DBZ CYOA: A Giant Born Free by Hangman_Link
Summary: A powerful fighter, named Kiryu, is working with an organization called the Freeborn Military. Journey with him as he faces many challenges and battles while he tries to find his true path and the secrets that lay within him.
Categories: Action/Adventure, Alternate Universe, Special Content Characters: OFC(s)
Genres: Action, Adventure, Alternate Universe, Fantasy, Mystery
Warnings: Coarse Language, Graphic Violence, Major Character Death, Minor Character Death
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Chapters: 115 Completed: No Word count: 339803 Read: 141658 Published: Dec 03, 2011 Updated: Jan 11, 2014
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Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of Akira Toriyama. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

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The Journey Begins by Hangman_Link
Author's Notes:
This is a CYOA (Create Your Own Adventure) that I began writing a while back. Unfortunately, I will not be allowing choices to be posted on this site because it just won't work properly.

So if you want to keep up with the story and take part in the choices offered, head to the following link and make an account:


If you don't want to, just keep reading here and I'll update it normally like it's a Fanfic - just with the choices still at the end.

So without further ado I present to you, A Giant Born Free:
"Prepare to die!" a voice shouts from the distance. Breathing heavily, you whisk your head out from behind the lush, green tree to see a fleet of soldiers scouting the area. You think to yourself, "Ugh, damn it! If I don't make a run for it now, they'll find me...I have no choice but to get out of here as fast as possible before they're on to me."

You dash forward running deeper into the forest, hearing nothing behind you. Everything is dead silent. You can't even hear the grasshoppers. This brings fear to you the most though. "Have I lost them? No, it couldn't have been so easy. I could be playing right into their trap...but what if there is no trap and i'm just wasting my time? ****! Oh well, it doesn't matter. It's not like I can do anything even if I knew it was a trap."

Right before you step forward to continue running, a bullet shoots by and grazes you cheek. You stand still, in complete shock, afraid to look behind you, but before you can even figure out what you're going to do, you hear a calm but terrifying voice shriek, "Hehe, I win..." and everything goes black.


"AH!" You sit up sweating all around you, breathing heavily. "Oh, right...It was just a simulation."

You unhook some sort of machine from your head and hang it back on the wall. Soon afterwards, you hear a knock on the door of your private headquarters.

"What is it?" You call out.

A foot soldier walks in, puts his right hand on his forehead and says, "Permission to speak, Commander Kiryu!?" You nod your head ever so slightly and he begins to talk once again.

"Sir, our Lord has summoned all of the commanders to his quarters. It's an important meeting, sir!"

You think to yourself, "Hmm, what could he want, summoning all of us together at once. The nerve."

Finally you reply to the soldier, "Very well. You're dismissed."

"Thank you, sir!" he replies diligently before exiting the room.

You throw on your gear and prepare to dress yourself, all the while cursing at yourself. "Damn it, no matter how much I change my plan and way of entrance during the simulation I always end up dying. What the hell am I doing wrong? How am I supposed to complete this mission if I can't even succeed in the simulation of it. I have no chance. Ugh, I must perfect my strategy later and find all the holes in my plan. It's the only way. Though, it'll have to wait...I wonder what that Rem wants with us now. Heh, knowing him it probably won't be the least bit important." You say to yourself as you exit the room without rush.


As you travel through the bases corridors, every soldier that you pass by gives you a nod or a bow depending on their rank. The walls are all painted white, and you're currently in an underground level. You pass by several locked doors where the majority of this sectors army rests. Most rooms are small and compact, excluding those of the commanders. You reach the end of a somewhat small base, and an automatic door opens for you after you put your hand print on the front of it. Security can be such a bore. As you walk in, a large room filled with 7 people awaits.

"Hello, Kiryu. It's nice of you to FINALLY join us." The one sitting in the largest chair at the 'head' of the room calls out.

You spit on the marble wood floor and state boldly, "Would you rather I not show up at all? Eh, Rem?"

"Hm? Such a cold greeting. But anyway, have a seat. It's time for the meeting to commence."

You take your seat in the far left corner of the room, as the others eye you down like a hawk.

"Well," you call out, "Are you guys going to continue staring at me or are we going to start the so called meeting?"

"Don't forget your place, Kiryu." Rem says annoyed. "But onto more important things," he continues, "We seem to have a slight problem."

"What do ya' mean?" A voice calls out from the second seat to the farthest on the right side.

"Quiet Loukar! Let me FINISH you imbecile. I've grown bored of these childish games prior to all of our meetings!" Rem rages.

The room goes dead silent. Even you know not to talk back once Rem's temper grows.

"..." Rem lets out a puff of air and continues, "It seems a pack of Saiyajins have crossed the border. Eight have been spotted as of now, but they were all spotted near the south terminal. I sent out forces to scout the other terminals three days back, but I haven't gotten a reply since. It's safe to assume that they have been killed."

"Damn...Who did you send out, my Lord?" A quiet voice echoes from the center of the room.

"Kaiba...Don't panic. Your brother wasn't sent out on this specific mission. He's still at the main forte on standby. Don't worry about him. However, I did send out Arliens squad, Mourns' squad, and Devia's squad. I've tried and failed to get in contact with them..." Rem says bitterly, "These Saiyajins have gone too far. They think they can plan a sneak attack on MY army. I will not let them get away with it. And this is where you all come in."

"Hehehehehehe...Perfect. I was getting tired just lying around the base, dealin' with small fry. These Saiyans are just the appetizer I need to reignite my love for battle again. I'll slaughter the fools." A deep and cruel voice chimes in.

"Don't be a fool Echo, these Saiyans have proved to be powerful warriors. Our victory isn't a done deal as of yet...We must take every precaution to assure our victory." A man named Pitou screeches softly.

"Pitou, Pitou, Pitou. Always acting cautious when we all know you're the most ruthless killer in the group."

"Shut up, Thrigon."

"Heh, make me. What, you think that YOU can handle ME? Don't fool yourself. You wouldn't stand a chance."

"Oh really? Lets put that theory to the test then."

"Guys...Lets wait for Rem to finish the plan before we get ahead of ourselves." Loukar softly states.

The rest of the commanders all look around at each other, and agree with a cautious nod, hushing down soon after. Rem continues.

"I'm going to send four of you guys out. You all can decide who goes. One of you will go to each terminal. The other three will carry on with their usual missions like this meeting never happened. If you don't have any missions, just stay here on guard the base. We don't know what these Saiyajins, or anybody else have planned."

"I have absolutely zero interest in these Saiyans. My current objective is to eliminate the Red Ribbon Army. I will continue my objective in doing so. Nothing will slow me down. These pesky no names aren't worth my time. The Red Ribbon on the other hand...They are far more fearsome and must be dealt with before their superior technological advances gain ilfe and begin to overtake us. I refuse to waste my time on the Saiyans, and for that matter, this meeting as well. Excuse me, Rem." Dysect boldly exclaims as he removes himself from his chair, and disappears from the room.

You frown at Dysect's comment, clearly disliking his speech, but you refrain from speaking.

"Well, that brings us to six people," Loukar says enthusiastically. "So, whose going?"

You think to yourself with your arm rested on your cheek, "Should I go? I have a mission that I have to tend to, but I can't seem to succeed in the simulation. Then again, real life combat is completely different and I could just be over analyzing things. I might be able to do it..But should I do it now...Or should I polish myself with these Saiyans first?" You wonder to yourself for several minutes, totally unaware of your current surroundings.

"Alright everybody," Rem calls out, "You are all dismissed. I'll be leaving here tonight, though, so make sure you all decide on what to do by yourselves. Be sure to take a few squads with you. We don't know how powerful these Saiyajins are, or where they are for that matter. Don't underestimate them. I don't want anymore bodies to pile up...Well, non Saiyajin bodies." Rem smirks at that last comment.

"Where you goin', Lord?" Loukar asks.

"I'll be heading over to Forte Valkyrie. It's under protected right now, and even though everybody is alright at the moment, anything can change in a matter of minutes. We have plenty of people to guard here, but make sure at least one of you all stay here and keep charge." Rem then gets up and exits the room.


"Well, I'm going to get my crew. We'll be leaving for the North Terminal at dawn." Pitou says calmly.

"At dawn? Heh, getting sloppy aren't you, Pitou?" Echo taunts with a smirk on his face. "I'm leaving tonight."

"Huh? What did you say, idiot? Go ahead and leave tonight. You may have night vision, but your crew doesn't. Hahaha, good luck with that. Go on and have your whole squad die by the Saiyans while I sip on a cup of hot chocolate and prepare for not only myself, but my squad." Pitou says as he whisks out of the room, laughing all the while.

Echo kisses his lips. "I guess he's right. I'll just get my crew ready for now. Later you guys." Echo waves as he crashes out of the room.

"Thrigon," you question him. "What do you plan on doing?"

"Eh?" He responds. "I'm goin' to kill some b**** Saiyans of course. Hehe."

"Hmm, I see. What about you two, Kaiba, Loukar?"

"Tatito (A weird catch phrase Kaiba enjoys making), count me out of this one." Kaiba chimes in enthusiastically. "I'm not too fond of killing, so I don't have any interest in this mission. Besides, I plan on leaving this place tomorrow so I can go to the main forte to watch out for my brother. The place is under protected too, so I'll take charge in case of an emergency. You know, in case Rem is busy. Always nice to have a right hand man."

You simply nod and turn your head over to Loukar.

"If you want to go, just go man. If you don't want to go, don't go. I don't have any missions to be on either, so we can do whatever we want. Just let me what you're going to do in the morning so I can prepare too. Sound good, Kiryu?"

You think to yourself, without flinching. "Either, eh? Heh, no use in rocking the craddle."

"Yeah..." You calmly state, clearly thinking of what you're going to do still, "Okay. I'll see you guys tomorrow then."

The two of them exit the room with you, but eventually disappear from your sight as you each head toward your own quarters.

You walk to your quarters and have a seat on your couch. You think to yourself calmly, "Tomorrow...Why do I have a bad feeling about it? Heh, oh well. I best get some sleep for now." You lie down in your bed and immediately pass out.


Boooom! Explosions surround you as you gaze around in terror.

"Conrad! Conrad! Where are you!?!?" You scream in anger. You start running through the breaking city as large Ki blasts come storming down like rain, destroying everything in site. "Damn it...Where are you? COOOONRAAAD!?!?"

"You won't be finding Conrad anytime soon..." A voice echoes from behind you.

You immediately whip around to see a tall man, with dark hair that spikes up. He has long, dark blue pants that cover his legs, which are tucked into his boots. His boots are pure black, with red stripes going through the tip. He also has greyish black armor that covers upper body, and on the left side of his face, a device that hooks onto him. You glare at him in rage, even though you're clueless as to who he is.

"Who the hell are you...!? Huh!?!?

The man doesn't reply. He simply smiles at your comment.

"Heh," you let out a smirk and lick your lips. "Well, you obviously don't know who I am considering how ignorant you're being. A mortal like you..."

He cuts you off, with his cold voice. "I know exactly who you are, Kiryu. It seems that you are the one who's lost. I am King Vegeta...I am also the one who has lead the assault on this city. I don't wish to exterminate the lives on innocents, but if I could save millions by simply letting thousands die, I wouldn't dare hesitate.

You stare at him puzzled, so he continues.

"The Red Ribbon Army is a despicable organization that imprisons innocent lives and turns them into machinery. The RRA has a simple objective: World domination. You guys plan on going about this by brain washing the people into thinking that you are their saviors when in fact you are recruiting them to simply turn them into machines to serve you in evil purposes. That's right, I know your plans. You must be stopped."

"Hahahahahahaha!" You burst out in laughter, a few tears dripping from your eyes. "So what? No seriously, what's your point? You may think our objective is sheer evil, but that doesn't change the fact that our cause isn't. This world is utterly disgusting. The Red Ribbon Army has vowed to change it from the inside. We're "brain washing" the people into thinking what is just. If we change the worlds perspective on how one should live and have proper laws to reinforce it, this pathetic world will change; for the better. THAT is the point of the Red Ribbon Army. Get your facts straight before you start spouting nonsense."

"Urgh, just what I'd expect from one of their 'high ups'. You're completely brain washed into thinking that the RRA has a just cause, Executive Kiryu. I'm sorry...I've tried reasoning with you, but I don't think I have any other choice but to capture you." King Vegeta roars at you while preparing a fighting stance.

You simply smile. "You really think you have a chance? Ha! You're a complete and utter fool! Now prepare," You scream as you put up your arms in a fighting position, "To DIE!"

You rush at King Vegeta at full speed and prepare to gun him in the face with a deadly right straight. You plan on ending this fight immediately! As the distance between you two closes in, he simply vanishes. You stop in an instant, filled with confusion and you look around the area in an attempt to find the fool. Crunk! A merciless kick slams you in the side of the head and you fly full speed into a building, crashing deeply into it. Ki continues to rain down on the city and citizens continue to scream in fear and pain.

"Cauh!" You cough out blood from the mouth and wipe some more off your forehead. "You...You are...GOING TO PAY!" You burst out of the building as it begins to crash down and you see King Vegeta laughing as you fly towards him. You eye him careful in case he tries to disappear again...And he does! However, you're prepared for it this time and you jump into the air along with him and see him straight across from you.

"Haaaa!" You yell as you fire a powerful Ki Blast with your right hand directly at his face. Still in a shocked state, he has no time to avoid it and it hits him dead on! You land on ground gently as he crashes down like a fallen bird causing the ground to shake and crumble. Such force! You smile, and raise your arm high in the air while crunching your hand together as a claim that the fight has ended. However, you're quickly proved wrong as he gets up from the pile of rubble, blood dripping from his entire body and bruises surfacing on him. He still remains calm though, and continues talking as if you never even hit him.

"I'd expect nothing less of one of the Red Ribbon's most powerful fighters. I came here to deal with you for a reason." He smirks as if the battle's already over himself.

This annoys you and you don't attempt to hide it. "So you think the battle is over? Heh, well you're sadly mistaken. I think it's time that I begin to fight seriously. And after I crush you and you beg for mercy, you'll tell me what you know about Conrad."

"Very well. But just to make the fight even, I'll only use one arm." King Vegeta taunts again.

You leap at him like a wild animal and began to pound your fist into his chest several times. Every hit creates a spark of wind that shoots out behind him. He attempts to block your attacks, but his guard is crushed quickly, rendering him useless.

"Hahahahaha, what's wrong, KING? Are you so outclassed that you can't even ATTEMPT to make a move? Huh! Huh!?" You continue to laugh and taunt him while delivering what should be, lethal blows to a normal fighter. King Vegeta jumps back and coughs up some blood.

You don't let him rest, however, and let out a burst of ki to charge at full throttle. King Vegeta's eyes widen as you disappear from his view, and that device on his ear beeps frantically. Your right hand digs into his liver, and he collapses to the ground in pain, unable to let any words out.

"What's the matter?" You say with a undeniable grin. "I'm sorry, how insensitive of me. I shouldn't have been so cruel. Here, let me help you up." You call out to him while grabbing him by the arm and picking him up. You lick your lips and let out another smile as you put your left palm directly on his chest. Your hand begins to blow as Ki gathers in your palm.

"Bye bye, King..."

"Wait! Nooooooo~~~" The King screams in pain as you let a powerful Ki blast rip right through his chest. He flies twenty feet back, all the while with blood leaking from his chest like a broken water fountain. To your surprise though, he does a small flip in the air and lands on the ground safely, sliding back a few feet while his hands claw at the ground in an attempt to stop himself, coughing up an insane amount of blood as he does so.

"Haaa...Haaa" The King breathes heavily, and puts his hand over his chest to stop the blood from dripping too much.

"Ohh? Not bad, old man. However, you don't have any fight left in you. You should have just rolled over and died. Because now, it's time for you to hold up your end of the bargain!" You ruthlessly say while walking towards him with a grin.

To your surprise again, he starts smiling. Laughing, even. "Is he losing it?" You think to yourself while stopping in your tracks with a puzzled look on your face.

"Well, I think it's time I ended this battle!" King Vegeta screams in rage as he looks up in the sky, but it isn't due to his frustration...His body has begun to morph into something else. But what is it? His size is growing enormously and his power...It's off the charts!

"What...What's happening!?" You scream while backing away slowly, as his power rises dramatically. His transformation finishes and you stare up at a giant ape in terror. "He's...He's huge..."

"Well, what you do think?" King Vegeta laughs, clearly still in pain. "The battle was over before it began, but don't feel bad. Very few have the power to make me unleash my true power...Bahahahahahaha!"

"Fool!" You call out to him. "All you've done was sacrifice speed for power. You'll NEVER hit me! Ahahahah, you idiot!" You laugh hysterically, not completely buying what you're selling.

Un-phased by your comment, he slowly rises his left foot and it begins to crash down immediately. "He's so large, but his speed...It increased! Not possible!"

You jump out of the way as fast as you can but your still crushed under his boot. Your bones begin to shatter and you can feel every rip in your bodily tissue as if it was in slow motion. You scream in pain but you don't even have the breath to let it out.

"Is it...possible?" You begin to think. "For such power to exist...For me to be so totally outclassed? What will happen to the Red Ribbon Army? To Conrad? To...me...?"

You wonder to yourself silently. Darkness begins to cover through your entire body, mind, and soul.


"Ah! Was it...another dream?" You whisper to yourself as you sit up from a pile of sweat. "One of those again? Damnit...Conrad. I haven't given up on you yet. I'll come find you...I swear. Ugh, what time is it?" You say to yourself while wiping some sweat off your head.

You look over at the digital clock near your resting quarters and the clock reads '11:48am'.

"Guess I better get up. Wait...What was I planning on doing today?"

A) Go on the mission to take care of the Saiyans.
B) Forget this meeting ever happened, and go on your planned mission from before.
C) Stay at the base for a little while longer, and explore your options some more.

Character Biographies

Kaiba: Kaiba is a frail young man, who has a small body size. He has long green hair that goes just past his shoulders. Although he looks weak, when he gets angry, his power is one of the most frightening of the entire group of commanders.

Race: Alien

Loukar: He has short, brown curly hair and a rugged face. Although his plain face makes him look like a serial killer, he's quite gentle and has a high pitched voice. He has bulky legs, but his upper body is slim. When he gets serious in combat, he puts a white bandanna over his head. His specialty is long ranged fighting, and he focuses on luring his opponents into Ki Blasts of different sorts.

Race: Human

Thrigon: Thrigon is the most difficult person to identify. He isn't dumb, but he acts dumb in order to fit in with some of his peers. For some reason it seems that his number one goal is to fit in with the others. Besides that, he has sharp, pointy red hair and deep green eyes. Thrigon has a large hunchback which makes him look at least a foot shorter than he is, but when he does stand up straight, he's gigantic. He wears baggy clothes as well. Also, Thrigon has the unique ability to regenerate bodily tissue whether it's been pierced or ripped right off. This is the basis of his fighting style.

Race: Namekian

Pitou: Pitou is tall with a stick-like body. He wears dress pants and a dress shirt. At first site, he may be seen as a gentle, and kind person but his true self is that of a demon. When angered, he loses his conscience, and turns into a calculating killing machine. He has large wings that sprout from his back which allow him to fly, and he has two antenna's that poke out of his forehead. He finds joy in manipulating people and his combat specialty is using unique techniques to destroy his opponent. Although he doesn't look it, he's the most deadly fighter of the group, and the most intellectual.

Race: Elf

Echo: Echo seems like a body builder. He's huge! However, it's simply due to his Race. He's brown, and has a long pointy nose with a gold piercing going through it. He has no hair, and his ears are on top of his head. He has pitch black eyes, and holds a ruthless face. Not to mention his voice is quite deep as well. Echo's fighting style consists of dealing multiple, lethal blows from close up. He stays in as close as possible, and uses minimal Ki attacks.

Race: Giant

Dysect: He has the eyes of a machine. He's cold, calculating, and ruthless. Although he appears slow due to his large and bulky body, he's quick witted and works very well under pressure. He's a master of all types of fighting styles and can easily adapt to whoever he's fighting. He has a bulky body throughout, and wears fairly tight clothes. On a good day, you can see his abs right through his overcoat. His hair is pitch black, and fairly long but he ties it back in a bun. His eyes are bloodshot red.

Race: Human

Rem: Rem is the leader of the entire organization. He once saved you from death prior to your joining him. You don't know why, but he once told you that it's because he knew of your power and wanted to recruit you. His power is peerless. You don't even know the depths of his strength, but based on the quick battle he had with King Vegeta's Oozaru form, you fear that power; that rage he holds deep inside. He's moderately tall, but still holds a normal body. His eyes are black sometimes, and red at others. He has black hair with red highlights that spike up like a Saiyan. He wears dress clothes. He's a relaxed person that you enjoy teasing, but when he gets angry, nobody would dare talk back to him. He tends to lick his lips and shake violently as he gets the urge to kill. It's as if he goes through a trance in his mind.

Race: Unknown

Every Race:




- When facing an enemy stronger then you, your power level raises by 5%.
- You have a fighting advantage when facing someone around your level.
- Advanced basic skills (eg. back flips, combos, etc.).
- Easy learning capacity.



- Stronger then normal.
- All attacks do a little less damage.
- Higher defense than normal.


- Slow.



- Can fly.
- Quick learner.
- Easy mobility.



- Can transform.
- When hit with a physical move, it absorbs the opponents punch decreasing the damage, and trapping there hand in your stomach.


- When fighting someone around your power level, you weaken a bit.
- Bad at combo's.



- Can regenerate.
- Ki is naturally powerful.


- Face blows are 2x stronger then normally.



- Faster than normal.
- Very good learning capacity.


- Low physical attack.
- Low physical defense.
- Low health.

Strength Increases:

-1 - Gets weaker
0 - No increase
1 - Moderate Increase
2 - Large Increase
3 - Enormous Increase

Human - Training: 1 - Victory: 2 - Loss: 1

Giant - Training: 0 - Victory: 3 - Loss: 1

Saiyan - Training: 1 - Victory: 1 - Loss: 2

Alien - Training: 2 - Victory: 3 - Loss: -1

Namekian - Training: 2 - Victory: 2 - Loss: 0

Elf - Only gets stronger by absorbing opponents energy.
Frozen by Hangman_Link
Author's Notes:
Okay, A wins after a close battle and Kiryu's Race is Giant.
Yippee. Now, onto the update.
You rise from your bed and yawn while wiping your eyes as you travel towards your closet.

"I should probably have a shower. After that dream, I feel so dirty." You say to yourself while walking away from your closet and going into the bathroom.

You throw your dirty clothes on the ground once they're removed from your body and turn on the shower as you walk into it. A powerful stream of water shoots out from the shower head filled with soapy water and cleans you in an instant. The shower goes through all the cycles one manually does by itself. After about 10 minutes of preparation, you walk out of your room and travel down the hallway. Nobody is around to greet you this time. You walk up a small flight of stairs and give a quick knock on somebody's door.

"No answer? What is that Loukar doing now. I suppose I'll see if he's in here..." You say to yourself as you open his door.

You walk in the room and stare down at him as he lies in his bed with a blanket covering up until his waist, shirtless with one hand under the blanket as well.

"Ugh...I'll come back later..." You say to him with an undeniable look of disgust on your face.

"W-wait! It's not what it looks like...!" Loukar calls out as you walk down the flight of stairs, ignoring his last comment.

"Things with him can wait" you calmly state to yourself, "I should get my squad ready for the trip. I'm positive that Echo and Pitou have already left. Thrigon too, if I didn't know any better."

You continue to walk down the base and take a turn into a door that says "General Cafe" on it. When you walk in, you're filled with multiple foot soldiers and some higher up soldiers as well all eating lunch and playing around.

"Listen up everybody!" You call out as everybody takes a look toward you. "I'm sure you all know of the mission that the Commanders have been sent on. Well, I'll be the final Commander leaving on this mission, and I'm here to gather some soldiers to help me in this endeavor. Now, who's man enough to do it. Hm?" You say while surveying the room as everybody looks around silently, dwindling their toes.

This of course, annoys you. "What kind of weaklings is Rem hiring right now?" You think to yourself.

"Fine...If nobody wants to volunteer, I'll choose who goes with me myself."

In a few minutes, you've picked out your squad. You chose General White (Highest rank under you), 5 Elite Soldiers, and 10 Foot Soldiers.

After picking out who you decided will go on the mission with you, you tell them to prepare for the mission. Once this is done, you decide it's time to try and tell Loukar your plan...Hopefully he'll be fully available this time.

Just as you turn around and exit the General Cafe, you see him waiting outside for you.


"Yo. Sorry about before. It really wasn't what it looked like. I swear." Loukar embarrassingly tries to cover for himself.

"Mmhmm...I'm sure it wasn't what it looked like either." You say with a grin. "But anyway, I've decided to go on the mission to deal with the Saiyans. I was just letting you know. You can stay here and guard the base with the rest of he side characters."

"You sure you want to go, Kiryu?" Loukar investigates.

"Why wouldn't I be sure? I just told you that this is what I wanted to do." You bitterly respond.

"...Okay. I don't mind. Still though, it's gonna be a huuuuuuuuuge bore guarding this lame base. Damn that Kaiba; why'd he have to leave me all alone."

"I assume Dysect left on his mission too?"

"Yeah, I think so. Not that i'd wanna socialize with that freak either way. He scares the snap outta me, man."

"Heh, I see."

"Wait...He isn't standing behind me by any chance?" Loukar fearfully whispers to you.

You can't help but laugh at that last comment. "No he isn't. This isn't a television show, Loukar."

"Uh, yeah, I knew that."

"Well, I best be on my way. I'll never hear the end of it if Echo or Thrigon beat me back to the base with their missions completed."

"You got that right. Well, I'll talk to you later. Oh...Lets leave what happened in my room this morning to ourselves, alright?"

"Heh, you wish. I'm telling everybody." You call back to him as you turn your back and begin walking away laughing at him.


An elevator rises and brings you up to the surface. Once you step out of it, a weight change in the system signals it to return back down. You see your entire squad waiting for you outside beside a large, grey van. It seems that it'll comfortably seat about 18 people.

"Are you all ready!?" You call out to them, trying to psyche them up for battle.

"Yes, sir! We won't let you down, sir!" They return with a loud cheer, all in sync. These damn soldiers must spend half their day practicing the 'Yes, Sir' routine.

"Good. Everybody get in the van. There shall be no room for failure during this mission. Your lives are at risk so look out for each other, and don't be stupid."

"Master Kiryu," The General questions you. "Do you have a plan on what we're going to do once we arrive to the South Terminal? I mean, the enemy was spotted nearly a week ago now. They've definitely moved from their old position...For all we know, we could be going into their territory. I just think we should be prepared, since our lives are all at risk." General White finishes.

"Don't worry about that. I'm not an idiot. I've figured everything we have to do out in my head." You calmly state, trying to reassure everybody on your squad of their safety.

"Thank you, sir. Sorry for my doubts." The General replies as he gets in the van.

"Hmm...People are going to die on this mission. I just know it. But...It appears that I'm so selfish that I'll take you guys anyway...For MY safety." You think to yourself while walking into the front seat of the van unknowingly. But before you go into the van, you take some sort of box out of your pocket and place it in the trunk of the van at the back. "Heh, this will surely come in handy for later."

A Foot Soldier starts the car, and it begins to drive away after a loud vroooooooom.


Hours pass by as you speed down rural areas looking for Saiyans with a built in radar in the van that detects all Ki in a 30 mile radius. You stare down at a map that you created during the drive which shows all the areas the Saiyans could be.

"They couldn't have left the South Terminal Bay as of yet. Even with the most advanced technology, it would still take over a week to break through our defenses and force fields. Though, those damn Saiyans can fly, which would complicate things. But we originally found them on land when our soldiers confronted them, so perhaps these Saiyans can't fly? Or perhaps they can and this was just a ploy to make us think that? No, that couldn't be it. Nobody can properly breathe let alone fly at over 30 miles in the air. We'd have detected them by now. But since we haven't detected any of them yet...It could mean one of two things. They headed to the East or West Terminals in which case, Echo or Thrigon would have run into them. The other possibility is...They haven't left the South Terminal as of yet. But why? What's the point if they know we're coming for them? Something deeper than what appears is going on here..."

"Sir, SIR!" The soldier driving the car calls out continuously to try to get your attention.

"Huh? What is it now? I'm thinking!" You yell back at him, clearly annoyed.

"Sorry, Commander Kiryu. But something funny is happening with the radar. It seems to be malfunctioning."

"Hmm?" You say, still puzzled as you look over to the Radar. "What The Hell!?"

"I know..." The driver replies in fear. "Is it possible for them to be so many?"

"Yes...But how did they appear so suddenly? There are hundreds of them and they completely surrounded us. If we continue to drive to the south terminal, we'll meet
up with them. However, if we turn back we'll be punished by the surrounding force behind us."

"Sir, please give us your orders!"

You lick your lips and devilishly smile. "Stop the van."

"What!?!?" All the soldiers scream in sync once again. "You...You can't be serious, sir."

"Are you questioning my orders!" You scream out to them while clenching your fists violently. "I know what I'm doing! There's a reason why I'M the Commander and you all are nothing but lowly TRASH. Now stop the van!"

"Yes sir!" The driver calls out, scared out of his mind. Once he stops, you step out of the van with your entire squad.

"Driver," you call out, calmed down. "Tell me what the radar detects."

"A total of 232 life forms have been detected. If they continue going at this speed, they'll reach here in just over half an hour. It can't detect their battle power in this large of a group though."

"Good. We don't have any time to waste then. You open the trunk of the van and open it up. Inside, nothing is there but a small, compact box. You throw it on the ground and it explodes with smoke around it. There before you, a tower filled with land mines appear from the box.

"Ahh!" The soldiers scream out. "What is that, Commander Kiryu?"

"It's called a Capsule. They are very rare and expensive to get a hold of. Especially for people outside of the Red Ribbon Army."

"Red Ribbon Army?" General White questions. "How do you have one then, if you don't mind me asking?"


"Doesn't matter. Enough talk though. We have to set up our battle grounds." You say as you pick up the empty capsule. "Move out and plant them about 200 meters from the car.
Space them out about 50 meters apart each. This way once one of them goes off, it'll detonate them all at full throttle." You smile at how things are turning out.

"This won't kill all of them, but it'll put an enormous dent in their numbers and weaken them severely. Still though, even I didn't expect a scenerio like this.
Heh, I wonder how things will turn out."


"Chaaaaaaaaarge!" The Saiyan leader, Nappa calls out as an entire army of Saiyans charge full speed. "We've completely sealed their movements! Even Kiryu, the so called "King" of battle commanding won't be able to stop us now. He fell RIGHT into our trap. MY trap. Ahahahahahhahaha" Nappa laughs as if the battle has ended.

"Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!" The Saiyans roar as they close the distance between you and your squad.


A huge explosion detonates and hundreds of Saiyans scream in fear, pain, and terror.

"Naaapaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! What's....WHAT'S GOING OOOOOOOOOOOOOON!?!?!?!?!?" Their elites scream out right before their obliterated.



"It appears the fireworks have begun," You triumphantly state with glory as rapid explosions take place all around you. "The fools didn't know what they were getting themselves into."

"What did you say, Commander Kiryu!?" You soldiers yell back at you, unable to hear anything due to the massive explosions.

You don't even try to talk over it. You just sit back and enjoy the show, with a huge grin on your face.

~After about 15 minutes of raw explosions, the smoke begins to fade away.~

"Driver, what does the radar detect now?"

"There are...19 life forms alive. The most powerful of them being at a high level of...4200!"

"Heh, not bad. I wonder which one managed to maintain such a battle power after said explosions. He must have been quite powerful prior to the damage, but he's nothing to me. General White could destroy him at that level with ease."

Light flashes immediately after you say that and a huge ball of Ki appears in the sky.

"Awww..." You cover your eyes as the light momentarily blinds you. "What do these Saiyans have up their sleeve now?" You angrily roar.

Your vision comes back to you and a fleet of gigantic Apes are summoned before you.

'Dun...Dun...Dun' Your heart repeatedly pounces as you stare at them in terror. Memories of your battle with King Vegeta begin to morph in your mind while you back up

"No...This transformation...Again?"

"Commander Kiryu, please give us your orders. The Saiyans appear to have transformed into Apes. The Radar has showed a massive increase upon all of them and the highest battle power now is 37 000! However, their still severely weakened and we have time before they reach us.

"Haaa...Haaa..." You continue to breathe heavily as your body shakes dramatically, unable to move.

"ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR," the Saiyans scream as the begin to smash the ground and run full speed towards you.

"Why...Why can't I move? I'm stronger than them...But...I'm stricken with fear? Why is this...Happening to me. Why now? Without my help, my squad will be crushed. I have to help, but...I CAN'T!"

"Sir! Sir! Please respond! We need your orders. The Saiyans are closing in the distance and our battle powers are completely outmatched. Sir, SIR!" The soldiers continuously scream out, but it proves to be of no use.

Commander White yells out, "Ugh, ****! Commander Kiryu seems to be frozen still. It might be an attack from the enemy. Either way though, I have no choice but to take charge! Everybody, scatter around them. We have to hold out while Commander Kiryu is unable to fight! Lets Go!

A) Perform a ruthless assault on the apes with all your troops. Try to pick off the weakest ones first.
B) Free Choice - Decide on your battle plan.


Team Technique List:

General White - Human:
10,000 Fists [Thousands of quick punches all shot within seconds]
Solar Flare

Your Squads Battle Powers:

General White: 19 000
The Elites: 5000 each
Foot Soldiers: Between 500 - 2000

Authors Note: Uh oh! Looks like Kiryu is unable to fight at the moment. Good luck trying to come up with a battle plan to get through this problem. Think outside the box and be creative.
General White Takes Command! by Hangman_Link
"Alright, everybody. Listen up!" Screams White, "I'll use my Solar Flare to blind them all. I want you all to spread out and go for their leaders tail. Once you rip off a Saiyans tail, he'll morph back to his original form. This is our only chance! He's the one with a Battle Power of 37 000 thousand in the middle of the crowd, so be careful. One hit from him will be lethal. Prepare yourselves!

"Yes, General White!" They all scream in sync as they spread out and brace themselves for the ray of light.

"This better work. Kiryu, what the hell is going on with you?" White bitterly wonders.

The Saiyans continue to march toward you all and within seconds, the group appears before you.

"It's now or never..." White says as he raises his arms by his face. "Solar Flare!!!" He screams with rage. The suns rays shine directly onto his hands and reflect into the Apes at light speed. A huge burst of light shoots out and the enemies screams begin to break out, while holding their eyes in pain.

"Go now everybody! Lets pray this works. Ten Thousand..." The General screams while putting his arms back until his elbows touch each other on the back side of him.

"FISTS!" His two arms begin to morph at an incredible speed and within seconds, they turn into a ruthless attack of deadly punches.

The punches begin to hit the unguarded leader, Nappa and he screams in pain.

"Awww, awww, AhhhhhH~~~~! What have you done to my eyes, you demon?"

White ignores his comment and continues to shove his fists into Nappa's entire body while screaming at the top of his lungs, letting all his energy out.


Meanwhile, the Elites put on an aura filled with Ki, and spread out.

The Apes continue to roar in rage, while the elites maneuver around them in style making their way to Nappa all the while. However, it appears that some of the Saiyans are beginning to recover.

"Hehe, I made it. General White has this guy occupied too. I'm slice off his tail with my Katana immediately, and I'll rise in the ranks!" One of the Elites begins to plan in his head.

"Haaa~~" He leaps into the air with his sword in hand and begins to tunnel down full speed toward the Great Apes tail. "See you in he-"

Just before he sliced Nappa's tail off, a brisk swipe from one of the other Saiyans' tail whipped him into the ground with great force.

"Rooooaaaaar!" The Ape screams as it finally recovered from the Solar Flare from earlier. The Ape smashes its hands onto its chest and begins to start thrashing around in rage, swatting every Soldier in sight. Suddenly the tides have started to change again, as all the other Apes begin to recover. Without wasting time, they continue on the offense and start terrorizing the Elites before any of them have a chance to cut off Nappa's tail.

"Dammit," one of the Elites scream as 3 Apes stand before him, each of them more powerful than him. "I don't stand a chance and I can't even fufill my duty in cutting their leaders tail off...I'm going to die in shame." He says as he clenches his hands together and drops to the floor.

"Rooooaaaaar!" The Apes begin to scream once again and each fire a merciless Ki Blast out of their mouth, wiping the Elite out of existence.

The other Elites make a brief retreat, and try to stall for time hoping an opportunity for them to strike back will arise. They use their speed and size to avoid the Apes, but it doesn't work for long. The Great Apes get irritated quickly, and begin to fire monstrous Ki Blasts all over the battle field. It's a deadly assault on the Elites, but they continue to evade with their best abilities. Fortunately for them, only half of the fleet are focusing on them for whatever reason. The others seem to be occupied with something.


After General White's orders, the Foot Soldiers dispatch in many directions. They decide it's best to leave Nappa's tail to the Elites, who are far faster and more experienced. In response though, they'll attempt to stall the Apes for as long as possible. However, their not only inferior in strength, but are fighting a battle with 9 less people.

"Anger the Apes!" One of them calls out, "Once they recover, we'll distract them with annoying tactics. If anything, we have brains over them so we must exploit it to our advantage!"

"Yeah!" The others call out as they form a rectangle across the Apes.

Within seconds, the Apes start roaring in rage as their vision returns to them. It appears that the Elites are having trouble getting to the big cheese, but the Foot Soldiers decide to stick to their job and help the Elites out indirectly.

"Now's our chance!" The Soldier from earlier chants.

On cue, the rest of the cast form several mediocre Ki Beams and throw them into the sky. With their little skills in Ki Control, the Foot Soldiers begin pooring down their recently shot Ki Blasts onto the Apes in a slow, time consuming fashion.

"I'm positive these weak blasts are nothing but Bee stings to them, but it's enough to distract them and put them into rage." One of the SOldiers thinks right as he shoots his own blasts down onto the Apes.

However, the Foot Soldiers run out of Ki in a very short period of time and once they did, all hell broke loose.

"Rooooaaaaaaaar!" Apes continued to scream as they ignored those pathetic remaining Ki Blasts and begun to trounce on the Foot Soldiers. Completely outmatched in every aspect, the Soldiers could do nothing but hide and hope that the Apes never found them. It didn't work for long though, as the Apes started shooting out powerful Ki Blasts from their mouth destroying the landscape.

The Foot Soldiers screamed in pain, unable to do anything.


General White ignored everything he saw going on around him, and continued plowing Nappa with all his might, never allowing him to recover.

"Damnit. I'm running low on strength...I won't be able to hold him here for much longer and my troops are falling like wild fire. F***!"

"I've had just about enough of this!" Nappa let out a huge roar and shot a Breath Blaster full speed toward General White.

"Ugh, nooooo!" White screamed as it hit head on. "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah~~~~~~~"

"Bahahahahahahahahaha, is that all you have? You pathetic weakling!" Nappa continued to laugh with a cold, deep voice. Unlike the others, he was fluent in English even in his Great Ape form.

General White doesn't give up though. He pushes himself off from the ground, with a huge strain on his body.

"Haaa...If you think I'd be put down with a weak attack like that, you got another thing coming you oversized FREAK!" General White cusses Nappa as blood leaks down his face, and entire body.

"How dare you. I'll CRUSH you this time! Ready or not, here I come!" Replies the great beast, Nappa.

"Hahahaha, show me what you got you idiot. Solar Flare!

"N-Nooo!" Nappa screams once again, his eyes blinded.

"I didn't have enough Ki to blind them all, but this should do." White jumps up and begins making his way to Nappa's tail himself! With the other Apes distracted with the Elites and Foot Soldiers, this is the best opening he's gonna get at this point in the game.

The General surfaces behind Nappa, breathing heavily. "I've only got one shot. I don't think I'll have enough Ki to make another attack strong enough to blow off his tail." He says as a compressed ball of blue light forms in his hand.

"Now DIIIIIE!" White yells out as he whips the blast full speed towards Nappa's tail. It contacts the tail and an explosive eruption occurs.

"Aaaaaaaaaa-" Nappa's screams grow silent as he begins to deform. His tail is off!


All the other Apes stop their rapid fire and look over at Nappa, and see his great self deform. A gigantic tail hits the ground and a loud crack is heard throughout the battlefield.

"Hehe, if you want something done, you oughtta do it yourself." White says to himself as he collapses onto his knees totally exhausted.

Nappa stands up in rage. "My-MY TAIL! You...You BASTARD! I'll KILL you for what you've done. I'll kill you ALL! He screams as he teleports full speed toward the General, ready to deliver the finishing blow.

"Come and get me..." White stands up and gets himself into a fighting stance, clearly exhausted and heavily damaged. "Damn, if only I never lost so much strength earlier, this clown would be nothing. He's lost a lot of Ki too...I don't know why exactly, but he's somewhere around my level at the moment. Can I take him though?" White thinks to himself, while Nappa begins to charge in rage.

"I'll handle this fool." Nappa calls out to the other Apes. "You guys just work on killing all those scraps in the corner." He directs.

"Alright, I have no choice but to take him on! I'll have to:"

A) Engage him in close combat. It's time to use my brute strength to overpower him.
B) Try to evade his attacks until he tires out. Once he does, It'll be time for a counter attack!
C) Run towards the car and drive away. **** The rest.




Decoy by Hangman_Link
Author's Notes:
B Wins.
B wins.


"Am I...really the leader here?" You begin. "I haven't done anything but stand in awe as my men get slaughtered and General White takes charge. I'm sorry everybody...I let you down. I can't let this go on anymore! My worst fear...Are these Apes...But why won't my body let me conquer it?"

'You never used to be this weak. This independable. This unsure of yourself. What happened, Kiryu?' A voice echoes from your head.

