’m back! I don’t own any
characters mentioned except for Hiseria and Shiro (you’ll find
more about Shiro in this chapter!) I KNOW that the title of this
chapter is a bit lame, but I couldn’t think of anything else *
sigh *.

Goten and Trunks landed outside the cave.
They didn’t say anything as they went through the gates and
walked down the passageways. Goten felt sick at the sight of the

For his brother’s life had been
taken, in that same way.

They reached the hole they had fallen
through and flew down instead of falling the whole way. When they
landed, they ran to the pond. It was still blood red.

Trunks ran to the wall where they had
found the message. He started powering up.

“Goten, the wall is hollow. Maybe there is
something behind it!”

Goten ran next to him and started
powering up as well.

“KAME-HA-ME-HA!” Goten

“MA-SEN-KO!” Trunks yelled.
They both threw their ki-blasts at the wall. It blew up. Goten and
Trunks went through. In the room, there was nothing except dust and

“There’s nothing here, let’s
go,” Trunks started walking out.

Goten sighed and followed him out. He
suddenly stepped on something. Huh? He bent down. There was a
book. A dusty, red book.

“Trunks!” Goten whispered.

“What?” Trunks asked.

“Look what I found!” Goten showed
him the book.

Trunks opened the first page and they
started reading.

terror. Well, in this autobiography, I am going to talk about Hiseria
and her life. When she was good and had the will of love in her.

Hiseria was a good
demon, she used to be the keeper of this cave. Then, while she was
guarding it, a man passed by her. Hiseria fell in love instantly. She
made herself appear visible to the man, and he promised her a good
life. She believed that the man was as in love with her. She did
everything she could to please him, gave him everything he desired
and wanted.

One day, Hiseria woke
up to find their bed empty. He left her a note, telling her that he
was no longer in love with her and that he loved another.

Hiseria went mad with
sorrow and it drove her to want the blood of every human being she
wanted. Then, a change occurred inside of her. Without blood, she
lost all her power and died instantly. So she kept on killing and
taking the blood of her victims. The sign she slashes on her victim’s
forehead shows her hate.

The only one who
could stop her was her sister, the good demon Shiro. Shiro knew how
to trap Hiseria and stop her murdering. But to stop her insane
sister, she had to be summoned by the one who set Hiseria free. Once
Shiro was free, she got rid of Hiseria and locked her up in her lair.
Shiro also had the power to re-awaken Hiseria’s victims. Shiro
is the only one who can stop Hiseria if she is summoned again.

Shiro can be summoned
the same way as Hiseria. Nest to the rock which blocks Hiseria from
escaping, there is another rock. Shiro can be awakened if the rock is
pushed away and her power of good will stop the Terror.

Trunks stared at Goten. He stared back.
They both knew that they had to summon the good demon Shiro.

“Let’s go!” Trunks yelled.
They ran out of the room, taking the book with them. Goten ran to the
rock next to the rock he had pushed. He pushed the rock. It fell on
its side. Again, there was a perfectly rounded hole. Goten waited,
praying it would work.

Suddenly, beautiful music rang round the
cave and a bright light appeared. Its beam fell on the hole and
suddenly, a beautiful woman rose out. She had long blue hair and huge
blue eyes. Her skin was ghostly white and her robes were pure white.
They shone with the light on them.

“I am Shiro,” the woman spoke.

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Chapter 4: A Glimpse of Hope by SSJ 4

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Goten was amazed. The legend was actually
true. There was someone who could actually stop the terror and re
awaken his brother.

“Who- who are you?” he asked

The woman gracefully landed on the
ground. “I am Shiro, the only one capable of stopping the
Terror. The Terror also known as Hiseria. I am also known as the

“But how can you stop Hiseria,
Shiro?” Trunks asked.

“I can stop her because while she
uses blood for energy and power,” Shiro explained, “I use
the power of natural things. I summon energy from micro-organisms
around this planet and they all give it to me.”

Goten felt that was familiar. It was like
his father’s attack, the Spirit Bomb.

“So, can you help us stop this
Hiseria?” he asked.

Shiro tossed her head back and her blue
hair swung over her shoulder. She looked at the boys. “Yes- I
can and I will stop Hiseria.”

“Yeah!” Goten and Trunks

“But,” Shiro started.

“What?” Goten and Trunks
stared at her.

“I can’t kill Hiseria.”
Shiro explained.

“WHAT?????” Goten and Trunks

“Hey, calm down!” Shiro tried
to calm them down, “She is immortal. There’s only one way
of stopping her.”

“And what is that way?” Trunks

“I can seal her again in the prison
she escaped from,” Shiro told them, “And put another
warning sign on it.”

“You mean,” Goten started,
“You wrote the message on the wall?”

“Yes I did,” Shiro smiled, “I
had to warn people who came in this cave not to reawaken my evil

“Good,” Trunks grinned.

“Let’s go and get her,”
Shiro said.

“But we don’t know where she
is!” Goten whined, “She could be anywhere in Satan City!”

“Don’t worry, I can find her
in a second!” Shiro told him, “Just hold on to my hands.”

Goten and Trunks walked on either side of
Shiro and held her hands. When Trunks held onto her hand, he felt
like he had just plunged his arm into a bucket of ice.

Suddenly, the cave started spinning. “To
the Terror!” Shiro shouted. They all disappeared.

Meanwhile, somewhere in Satan City…

“Crack!” The whip hit the
teenage girl’s back.

“AGHHH!” The girl screamed,
choking with the rope round her neck.

“Be quiet you silly girl,”
Hiseria muttered. She cracked the whip on the girl’s back for
the last time.

“AGGH!” the girl screamed

“Now, time to get your blood,”
Hiseria laughed as she licked all the red blood squirting out of the
girl’s back. She then moved in front of the girl. Before the
girl knew what was happening, Hiseria slashed her neck.

“ARGHHHHHHH!” the girl
shrieked as Hiseria slashed it a second time. Hiseria yet again
caught the blood on her tongue.

The girl knew her time was up. She slowly
gasped her last breaths. She was dead when Hiseria plucked her eyes

“Now, time to mark you,”
Hiseria drew the heart and slashed the cross over it on the lifeless
girl’s forehead. Blood was running down the teenager’s
face, and Hiseria licked it all up.

“Time to find my next victim!”
Hiseria cackled. Before she could go, a light flashed before her and
three figures appeared.

“Not so fast Hiseria!” Shiro

“Shiro…” Hiseria
muttered, “How did you reawaken?”

“I was reawakened by the one who
reawakened you,” Shiro said coldly, gesturing to Goten and

“Ooh, there are two young boys!”
Hiseria said delightfully, “Youthful blood is so sweet…”
she suddenly stopped, staring at Goten.

“YOU!” she shrieked.

“What did I do?” Goten asked,

“Your sibling tried to kill me!”
Hiseria pointed her finger at him, “You look exactly the same!”

“He would have destroyed you too!”
Goten shouted.

A cruel smile crossed Hiseria’s
blood stained lips. “You can now join him,” she purred,
pulling out a piece of rope. Suddenly, someone grabbed her arms from
behind. Hiseria shrieked and turned to look. It was Trunks.

“Not so fast!” He grinned up
at her.

“How DARE YOU!” Hiseria

“Now, you will die Hiseria,”
Shiro said coldly as she prepared to start the battle.

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Chapter 5: The Battle Begins - Good Vs. Evil by SSJ 4

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DISCLAIMER: I don’t own any characters
mentioned, except for Hiseria and Shiro.

Shiro and Hiseria glared at each other.
The two sisters surveyed each other up and down. Shiro suddenly threw
her white robes off her body and she was left standing in a white
skintight bodysuit. It was a battle- Good Vs Evil, White Vs Red, Hope
Vs Terror, Peace Vs War. It was a battle that only Goten and Trunks
could witness.

Shiro started powering up. She screamed at
the top of her voice as tiny microorganisms gave her their energy.
For Goten, it was as if they knew what was about to happen.

Hiseria just stood there, staring. Her
blonde hair was disshelved over her shoulders and speckled with
blood, her eyes were glittering and her lips were stained with the
blood of her victims.