"Huh? Who's there?" You scream aloud.

'Don't remember me? After everything we've been through, I expected you to at least recognize my voice.'

Shivers crawl down your body and you feel as if your mind froze in place. "Conrad?" You continue to talk to yourself. "But...But how?"

'Don't let anymore bodies pile up. They don't deserve to die because of your errors.' The voice instructs.

"I know. I KNOW! But...I can't move. How am I supposed to save them if I can't even save myself? I'm helpless..."

'You AREN'T!' Anger spews from the invisible voice. 'Do you think I'm going to buy that trash? Fear is an emotion that we all experience. It's okay to be scared. However, it's unacceptable to let this so called fear conquer you. Control it. Master it. Defeat it.'

"Conrad...Where are you?'

The voice doesn't reply. It simply fades away, deep into your mind.

"Aah!" You yell out aloud. "Huh? Have I...Returned?" You try to move yourself, but you're still unable to do so. "Heh, control fear, huh?" You say to yourself, finally knowing where to go with this obstacle.


"Alright, I have no choice but to take him on! I'll have to try to evade his attacks until he tires out. Once he does, it'll be time for a counter attack!" The General thinks to himself.

Nappa continues to smash through the ground as he races towards the General, in hope of delivering the final blow.

"If you think I'll go down this easily, you've underestimated me, Saiyan leader!"

"Don't make me laugh," Nappa laughs out while stretching his arm back. "In your current condition, you have NO chance in winning!"

Finally, Nappa arrives within a meter of White and unleashes a powerful fist that plows through the air full speed. However, due to it being such an obvious battle attack, White easily dodges it by simply swaying his head to the left.

"Is that all you got?" White taunts.

This of course, angers Nappa and causes him to release a series of swift spontaneous punches. General White refuses to back down, and continues to dodge them all with his remaining energy taunting Nappa all the while. This doesn't last forever though. After over 100 loose punches thrown, Nappa finally lands a right hook to General White's liver, causing him to shrimp down in pain.


"Bwahahahahahaha! Couldn't avoid me forever, now could ya'. Now, prepare to die!" Nappa screams out as he charges his assault at full throttle.

"****! This guy isn't out of energy yet, even after all those dodged attacks. I have to hold out for a little long..." White thinks to himself, while standing up in shakes.

Just as Nappa's assault continues, White throws up his hands in guard and begins to perry all of Nappa's blows with his elbow and palm, along with dodging as much as possible. Knowing that this isn't going to last long, he holds back on taunting to save his breath the best he can.

"Urgh, stop blocking and fight like a MAN!" Nappa bursts out in anger and his assaults speed nearly doubles.

"Crap, you'd think he'd get sloppier the more his emotions took control, but this guys fighting style doesn't change a bit; it improves if anything."

The General jumps back and puts a fighting stance on. "I can't evade this monster any longer. Lets just hope he's lower on energy now."

"Bahahaha...Finally decided to whip out the big guns?" Nappa calls out while breathing heavily.

"Haaaa~" White screams as dashes towards Nappa without losing his posture. He goes in for a basic yet powerful combo, to save his energy. Nappa easily avoids this however, with a grin painted on his face all the while.

"What's the matter?" Growls Nappa as he grabs both of White's hands in the midst of his combo. "Is that the best you can do...Human? Bwahahahahahaha."

He bends his head backwards and slams it forward directly in White's ungaurded face. Blood squirts out from White as he screams in pain. Every drop that lands on Nappa is instantly licked off and Nappa continues to deliver these ruthless head smashes, never letting go of White's hands. White tries to break free with all his might, but it ends up being a futile attempt.

"Ugh...D-Daammnn...." White squeals, unable to finish his sentence.

Nappa finally stops the bombardment of head smashes and drops white to the ground. He lays on the ground in a pool of blood, unable to move. General White is completely finished.

"Bwahahahahahahaha! It seems you couldn't stall for that long. Good game though." Nappa says to White while kicking him a few meters away.

Nappa's right hand begins to glow as a dark purple aura emits from it while he gathers his Ki. "You see this aura right here? It's the last thing you'll ever see...Now DIE!" He screams as he whips his hand backwards and unleashes the frightening aura. It travels at a rocket speed and connects directly with White!

Explosions crack the ground as the blast erupts and destroys everything in a few meter range, creating a detrimental crater. When the smoke clears, General White is gone...


"Bwa-Bwa-Bwahahahahahahaha~" Nappa laughs as he declares his victory. Just then, a powerful Ki blast comes sauring through the air and breezes past Nappa's firm nose.
A tremendous explosion occurs as the blast detonates towards the great Apes hundreds of meters away.

"Huh? Such power...With that much precision? Who's here? Answer me!?" Nappa screams out in panic and rage.

"You've commited many sins today." You say as you walk forward towards Nappa, with General White in your arms. "Sins I will not forgive you for!" You boldly state with anger in your voice, fully revitalized of your previous panic. You put General White down on the ground gently, being careful not to damage his body any more than it already is.


"Hiiim..." Nappa silently states as he stares at White. "I obliterated him a minute ago. How is his body still intact, and how is he alive?" Nappa cusses out at you.

"Heh, don't be a fool. I swooped him up before your attack connected. You're pathetic Battle Power is no match compared to me, so it's a given you couldn't even lock onto me with your eyes."

"Better..." White coughs up blood, "Late than never, eh."

"I apologize, White. I'll take things from here." You calmly state as you take a fighting stance.

In fear, Nappa calls out to all the Apes. "Everybody! Get over here NOW! Forget your current pray, I need backup immediately!" He screams at the top of his lungs.

All the Apes register his command and begin marching their way over here as fast as they can.

Without waiting for them to arrive, you raise your gigantic arms and dash full speed towards Nappa. Totally outclassed by your speed, he doesn't even see you move from your original position by the time you arrive in front of him. You ruthlessly form a claw with your left hand and unleash it against the center of his chest. You hand rips through his entire body and blood shoots out like a broken water fountain as he cries in pain, totally unaware of what's going on. You smile and lick some of his blood off your lips and rip your hand out of his chest. In your palm, you hold the heart of a dead Saiyan for a second before you squeeze it with all your anger fused within and it bursts right before it's former owner, Nappa. His eyes go white and he immediately collapses onto the ground, lifeless.

"Pth," You spit some of Nappa's guts on the floor. "That was a disappointment." An aura of Ki wraps around your body and you power up. "Hahahahaha, I'm feeling stronger already. Perfection."

The fleet of great Apes are completely stunned, terrified of not only your supreme power, but your cold and ruthless way of killing. However, hey all finally stand before you. Some filled with rage from their fallen leader, some scared of what is too come.

"Heh. So glad you can join me." You smirk as you prepare a fighting stance once again. They all groan and roar in rage "Earthquake!" You scream as you pound your fist into the ground. The ground begins to crack and mold as it breaks apart. The Saiyans roar in rage as the ground begins to suck them into a deep hole to capture them. 17 Saiyans stand before you, fully immobilized as their legs are trapped in solid bedrock. You take your fist from the ground and call out to them:

"Hahahahaha, what's the matter you overgrown freaks? It's time for the finale!" You put both your over sized arms behind you and you begin to gather Ki into them. Their size begins to increase dramatically as more and more power is imported into them. Bones begin to crack and shatter as you prepare for your attack.

"Giant Bulldozer." You unleash your gigantic arms (Authors Note: Each are roughly the size of a 10 story apartment building when you do use this technique) and the plow through the entire army of Saiyans like nothing you've ever seen. They continue to try to struggle to break out from the jam you've put them in, but cannot budge in time to avoid your monstrous attack. Another explosion erupts as you unleash the Ki from the Giant Bulldozer. Multiple Saiyans are destroyed and their bodies are wiped from this world. After the dust clears from your attack, 4 Saiyan Apes remain intact, though heavily damaged.


"Ohh? Not bad." You think to yourself. "I suppose I should keep these ones alive for questioning. After all, they planned this assault on my crew and I. Something must be deeper than it appears."

The Apes struggle to move after that devastating attack, but you allow them no more time than you've already given. You put on a blitz of speed and race towards their tails. You plan to rip them off in an instant. With your massive speed, even in their great ape form are totally outclassed. Just as you reach their backs, you charge a small Ki fissure that will cut all of them off at once. You unleash it at full force and as expected, they begin to deform.


~20 Minutes Later~

"We aren't telling you anything!" The Saiyan named Potato yells out to you.

There before you, 4 Saiyans lie against a solid rock formation. Each of them are tied up with Ki braclets that you emitted from your aura. "Ohh? Is that a fact." You question the Saiyan. "Well, I suppose I have no use for you anymore. See you in another world." You say to him with a sadistic grin on your face, while loading up a Ki blast strong enough to obliterate him.

"W-wait, stop!" Potato cries out in fear. "Fine, I'll talk...Just don't harm me or any of my friends."

"Hurry up. I'm not known for my patience." You reply.

"In all honestly...This battle...All of us...All of our other crews that are awaiting the other 'Commanders' are just...A sideshow."

Your heart begins to race faster as Potato goes on.

"Our brigades leader, Nappa. All of the other brigades at each gate in the FBM's (Author's Note: FBM stands for "Free Born Military". It the the corparation that Rem 'owns'.) land were just a distraction to get as many Commanders away from the base as we could. The main assault took place about 1 hour after you left, at the FBM's second most valuable Forte. Our mission as well as the other Saiyans at each gate was to distract you Commanders long enough to let our main forces destroy everything at the unguarded base."

"What...Did you just say?" You say in rage, not fully comprehending everything Potato is putting out. "So you all agreed to just be suicide bombers for some nonsense like, "The greater good of the world"?"

"We didn't want to die...Are mission wasn't to die either. But us dying had a high probability due to our opponents. That's why our leader Nappa prepared the best strategy he could think of in order to save as many lives as he could."

"Heh," You smile. "And I'm quite sure that that worked out well." You taunt him almost forgetting what could be happening at the base.

He merely looks down in shame and sadness.

"Driver, get the car ready. I'll ask the rest of the details with these 4 while we're in the car."

"Yes, sir!" The driver yells out.

"Considering 4 of the Elites and 7 of the Foot Soldiers were killed, having them all lie down in car and putting these 4 up front shouldn't be too much clutter." You think to yourself as you drag the four of them to the car.

Within minutes, the engine explodes and the car begins to race back to the Forte.


"So tell me more about the assault on the FBM's Forte." You investigate.

"I don't know all of it..." Potato begins, "However, I do know that there is something at Forte Hieno (Authors Note: The names of the FBM's second most valuable base) that the top Saiyan leaders are interested in. Not even our leader, Nappa had a clue. Our job was simply to create an opening."

You listen intently to Potato's story until he finished.

"I thought you Saiyans had a little more brains than that, but after your little speech, I'm disappointed. To be willing to kill yourselves just for the purpose of a better chance at attacking Forte Hieno. Pathetic." You cuss out, slightly annoyed.

"I'd like to know something," You begin. "How did each of your small armies make it past said terminals without us knowing for such a long time?"

"We've been trained to hide our Ki. It's how we surrounded you and that's also how the attack on Forte Hieno took effect."

"Hide...Your Ki, eh?" You think to yourself. "That would be a neat trick to learn indeed. It might also help me on that mission."

"There's one more thing," Potato continues. "I'm not sure what's so important at Forte Hieno but...I have a hunch that the FBM's leader, Rem has a lot to do with it. That man...He's an extraordinary weapon and influential being to say the least."

"Heh, we'll that's a given." You reply with a proud grin.

'Be-Beep' the Radar lets off multiple Ki signals. You're unsure who they are, but it could be the Saiyans at the Forte Hieno. Best be prepared.


After a long drive, you finally arrive at Forte Hieno. Something troubles you though...The Radar is hardly giving off any signals. Less than 30 actually. Without even thinking of the Saiyans you have in the car, you immediately get out and rush inside. You step in the elevator and no working signal arises. In anger, you smash down on the ground and the entire structure falls apart and drops you to the bottom floor.

"Aaah..." You gasp in shock, "N-N-Not possible."

To your amazement, the entire base in destroyed. The Cafe, the rooms, and everything in between. There on the ground, hundreds of soldiers that used to reside here lie in cold puddles of blood. No life is left in them. You continue to check every person that lays in blood, but none of them have a pulse. You look up a small flight of stairs to where Loukar's room used to be, but the stairs are fully collapsed and the room is more like a hole in the ceiling now.

"What..." You say aloud, knowing full well what went down. "Who won?" You wonder to yourself as you continue to explore the base.

The fleet of rooms that used to line up are no longer there. It's just one large pile of rubbish and cracks. You continue to explore the Forte, in hope of finding a living soul. To your surprise, you don't find anybody on this floor. You don't let it get you fully down though. You walk into what used to be the General Cafe and find a bunch of broken tables and trays of food. Multiple dead bodies have found a new home on the ground. And than the worst fear strikes you.

"L-Loukar!" You call out in fear and rage as you dash towards him. He doesn't respond though. He continues to lay on the ground. When you reach him, you immediately feel his pulse.

"C'mon, now. Don't die on me, Loukar!"


No pulse. You gently pick his upper body off the ground and you feel a sharp hole that craters into his back. You flip his lifeless body over to find an undeniable hole with dried blood stained all around his back. He's still wearing the clothes he had on from his morning. He was totally unprepared for the battle...Everybody was.

"It...It can't be." You silently say to yourself while your hands shake vigorously, still holding onto him. "Those animals! You angrily state with pure hatred in your voice. "You weren't even prepared. If you were ready for combat, these fools wouldn't have stood a chance against your expertise in battle..."

You gently carry Loukar to a bed and set him down. The condition is terrible, but it's a bed nonetheless. "It's my fault." You whisper to yourself while clenching your fists. "If I had stayed here and sent you on the mission to kill the Saiyans, I would've been the one in your position. Loukar....I killed you. FUUUUUUUUU---" You grab your fists and crunch your sharp nails into the pockets of your palm and blood squirts out as you raise the intensity of the force. A small tear drops from the corner of your right eye and your head drops down to the ground.

"I'm sorry for your loss." Potato says as he walks up behind you. You turn around in rage and you see your entire squad watching him and the others. It appears that he just wanted to send his condolences.

"S-SHUT UP!" You scream at him as you grab him by the neck. "It's YOUR fault he's gone! You and your pathetic army of trash!" You continue choking Potato in rage, totally unaware of everything else. Potato's neck bones begin to crack and he can't even wimper out a word.

The other Saiyans try to rush forward to help their comrade out, but your Elites stop them immediately. You don't break your hold on Potato in the slightest though, even until his face begins to change colour.

"Stop it, Kiryu!" A voice calls out. You don't recognize the voice at first though, and merely look over to see Pitou. "I realize you're angry. I arrived about half an hour earlier to await the same disaster. But what you're doing now is pointless. Don't let your petty emotions take control of your character. It's unlike you." He arrogantly calls out to you, as if you're his underling.

You don't respond to him however. Instead, you simply look away. After a few more seconds, you drop Potato to the ground and he squirms over in pain, coughing up bits and bits of blood. With a look of death in your face, you simply walk out of the room without saying another word.

"Running off, Kiryu?" A voice echoes. It's Thrigon. "I've seen the situation over there and it ain't pretty. But this is the kind of world we live in. Every time we kill somebody...Who's to say it doesn't have this kind of effect on the enemy?"

You don't bat an eyelash to his comment. You just turn away and walk towards your room. When you arrive, you collapse onto your roughed up bed. "Loukar, I refuse to forget your death. But should I get even with the Saiyan army...Or should I await further orders from Rem? You wonder to yourself. "No, the best decision is clearly to:"

A) Avenge Loukar immediately by hunting down the Saiyans. They couldn't have gotten too far away yet.
B) Wait for further directions from Rem. It's best to not act alone.
C) Contact old ties at the Red Ribbon Army. I've had enough of the Freeborn Military.
This Is War by Hangman_Link
Author's Notes:
B Wins.

"No, the best decision is clearly to wait for further directions from Rem. It's best not to act alone." You say to yourself while laying on your bed. You try to sleep until further orders are issued, but after everything thats happened, you find yourself tossing and turning until you decide to just leave your room. While strolling the hallways, you pass by many known soldiers. It seems that the others did better in their battle than yours based on the number of soliders strolling the base.

You approach Echo whose sitting in what used to be his room, at the bottom floor of Forte Hieno. He's the only one on that floor. He stares up at you as you close the distance between you two and says with a smirk, "Guess things didn't go over so well on your end. Am I correct, Battle Commander Kiryu?"

"Shut up, Echo." You boldly state without flinching. "I didn't come here to have meaningless quarrel with a fool like you, I'd just like you to fill me in on what happened with everybody else."

Echo kisses his lips in annoyance, but lets it go and responds decently. "Why ask me and not the others?"

You sigh aloud, clearly irritated and begin to exit the room. "Wait, wait, wait. Geez, you don't need to be so sensitive." You turn around and have a sit on the closest thing to a chair and listen intently. "I brought 14 people with me. 10 were Elites, the rest were Foot Soldiers. I came back with 6 Elites, and 2 Foot Soldiers. On my way too the West Gate, my Vehicle was trapped in some sort of swamp that appeared to be simple ground. After that, jets started flying in from the sky and a mass bombing took place. Caught my Squad by surprise but i'm no slouch. I literally picked up our truck and threw it 15 feet away within seconds. That got my crew out of the tight position but I was still in a dangerous area."

"Heh, you aren't a bad story teller." You smile.

Echo continues, "I had to power up for a battle like that."

"You mean your, 'Deighty Form'"?

"Hehe, yeah. I grew to the size of those jets up in the air and just crushed 'em all. Those pathetic bombs felt like spider bites once I got serious."

"I suppose I can fill in the blanks from there. Did you have any hostages?" You investigate.

"Hostages? Hehe, I didn't leave any room for their to be any of those kind. Not like it mattered. I heard you kept a few hostages and it didn't do much.

"Didn't do much? The rest of you guys would be clueless without those Saiyans' information."

"Eh, whatever. Rem'll give us much more information anyway." The carefree Echo exclaims.

"Whatever. By the way, how much men did Pitou-"

"Same as me," Echo says cutting you off. "We got back at the exact same time too. We saw each other from opposites ends and started bookin' it home. That bastard, always tieing with me."

You can't help but laugh at this comment. "Do you know anything about Thrigon?"

"Nope. All I know is he did better than you. Lost less men and got back quicker. You really did a sloppy job this time, eh?"

You don't respond to his comment. "No use blabbering about past issues. Emotions aren't important in such a serious situation." You think to yourself.

"Whatever. Don't respond to me then." Echo says, a little frustrated.

"I'll be on my way now, Echo." You say as you get up and begin to march out of his room. Just as you exit the room, Pitou appears as if from nowhere and begins talking to you.


"Well, it seems you've made a full recovery. Good thing though, considering how sloppy your mind gets once foolish emotions ignite in you." Pitou taunts you.

"Yes, keep talking, someday you'll say something intelligent. Tell me Pitou, are your parents siblings?" You reply bitterly.

Unamused, he ends the small talk and gets to the point. "I just received contact from Rem. He wants us all to abandon the Forte and head towards him. We're to bring everyone and everything that means something to us and head out in the remaining Vehicles."

"Ohh? What about the Saiyans. They could still be out there." You cautiously inquire.

"It's fine. Considering how much we killed today, I doubt any more are in the FBM's Province. And if any of them are, I doubt they'll launch an attack on 4 of the Commanders at once."

"Are you sure about that? It seems that Saiyans are suicidal creatures." You laugh.

"Hmm, I suppose you're correct. Either way, get your stuff ready. Rem wants us at Forte Valkyrie (Author's Note: Forte Valkyrie is the FBM's main headquarters. All of the top soldiers reside there, along with Rem at most times. Kaiba is there at the moment as well.) by nightfall. If we leave in an hour, we can meet his expectations so lets get going. I already told Thrigon and the other Soldiers so once I inform Echo, that should be everybody."

You simply nod at all of this and begin walking to you quarters. "Hm, do I need anything? I suppose room will be fairly tight so I shouldn't take anything too extravagant." Once you reach your room, you notice that nothing is intact and all your semi precious materials have been robbed. "Heh, lucky I took this Capsule with me. I don't know what I'd do if I lost such a valuable object." You say to yourself as you exit the room after throwing a few pairs of clothes in a bag.

After roughly 50 minutes of waiting by the Vehicles outside, many Soldiers start to slowly appear as they've prepared everything they need. You're glad to see that General White is making a swell recovery. He's not there yet, but he's in much better shape than before. He salutes you as he walks by and into another truck. Soon after this, the entire base has been emptied from what it was before.

"Just think about it..." Thrigon begins as he sits in the backseat of your truck. "Yesterday, this place had hundreds of soldiers and was a complete structure. We'd never even imagine such an attack taking place. But now? It's a waste bucket and we've been reduced to a low count of 41 Soldiers, excluding us of course."

"Yeah, things sure change fast." Echo agrees. You agree was as well, but decide to keep your thoughts to yourself.

"By the way," You decide to talk after all. "What happened to the 4 Saiyans that I captured?"

"I'm pretty sure Pitou executed them soon after you left the room." Thrigon responds as the Driver starts the car.

"Is that so?" You think to yourself. "Well, that's a darn shame."

3 Cars' engines roar and they all blast off into the brisk night. It sure has been a long day.


In a mere 4 hours of jetting through a large rural landscape, a large structure begins to surface in your view. The ride was rather boring; no action or attacks throughout the entire time. Just Thrigon making lame jokes to random soldiers.

"We're just about here." Thrigon informs the Soldiers. None of the Foot Soldiers and Elites have ever seen Forte Valkyrie due to them being specific guards of Forte Hieno. Hieno is a fraction of Forte Valkyrie's size.

"Whoa...So this is, Forte Valkyrie?" One of the Elites remarks while looking out the window at the structure that you're all closing in to. The Forte has 7 large buildings with large lights and spotters (Author's Note: People who use machinery to detect everything that has Ki and reporting it to the higher ups) surveying the area all around. Security is much higher here.

In a few minutes, the trucks all reach Forte Valkyrie. The Driver follows Thrigons instructions and drives towards a relatively small platform where all incoming and outgoing vehicles are checked along with the passengers. When you arrive, as expected, you are all asked to leave the vehicle.

As you and Thrigon exit your car, the Soldier running the security customs salutes you two. "Glad to see you've returned safely, Lord Kiryu, Lord Thrigon."

Thrigon gives him a nuggy as if their best friends while you simply walk past him after giving him a nod. Before you leave, you call back to him however, "General Blue, make sure you deal with all of the Soldiers and have people get them settled in here. I'm going ahead to meet up with Rem."

"Alright. I'll take care of everything here." He says as he salutes you. Thrigon finally gets away from him and runs up to you. No words are exchanged between the two of you though. You both simply walk up to the main entrance for the Commanders , and put your fingers up against a scanner. A green light flashes for both of you, and the door opens. You two walk in immediately and in a split second, it closes back up. In front of you, another door awaits. This time, it's an eye scanner. After another brief reading, the door opens for a split second. You're both finally inside the main base.

A large dining room stands before you, filled with 3 doors. One says, "Rem" on the front of it. Another says, "Ammunition" on it and the final one doesn't have anything written on it. Instead, it's an open door that leads to a large hallway filled with all of the Commanders rooms and leads to many other areas of the Forte.

Still without saying a word, the two of you have a seat beside each other in the dining room chairs. You notice that Kaiba is sitting on a couch a few meters away from you two. Considering he left here long before you, it's only natural that he's here first. However, compared to his normal carefree expression, he doesn't look well. It seems Loukar's death hit him hard as well. Within seconds, Pitou and Echo enter the room at the same time, both sweating.

"Damn...Another tie." Echo grunts as he takes a seat. Pitou scowls at that remark, clearly unhappy about this result. You can't help but laugh in your head about this. Pitou and Echo's competitions are always amusing to watch. Just then, the door that says, "Rem" on it opens up and...Rem appears before you all, with a distressed look on his face.

"Glad to see you all made it here. Let me begin by disclosing my sympathies and regret about Loukar's death. I take full responsibility. It was a poor plan on my part to leave only one Commander at such an under protected base. I hope you can all forgive me." Rem exclaims, before continuing on. "I'm not positive as of yet, as to why the Saiyajins attacked Forte Hieno. However, I will without a doubt find out the reason. These Saiyajins crossed the line when they killed Loukar and destroyed so many of my soldiers. I refuse to let this damage go undone. After a long debate with myself, I've decided that the Freeborn Military will initiate War on the Saiyajin Army."

"What! You...You can't be serious, Rem?" Pitou breaks out. Letting such a blind phrase come forth from him is unprecedented.

"A War...On the entire Saiyan Army...? This is some kind of joke, right Lord Rem?" Thrigon speaks up.

"I kid you not." Rem continues. "They have not only damaged our army, but our hearts too. If we back away from them now, we might as well disband our group."

"I concur." You calmly state with your hands held together. "For what they did to Loukar and the others, we have to return the favour."

"No, don't be foolish Rem, Kiryu." Pitou replies. "The two of you are being highly irrational and letting emotions get the better of you. Think about-"

"I already have." Rem says, cutting Pitou off. "I'm not the type to let emotions take control of me. I've thought this through fully, and I assure you it isn't the wrong decision. Not taking action now will impact the FBM's exterior look. We'll look weak in the eyes of the RRA and the Saiyajin Kingdom. Not only that, but our troops and Commanders need closure for what happened at Forte Hieno. I've already began to take action on our battle plan."

"Tatito, I agree too." Kaiba chimes in. "It's now or never. We've always known that it would come down to a war to decide a victor; a ruler."

"If this is how you feel..." Pitou begins, "I have no place in attempting to withhold you from your plans. However, may I point out a few things?"

Rem gives Pitou a nod and he continues. "For starters, if we attack the Saiyans our forces will be left weak here at Forte Valkyrie. Whilst the Saiyans won't be able to exploit this opportunity, the Red Ribbon Army can and will take action; they'll destroy us with minimal effort."

Rem smirks and than replies. "That isn't an issue. Not for us at least. First off, the Red Ribbon Army could attack the Saiyans who would be weakened too, so it won't be a one sides disadvantage. And as I already stated, I've began to take action on our battle plan."

"Care to explain?" Thrigon jumps in.

"Of course." Rem continues, "I've tooken the liberty in disbanding all of our other Forte's and have sent every FBM Soldier in this Province to us right now. They are currently on their way. I have no intention of sending our entire forces toward the Saiyajin Kingdom. We'll be properly guarded in both technology and manpower here at Forte Valkyrie. I suspect that the Red Ribbon will take swift opportunity in destroying us, so I'll stay here while all of you Commanders will go to War with many of our Soldiers; not all of course."

"What about the cost of this operation? Or the deaths and casualties? What if we can't win without you by our side?" Pitou continues to question.

"We're a multi billion dollar war corporation. The price is nothing. Everybody who works here is prepared for the worst; of course, i'm taking this into account and plan to minimize the death toll as much as possible. As for your final point, I'm going to pick a day and time where the Saiyajins won't have access to use the full moon so their power will be minimized. Without that power, you Commanders should vastly out power them."

"No...They can make Artificial Moons for combat now. It appears that the user who makes the moons power drops heavily, but it's a small price to pay for the whole lot of them." You point out to Rem and the others.

"Ohh? That's certainly unfortunate and may complicate things even further." Rem says unknowingly. "Hmm, no matter. I'll be sure to plan for that when I organize the main principal of our attack."

"Still...This is all so abrupt." Pitou says, still shocked. "But if we're going to go through with this, I better prepare myself. Approximately how long do you estimate before we'll go through with the attack?"

"One week." Rem boldly states. "Of course, this is the ideal time and I doubt I'll be able to get everything prepared in such a short manor of time. Nonetheless, suspect to be leaving for war in that time. Be prepared. You are all dismissed. Except you Kiryu, I'd like to speak with you for a minute."

The rest of the Commanders begin to leave the room while you sit still, wondering why you're still here.

"Kiryu, It's clear that you and I are the best battle commanders. Echo, Kaiba, and Thrigon are all great followers but don't conduct a cunning lead too well. Pitou on the other hand, despite his mass knowledge and technical thinking, he can't put himself in the shoes of his Soldiers which won't strengthen them as a team."

"I fully agree. Your point?"

"I want you to take charge of the attack on the Saiyajin Kingdom. Whilst you're all of equal ranks, I want you to take charge for this battle. I believe we'll have a much higher ratio of victory if we have your battle commanding skills at hand. Can you do this?"

"Hmm, I don't see why not. However, we'll all have to split up at some point due to the large volume of the Saiyan Kingdom. This may weaken the overall strategy."

"That's fine. Just be sure to instruct them before any of you are split up. I hope to see an exceptional result, Kiryu."

"Heh, it appears that the pressure is on me. I better not crumble."

Rem smiles at this comment, but doesn't reply. He simply stands up, puts his hand on your shoulder for a brief second and walks back to his Quarters.

"Well," You think to yourself as you get up. It appears I have roughly a week of spare time. What should I do to kill boredom?" You walk to your Quarters and notice the time on the clock. "3am in the morning, eh? I suppose I should get some sleep. It's been quite the day."


You fall asleep soon after you lay on your bed and wake up to an annoying beep that continues on and on. "ugh, what the hell is THAT S***!" You scream as you throw random objects into the wall in anger. You don't like to be woken up when you're in deep sleep. You finally notice that it's an Alarm Clock that has been set to go off at this time. "I wonder what a****** did this s***. Oh well, now that i'm awake, I better get to do something productive. One week...What should I do?"

A) Hone my skills and attempt learn some new techniques. ~80% Chance of success.~
B) Leave Forte Valkyrie and go to nearby towns or cities to buy goods. They could definitely help in battle.
- What kind of goods will you buy?
C) Go into the wildlife and search for prey that can give you power boosts.
D) Explore Fort Valkyrie. It's been a while since you've been here so you might learn or find something interesting.
The Training Center by Hangman_Link
A wins.

"Hm, with such a short amount of time before we'll be going to war I better make my time productive." You think to yourself as you brush your teeth and ready your self for another day. "I've decided. I'll hone my skills and attempt to learn some new techniques."

You exit your room and a gigantic palace awaits you. "Boy...This place is even bigger than I remember." You walk down a hall that leads to a large 4 way intersection and notice a billboard that shows a map of this floor on it. As you scroll your eyes across it, you notice nothing that will lead you to a Training Room so you decide to flip over the page and look on another floor. After about 5 minutes of searching for it, you finally locate something of relevance to you.

"Finally. On the 2nd floor, eh? Right above the ground floor where everybody comes and goes. I suppose that's the most logical place an indoor gravity chamber would be." You flip the billboard back to its original spot and walk over to the elevator. You press the button to call the elevator to this floor and in roughly two minutes, it lands on the floor. Six soldiers walk out of it and give you a firm nod as they walk past you. After entering your security pin, the machinery closes the doors and begins to slowly move down one floor. When it arrives, the door opens without making a sound and a large Gravity Chamber awaits

"Ohh? It's even larger than it was before. Not a bad idea considering how jammed it was in here before." Right before you enter the Chamber, two Generals exit it sweating all the while. They of course give you a nod and our on their way. You open the door and a room the size of a large house appears before you. Tons of Soldiers are in the midst of training, totally oblivious to you.

"Heh, looks like I spoke too soon. This place is as crowded as ever."

"Welcome, master Kiryu! I'm glad to see you had a safe return to Forte Valkyrie." A women says as she stands beside the door.

"Thanks. Care to explain the changes made to this place to me?" You kindly ask her.

"With pleasure." She happily replies. "As you can see, the main room is crowded. This place is for everybody below the rank of a General so it gets quite busy. But if you look to your left, there is a door. Inside is a flight of stairs that will lead to another training room, with higher Gravity training and is much less crowded. It's for everybody else who isn't a Commander."

"I see. And where do the Commanders go?" You investigate emotionless while looking around.

"Inside that room is another flight of stairs that leads up to a high tech Gravity Training room strictly for Commanders. All Chambers have shock proof walls that refrain the room from being destroyed."

"Good. VERY good. It seems Rem is finally out of the stone age. But what stops petty Soldiers from going to the top floor, besides you?"

"Key cards. They are a new addition to our Training Station. You register for a Key Card and when you obtain it, it allows you to go to a certain level. If you try to enter a higher level in the Training Station with a low Key Card it simply won't register."

"Not a bad idea, but are you trying to imply that I have to register for this garbage?"

"Fortunately, no. Lord Rem has specified that I shall supply each and every Commander with their own Key Card. To assure they aren't stolen, they have been deposited into a safe in which only Lord Rem and I have the combination." The attendant smiles as she walks over to the safe, enters a combination. Once it opens, she takes a small card from it and closes up the safe. A second after, she turns back to you and hands you the Key Card with a smile. "Don't lose it. Lord Rem plans on implementing these Key Cards into many more things for the Forte to vamp up the security."

You roll your eyes and walk away. "Like this places security isn't high enough. I'm sure a spy will manage to break into this place any second now."

Once you arrive at the top floor of the Chamber, you find yourself in an enormous, empty room. "Heh, time to get down to business." You say to yourself with a smile as you walk over to the control center and enter '50G' in the machine. "This should be a good warm up." You throw your shirt off your back and it smacks down in an instant, almost making a dent. "I'll start off with meditation to find my center." You then sit on the ground and begin gathering Ki.


After what seems like hours of meditating you break from your concentration and stand up. "This Ki...I've never felt anything like it before. Such polished power. It's incredible." You say in awe. "I have to do something with it. Before it leaves me. But what? What can I make from all of this Ki?"

Choose A Move To Learn:

- Freeze Frame (You unleash all your gathered Ki into a paralyzing beam. If it contacts your opponent, they freeze in place for 5 seconds)
- The 4 Witches (You focus your Ki into your back bone and sprout two fully capable arms from your back)
- Perfect Guard (You concentrate your Ki into your arms and block any attack without damage)

"Heh, I know what I can do with this." As you think to yourself, the Training Room door opens and Thrigon enters. "Urgh, I suppose I'll put this Ki away for now."

"I thought you'd be here, Kiryu." Thrigon triumphantly states while putting his arms on his waist.

Annoyed because you didn't get to test out your new technique you bitterly reply, "You want a cookie? What the hell are you doing here anyway? I don't want to train with you. You'd do nothing but slow me down. Now get out." You tell him while waving your hand, signalling him to leave.

"What a harsh reply. I didn't come here to spend time with you, so get off that pedestal you continuously put yourself on. Rem has some bad news, apparently. He wants to talk to you."

"And it can't wait until later? I barely got any time to train."

"Barely any time? What the hell are you talking about? It's been 3 days for God sakes. The other Commanders have come and gone from short training sessions. You really go into a trance when you meditate...Freaks the **** outta me."

"3 days? I didn't move in an inch in that long? No food or Water? That's shocking." You shake your head and finally reply, "Wait, if you have been in here training while I was in such a state, why'd you say 'I thought you'd be here' when you came in?"

"Eh, just wanted to make myself sound cool. Sorta like a prophet, you know?"

You simply shake your head in disgust.

"Hey, don't look down on me. You just spent the last 3 days in some sort of coma."

"Well at least i'm getting training done. What have you done that's been productive these last few days?"

"Nothin'. I've been takin' it easy late-"

You cut him off with a crude remark, "You're ALWAYS taking it easy. It's no wonder you're the weakest Commander we have. I wouldn't be surprised if you're the first to die when we go to war. Hahahaha~" You laugh at him as you exit the room, while he stands there in shock. "I suppose I should go see what Rem...Ow. So...Hungry. Rem can wait, I need some foood."


After an hour of re constructing the time you missed, you head back to Rems floor and find him on the Computer near his room. "Does this guy ever sleep? He's always hard at work." You think to yourself.

"Good, Kiryu. I've been expecting you."

"So I've heard. What do you want? I was busy so you better not be wastin-"

"Silence! I'm not in mood for your witty remarks." Rem says as he cuts you off. "It appears that some of the forces I had directed to come to Forte Valkyrie were intercepted by the Red Ribbon Army. I've lost contact with some of the forces."

"That isn't exactly urgent news, is it?"

"No, but that isn't the problem unfortunately. They knew. The Red Ribbon Army knew exactly where my forces would be heading and what the best point of intersection would be. Now, my question isn't 'How they knew where my forces would be?' but rather 'Why did they act on their knowledge?' Even if I knew where random Red Ribbon Soldiers would be, acting on it would be useless. It puts my men in danger and doesn't accomplish much. It's not even as if we were in their territory. They came directly to us just to stop a small number of Soldiers...But why?" Rem questions.

"Hmm..." You think, "If I had to guess, I would simply say they acted because they wanted to know if they could have done so successfully. It could have been a test to see what our forces are capable of, how we would respond, or perhaps even to know if we are in any position to respond with force. Which we aren't."

"Not a bad theory. But here mine out." You have a seat and than give him a nod and he continues. "What if the Red Ribbon Army know about our plan to eradicate the Saiyans? Perhaps by a secret intelligence working under us. Again, the 'how' isn't important. It's the 'why' they care. If the Red Ribbon is indeed a neutral party looking for their own variation of a utopia, why would they help the Saiyans? Best thing to do would be to wait the battle out and than strike both weakened forces to take the victory, wouldn't it?"

"Of course."

"So why attack us and lend aid to the Saiyans?" Rem questions again.

"I think the answer to that question lies beneath who exactly in the Red Ribbon Army attacked us."

Rem smiles. "That's the conclusion that I arrived at."

Silence grows between you two until Rem finally decides to break it. "Well, it appears that we won't be able to head off to battle as soon as I had hoped."

"How much longer do you anticipate?"

"It depends on the circumstances."

"And if there isn't anything new brought to the table?"

"10 days more, perhaps."

You nod and stand up. "Well, I refuse to waste another moment here. Even with this short time extension, I have to get busy." Rem gives you the nod of approval and you step out of his quarters. When you look back, you see him continue to work on his Computer, doing configuration for the entire organization, still without rest.

"Now, what should I work on next?"

A) Go back to the training room and spar with Thrigon...If he's still there.
B) Leave Forte Valkyrie and go to nearby towns or cities to buy goods. They could definitely help in battle.
- What kind of goods will you buy?
C) Explore Fort Valkyrie. It's been a while since you've been here so you might learn or find something interesting.
D) Contact old ties at the Red Ribbon Army. You can give them valuable information to support them and maybe get information in return!

Authors Note: Remember to vote on which move you want Kiryu to have learned too!"
End Notes:
The 4 Witches won the choice and was the move that Kiryu had learned. :)
Battle Between Comrades: Kiryu Vs. Thrigon! by Hangman_Link
Author's Notes:
A wins.
"Hm. I suppose I should get some training in with Thrigon. He better still be in the Training Center." You say to yourself as you walk through the Forte, entering your security pins all the while. After a few minutes, you arrive back at the Training Center. You walk past the female attendant from before and head on upstairs. As you reach the top of the stairs, you see Thrigon exit the Gravity Chamber, with sweat boiled all over his face. It appears he actually did some training for once. Not like such a small amount will do anything though. He merely eyes you down as the two of you approach each other.

"Thrigon, get back in there. We're going to sp-"

Just before you sentence finishes, he delivers a powerful left hook to your cheek, causing you to fly off the flight of stairs and collapse on the floor down below. You wipe a fair amount of blood that leaked out of your mouth off and coldly stare up at him in shock and anger. "You..." You begin to shutter, clearly angry.

"What?" He replies with a serious look on his face. You've never seen him with such a pumped up look. He definitely means business. "As I thought," he continues. "Well, are you going to get up or not? You do want to spar, right? Hurry your ass up then." He boldly finishes as he walks back into the room.

"That cocky bastard." You say to yourself as you stand up. "I suppose it's time for me to show him how out of shape he actually is." You grip your fists together and walk up the small flight of stairs once again. This time, nothing interupts you and you enter the room without delay. Or so you thought. The damn Key Card needed to be activated in order for you to get into the actual training part of the room. Once you do so, a small door opens and you enter the room with a calm, yet deadly look on your face. Thrigon stands roughly 10 feet away from you, ready to fight. Even without looking at the Gravity that's set, you can tell that it's around '30G's. You can't help but let out a smile and think to yourself, "Ah, the adrenaline rush of combat. This will be interesting..."


Without wasting a second, Thrigon jumps at you like a wild animal with the intent to kill. Just before he reaches you, you breeze by to the side and avoid his assault. Seeing this, he attempts a backhand to throw you off guard but you predict it and jump back before it contacts you. Immediately after you do so, he takes a fighting stance once again and stretches his left arm to jab you in the face. In shock, it directly hits you for small damage. However, that was only the gateway to his combo. Jab jab jab. Thrigon continuously stretches his arm in a series of combos, leaving you completely helpless. Before you know it, the distance between the two of you has closed and he's right in your face continuously shooting out his "Flicker Jabs".

"Damn it...I'm completely at his mercy. I have to find a way to break from this. If I let my guard off, it'll signal him to shut me down with his right. He's just waiting for that to happen...What else can I do though?" You think while trying to defend from his assault.

Still without breaking his focus, he continues to pummel you and in seconds you're up against the wall still holding onto your guard. "That's it!" You say to yourself. You loosen your guard and Thrigon finally breaks a smile. He immediately takes advantage of this and unleashes his right fist that he's been saving for the entire fight. Just before it contacts your head you yell out, "Attenuate~!" Once you do so, your body shrinks down to the size of a golf ball. His fiery blow smashes into the Gravity Rooms wall and a horrifying impact explodes from it. You look up at Thrigon and smile as he stares at the wall in shock and disbelief.

"What? Where did you go!?" He calls out.

"Return!" You say to yourself with a high pitched squeaky voice. Just as you do so, a small quake erupts from below Thrigon and you start to return to your regular, Giant self.

"Uhh...!" You continues to stare at you in confusion. "H-how did you do that, Kiryu?"

"Heh, surprised are we?" You reply vigilantly. "By contracting all the muscles in my body, i'm able to shrink down my size. Basically, I eliminate all of the muscles in my body within an instant, leaving only what is necessary to live. Unfortunately, it takes a large toll on my body and Ki when I return to my regular state, but it's worth it to get out of threatening situations. I can only stay in that form for a very short time however, due to the lack of near essential body compositions."

"Well I'll be...You've never let out that move before. I'm honored that i'm the first." He says in astonishment.

"Heh, who said you were the first? Ha!" You break the chat and rush at him with your gigantic body, leaving very little room for him to evade. However, due to his slender Namekian body he avoids each of your attacks with a pace slightly above yours. It appears that your large body is slowing you down too much. After a few seconds of punches that have struck nothing but the air, Thrigon begins to attack back, throwing in flicker jabs at every opportunity he can. Before you get caught up in his pace again, you jump back eying his arms all the way, making sure you aren't caught by his Namekian Arm.

"I've had just about enough of this!" You scream out in annoyance. "Giant Bulldozer!" You stretch your arms back and muscle mass begins to ignite within them as they grow. Thrigon jumps back in fear and prepares to block the attack. Your arms fire out at a rapid speed and smash into Thrigon head on, totally destroying everything around you two. Blood drips from Thrigon's body as he stands in front of you, totally wiped out his remaining Ki. Behind him are two craters which erupted from your arms. They smashed right through the wall of the so called "Impenetrable Gravity Room". People from other floors of Forte Valkyrie peak through the cracked palace and begin to silently watch your battle.

"Ow." He simply states, clearly in immense pain. Without giving him another second to rest, you leap at him in a violent manner still keeping your fighting stance. In pain, he simply can't escape from you so he throws his arms back and fires a ruthless Ki Blast towards you. Unable to avoid it, you throw up your guard with your brilliant reflexes and absorb into the blast. You fly back onto your side of the wall and smash into it with a loud "THUD!". He replies to your ruthless fighting style with his own and begins to let loose a rapid fire of Ki Blasts without letting you rest.

"Da da da da da da da da da DA!" You collapse to your knees after his reign of Ki Blasts are over, blood dripping from you this time.

"Heh, not bad..." You compliment him, "However, I think that it's time that I got serious. You've had your fun, but I feel that I must make it known to you..."

"Don't make me laugh, Kiryu. Overused line is overused. Make what known, HUH?" He taunts.

"It's time for me to make how far you've dropped in the Commanders power scale known." You boldly reply.

"Is that so? Haha, come at me." He takes his fighting stance once again, in preparation of setting up his deadly flicker jabs. You do the same. He stretches his arm out and begins his combination of attacks, while you evade them with your massive body. "Urgh, how are you dodging them so easily when they gave you so much trouble before!?"

Without replying, you grab his fist with your over sized arm and begin to crush all the bones that reside within. Thrigon screams in pain and runs towards you in preparation to let out a speedy kick to your face but without losing your focus, you fling his arm that you previously had captive and launch a ruthless counter attack to the Namekians face. Thrigon screams in pain and flies into another wall of the Gravity Room, causing another loud "THUD!".

"Haaaaaaaa!" You scream at the top of your lungs and let out a burst of aura that emits from you, finally showing your full power. You bat an eye at the surrounding area and notice that a large number of Soldiers, Elites, Frontier Agents, and Generals are all watching the fight intently. Makes sense considering how seldom they'll have an opportunity to see a Commander vs. Commander. Without wasting another second, you let off a speed blitz towards Thrigon and lead up with a series of life threatening blows. Still weakened from your previous attack, he has barely enough energy to stand up let alone fend off your attacks. Even while knowing this yourself, you refuse to let down on him. Hundreds of your strongest attacks strike Thrigon in a continuous ambush. He's totally helpless. Blood continues to squirt around the room and all over the floor as you release merciless punch after punch. He holds his ground for less than two minutes, and finally collapses to the ground, still not unconscious.


"Pth," You spit on the painted floor. "Is this all you got? I knew you were weak but this is pathetic." You pick him up by the collar with your left hand and wind up one last punch. "Let this come as a message from a friend..." A large "CRACK" is heard as your fist collides with his bear face once again. It appears that he didn't even have enough blood left in his head to let anymore squirt out. He peacefully collapses onto the ground and his eyes begin to turn white. The crowd all stare at you in terror, totally shocked that you would do this to somebody and than call them your friend. You feel a large adrenaline rush surface through your body and you feel like screaming in joy, but you hold yourself back, due to the large crowd and the scenario you're currently in.

"Somebody, get him to the medic. I have some other things I'd like to be done." A few Foot Soldiers run up to Thrigon after this comment and gently put him on a stretcher that seems to have appeared from their asses. You leave the room and exit the Training Center without saying another word. You enter your security pin into the elevator and it begins to rise up in the air. You set it so it docks at the Commanders and Rem's floor.

As you walk out you think to yourself, "Perhaps I was a tad too hard on him. Nonetheless, he needed to learn the lesson. I don't want anymore friends' bodies to pile up when I could have potentially prevented them."

You let out a large yawn and think about taking a nap, but fighting Thrigon didn't tire you out enough to put you down for the night. "Hm, what should I do next? I still have a lot of time to spend around this place before we set out to War." You say to yourself aloud.

"Talking to yourself again aren't we, Kiryu?" A voice calls out from down the hall.

"Hmm? Oh, it's just you Echo." You reply.

"I see you did a number on Thrigon. Poor guy didn't stand a chance."

"You were watching the battle as well? I didn't see you in the audience."

"Eh, I got to the show kind of late. Just in time to see you crush him into the wall though, haha. Nice job there."

"I see. Echo, you know that it was necessary for me to do that. None of you guys would have had the guts to put him back in his place."

"Yup, you got that right. The boy needed a good old ass woopin'."

"Glad to see you agree." You walk right past him after that, with no intent to say another word but he continues the conversation.

"Thanks for destroying our floor in the Training Center by the way."

"Heh, oh right. Forgot about that. My bad..."

"I guess the others and I won't be gettin' much trainin' before the war because of you. Psh, why did you gotta go and do that."

"We're in good condition for the war. Thrigon wasn't. I don't want him to die so I took the necessary approach."

"Yeah, yeah. I get THAT but you could have taken it easy on the Gravity Room. Jesus, that kinda damage is going to take weeks to get fixed."

"Well you'll just have to deal with it. I've gotten my share of training. Shame you all didn't take the chance when you had it. Now excuse me, I have things to do. I suggest you find another way to prepare for the war yourself." After that, you turn around not saying another word to Echo.


"Where was I?" You think to yourself. "Oh right, I was going to..."

A) Leave Forte Valkyrie and go to nearby towns or cities to buy goods. They could definitely help in battle.
- What kind of goods will you buy?
B) Explore Fort Valkyrie. It's been a while since you've been here so you might learn or find something interesting.
C) Have a nap. Who knows what the dream world has to offer tonight.
D) Contact old ties at the Red Ribbon Army. You can give them valuable information to support them and maybe get information in return!
Underground by Hangman_Link
Author's Notes:
B Wins.
"Hm, what should I do next? I still have a lot of time to spend around this place before we set out to War." You say aloud. "Well, I suppose I should explore the Forte once again. It's been a long while since I was last here. Who knows what has changed here." You walk to the main intersection of the floor you're currently on, (Authors Note: Rem and the Commanders reside on the 2nd floor) and look at the map once again.

Outside Of Forte Valkyrie Map:


(Authors Note: The "Large Walls" are the pathway that you drove in from when you first arrived at Forte Valkyrie. You came from the East way)

"Hmm, four floors in this place, excluding the 2 underground floors that I know of. It seems that Rem added a floor since I was transfered to Forte Hieno; I wonder what he did with the others. Well, no use talking about it..." You say to yourself as you walk over to the elevator. No use exploring the 2nd floor, as you already know what's on it. After pressing the button to call the elevator, it returns to your floor almost immediately. Inside the elevator are four Elites with sweat boiled down their face. It appears they just finished training in their floor. As you walk in, all of them give you a bow and greet you with respect. How boring. The doors to the elevator shut and it rises up a floor. All of you guys exit the elevator at this floor and it immediately closes and begins moving away from this floor after 2 people enter it again.

"I see..." You say to yourself while looking around. "This is the floor where all of the Elites and Foot Soldiers reside. Not much has changed since I was last here on this floor." Even though you don't expect to find anything new, you decide to venture through the floor anyway. Hundreds of rooms await you as you walk down the main corridors of the third floor. A few of them have opened doors and when you peak in, you notice that there are 8 beds in each room on this hall. Extremely jam packed even with the mass number of rooms. Once you finish venturing down that hall, a 3 way intersection appears before you. You look back and notice that the hall you just went through is labeled, "Foot Soldiers". Another one is labelled, "Elite Soldiers". The third and final Hall is labelled, "General Cafeteria" just like at Forte Hieno. Only difference is that this place has a lot more Soldiers in it, despite the fact that it only provides for two groups of Soldiers, rather than four.

You take a peak at the General Cafeteria and notice an extremely large crowd of people all chowing down. It appears that there is a shortage of Cook's for these people, considering the long lineup for food. "Heh, and us Commanders have our own supply of food to ourselves. What a pity. If only they were stronger." You don't feel any sadness for their living condition however. You simply smirk at them and walk back to the main intersection, and from there, go down the hallway for the Elites.

"Well, at least they have slightly better living conditions." 4 People per room, and each rooms are a little larger. Just as much rooms all together though. Bored of exporing these low levels' floor, you decide to try your luck at the fourth floor. You do the same boring routine from entering your security into the elevator, to having guards bow to you when you enter, until you finally arrive at the fourth floor. The top of the building.


Immediately after walking through the elevator door, you notice how clean this floor is compared to downstairs. You look at a sign right beside the elevator which says, "Frontier Agents: Left Hall / Generals: Right Hall." You acknowledge this and head down the hallway on the right. (Authors Note: Frontier Agents are the same rank as Generals, but they go out on solo missions as spies or to infiltrate somebody or some place)

"I suppose I'll pay General White a visit. It's been a while since I've spoken to him - Since the last mission, really." You say to yourself while wondering down the hall, looking for his room. "Ugh, it would help in finding him if I had a clue where he is on this floor." You say with annoyance.

"Commander Kiryu, what brings you here?" A mysterious voice calls out from behind you. You turn to face it and notice a tall man with flaky red hair and a well formed body. He's wearing blue jeans and an overcoat, but no shirt beneath it.

"I'm searching for General White. Do you happen to know where he is?" You question the man.

"White? Yeah, follow me and i'll bring you to his room."

You simply nod and follow his fairly fast pace. He leads you further down the hall until you are just about at the end. Three doors before the end of the hallway, the man pushes open a door that was near closed and you see White lying on a comfy futon reading a book. He looks over at you two as you guys walk in.

"Commander Kiryu, it's good to see you again." He greets you while standing up to show formality.

"Enough of the formality, White. It doesn't suit you."

He smirks at this comment. "Well, what brings you here Commander?"

You have a seat on the futon across from White's and reply, "I was wondering how your recovery went, also..." You stop mid sentence and look over to the door to notice the man who brought you here is still in the room, listening intently. "You can go now." You bitterly call out to him while motioning him to leave.

He doesn't reply. He simply takes his hand from under the desk by the door and gives you a nod before he leaves, shutting the door behind him.

"Anyway," White begins. "The recovery was a complete success. I made it to the medic before any serious damage was sustained. So here I am, just preparing for the War that Lord Rem announced a few days back."

"Heh, preparing by reading a book?" You taunt.

"Well, I suppose I have been taking it easy today. I should probably hit the Training Center sometime soon."

"I see..." You acknowledge him. "I'll be on my way now. I've just been looking around the Forte; been a while since I've been here after all." You say to him while ending the chat and standing up. Right before you exit the room, you notice a small Capsule laying on a Bookcase's bottom shelf.

"Hmm?" You wonder. "A Dino Capsule...Why is that here?" You question White.

He stands up and walks up to you with a confused look on his face. "Aren't these only produced in the Red Ribbon Army?" He questions.


"Don't you have one?" White investigates, once again.

"I do. But that is neither here nor there. Why is one here and now, in your room?"

"Generals and Frontier Agents share rooms...This isn't only my room. I reside here with Colonel Silver."

"Never met him."

"Huh? Yeah you have. He's the one that escorted you here." White informs you.

"Is that a fact. Keep an eye on him for me, he makes me feel...uneasy."

"Will do, sir. I'll report back if I find anything of interest."

You pull your sleeve down and pick up the Capsule without putting your hands on it. "I'll be taking this now." You retort to White before you exit the room, to see Colonel Silver a few meters away from you leaning against a wall, clearly waiting for you to be gone so he can return to his room. You eye him down as you wonder past him, clearly suspecting him of...something.

Once you return to the main lobby of the fourth floor, you look down the hallway to the left. You think about if you have any need to go down that hall, and decide against it. Nothing down there but a bunch of unknown people that you have no intention of talking too. After deciding this, you enter the elevator once again.

"Only one place left to go: The underground floor." You then enter a few digits into the security confirmation and the elevator moves once again, this time dropping down several floors. You now know that the first floor is where the Training Room resides and all the entry/exit stuff goes on. The second floor holds all of the Commanders and Rem's rooms. The third floor is shared for the Foot Soldiers & Elites. Same for the fourth floor, except for the Generals and Frontier Agents. The Prison is self explanatory and the Check In is nothing but a lot of security. But what goes on underground?

The elevator arrives after several minutes and when you exit, you notice a large locked door a few feet in front of you. "Hmm? Am I blocked off?" You question yourself before noticing a small gadget that will allow you to swipe your Key Card. After doing so, the machine acknowledges your rank and the door opens, leaving just enough time for you to enter. As you walk in, the first structure that catches your eye are all of the Computer Monitors. Twelve all together. You walk closer to them and notice that they are monitoring the entire Forte. As you browse, you notice mediocre events taking place on different floors of the entirety of Forte Valiyrie.

"Rem you sly dog. Who would have thought that you had even more security in place. Judging by the dust in this place though, I doubt he's been here in a while." Curiosity strikes you and you begin looking at the tapes that have been recording. You browse through the monitors on the Computers and scan what's going all over the Forte for yourself.

"We really need to get to war...These so called 'Soldiers' are really slacking off. I suspect a large amount of casualties on our side during this war." You continue flicking through the monitors and notice several things. It's hard to see from the angle the camera is looking at but it appears that Rem is still awake, on that damn Computer of his. "I wouldn't want to be in his position. So much work when preparing for an event such as a War."

It appears that Thrigon is training in the Generals part of the Training Center. A few of them are attacking him at once and he seems to have the upper hand. Looks like he's recovered quite quickly after that discouraging loss.

"Lookie there, White is on his way to the Training Center it seems. A tad late to be hitting the gym, but he's making the effort nonetheless. I wonder if I can find his roommate Colonel Silver anywhere..." You continue to glance through all the slides but can't seem to find him anywhere on the 4th floor. You try your luck at looking through the other floors but can't seem to find him anywhere, so you give up and just lurk through the rest of the current data to see if you can find anything worthwhile.

In a few minutes, you find yourself passing by the Prison. Of course nothing that interests you is going on so end the transmission with the Computer and continue to walk through the underground floor you're currently on. Several fully grown Rats pass by you as you wander the dark halls. They seem to all be heading in one direction for some reason. The smell of the basement begins to intensify as you continue to walk until you find yourself staring at an enormous pile of Rats all chewing on some sort of body?

"What...What the hell is going on?" You say in wondering as you run up to them. The loud noises you make while doing so frightens the Rats and the majority of them disappear into the darkness. "This is..." You think to yourself in disbelief.

Laying against a wall at the end of the hallway is a man with the uniform of that of a General. Who the body belonged too is unknown to you as of now due to the fact that it's fully rotted now. The smell alone gives away that this must have been a brutal death for this young Warrior. "Who did this?" You question yourself, still not touching the body. "Either way, I intend to find out. It's best not to touch the body so it'll be 'fresh' when I take it too the analysis."

You slowly walk away from the body, still suspicious. "A spy? No, the security in this place is impenetrable. The perpetrator wouldn't even be able to get to this level without a Key Card of a certain rank." You ponder with yourself while walking back to the elevator. "Misconduct between Soldiers, perhaps. Or maybe even suicide?" The elevator arrives at the underground floor and you enter is suspiciously, knowing that that Computer is probably monitoring you. What an invasion of privacy that thing is.

The elevator arrives on the second floor and this time, nobody enters it after you. You walk down to the main four intersection hall and make a left once you get there. "The Medical and Science staff should be somewhere down here. I'll have to get them to do an autopsy on the body to figure out the cause. This death could be meaningless to us, but on the other hand..." You end your sentence once you reach a series of doors. No Key Card is required for the medical room but to get to those researching scientists, you have to have a Generals Key Card.

You swipe your Key Card and the door opens quickly. To your surprise, the room is far larger than you had expected. Many scientists are hard at work doing who knows what. "Hey," You call out as you walk over to one of the many scientists. "Get me whoever is in charge of autopsies. I need to speak with them ASAP."

"Yes sir, master Kiryu!" The freshman scientist runs off and within a few minutes he returns with a somewhat old man with a lab coat.

"How may I help you, Kiryu?" He delightfully asks.

"Come with me. You and I have to go check something out." You give him a motion to follow and begin walking towards the elevator. "Man i've done a lot of moving today. These legs need a break soon."

You reach the elevator and press the button to signal it to return. Within a few seconds, it arrives. Again, nobody is in it. It must be late for the base to be so quiet. You walk in to the elevator and notice that the Autopsy Scientist isn't with you. You hold the doors for the elevator and peak out to see him slowly marching towards you two. Man he's old.

The elevator powers down to the underground floor after he jumps into it. "So, what is the reason you want me down here for?" He questions.

"You'll see." You assure him before the elevator comes to a halt at the lowest level of Forte Valkyrie. The two of you walk out of it and he notices the large mass of Computers.

"W-what's with all those Computers?"

Instead of making up a lie, you decide to just keep quiet. No use rocking the boat. You turned the monitors off anyway, so he won't be able to tell. In several minutes the two of you reach the end of the dark hallway. He got frightened a few times due to the Rats wondering the underground chamber. The two of you see the body.

"Who died?" He looks over to you, uneasy.

"A General, apparently."

"A General!?!? Who did this!?" He practically screams.

Annoyed by his idiotic questions, you reply: "I killed him. And I brought you down here to do the same. I hope you had a good life professor, because I can guarantee you that your death won't be all that pleasant!"

"AHHHHHHHHHHHH~~~~~!" The Autopsy Scientist screams like a little girl and begins running away like no pace you've never seen a geezer sprint before...Still extremely slow, though.

"Well, I suppose I should bring him back to properly fill him in on everything...." You say to yourself before dashing off towards him.


"So that's the situation." You bitterly finish.

"I'm surprised though. A General being killed without anybody knowing? If it's a Spy, we have a lot of trouble on our hands."

"Fortunately, it isn't a spy. I've come to the conclusion that one of our own may have did this."
"I have a hunch on who it might be as well." You think to yourself right after.

"Very well. I'll perform the autopsy without telling anybody. Are you sure about this though? Not even Lord Rem? He may become enraged if we do something like this.

"Rem has his own business to worry about. No point distracting him with trivial problems like this. Getting everybody ready and able for the War against the Saiyan Empire comes first.

"Fine. I'll contact you when the Autopsy is done." He agrees.

"Thank you. How long do you expect it to take?"

"I have other things to be working on right now, so doing this strictly on my free time i'd say 3-6 weeks."

"Damn it. We'll be in War for sure by the time I get the results back. Oh well." You think silently.

"That's fine. Oh, right. I almost forgot..." You say to him while putting your hands in your pocket. "I found this Dino Capsule in the Forte. Specifics on it are irrelevant but I'd like to know everybody that put their hands on it."

"Sure, but your fingerprints may have covered it up."

"It's fine, I haven't touched with anything but my sleeve."

"I'll do my best." He says to you while giving a nod. You two of you stand up and begin walking towards the elevator. You yawn as you enter in it.

"Now, what should I do next?"

A) Go to sleep. It's been a while since I've slept.
B) Contact old ties at the Red Ribbon Army. You can give them valuable information to support them and maybe get information in return!
C) Go see how Thrigon is doing in the Training Center. Perhaps join in yourself.
D) Ask Rem what the status on preparation for the War is. Perhaps you can discuss your battle strategy as well. You are in charge of a big portion of the attack after all.
Old Ties by Hangman_Link
Author's Notes:
B Wins.
After exiting the elevator, you greet the Autopsy Scientist goodbye and begin browsing Valkyrie's halls. Suddenly, a thought comes into your head. A unique one. "The Red Ribbon Army..." You say to yourself quietly. "I wonder how some of those guys are doing. More importantly, I wonder what they're actually doing."

You silence yourself as a pack of wild guards smash through the empty halls. It appears the Forte is finally waking up. You see Rem in the distance keeping to himself, still on the Computer working as if his life depended on it. What a troublesome life he lives.

"I could always contact old ties at the Red Ribbon Army. I can give them information to support them and maybe get information in return!" You brightly converse in your head. "Still though...What about Rem? Forte Valkyrie? The Freeborn Military? Perhaps it isn't right to do this. I have little reason to return to the Red Ribbon Army as of now. I'm content here at the FBM." You continue walking down the now crowded halls until you reach your room. You swipe your Commander Key Card and it opens in style. Once you enter, you notice a bed sitting in the corner. Man that looks comfy.

"Still though..." You begin aloud once again, "It technically isn't betraying the FBM if I don't give any real information. I might even get some very useful information in return if I play my cards right." You say to yourself while you take a seat beside the phone. Main line? No, it's best to use your Cell. Safer. You punch a few digits into your phone and an abrupt sound ignites from the speakers of your phone. Ring ring ring. Ring ring ring. The phone continues to ring on the other side. You didn't dial the main line to the RRA; a secret line for those in the Army with authority.

"Hello, this is the 'Yarmder Noribb', we are unavailable to get to the phone right now, please enter your 8 digit Security Key." A bot in the machine yells.

"Huh, what was my pin again?" You say to yourself as you begin entering a few digits in the phone. After you're done, you wait anxiously to see if what you entered was correct. It's been a LONG time since you used that line.

"Thank You for holding. Your call is important to us, Executive Kiryu." The box ends its transmission and a man picks up the phone.

"What's the only thing worse than Potatoes?" A deep voice quickly states.

"Saiyans, of course." You say in the phone with a smile.

"Hahaha, Executive Kiryu. It's been far too long. You oughtta give us a call every now and then."

"I wish I could. It's been busy..." You calmly reply, while reflecting on your current life.

"Still with the uh, Freeborn Military?"

"I am."

"Oh. Do you think you'll ever come back?" A small bit of emotion breaks out in that last sentence of his.

"I don't know about that, Hercule. As of now, I don't have any plans or desires to do so."

"That's a shame. We miss you around here."

"How could anyone not?" You joke.

"Hahaha, you know it. Still, you gotta keep in touch more next time. How long has it been anyhow?"

"Ahh...A long time. Perhaps even years. Time just feels as if it's slowing down. I can never catch a break."

"Look whose talking man. President Red is ordering..." He stops mid sentence.

"Ordering...?" You wonder.

"I can't tell you. That would be like, treason you know."

"I don't know. Would it be?"

You can hear a sigh through the phone. "Yeah...I wish I could keep you posted on everything but it wouldn't be right."

"It appears my intentions with this phone call are far from pure." You think to yourself.

"Uhh, Kiryu. You there?" He questions.

"Huh? Oh, right sorry. Hercule, let me ask you something."


"If giving information is wrong, would trading information be wrong as well?"

"Yes. Completely."

"I see. Forg-"

"Who said I wouldn't be willing to uh, do so?" He replies.


"Sharing a little blood between an old friend...It can't hurt anybody that badly? Don't go telling anybody in the high ups but i'm in charge of distributing news and gathering as much info as I can. If this can help, I don't see the harm."

"Well, that and answering phone calls. You're the most knowledgeable secretary I know." You taunt.

"Hey, I have you know that I've cooked up some pretty rotten criminals in MY day. There used to be this one guy named Majin Glue. He was something I tell you. I took him down with my crazy Martial Arts though."

"Heh, I see." (I'm sure that happened, you God damn liar). "So anyway..." You continue.

"Oh, right. Well, I'll tell you one thing because I fear for you. The Red Ribbon Army knows about the FBM's plan on attacking the Saiyan Empire and we WILL take action on the absence of the majority of your guys' army."

"What do you know of our plan on attacking the Saiyan Empire? And how?" You inquire.

"That it'll probably happen within two weeks before you all head out and that you plan on getting revenge on some Saiyans who attacked one of your Commanders."

Not exactly dead on, but he has a good idea. "Sounds about right. Continue, though..."

"Not so fast, Kiryu. I ain't gonna tell you anything more unless you cough up some information yourself."

"Hmm..." You think aloud.

1) Tell Hercule that Rem will be staying at Forte Valkyrie when we go attack the Saiyans.
2) Tell Hercule your battle strategy for attacking the Saiyans.
3) Tell Hercule a rough estimate of the Battle Powers all the Commanders hold.
4) Agree to ditch the FBM when everybody goes to war and go back to the Red Ribbon Army.


(Authors Note: Don't worry, not over yet. ;')

"Is that for real?" He says shocked.

"Have I ever lied to you?" You question.

"Hah, lets not go down that road. Still, I suppose I should hold up my end of the deal myself."

"Yes, you should."

"We have a Spy implanted inside of the Freeborn Military; Forte Valkyrie particularly. Quite a high rank too. So I've heard, haha."

Damn it! Is this for real? Being inside of the base can really threaten a lot of things. "I see. Who is this Spy?" You respond urgently.

"Can't say, man. Sorry, but you could easily kill him and we'd lose track of a lot of information. Be cautious, but let it be."

"How the HELL can I let it be?" You scream at Hercule, outraged. "Tell me who it is, now!" You continue to scream.

"I suppose I didn't give you enough information in return. I stand by what I said about not telling you who the Spy is, but I'll give you one more piece of information that may come in handy for you."

You don't respond. Just continue to wait for him to reveal it. Annoyance is written all over your face.

"The Red Ribbon Army. We have a bunker near your main base. You know, Valkyrie."

"A, bunker?" Shocked out of your mind, you respond slowly.

"Yes. The FBM needs to prepare for a ruthless attack from us. You guys don't know it, but we're already engaged in this battle. Rem, that's his name right? That guy is a poor leader. Come back to the Red Ribbon, Kiryu. You guys will smash into the Saiyan Empire with lots of destruction and we'll smash you. Who's gonna to win? An extremely weakened army that just got out of combat and is trying to come home, or a fresh army that is occupying your home? For old times sake, I don't want you to die. Just come back." He pleads.

"Go back to the bunker. What exactly is there!?"

"I won't go into details, but we've already started filling it with food, artillery, recovery items, and much more. Most of all, it links between the Red Ribbon HQ in an underground pathway so we can send troops to do a scissor attack against Valkyrie. Your leader, Rem, is so occupied with that uh, war against the Saiyans in two weeks that he's not looking at what's around him. He's being foolish."

"Thanks for the info, Hercule..." You quietly reply. Much is clearly on your mind.

"I should go now. I've fallen far behind on my uh, schedule and such. Keep in touch, Kiryu."

"Stay well, Hercule." You flip your phone shut gently. "Damn it, what should I do? Rem will freak if I tell him what I've done, but leaving this information to myself when I head out to war can screw the FBM over big time. Rem is doing so much preparation. Are we really this open for attack?"

You stand up and another thought strikes you. "The spy." You think to yourself. "A Spy is confirmed and they've been giving information to the Red Ribbon Army. A high rank also. S***, I can only think of that roommate of White. Another thing to note is that he's probably the perpetrator that killed that other General. Silver just fits it all so well.

You have a seat on your bed and suddenly it isn't so comfortable. Too much is on your mind for you to enjoy the small perks in life. "How the hell did a Spy even break in here though? Rem put so much work into it...How?"

You continue to think to yourself for what feels like hours until you come to a conclusion that you shall think of this later. "For now, it's best to act immediately. If the Red Ribbon Army knows of our attack, I imagine the Saiyan Empire does too. If I inform Rem of this, we might be able to leave sooner than expected and still make a preemptive attack. But how would I explain this to him? Perhaps I should just leave it all to myself..."

You stand up and feel sick to your stomach. Hunger? Perhaps lack of sleep. Whatever it is, it's taking its toll on your body. You decide what you should do.

A) Tell Rem of everything that went down with you and Hercule on that phone call. Be honest.
B) Tell Rem of everything that went down with you and Hercule on that phone call. However, don't include that you gave him any information.
C) Forget about it. Some things are better left unsaid.
The Talk by Hangman_Link
Author's Notes:
2A Wins. ;)
"I should tell Rem..." You begin, "Tell him everything I know. Although it may make me look bad and effect my status, if it helps us in War it'll be worth it." You open your room door and a large, empty hallway morphs. Not many people come around on this floor, let alone this part of the floor. You close your room door and begin to walk away from it. Onward to Rem's Quarters.

In roughly 2 minutes of a steady walking pace, you arrive at a Dining Room. The same one when you first came to Forte Valkyrie after Forte Hieno was destroyed. Rem is not in the room this time, however. His computer isn't occupied for the first time in a long while. If he isn't on the Computer, he must be doing something in his room just as important. You walk up to the door and give it a knock. No answer. "Huh? Not in here or at his Computer. That's new..." You say to yourself as you turn around and begin leaving the area. You can't get into Rem's room due to a specific finger and eye scanner that is used to open his door; same for his Computer.

You exit the Dining Room area and begin walking through the hall somewhat aimlessly. Where could he have gone? You take a left at the four way intersection in the middle of the second floor, and head toward Pitou and Echo's rooms. It's possible he could be around there. In a few minutes, a door awaits you which causes you to swipe your Key Card in order to enter the vicinity. Once you do so, the steel door opens and a small living room arises. Rem, Pitou, and Echo are all occupying the chairs and couches, talking in a group. As you walk in, they all look at you as if you don't belong in this conversation.

"Rem," You begin.

"Get out." Pitou barks. "You're in Echo and I's Quarters right now and we're busy. Now leave." He calls out to you while signalling you to leave with his hand. Echo nods in agreement.

Without letting him overtake you, you continue. "Rem, when you're finished your little chat with these two, I have some important information among other things that I would like to discuss with you. I'll be waiting for you by your Computer." He nods while turning back to the others. You exit the room and walk back to where you originally looked for him and wait. You wait for a few minutes on a wooden chair near Rem's Computer, silent and patient.

"What is it, Kiryu?" Rem says to you as he walks in the room, alone.

"I have some important information to give you. This will be heavy..."

He nods and has a seat beside his Computer. "It better be, because i'm a very busy man."

"Well, I spoke with an old colleague at the Red Ribbon Army, in hope of getting information for us..."

He looks at you in shock, but stays quiet. It appears that Rem plans on hearing you out before he shares his thoughts and concerns.


(Authors Note: You tell him everything that happened on that phone call; nothing more.)

"That's everything. What I did was dishonest and it may damage the trust you put in me. However, I don't believe I did anything wrong. This information was crucial that we got a hold of. Without it, you and everybody else staying at Valkyrie may have been killed or put at a disadvantage in the least."

"Perhaps..." He says. "Though, it appears that I should have been more upfront with you, Kiryu, on my plan to do everything possible that we reign supreme and change this world into our Utopia. A world that will allow everybody to live in equality."

"Hmm?" You wonder and he continues.

"I initially planned on only telling each Commander their specific duties for this War. This will keep everyone's lips tight and avoid unnecessary confusion on their part in the war. However, it seems that I'll need to enlighten each of the Commanders on the entire plan I have laid out."

"Why is that?" You ask, confused.

"To avoid you all from acting on your own. You made the correct decision based on the knowledge that you had but unfortunately I had already accounted for such an event."

"Elaborate." You quickly reply.

Without wait, Rem goes on once again. "I'll start with what the Commanders will do: You, Kiryu shall take command of the battle formation of everybody including the Commanders. You'll decide who will fight whom and the overall design of the attack. A very important job. Though, your main mission is over once you all break through the main gate. After that, each of the Commanders are instructed to go their own way with their own squad that I will assign you all. You will continue the main assault because I am confident in your leadership and battle commanding skills that you will put up a great fight and occupy the Saiyajins while other important jobs are being completed. You'll know when and how to move forward when the time comes."

You nod and he goes on. "I won't bore you on the details of everything Pitou, Echo, Kaiba, and Thrigon will be partaking in, but they each have an important mission inside the Saiyajin Base that will link to yours. You however, must be able to hold out until their missions are completed. You run the main force and even if they complete their missions, if you faultier, they will die. I trust that you'll come up with a suitable battle plan to hold out against their main forces that will floor out. Take the Artificial Moon into account as well."

"Gotcha. I won't fail, Rem." You motion for him to continue.

"I hope all goes well in the Saiyajin War. But what we do here is just as important, if not more important than what goes on with you all." He takes a breath of air and picks up a bottle of water and takes a sip of it. While he drinks you notice that he doesn't blink. It's almost as if he trained himself to cease blinking so that he would catch every glimpse of the world in front of him. At least that's what you got from it.

"I have been aware of the bunker in the Forte Valkyrie territory for a long time now. It surfaces somewhere around the southern part of the great lake in our land. I am the one who proposed this idea to the Red Ribbon Army...Well, in theory." He says with a smile.

Your eyes go wide and suddenly Rem seems like some form of God before you. Does he know everything? "I have 6 Frontier Agents who have been employed at the Red Ribbon Army for quite some time now. Years. I gave them the idea to slip the idea of an underground bunker that could be used for sneak attacks against other armies. They continuously fed everybody these ideas until even the Executives got a hold of the information, and proposed the ideas to the Chief Executives. It just kept going higher and higher until it was in discussion. The bunker just finished being built 3 weeks ago, apparently. I will use this to our advantage."

"Very clever, Rem. You never cease to amaze me. Having a Spy is one thing, but having a Spy implement ideas to the higher ups in order to benefit us? That's simply incredible." You think.

"I would not be surprised if the RRA has a bunker near the Saiyajin Empire too." Rem continues, "The bunker is stacked with artillery, food, weapons, and even medical kits. But not on their end. On our end. It would make more sense to keep all this stuff near the surface so you don't have to carry it all prior to the invasion on their part. But on our part, it puts everything we need right under us. Whoever leads that squad of the RRA down that tunnel will be met by Dysect and a large formidable squad of Generals at the end, at the ready for a preemptive strike."

"Hahaha. Beautiful plan." You praise. "Though, what if Dysect and some Generals isn't enough to handle whatever they bring? What if they bring thousands of people?" You investigate.

"That shouldn't be a problem. It's less of a surprise attack if you send all of your troops down that tunnel, because we won't have anybody to deal with on the other end. But more importantly, it's unethical. What if the cave collapsed and they all died? Surely nobody would be so foolish as to put all their eggs in one basket."

You nod and he goes on once again. "Dysect will exterminate all of them. Meanwhile, I will not show my face until a certain amount of time has passed. This will lead the RRA to know that not only are the Commanders away, but I too. They'll attack at full throttle for sure. If they charge with stupidity in the air, they'll be engulfed in multiple explosions and field traps I had laid out recently. This is just a bonus however.

"How will only a few Generals and weak underlings hold out long enough for them to attack you head on?" You question.

"We have defense. All of our traps and defensive measures that I shall instruct will lead us to not only hold out, but win the initial attack. If we don't win the initial attack, they won't have reason to attack with all their forces."

"No..." You respond, "The Red Ribbon Army won't lose in a battle of military power. If you plan to stall for any longer than 24 hours without more than petty defenses, you'll have all the men killed."

"Fortunately for us, I have one more idea up my sleeve." He calmly states with a smirk on his face. "Dysect will be here to support. Exterminating large numbers of foes should not be a problem for him. Thanks to his ability after all."

"That's true...That man is dangerous if you attack him without a plan. If he uses 'that', the initial attack phase will go to us without a doubt." You think to yourself.

"And onto the second phase of my plan," Rem continues while you think to yourself. You snap to attention immediately. "At this point, the Red Ribbon Army will be sure to think 3 things."

"At what point?" You question to verify your assumptions.

"Before they launch their second attack at Forte Valkyrie. They will think 3 main things. One is that I am not at the Forte, and am actually leading the War against the Saiyajins. Two, is that their men who came down the tunnel underground have successfully arrived and are in hostage of Dysect himself, and finally th-"

"I'm not following. Explain why they will think this. You're leaving out important details, as if you're begging me to stop you mid sentence."

Still calm, he answers you. "I am going to leak two pieces of information to the Red Ribbon HQ. How you ask? I'll leak the information across the base. There is most certainly a Spy among us, whom I haven't confirmed yet, but he or she will do the job. They will hear this important information and tell their superiors down at the RRA."

"Makes sense. But what is this information?" You question.

"The first piece is rather important. It's that I will be accompanying many of my Commanders to fight against the Saiyajin Empire and will therefore, leave Forte Valkyrie unattended. This sounds awfully stupid on my part so they'll proceed with caution. This is why I cannot show myself until later during their assault on us. Once they have confirmed that I am not at the Forte due to the mass slaughtering going down on the battlefield, they'll believe the second piece as well."

"This man is amazing. Even more-so than I thought..." You continue to think.

"The second piece of information is that a Spy in this base has been caught and executed. Of course no such thing has been done, but it will give the actual Spy a chuckle when he hears it and reports it. If anything, it will cause him to slip up on a later date or cause the Red Ribbon Army to have him dig him deeper into Valkyrie than he's ever been before. It's easy to catch people are liars once they start acting or being out of their character."

"I agree. Now, why would the RRA believe Dysect has been captured?"

"Simple, really. He'll just kill everybody in the tunnel with that ability and strength of his and use their phone to call the RRA HQ impersonating them, and saying something like 'We got him. That Commander Dysect. He must have been in charge of the base since Rem is away. We just snuck up from under and captured him when he was off guard.' He'll fake this phone call once he's done on the battlefield above of course. I'm sure you can figure out the uses of the RRA thinking this, can you not?"

"It will benefit you all in many ways. I'm aware."

"Good. I think that's all I have to say about the War then..." He says to you while wondering if that really is everything.

You smirk. "You really are underestimating them. If they come with a stronger force than you expect, your entire plan will crumble."

"You're completely right about the plan crumbling if such an event were to take place. But it isn't that i'm underestimating them..." He pauses for a second. "It's that I know how they think and I will play accordingly. War...Is simply a game of Chess. The only difference is that sometimes you don't have all the pieces of a set and your opponent does, which complicates matters further."

"Heh, if you know how they think...They'll know how you think!" You taunt in a serious manner.

"Not if I think outside the box." He replies with power.

You nod while staying silent. Rem is clever with his choice of words.

"Kiryu, prepare for War. You are all leaving in 3 days."

"3-3 days?" You question. "That's much earlier than we all expected."

"Yes, I know. I'm going to have to rush through some things; I shall pray that it doesn't effect the outcome but since you gave away the battle plan for attacking the Saiyajins, we have to leave earlier than they expect us too so we can still keep the surprise attack."

"It's possible, and highly likely that they don't know of what I told the RRA."

"Indeed. But in the small case that they do know, we have to act to surprise them. Always believe that your enemy knows everything you hope they don't."

"I hate to admit it, but that's completely true." You say in anger as you put your fist by your forehead. It's your fault that this is happening after all. And for such meaningless information to Rem! No use dwelling on it though. At least it caused Rem to enlighten you on the rest of this situation.

You stand up and give your legs a small stretch as you're ready to leave. "One more thing," You say to him. "I have a prime suspect of who the Spy might be."

"Leave that to me, Kiryu. You're brilliant at making logical deductions, but sometimes one must inspect a situation using more than just the raw evidence. That's the only way you'll always get the main culprit."

This annoys you. He's insulting you, isn't he? Seconds later, you turn around and begin to make your way out of the room. You can feel his stare burning your back as you walk away. "Before you go, Kiryu..."

You turn around to face him and suddenly he's right behind you. How did you not notice his presence as he came up behind you? "Don't you ever act on your own with such a matter again." Rem raises his right arm slowly with his palm open. He's going to attack you! Immediately after deducting this, you jump back and put up your guard.

"Fly away..." He calmly says to you. He thrusts his palm at you and a pocket of raw, intense air fires out at a rapid rate. The pelit hits you in your stomach and you begin losing your ground. Such POWER! He hasn't even formed a Ki attack, yet it's peeling through your stomach.

"AhhhhhHHHHHHH~!" You scream as you fully lose your ground and go flying out down the hallway, crashing into Soldiers, walls, and everything in your path. You have trouble standing up after that "attack" of his, but you manage to do so.

"Eeek, Commander Kiryu, are you okay?" A fairly young women runs up to you and puts her hands on you, checking to see if you're alright. "I better get you to the Medic, you look really injured." She quietly says to you, worried.

"It's fine..." You grab her hand and she helps you to her feet. You finally fully notice her. She looks to be about 18 years old and has black hair that is moderately long, worn in a ponytail. She has big black eyes, and a warm face. She wears a blue uniform with red pants, an arm band, white socks, and a red sash. You've never seen her around before. She could be new, but you don't know many people here so it's up in the air.

"Thanks for helping me up, but i'm fine. Just haven't slept in a while so my body feels frail." You turn your body and begin walking away from her. She runs after you though. This ignites you with a small bit of annoyance but you hold it in...for now.