Shiro kept screaming. Her blue hair was
all over her face and her blue eyes were full of rage. Her hair
started rising as she gained more power. Suddenly, she stopped and it

“Are you done?” Hiseria asked

“Yes I am, Sis,” Shiro prepared for

“Then let’s begin,” A cruel
smile formed on Hiseria’s face.

Hiseria was about to punch her, but Shiro
caught her fist in mid-punch. Hiseria started shrieking and pushing
more, Shiro grinned and resisted it. A yellow ball of energy formed
around them, and suddenly, Shiro let go, and Hiseria flew backwards.
She did a back flip and stood up, crossing her arms. “Nice
trick,” she muttered. “BUT I WILL BEAT YOU!” she
screamed, and flew over Shiro, trying to blast her with eye-lasers.

Shiro put her arms over her head to avoid
being hit by the shots. Soon, Hiseria stopped, and Shiro rested her
arms by her sides.

shouted, and attacked Hiseria.

They started kicking and punching each
other; Hiseria was trying to kick Shiro’s head while Shiro was
punching her in the stomach. Suddenly, Shiro kicked Hiseria in the
head, and Hiseria sailed backwards, her head knocked to the side and
blood running out of her mouth. She landed on the floor with a thud,
her head scraping on the ground. Hiseria opened her eyes, and Trunks
was shocked to see them glow neon green.

Hiseria got up, unsteadily and glared at
her sister. Shiro crossed her arms and stared back at her. They
stared at each other for what seemed like ages. Then, before Shiro
could react, Hiseria disappeared.

“What? Where?” Shiro looked

Suddenly, Shiro went flying. She had just
been punched in the jaw. Hiseria stood near the spot Shiro was
standing on in a pose where she looked like she had just hit someone.

Shiro flew into a tree and slid down the
trunk. Her eyes rolled in her head, and she groaned, rubbing her jaw.
Hiseria attacked her, punching her in the stomach and slapping her.
She kicked her hard, and Shiro’s head was pushed sideways.

Hiseria screamed and pushed her hands up
in the air. A ki-ball formed in her outstretched hands and she flung
it at Shiro. Shiro tried to stop it. It pushed her back into the tree
trunk and she was struggling to keep it away from her body. She
finally managed, and flung it up in the sky. If one were in space,
they would have seen the planet nearby being hit and have seen it

Shiro panted. Sweat and blood ran down her
face and mixed together. A vein popped in her forehead as she got up.
She nearly fell again but regained balance. She started walking to
Hiseria, her face determined and set.

They attacked each other, punching and
kicking. Then suddenly, Hiseria slapped Shiro so hard, that Shiro
fell on her side.

Shiro looked up in horror as Hiseria
stared down at her.

“Time to say Bye Bye, Sis!”
Hiseria laughed manically. She bent down, and….

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Chapter 6: The Terror Is Defeated by SSJ 4

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any characters mentioned, except for Hiseria and Shiro

Hiseria was about to stab Shiro, when
suddenly, Shiro jumped up. She gave Hiseria an uppercut, who went
sailing upwards. Hiseria started falling but before she could hit the
ground, she did a back flip to regain her balance. Hiseria crossed
her arms and stared at Shiro.

“All right Shiro, you’ve had
your fun,” Hiseria said darkly.

“We’ll see,” Shiro shot

Hiseria switched her stare from Shiro to
Goten and Trunks, who were standing on the side witnessing the

“Ah, I forgot about them,”
Hiseria smirked, her green eyes glittering, “And I need more
power. So I’ll take their blood!” she screamed, flying
towards the two boys.

Before they could react, Hiseria punched
Trunks squarely on his jaw. Trunks flew backwards and hit the wall.
Blood had stained Hiseria’s hand, and she licked it off.

Goten was twitching. His eyes were glowing
and he was livid. Trunks just lied there. He was alive, but
unconscious. Goten suddenly started yelling, clenching his fists and
squatting. His eyes suddenly turned green, and his black hair rose
upwards and pointed towards the sky. His hair became blonde, and he
flew towards Hiseria.

“This is for my best friend!”
He yelled, slapping Hiseria across the face. “This is for my
brother,” Goten shouted, punching Hiseria in the stomach. “AND
kicking the side of Hiseria’s face.