"I'm Chi Chi!" She pleasantly says to you with a smile. "A General from upstairs."

You continue walking, but decide to talk to her until you reach your room. "General, eh. What are you doing around these parts then?" You interrogate.

"I just came up from training and thought I would eat down here. Care to join me?" She asks with a smile.

"No, I'm fine." You bitterly reply. "How long have you been working here anyway?"

"Oh, I don't know. Maybe 2 years now. I was just promoted to General rank 6 months ago. Before that, I wasn't working at Forte Valkyrie."

You see your room door in the distance and decide it's best to end this conversation. "Quite the story. I'd love to hear more but I'll take a rain check on that this time." You say in a sarcastic tone to get rid of her. She doesn't leave your side though.

"I can see that i'm getting in your comfort zone now so I'll get going. Commander Kiryu, I hope to see more of you before we go off to war. You may act like a jerk, but I think you're a nice guy underneath." She smiles to you and than turns around and begins walking away while waving. You acknowledge the wave and enter your room after entering your Security Code.

"What a strange women." You say to yourself. "Oh well, it doesn't hurt to know a few people that I may be ordering around soon enough." Suddenly a picture of Colonel Silver pops into your head which annoys you. Quickly, you erase it from your thoughts and let out a large sigh and have a seat on your bed. "What next?"

A) Go to the Training Center. Who knows who might be there for you to train with. Last minute training can be quite effective.
B) Leave Forte Valkyrie and go to nearby towns to explore. Wonder what will happen out there.
C) Go to sleep. Who knows what the dream world will offer tonight.
D) Jump out the window and kill yourself. Go out with a bang!

(Authors Note: Whew, that was a long one. Damn that Rem sure talks a lot!)
Arc #1 Finale...! by Hangman_Link
Author's Notes:
C Wins
"Sleep..." You say quietly to yourself. "I need some; I can't go to the War in this condition. I'll rest up for now." You throw your clean, dress shoes off your feet and lie on your bed in comfort. You don't toss and turn at all, instead just pass out quickly. So many thoughts on your mind while you drift off. A spy in the Forte. A dead general. A large war that you have the main command over the attack. A ruthless attack will take place at Valkyrie, with such little defense. It's one large game of chess between three super powers. The outcome...unknown.


"Welcome, Mr. Kiryu." A voice begins as you inspect your surroundings, "On behalf of the Red Ribbon Army, I welcome you to our organization. We're pleased to have you aboard. I'm sure you'll find life exquisite at your new home."

"I'm sure I will," You say with a grin. "Now, where are my quarters?" You question.

"Right this way, Mr. Kiryu." The man responds and leads you down a large hall. Hundreds of Soldiers pass you in the halls without acknowledgement. Busy town this place is. You walk up six flights of stairs until the man opens a door to your left, which opens another hall filled with Soldiers fooling around. The two of you tread through the hall until the man comes to a complete stop in front of a dirty door. He enters a key into the door and it opens, creaking all the way. A room awaits.

"Right this way, Mr. Kiryu." He instructs. You frown, and follow him slowly, while inspecting the room. "I apologize for the mess, Mr. Kiryu. I hope you find this room satisfactory for the current time. As you can see, the Red Ribbon Army has a large quantity of inhabitants so finding space for more Soldiers can become troublesome."

"Yes, I can see that..." You respond in disappointment.

"Well, I must be on my way now. The Missionary Report Station is on the 10th floor. When you're ready, you can sign up for any mission that is vacant. Some of the more difficult missions will have more Soldiers signed up for it for obvious reasons. You can take whatever you want though, but remember that every Soldier must have 52 missions completed per year or else they will be released from our organization."

"I see. One a week."

"Yes, indeed. I wish you good luck. Train hard. Work hard." The man gives you the key he used to open the door with a short smile before continuing. "Perhaps someday you'll reach the rank of a Squad Captain, or maybe even a Lieutenant. Aim for the stars, Mr. Kiryu."

"Captain? Lieutenant? No, don't be a fool..."

"Hahaha, yes I know. That's really aiming high up but as I said, aim for the-"

"That's not it," You cut him off. "Those Ranks are nothing in the grand scheme of things. I plan on becoming a Chief Executive in the least." You state with ambition.

The man practically spits out saliva in shock. "C-Chief Executive!?!? You do know how high up that is, right? That's the second highest rank somebody can reach in the Red Ribbon Army. There are only a small number of Chief Executives in the entire Army!"

"Yes, I know. What's your point?"

He stares at you in rage, clearly disliking your ambition and than he calms down and fixes his tie. "Nothing. It's good to aim for the stars. I like you." He reassures you, but you see right through his lie. You know he doesn't see much in you, but that doesn't matter to you at all. "Well, Mr. Kiryu. I should get going now. I'm behind schedule as is." He then puts his hand out to shake and you respond with class, by shaking it. The man leaves the room soon after.

"Hey, Black." You call out before he can leave the room.

He looks back with annoyance on his face. It's obvious he wants you out of his sight by now. "Yes, Mr. Kiryu" He responds, trying to play nice.

"I'll see you at the top soon enough. You'll be seeing a new Chief Executive soon enough."

"Yes, I will." He agrees. "But it won't be you!" He finally snaps before taking his leave. "He's not a kind man; I wonder why President Red would have somebody like him do this job. Nevertheless." You think.

"This room and floor is completely disgusting. This isn't what the Army promised; no matter. Soon enough, I'll be at the highest position in this Army so living with class should not be a problem." You walk out of your room after locking it back, and head towards the flight of stairs that you just came from. It's time to sign up for a mission; your first mission!

Once you reach the tenth floor, you enter a corridor and immediately notice that this floor looks much cleaner despite the fact that anybody in the entire Army can enter this area. This floor is much smaller than the others. Many desks are lined up against the walls with papers on them but there are no rooms on this floor. Only a handful of people are in this room. Some are in suits; some are just wearing casual clothes but they are probably all at a much higher rank than you currently are. You're just a Soldier after all. You walk over to each of the desks and read the heading to all of the papers until you find your specific Rank: G1 Soldier.

Scanning the papers and flipping them over to see all of the missions available to you, you notice that none of the missions are going to be soloed. Whether it's because there are so many Soldiers who need work so they sign up for missions and other people choose to join them later on or because all of the Soldiers here are cowards and refuse to go on a mission alone is unknown.

"Conquer and exterminate the Mushroom Kingdom". This one only has two people signed up for it. The difficulty is "C" Rank too. That's the most difficult Rank that any Soldier will ever be able to partake in. There is only one in the entire handbook here. Why is there so little people signed up for it? They must all be cowards. You jot your name down on it and sign up for it. You leave via boat in 2 days. Signup for this mission will close tomorrow but perhaps more will come.


You toss over in your sleep while you dream silently. While you silently sleep, your door creaks open and a figure appears. "Hello, Kiryu." The voice echoes quietly while your door begins to shut. You remain asleep.


CRASH! The small ship smashes over a large wave as it navigates itself through the stormy night. You sit silently with your head down waiting for arrival, totally oblivious to your surroundings. Only two people are in the small ship, excluding yourself. All three of you guys reside in the same room of the ship - the only room in the ship. The storm worsens and you wonder if this self navigated ship will make its way to the Mushroom Kingdom. The guy who programmed the ship said the trip should only take 2 hours, and its been nearly 4 already!

You stand up and walk towards the window to see if you can spot any islands. A small one lays in the distance. At your current pace, you can probably get there in 15 minutes. Not bad; only 2 hours late.

CRUCK! Another strange sound ignites from beneath you all and you nearly lose your balance and fall. The man in the corner laughs at this.

"You have a problem?" Angered, you yell out to him.

"Yes, I do. We're two hours late and not 2 words have been said on this ship until now. Excuse me if suddle moments of clumsiness result in me laughing. Don't take it to heart." He responds with an arrogant smirk.

You refrain from continuing this conversation and take your seat once again. The boat arrives at shore.


"Alright you two," The third man begins as he hooks the ship on the dock so the waves don't blow it away. "I'm taking charge of this takeover. I know what i'm doing. You two are just rookies; i've been a Soldier for 11 months now and know exactly what goes down on these missions. You guys on the other hand just started working at the RRA what, this week?"

"You've been a normal Soldier for nearly a year now?" The man that laughed at you earlier questions.

"Yeah. What of it?"

"You must be pretty weak then. I think it's best if you just stand in the back."

"What did you SAY!?" The man screams in rage. "I oughtta teach you a lesson now, you little PUNK!" He begins walking over while raising his fist in the air and doing nothing to protect his body.

"Is THAT his fighting stance?" You wonder to yourself. "Now now, don't go killing each other so soon. The people here should be capable of doing that to us if we aren't prepared so shut up and get ready. It's not exactly nice weather so lets hurry up." You demand, taking charge.

The "Veteran Soldier" didn't like this, but he listened...for now. All three of you start heading towards the large kingdom you see in the distance. The storm continues to crash loud as the rain poors down hard and the lightning drops on the ground creating quaking eruptions. Yet even with all of this noise, silence falls between you three until eventually, the Veteran Soldier speaks up.

"Hey, newbies. Get down, now!" He whispers. Without question, you two duck down and as if on cue, a flare of light bursts from the tower right on your location.

"S***!" You scream out in a whisper. "How do they know we're-"

"Radar. Didn't you guys read up on the manuscript for this mission?"

"Manuscript for each mission?" You wonder, "Never knew there was such a thing. Nonetheless, elaborate!"

"The Mushroom family have some sort of radar in their base that is constantly watching for anything that comes in the vicinity of 800 meters before the castle. Luckily for us, it detects Ki. That's our life energy."

"Ah, I see. And since it detects Ki, it doesn't have to be enemies; it could be simple Animals for all they know."

"You catch on quick. That's exactly right. So if we duck down, they won't find us...hopefully." The Veteran Soldier whispers back.

"By the way," You whisper back while surveying your surroundings. "What should I call you?"

"Me? The names Yamcha. And you?

"Kiryu," You reply.

Yamcha and you look over to the side wondering what the third guy here's name is, only to notice that it's just the two of you here. "Uh, where did he go...?" You question.

"I...I don't know." Yamcha replies, puzzled as well. Just then, a massive explosion takes place in the background and the two of you jump up. You look over to the Mushroom Kingdom and find that a large hole has appeared in one of the higher floors. "Oh...dear." Yamcha says, shaking in fear.

"Heh, guess we have no choice now," You say with a smile. "This really isn't my style anyway." You then get up and give yourself a little stretch and shake some of the water out of your air. Within seconds, it returns. "Lets go!" You call out before taking off in a quick dash. Yamcha, still shaking takes a few seconds to gather himself together.

"Uh, uh, yeah alright." He studders before taking off behind you. Rain continues to poor down and you notice that it's very difficult to run without slipping. Still, it's nothing that would stop you any time soon! "Ah, ah, ahhhhh~!" Yamcha screams out and a crash appears afterward which wasn't lightning. You come to a halt and slide a few feet before you fully stop, and turn back to see Yamcha lying in the mud. The incompetent fool collapsed in the rain. You can't let this slow you down. He'll catch up eventually.

"Wait for meeeee!" He calls out while trying to get out of the muddy swamp. You don't lose focus however, and continue to dash through the area while the alarm sounds in the distance.


Silence fills the area. Nothing can be heard other than your heavy breathing, and the storm which has begun to settle. You left Yamcha behind over 15 minutes ago and he still hasn't caught up. Well, considering you're hiding right now he wouldn't have found you even if he caught up. I wonder where that other guy is," You question in your head while backed up against the wall on the side of the Kingdom. Several Soldiers have come and gone since you've been hiding here. It appears that the Radar they have isn't too accurate considering they've been searching the area for a long time and haven't checked here yet. You don't have a doubt in your mind that Yamcha is probably at battle with them at the moment. "I've rested here long enough! It's time to break into the Kingdom."

You take one more look around the corner to find nobody on each side, and begin sprinting down to the front. In what feels like seconds, you reach the main gate without having anybody spot you. "That was easier than I-"

"FREEZE!" A deep voice screams out in rage! You slowly turn your head backwards and notice that a fleet of Soldiers are all before you. How they appeared so quickly is a mystery to you. "I swear to God, move one inch and I'll blow your head clean off!" The voice instructs. You can't help but smirk at this. "What's so funny scum bag!?"

"Besides your stupidity?" You taunt and than begin walking towards them without a care.

"I said FREEZE! One more step and...AH!" The man screams out as you vanish in an instant. "Where'd he go?" The man asks his Soldiers as they all look around.

"Heh, I really don't have time for the small fry. I have bigger heads to hunt." You say aloud to yourself, quietly. You stare down and notice many Mushroom Soldiers are looking around for you. In an instant, you had jumped into the air and landed at the top of the main gate. Originally, you thought it would be dangerous due to the possibility of a snipe post and the large flashlight they have, but that's much less of a risk than staying down there with hundreds of armed Soldiers.

"I'm up here, fools!" You call down to them as you prepare an attack. They all look up at you simultaneously in shock and fear. Some begin to whisper 'How did he get up there?' but you ignore them. It's time to end the weaklings' life. You bulk up your Giant arm and prepare to end this. "Giant Bulldozer!" Your arm multiplies in size and power and fires out at what seems like light speed to all of them. A loud explosion occurs once your arm connects with them, and they all die on contact.

Without wasting another second, you jump down from the main gate and land in the Kingdom vicinity. You run forward and enter the main doors; it appears that all those Soldiers left it wide open in the rush. Not very smart. You walk in casually and survey the area. The place seems fairly empty now that all the Soldiers are outside. This makes things easy for you. Time to go behead the Mushroom King!

You race up the stairs and run up 7 flights of stairs before you reach the top. A neat, clean door that is closed is at the end of the staircase. Much more tidy than all the other doors you passed as you ran along. Instead of opening the door like a gentlemen, you conclude that smashing it down with one leg makes a stronger statement. You do just that. CRASH! The door rips from the wall and flies roughly fifteen feet before it hits the ground, right under the Kings chair.

"I see you finally made it." The man in the Kings chair speaks. You notice that the guy that laughed at you earlier on the ship is in this room as well. He's in the midst of a battle, but its stopped now that you've entered.

As you walk forward, your comrade speaks. "Took you long enough. Where's the Veteran Soldier?"

"Who knows," You carelessly respond. "What's your name anyway?"

The King practically jumps out of his seat at that question. You know for sure that he's thinking "How could two people work together but not even know each others name!?!?"

Unfortunately, your comrade doesn't have enough time to answer your question. The relatively old man that he was fighting earlier leaped at him like a wild animal, preparing to finish him off quickly. The two of them stare each other down in a stale mate while you eye the King with a devilish look on your face; he doesn't look fazed at all though.

Without saying a word, you stretch your arm back and begin putting muscle into it to prepare an attack. "Giant...Bulldozer!!!" You scream as you launch your attack full speed towards the King without holding back. "Goodbye, old fool~" You call out as you unleash your maximum power into the attack. "HAAAAAAAAaaaaa...." You stop your screams of joy to notice that your fist has stopped dead in its tracks.

"Did you really think that I, the King was such a weakling?" The King stares at you as he holds your gigantic fist with his two arms until they begin to shrink back down to normal size. "Luigi, make sure you kill your opponent." The King instructs to his second hand man.

"As you wish, King Mario." Luigi agrees.

You don't back down, however. Instead you leap towards the King with the intent to kill. Still unfazed, he prepares a cliche combat position and takes you head on. You attempt to dig your right arm into his wide open face, but he predicts your obvious attack and ducks, following with an uppercut to your chin. Without showing pain, you jump back at him immediately. No turning back now!


"Ah!" You sit up in a rush, sweat dripping all down your face. "Was I...dreaming?" You look down on your hands and notice that they are shaking violently even after you've woken up. You wipe some of the sweat off your face using your shirt and try to calm yourself down, hoping that your hands will stop shaking. Why are they acting like this? You shake the rest of your shivers off and stand up; you feel dizzy and lightheaded. That dream must have really got to you. In any case, you feel fully rested at this time. It's been a while since you've felt this good with your body, despite the abnormal morning sickness.

"Commander Kiryu, Commander Kiryu!" Several loud knocks smash on your door and you look over to it alarmed.

"Y-Yes, come in." You respond, still shakily.

"Sorry to bother you, Commander Kiryu!" A Soldier apologizes to you before continuing. "Lord Rem is ordering ALL Commanders to his room, immediately. It's very important!" He demands.

"Huh, what is it that he wants? I just spoke to him a couple hours ago."

"Commander Kiryu, he says that you're all leaving for War!"

Your eyes widen instantly and you freeze for a split second. "I see. Very well then. You are dismissed." You decide it's best to not leave Rem and the others waiting. Whatever happens, it's going to be big!

You walk over to your dresser and begin changing clothes and getting into your battle clothes. You'll have time to prep for war later (hopefully) but it's best to get some things out of the way now. After that, you quickly leave the room and head towards Rem's Quarters.


"Gentlemen," Rem greets. "So glad you all can make it."

All of the Commanders, excluding Dysect are in the room. Everybody looks serious and prepared for whatever is going to happen. Nobody is relaxed even in the slightest.

"It's time. I finally have everything prepared and at the ready for war."

"Rem, has it been 3 days since we last spoke already?" You question.

"Don't be silly. It's only been 40 hours since then. I've just been working at a fast pace."

"Oh, I see." You respond.

"Meet at the front gate in one hour. You're all shipping out to war today. I hope you're all prepared, because preparation time has long since passed."

No words are said between the Commanders; even from the usually talkative ones. Everybody simply stands up and walks out of the room after giving Rem a quick nod.

"Are you ready, Kiryu?" Rem questions.

"Of course." You agree, with a smile that can't hold out any longer. You've been waiting for this day for a long while.


You throw your beloved Capsule in a pouch, and exit your room without looking back. As you step out of your room, you hear large cheers and screams of...joy? Without dawdling, you make your way outside of the Forte.

You walk outside the Forte's main gates and your eyes can barely comprehend what you see. Thousands among thousands of Soldiers of every kind are all lined up a few hundred feet in front of you, cheering and screaming with all their pride. They are completely ready for battle; they shall hold no regrets if they die.

The cheers and screams get louder as you approach the border of Forte Valkyrie's lines. It's frightening, actually. You finally reach the plaza and you're now in the midst of the aggressive culture of the FBM's Soldiers. War is just around the corner.

You smile and give your lips a small lick and your hands begin to tingle once again. This pleasure rarely comes unless you destroy somebody in combat. You must be psyched up as well.

"It's time." You think to yourself. "The Freeborn Military shall prevail!" You scream out in the air and thousands of Soldiers begin repeating your words. You're forced to plug your ear drums before they pop due to the massive amounts of noise.

"The games have just begun." You smile while looking up at the clear, blue sky.



(Authors Note: Since they Saga is over, I won't be posting a choice this time. I'll get working on the next update when I can. The War Arc / Saga. Hope you guys are enjoying. As always, comments and thoughts are appreciated).
Preparation by Hangman_Link
Author's Notes:
The beginning of the second Arc...!
"The War Arc!"

Continue reading to find out how this arc turns out, and even more: What fate that Kiryu ends up following!
You walk over to Rem and signal him with your right hand to walk away from the raging crowd so you can speak in silence. He gives you a nod and begins doing so.

The two of you head roughly 30 meters away from the crowd. The noise is still tremendous, but bearable now. "What is it?" Rem questions.

"I assume you want us to travel via automobile?"

"Yes. I have a fleet of Trucks, Cars and Buses of all kind at the ready. Why?"

"That's going to be a problem. I refuse to travel to War with such a vehicle. We aren't going like that. Period."

A frown grows on Rem's face and he replies, "It's too late to change schedule. You should have told me earlier."

"Now is the best time to tell you. A Spy is among us and if they tell the Red Ribbon Army how we are travelling, and somehow the Saiyans get a hold of this information, it can cause detrimental damage to our assault. The assault that I lead. So you have to make quick work and change our transportation so we head over in Cars, Planes, and Moles."

"Fine." Rem agrees, clearly annoyed that you pulled this out on him at the last minute. "But I won't be able to acquire too many Planes and especially Moles on short notice so the majority of the transportation will still be Cars."

"That's fine. As long as we have variety." Rem nods and returns to the insides of the Forte. Meanwhile, you head back to the main lines of attack. It's time to survey all the Generals and Frontier Agents you'll be taking with you.

You begin looking around and notice that there is a fleet of them. Dozens and dozens of them. "Kiryu, who will you be taking with you?" A voice calls out, causing you to look over to your left - where you heard the noise. It was Pitou.

"What do you mean?" You inquire.

"I ran into Rem on my way out here just now. He instructed me to tell you that we're short on one "Leader" and to pick a General or Frontier Agent that we're most familiar with to take the position. Since you're leading the main assault, he wants you to pick."

"Hmm, what do you mean by "Leader"?"

"Every Commander going to War excluding yourself has an assigned Mission to do once we get to the Main Gate. Unfortunately, we're one Commander short on Missions that we absolutely must do once we get to the Saiyan Empire, so we need to pick the next highest Ranked man that we know is strong and trust so we can assign said person on this particular Mission Rem has laid out."

"Oh...I see." You say while rubbing your chin in a formal manor.

"Sucks that Loukar died; we wouldn't be having this problem if the guy didn't go down. God bless his soul of course." Pitou smiles at this, almost as if he doesn't mean that last comment.

You stare boldly at him, pissed off already. If he keeps talking about Loukar's death, you might just kill him. Ever since Loukar died, when people talk about his death at all, you really get frustrated. "Anyway, I'll be going now. I should pick the General who shall lead a personalized mission now." You begin walking away, leaving Pitou high and dry.

Noise continues to grow and grow as you approach the main lines once again. The thousands of Soldiers haven't settled down at all in the short time you were away from this area. You pick up the Microphone that Rem is using to instruct everybody of their orders. "All Generals!" You scream out at the top of your lungs, even with the impact of noise from the Mic itself. "Report right in front of my right now!" You finish and take a breath. "No point in calling the Frontier Agents. I don't know any of them; besides, the Spies tend to be weaker and more of solo missionaries."

A horizontal line begins to form before you and you can see an enormous amount of Generals in front of you. "I only know 3 Generals...really. General White. Chi Chi. Colonel Silver. I suppose I don't have too much else to choose from, but I'll look around for more promising ones either way."

Once the line is complete, you walk over to the far left side and begin inspecting them all. A skinny Blondie. A body builder in a speedo. A dude wearing a bikini strip. Oh God, these guys all look like complete fools. Ah, General White looking as strong and serious ever. Right beside him is his roommate, Colonel Silver looking as suspicious as ever. After a while of surveying, you pick out 5 people from the line to choose who can be the Leader of this mission.

"Congratulations," you begin speaking to the 5 of them. "You five are all nominations to become a Leader to do a personal mission. This is very important so if you're chosen, take it serious; you'll have a large squad of people to personally take care of." You look around at the 5 once again. "Heh, I choose-"

A) General White - A strong fighter with a lot of tenacity. You know him fairly well and have trust in him.
B) Colonel Silver - Is most likely a powerful fighter, but you don't know him at all and you're very suspicious of him.
C) Chi Chi - Her strength is unknown to you, but she seems like an optimistic person with a lot of personality. She could be a good leader.
D) Tom Friendly - He's a fairly bulky Human that seems he'd be serious with any mission that would come his way. His strength and personality are unknown though.
E) Big Daddy - Totally unknown to you and looks suspicious due to his suit and formal clothes. But you've seen him in the Training Center before and he can handle himself well.
Mountaintop by Hangman_Link
Author's Notes:
C Wins.
"Heh, I choose Chi Chi." You say as you triumphantly stare down at the 5 Generals. You can see General White's eyes go into shock, and than disappointment but you refuse to alter your decision.

"M-Me?" She questions, clearly surprised.

"Yes. Chi Chi, Rem and I will fill you in on the details of this mission later. Until you receive our call, stay in position. Everybody else, go back into line immediately. I have no time for chatter."

All the Commanders break position and begin marching back to line in a quick yet structured manor. Despite your orders to return to the line, White approaches you.

"Commander Kiryu, why didn't you choose me?" He questions, still amazed that the unknown girl was picked.

"Does it matter? What's done is done." You state, ending the conversation.

White refuses this however, and continues objecting your reasons. "This mission could have turned my entire carrier around. If I succeeded and trained hard, the remaining Commander slot that is currently open might have been in my grasp. That's why this matters."

"I didn't choose you for two reasons." You reply, finally giving White the explanation he wants. "I want you on the battlefield with me. You're a great fighter and you show a great deal of charisma. You'll be an excellent asset on the front lines."

"That's a very selfish act, Commander." He says, apologetically.

"But not only that, but there is a small chance that I suspect you as being a Spy."

White looks up shocked and outraged, but than his face settles down and he bows his head in disgrace. "I-I'm sorry, Kiryu." He replies, holding back tears. "Whatever I did to lead you on to think that I could be a Spy, I deeply regret. I am not a Spy." The General looks up at you, his eyes bold and civilized. You can't spot a trace of lies coming from his mouth, nor can you doubt the sorrow he shows. You have offended him (for the better?).

You continue to stare at him until he finally breaks the silence. "I accept and respect your reasons, Commander." You nod and signal him to return to the line where the rest of the Generals await and he begins walking away. "Commander..." He boldly states without turning back to you. "I will follow you to the ends of the Earth. Not only as my Commander in charge, but as my..." White stops and stutters a bit before continuing. "But as my friend." He solemnly finishes. It appears that White is a high introvert with little to no friends.

The conversation is over and White heads back to the line, totally defeated. He put himself in a very vulnerable state. You can commend him for that. A brisk wind floods by you and it's almost as if time begins to fast forward.

"Kiryu, we're ready." A familiar voice calmly tells you from an invisible place. It's Rem.

"About time." You reply before you begin shaking violently. With fear? No, this is excitement. You're truly a cold blooded person.


Your car shakes abruptly as it travels over the rocky desert. This is going to be a long, bumpy ride. Rem had given Chi Chi her orders and informed you of them as well just in case she and her crew needed backup. Naturally, she was set off with more than one General and many Soldiers and Elites to keep the mission safe but she will be in charge of them all. Hopefully she has enough charisma, power, and brains to succeed in this mission...hopefully.

"Sir, how long do you expect the car ride to take?" General Tom Friendly wonders.

"We're going as fast as we can and since the Planes aren't scheduled to leave for 8 hours after us, I'm going to say a long time so get comfortable." Tom frowns and you can see the car sickness growing in his stomach as he rests his head back once again. This monstrous Truck is full of 36 people and you've been travelling for 2 hours already without air conditioning in the blazing heat outside. You lay your head back on the head-rest and begin to think to yourself.

"Chi Chi. Infiltrating the West Gate and destroying the Saiyans Radar system is an important job. If you don't succeed, the Saiyans will be able to see right through our plans. The Planes. The Moles. Everything will be ruined if the Saiyans can detect all of that coming. Chi Chi and her crew absolutely has to get in and destroy it all beyond repair. If what I was told is true and the Saiyans have those so called "Scouters", then we're in big trouble. From what I hear, the accuracy on them is incredible. Proceed with caution..."

You gaze out the window and see a fleet of other Trucks, Cars, and other types of Automobiles nearby but your Truck still leads the pack. "Just what am I going to do once I get there?" A shocking thought breaks into your mind, "I've planned out a minuscule amount compared to what I should have done. I'm in charge of tens of thousands of Soldiers and every body that piles up will be on my conscience if I don't plan correctly. The clock is ticking."


Your head thumps forward and bangs into the window, causing an immense pain to your skull. "Ooooow..." You slowly say aloud as your eyes open and you take notice to your surroundings. The Truck has stopped. Outside the window, hundreds of other Trucks lay beside yours. Inside the Truck you're currently in, ruckus has broken out in the backseats. Everybody is glad that the ride is over...or at least halted. Without wasting a second Tom Friendly rips open the side door and runs out, puking all over the mountain top.

"Wait...Mountaintop?" You wonder to yourself. You slide open the door on your side of the Truck and exit it with caution and confusion. Tom Friendly still hasn't noticed it but you and every other Truck has completely halted on top of a gigantic mountain.

The Driver exits the Truck himself with a smile. "With record timing too, Commander." He greets you.

"Care to explain?" You question.

"With pleasure. Lord Rem has instructed me to lead everybody to the peak of this mountain. This way, we'll be able to partake in an air force attack on the Saiyan Empire. Of course, we can always walk down to the base of the mountain and enter casually if you would like. It shouldn't take too long."

"That's going to be quite a jump for most of us to handle. It seems unethical. Then again, I can always support the others' fall with my gigantic arms.

"Lord Rem said that you would have this covered. I've done my job. If you're afraid of too many deaths from the fall, climb to the base of the Mountain." The Driver smiles once more and begins walking back to a large line that has formed. Everybody has exited the Trucks in a neatly fashion. Generals in one line. Elites in another. Soldiers in the third. Frontier Agents in the final one. You can't even see the ends of the lines. General White is at the front of the Generals line, followed by Colonel Silver and Tom Friendly.

You walk over to the edge of the mountain and look down below. Your eyes go wide as you see the massive size of the Saiyan Empire; it may even be bigger than Forte Valkyrie! A large grey gate covers the entire plaza (Think of a huge square that covers the entirety of the fortress). Looking deeper, you can see thousands of Saiyan Soldiers have began to flood out of the Plaza and are entering to the gate area. They know that you're all here. A large dome covers the top of the Plaza, preventing anybody from flying directly in. You can fly no farther than the Main Gate because of this, hence why you're supposed to get rid of both Gates. No use wasting anymore time here though. If you don't hurry, they'll have too many Soldiers down there to deal with.

You walk over to the vehicle that drove you here and enter a command at the front of it. A green light blinks and a Radar begins gathering data. "It's best to scout everybody that matters." You say to yourself. Lights begin flashing rapidly and readings begin to appear.

General Battle Power List: (Authors Note: This list does not show all of the Generals here. Just a portion.)

General White: 21 050 - He's improved since Forte Hieno.
Colonel Silver: 18 000 - Quite powerful.
Tom Friendly: 16 800 - Weaker than the others, but nothing to be shy about.
Joseph Pike: 23 450 - By far, the strongest General here.
Transny: 15 200 - The lower end of the Generals for sure.
Chi Chi: 19 500 - With a power like that, she'll be able to lead well.
Big Daddy: 18 888 - The man in the suit is stronger than you thought.
Jones: 16 000 - Weakling with a cool name.
Hugo: 20 000 - Who is this guy? He's strong.

Kiryu: 61 000

"Alright everybody, it's time for battle!" You scream while raising your right arm in the air!

"YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH~!" An explosion of screams explode in sync refusing to settle.

"My Battle Plan..." You begin to think, "If I screw it up, many will die. Everything has to be perfect. The Saiyans will know that we're all up here by now too. I have to destroy the Main Gate surrounding the plaza, and create an opening at the front of the plaza so the rest of the Commanders and Chi Chi can flood in through there and do their own Missions. Meanwhile, my army has to hold out until the rest have done their missions. Heh, sounds easy enough." You smirk and begin trembling with anticipation once again.

A) Free Choice - Choose whether you'll jump off the mountain or not, how you'll do so, your battle plan for once you get down there, if everybody will come with you on the main attack or if some will be reserved for later, who will be with you when you try to smash down the Main Gate, etc. etc. etc.

B) Jump off the Mountain and see how things go. Plans are only for weaklings!

(Authors Note: The Generals that will be accompanying Chi Chi will be herself, Big Daddy, & Jones. You can assign more if you wish but only of the ones named.)
War by Hangman_Link
Author's Notes:
Choice that won:

A) Free Choice - Everyone that can will barrage them with many minor blasts at the Saiyans down below, to distract them/take out weaklings. Meanwhile, anyone that can fire a actual beam attack at the Saiyans, do so (Preferably Kiryu, if he can do so.) That should take care of the Saiyans down there, clearing the way for us to jump down, supporting everyone, and shielding them from the damage of the fall.

As we make our way to the gates, everyone stays together at first. More saiyans are sure to keep flooding out. If they get large enough that we can't keep their numbers down with our sheer power, General White flashes a solar flare to blind them, then we destroy their numbers with a quick sweep of our giant arm attack. If by some miracle they begin to overwhelm us, we break out our 4 witches technique, and take them down.

Lastly, when Chi Chi and the commanders go on their missions, send Hugo. I was gonna send Joseph, but Hugo should be enough, and we may need Joseph.
"Alright everybody!" You scream to all your army, "We're heading out now. 3 seconds after I jump off the mountain, I want you all to do the same. Don't hesitate; I won't let any of you die. I want everybody that knows how to fire Ki Blasts to come to the front. As we fall, we'll fire everything we got down there to prevent them from firing back and injuring us on our way down. Sound good!?"

"YEAAAAAAAAH!" They scream out in sync, together and some begin making their way to the front; mostly Generals.

You walk up to the edge of the mountain and close your eyes with a smile on your face. No more orders are stated. You simply load up two generic Ki Blasts in your hands, still quaking with power and jump off. Your entire body shakes violently as the wind pressure begins to rip it apart at a ruthless rate. Within seconds, you can already see the ground that wasn't there when you were at the top. A small bit of fear strikes in you when you hear voices from down below.

"The intruders are here! FIIIRE!!!" Saiyans scream from below as cannons, Ki Blasts, and bullets of all kind fly towards you at a terrifying speed. You don't falter however, and throw the Ki Blasts you had saved up from when you were at the peak of the mountain.

"Wipeout Wave!" You fuse your hands together and the waves of energy collide, creating a shocking force of power that erupts from it like a molten Volcano. Without holding back a bit of your strength, you throw the blast at full speed. It smashes through everything the Saiyans fired on cue, and spirals full speed towards the building where everything was fired. One second later, an explosion takes place and thousands of Saiyan lives are lost. They'll get no sympathy from you!

The ground edges closer and closer and the shots from the Saiyans continue. But they seem to be missing you this time; they're aiming too far above you for the attacks to hit you. Wait! Has 3 seconds passed already? You peak your head up and you see hundreds of Generals and Elites all flying off the top whipping out Ki Blasts in a ruthless barrage to destroy the Saiyans. It seems to be an even battle between the Saiyans offence and your armies counter attack. That isn't good...not at all.

You have no time to show any remorse for anybody though. You flex your arms and begin building muscle in them. The size of your arms multiply tenfold and you stretch them out horizontally. The immense weight makes it difficult to keep them up due to the wind pressure. Another second passes and the ground is just around the corner.

Screams are continuously heard from above and from the Saiyans. They fuse together so it's difficult to tell who is losing and you're focusing on holding your arms up so you refuse to look up. A large crack in your foot explodes and you shutter in pain. "O-ooow." You quietly exclaim. Suddenly everything going on around you speeds up. Pillars of pressure begin to collapse on you and the pain continues to explode in your arms and legs. You just noticed that you're taking all the damage just so weaklings can have it easy. The pain continues for seconds and finally subsides. "Haaaa...." You finally exhale and notice that everybody got on and jumped off of you immediately. How thoughtful.

You look around to notice that you're all in the main gate, faced by thousands of Saiyans of all kinds. But you don't feel fear...You feel excitement.


Meanwhile at Forte Valkyrie, Rem directs the FBM for takeoff. Everybody who isn't a Commander are already situated in the Planes, Cars or Moles, awaiting their departure. The Commanders however, are in the midst of a conversation.

"The battle is taking place right now. We should hurry up." Pitou says, looking at a small watch that's attached to his wrist. Inside the glass, you can see Joseph Pike slaying countless Saiyans without help.

"Yes, that's true. But I suspect that Kiryu and the others are in for a much harder battle than they suspect. Kiryu hasn't fought anybody who is above or even ON his level in a very long time. The Saiyans will have multiple people on that caliber of fighting."

"Well that's a given. Kiryu isn't an idiot, he should know that." Pitou replies, sort of irritated.

"Kiryu is very smart but it may be a shock when he struggles so much to take down one of the top Saiyans."

Thrigon cracks his knuckles and speaks up, "If Kiryu can't take down the strongest of Saiyans, than how the HELL are we going to do so? They have numbers and strength on us so how the F*** are we going to win?" He bursts out in rage.

Rem slowly smiles, "We have the element of surprise and we have the element of strategy. Thrigon, have you ever heard of the Battle of Thermopylae?"

"Yeah..." Thrigon replies, smartened up a bit.

"We aren't going back now. We will win."

"What about the Red Ribbon losers?" Echo interrupts.

"I'll handle all of them. You guys just worry about taking down the Saiyajins."

All the Commanders nod and stand up. Each of them go to a specific vehicle, some going to the Moles, some going to Cars, and some going to the leftover Planes. Once everybody is inside their designated travelling tool, the Planes begin moving at a tremendous speed and take flight. The Moles on the other hand, begin digging themselves into the ground with mechanical arms and disappear immediately.

Rem walks back inside Forte Valkyrie and goes to his Command Center. "I have no time to waste. It's time to prepare for the Red Ribbon Army." He wraps his hand around a large Mic that can message the entire base and begins making an announcement to the entire Forte. "Attention everybody, it's time for Operation Annihilation. You should all know what your designated job is so carry it out immediately."

After that, Rem walks away from the Mic and has a seat on his Computer desk. "It's all or nothing. I may not have been given life for this purpose, but I shall carry out my ambition without a doubt." He says silently to himself.


The Saiyans refuse to waste their time with the cliche 'freeze' that is so popular. Instead, they begin relentless fire of weaponry. You can tell that these Saiyans are all very low ranked. Let the weaklings die first is the motto of the Saiyan people. Your army takes the initiative and begin to exterminate the Saiyans. You don't waste your time however, but sprint through all the Saiyans and keep on bursting to the plaza gate. You can see hundreds of Generals doing the same thing. They know exactly what's going on.

More and more Saiyans continue to flood out, but none that are worth your time. You just run directly right through them, killing them quickly. "Gigantic Bulldozer," you scream out as you kill hundreds of them that had blocked your path. The fools. How dare they try to stand up to you.

Many of the other Generals are working on destroying the main gate that you guys jumped right past due to the mountain.

You look to your right and notice that Chi Chi is keeping up with you. She's quite fast. Granted you can go much faster than you are now but it's still impressive. "What are you doing?" You question.

"When you break through the Plaza door, I have to get going. No wasting time dawdling back there when I have important work to do," Chi Chi replies with a smile on her face. She's loving this.

You don't reply, instead just keep running. A jolt of sound crushes through your eyes and you come to an immediate stop. Just as you do so, you put your arm in front of Chi Chi's chest to stop her as well. Less than a second later, a deadly Ki shot comes flying past you two.

"Such...power." You say quietly, shaking with...fear?

"Oh dear," A voice calls out. "I missed." You turn your head among all the commotion and see a figure not too far from you. He's fairly tall for a Saiyan, has pitch black hair pointing up, and has moderately dark skin color. He wears black and grey armor that is generally wore by Saiyans who hold a high rank. His boots are dark, yet polished cleanly. Explosions and screams continue to surround you all as you stand before this man, staring deeply in his eyes.

The man continues with a wicked smile on his face, "So you must be the infamous Commander of the FBM's army. Kiryu, was it?"

"And who might you be?" You question after semi acknowledging his question.

"Turles." He answers you as he takes a bite out of his apple.

"Chi Chi, take General Hugo with you along with all the other Generals that you're going with and start working on that gate. I apologize but I'm going to have to catch up with you all later. I would have hoped to smash down that Plaza Gate myself, but this is more important."

She eyes Turles with tension, showing signs of horror and agrees with you. "Good luck..." She whispers and begins running away with her crew.

"WHERE ARE YOU GOING!?!?" Turles screams and his eyes turn deep red. He whips his arm backwards and throws a Ki Blast with devastating speed and power towards Chi Chi.

"S-Shi-!" You scream and jump in front of the blast with your arms out, preparing to block it. The blast collides with your hands and sends a flaring burst of pain down your spine. After a long second, the blast subsides into your arms and you begin breathing heavily. "Haaaa-, not bad for a Saiyan." You taunt.

Unfazed, Turles puts his left hand by his ear and clicks a button. He begins scanning you and you're fully aware of it. "61 000. Not bad, Kiryu. Though...If you expect to defeat me, I hope you have some hidden techniques up your sleeve." Turles laughs and takes another bite of his apple, finishing it.

Now you're unfazed by his comment but you react like you were, charging at him full speed. "Die!" You call out. He simply laughs and takes a fighting stance. The two of you clash with incredible force and lightning quakes all around you with terrifying power. The two of you are dead even in power, but while you're sweating nervously, Turles remains with a smile on his face.


Meanwhile, many of the Generals and Elites are working hard on destroying the Main Gate to help with reinforcements for later. Those with cars are going to have to come directly through this gate so it being put to rest is essential. While this is going on, the thousands of Soldiers are toe to toe with the lowest ranked of Saiyans, fighting to the death.

"This isn't good, we're starting to be overwhelmed!" Tom Friendly calls out to the other Generals. "Our Soldiers are doing well, but in sheer numbers we don't stand a chance. What're we gonna do boys?" Tom throws another Blaster Wave into the Main Gate and another crack breaks out in it.

"Don't worry, I got this!" White replies and jumps forward with his hands at each side of head and begins to focus. "Solar Flare!" A large light comes blasting forward and everybody in front of White begins to scream as their eyes are blinded. "Hahaha, got 'em!" He calls out. "Go forth, FBM Soldiers! Kill the Saiyans!"

On cue, all the Elites and Soldiers start to move forward and crush the blinded Saiyans.

"Nice job, White." Tom compliments him.

"Don't sweat it. You guys continue to break down the gate, I gotta get going. We can't waste all our time here. The Saiyans are just warmin' up. If we don't push them back, we'll never win."

"You have a point," Colonel Silver agrees. "After all, many Generals that aren't in temporary Commander Chi Chi's group left long ago too."

"I'll stay here and lead the Soldiers and take down this wall," Tom agrees. "You all get the hell out of here and take down those rotten Saiyans."

White and Silver give a quick nod and over 30 Generals disappear in an instant. Many remain here, but a large portion have begun to go.

Some Soldiers have begun to set up camp here near the corner to put the weakened in rest. Not a bad idea, but if we lose control it could get ugly. It's best for some Generals to remain here as well as many of the Soldiers.


While this is going on, Joseph Pike continues to exterminate anybody he comes in contact with.

Hundreds of Saiyan Soldiers surround him, all armed and ready to kill. Joseph doesn't lose his posture however. "Is it time for another batch to die?" He questions them in a stale, killer voice.

They all fire at him without regret, but Joseph puts his arms out and forms a quick load of Ki in them. "Barrier." He says and all the bullets collide into it, causing zero damage. "Hahahahahaha, you fools. Now you're all going to die!!! Ahahahahahah," he laughs hysterically and begins teleporting to them all, killing them each in an instant without failure. Many try to run, but none escape his deadly assault.

After their all dead, he smiles and licks the blood off of his hands. "So...where is the next batch?" He cries out.


"Hurry!" Big Daddy instructs Jones and Hugo as they all go running towards the Plaza Gate. Chi Chi is already ahead of the rest even though Hugo outmatches her in raw Battle Power.

"Be okay, Commander Kiryu." Chi Chi prays as she dashes through all the ruckus and death without losing focus.

"B****, stop right there!" A Saiyan pack yells to her as they intercept her path. She stops momentarily once she notices them. They're dirty and have creepy smiles on their faces. One has a bulging bump in his pants. Is it a weapon? "This is no place for a pretty women like yourself. How about you come with us and we'll treat you right, hehehe." The leader of the pack smiles as he puts out his blooded hand.

"No way, pigs!" Chi Chi replies and punches the leader the face. He flies back thirty feet and smashes into the Plaza Gate, splitting his head open.

"H-hey, she's a feisty little one. All the more fun!" The new leader screams and they all leap at her together. She ducks, causing them all to miss their initial attack and throws both her legs up in the air, kicking two of them sky high while holding onto the ground with her hands to keep her balance. The fourth and final scumbag looks at her terrified and attempts to run away screaming.

"Pathetic..." Chi Chi says to herself and dashes up to him, catching him in an instant.

"P-please don't-"

"HA!" Chi Chi delivers a fierce blow to his stomach, causing him to cough up unusual amounts of blood. He collapses to the ground, and Chi Chi spits on him, before walking away. "So this is it?" Chi Chi asks a rhetorical question to herself, as she gazes at the Plaza. It's huge.

"Sorry Chi Chi," Jones apologizes. "We took so long to get here which forced you to dirty yourself in combat."

"Don't put me on a pedestal, Jones - everybody." Chi Chi replies, still looking at the Plaza Gate. "We're all Generals; just because I was granted special permission, doesn't mean i'm God or anything. Lets just focus on taking down this monster of a gate. It shan't be easy." She smiles at that last comment, and prepares a fighting stance.

"A fighting stance for a wall?" Hugo wonders.

"No, not that. It's for the person standing on top of the wall." She smiles again and looks up at the barely visible man.

"HOOOLY..." Hugo gasper-jacks and jumps back like he's seen a Ghost. The man on top jumps down carelessly and lands gently, despite the fall.

"I see you noticed me." A cold greeting is offered from a tall man with black hair that nearly reaches his legs responds. "So what am I, the Gatekeeper up against?" The man wonders as he scans the Generals and the Elites that stand behind them and than smiles deviously.

"What's so FUNNY!" Hugo yells.

"So i'm up against a women, a businessman, an ill tempered idiot, and a guy that looks like he's gonna collapse from the short run from the Gate to the Plaza. Oh, how God has smiled upon me today. Ahahahahahaha!" The man laughs so hard, he nearly collapses on the ground. "And here I thought i'd have to stretch my legs." He puts his finger by his Scouter and instead of scouting everybody, he takes it off and drops it on the ground beside his left foot. "I don't need my Scouter for you trash."

Annoyed to the point of breaking down, Hugo leaps at the man full speed and lands a direct punch to his face, causing him to smash back into the Plaza Gate. A little bit of blood morphs onto Hugo's knuckle and he wipes it off on his pants. "You want some of this, b****?" He says, still pissed off.

The man gets up and wipes blood off of his nose and attempts to pick up his scouter. Before he can however, Hugo rushes to him and tries to deliver another sucker punch, just to his jaw this time. The enemy is on his toes this time, and blocks it with relative ease, and delivers a ruthless counter punch to Hugo's face, causing him to fly back onto the floor.

Within a second, Hugo stands up with rage written all over his face. "Chi Chi, Jones, Big Daddy...Everybody else. Don't you all have something to be doing right now?"

"We can take him together," Jone offers.

"No no, that won't be necessary. You all just do your thing and rip that gate to shreds and break into the Plaza. I'll catch up with you all soon. Once I decapitate this guy I mean."

The man is shocked at this but remains silent. He knows that having them all leave is the only way he'll be able to win. Chi Chi nods and begins setting out with everybody else. "So," Hugo continues. "What the hell am I going to call you?"

"Why does it matter, fool?"

"I'd like to know what I'll be telling the higher ups when I list all the people I killed that might matter."

The man spits on the floor and replies with one eye showing itself, the other covered by his hair. "Raditz. Gatekeeper Raditz."

Hugo smiles and jumps at Raditz once again, with his teeth showing. The two clash!


Hugo's Moves:

- Mind Wave - You shoot out a powerful Ki blast out and can separate it from your hands any time you choose.
- Terrorize - You jump on your opponent and rip them to shreds.
- Lucky Beam - Flip a coin. If heads, your opponent freezes for 3 seconds. If tails, you freeze for 3 seconds.

A) Have things continue as is.

B) Free Choice: Choose on what you want Kiryu to do when he's fighting Turles, what you want Hugo to do while he fights Raditz, if you want Joseph to change positions and do something else, if you want to send other Generals to different locations, if you want Chi Chi to change her current job (breaking down the Plaza Gate), etc. etc.
Saviour by Hangman_Link
Author's Notes:
Choice that won:

B) Free Choice: Kiryu fights Turles for a bit, to test his power. We are a giant, so our defense is supposed to be pretty good iirc. So we basically just try and smash him, all while analyzing his fighting style. Once we know HOW he fights, we pull out our 4 Witches technique on him. Hopefully get a hit on him, if not, four way giant arm attack!

Hugo will fight Raditz normally. See if they are on par. If not, he uses his Mind Wave to try and trick him. If things get hopeless, fire off a Lucky beam, and Terrorize his paralyzed ass.

Joseph seems to just be mowing down random saiyans, go help Hugo. He's strong, he'll make it in time, just in case Lucky Beam doesn't work. Afterwards, he comes to meet up with us.
"I won't lose to you!" Hugo roars in rage, but Raditz simply smiles as the two of them grapple each other with all their might. "No good, he's keeping up with me in raw power and he's a Saiyan. I guess it wasn't exactly the smartest of ideas to send everybody off running..." Hugo thinks to himself while clenching onto Raditz with relentless force.

"What's wrong fat ass?" Raditz taunts with a large smile on his face. "I've had just about enough of this!" Raditz knees Hugo in the stomach and does a 180 degree back kick to his jaw, breaking the grapple and causing Hugo to fly into the Plaza gate head first.

"Oo-w," Hugo says to himself as he gets up, shaking all the way. "I don't have time to beat this guy normally. I'll have to go all out to win this one."

Raditz gives him no time to think and dashes at him full speed with his right arm up. Wasting no time, Hugo ducks and dodges Raditz's punch, and delivers a powerful uppercut to his jaw in retaliation. Raditz flies into the Plaza wall, but keeps his balance.

"Pth," Raditz spits out some blood and begins loading a Ki attack in his hand. "I've had just about enough of thi---s!" He roars and whips the blast full speed towards Hugo.

"Shi-" Hugo throws up his arms to block and the blast overwhelmed his entire self immediately, resulting in a terrifying explosion.


"Oh no oh no oh no," Joseph continues to cry out while sitting on the floor. Hundreds of Saiyans lay down dead beside him. It appears that none more have begun to challenge him. He's just been...left alone. "Wait, maybe I should be more useful with my time." Joseph takes a stand and begins looking around, wondering who is in the most danger. The camp...I feel a great danger that shall befall it momentarily. Commander Kiryu is also having trouble...but I feel I can do nothing to stop that. Chi Chi and her squad will be fine, but only for now. Our precious Soldiers death toll continue to rise but they are of no use. Hugo on the other hand...I can foresee his death. I must stop it at all costs!"

Joseph looks north and begins running at a full speed dash, with the goal of stopping Hugo's death.


"So what's the plan, Chi Chi?" Big Daddy inquires as he studies the gate. "How will we take this beast down?"

"I have nooooo idea. Commander Kiryu was supposed to be breaking down this wall, so i'm not sure if we have the power to do so, especially when Hugo is out of the picture for now. But, I do have one idea. Whether it'll work or not..." Her sentence trails off into the distance as she gazes at the Plaza Gate, ready to take action.

"No time to waste. I would imagine that the others are close to being here right now. If they get here and the wall isn't broken down, the plan will fall apart." Big Daddy responds.

Chi Chi nods and puts her hands together in a praying position. "Everyone, stand back." Jones, Big Daddy, and all the Soldiers do just so and Chi Chi jumps back a few feet herself. She begins to put her hands in a cupping position by the right side of her waste and Ki begins to form. "Kamehame," she continues to focus on a specific part of the wall and the Ki in her hand begins quaking with power. "HAAAAAA!" Chi Chi throws her arms out and the blast explodes into the gate at full power. Dust forms in the air immediately and everybody goes temporarily blind, hearing nothing but the heavy breaths of Chi Chi and the countless killings of Saiyan and Freeborn Military Soldiers.

The smoke clears and a moderately small hole appears. Barely big enough to fit a regular man inside of it. "It isn't much," Chi Chi takes another breath of toxic air and continues. "But it'll have to do for now."

"Nice work, Chi Chi." Big Daddy congratulates. "Hopefully the rest will be broken down before the other Commanders arrive though. But for now, lets take our leave. We don't have any time to waste."

"I think you're right. Good luck with the rest of the gate, Kiryu." She says that last part looking back at the battlefield. "Lets go!"

The three of them lead the pack and the Soldiers soon follow, all squeezing into the small Plaza Gate hole. Big Daddy has the most trouble getting through, but he manages to do so without slowing anybody down. They all crawl out of the hole and look around in awe, very slowly.


Turles and you continue to clash in a ruthless combat. Some Saiyan and FBM Soldiers have even stopped their battles just to watch yours. This match up is something you see once in a lifetime, if that.

Turles races across the battlefield with a speed blitz, leaving you nearly clueless. The only thing that keeps him visible is the subtle air currents that come into being due to his miraculous speed and the maniac laughter that comes with every step he takes.

"Ahahahahhahah, what's wrong Kiryu? Can you not even land a hit on me, fool!"

Without taking his bait, you continue to study his movements, looking for any opening you can find. Is there any? Irritated that you aren't even attempting to attack him, Turles makes the first move. You hear / feel a flash a light and he's right in front of you. Such speed!

"Hello, Kiryu." He smiles and disperses into thin air once again. "Ha!" He screams as he smashes his fist into your vulnerable skull, delivering a fair amount of damage. You turn around quickly and try to retaliate but he's long gone.

"Damn it, he's too fast and I can't find an opening in his combat because of it. Perhaps if I can slow him down," You think desperately and than smile. Turles continues to flash around the area at nearly light speed while you simply remain calm. "Earthquake!" You punch the ground at full power and a large crater comes into being immediately. You pull your arm from the ground and survey the area, looking for Turles.

"Found you!" Roughly 10 feet away from you, his legs are both stuck in the ground. You dash at him with a vengeance in your arms and his eyes go bold. You can see the fear inside of him as he shakes violently, trying to escape.

"S-stay away!" He calls out, now trying to rip his legs out of the ground. You've finally reached him.

"Hello, Turles. If only you decided to fly instead of dash. You might not have died." You put your two over sized arms together and focus your Ki. "The Four Witches!" Two arms begin ripping out of your backside along with mucus and everything else that makes the human body disgusting. You let out a huge smile and grapple onto his waste with two of your arms and begin squeezing him. You clench the other two and grab his head from each side.



"No good, even with White's Solar Flare, we just can't hold back all of these fighters!" Tom screams while he knocks down countless Soldiers. Back at the camp, Saiyans are continuing to overwhelm the FreeBorn Military fighters. The remaining Generals at camp, Tom Friendly and Transny had to join the battles and leave the Main Gate alone. But even with their added help against the Saiyan goons, sheer numbers will always win against raw power.

"Yee, oh noes oh noes I knows." Transny squeals like a little girl. "These pretty little Saiyanies are just too much. What ever can we do, Mr. Friendly?"

"I don't know. I just wish we had more guidance from a Commander. I'm not a leader. Clutch moments aren't exactly my forte either. Don't you have any special moves to deal with mass numbers like this?" Tom replies, still holding off weak Saiyans.

"Oh noes oh noes, I could never do that. Their just too handsome, oh yes oh yes."

"...What the F*** does that mean?" Tom screams back, not so friendly this time.

"Ahhhhh," Transny squeals out, scared of Tom and starts ignoring him.

"S***, I have no choice. This move takes a lot out of me so I didn't want to do it, but it doesn't look like I have a choice." Tom jumps back, avoiding a deadly attack from a Saiyan swinging a crowbar around randomly and focuses his Ki in his hands. Tom puts both his hands in front of him, flat like a piece of wood.

"REPEL!" A burst of Ki shoots out of his hands and every Saiyan Soldier flies back at least a hundred feet. Tom drops to his knees and begins breathing heavily, still shaking from doing the attack. An Elite casually runs up to him moments after the attack was fired.

"General, what did you do? It only sent the Saiyans flying? Why is that?" He urgently asks.

"If I picture a certain uniform, or clothes set, or body feature. Anything physical basically. If I do that, I can shoot a blast that will send all people that have said feature away. All the Saiyans wear uniforms, so it was easy. But the drawback is...the more people I send flying, the more tiring it is to use. But hey," Tom smiles and falls to the ground, beginning to rest. "At least I bought us some time. Now we'll be on the defensive so in the one minute or so that we have left, make sure you plan well."

The Elites eyes go wide and he cautiously nods before running out to the others. "Heeeeyyyy, get ready. The Saiyans are on their way back. Don't let them overwhelm us!" For some reason, even Transny is taking orders from this Elite. What a useless General.


The smoke clears and Hugo drops to the ground, half of his clothes have been ripped to shreds. "Is that all you got, Raditz?" He barks at him and than stands up once again. Raditz frowns that Hugo is still alive, but doesn't take it too personal.

"Looks like with all that blubber covering you, you managed to survive my blast. How lucky."

"Don't get so cocky!" Hugo throws his arms in the air and Ki forms in each hand immediately. "Mind Wave~!" Two beams of Ki fire into the air and collide together, creating a small explosion. After the blast subsides, twelve Ki Blasts come flying down towards Raditz in many directions. Hugo begins to control them to throw off Raditz.

"Ugh, what is this?" Raditz says as he jumps around, trying to dodge them. Hugo continues to focus and have the beams trace Raditz, but it seems that Raditz is starting to close the distance between the two.

"Damn it, if I don't explode the blasts he'll be able to reverse it on me. This isn't good. I have no choice now..." Hugo throws his arms up in the air and the group of blasts fly full speed into the air. Raditz smiles, thinking he's caused Hugo to disperse the blasts but still keeps his guard up. Fortunately for him, because momentarily after Hugo threw them up in the air, he swung them right back down.

"Hahaha, your filthy tricks won't work on me, scum!" Raditz barks as he prepares himself to dodge the whole lot of them.

Hugo rips the blasts from himself so his hands are fully free. However, the blasts are completely stray now. "It's now or never!" Hugo surveys Raditz's movements as he dodges all the Mind Wave's blasts with relative ease and accurately predicts what Raditz's next movement will be. "Lucky Beam!" Hugo shoots a spiral ray of purple Ki with all his might in the spot he thinks that Raditz will land.

Fortunately for Hugo, his prediction was spot on. Raditz dodges the Mind Waves last stray Ki Blast and lands directly in the Lucky Beams path. His eyes go wide literally seconds before the beam connects with him and jumps back, ducking while doing so. The beam goes right over his head, missing by centimeters.

"N-Noooo~!" Hugo screams and the Lucky Beams drawback strikes him immediately. A lightning aura explodes within Hugo and sparks begin shooting out from him, completely immobilizing him. Raditz smiles and charges full speed at Hugo, still unaware why Hugo is frozen. He doesn't care though.

"Say your prayers, fat ass!" Raditz taunts and jumps at Hugo with a fully loaded Ki Blast in his hand. Raditz throws his hand to Hugo's unprotected face, laughs, and releases the blast at point blank range. Blood squirts out of Hugo's eyes, nose, ears, and drips out of his mouth as he falls to the ground in pain, finally regaining the ability to move.

Hugo thinks: "No good, I don't have enough Ki to fire another Lucky Beam. And even if I did, another false attack and he'll kill me for sure. What can I do?" Hugo coughs up some more blood and starts standing up once again.

Angry that Hugo's still alive, Raditz charges at him with two deadly Ki Blasts in his hands. "This will kill you for sure fat ass! Your over sized freakish body has allowed you to live faaar to long. But no more!" Raditz lands right in front of the kneeling Hugo and licks his lips. "Now there's one less freak in this worl-"

A tremendously powered kick with an aura of Ki wrapped around it smashes into Raditz's unguarded face and sends him flying head first into the solid ground, bouncing twice before finally settling. "Hohoho, for someone as paranoid as you, even i'm surprised that hit. My attack landing a direct attack on you was best case scenario. Much better than what I had expected. This...saddens me." Joseph Pike cries out as he looks at the broken Raditz without turning his eyes.

Raditz groans and stands up in rage while holding onto his forehead like he has a headache. "You son of a b****." He barks!

"Don't be a fool. My father was no such thing." Joseph replies and finally turns his head to Hugo. "It seems this guy did a number on you. That attack of yours is quite flawed. I suggest you fix it before using it in combat again."

Hugo doesn't even try to defend it. He simply nods and attempts to stand again. "Thanks Joseph. You saved my-"

"Don't!" Joseph replies in a fearful voice. "Just...don't say it. I can't stand sentimental rubbish like that. I can tell by your body language what your true feelings are, so showing it means nothing." Joseph shivers a tad and turns back to Raditz. "So you want to finish this or what?" Joseph questions with one eye brow raised.

Raditz stares at him in anger, but Joseph shows no fear. No emotion at all, actually. Raditz begins to laugh for a minute and finally stops himself, "Bring it on, coward!"

Joseph continues to study Raditz with his plain eyes and body and than finally breaks the silence. "I can see fear...hidden deep within you. You know that you can't win, but you also know that you can't back down. A conflict with ones pride and ones mind. But I should tell you...the mind should always win."

"S-SHUT UP!" Raditz explodes and leaps at Joseph with his hands out like human claws.

"I will do no such thing." Joseph plainly replies while taking a mutual fighting stance.


Joseph's Techniques:

. Sense - Joseph senses everything about his opponent from his battle power, his race, his emotions and thoughts, and everything in between.
. Rejuvenate - Joseph wraps a large aura of Ki around him for 5 seconds and it heals his damage fully. This move takes a lot of Ki to use.
. Atomic Blast - Joseph shoots a compressed beam of Ki at the opponent.
. Barrier - Joseph wraps an aura of Ki around himself to block Ki blasts.


A) Continue everything without changing the battle strategy.

B) Free Choice - Change Kiryu's battle strategy against Turles (Considering he's alive :O), and what he'll do after the battle if he wins. Decide how Joseph will fight Raditz and what Hugo will do while that is going on: From helping Joseph fight, to going back to the camp, or even chasing after Chi Chi once again. Create a battle strategy for how the Soldiers at the base camp will fight the raw number of Saiyans, etc. Other?
A Deadly New Foe...! by Hangman_Link
Author's Notes:
Choice that won:

B. I think Hugo should go back to the camp, where he can be given some medication to put him back in fighting shape and help everyone versus the saiyans. Joseh should use Sense and then he should be able to handle Raditz. For Kiryu, it seems he had the advantage so iŽd say now that he has used The Four Witches and Turles ins trapped on the ground maybe he can rip TurlesŽarms off and the finish him off.
Raditz and Joseph continue to stare each other down without attacking each other. The two are studying each others posture to find a weak point. "Sense!" Joseph thinks in his head and than begins meditating, loosening his guard ever so slightly.

"Hehe, FOOL!" Raditz bursts out and charges towards Joseph with the intent to kill. He immediately noticed when Joseph loosened his guard and now plans on taking advantage of it. Joseph's eyes widen and he drops his guard completely. He closes his eyes and drops his arms to his sides, fully still.

Just before Raditz delivers his deadly clawed arm to the left side of Joseph's chest, Joseph's eyes open and he sways his entire body to the side, dodging Raditz completely. Anger builds up in Raditz and he spits onto the ground before continuing his ruthless assault. Without faltering, Joseph easily dodges every single attack made by Raditz.

"Wh-WHY CAN'T I HIT YOU!?!?" Raditz screams as he continues to attack, his breathing getting deeper and deeper at every miss.

Joseph doesn't reply, however. No emotion is on his face at all. "His guard has fell. It's time to counterattack." Acting on his own words, Joseph throws one of his arms into the air causing Raditz to whip his eyes up resulting in his block fully falling. "Don't let your eyes deceive you!" Joseph roars before smashing his open arm into Raditz's face.

"AAAAAAAAh!" Blood flies into the air and Raditz collapses to the ground, shaking. Less than a second passes and Joseph is already in front of Raditz once again, preparing to fire a Ki Blast into his face! Raditz pushes his hands off the ground and launches into the air, trying to escape Joseph's finisher.

"Atomic Blast~!" A straight Ki beam flies out of Joseph's right palm and into the gut of Raditz. Unable to hold back the firepower with his armor, the beam rips through Raditz's stomach. Blood falls from the sky. "The battle..." A loud 'THUD' explodes as the fallen Raditz drops from the air into the ground. "Is over." Joseph finishes as he stares at the body of his former enemy.

Joseph walks towards the body of Raditz and smiles. "I really can't...control myself." Joseph shakes around violently and looks up into the sky. "This feeling is...is so good." He continues to shake around as if he just got his daily High and Hugo stares deeply at him from the ground.

"Joseph, are you alright?" Hugo questions.

"Just lovely." The shaking subsides until he finally turns to Hugo. "Come now, lets go back to the camp. Perhaps we'll be able to put you into fighting condition there."

"But...What about Chi Chi? I have to help her and the rest!"

"Be glad that you're alive. In your current condition, you'll only be a burden on Chi Chi and the others. Now lets go." Hugo nods and begins standing up, still weakened from earlier. The two of them begin heading back to the base camp.


You stare down at Turles from above. He's so still it's hard to tell if he's alive or not. A large puddle of blood has covered the area around you and Turles. It appears that every Soldier from each "team" have continued their battles to the death with one another. Well, why wouldn't they? This battle is already over.

You smash your rock hard foot onto Turles body and he coughs up blood once again. He tries to roll over, but is unable to do so. "Wakie wakie," you say to him with a smirk. "Nap time is over."

His eyes widen and he shivers in fear, and than looks to both sides of his upper body. "What have...you done to ME!?!?" He screams out, almost crying.

"What do you mean?" You question in a sarcastic tone.

"My...MY ARMS!" He screams, trying to get up. "Wh...WHERE ARE THEY?"

"Ohhh, that's what you mean." You smile and point a few feet away from you to the left. "I put them over there. You know, after I tore them off. You can always pick them up and run along now...oh wait, you can't. Hahaha." You burst out in laughter as he stares at you in fear, and begins whispering to himself. Has he gone senile?

"You're a monster." Turles blankly states. "You sick FREAK!"

"Now now, don't get angry. I spared your life now, didn't I? Be grateful."

"You didn't spare my life. You just want me to be fully awake when you kill me."

"Potato patota."

"Too bad for you though," Turles smirks and begins backing away. "Your lust for blood has spared me. Perhaps we'll meet another day." Your eyes grow curious and a small light flashes inside his armor, causing the battlefield to go temporarily blind. When your eyes open, he's gone.

"...F***!" You scream. You messed up. "What now?" You turn your head and see no dent or scratch in the Plaza Gate. "S***. Did Chi Chi fail? Either way, I better go smash that Gate down myself. Everyone should be arriving soon." You start running towards the Plaza Gate, thrashing down random Soldiers during the trip.


Tom Friendly wanders over to one of the camps portable beds and falls down onto it. "Just 15 minutes should do it...that's all I need...hopefully."

Meanwhile, the Elite that Tom talked to earlier, Murasaki has taken charge. With the boost of confidence from Tom's orders, he's developed a plan to repel and defeat the Saiyan Soldiers that are currently marching back.

"Hurry up, set the traps!" Murasaki continues to instruct. Many Elites, Soldiers, and General Transny are on the ground creating pitfall traps to help stall the Saiyans. Once their in the holes, a mass genocide of them from above with Ki Blasts will take place to wipe them out. For the remaining Soldiers, Murasaki hopes that he'll then have enough man power to defeat them with the help of all the FBM Fighters.

"Everything is done, Mr. Murasaki!" A colleague of his finishes. "Do you think this will be enough though?"

"Whether it is or isn't, it's all we got. The ones on the offensive usually don't set up traps in enemy territory."

Worry crosses Murasaki's colleague, Cracker's face but he still nods with confidence. The Saiyans have sped themselves up and are now heading full speed towards the FBM's Camp. "It's now or never," Murasaki thinks to himself.

"Chaaaaaaaaarge!" A Saiyan voice calls out and loud screams ignite between them all.


Chi Chi, Big Daddy, Jones, and all the others look around in amazement. "So this is the Saiyan Empire." Big Daddy says in awe as he stares at a gigantic dome that tens of thousands of Saiyans call home.

"It's huge." Jones says, a little frightened of what's inside.

"Size isn't everything," Chi Chi begins.

"Hehe, that's what she said." Jones jokes.

Chi Chi shakes her head and continues. "I imagine all the top Saiyans will be in there, along with a lot of others. But if even the small fry catch us, we're most likely done for. Considering they call one of the bigger fish."

"That's true. So what's the battle plan, Chi Chi?" Daddy questions.

"None. We aren't going into battle now, and hopefully for this entire mission. Technically, we don't even have to go into that Domes front doors."

"Elaborate!" Big Daddy sharply replies.

"If we go to the west wing and get in through there, we won't have to enter through the front door. Thus, we'll avoid possibly all of our human obstacles."

"And if we can't get in through the west wing?"

"Don't be so negative. If we can get through the Plaza Gate, i'm sure we'll be able to squeeze through another Gate which is supposedly much more frail."

"Then stop talking and lead the way."

Chi Chi smirks while nodding and instructs them all to follow behind her. "This place is really empty. Is it because all the Soldiers are outside of the Gate? Perhaps this is part of the Saiyans' plan and we're being fooled thinking we're alone. Or maybe their all just inside and it's always like this. I really don't know what I want to be the truth...Either way though, we must push forward!" Chi Chi finishes.

Her entire crew finally make it to the west side of the gate, right outside the Dome. "Big Daddy, do you think you can help me break through this wall? I'm still low on Ki from the Kamehameha Wave I fired earlier."

"No, unfortunately I don't think I can. Though, if you're low on ki I can help with that."


"Just stay still and focus your Ki. Try to pick up on my presence."

Chi Chi nods and does just so. Immediately after, Big Daddy puts both of his hands on Chi Chi's shoulders and begins gathering Ki. Chi Chi gasps and starts to feel a tingling sensation travelling through her vulnerable body. "Haaa, finished." Big Daddy sighs out loud and removes his hands from her shoulders. "Do you feel it?"

"Yes...I do. If I didn't know any better, I would think i'd have more Ki than I normally do...at my peak."

"Nice observation. That's correct. I can transfer my Ki into anybody I touch, not just filling them up to the limit but pushing their Ki to the max and beyond. This technique can heal or harm depending on my motives."

"How does it harm your opponents?"

"By putting negative energy into their system, I can break them apart both mentally and physically from the inside. You can call this "Dark Ki". It's all the negative energy one has in his / her body focused into a harmful substance."

"How did you develop this?" Chi Chi questions, curious.

"...An old friend," Big Daddy replies smiling for the first time in front of others.

A small smile builds on Chi Chi's face and fades away soon after. She's serious once again. "No time to waste. Lets get this done!" She jumps back and begins focusing her Ki into her hands as she loads up another Kamehameha. The rest watch her with confidence.


"We have them in our grasp! Don't falter. Kill them all!" Murasaki screams as he takes charge and directs everybody to victory. The trap went off perfectly and the Saiyans are all in a ditch being shot down by a rain of Ki Blasts from the FBM Elites and Transny. The fools charged directly into the traps that were laid out and it's costing them dearly.

"We've arrived." Joesph tells Hugo as he observes the battlefield.

"Yeah, th-..."

Joseph smiles that Hugo didn't finish his sentence and continues, "Go and rest. When you're finished resting, help hold off the Saiyans. Forget about Chi Chi for now."

Hugo nods and begins making his way back to the camp.

"Things are going well here, I suppose it's okay for me to leave. Kiryu might need some hel-, what the...!?!?" Josephs eyes raise to the sky and he notices a figure floating above the camp. A Saiyan! But not an ordinary Saiyan, this one is different. He's dangerous.

The floating Saiyans eyes turn down to Joseph and he smiles before turning his head back to where it was before.

"No good, what should I do? Stay or go? Hugo is out of commission and I can feel that Tom Friendly is in no condition to fight right now. Can Transny and some Elites take this guy? Can I even take this guy?" Joseph continues to worry, somewhat frozen.

While Joseph's mind races at the speed of light, the Saiyan Genocide continues. Ruthless screams and laughter burst out from the FBM fighters. Truly disgusting. Murasaki runs back to the camp to check on Tom Friendly and notices Hugo is in a spare bed. "Ah, General Hugo!?!? What are you doing here?" He questions before running to his aid. "Here, I'll take out the first aid kit."

"Don't mind me. Sorry for being a burden on you guys. I'll help when I can."

"No worries, sir. Just take it easy from-"

BOOOOOOOOOOOM! A large explosion erupts from outside the tent where the injured are resting causing Murasaki to run outside in shock. "It can't be...!" He says quietly to himself.

"N-Noooooooo!" Joseph screams at the floating Saiyan from the ground. No reaction is received from the Saiyan however. Murasaki and all the Freeborn Military Elites & Soldiers stare at him in shock.

"How refreshing. It's like taking out the garbage. It's boring but the sweet smell after is just... irreplaceable." He smiles and floats down to the ground.

"Who are you?" Murasaki questions while he walks towards the Saiyans face. Has he gone senile? Getting this close to a killer like that is ridiculous.

"Hmmm?" The Saiyan questions with a grin.

"You killed your own kind. That blast you did...It killed more Saiyans than Freeborn Officers. Why would you do that?"

The grin on the Saiyan fades and he responds after a short wait. "They were of no use. The only reason they were alive was to kill all of you fools, but they failed to even do that. I'll have to deal with this problem myself. So as you can see, I had no choice but to...take out the trash. :)"

"You disgust me." Murasaki bitterly replies.

"That's good to know. But bringing such foolish emotions onto the battlefield is the greatest sin of all time." The Saiyan raises his left arm up to his right shoulder and licks his lips. "Die."

"Watch out!" Joseph screams and throws a Ki Blast as fast as he could to knock Murasaki out of the way.

The Saiyan drops his hand down at light speed ready to kill Murasaki. Just before the attack connects with Murasaki's face, a generic Ki Blast knocks him out of the way, causing the Saiyans' attack to miss by centimeters.

"I expected as much, General Joseph Pike. Your speed is tremendous. Killing you will be a delight." He smiles.

Joseph doesn't respond. "Are you alive?" Pike calls out to Murasaki.

"Ya, thanks to you." He looks to his arm to notice that the Saiyans attack still connected. A large, gushing hole has surfaced on his right arm. "I'm completely outclassed by this guy. Just who is he?"

"My name is Taurus." He says, looking at Murasaki.

"What!?!? He read my mind?" Murasaki thinks again.

"Indeed I did. It's fine though. You won't have any thoughts left to think soon enough. Prepare yourself, Freeborn Military. Because today, I will take all of your heads!" Taurus roars with confidence.

A) Free Choice - Decide how you want to fight Taurus: If Hugo & Tom should get out of resting to take him on, if Murasaki should join in, how Joseph and all the other Elites & Soldiers will try to take him on, if you'll call for backup (Who?), etc.
Also decide what Kiryu will do next, whether he tries to take down the Plaza Gate, kills randoms, returns to the base camp, follows Chi Chi, etc.


Tom Friendly's Technique List:

- Repel: Tom fires an invisible wave of Ki using one mental image of what he wants it to hit in his mind. It blows back everyone that fits said description but causes no damage. The more people blown away, the larger the toll is on his body.

- Trapezoid: Locks are created around Tom's body, preventing any movements. Once 30 seconds pass, all the locks fire out onto an opponent and trap them in it, binding their body closed until they break free.

- Generic KI Blast: Yup.

Murasaki has no moves other than Generic Ki Blasts.

Power Level List:

Tom Friendly - 12 000 (weakened)
Transny - 14 000 (weakened)
Hugo - 12 000 (weakened)
Joseph Pike - 24 000 (weakened)

Murasaki - 6200
Elites - 4000 - 5000
Soldiers - 800 - 2500

Taurus - Dangerous!

(Authors Note: Remember that the longer each weakened person rests, the higher their power level will become as they will receive energy from resting).
Taurus' Assault by Hangman_Link
Author's Notes:
Choice that won:

The random grunts and elites attack Taurus to distract him. This will provide Joseph the opportunity to Sense. Hopefully he can do so before they're all killed. Joseph will start fighting once the Sense is complete. He will fight regularly, but more defensively. In addition to the moves you listed, Joseph does have a barrier if necessary. (He used it earlier.) So he keeps on the defensive, only going for an attack when Taurus is open.

Tom will go watch the fight, and will charge up the Trapezoid after Joseph uses Sense and goes on the offensive. Hopefully this will help, and when/if it hits, both him and Joseph attack Taurus together. If something goes seriously wrong, and Joseph is about to die from and energy blast, Tom will repel Joseph from it. If Taurus is gonna physically kill Joseph, then Taurus will be repelled instead.

Murasaki is useless, and should go try and use that first aid kit he mentioned on Hugo, perhaps that could help. If not, then he should go to the battlefield killing random Saiyans.
If Tom and Joseph start to lose to terribly, then Hugo gets up, and goes for one last Lucky Beam to try and paralyze Taurus. Hopefully it won't come down to that...

Kiryu should just go along with his main mission, which I believe was destroying the gates.
The smoke clears and a moderately large crater now faces Chi Chi and her crew. "That Wave is quite the trick." Big Daddy compliments as he puts his hands on her shoulders once again, giving her his Ki.

"Thanks, I couldn't have pulled it off without you."

"Of course not." He boasts.

The entire crew enter through the hole that Chi Chi's Kamehameha Wave created.


"So this is all Chi Chi could do?" You wonder as you analyze the hole she put in the Plaza Gate. "Nonetheless, I'll crush the center of it down in one strike."

You build up Ki in your arms and screams as liquid starts spilling out of your back. Two extra arms rip out of your back along with mucus and sweat as you breath harshly. "Gigantic Bulldozer!" You smash all four arms into the gate and a large roar explodes as the gate screams in pain, crumbling to the ground. "It's even heavier than I thought it would be. That's all the damage I managed to do?" You question as you prepare another attack. You can't let up on this wall. You have to make sure it's fully destroyed.


"A-attack!" Murasaki calls out and hundreds of FBM Elites come running towards Taurus. He smiles and prepares a fighting stance which involves one arm behind his back.

"Too make things interesting, I'll kill you all with one arm. Come now! Go out with a bang!" He jumps at them with a grin written on his face and begins shredding through the whole lot of them.

"I have to make my move while he's busy." Joseph says to himself while he drops his guard and prepares to use Sense.

Tom gets out of bed and walks towards the camp door, still tired. "Well s***, this is no good." Tom says aloud with a frown. "This guy has an extraordinarily power, but I have to do my part. Trapizoid!" Tom mashes his two knuckles together and begins loading Ki inside of it while sweating nervously. "Are we all going to die?"

Locks begin to form onto Toms's body and he's now totally unguarded.

Taurus continues to shred through all the FBM Elites, killing them easily. He still hasn't even taken one blow from any of them. His technique is incredible.

"It's time." Joseph says aloud and begins charging towards Taurus and the rest. "Hey fool, eat this!" He taunts and throws a few Ki Blasts at Taurus's back.

Taurus's head turns violently and he smiles at the incoming attacks. "Idiot, you just killed your own men." He jumps up in the air casually and the blasts collide with a group of Freeborn Military officers.

Joseph stops running and stares deeply at Taurus's eyes without emotion. Taurus smiles at him briefly and begins walking towards him. "You should have ran, Joseph. Now you're going to die a very painful death. Better make this fight worth it, because it will be your last!" Taurus blitzes towards Joseph and in an instant is right in front of him.

"Imposs-" Joseph gets cut off in his own head as Taurus's right hand rips through his shoulder. "I knew it was coming from a while back, but I couldn't fully escape his attack." Joseph thinks to himself, scared as he flies back into a pile of rubble.

Taurus doesn't let up, and begins rushing toward Joseph as he stumbles on the ground, blood leaking out of him as if he's a broken water pipe. However, Joseph continues to evade Taurus's attacks, terrified at each incoming blow.


"Damn, Joseph won't last too much longer. That initial attack set him back far." Tom worries as he continues to gather Ki.

Rage starts to surface on Taurus's face as he continues to miss his attacks. Joseph begins to get back his cool now that Taurus is completely playing into his hands. Taking advantage of the moment, Joseph throws a violent attack at Taurus's unguarded self. Taurus freezes momentarily and the blow connects perfectly.

"Got you." Joseph declares.

"Don't be a fool," Taurus smirks and grabs Joseph's hand.

"It's ready!" Tom screams and he fires the Trapizoid at Taurus.

"Like I would lose my cool to a pathetic method like that," Taurus grins once again. "But great job leaving yourself open. Now die!"

Taurus's right hand fires out and moments before it connects with Josephs unprotected face a large Triangular shaped blast smashes into Taurus. He flies back at shocking speed and Joseph lets out a sigh as he looks over at the locked up Taurus, confused.

"You did well, Tom Friendly." Joseph thinks to himself.

Tom wastes no time and begins running to the two of them, trying to finish this battle quickly.

"What is this?" Taurus wonders as he studies the cage, trying to break out.

"It's your resting place. Atomic Blast!" Joseph quickly fires at Taurus's open chest, penetrating him deeply (Lulz).

Taurus and his cage fall to the ground whilst a rain of Generic Ki Blasts are fired from Tom as he charges. Blood leaks out of Taurus while he stands to the ground, and begins his attempt to break out of the cage. Bars begin to snap and break as he clenches his arms, roaring in rage. He's angry now.


Murasaki finally makes his way back over to the camp and picks out the First Aid Kit he had in a spare bag. "Here you go, General Hugo. Please take it."

Hugo asks no questions and begins sipping on the warm liquid, noticing a vast improvement in his health as his injuries heal right before his eyes. "Incredible..." He says in shock.

"These babies are pretty damn rare to find. Be glad we have some left." Murasaki smiles and Hugo stands up triumphantly.

"I have to help out. Whatever is out there is dangerous and they need my help." Hugo stumbles a bit as if he's a bit tipsy and begins running back to the battlefield.


"Rhaa!" Taurus smashes out of the cage and puts his head down. When he raises it, you see his true self. Plain cold eyes. This man has no soul. He takes his left hand from behind his back and cracks his knuckles together. "I have now...lost my patience."

Joseph and Tom both back up in fear, but know that they have no choice but to fight.


Within an instant, Taurus appeared in front of the two of them with both his hands shaped as claws.

"Barrier!" Joseph screamed as he wraps his body around the shield. Tom shutters for an instant as the right arm of Taurus rips through the center of his chest. His left smashes into the Barrier, causing it to explode and sending Joseph flying thirty feet back.

Blood gushes out of Tom's mouth and chest and he falls to the ground as Taurus rips his arm out of him.

"No matter what I do, I can't keep up with him. His power...speed...battle sense...everything about him is on a totally different level." Joseph thinks in fear as he gets back up to the ground.

"I'm glad you've finally recognized the depths of my power. Now lay over and die." Taurus charges again, ready to finish Joseph off for good.

"This is it..." Joseph states firmly, ready to die.

"REPEL!" Tom screams and Taurus goes flying. "IDIOT! Don't you dare give up hope like that." Tom warns Joseph while he lays on the ground, dying.


"If anybody is going to die, it's me. You're still in working condition so don't just lay still and die."

"Rejuvinate." An Aura of Ki wraps around Joseph and all his damage heals. "I cannot heal you, Tom. Your death is approaching and I can do nothing to stop it."

"Yeah...I don't have much longer here." He coughs up blood. "So let me leave this world on a happy, haaa, note." He breathes heavily, laying on the ground covered with blood.

"I make no promises...But I'll do my best." Tom smiles and his eyelids fall over. His movements have stopped.