Hiseria flew to the side, blood spraying
from her face. She fell and hit the ground. Goten stood there,
panting. Shiro ran to his side.

“Are you OK?” Shiro asked him.

“Yeah,” Goten panted.

“But, Goten,” Shiro said
quietly, “You haven’t defeated her.”

“What?” Goten croaked.

“Look over there,” Shiro
pointed behind Goten. Goten spun round. Hiseria stood there, her
fists clenched and looking dangerous.

“OK, boy,” she hissed, “Time
for you to DIE!” she screamed and blasted towards Goten.

Goten stared in horror as Hiseria gave him
an uppercut. Goten flew upwards, his head thrown back. He landed near
Trunks. Blood poured out of his nose as his eyes rolled in and out of
his head. Goten rubbed his jaw and groaned.

Shiro was looking mad. She suddenly flew
at Hiseria and pushed her on to the ground. She started hitting her
and punching her. Hiseria tried to push her off, but she was low of
energy and Shiro was too much for her.

Suddenly, the sky turned black, and
thunder crashed. Goten suddenly looked up. “It’s time,”
he muttered.

Shiro suddenly produced a massive ki-ball
in her hands. It grew until it was the size of three grown elephants
standing on each other. Shiro flung it at Hiseria and there was a
huge explosion. Goten found himself flying and hitting a tree. Trunks
landed on him. Then, it all returned to normal.

“Wha-what happened?” Trunks
asked shakily as he regained consciousness. Goten pointed towards the
battle spot. Trunks looked, and gasped.

Hiseria was lying on the ground. Her eyes
were closed, and blood was pouring out of her open mouth. Shiro was
standing above her. She looked down at her evil sister, the Terror,
the one who joyed in misery.

“She’s been defeated,”
Shiro said flatly. Goten and Trunks gasped. They looked at each other
and cheered.

“YEAH!” They shouted,

“She’s unconscious,”
Shiro explained, “But we do have time to block her in her
prison again.”

“YAY!” Goten and Trunks

Shiro stared at them. Suddenly, a smile
formed on her face. She started cheering with them. Everything is
Goten thought happily. She’s gone! She can’t
murder anymore!

“OK, you two,” Shiro said suddenly.

“What?” Goten asked.

“We have to go back to the cave and
seal Hiseria in her prison again,” Shiro told them.

“Then let’s GO!” Trunks

The three held hands, with Shiro grasping
Hiseria’s arm. Suddenly, they disappeared. To finish their
mission, and stop the Terror for good.

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Chapter 7: The Terror’s Victims Are Reawakened by SSJ 4

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Shiro, Goten and Trunks arrived at the cave. Shiro was still
holding onto her evil sister’s arm as they walked through the
now-familiar passageway. Goten wasn’t sick at the sight of the
cave drawings anymore. He followed Shiro and Trunks as they flew down
the hole and ran towards the pond.

“OK, this is the part when we re-seal her,”
Shiro explained, “It’s going to be complicated though.”

“Why?” Trunks asked.

“Hiseria has to be awake when we block her,”
Shiro said, “Or else it won’t work and she’d be
free to haunt the world with her misery yet again.”

“Oh…” Goten said softly. He was hoping
that Hiseria would still be unconscious when they would finally
re-seal her.

“I’ll awaken her,” Shiro said. Then,
turning towards Hiseria’s body, she muttered a few words. A
white jet of light focused on Hiseria’s body. Suddenly, her
eyes opened, and Goten saw them glowing. Hiseria got up and crossed
her arms. She looked at Shiro.

“You’re going to re-seal me, Shiro?” she
asked, narrowing her eyes. They looked like cat’s eyes, green
and oval-shaped.

“Yes Hiseria,” Shiro said, “I’m
going to stop your evil reign of terror.”

A cruel smile formed on Hiseria’s blood speckled face.
“Its not going to be that easy though, dear sister.”

“I will stop you!” Shiro yelled, her blue eyes
blazing. She disappeared. Re-appearing behind Hiseria, she punched
her back. Hiseria flew front wards, and hit the wall.

“You’re too weak Hiseria,” Shiro muttered,
“You can’t defeat me.”