"Quite a bold move that man just did. Killing himself to stall for 15 seconds. What a worthy cause. Ahahahaha," Taurus laughs to himself, mocking Tom.

It doesn't get to Joseph though. He simply stands still, contemplating on his actions. The ground begins to quake between the two of them, as if the entire area is about to explode from underneath.

"What is it now!?" Taurus frowns. After half a minute, the movements underground subside. Wasting no more time, Taurus dashes towards Pike one last time, both arms out.

"Lucky Beam!" A beam comes out of nowhere and flies towards Taurus at a mediocre speed. With ease, Taurus ducks and the attack misses once again (Bad luck, eh).... "Damn iii-" Hugo crumbles to the ground as the shocking effect takes it course once again.

"What a fool, I just told him not to use that move again!" Joseph angrily states while trying to avoid Taurus's attacks. The two continue their battle.


Chi Chi and the others walk into the west wing of the Saiyan Dome and look around cautiously to find nobody around. "This works out well for us," Chi Chi says as she continues to move forward.

"Do you know where you're going, Chi Chi?" Big Daddy wonders.

"According to the map Rem gave me, it should be down one floor on the west wing. So we just have to get down below here."

"Are you suggesting we break the floor?"

"That's exactly what i'm suggesting." She replies with a smile and puts her Ki filled hand on the base of the floor, causing it to crumble quickly. The whole lot of them fall down to the floor below and realize it's completely dark.

"Took you a while." A man greets them all as he sits in a chair facing a computer monitor.

"Huh!?!?" Chi Chi gasps while putting her palm by her heart.

The chair flips around and they all see a dark figure with one red eye staring directly at them. "I suppose you're here to, ah, break the Radar?"

"Something like that," Big Daddy cautiously replies.

"Well..." The man stands up, "I"m afraid I can't allow that to happen. You understand, don't you?" He smiles and bright yellow teeth shine in the dark room.


"Haaa...Finally complete." You say as you stare down at the Plaza Gate, finally crumbled to pieces.

"Good work, Commander Kiryu." A familiar voice says from behind you. You turn to look and find General White behind you.

"What are you doing here?" You question.

"Silver and I were slaying a lot of Saiyans out here and we finally found you. Awaiting your orders, sir!"

You look behind White and see Silver there as well, with total composure after all this time. These two must have had it easy.

"By the way," White continues once again. "I saw Hugo on his way back to the base camp earlier. That means Chi Chi is one General short. Do you think one of us should go?" He questions.

"Hmm..." You think aloud while rubbing your chin.


A) Free Choice - Choose how you want Joseph to continue his fight with Taurus, if you want White / Silver to go help Chi Chi or go back to the base camp (Or both), where Kiryu will go now, etc.
The Fallen by Hangman_Link
Author's Notes:
Choice that won:

I believe Joseph should stay defensive. Taurus is pissed and determined. We must dodge his attacks, and since he's already been impaled, he's losing blood.
The fool will be too busy attacking, and slowly his strength will fade, as will his blood. It's a really nice tactic.

Hugo should recover shortly anyway, since he wasn't paralyzed long. Taurus was foolish enough to leave him alive. Hopefully we can fire off another Lucky beam, and HOPEFULLY it will work. (I'm a gamblin' type). You know what they say, third time's the charm.

White will go to the home base to check on it. Of course, he'll come by Joseph and them, unless Hugo DOES hit, and Taurus is already finished. Otherwise, he can help out as well. I believe he's fairly strong, and without much damage, he can turn the tide against Taurus.
Silver will come with Kiryu, since I don't trust him, we keep him close. Be wary of him, and don't let your guard down. IIRC our mission is pretty much complete. So we make our way to Chi Chi, and make SURE that radar system is destroyed. Otherwise they'll see our forces coming!
"White, return to the base camp. I have a bad feeling that something is going down there. Either way, you can support them all and make sure that the front gate is broken down. Don't let me down."

White stares directly at you and nods, "Yes sir!"

"Silver, you're with me. We'll go back up Chi Chi ourselves. She has an important mission and I don't know if she can handle it herself so we have to go NOW. C'mon!"

"On my way, boss." He agrees and the two of you go running towards Chi Chi and her crew.

"Oooww....Am I running low on Ki or something? I feel...light headed. Ugh, there's no time for stomach aches in a war!" You think to yourself as Silver and you continue to run towards Chi Chi.

"So this is the entrance to their home?" Silver begins, "I wonder why it's so quiet."

"Yeah, something is off." You agree. "Nonetheless, if we go in here Rem told me that Chi Chi would be in the west wing."

"Roger that."

"Lets go!" You lift your right leg up and smash down the front door. Inside, a long pathway awaits that seems to have an intersection about a hundred feet over. Every few feet, there are doors side by side - almost all closed. While you examine the area, Silver begins running down the hall at full speed.

"He's hasty. Better not let him get too much of a lead..."

You sprint down the hall after Silver and the intersection gets closer and closer. "Make a right over here," you direct.

"Got it." Still slightly ahead of you, he turns down the hall and disappears from your sight momentarily.

"Die, f***er!" A Saiyan jumps out of one of the open doors and punches you in the face which causes slight damage, making you fall onto the ground. He grins at this.

"Do you want to die?" You question as you get up.

"Hehehehehehehe," he laughs maniacally.

You roll your eyes and clench your fist before teleporting before him and grappling his throat and applying pressure on it. He starts squealing as he attempts to break free but has no luck. He's lifted up so high that his arms won't even reach any part of your body other than your own arms.

"P-Plea..." He quietly says before drifting off. You drop him to the ground only to hear a quiet 'thud,' and spit on his corpse.

"Pth, don't waste my time." You turn around and freeze for a second as an immense pain implodes from within your stomach. "AH, AHHHH!" You scream aloud as you hold yourself tightly, collapsing to the ground in pain and agony. "What is...happening inside my body?" You try to say but can't get the words out.

You collapse to the ground in a ball position and your body begins to tremble in pain. Your eyes begin flickering from this world and the dream world. Just then, a man with sharp red hair approaches you with a demonic grin.

"S-Silver?" You question in a weak, quiet voice.

"Yeah, it's me boss. I came for you." His smile only sharpens as he walks towards you, clenching his fists. His eyes widen and he whips his leg back and throws it forward, kicking you in your stomach causing an explosion of pain. You cough up spit and scream silently.

"W-what are you doing?" You question with puppy dog eyes.

"Showing you my true colours, idiot. Now roll over and die!" Silver continues to kick you as you lay on the ground, totally defenseless. The ground quakes from below you two and Silver loses his balance momentarily.

"Damn it, Saiyans are coming. They'll deal with you, former Commander Kiryu. As much as I wish I could rip out your throat myself, I'll leave it to them. Guess I'll go help Chi Chi now. Hahaahaha!" He kicks you in your unguarded face and you lose consciousness for a second. When your eyes pop open again, Silver is nowhere to be seen.

Your eyes lose the strength to stay open once again and begin to close. Noises from below you continue, but nobody is coming...for now.


"Face it fool, you can't stall forever!" Taurus laughs as he continues his rain of attacks on Joseph. Blood continues to leak from his torn body.

"He's right. Even though he's impaled, I can't see nor feel any signs of his power dropping. His stamina and tenacity are incredible." Joseph thinks to himself as he ducks a wide open fist thrown by Taurus and delivers a hard blow into the hole in Taurus's chest causing him immense pain.

"Ugh, damn it!" He screams and rushes at Joseph once again.

"Is this really all you got, fool!" Joseph begins to taunt so he can get under Taurus's skin. "It's my only chance!" He thinks.

Taurus goes in for a series of punches but Joseph manages to evade his way through all the attacks with mediocre difficulty, counterattacking at every chance he got.

Rage continues to build up into Taurus until he finally calms himself and jumps back a few feet away from Joseph.

"Fine, I'm done with playing into your hands..." Taurus stops attacking and rips a piece of his undershirt off and ties it around the gaping hole in his chest. The blood flowing out of him stops for a second, but than continues at a slower pace. He spits blood on the ground and grabs his chest in slight pain.

"Damn it, he knows my plan."

"Of course I do you idiot, I've already demonstrated that I can read minds. No plan can defeat me so just lay over and die. You've done well stalling, especially considering your weak Battle Power in comparison to mine but no longer will I allow you to live." Taurus smirks at that last remark and begins to form Ki around his body.

Joseph's eyes widen in fear.

"Damn it...Such bad luck today." Hugo sighs as he stands up, conscious of his body now. "Oh God...what's with all that Ki emitting from that Saiyans body? It's unreal! Joseph...If he's struck with it, he'll die in an instant as well as almost everybody on this battlefield. I have to stop him before he unleashes it...Should I take another risk?" Hugo contemplates while looking at his hands. "I won't have any Ki left if I do it and miss, but if I don't do it I might as well just kill myself because he'll kill me any second now anyway. I have no choice, Lucky Beam!" Hugo fires out all his remaining Ki into his last resort attack and it flies at Taurus at a miraculously slow speed.

Taurus bats his eye to the incoming blast and shakes his head. "Fool, I'm not positive what that attack does but it isn't going to work." He holds his Ki attack back and jumps back, easily dodging the Lucky Beam (I actually flipped a coin 6 times...I got tails all 6, lmao).

"No, I failed..." Hugo thinks to himself before a jolt comes through his body immobilizing him once again.

"Now that THAT'S out of the way, I'm going to end this once and for all!" Taurus roars. An abnormally large aura of pink Ki wraps around him and the ground begins quaking as it breaks apart due to Taurus's miraculous power.

"AAAAaaaaHHHHhhhh!" Screams break out from the remaining FBM and Saiyans that are around the area as the blast begins to ignite nearly everybody within the base camp.

"Barrier!" Joseph screams immediately before the blast blows everything to pieces.

"Ahahahahahahahhahahahahhahahaha!" Taurus laughs hysterically as his attack comes to life.


"Hyashishishishi, hyashishishishi." The man in the chair with bright yellow teeth laughs as Chi Chi and the others stare down at him.

Chi Chi looks around the dark room carefully and examines it as he laughs. Above everyone shows dim light from the broken hole in the ceiling which gives this room the slightest bit of light. Just beside the hole, a light is still intact which might be turned on by some sort of automatic action by the looks of it. In front of the group, several computer monitors with quite advanced technology equipped to them is there. That must be the radar. To her left, an open door awaits that leads into a hall. Behind her, a pile of crates that all look like there could be something inside of them sits still. Finally on her right, a plain brick wall with a large red button awaits. I wonder what that activates.

"Our priority is to break the Radar. Don't let this old fool stand in our way. Lets go everybody!" Chi Chi directs.

The red eyed man stands up with a grin still painted on his face. He snaps his fingers and the light flicks on in the room. Big Daddy whips out a Gun from his chest pocket and fires at the man immediately. The bullet flies at an incredible speed and rips through the mans chest. It pierces through him as if he was transparent and hits the wall straight behind him.

"Huh!?!?" Big Daddy gasps.

"Very rash move of yours, General Big Daddy. And here I was hoping to play with you scumbags a little longer." The mans voice sparks from behind everybody. Chi Chi, Jones, and the remaining 6 Elites turn around in shock to see that same person holding some sort of advanced gun to Big Daddy's brain.

"Sorry you guys...Looks like i'm nothing but a burden now."

"H-How is that possible?" Chi Chi asks, worried.

"The person you saw sitting in that chair was nothing but a hologram. I saw you all coming. I wouldn't just sit here without a plan brewing myself."

"Where were YOU hiding then?" Daddy asks, annoyed.

"Just behind the crates. The loud gunshot made it easy to just walk out and over here. Now I warn you all, what I have here is no ordinary Gun. It's specially developed Ray Gun made by the Saiyajin Empire. No bullets come out of it. A Ray comes from it and implodes the body from the inside. What do you think would happen if this mans brain exploded right here and now?" He questions with a yellow grin.

"S***, what am I going to do?" Thoughts run through Chi Chi's mind as she stares blankly at Big Daddy and the evil man.

"So what's it going to be? Do what I say, or your beloved 'Daddy' will die."

What Should Chi Chi Do?

A) Break the Radar. Daddy will die, but it's for the greater good of the mission.
B) Save Big Daddy by doing what this man says. Trusting him is the only option we have now.
C) Save Big Daddy and break the Radar? It might be possible.
D) Stall! Maybe help will come and be able to help...somehow.


Silver continues running through the west wing wall at a great speed. He still plans on helping out Chi Chi and the others despite Kiryu not being with him. "Ah!" He says with a smile. "I see a hole in the wall. That must mean that Chi Chi and the others are around here somewhere."

Just as Silver states that an armoured man comes crashing through the ceiling above him and lands directly on top of him while laughing. "Hehe, the names Shugesh."

"Mind getting the HELL off my Shugesh," Silver screams as he throws the fat Saiyan off his back and into the wall.

"Sorry Freeborn Military guy but I can't allow you to go any further. Orders from the King himself. Better take this job seriously."

"Damn it, a powerful Ki is emitting from this guy." Silver thinks to himself. "But he's nothing that I can't handle. If I catch him off guard and fight smart, I should be able to kill him and help Chi Chi out."

Shugesh stares directly at Silver with a dumb smile written on his face. "Shugesh, you would be a lot more intimidating if I didn't have backup right outside this wall. Be smart and get lost before we have to take extreme measures on you." Silver informs as he points to the wall behind Shugesh.

"Huh? Backup?" Shugesh wonders. "Hehehe, stop lying FOOL!" He screams.

"Attack!" Silver screams while lifting his hand up in an open palm position. "Ki Wave!" He thinks in his head simultaneously.

The wall behind Shugesh smashes and he whips his face to look immediately, seeing nothing in sight. "H-how?" He turns back to Silver and sees nobody in front of him.

"Haha, this guys an idiot." Silver smirks as he smashes his fist into the left side of Shugesh's skull while he hides in the broken rubble from the wall.

Shugesh turns his head to where the fist came from and sees nothing. "How are you doing this!?!?" He screams while crashing in another wall.

"As long as I hide in this broken rubble from the wall I just broke down, he won't be able to touch me. My puppet will do all the work until he's fully worn down. I just have to hope that he isn't smart enough to find me in here..." Silver thinks as he continues to break Shugesh into walls around them. Shugesh's anger continues to grow and grow.

(Authors Note: Silver used his move "Create" to transfer his soul and power into a Doll that he created. In this scenario, a fist shaped Rock is attacking Shugesh without him knowing every time he turns around. The Rock has the same power level as Silver would. However, this move takes all of his Ki to use. In addition to that, Silver reduces his power level to 0 so he can give power to the Doll. If the Doll is broken or dies, all of Silver's Ki will be lost but his health won't be affected. Silver must use an object that is within 3 feet of him to turn into a Doll. Meanwhile, he hides his body and lets his Doll do all the work for him. He can only use this move once per battle. If his body is attacked when his Soul is in the Doll, he'll be killed. The Doll must be broken before he can return his Soul to his original body)


White begins running back to the Base Camp in a rush a while after Kiryu and Silver left him at the Plaza Gate. He ends up surrounded by a group of Saiyan Elites, attempting to win be sheer numbers. "You fools really think you stand a chance? Don't make me LAUGH!" White screams as he throws them all around in one swift kick, destroying them all easily. "I'll be taking this." White says with a smirk as he picks up a Saiyan Scouter, and continues running back to the Base Camp.

Within minutes, White makes it back to the Camp. Much faster this time due to the lack of numbers in the Saiyan and FBM Soldiers as opposed to before. Thousands of people have died today. When White makes it back to the Camp, he sees a horrifying sight.

"W-What happened!?!?" He screams, truly concerned. He runs to Joseph Pike in a rush, and grabs him to see if he's alive. There's a pulse. While holding Joseph in his arms, White looks around at the destroyed battlefield.

Thousands of burnt corpses lay around the field dead. The Main Gate that was tall and strong when White originally left has now melted to a crisp. Looks like it'll be smooth riding for the Vehicles when they come through this area. Continuing looking around, White can only see one soul standing. A Saiyan. A cold grin runs through his bloody face as he holds his chest and begins walking towards White.

"And you are?" White questions as he drops the weakened Pike to the ground. He's nearly dead. It's surprising that he lived considering the magnitude of the attack which took place here.


"I imagine that you did this to everybody?"

"That's correct. Do you like the scenery? Hehe."

"You could have done a better job. I can feel a few Ki's alive around this area, and it seems to have damaged you just as badly as the others."

An angry face appears on Taurus and he puts one of his arms up, ready to fight. "You and the others will die shortly. I have no more time to waste here."

"It's quite the opposite actually. I can see your condition clearly. Your stamina will give out any minute now. That's why you didn't finish all these people off after you unleashed your attack. You don't have enough strength. So stop bluffing because nobody is buying what you're selling." White taunts with a grin.

Taurus closes his eyes for a second and opens them up with a glare, appearing right in front of white as he does so leaving a trace of light behind. The Scouters readings go off the chart and peak at 37, 000 once he reaches White.

"No way!" White squeaks as he puts his arms in front of his face, tanking the vicious attack thrown by Taurus. A loud crash is heard when his fists contact with White's arms. Blood squirts out from Taurus's chest as he puts strain on it but White goes flying as a result, crashing and burning on the rugged wasteland.

Taurus tries to follow up on his attack but screams in pain and collapses to his knees along the way. White stands up with rage on his face and charges forward at the weakened Taurus. "His Battle Power is only at 9012 right now. It seems that he can control his power at will, which is dangerous. Even in his condition, he still outclasses me. I'll have to fight with everything I have!" White thinks while running.

Taurus looks up and grins at White. "Yes, you better fight with everything you have because I'm just getting started." He gets to his feet and wraps a dangerous Aura around him before charging at White once again, one arm out and ready to kill.

White stops in his tracks and puts his hands by his eyes. "Solar FLARE!" He screams while reflecting the Sun's powerful rays into the eyes of Taurus.

"Ooooow, what have you done?" Taurus squeals while putting both hands on his distorted eyes. Taking advantage of this, White puts his arms a fair distance apart and delivers a powerful "Ten Thousand Fists!" into the gaping hole inside of Taurus's chest. Blood explodes from his chest and he attempts to cover it up but is unsuccessful. Taurus tumbles to the ground and loses full control of the situation. White stares down at him triumphantly.

"Fool," White says while spitting on his ripped up body. "You let your ego get the best of you due to your tremendous power. And now you're going to die." A devilish smile appears in White's face as he loads up a Ki Blast in front of Taurus.

"Please...spare me. You aren't a killer...Don't do anything reckless." Taurus pleads with innocent eyes as he lies on the ground, blood leaking from his chest.

1) Kill the fool. He's caused too much damage.
2) Spare him. No point in killing an enemy who already threw down the towel.
3) Other?
Reinforcements by Hangman_Link
Author's Notes:
Choice that won:


3: Perhaps he knows who the spy Kiryu mentioned is?
If he tells us anything interesting, we repay him by knocking him out.
If he doesn't, he's done for.
Either way, if we learn of Silver's betrayal, we should stay behind to guard those left alive from the rest of the Saiyans, until reinforcements arrive. Unfortunately Kiryu will have to wake up on his own.
"I'm not a killer?" White questions with a grin. "It appears you've mistaken me for somebody else..." He continues.

"Please, don't kill me. I'm a good person...Cau," Taurus coughs up blood.

"Tell me, Saiyan Taurus. Is there anything you know about spies being in the FBM?" White questions.

"I don't." He replies boldly.

"How unfortunate...I suppose you're of no use to me then. I hope you had a good life, Saiyan Taurus..." White states as he puts his right palm out and begins loading a Ki Blast, ready to exterminate Taurus.

"Wait, noooo~!" Taurus screams with pain all over his face as White unleashes the blast, blowing Taurus away. His body drops to the ground still. He's finally dead. White went overboard with his attack and blew Taurus's head clean off.

White smirks and begins walking away, towards the former Plaza Gate. "I have nothing more to do here. Maybe Kiryu needs some help back at the Saiyan Castle...Aha." White laughs and begins jogging through the battlefield. The War rages on and blood continues to shed.


"So what's it going to be, women!" The man with bright yellow teeth in the laboratory laughs sadistically as he holds the Ray Gun at the side of Big Daddy's head.

Chi Chi stares directly at his cold eyes with tension in her own for a second, and finally relaxes. "I'm sorry, Big Daddy. Your effort is greatly appreciated. I assure you, we'll give you a proper funeral once this War is over. I can promise you that much."

Daddy looks at Chi Chi shocked, and than smiles dearly. "Thank yo-"

"FOOL!" The man screams and pulls the trigger on the Ray Gun. It violently absorbs into Daddy's skull and he drops to the floor in pain.

"Ah, ahh, what is HAPPENING!?!?" Big Daddy screams and his head implodes ruthlessly in the middle of the room. His corpse collapses to the ground and Jones shutters and turns away. Chi Chi puts her head down for a second before raising it with charisma once again.

"Elites, seal this mans movements up immediately!" On cue, every Elite under Chi Chi's control jumps into combat and rushes the sadistic scientist. Within seconds, his movements are completely concealed and the Ray Gun out of his control. Without wasting any time, Chi Chi turns to the Saiyans grand Radar and begins gathering Ki. "Kamehameha!" She screams and launches it at the computer system, exploding everything abruptly. Nothing is left but a hole in the wall now.

"Madam Chi Chi, what should be do with this guy?" One of the Elites questions as they all hold the man as a team.

She stares ruthlessly at the man with a deep frown. "Kill him." She boldly claims with anger in her voice.

Jones looks at Chi Chi with shock in his eyes and grabs her shoulder. "But Chi Chi, we can interrogate him to get answers."

"I don't want his pathetic answers to cloud our knowledge. Now KILL HIM!" She screams with rage while throwing Jones' hand off of her shoulder. This is the first time she's been truly angry. Still in shock, Jones stares at her in disbelief.

"This anger...She's not fit to be our leader. Not right now at least...What will her next order be if she's being so ruthless right now?" Jones worries, silently.

The Elites stare at Chi Chi for a brink second and than follow through with her order. One of them puts a knife to the mans throat and prepares to slice it without remorse.

"KIRYU WILL DIE!" The sadistic scientist screams and everything comes to a quick pause. Chi Chi slowly puts her hands out to stop the Elite from slitting his throat and softly replies.

"What did you just say?" She questions, now worried to exhaustion.

"Let me live, and I'll tell you everything you need to know in order to save Kiryu."

"What do you mean, "save Kiryu"?" Chi Chi investigates.

"I saw him on the bases Scouter before you blew it up. He's in trouble and will most definitely be killed very soon...But I can help you with that. Under the condition that you let me live of course." He pleads.

"H-how do I know you aren't lying?" Chi Chi vulnerably asks.

"Hehehe, you don't!" The man smiles once again with pleasure and his yellow teeth bright up the lightened room.

Thoughts race through Chi Chi's mind as she wonders what to do. "I must save Commander Kiryu at all costs. But is he lying? Why would he lie!" Emotions continue to rush through her brain as Chi Chi continues to panic. What should she do?

1) Trust the man. Even if he's lying, it's best to save Commander Kiryu at all costs!
2) Forget Kiryu and kill him. Who knows what this freak will do if we let him escape.


"WHERE ARE YOU!?!?" Shugesh roars as he looks around for Colonel Silver, who's hiding underneath the rubble of the broken wall.

"This is good. His rage has built up and I have full control over the battle. This battle is over!" Silver smiles and continues to use the Rock Doll he made in order to attack Shugesh.

Shugesh turns to the right and sees nobody there. Just as he does so, a rock hard rock comes flying full speed into the left side of his open skull. Blood drips from the weakened Saiyan and he drops to his knees in anger and pain.

"Fine..." Shugesh states as he stops trying to find Silver.

"Hmm? What's he doing...?" Silver wonders.

"I've had enough of this. If you're going to continue to hide, I'll just destroy EVERYTHING!" Shugesh screams and stands up once again. "King Vegeta, please lend me your skills and grant me the power to begin metamorphosis!"

"Very well, I shall lend you this power." A voice echoes from the ceiling.

Shugesh smiles and puts his arms up as if he's about to hug somebody. "Thank you!"

"What is going on?" Silver wonders.

A bright light flashes and Shugesh's heart beats loudly. Thud. Thud. Thud. Shugesh's eyes turn snow white and his size begins to grow as his clothes rip off. Nothing stays on except for his elastic armor.

"What...NO! Is this the transformation that Saiyans are able to achieve. The legendary Oozaru!?!? Not good...I'm going to be killed..." Silver worries as he shakes still.

"ROOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAR!" Oozaru Shugesh screams as he completes his transformation and smashes through the roof of the entire floor.

"No no no, I'll have to have him break the Doll!" Silver throws his Soul Rock into the head of the Oozaru but he refuses to budge. It's hard to tell if he even felt the stone smash into his face. "Ra!" The Stone flies full speed to the ground, right beside Shugesh's gigantic foot. "Just step on it you overgrown freak!" He cusses in his head.

Oozaru Shugesh turns his head to the pile of rubble that Silver is hiding under and picks up the largest stone, revealing parts of Silvers body. The Ape smiles and he continues to throw the stones around, knowing full well that Silver is there. The beast roars as he unveils the last stone, leaving Silver wide open.

"This is it! Go!" Silvers Stone flies full speed into the Oozaru's knuckle and it cracks. Shugesh stares at his knuckle and flicks the stone that was jammed in his knuckle away. The stone shatters into hundreds of pieces. "I can control myself again!" Silver smiles and begins running from the violent Ape.

"Ro, Ra Roo ROOOOAR!" The beast screams as it slams its hand on Silver. Just before it connects, Silver notices it and immediately jumps out of the way, avoiding it by inches.

"S***, this guy isn't joking. How am I supposed to get out of here!?!?" Silver wonders as he looks around, seeing nothing useful. "Daamn It!" He screams aloud.

A dark grin emerges on Shugesh's face and he slams his fist down once more, attempting to kill Silver.

How Should Silver Escape?

A) Free Choice.


"The worst has happened, my King."

King Vegeta turns around from a chair that is moderating the entire base with a sick smile on his face. "Is that a fact, Fasha?" He questions the Saiyan.

"I'm afraid that our Scouting system has been destroyed. The enemies reinforces can arrive anytime and we won't be able to do a thing until their attack is already over. It puts us in quite the situation. On top of that, Turles has been ripped apart by their Commander in charge, Kiryu. And finally, Taurus has just been killed. He fought well considering the quantity of his opponents, but in the end...he couldn't win."

"Taurus...That idiot lived and died a fool. He's complete waste. Him dying has only bettered my army."

"Can you please elaborate, my King?"

"He tried to win a fight he knew he couldn't due to his pride."

"To be fair my King, you could have warped him back in the large time frame we had after he unleashed his Super Explosive Wave."

"No, I wanted to see how he would react before death. He failed his test."

"If you don't mind me asking..."

"He begged for mercy and cried before he died. That man is pathetic. He's no Saiyan. He's nothing but a low grade loser."

"Even so my King, his Battle Power broke 50 thousand and he just surpassed his wall. I'm positive that he could have gotten stronger if he continued to train and stayed alive."

"And?" The King responds, annoyed.

"Nothing, my King. I apologize for my rudeness. Please forgive me." Fasha bows down to him apologetically.

"Fasha won't you be a dear and grant me this favor. My legs have grown tired sitting in this chair."

"Anything, my King."

"Call the Cold family from the basement. I believe it's time that they made their appearance in this war."

"Are you positive, my King? Even before the Freeborn Military reinforcements arrive. It might be beneficial if you-"

"Silence!" The King screams and slaps the unprepared Fasha in her smooth face. She flies across the room and lands on the other side abruptly, bouncing twice before finally settling. A blood trail leaks across the floor but she begins to stand up almost immediately, shaking all the way. "Follow my orders you pathetic piece of trash. Unless you've made other plans that involve me killing you?" The King grunts as he flips his chair around, still sitting.

"I'm so sorry, my King. I'll never disobey you again. Please, I beg of you, forgive me!" Fasha begs while bowing to him, fear in her voice.

"Call the Cold Family. Have those disgusting creatures on the battlefield in 5 minutes. They have but one duty: Kill everybody." A wide grin appears on the Kings face and he begins laughing slowly to himself.

"Yes, my King." Fasha relieves herself from her bow and begins walking out of the room while holding onto her injured cheek.

King Vegeta puts his left hand on his forehead and begins shaking his right leg subtly with anticipation. He takes a deep breath and smiles once again as he looks out the window, staring down at the war going on beneath him. "Everything is going according to plan. This is almost too easy. Foolish Rem. Is this all you have?" The King puts his hand onto a chess board and moves a Saiyan looking piece that represents the Queen. Looking down at the board, Vegeta has a checkmate against his opponent - Rem.


White continues to sprint down through the ruthless battlefield, making his way to Kiryu and the others as fast as he can. Once again, the ground shakes in despair and he loses his balance, falling onto the ground. "What the...?" White thinks aloud.

Before he can get an answer out of himself, he sees a Gate connected to the Saiyan Base open. 4 Creatures each wearing chains along their arms, legs, and neck all begin walking out with shallow grins. "What the F*** is THAT!?!?" White worries and begins backing up. As the creatures continue to walk out of the cage, it's clear that the chains have been cut off of them.

"Brother Freeza, I can feel the fear inside that man over there. He can feel our power." One of the creatures speaks up.

"Yes, I can feel it too, Cooler. Lets kill him!" The tongue comes out of the two of them and they begin sprinting at near lightning speed towards White. In seconds, they're both within arm reach of White. "Die mortal!" The creatures scream as they leap at White.

Just before they reach him, the ground shakes once again and White falls forward, causing them to miss. The two creatures turn their wicked self around and fall onto the ground soon after. The Earthquake this time is much larger than all before. The ground continues to shake and rip open from the bottom.

"What's going on!?!?" White worries.

A large piece of machinery surfaces from underground with Commander Echo inside. "Is that the infamous Mole that only the FBM knows how to create?" White gasps.

The Creatures begin to growl as they look at it in confusion. Just then, 9 other Moles come sparking through the ground at different areas of the battlefield. Echo steps out of his Mole and stares at White with a grin. "Hehe, looks like you just seen a Ghost. Need a hand?"

White smiles joyfully, "Reinforcements...are here." Men begin flooding out of the Moles and start to partake in the battles going on all around them. Echo throws his hand to White and helps him to his feet.

"I take it these guys right here are the infamous Cold Family." Echo puts up his guard and stares directly at them. "Be on your guard. These guys...are nothing to laugh about." Echo warns White.

Kaiba walks out of one of the Moles himself and looks around at the Cold Family nervously. "Echo..."

"I know, I know. I'm fully aware of the strength these creatures possess." A large team of Elites, Frontier Agents, and Generals all run to Echo and White's side.

"Good, then don't go easy on them." Kaiba warns. "I'm still shocked that the Saiyans were able to capture and control this monstrous race."

"Commander," one of the Generals behind Echo begins. "Who are the Cold Family?" He wonders.

"They used to be demons of War. As a group, they would kill thousand upon thousands of people without remorse. They used to be very smart and cunning creatures, that just loved to start problems in the world. Eventually, King Vegeta from the Saiyan army got fed up with them and decided to take care of them. It took a lot of men and effort, but he managed to do it. I suppose he decided to capture and recruit them instead of just killing them. It buffed up his War greatly, but in fear that they would escape they must be kept at the base to be guards."

"Hmm...'smart and cunning'...they look like wild animals to me." A General wonders as he studies them.

"Yeah, I guess being in a cage for so long finally got the best of their mind and they turned...well, dumb."

"Either that or the Saiyan King is drugging them." The General finishes with a smirk.

"Heheh, yeah."

Drool drips from the mouths of the Cold creatures as they smile uncontrollably. Kaiba locks his target onto the two that are still by their cage - his motive clear.

A spark of light flashes and Kaiba appears beside the two creatures still by their cage. "Hey, you guys ready?" He says with a smile on his face.

Both creatures turn to each other and nod crazily. "Are you ready, Cold?" One says with a smile so large it's almost fake.

"Of course, Chilled." The other agrees.

Kaiba puts his guard up and studies the two cautiously. "Hey Echo, you got my back?" Kaiba calls back.

"Damn straight I do. You better have mine."

Kaiba smiles for a second and than looks back up at his enemies, fully ready. Echo does the same. All the Generals around the area begin surfacing the area, trying to be a help rather than a burden.

A dribble of spit drips from the creature, Freeza's mouth and he leaps at Echo with a smile, Cooler following soon after! Cold and Chilled do the same to Kaiba.

The battle between the FBM Commanders and the Cold Family begins with a bang!

The Cold Family by Hangman_Link
Author's Notes:
Choice that won:

1. We should have taken all his weapons anyway. As long as we don't do anything stupid, we'll be fine.

A. As for Silver. He's got no ki, and can only use Create once...run.

Run throughout the place. The more the big ape follows, the more he'll be plowing around through the building. I don't know how big it is, but surely he's doing some damage.

Take potshots at his eyes if possible, but if not, try and lose him. Either way, make our way outside. Hopefully our reinforcements that AREN'T fighting the Colds can own this ape.
New Generals Have Entered The Battle:

General Watson: 25 000 - He's the guy Echo was talking too in the last update.
Stiffy: 22 222
Aquadolf: 13 000
General Pooface: 18 200
The Bater Master: 17 000 - Sounds like a beast.
General Blue: 27 300
Pac ManTM: 15 000
Benjamin Windmore: 17 000
Dr. Fiasco: 19 200
Buddy Dies Quickly: 18 000 - Hopefully he doesn't die quickly.

(Authors Note: This list does not show all of the Generals here. Just a portion.)

Echo makes the first attack, swinging his destructive arm at the open Cold Family before him. They both easily do a small jump, dodging his attack. Without wasting time, Freeza fires a Purple Ki Blast directly out of his finger. Unable to recover in time, it hits Echo directly causing an immense pain. He takes a few steps back and watches his enemies closely. Even though they're drooling and unguarded, the power these two hold is incredible.

"Watson, Stiffy, back me up!" Echo calls. The two immediately jump into battle with Echo, though cautiously. One wrong movement can be fatal against these opponents.

"Cooler, I'll kill the big fish. You take care of the lackies." Freeza directs.

"Nu nu nu, I got the Commander. I refuse to waste my time on those weaklings!" Cooler argues.

"Well I guess we'll both just have to fight the three of them."

"How boring."

"Looks like their English is coming back," Echo examines. "Maybe that'll make them even more dangerous, assuming they get their old minds back. Watch out you two."

"Yes, Commander!" They say in sync and jump back into battle, surrounding Freeza and Cooler while Echo goes in for massive damage. Freeza and Cooler are prepared, and break their position, spreading out so they aren't trapped. Freeza smashes his hands together and a devastating Ki forms in his palms. It catches General Watson and Stiffy off guard, but Echo holds firm - examining what their next move will be.

Cooler leaps at the guarded Echo with a devilish grin. Echo notices a large portion of his body is unprotected this time, which is unusual for such skilled fighters. "Idiots, such a simple plan won't work on me!" Echo throws his arm out as if he's about to attack Cooler, but jumps in the air in a spiral instead. Two laser beams shoot out of Cooler's eyes and burn the ground, missing Echo completely.

"Bastaaa!" Cooler screams.

Echo grins and fires his giant arms down into Cooler's face, hitting him directly. He flies into the ground with explosive damage and coughs up blood. Echo lands in style and returns his attention to Freeza. Watson and Stiffy stare at Cooler and Echo confused; they weren't able to catch anything that just happened.

Freeza growls while drool squirts out of his mouth and forms the harnessed Ki in his hand into a Disk. A wicked smile crosses his face and he fires it at full speed.

"Like I'll get hit by that!" Echo laughs while swaying to the side, letting the Disk fly right past him. Freeza's smile doesn't fade though. It only intensifies. Watson's eyes light up in fear and begins screaming, "Echo, behind you!!!"

In shock, Echo turns his attention behind him and sees the Disk coming full speed back at him. He quickly gasps in fear and jumps out of the way, having it miss him once again - but not completely. Blood leaks from a cut on his left arm that he received.

"You...You've done it now." He says boldly while he stares at Freeza. Cooler stands up and grins himself, high fiving Freeza for the well done job.

Echo cracks his hands together and locks onto the two of them. He's finally serious.


On the other side of the battlefield, Commander Kaiba continues to attempt to shut down Cold and Chilled with General Pooface and Buddy Dies Quickly by his side.

Kaiba uses his vast knowledge and singles out Chilled while he lets Cold waste his time with the Generals. Once Chilled has gotten away from Cold, Kaiba begins to turn on the offensive fighting style. "His moves, I can feel them. Each attack has its own breath and I can use that breath to distinguish which attack he's going to do. He'll never hit me like this...But I have to go on the offensive and end this battle quickly. I've already spent too much time on the battlefield!" Kaiba analyzes mentally.

He continues to evade the wide open swings of Chilled until he sees an opening. But before he does, Chilled jumps back and begins mumbling jibberish to himself. Seconds after said event, the ground directly underneath Kaiba explodes with direct force. When the smoke clears, stone has barricaded Kaiba's legs in. Chilled smiles now that his opponent is locked up and runs wildly at him.

Kaiba is unable to stop his attack due to the stone locks on his legs and takes direct punches to the face multiple times. Blood begins to drip from his mouth as Chilled continues his deadly assault on Kaiba. Every punch that is delivered brings more and more anger to Kaiba. His temper is reaching its limit.

Chilled begins laughing hysterically as if he's won the battle but can't say it aloud. He delivers one more attack filled with Ki in his palm and it bursts into Kaiba directly. His head rips back and the stones holding his legs break apart. Blood spills from him as he collapses onto the ground. Kaiba slowly gets up with his eyes closed, and sharply opens them.

Chilled backs up three steps quickly, with fear in his own eyes. Kaiba stares boldly at him with his dead white eyes and begins to stand up gracefully. The fear continues to grow inside of Chilled, until he fully turns around and begins running full speed away - trying to save his life. The veins inside of Kaiba's forehead pop out and his body begins to change.

"Transform!" He screams as his head begins to grow larger and his body form begins to change. At the end of his transformation, a burst of power surges through the entire battlefield while he does nothing but stare the running Chilled down. As Chilled continues to sprint towards the cage that he came out of, Kaiba slowly puts his left hand up and a tremendous amount of Ki explodes from it.

"Kwah, ki ki, kaaa!" Chilled screams to Cold as he runs past him. Cold looks at him puzzled, unable to understand him at all. A brief laugh comes from Kaiba and he launches the blast at full power. Within a second the blast contacts Chilleds pointy back and explodes with a violent force on impact.

Once the smoke clears, Chilled is nowhere to be seen. The colour in Kaiba's eyes form back and he begins to lose his transformed state, going back to his calm and frail base. He looks around innocently and smiles. "My bad, I think I might have gotten a tad too angry." He says while laughing and brushing his hair.

Cold stares past Pooface and Buddy Dies Quickly to Kaiba, with both fear and anger in his eyes. Kaiba merely smirks at this.


"Hey, it's alright." Murasaki quietly says to the weakened Joseph while he gives him some sort of liquid medicine. "Are you sure you don't need anything, General?"

"Nuh, i'm like, totally okay. The blast barely like, blew up on me."

"Thanks for bringing him in by the way." Murasaki smiles.

"Haa, it's like, the least I could do!" Transny replies with a disgusting smile.

Joseph coughs up some blood and regains consciousness. "Am I...Alive?" Murasaki smiles and nods.

"Yes, but you need to rest right now. You'll be able to fight again soon." He reassures.

"Oh...okay." Joseph weakly replies before passing out again.


Meanwhile, back at Forte Valkyrie...

Rem stares down at the Autopsy Scientist with disappointment. "Why didn't you tell me that you were inspecting a dead body in a forbidden area?"

"I'm sorry, Lord Rem! Commander Kiryu said that you have too much on your plate right now and that you didn't need to be bothered by this so we kept it on the down-low. Please forgive me!" He begs.

"He's right. But knowledge on my organization will only help me, bitter as it can be. Next time something like this happens, inform me immediately."

"Yes, sir!"

"So how far along is the process? When will you find out the results?" Rem questions.

"I've already done all the testing. I'm just waiting for the results. It shouldn't take longer than a day at this point."

"Contact Kiryu on his Cell Phone when you find out the results. It may be of importance to him. If the Forte is still at peace, tell me as well."

"Yes, my Lord!"

Rem gives him a slight nod of approval and begins walking back to his room. "Red Ribbon Army...When will you strike?" Rem thinks to himself as he sits quietly in his quarters, playing a game of chess with himself. Two boards sit on his desk beside him, but one isn't in play as of yet.

Ring, ring ring! Rem's Cell Phone shouts out so he picks it up immediately, examining the Caller ID. Commander Dysect. "What's the situation?" Rem questions as he answers the phone.

"The Red Ribbon has made their move. The Camera's at the other end are showing a large squad of Soldiers entering through their base into the underground chamber."

"I see. Considering that, we can only assume that the majority of their forces have left their Headquarters long before now. They could arrive here as early as Midnight if they left at a fast pace."

"Yeah, it's possible. I'm cutting the line now. I don't have too much time before they travel to the end of the tunnel so I shouldn't waste any more time."

"Alright, thanks for the update."

"Later." Dysect ends the transmission between the two.

Rem looks over to his chess boards and moves a piece on the untouched board. The games have finally begun!


"Fine, I'll let you live. Now show me what you know about Commander Kiryu!" Chi Chi demands, almost as if a tear is in her eye.

The man smiles and waves his hand at Chi Chi, signalling her to follow. She does, and the rest begin walking with her. "Hey now," the man begins. "Only Chi Chi needs to be here. The rest of you can stay here until she's ready." He demands.