Hiseria picked herself up off the ground. She suddenly flew
at Shiro and kicked her.

“NO!” Goten and Trunks cried as Shiro hit the wall and
slid down.

Shiro got up; her blue hair messed up all over her
shoulders. She suddenly flew towards Goten and Trunks.

“I need a favor out of you two,” she said, “Can
you give me some of your energy? That way I can stop her.”

Goten and Trunks nodded and held Shiro’s hands. They
concentrated really hard, and gave Shiro their energy. Shiro thanked
them, and stared at Hiseria. Hiseria stared back. Suddenly, Shiro
threw a ki-blast at her. It was huge and it easily stopped Hiseria.
She was lying on the ground when Shiro motioned to Trunks and Goten
that it was time.

They carried her towards the hole. Hiseria was too dazed to
notice that they dropped her in the hole. She stared up at them with
her glowing green eyes.

“Ready Goten?” Shiro asked. Goten nodded and
went to retrieve the rock that had been blocking Hiseria before. He
picked it up and headed back towards the hole. He waited for Shiro’s

Shiro suddenly started muttering a few words. Then she
shouted “THE TERROR HAS BEEN DEFEATED!” she gestured to
Goten who quickly threw the rock onto the hole. Hiseria’s
screams were muffled as she was sealed once again.

The Terror had been stopped. Yes, the Terror was sealed
again. Shiro smiled at Goten and started writing a message on the
rock. Trunks and Goten peered over her shoulder to read it.

Do not touch the rock that lies here

For if you do the Terror will be unleashed

The same Terror who joyed in misery

So beware, do not touch the rock

For the Terror mustn’t run loose again…

Shiro straightened up. She looked down at the now-blocked
hole. Smiling at Goten and Trunks, she told them it was time to go.
They held hands, and as they disappeared, Shiro muttered something.

“Goodbye, Sis.”


Shiro, Goten and Trunks re-appeared at Satan City. It seemed
so calm now that Hiseria had been stopped. “Now, I’ll go
re-awaken her victims,” Shiro smiled.

“There’s one!” Goten pointed towards
Hiseria’s last victim, the teenage girl. Shiro went to the
girl. She untied the rope round the girl’s neck and laid her
down on the ground. Then, she put her hands on her body and muttered
a few words. A white light focused on the girl’s body. The body
disappeared suddenly. Shiro got up and waited.

Suddenly, the girl re-appeared, alive. “Huh?”
she asked, “I’m alive!” she cheered. Shiro smiled
at the girl as she ran off, cheering.

“Now, show me where the other victims are,”
Shiro told Goten and Trunks.


“I’m alive!” the woman gasped. She thanked
Shiro and ran off, screaming happily. Shiro smiled as she did. “Are
there any more victims?” she asked Goten and Trunks.

“Yes, there’s my older brother, Gohan,”
Goten looked down.

“Show me where he is,” Shiro told him.

Trunks led them back to Capsule Corp. They went through the
same passageways. Trunks led them to the door and they went it.

“GOTEN!” Chichi screamed when she saw Goten. She
ran to him, sobbing. “I missed you so much!” she hugged

“I missed you too Mum…” Goten hugged her.

“Excuse me, but do I know you?” Goku asked

“No, you do not know me,” Shiro said, “I
am Shiro, the Terror also know as Hiseria’s sister. I am know
as the Hope to some people.”

“So what brings you here, Shiro?” Bulma asked
the graceful woman.

“I am here to reawaken Gohan,” Shiro smiled.
“Where is he?”

“There…” Vegeta pointed to Gohan’s
body. Shiro bent over Gohan’s body and put her hands on him.
She muttered the words Goten found so familiar. The same white light
focused on Gohan’s body and he disappeared. Chichi gasped.
Suddenly, Gohan appeared, alive.

“I’m alive!” he shouted.

“YEAH!” Goten punched the air.

“GOHAN!” Chichi ran to her oldest son and hugged

Shiro smiled at the scene. They had been reunited once
again. “Sayonara, Goten, Trunks and everyone else,” She
smiled and disappeared.

No one had noticed Shiro’s disappearance, apart from
Goten. He nodded.

“Sayonara Shiro, and thank you for helping us stop the

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