Rage returns to Chi Chi's worried face and she grabs him by the throat. "Don't test my patience. They follow me...or you die."

"Chi Chi sure has changed. She used to be a logical, calm, and friendly person. But right now, she's emotional, angry, and clueless. Daddy's death must have come as a shock to her...Her personality has took a full turn. I might have to take charge if this keeps up..." Jones thinks to himself while he follows the crowd.

The yellow teethed man looks around swiftly as everybody walks through the hallway. Chi Chi and the Elites are completely oblivious to his actions. "Hey idiot, don't try anything or I'll kill you." Jones instructs as he kicks him in the back lightly.

"My bad boss." The man jokes.

Everybody reaches the end of a hallway, where nothing but a flight of stairs awaits. The man begins walking up the staircase while two Elites hold each of his arms, making sure he doesn't make a run for it. After a long flight of stairs, a shocking sight comes into vision. A large Oozaru is straight down the hall, going all out to kill Colonel Silver.

Chi Chi's eyes widen and she immediately starts running to the battlefield. Jones tries to stop her for a second, but his efforts are ultimately futile. He turns to the yellow teethed man in anger and grabs him by the neck, putting pressure on him. "You knew this Ape would be up here, didn't you? Trying to play with Chi Chi's emotions because she's in a fragile state. Think we'll let you escape? Huh you freak!?!?" Jones snaps!

"I swear, I didn't know. How could I have known what was going on here if I was downstairs. You guys broke the Scouter."

"So that means you really don't know anything about Kiryu being in a critical state at all. You're just using us so you can trap us."

"Uh, ah, uhm, I swear..."

Jones gives him a slight backhand to shut him up, but due to his fragile body, his head yanked to the side almost as if it broke. "You aren't going anywhere. Elites, watch him intently. Make sure he doesn't move. I'll be back with Chi Chi in a minute." Jones directs before chasing after her.


While the war outside and inside the Saiyan Base rages on, 16 large Jets begin flying over the battlefield at a terrifying speed. One Jet is a fairly large distance beyond the others, but the rest trail behind without losing sight. The noise brutally shutters in over the base for minutes, yet nobody hears a thing. The death tolls continue to rise as the warriors down below fight to the death.

"Commander Pitou, we'll arrive at our destination in roughly 4 minutes." General John Giant informs.

"Good. Signal the others and have Thrigon's team split up. Get the men ready. This will be tricky." Pitou instructs and General John Giant nods before running to the front of the Jet and tapping into the radio machine. Pitou gazes out the window and sighs. "I have a bad feeling about this all. Perhaps this will be it. My death day..."

Seconds after, John Giant returns to his seat and 8 of the Jets split from the crowd, going to the opposite end of the Saiyan Base. They disappear from sight in a quick blink. A notice appears at the front of the Jet, signalling everybody to have a seat and refrain from smoking. Almost time to land.


"Chi Chi, wait up!" Jones screams before catching up to her.

"What are you doing here!?!? Go back and guard that insect!" She demands in rage.

"I'll take a pass on that, General."

Shock arises in her eyes and than anger. "It's Commander, idiot! Now GO!"

Jones smirks and begins to outrun her, leaving a trail behind. His speed is incredible. "Yo Silver, need a hand?" Jones calls out.

Silver hears a familiar voice and reacts in happiness, turning his head to see Jones and Chi Chi. He smiles for an instant before remembering his situation. Turning his head back to Oozaru Shugesh, he barely has time to react in time, dodging the smash thrown down by the great beast. Jones comes to a halt beside Silver and Chi Chi arrives soon after. The Ape stares at them with a smug look before smashinb a hole in the roof above them, causing it to collapse.

"S***, watch out!" Jones screams and grabs Chi Chi by the waist, jumping out of the way with her in his arms. Silver jumps to the other side. Rocks and boulders begin falling to the ground causing incredible damage.

Chi Chi holds onto Jones with an innocent smile. "Thank you."

"Yeah, whatever. In your mental condition, I didn't think you would be able to dodge the boulders." Jones lets go of her but she continues to hold before realizing that she's safe. Chi Chi blushes and pushes herself away from him, almost angrily. Jones looks at her confused and scratches his head for a brief second, before putting his full attention onto Shugesh.

Oozaru Shugesh turns to Jones and tries to stomp onto him. "Is that all you got, freak!" Jones taunts with a smile, jumping out of the way. He arrives at a 4-way intersection, seeing the front doors of the base long down the line - and on the floor near it is...Commander Kiryu?

"C-Commander!?!?" Jones calls out in shock. "Silver, what happened to Kiryu?"

"Huh?" He says shocked. "I uh, have no clue. He was with me a minute ago. Why?"

"It looks likes he's unconscious in the middle of the hallway..." Chi Chi turns to that in shock and begins sprinting to Jones, as does Silver. Shugesh looks around confused, before building up rage. He unleashes a powerful roar and tries to swipe them all away in one ground slash. Without paying much attention, they each jump up casually dodging the attack.

"Lets go check on him!" Chi Chi calls before sprinting towards you. Jones does the same, and Silver follows soon after. As they all zoom down the hallway, Shugesh stares at them in disbelief.

"Ra, Ra, RHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!" He opens his mouth wide and Ki begins to form in it. "RHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!" The beam explodes with power and flies out of his mouth at full speed. Jones, Chi Chi, and Silver all turn back in fear before it explodes in front of them all.


Jones Technique List:

- Eruption: You punch your opponent with an explosive punch causing them to burst into flames.
- Rapid Fire: You fire multiple Ki attacks at your opponent without rest.

Chi Chi's Technique List:

- Kamehameha


The smoke from Shugesh's attack clears slowly and the three Generals stand up cautiously. "You guys okay?" Chi Chi questions.

"I'm alright..." Jones confirms.

"It appears his attack just missed us. Fortunately for us."

"It didn't miss the floor though..." Jones replies while looking down beneath them. There, an enormous crater awaits in what used to be a solid hallway floor.

Oozaru Shugesh begins walking towards the three fighters with a inhuman grin on his face.

"Looks like he isn't gonna let us get to Kiryu without a fight." Chi Chi admits, finally with a serious face on her.

"So what's the plan?" Silver asks.

Chi Chi smiles and puts herself in a fighting position. "It's simple..."

Jones looks at her shocked, "Is she...back to normal?" He thinks. "So what's the plan, Commander Chi Chi?" Jones questions with a grin.

Ki begins to form inside of Shugesh's mouth once again as the other stare at him with confidence.

A) How will Chi Chi, Jones, and Silver fight Oozaru Shugesh?

1) Choose what to do with the new Commanders that have entered the battle.
Kiryu Awakens by Hangman_Link
Author's Notes:
Choice that won:

A. Dodge immediately, considering he's charging a blast. The dust likely to be kicked up will cover their actions, as Chi Chi runs to Kiryu. Meanwhile, Silver and Jones run up from the dust to distract Shugesh. Silver was his original target afterall, and the big ape won't care one's missing.

Silver's out of ki, so he's of no real help other than a distraction. Lead him out of the base, while Chi Chi wakes Kiryu. This will serve my other plan.

1. According to what was shown, Watson and Stiffy can't even keep up, even with their power levels. They, and all weaker than them should stay out of the way.

The generals should stay defensive while fighting. Try and turn the Cold's against the Saiyans. They seem to be regaining their intelligence, and perhaps we can remind them of how they've been humiliated, even if they don't fully regain intelligence. However, the generals should not hesitate to kill if they have a shot, and the Cold's have not been turned yet.

Hopefully they won't leave themselves open before getting turned against the saiyans.

And if Shugesh is brought outside, he'll meet a bunch of generals, and a pissed off Cold family, ready to reek havoc.
Oozaru Shugesh charges his Breath Blaster while slowly walking towards the three fighters. "Silver, Jones, distract the Ape and lead him out of the base. I'll go get Kiryu. You should have better luck dealing with this guy if he's in the middle of the battlefield. Be careful though!" Chi Chi directs.

The two nod and act immediately. But before they have any chance to lead Shugesh out of the base, he fires his destructive blast. It flies towards them at tremendous speed and power. "Dodge it!"

Chi Chi jumps to her left with Jones. Silver attempts to get to the right, but is unsuccessful. The Breath Blaster strikes the ground and explodes with rage. Silver, still out of Ki didn't have enough energy to fully dodge the attack. But without complaint, he begins to carry out his duty. Jones sees Silver running towards Shugesh and does the same.

Meanwhile, Chi Chi turns her back to the beast and runs off to you. When she arrives, she notices drips of blood mixed with green mucus like stuff are on the floor next to your mouth. "Ew...What happened?" Chi Chi shakes you violently but isn't successful in waking you. She slaps you in the face hard but receives no result. "Damn it, wake UP!" She punches you in the stomach with rage and seems to get some reaction, but you still stay asleep. She refuses to give up on you and continues to try and wake you up.

"Hey, Chi Chi!"

She looks over and sees that White has entered the building, about 50 meters away right now. He continues to run towards her but she doesn't acknowledge him. Instead, she focuses all her energy on waking Kiryu.

Silver rushes through the smoke with a ripped apart arm and jumps all the way up to Shugesh's face. He does a spin in the air and smashes Shugesh in the face with a drop kick. The beast just smiles and grabs Silver's entire body with a grin. Silver struggles but is unable to budge and the Ape puts his arm fully back and prepares to finish off Silver in one attack.

"Eruption!" Jones smashes his fist full speed into the Apes stomach and he coughs up blood. He drops Silver in pain and a spiral of flames explode within and ignite him. Silver lands safely and gives a nod of approval to Jones. While the beast is distracted, Silver runs to its backside and looks for an exit. Jones jumps back and focuses his Ki in both arms.

The flames disperse from Shugesh and he stares down at Jones, ready to kill. He's angry. Jones doesn't let this get to him, and lets his Ki run wild. "Rapid Fire!"

Shugesh puts his arms up to block for once and the blasts collide with his arms, doing nearly no damage. Silver throws a large stone that lays on the floor at the back of Shugesh's head but he doesn't even notice it.

"S***...Sorry Jones, I can't help you right now." Silver gives the wall a rock hard punch and it shatters, showing the battlefield to everybody on this floor of the Saiyan Base and vice versa. Not far down the hall, Silver notices a group of Elites that Chi Chi was commanding. With them, is a man with bright yellow teeth. Even in this situation he's smiling. But why?

Jones lets up on his attack, breathing heavily. Smoke covers the entire area and Jones jumps into it, taking him out of Shugesh's view. He speeds through the smoke, running to Silver and the beast turns to face him. Shugesh fires his fist down at Jones and misses. Jones escapes from the smoke and sees the Ape chasing him. He smirks and keeps running to Silver by the end of the hall.

Shugesh roars and fires another Breath Blaster. With no time to dodge, Jones is forced to put his guard up and block. The attack connects with his body and explodes with power, causing Jones to fall to his knees. Shugesh doesn't stop there though; he fires two more quick blasts from his mouth, both breaking Jones's body apart.

The Ape stares at his inferior opponent through his deep red eyes, and loads up one final blast. Jones stares up at him in complete defeat, unable to move his body at all. "Sorry guys...this looks like everything I can do."

"F***, I can't just let the guy die like this." Silver thinks to himself as he looks at the situation. "What can I do?"

A) Free Choice: Choose what Silver will do.


"What is this...Where is this...?" You think to yourself while staring at explosions and fires through your minds eye, still unconscious. You stand in the midst of a battlefield, unable to move due to the chains that cover your arms and legs. You can hear screams but can't see where they're coming from. Fires burn all around you. You see a large, black Rat run by you slowly but you're unable to stomp on it.

You scream in rage but nothing comes out. Afraid of hearing the screams of the people who are being killed, you attempt to close your eyes but to no success. It appears that they're pinned open. But what is that moving in the distance...? You closely examine it with your tired eyes and see a pack of Raven's fly by you at maximum speed, screeching all along the way.

"Why is this happening to me? Who did this to me!?!?" You try to break free of the chains, but are unable to put in any effort at all.

"This is what you wanted, isn't it Commander Kiryu?" A sadistic, yet very familiar voice echoes out from all angles. You look around in fear but see nobody in sight, once again. The screams from the battlefield settle down in an instant and everything starts to go dark.

"Huh? When did I want this to happen?" You wonder to yourself and a Snake begins slivering up your body, all the way up to your neck. It begins to wrap itself around your neck, gently strangling you.

"Before it all started you were excited for this War weren't you? Hehehehehehehe. You got what you wanted, Kiryu. War. Plague. Famine. Death. The whole package is here. Just like you once dreamed. Marvelous, isn't it?"

"No...this is anything but marvelous. But who are you? Why are you telling me this?"

"My name is Ryuki. I'm not telling you anything you don't already know either. I'm just...bringing it to the surface if you will. Now tell me Kiryu, is this what you want your life to be...?"

"...I...Don't know."

"Hehehehehehehehe," the voice echoes once again. "I think you do." A bright light flashes and the darkness begins to permanently fade out. "Funny how the things you dreamed of having for so long are never as great as you once imagined, isn't it?"

"That's it. Your voice. It was you...back then against the Oozaru's and I was frozen. You were the one who told me to master my fear, weren't you!?!? I thought you were...Conrad."

"Hehehehehehehehehe." The voice begins to fade away slowly.

Your heart thuds loud and the chains on your arms and legs begin to crack loudly. "They're breaking!" Just then, you noticed that your voice is coming back. Not only that, but it appears that this entire world is experiencing an Earthquake. The chains completely break apart and another familiar voice begins screaming for you in the distance. You stare at it for a second and smile before running towards it at full throttle.


Echo smashes his fist into Freeza but his attack is easily blocked. Freeza skids back from the power of the blow and throws a quick Ki Disk at Echo. Echo sways to the side in an instant, but is still cut due to his large body. "Damn it," Echo cringes as he takes the damage of the blade. Just then, Cooler parades toward him with his fists out. He fires them at Echo and the two go into a fiery combo, swinging back and forth between each other.

While Echo is busy, Freeza blitzes behind him and prepares to cut him in half with his deadly Ki attacks. Echo notices Freeza coming up but is unable to get away from Coolers fury. "No good, I can't get away from this guy."

"Get away!" A torpedo of Ki bursts right past Echo and Cooler and smashes into Freeza's gut, sending him back over 30 feet. As he slides back, Freeza throws the Ki into the air, causing it to disperse.

"Y-Y-You, freak ahku." Freeza rages. Echo and Cooler slow their battle down so they can get a look at where that powerful attack came from and see Watson breathing heavily with a smile. Freeza spits out blood and puts up a fighting stance. "You honestly think you'll live after that stunt?" Freeza questions.

"Haaa...haaa...damn it, these guys really are strong. He withstood my most powerful attack - the Crusher Ball."

Cooler and Echo continue to strike each other and are at a stalemate. Freeza smiles and begins racing towards Watson at an incredible speed, making sounds in the wind as he rushes through it.

"S***, WATSON GET OUT OF THERE!!!" Echo screams while turning his head. As soon as he does so, Cooler smashes him in the face with a fist loaded with Ki. Echo flies to the floor but gets up quickly.

"Don't take your eyes off the prize." Cooler grins and Echo grunts.

Within seconds, Freeza appeared in front of Watson with two Spears of Ki already in each arm. Freeza laughs and whips the Spears into the surprised Watson. They penetrate him harshly, but he manages to keep his ground. Just then, Stiffy comes out of nowhere and attempts to kick Freeza in the back of the head. Right before his hit connects, Freeza ducks and fires a quick Ki blast to knock Stiffy away.

It does just so, but Stiffy holds himself in the air for a brief second and lands gracefully. Freeza's eyes widen and he clenches his fists. "That's right. Just like your masters, I can fly myself. Hehe." Stiffy rubs his nose and puts up a fighting position similar to a boxer. Freeza, Stiffy, and Watson all go into battle with Freeza on the offensive and the others using their mind and skill to play defensively. At every free opening, the two will tell Freeza that the Saiyans are the real enemy.

Meanwhile, Cooler and Echo continue to punish each other with devastating blows. Eventually, Cooler jumps back and frowns. "This isn't right. You...you're going easy on me. Why?"

"Haha, guess you noticed eh."

"It's quite obvious actually. Now tell me why!"

"This is going to be a long battle...I have to keep my Ki level up so I don't want to go too hard yet. To be blunt, you aren't worth it."

Cooler spits blood onto the ground and smiles. "Is that so?"

"Ya, but maybe you would be worth it if you guys were in your prime. You know, before you started bowing your heads down and doing everything your former enemy wants of you. You're out of the cage so...why are you still obeying orders? Psh, I thought you guys were badder than THAT." Echo laughs mysteriously.

Cooler puts his hand on his chin and begins thinking to himself.


While everybody else battles it out, Kaiba and Cold continue to stare each other down as they circle each other cautiously. "You killed me SON!" Cold launches himself at Kaiba and a large Sword appears in his hands. Once he reaches Kaiba, he begins slashing the sword at every angle - attempting to finish things quickly. Kaiba keeps his cool and begins to easily dodge the wild slashes by Cold.

"Son? Is that what you call that disgusting creature. That coward. That weakling. It was better off dead." Kaiba taunts.

"SHUT U~~~P!" Cold lets a large swing down in rage, trying to kill Kaiba in one blow. A small laugh comes from Kaiba as he raises his arms and catches the sword by the sides of it so he isn't cut. A shutter squeaks from Cold's mouth but he continues to try and break free of Kaiba's hold rather than release the sword from his hands. In response, Kaiba lifts up his right leg and turns it so his boot is horizontal, turning his body slightly as well.

Ki forms in the leg of Kaiba and he releases it at full power. His leg smashes into Cold's gut, blowing the beast back into his cage. He smashes into the cold steel that once held him prison and falls to the ground without extra movement. Kaiba slowly walks toward him and Ki begins to form in his hand, throwing Cold's sword on the ground with his other.

Cold lays still on the ground, probably unconscious. Kaiba's pocket begins to rumble and he stops in his tracks, dispersing the Ki from himself. He puts his hand in his pocket and pulls out a Cell Phone. He stares at it for a moment and frowns before shoving it back in his pocket. "It appears you've gained a few extra minutes to your life. Unfortunately, I have to be going now..."

"Do you want us to finish him?" General Pooface questions.

"Try to get his sanity back. Teach him that the Saiyans are the real enemy. They imprisoned them. If you can't get anywhere with that, kill him."

"How are we going to do that? He's out cold!"

"Nah, that guy is just pretending. He's got plenty of steam left in his tank." As if on cue, Cold jumps to his feat and begins flexing his arms. "It won't be easy to beat him, so keep your guard up. They seem to be getting smarter the longer they stay out here...Hopefully that doesn't hurt us later on."

Buddy Dies Quickly and Pooface stare at Cold and put their guard up, ready to fight. "Yes, sir!" They scream in sync. Kaiba laughs a bit before putting a serious face on.

"Finally time for me to get some real fun, huh. Hopefully not too much...haha." Kaiba thinks to himself, running towards the east end of the Saiyan Base.

Tension raises between the three remaining fighters.


"Kiryu, you're okay!!!" Chi Chi chimes.

"Yeah..." You say quietly while you look around. You notice a gigantic crater in the floor that goes who knows how deep, and General White and Chi Chi at your side.

"What happened to you, Commander?" White questions as he leans up against the wall.

"I got this blinding pain in my stomach and collapsed. Everything got fuzzy after that..." You say aloud. "Oh right, that bastard Silver attacked me when I was down." You think.

"At least you're okay now," Chi Chi assures you.

"What's the situation out there? Tell me everything!" You demand as you stand up, a little tipsy at first.

White and Silver begin to tell you everything that has happened since you passed out.


A large fleet of planes land safely on the north bay of the Saiyan Base. Thousands of soldiers of all kinds begin flooding out at an incredible rate, while Pitou slowly walks out himself. He examines the area and notices a battle going on far in the distance. The main site is the large building that goes up hundreds of floors tall, which homes nearly every Saiyan in the entire army. The King is up there as well.

"If Rem is correct in his calculations, the Saiyan King should make his move on everybody very soon. I better hurry up. I'm already a tad behind schedule."

He looks up in the air and notices 8 planes are still in the air surrounding the Saiyan Base. "Hmm, I'm just so curious as to what Thrigon is supposed to do in this War. Perhaps we'll meet up soon. Nonetheless, I better focus on my job for now."


Lets Take A Look Back At Forte Valkyrie...

Rem stares at his Computer monitor without blinking. The Radar beeps and his attention turns to it immediately. "Hohoho, so the Red Ribbon Army is in the district. Looks like they are coming from the South. Just as I expected. This is almost too easy...But the real trouble will be when they get here. We're severely outranked in numbers and power. Any wrong move on my part will result in the destruction of the entire Forte...And the FBM."

Beeeep, Rem turns his attention back to the Radar and notices signals coming from the East and West as well. A mass amount of numbers in each direction as well!

"Not good. I won't be able to properly secure each area now that they are doing this. Not a bad move, Red Ribbon. But I still have time on my hands to change my plan. The problem with initiating such an obvious attack is that I'll know exactly when and where you'll be here." Rem gets up off his seat and walks over to his Mic. He puts an electronic device on his mouth which has the ability to change his voice, and turns the Mic on. "Attention Soldiers at Forte Valkyrie, this is General McGuy. Rem has left me in charge as you all should know, and I have an announcement to make."

Rem takes a deep breath and continues. "The Red Ribbon Army will be here shortly. Prepare the artillery and electromagnetic force fields. We must keep the Red Ribbon at bay while firing at them. I'll give you further orders when the time arrives. That is all." Rem presses a button on the Mic and it turns off. He takes the mask off of his face and sighs. "Can't let them know i'm still here yet. A spy could screw things over."

He takes a look out the window and stares at the dark black sky. He can hear the hustle and bustle going down below. Looks like everybody is listening accordingly and performing their duty. Beep, beep, beep, beep, beep! Loud beeps come screaming from the Radar machine all of a sudden. Rem looks over confused and rushes towards it, questioning what's happened.

He looks at it for a brief second and his eyes go wide with fear. "Not possible!" Spit and anger comes through Rem's teeth as he analyzes the Radar. On it, some type of high level machinery is coming full speed towards the Forte at a terrifying speed. Over 3000 miles per hour! "Is it a malfunction of some sort? It's moving at a speed so far beyond what the Red Ribbon is moving with for all their other forces. Even my top planes move at less than 4 times the speed. It's just too fast to be real. At this rate, it'll get to the Forte within two minutes...!"

Rem worries for what seems to be hours in his head before coming to a conclusion. He rushes towards the Mic and turns it on without wasting time with the mask. He doesn't even attempt to disguise himself. "Attention Forte Valkyrie Soldiers, this is an emergency! An unidentified aircraft is flying towards the Forte at a miraculous speed. Get the forcefield Web up and trap it mid air. Do not shoot it down! Its technology is too great for us to waste it. Go now, it's coming!"

Rem switches off the Mic and stares out the window. In the distance, he sees something zooming towards the Forte. In half a minute, a large forcefield surfaces over the entire Forte, trapping everybody in a sphere. It's near transparent, except for a small tint of white. This web is designed from fusing the webs of spiders and steel together to make an ultimate shield. It's difficult to break through and the web acts as a sticky container so you only get one chance to break through it. If you don't succeed, you're trapped.

Rem takes a seat on his chair and watches as the unidentified aircraft moves towards the Forte. In an instant, it appears right in front of the Forte and on cue, the Spider Web Forcefield shuts down along with every light in the entire Forte. Rem turns to his computer and notices that it has been turned off, as well as the Radar. "What...?"

He attempts to turn on the Mic but isn't successful. He hears a loud shatter from above him but can't see a thing. "So this is how you want to play it, Red Ribbon Army. Fine, I'll play your game." Rem puts his fingers by his eyes and closes them for a second before opening them and releasing his hands. "There, I can finally see." Rem laughs to himself and stares out the window. "I wonder what type of technology that they're using."

"Aaaaaaaah!" Rem hears scream cry out from above, so he begins walking out of his room, passing by a mirror before he opens the door. He stops and looks inside of it.

"Disabling our technology. What a dirty trick." In his reflection, dark red eyes cover his face. In the dark, you can see nothing but them. Rem opens his door and begins running up the stairs, following the screams he hears.


"So that's everything?" You question.

"Yeah," White responds and Chi Chi nods.

"Thanks for filling me in."

"Your orders, Commander." White replies.

"Hm, this is where things get tricky."

A) Go after Jones and Silver. See how things are going over there.
B) Resurface on the battlefield and fight off the Cold family among the Saiyans.
C) Go upstairs and head towards the remaining Saiyans in the Base. Perhaps you'll make it to the King himself!
D) Other?
Commander Pitou Enters The Battle by Hangman_Link
Author's Notes:
Choice that won:

Have Silver yell at the big ape. His huge ears should allow him to hear...at least that was the case with Lord Slug in his movie, so hopefully it'll work here. It's likely the only strategy he's got left.

A. Go after Silver and Jones

Hopefully Silver can distract him long enough for us to swoop in and save the day! :D
Shugesh opens his mouth wide and a tremendous amount of Ki erupts from within. "There's only one thing left to try. I pray that this works." Silver thinks to himself. Silver raises his mouth out wide and screams at the top of lungs, trying to destroy Shugesh's sensitive ears.

The Ki in Shugesh's mouth disappears and he screams in pain while grabbing his ears. Silver picks up a stone from the broken building and rushes at Shugesh at full throttle, still screaming. The beast doesn't notice this yet. Silver practically teleports to the side of Shugesh's body and leaps up, while taking a large breath.

Once the noise seized, Shugesh immediately reacts to Silvers whereabouts and turns to him with a demonic grin before attempting to swat him away. Silver predicts the attack and kicks his legs off of Shugesh's shoulders, causing the attack to miss. As he falls, he opens his mouth wide and screams once again causing Shugesh to stutter in his movements and grab his ears in pain.

Silver falls down and grabs onto Shugesh's furry elbow, before flipping up in the air and boosting himself up to the giant Apes head. As he gets there, he does a 180 degree flip and whips the stone he had in his hand into the Oozaru's ear, causing blood to squirt out and a massive scream from Shugesh. In rage, Shugesh smashes his tail against Silver at full speed.

It contacts Silver directly in the face and he gets sent flying while silently screaming in pain. He lands on the ground and skids across the floor, before finally coming to a stop. Shugesh grins at this and begin to load another Ki blast in his mouth.

"I won't...let it end...like THI~~~~~~S!" Silver screams at the top of his lungs, cracking all the rocks around him with his sheer voice. Shugesh is blinded by the noise once again.


"No time to waste, I have grasped the situation. Our priority for now is to help Jones. Lets go!" You stretch your stiff legs and dash at a miraculous speed. Within seconds, you see a large Ape surface in the distance. It appears to be holding its ears, struggling to move. You put your hands together like a sword and leap at it with a violent scream. It turns to you and shock and launches a fist at your face.

You smile and drop your body in mid air, causing his fist to fully miss. You do a spiral in the air and locate the beasts tail at an angle. You throw a mediocre Ki blast at Shugesh's face, blinding him momentarily. The beast begins to rub his eyes and scream in confusion while you dash toward its tail. You put your arms back in the sword-like motion from before and jump at the tail.

"Say goodbye..." Ki forms in your sword shaped hands and you slash the Apes tail, ripping it off fully.

"Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwr!" Shugesh screams and attempts to swat you around without aim. You don't even have to move; he misses without fail at every attempt, before finally shrinking down to his normal size, naked and covered in wounds.

"It looks like all the damage we did to him has accumulated on his body the whole time. He just didn't feel the pain...sort of like Painkillers." Chi Chi remarks.

"Good observation." You compliment before looking over to the side, seeing Jones and Silver across the room, beaten up heavily. Down the hall even further, a group of Elites with a random man lay idle. You can barely see them from the distance you're at, but they seem shocked over something. Without wasting time, Silver walks over to Jones and picks him up before walking towards you.

"What should we do with this guy?" White questions. "Kill him, I guess?"

"Of course." You grin and walk towards Shugesh who is totally out of commission. He is no longer a threat in his state. He looks up at you and closes his eyes, not even trying to beg for mercy. He knows this is the end for him.

Ki forms in your right palm and you grin. "Bye...B..." The Ki disperses from your hand and you stare at him shocked. It just won't seem to form. "What is going on with my body now. This is beginning to annoy me."

A voice echoing, "Now tell me Kiryu, is this what you want your life to be...?" begins rumbling in your head while you stare down at the defeated Saiyan. "Do I have to kill him?"

A) Kill Shugesh. Keeping him alive will do us no benefit.
B) Let him live. He's defeated and wounded. There is no reason to take his life away.
C) Other?


The wind calmly blows on the ruthless battlefield as Echo and Cooler stare each other down. "So what'dya say? You still gonna chill with the bastards that destroyed your life... Or?"

"Gyua, this doesn't mean we're comrades." Cooler warns.

"Heh," Echo laughs aloud while scratching his head. "Don't wanna be partners with you anyway. You guys are f***ed. Ahahahaha."

Cooler laughs aloud with sanity and looks over to Freeza and Cold. "Father, Brother, seize the battle. We have no reason to fight anymore. The real enemies...Are those rotten Saiyans that cauki uht...ruined us."

Freeza stops his movements and turns to his eldest brother with a smile. "Not a bad idea. This way, we have a future on our own." Stiffy and Watson loosen their guard and drop to their knees, breathing heavily and sweating while Freeza doesn't have a drop of sweat on his own face.

"The difference in our power is absolutely astounding. If he was in his fighting prime...we'd be killed in an instant. I'm just glad they aren't our enemies right now. I don't think I could've held out much longer..." Watson thinks to himself as he gazes at Stiffy. "He must be thinking the same thing...haha."

Freeza begins walking towards his brother but Cooler stares Cold down, wondering why he won't cooperate. "Father, stop fighting!"

Cold jumps back from his prey and they collapse in sweat and blood. Cold begins walking over to his sword that Kaiba knocked away earlier and picks it up while licking his lips. "There is no place for me left in this World, my children. Carry on with your lives...But I...Will avenge my fallen son." Cold licks the tip of his sword, causing blood to leak out of his mouth. He grasps the blade with prowess and stares at his prey once more.

Buddy Dies Quickly and Pooface jump up immediately and look at each other in shock. "Just great, everybody else's opponent quits BUT ours!!!" Pooface complains.

"I know dude, I know. This suc-"

Cold blitzes at maximum speed towards Buddy Dies Quickly and rips his sword through his mouth. His head disconnects from his body and blood bursts out all over the ground, causing tremendous disbelief in everybody. "I will kill that Commander who killed my son...No matter what."

Pooface stares at Cold as if he's about to vomit but Cold refuses to look back at him. He simply yells, "Sword" causing the blade to disappear and begins walking away from the battlefield. Cooler and Freeza put their head down and sigh.

"You aren't goin' after him?" Echo wonders with his guard already up.

"No..." Cooler begins.

"Father has always been so illogical. We have to let him do his thing." Freeza continues.

"Aren't you sad that that other guy got killed by our friend though?" Echo wonders.

"We've lived on the battlefield our entire lives. Sacrifices have to be made. If anything, he was just too weak. Survival of the fittest is what we lived with for our entire lives." Cooler responds.

The three stare at each other momentarily before an explosion breaks the silence. Everybody in their inner circle look up to the Saiyan Base and see a gigantic wall building up off the ground.

The ground begins to violently shake as the entire Saiyan Empire begins to be engulfed inside a dome. "What's happening!?!?" Echo screams as he collapses to the ground due to the uneasiness.

"The King...he plans to kill us all..." Cooler replies with a tint of fear in his words. Echo, Watson, Stiffy, and Pooface all turn to him in shock as he says this.

"Huh? What'dya mean he plans to kill us all?" Echo responds with confusion.

"It's not that the Saiyan Base is being engulfed in this wall. It's that everything but the Saiyan Base is being trapped in this dome. He's going to trap us all in this dome and kill us!"

"S***! Well i'm not just gonna stand by and watch it happen. I'll get myself out before it's closed!" Echo begins sprinting with his huge body towards the Tower where the King resides, trying to make it before the wall closes everybody in completely. General Watson and Stiffy begin running with Echo as well, but it appears that most of the fighters on the battlefield don't even realize they're being closed in as of yet.

The wall continues to fly into the air, connecting with other walls at each side of the battlefield all with the mission to close everybody outside the Saiyan Tower in completely. Echo refuses to give up and leaps into the air, trying to grab onto the top of the wall so he can hop out but is unsuccessful. The wall gained too much distance in the air.

A loud thud explodes as the Dome closes everybody in. Echo falls from the sky and lands to the ground on his knees with his head to the ground. "I failed..."

Cooler walks over to Echo and has a seat beside him. "I won't die in a civilized manner. If you don't come up with an idea to get us out of here, my Brother and I won't go out quietly."

Echo turns his head to him with a deadly face, as if he wants to kill Cooler. "Go ahead and try you little s***."

Watson runs over to Freeza and begins talking. "Hey, how did your Brother know what was going to happen when the wall started rising?"

Freeza looks over to Watson with a frown but decides to answer him. "King Vegeta has done this in the past at least once. Of course in a more you know, tactical manner. A Warrior Race called the Anglicans attacked the Saiyans a little while ago, but when they got to the battlefield, they realized that hardly any Soldiers were there. Only grunts."


"Can't you figure the rest out? We were only watching from our cage but the King closed them all in with this same Dome, and they died soon after. Hardly any Saiyans died and the entire Anglican tribe were killed off in that same day."

"W-what!? In one day? What did King Vegeta do?"

"Nothing...he simply gassed them all to death while they were trapped in the Dome."

Fear runs through Watson's eyes and he looks up to the top of the Dome. "Oh God...this is NOT good."


The ground makes a subtle tapping noise as Pitou strolls through an underground chamber alone. "According to Rem, the control room should be somewhere around here."

Pitou steps in muddy slime and jumps up a little before frowning. He puts his shoe on the wall and begins to rub off all the grime that attached to his shoe. Once it's gone, he continues walking while looking around at all the tubes that run through this chamber. He turns a corner and sees a clean, steel door with a large lock on it stating "DO NOT ENTER!".

"Hm, this must be it. Considering it's the only door I've seen so far..." Pitou walks over to it and kicks the lock gently, breaking it down with ease. What a waste putting such a weak lock here. It falls to the ground and makes a loud noise. Pitou frowns and opens the door, seeing one large computer monitor that shows the battlefield and a bunch of controls under it. He steps into the room and freezes before continuing.

"Oh please, you guys can try a little harder than this can't you?" Pitou questions as he puts his fingers to his forehead, examining the room closely.

"Aww, how'd you know?" A cheerful voice responds with disappointment.

"Hurry up and come out. I don't have time to play games and you know this as well."

The light flashes on and a person begins walking through a flight of stairs at the far corner of the room. He has full body coverage with a orange Gi and a dark blue undershirt with the same colour belt and wrist band. His hair is long and black, pointing up like most other Saiyans. He walks over to a switch and presses a button. "There, the lasers are turned off now. So you must be my check?" The man questions while rubbing his chin joyfully.

"I am Commander Pitou of the Freeborn Military. I've come to deactivate that Dome that you guys set up."

"Nice to meet you," The man cheerfully responds. "My name is Goku and King Vegeta told me that I was supposed to stop you from deactivating the Dome at all costs. I hope you don't have any hard feelings."

Pitou smirks and puts on a strange fighting pose, crossing his arms over each other at his chest and putting his head down. "This fool seems like a naive brat. I'll exploit his weaknesses and kill him in an instant. No trouble here." The Commander analyzes silently.

Goku smiles once again and puts on a fighting pose of his own, now with a serious face of determination. "You ready?" He questions.

"Of course."

"Good. HA!" Goku jumps at Pitou at a tremendous speed with one arm out and ready to attack. Pitou smiles at this and throws his palm in the air causing the air current to change direction, pushing Goku back into the wall. Pitou jumps at Goku with one arm out and attempts to grapple his neck. Goku's eyes widen in fear and Pitou grabs him with a grin. But just as he does so, the image of Goku disappears and he stares at a plain wall.

He hears a scream of emphasis and turns to his right, taking a direct kick to the face by Goku. Pitou spirals in the air before doing a backflip and landing. Once again, Goku is gone. He takes a punch from the left side of his face this time and smashes into the ground. Concrete begins to flood in his mouth. Goku jumps back and laughs a little. Pitou slowly gets up and wipes blood off of his face.

Without wasting time, Goku rushes back at Pitou while Ki forms in his hands. "Hah, fire the attack and reek the consequences fool!" Pitou prepares for him to launch the blast but is fooled once again.

Goku fires his Ki directly at the ground causing him to fly towards Pitou at a massive speed. He sticks his head out and smashes directly into Pitou's jaw without remorse. A large crack explodes from Pitou's face and flies into the wall, breaking it immediately.

In anger, Pitou flips up and fires a parade of Ki blasts at Goku without rest. They all explode on impact and smoke covers the entire area. In the smoke, Goku's form stands still. "Another After Image?"

Pitou fires yet another blast into the smoke and just before it connects with the shadow of Goku it explodes. A loud roar is heard from Goku and all the smoke blows to the side of the room, making the two fully visible to each other.

"That bastard. He used the power of his scream to explode all my blasts before they contacted him. It appears I underestimated this guy. I better get serious."

Pitou's Technique List:

- Repel: When a projectile comes towards you, you stop it and repel it back at twice the speed.
- Absorb: You absorb your opponents Ki by grappling onto them, powering yourself up permanently.
- Thief: You grapple onto your opponent and steal a technique from them. You can only use this once per person. The technique stolen must be used by the opponent on Pitou first.
- Ki Sword: You create a blade of Ki to fight with.
- Fly: You fly like a bird!

1) Free Choice: How will Pitou continue his fight with Goku?
Unmatched Power: The Kaioken Attack by Hangman_Link
Author's Notes:
C We're taking this fool with us. Show us the way to King Vegeta. He's a saiyan, he's GOT to know at least that.

1 Use our ki blade to lay on some pressure, and try to stab at him, to make him dodge towards our other arm, which we'll use to steal his technique Afterimage.

Then we can try to absorb from him if we still have him held. You know what? While he's there, why don't we stab him also? I mean, no reason we can't steal a technique while stabbing, and then start draining.

However, if he gains the upper hand, and we can't grab him, simply fool him by acting as if you're greeting someone behind him, a comrade perhaps. If we fool him, we can get a good grab on him.
"What's your name, Saiyan?" You question the defeated Shugesh.

"Sh-Shugesh." He replies with fear.

"Show me to King Vegeta. I'd like to discuss something with him."

"I...I...I can't."

"You can and you will. Now stop wasting my time." You demand.

Shugesh closes his mouth and shuts his eyes, "Just kill me. Make it quick."

"Ha...hahahahahaha," You begin laughing hysterically. "Do you honestly think you're going to be killed quickly if you can't obey my orders? I promise you your life will not be taken from me if you bring me to your King, but if you don't...these last few minutes of you life will be very unpleasant."

Shugesh clenches his fists and looks up at you, "Fine, I'll lead the way. But I recommend that you don't go up to him. He'll kill you without hesitation."

You smile and lift him up onto his feet. "I think I can handle myself. Besides...It'll be a nice little reunion."

Shugesh turns to you in confusion and shock but remains quiet. You put your hand up to lead the way and he begins walking slightly ahead of you while Chi Chi and White trail behind. "Oh right...that reminds me. Silver!" You halt the group and begin moving towards Silver and Jones, who are exiting the building through the hole Silver punched through the wall earlier.

You warp in front of those two in what seems like an instant and grab Silver by the neck. Chi Chi looks at you in shock from afar. Clenching onto Silvers throat begins to drain all his energy as he tries to pull your hands off of him. Without holding back, you smash him into the wall and bury his face in the concrete.

"Commander!!!" Chi Chi screams while sprinting over to you. White remains by Shugesh with his head down and Jones stares up at you in total confusion.

"What's wrong, Silver!?!? Are you only man enough to attack me when i'm on the ground in pain? Is that it!?!? Did you honestly think you would get away after doing such a thing? Huh!?!?" You scream at him in hatred and rage. Chi appears by your side and begins grabbing your arm, trying to pull you away from his throat.

Silver tries to speak but is unable to get words out of his mouth. "Stop it Kiryu! You're going to kill him!" Chi Chi pleads with you, unable to even budge your arm from his throat.

You drop Silver to the ground and turn to her with devilish eyes. "So what?"

"What...are you talking about Commander? I...Cau!" He coughs up blood and rolls over, still breathing heavily. "I didn't do anything to hurt you..." He finishes.

"Is this his defense? Pretending nothing happened? I expected more of him..." You think.

Time slowly passes by and Jones and Chi Chi continue to stare at you in anger and fear. They aren't happy with what you're doing. Even Shugesh from afar looks disgusted at what's transpiring. White stands beside him without emotion. "I could kill you without remorse right now. But i'm going to give you one chance to explain yourself. Why did you attempt to kill me when I collapsed to the ground?"

"W-what? I did no such thing. Ask the others!"

You put your head down while clenching your fist. Another opportunity to kill. Now what?

A) Kill Silver. The traitor had it coming.
B) Let everything go. It seems he had a sudden case of amnesia. Forget about what he did for now.
C) Other?


As time goes by, the confusion turns into rage which turns into screams and desperate attempts at escape. By now, everybody inside the Dome has realized what's happening. Oxygen is already starting to run low due to the mass amount of people trapped in such a small area for that many people.

"What's happening!?" "Help us!" "I don't want to die!" "Why King Vegeta, why!?!?" "Please let us out!" "I'll go out with a bang!" "If I'm going to die, I'll take you all with me!" "Is this the end...?"

Countless screams of Saiyans and FBM fighters all scream, hoping their calls reach somebody. Countless Generals are running up to their leader in charge, Commander Echo and begging for a way out.

"Please Commander, you have to be able to do something!" Stiffy pleads while a large cast of Generals agree.

"I'm sorry guys..." Echo begins, "I already tried to shut down this Dome. Apparently it's made of the hardest metal on Earth, Katchin Alloy. At least that's what Cooler told me. Either way, we'll just have to wait things out and hope somebody on the outside will save us. I pray that this was in Rem's calculations..."

"Commander, we're all going to die at this rate! How do you expect us to just sit still?"

"Then do whatever the hell you want! It doesn't concern me at this point. Stop b****ing at us and make use of your time. Go kill the rest of those Saiyans!" Echo snaps.

All the Generals around him begin nodding and running off into the distance, no longer wishing to be near him. Some follow his orders and fight the remaining Saiyans and some just sit down and wait things out.

"What's going on out there?" Joseph questions while sitting up.

"Please sir, rest!" Murasaki responds.

"I don't wish to rest any longer. Besides, the air feels like it's getting thinner and my lungs are tightening. Now tell me the situation!"

"It seems that the Saiyan King, Vegeta has set off a Dome that blocked everybody outside of the Saiyan Base inside of it. We can't do anything but wait things out right now. Not even Commander Echo can get us out of here it seems..."

"All this going on and you wanted ME TO REST!" Joseph screams while standing up and stretching his limbs. "Oh well. Don't give up hope so easily. We'll get out of here."

A Saiyan runs into the tent with blood written all over his face and a large Katana in his arms. "I found your camp! Time to take your Doctors life! Haaaa~!" The man sprints at Murasaki full speed and starts swinging his sword wildly. Transny looks up from a newspaper he has in his hands and stares for a moment, before looking back down at it.

Joseph steps in front of Murasaki and puts his palms together for a brief second. The Saiyans blade collapses from the air and Joseph sways to the side, followed by a knee to the Saiyans gut. The Saiyan coughs up blood and falls to his knees. Immediately after, Joseph picks the sword from his hand and delivers a devastating kick to his face. The Saiyan screams in pain and flies out of the tent, landing on his neck.

"Thanks General, but I could've handled such a weakling by myself."

"He was throwing his Katana around so wildly...It could have been dangerous. I can't let anything happen to the only guy who knows how to prepare the medicine supplies."

Murasaki smiles for a second and has a seat on a large stone. Joseph stares at him coldly and begins walking out of the tent. "Perhaps I can enjoy myself killing some Saiyans. Hah, that sounds like a great idea to me!" He says to himself while running off to a pack of near Saiyans.


Goku and Pitou stare each other down, waiting for the other to make the first move. "Fine, I'll take the preemptive strike!" Ki begins to form in Pitou's left hand in a straight, pointy form. "Ki Sword!" A large blade of Ki is formed in his arm and Goku's eyes go wide in shock.

Pitou charges at Goku with his sword out, putting pressure on his opponent with a series of quick pokes. Goku easily evades every strike that is thrown his way, but finds it very difficult to counterattack without putting himself open to be struck by the sword. Pitou continues to whip the sword at Goku until he's eventually cornered at the edge of the room.

Pitou smiles and prepares his right arm, slashing horizontally to cut through Goku, but the blade strikes an Afterimage. Unsurprised, Pitou listens intently for an oncoming attack by Goku and hears him clearly. The wind pressure changes and Pitou ducks, causing Goku's kick to hit the air. Pitou reaches up with his right arm and grabs Goku by the neck, shoving him into the wall.

Pitou begins focusing his Ki into his right hand and screams, "Thief!" Goku attempts to break free but is unable to do so. He begins to deliver blows to Pitou's stomach, trying to break free of his grasp. Pitou puts his sword up and tries to pierce Goku right through his chest. Goku throws his arm up and deflects Pitou's attack, causing a crack in his wrist bone. After a few moments, Pitou jumps back and grins wildly while Goku breathes heavily.

"What did you do to me?" Goku questions.

Pitou doesn't reply, just smiles before leaping at his opponent again. Goku jumps to Pitou as well this time and the two begin to enter an exchange of blows. Pitou continues to try and strike his opponent with his sword, while Goku throws his powerful, Ki filled fists at Pitou. The two continue to dodge each for what seems like hours and sweat builds up between the two.

"This isn't good. In a battle of stamina, I don't stand a chance since I can only fight with the sword. I'm using twice the amount of energy to dodge his attacks!"

In an attempt to break free of the cycle, Pitou jumps back and throws a blast of Ki at Goku. A roar breaks from Goku's mouth and it explodes. Smoke covers the entire area while the two move through it silently, wondering when to strike.

Goku jumps into the air and fires a massive blast of Ki. Pitou throws his arms up and blocks the hit, taking minimal damage. While doing this, Goku snuck around Pitou and leaps at his back only to go right through his body. "W-what? You know the Afterimage as well?"

Pitou reappears behind Goku and grapples his arms, putting him in a lock. "Yeah, you could say that." He smirks while putting pressure on Goku. Struggling proves to be useless for Goku. Pitou reforms his Ki Sword and puts it to Goku's neck. "Sorry, but this is the end for you. I enjoyed our battle, while it lasted."

"Damn it..." Goku says grimly, "I didn't want to have to use this technique but you've left me no choice. Kaioken!" A dark red aura envelops Goku and his power reaches a new height. Pitou continues to try and slit Goku's neck, but before he can even reach his neck Goku is already at the other side of the room smiling at him.

"What did you just do...?"

This time, Goku doesn't reply. He bursts at him at a tremendous speed and smashes his fist into Pitou's face, causing blood to spill from his lips. Pitou regains his composure for a second and Goku is already behind him delivering a back-breaking punch. Right before it connects, Pitou puts an Afterimage on and Goku's attack goes right through him. Pitou reappears behind him and slashes Goku through the back with a sword but the blade slices through nothing. A detrimental kick to the side of Pitou breaks out and he's sent flying, crashing outside of the room and into the pile of mud he stepped in earlier.

"D-damn it..." Pitou breaks out while crawling on the floor, trying to get up.

Goku's firey red aura disperses and he smiles, "Like I would let you use the Afterimage trick on me twice." He says grinning.

Rage goes all over Pitou's face as he gets up, looking like he wants to scream at the top of his lungs. "Getting tired?" Goku questions.

"Keep calm...don't let these...'emotions' get the better of me. I can do this if I just focus and think rationally. Don't be stupid...I just have to keep my calm and counterattack." The Commander rationalizes.

Goku smiles once again and puts a fighting pose on. "Kaioken!" The same aura from before returns and he flies towards Pitou at an incredible speed.

"Repel!" He screams while punching the air with his palm, causing Goku to fly back for a brief moment. Pitou jumps at Goku with his right hand and grabs him by the throat with a grin. "I have you no-"

His grip releases and he collapses to the ground, coughing up blood. Goku removes his hand from Pitou's liver and releases his fist. He stares down at his inferior adversary for a second before kicking Pitou into the skies of the room. He begins flying in the air without moving for a few seconds before Goku puts his hands together and starts speaking to himself. "Kamehameha!"

An enormous ray of Ki explodes from Goku's palms and envelopes Pitou in the blast. The blast smashes through the ceiling of the room and Pitou flies into the skies of the Saiyan Empire, before falling back down to the ground, coughing up blood and rolling on the ground like a dog in pain. Goku slowly walks over to him in his now normal state and stares at him for a moment.

"You can leave. I have no wish to kill you. The battle is over. Leave this building and retreat home." Goku directs.

Pitou stares at him with anger he's never felt before. "How DARE YOU!" He begins crawling up in rage and stares at Goku with his hands free. "Leave? Do you think this is some kind of petting zoo where you can just leave whenever you're ready! Who the f*** do you take me for!" He screams.

"Everybody should always have a choice. I'm giving you one now. Please take it. I don't wish to harm you any further..." Goku replies in an almost mocking tone.

"Giving me a choice to either die or run away? What kind of choice is THAT!" Pitou screams in his head while staring at Goku.

1) Listen to Goku and retreat the area. The battle is over.
2) Stand up and engage battle once again. I still have a few tricks up my sleeve!
3) Leap at Goku's throat with your right hand and try to Absorb him! The fool let the emotions get the better of him.
4) Try to reason with him. If I can convince him that the evil King Vegeta is the real enemy, I might be able to get out of this situation alive and save everybody.
- What will you say to convince him?
5) Pretend to listen to Goku and say you'll leave the area, but once he lets his guard down counterattack with everything I have!
Dark Ki by Hangman_Link
Author's Notes:
C. This is too straight forward to be true. It wasn't Silver, he wouldn't have made it so obvious that it was him. Honestly, he'd be a pretty terrible spy if we already suspected him from the beginning.

Explain this to them, and tell them exactly what happened. Come to think of it, he did turn the corner before we collapsed, THEN came back...perhaps an imposter.

After all, if we simply ask him to explain, he likely wouldn't have an explanation. Kiryu would take him out at that point.

4. If he cares about OUR life, and we're the enemy, surely he'd care about all the Saiyan's and other people out there being gassed.
You stare at your surroundings quietly, before letting out a large sigh and having a seat on the floor. "No, this doesn't add up. There's a bigger picture than this. Somebody is pulling my strings. They want me to kill Silver, which is why they've made it so obvious that he was the spy. But logically, it just doesn't add up. It's possible that he's just a bad spy but...I should wait things out a bit longer. Acting rash is always a bad move." You think.

"I apologize, Silver. When we were running in the hall earlier and I collapsed, I saw you come into my vision again. I don't know how long after...maybe a few minutes or 10 seconds. My vision was fading in and and out at that time.

"I never came back once I turned the corner, Commander..."

"Perhaps. But somebody who looked exactly and sounded exactly like you was in front of me, attacking me when I was defenseless. Now who could that be?"

White and Shugesh walk over to you, Shugesh still confused as to what is happening while White speaks up. "So you're saying an impostor impersonated Silver?"

"It's possible."

"I don't think it is. There is no such thing in this world as somebody who can just take the form of somebody else..." White argues.

"So you think i'm the culprit?" Silver questions White.

"I don't know. I'm just stating the facts here. Commander Kiryu says he saw you attack him and there is nothing in this world that can take the form so perfectly of somebody else. All the facts point towards it being you, Silver."

"All the facts on the table, maybe." You intervene. "But it being Silver leaves too many loose ends and inconsistencies. Why wouldn't he kill me? Why would he stay on the battlefield and fight after? Why would he play dumb after so obviously revealing himself? It doesn't make any sense unless you're just the worst spy ever.

White remains silent, thinking to himself. Chi Chi speaks up this time, "Commander, Silver was fighting with his life on the line the entire time when he could have just left the battlefield. He isn't a spy."

"Unless I just really wanted to save Jones' life." Silver voices himself, playing the devil's advocate.

You stand up and clench your fists. "We don't have any more time to waste. Silver, take Jones back to the base camp. You two are useless on this battlefield at this point in time. Recover safely." You direct.

Jones and Silver give Kiryu a nod and Silver helps him up, both nearly crippled. "What about us?" Chi Chi questions.

"You'll come with me."

Jones and Silver crawl out the broken base slowly. "By the way, Chi Chi." White begins. "What do you plan on doing with your Elites down the hall staring at us."

You and Chi Chi look over and she snaps her fingers in remembrance. "Commander, that guy with the bright yellow teeth is with the Saiyans. He killed General Big Daddy in cold blood and than offered to take us to you because you would be killed..."

"Do you need him for anything?" You wonder.

"No, I don't think so."

"Tell your Soldiers to take him and themselves back to the base camp. They aren't on a level to make a difference and it's best for them not to stay with him for too long. He's in his home field, after all."

She nods and runs over to them. "Are you ready to take me to the King, Saiyan?" You question Shugesh. He stares at you intimidated and gives a nod of approval with a little smirk on his face. You smile back, causing him to get a little annoyed. "Lets go everybody!"

The three of you begin following Shugesh through the base at a steady speed.


Pitou stares at Goku with anger for a brief second before putting his head down and standing up. "So what do you say?" Goku questions.

Pitou reveals his face from hiding and shows a great smile on him. He gently licks his lips and shows his blood stained teeth. "Ha, hahahahahaha. Ahahahahahaha!" He begins laughing uncontrollably. Goku frowns at this, but remains quiet. "You really are a rare breed. After everything I've done in my life, you want to let me go? But tell me, Goku, does trying to clean a sinned soul clean your conscious when you work under the most foul one of all? Doing everything that man, King Vegeta, does."

Goku looks at Pitou in disappointment before finally speaking up. "Take your chance and leave, Pitou."

"Answer me! How does it make you feel working under a cold blooded killer? One who would kill any one of his comrades without hesitation; joyfully even. You're nothing but a pawn to him. All of you!"


Pitou puts his hands over his face and begins laughing again, but this time he's laughing at Goku. "You're pathetic. There you stand over a control system that can save thousands of lives at the press of few commands. But no, you stop the person trying to save those lives and than try to earn your Jesus points by offering me to leave safely? Disgusting."

"It's not like that!" Goku breaks, preparing a fighting stance again. "Take your chance to leave, Pitou. I won't offer you it again!"

"Absolutely, disgusting." He says with a large grin.

Goku clenches his hands and releases his fighting stance, before falling to the ground. "Turn off the Dome.."


"Turn it off and save everybody King Vegeta plans on killing. I don't want my comrades to die from the work of the person they're fighting for."

Pitou smiles at this, but doesn't move. "No. Do it yourself, Goku. Why coward out of it halfway? If you're going to disobey your King's orders, don't half-ass it!"

Goku clenches his fists once more and stands up, running to the computer and entering some commanders into it. "Truthfully, I just don't trust turning my back to him. Who cares about him disobeying. Wait a minute...his back...it's wide open. I can just grab the back of his neck and Absorb his power...gaining a newfound strength! Is that wrong? Could it backfire? Hmm..." Pitou thinks to himself as Goku works on deactivating the Dome, totally oblivious to his surroundings.

A) Grab Goku from the back and Absorb him!
B) Let him deactivate the computer in peace. He's helping me now, so there is no point in trying to hurt him.
C) Other?


Back At Forte Valkyrie...

Explosions and chaos continue to break out in the dark night of the Forte Valkyrie sky. The power is still disabled from the high tech technology that the Red Ribbon Army has invaded with. Rem continues to swiftly kill every intruder that came in the Forte through the plane that turned off the power, alone.

"Please, please don't kill me!" A Red Ribbon Eilte squeals.

"Then tell me what that piece of technology is that invaded the Forte's territory?" Rem interrogates while he stares down at the defeated soldier.

"It's called an Aeon. The Red Ribbon Army has been developing such technology for over a decade now, and we've finally completed it. It has the power to shut down every piece of technology that emit electromagnetic Radiation."

"Wouldn't that contradict itself and turn off its own power, rendering it useless?"

"If it did, why do you think it's working fine and dandy right now? We've been developing a new form of power that can act as an artificial power source, which the machine is running on."

"And what might that be?"

"How the hell would I know...I'm no scientist."

"So this Aeon. How many have been developed at this time?"

"That information hasn't been disclosed to many people yet. I don't know."

"How do you shut it down?"

"Haha, by destroying it."

"Well, now that you are of no use to me..." Rem says as a ball of Ki forms in his hand.


A small explosion erupts and the Soldier is no more. "I wonder how Dysect is doing in the bunker. He better be continuing his job despite this unfortunate power issue." Rem opens a door at the roof of the entire Forte and walks out onto a balcony, seeing the Aeon far up in the sky. Rem holds out his hand and fires a powerful Ki blast up into the air, colliding with the Aeon.

On cue, every light and power source in the entire Forte begin to turn on. Rem walks over to the edge of the building and stares down at thousands of Red Ribbon fighters running through the area and entering the Forte. Many explosions break down beneath from land mines that Rem has set up, but not nearly enough of them have been put down in order to hold the Red Ribbon Army out for long. They sent thousands of Soldiers, so even if all the landmines go off, it won't be able to take them all out. "They've breached the front gate. I better make the order to slow the remaining of Red Ribbon Army down with everything we have. I'll deal with everyone of them that enter myself..." Rem thinks while running down into the Forte, going to his room.


While the battle between the Red Ribbon Army and the Freeborn Military rages on above, Dysect and his team remain underground with torches so they can keep their position unknown to the Red Ribbon Army. "They're coming. Prepare the cannon." He orders a soldier.

"Yes, Commander!" The soldier runs over to the side while the rest watch him thoroughly. He lights a fuse and a large cannon fires out with a bang, smashing into the top of the bunker. Rocks and pavement begin to collapse and screams break out from the sneaking Red Ribbon soldiers.

"It's time. Back up everyone. Climb up the latter so you aren't hit."

Without fuss, the group of Soldiers begin climbing the latter and doing everything in their power to get off the ground that Dysect is standing on. He smashes his fists together, causing a loud thud and closes his eyes. His shadow below begins to bend and the tunnel begins to crackle and break down. "Darkness Glock!" He screams.

A spur of darkness shoots out of his body and flies through the tunnel, covering everything in front of Dysect up. The wave of darkness flies through the tunnel and begins to eat everything in its sight up.

The soldiers from above begin whispering to each other. "Dysect is a monster. Using that move like it's nothing. Everybody on the ground of this tunnel will die in an instant. Lord Rem putting him here was the perfect plan."

"You got that right. I'm glad he's on our side." Another says.

"And to think all the other Commanders have this type of power."

"They truly are monsters."

While the soldiers gossip from above, Dysect begins to scream in joy as the darkness sucks them all up. Finally, after several minutes, the darkness ceases to shoot out of his body. He lets out a large breath and stares at the empty tunnel with a sincere smile that has never been shown by him.

"Is it safe to come down, Commander?"

"Not yet guys." He directs with joy.

The soldiers don't fuss and continue to watch him work. He puts out his palms and closes his eyes. "Return!" All the darkness that he fired out before comes flying back to him at a tremendous speed, entering his skin through his palms. It finally stops entering his body and he lets out another deep breath, this time frowning.

"You can come down now." He says, eyeing them all like a hawk.

All the soldiers hop down the latter and land on the ground. "Commander, what is that darkness power of yours?"

"It's a manipulation of Ki to the highest degree by using all the negative energy in my entire body. I fire out a swarm of "Dark Ki" that instead of hitting the opponents outer body, it enters their inner body and once inside, it begins crushing their entire body until there is nothing left of them."


"So why do you return all that "Dark Ki" to your body?" Another questions.

"So I can continue to use all that negative energy in my further attacks. Negativity doesn't stay inside of ones self. Once it leaves, it's gone. You have no force it to stay inside of you. That's why I learned to return it to my body."

"Cool dude."

Dysect turns at him annoyed and begins walking through the empty tunnel. "But it comes at a price. With so much negativity in my body, I can never enjoy anything. I can't feel happy emotions unless I release it all from me..." Dysect thinks to himself while he picks up a phone that one of the Red Ribbon Soldiers had. He purposely made his Darkness Glock miss the phone, because he knew he would need it after.

He looks in the listed numbers and dials the Red Ribbon Headquarters. "You guys keep quiet. I have to do something here."

"Yes, sir!"

"Hoi, time to put on an act." Dysect thinks to himself as somebody picks up on the other line.

"Hello? Is this the tunnel brigade?

"Yeah! Boss, we found and captured the temporary leader of the FBM! It's their Commander Dysect!"


You, General White, and Chi Chi all continue to walk up a long flight of stairs beyond the Saiyan Shugesh. "How much longer until we get to the King?" You question.

"Not much if nobody blocks us."

"About that, Commander..." White confronts you. "King Vegeta...his power is on a totally different level than our own. Chi Chi and I will just weigh you down."

"White! We can still help. How are we just going to leave Commander Kiryu alone fighting the number one man in the entire Saiyan Empire!?!?" Chi Chi argues.

Before you can speak, White continues. "Look, I know it's a grim thing to say but it's completely true. I already saw my level against the Cold family. I was almost killed, and would have been if it wasn't for Commander Echo showing up. I couldn't even see their movements. How are we supposed to stand beside Commander Kiryu and fight if you can't even see the enemies movements?"


"We can't go..." White says, looking down to the ground.

You stare at him objectively and begin speaking, "You're right, White. Against King Vegeta, you two will only get in my way. I won't allow you two to come."

The four of you come to a halt at the top of the stairs and realize you're on a new floor, where a mountain of stairs await in front of you. To the sides, doors and doors are written down the hall.

"Alright Commander, we won't come with you..." Chi Chi finally gives in.

"I know you won't."

Chi Chi looks like she wants to say something but closes her mouth and than frowns. You hear trampling on the stairs below you and look down, seeing a brigade of Elites from the FBM running up along with Silver, Jones, and the yellow toothed man.

"Commander Kiryu," they begin.

"What is it?" You question, slightly confused.

Silver begins speaking up. "There's this...dome that's blocking the entire area out. I can't see inside of it, but I think that the entire battlefield is actually in there. Did the King do something?"

"What? A Dome?"

"Everybody's trapped?" Chi Chi looks shocked, and then begins running down the stairs at full throttle.

"What's going on?" White asks. Shugesh remains quiet, despite knowing exactly what's going on. "Go after Chi Chi," White directs the Elites that came with Silver and Jones." They nod and take the yellow toothed man and all head down the stairs.

"What are you doing?" Jones wonders.

"It's annoying having so many people in one area. Besides, them being with Chi Chi is safer since that guy with the nasty teeth is with them. The farther away he is from his comrades, the better."

"Let me go investigate this dome you guys speak of. If Echo is here and trapped though, he should easily be able to break free of it." You speak up.

"If he hasn't broken it yet, it may be because it can't be broken from the inside. Or maybe he's just occupied fighting other people!" Silver jumps in.

"Commander," White looks up at you. "Let me go with them. You stay here with Shugesh. Forget about the others right now. You have to get to King Vegeta. You don't have time to waste with some dome down below!"

"What's going on down there? Is there a point in me investigating it or should I just leave it be and continue with my mission? Damn it, I hate being ignorant!" You think in anger.

A) Send everybody else to the Dome while you go find King Vegeta.
B) Keep these three with you and head up to fight King Vegeta.
C) Keep only one with you and send the other two down.
D) Go down yourself with these three & Shugesh.
Chaos by Hangman_Link
Author's Notes:
BA Wins.
"Very well," you inform White and the others. "All of you go down to the so called, "Dome" and try to destroy it. Don't come back up. This place will turn into a devastating battlefield. I don't want the weak to get in my way. Now go!" You direct.

"Yes, Commander!" White says with enthusiasm and starts heading down the stares with the weakened Jones and Silver.

"Now Saiyan, lets go meet the King. Shall we?"

"Hah, by all means boss." Shugesh retorts while directing you up another flight of stairs. For what seems like hours you two continue to walk up the stairs until you see the end.

"Why did they make so many stairs anyway? King Vegeta must really believe he's above everybody..." You say to yourself.

You step off the stairs and see one large door painted cleanly at the end of the hall. In front of that large door, 3 chairs reside with Saiyans sitting on each of them - guarding the door. That must be where the King is. Looking up, a glass ceiling that looks quite hard covers the center of the floor. If you look closely enough, it appears you can see multiple planes flying around up there. But whose are they?

"So this is the summit?" You question.

"Yeah..." Shugesh nods. "We're standing at the top of the Saiyan Empire. Congratulations. You've made it to your resting place sooner than you had to."

You glare at him for a second before looking at the Saiyans in the chairs far down the hall. The one in the middle, a female, stands up and starts walking towards you.

"Welcome, Commander Kiryu of the Freeborn Military. King Vegeta is glad you can make it." She continues to walk forward while cracking her knuckles. You look at the other two in the chairs and notice that one has purple hair that is tied in a ponytail. He's wearing a suit of classic Saiyan armour. The other, on the right, has luscious green hair and brass knuckles. He's wearing a black headband to protect his eyes from his hair and a black tank top. Black boots and baggy black sweat pants as well.

"And who might you be, women?"

"Shugesh, what are you doing with the enemy!" She barks, ignoring you. Without answering, Shugesh simply stares at her in anger.

"Who is she? And the others?" You ask him this time.

"She's Vice President Fasha. The King's personal "assistant." She isn't as strong as the others, but I wouldn't go easy on her either. The guy in the left with the purple hair is Trunks. One of the most powerful and ruthless Saiyans I know. And the guy on the right...He's Maize. I've never seen him fight, but he's gotta be pretty good if he's always with King Vegeta. Only people who get that kind of treatment are Fasha and his son, Vegeta."

"Ah, I see."

"SHUGESH, ANSWER ME!" She barks again while she continues to close the distance between you two while Trunks and Maize stand by.

You look at him in question and he answers, "I'm done with the Saiyans if I want to live. King Vegeta will kill me once he gets the chance. No point wasting my time talking to that b****!"

You smile at this, "Good to have you aboard, Shugesh." He smiles and puts up a fighting stance of his own. He's still weakened, but he seems to have recovered a bit.

Fasha sprints at you with incredible speed, punching you in the face before you can even react. Your head budges back and you throw a wild punch in the air. She does a back flip to dodge your attack and leaps at you again. "Perfect, before she hits I'll crush her skull!" You smash your hand down in a chopping motion to cut her off while she's flying at you, but before she does reach you, Fasha stops herself right before your chop lands, making you completely miss.

She launches up at you and punches you with both of her arms in the face before jumping back and landing safely. You stumble backwards and fall on the ground, smirking. "Not bad...for a women!" You grin while standing up once again, completely unfazed.

A huge explosion erupts from the side of the floor and the wall caves in heavily. Everybody on the floor looks over shocked, excluding Maize who simply leans back on the chair with his eyes closed and his hands behind his neck.

Soon after, multiple explosions begin to take place over the entire Saiyan Empire. You look over at the rubble on your floor and see a large plane buried beneath the rubble. You continue to stare at it as somebody begins coming out. "Who is it?" You wonder to yourself.


Goku finally lets go of the controls on the computer and turns back to Pitou. "The Dome. I shut it down."

"I send you my regards."

Goku smiles and has a seat on the floor before a loud quake begins to shake the entire room. Goku and Pitou look around and the walls begin to break down. It appears that an explosion has occurred somewhere. Those two look around the room in confusion before a voice begins speaking loudly.

"Goku, you FOOL! You let your pathetic emotions get the better of you and now the Dome has been put down. Do you have any idea what the repercussions for your actions will be because of this!?" King Vegeta screams through a voice monitor in the corner in the room.

"I couldn't just let you kill everybody in the Dome!"

"Yes, you could have and WILL! Now put the Dome back up NOW! I'll kill you if you don't!"

"I...I can't!" Goku screams.

King Vegeta goes silent for a second before speaking again. "Fine. But I command you to guard the entrance. Thousands of FBM agents will begin to flood through the doors of our Base now that the Dome has been put down. Put a stop to them all."

Goku closes his eyes for a second and replies. "As you wish, King Vegeta. I'll stop everybody from coming in through the front doors!"

No further communication is had between those two. Goku looks up at Pitou and begins to leave the room, walking up the stairs through he first entered. "Wait! Are you still going to obey that maniac! Haven't you realized yet that he cares nothing about nobody but himself! Lets take him down together!" Pitou barks at Goku, annoyed.

"No. I must obey him right now."

"Why? WHY now?"

"Because if I don't...he'll kill my son." Goku stares at Pitou for a second before leaving.

"If you just get your son here before you betray him, all will be good."

"My son, Gohan, isn't at the war. King Vegeta's son has him with a select few other Saiyans at another location. If I disobey this order, he'll tell his son to kill mine! I can't let that happen. But I promise...I won't kill any of your comrades." Goku reassures before he leaves the room.

Pitou frowns before jumping through the whole in the roof that he made with his body earlier. "Oh well, Echo is down there so things should be alright. I have to go to the summit of this building now that I've completed my mission!"


The shadow from the person leaving the plane surfaces and it's Thrigon! Everybody looks at him in shock while he begins stretching his legs and arms without a care in the world. "Yo, Kiryu. Ya' need a hand?" He jokes, though his facial expression is still intense. He's ready for battle.

"It appears Thrigon took that last bit of time serious and trained hard. He looks like he's in much better shape than he was before. I just hope it's enough..." You think to yourself before speaking back, "Yeah, against these three top Saiyans I just might. You happen to know anybody who's strong enough to make a difference?"

"Yeah, I just might." He smiles while checking out his surroundings. "Now that I unleashed my squad of Jets, this place will be under heavy fire for the next little while."

"What's happening?" You question.

"My mission was to stay idle in the air until the Dome was shut down. After that, I'm supposed to bomb the hell out of this place and once we're out of artillery for that, crash those planes into here with everything we have. It might just be a rough ride for some of those guys, that's why I only took a few people with me. Just in case somebody gets you know, hurt. Haha."

"Well, lucky for you that i'm here. Because I-"

A loud explosion bursts out from the underground and the entire room goes into shock, except Maize once again. Kaiba comes soaring through the ground with a ball of Ki in his stomach, that he throws into the skies of the building, smashing the roof fully. Pieces of glass fall to the ground and Kaiba lands with a bit of blood on his lips. "That bastard Cold, he attacked me in the back and got one too many blows on...hey, Kiryu, Thrigon! What's going...on?" He questions while looking around the room, taking in the situation.

Cold leaps up from the floor beneath with a large sword in his hands, but doesn't take his eyes off Kaiba for a second. Hatred is painted all over himself. "Looks like we have a little reunion going on here." Trunks states while standing up finally.

"What were you doing down there, Kaiba?" You wonder.

"Preparing for the future of this war. Don't worry about it...yet. Unfortunately I got interrupted by this bastard, Cold." Kaiba frowns with dignity.

Everybody in the room slowly looks around at each other while keeping quiet when finally your phone rings, breaking the silence. As it does, Cold leaps at Kaiba with the urge to kill and Thrigon charges at Trunks. Explosions break around the room as everybody begins to battle.

You pick your phone from your pocket and answer it. Fasha jumps at you as you do this but Shugesh jumps in her way, blocking her temporarily. "Don't worry boss, finish your call. I can hold out here for a little..." He tells you.

"Yes, what is it?" You question into your phone.

"Commander Kiryu, is that you? It's me, the Autopsy Scientist!"

"You found out the results?" You quickly ask, ready to hang up.

"Yes, I did."

"Good. I'm busy now so I'll phone you back. You take the phone off your ear and begin to hang up but a shout coming from the phone stops you from doing so. You put it back on you ear and the Autopsy Scientist continues speaking.

"Commander, you're going to want to hear this."

"Er, hurry up. What is it?"

"The General who died...the DNA belonged to General White."

"What? That's not possible. He's here at the war with me. You must've made a mistake!"

"No...there's no mistake," he grimly replies. "General White was murdered. The man who is at the war with you..." Everything he says begins to blur as you take the phone away from your ear.

"If General White is dead...then who the hell did I just send downstairs with Silver and Jones?"


Cries and screams break out as the killings down on the battlefield continue. Echo sits idly beside Cooler, conserving their energy. Finally, Cooler stands up and cracks his knuckles. "I think it's time I kill you." He says to Echo bitterly.

The Dome begins to crackle and shake and slowly close on cue, and the Sun shines brightly on everybody. "Hehe, if only you had a smidge more patience you wouldn't have made yourself sound like a total douchebag." Echo taunts Cooler while standing up.

The Dome finally closes back into the ground and a great length of screams of joy explode from everybody. Echo takes a deep breath and begins screaming with all his might through the entire battlefield. "Listen up, everybody! King Vegeta is the enemy! ALL Saiyans and Freeborn Military fighters unite with me so we can take down the evil King who tried to kill EVERYBODY on this battlefield!"

Cooler smiles at this and thousands of fighters begin marching full speed toward the Saiyan Base. Few Saiyans attempt to stop their former comrades from invading their own home, but are easily overwhelmed by the mass amount of people now against King Vegeta. Echo puts his hand on Coolers shoulder and they begin running together, so they aren't caught in the mob.

As the distance between everybody and the Saiyan Base closes, a Saiyan walks out from the front, causing hundreds of fighters to halt. The majority keep running however. "Is that who I think it is...?" Freeza says to his brother as they continue to run.

"Yup. It's Goku alright. Prepare yourself for one heck of a battle."

"Goku?" Echo says with joy. "I heard of him. A happy go lucky guy who tries to keep everybody safe, yet has incredible power. I'm just aching to fight him!"

As the mob continues to run Goku begins firing mediocre Ki blasts, knocking out multiple people at once. Though, he's unable to slow the rest down. "Solar Flare!" Goku screams, causing the entire battlefield to go blind. While everybody is unable to see, Goku continues to pick off fighters with generic Ki blasts.

Echo's vision comes back and he leaps at Goku. A firy red aura envelopes Goku and he teleports out of Echo's field of vision. The mob keeps moving, some finally breaking into the Base. With such a large number, Goku is unable to stop most. He stays beside Echo and engages him alone in combat though.

Echo searches for Goku but takes a nasty fist to gut, causing him to fall onto the ground. General Watson and Stiffy decide to stay behind and back Echo up against Goku. "Ahahaahah, not bad at all - Goku." Echo laughs while standing up. He puts his fists together and his body begins to grow, gaining a mass amount of muscle mass. "Deighty Form!" Echo screams as he takes a metamorphasis.

"W-what's going on?" Watson calls out to Stiffy.

"I don't know man...is this the Commanders true power?"

Echo finally stops growing and stares at the now mini Goku. His body grew over 10 times in size, and his power is at a new level. "Hahaha, lets dance boy."

Once again, a firy red aura envelopes Goku and he flies at Echo at full throttle, in which Echo only laughs at. Watson and Stiffy stand in the background, observing the battle as the mob continues to run into the Saiyan Base, destroying everything in sight.


Time stands still for you while you think in mazes, not even seeing what is in front of you "S***, if White is dead and here at the same time, that would make him a spy. But why would he fight in a war with us? How did he take the form of White? White's techniques too? This doesn't make sense!" You scream silently before seeing the battle in front of you unfold.

Fasha is now on top of Shugesh, pummeling him into the floor. Thrigon is battling it out with Trunks, but seems to be on the losing end and Kaiba is fighting Cold in what seems to be his advantage. Maize is still sitting down at the far end of the room. "Is he just monitoring to make sure I don't try to double team anybody on his team or does he just not care about anything that's going on?"

Explosions continue to erupt around the Base and walls in the room start crashing down. You hear violent screams of rage far downstairs, perhaps even at the bottom floor. It looks like a ton of people just entered the Empire for better or for worse.

"No, I've made up my mind. I have to:

A) Stay up here and fight. I'm needed!
- Choose your opponent(s).
B) Go downstairs and find White and the others before anything bad happens. It's time I learned what the hell is going on with him!
C) Other. But what can I do?
End Notes:
R.I.P General White. Had this coming for a long time but it's still sad to see him go. :'(
Commander Echo Falls by Hangman_Link
Author's Notes:
C Wins.
You form a small bit of Ki in your hand and launch it at Fasha, knocking her off of Shugesh violently. She rolls across the floor and quickly gets up, annoyed. "Mind your business, scum!"

You ignore her and turn your head over to the side. "Thrigon, go downstairs and find General White! He's a spy! Seize him and bring him up here! Can you do that?"

Thrigon jumps back from Trunks and lands next to you. Trunks stares you two down without moving, knowing full well that if he attacks he'll be double teamed. He stays still, waiting for an ideal time to strike. "White? That guy can't be no spy. He's been with the FBM for years now. A good man. What are you talking about?"

"It isn't White. Somebody has killed White and took the form of him. Just do what I say for now."

"Fine. But what about Trunks and the girl over there?"

"Don't worry about those two. I can handle them. Just get back quickly. Go now!"

"Be careful, Kiryu. That Saiyan I was fighting, Trunks...he's strong. What's worse is that he's holding back right now. I can tell."

"Heh, don't make me laugh. I'll crush him!"

Thrigon smiles and jumps down the flight of stairs in one go, running after White. Shugesh gets off the ground and wipes some blood from his mouth. "Thanks boss. That little b**** doesn't know how to hold back."

"Watch my back and make sure that guy in the chair back there, Maize, doesn't get up and try to join the fight. Tell me if he does anything suspicious. Got it?"

"Heheh, whatever you say boss."

You stare down Trunks and Fasha as they begin to move towards you, circling you on each side. "The best thing for me to do is get a quick attack on Fasha now so I can get her out of the picture. Trunks can wait until after that."

You look at Trunks for a second, and he puts his guard up in response. You leap at Fasha at your full speed and stab your arm out at her. She gasps in surprise and is unable to move at all. Within a second you're in distance of her head and you let out a full powered smash. Inches before it crushed Fasha's skull, your arm freezes in its position. You look over to the side on notice that Trunks has a latch on it.

"How did he get here!?!?" You kick your leg up and he blocks it with his own. You fling your free arm at his face and he blocks it with his arm. The two of you stand in a stalemate, unable to budge the other an inch. He remains silent, without changing facial expressions.

Fasha jumps back and a pink ray of Ki forms in her hand. "Die!" She fires it at you and it spirals through the air, striking you flat in the chest. Shugesh watches in amazement, unable to even see what's transpiring. You take the damage and Trunks uses that opportunity to overpower you. He punches you directly in the face, sending you flying through the air.

While you try to recover yourself, Trunks sprints across the room and ends up behind you, kicking you upward. You take the hit but recover momentarily, watching him as he prepares to jump up at you from the ground. "Even though I'm in perfect condition to fight, he can fly. He'll have full advantage in the air if he comes after me. S***, he thought this out well."

You look over on the ground and notice that Fasha is no longer there. You feel pressure behind you and turn in fear, seeing her flying right above you. You attempt to smash your fist into her face but she simply breezes up a bit, making your reach unable to even graze her. Once your arm retracts, she kicks you with all her might, sending you flying towards the ground.

You do a back flip in the air so you'll land on your feet but you notice that you're moving up now. You look to your side in shock and notice Trunks is carrying your body into the air at full speed. "What?" With no time to react, your face smashes into the concrete ceiling. Blood rips out of your mouth as you begin coughing up dust and rocks. You feel a huge strain on your neck and notice that he shoved your entire head through the leftovers of the roof, while your legs remain air born.

Trunks and Fasha land on the ground gracefully, while the latter laughs to herself in amusement. Trunks remains quiet while he moves his arms around fancily. "Burning Attack!" He fires a tremendous powered Ki blast with a fire burning in the air behind it.

You feel it coming but are unable to move out of the way. The blast collides into your lower body and the entire roof of the building shatters, causing you to fall to the ground in pain.

"BOSS!" Shugesh screams while running up to you, trying to help you up to your feet.

"Out of the way, traitor!" Fasha throws a ruthless blast at Shugesh, knocking him into the wall far away. He collides into it heavily and the wall shatters, sending him flying out of the wall, onto the battlefield.

"Shugesh!" You look over to his falling corpse, slightly worried.

"Don't turn your back on the enemy, fool!" Fasha runs up to you and attempts a kick to your face, but you simply tank the hit and grab her leg. "L-let go of me you insolent brat!" You crank muscles into your free arm and it begins to grow in size dramatically.

"Giant Bulldozer!" You launch your arm at full throttle into her body directly and she flies full speed towards Maize. He doesn't turn his head an inch, just lets her crash into King Vegeta's door directly. A loud thud explodes as her body hits the door, but the smash doesn't even scrape it. She falls to the ground and coughs up blood in anger and pain.

Trunks jumps at you before you can catch your breath and delivers a deadly kick to your face. You tank it and grab his leg, just like Fasha and begin to crank muscles into your arm. He doesn't panic though; he does a cross turn and bashes his other leg into your skull, loosening your grip on him and rolling over onto the ground.

You get up quickly and jump at him maniacally. He does the same to you and the two of you enter a brutal competition of exchanging blows with mad power in each of them. Despite you having the obvious advantage in both offense and defense, his speed and technique seems to be making up for it.


Meanwhile, Kaiba and Cold continue to battle it out cautiously. In fear, Kaiba continues to watch Maize out of the corner of his eye making his attacks much less effective against his current opponent. "Why is he just sitting there? Is he not strong enough to fight and is just a bluff or is he so strong that he's confident he can handle us all even if his comrades were to die?"

While Kaiba thinks to himself, Cold whips his sword down and nearly slices his arm off. Kaiba puts Ki in both of his arms and fires them out simultaneously. Cold swings his sword in two directions, cutting both of them in half with ease. He looks over to see that Kaiba is no longer where he was before so Cold nervously scouts the area in confusion.

"Over here, big guy!" Kaiba comes parading from behind his opponent. Cold looks in surprise and takes a jet right to his gut, dropping him to the ground. Kaiba jumps back and whips a powerful blast at Cold, contacting him directly. An explosion ensues and smoke covers the area. Kaiba looks over to see Kiryu floating in the air, struggling against his opponents.

He looks back and sees Cold on the ground, the smoke fully faded away now. Kaiba jets toward Kiryu in an attempt to save him. Cold stays on the ground in pain, leaving an easy trip towards Kiryu. Out of nowhere, a blade of Ki whips by Kaiba's face almost cutting his head clean off and drills through the wall of the building.

Kaiba freezes in fear and turns his head to see Maize still sitting carelessly. "Haha, and here I thought you were gonna leave me be. Guess I read ya' wrong." Kaiba jokes.

Maize stares at him blankly before yawning and stretching his arms in the air. "Meh, I'm just a little interested to see what your friend plans on doing right now."

Kaiba smiles happily while rage ignites him on the inside, "That piece of s*** is lying. He's not even watching the battle between Kiryu and those two. He just wanted to show me that I am indeed stuck where I am. This guy doesn't intend on letting me do anything but fight Cold right now..."

Kaiba loses his train of thought as Cold leaps at him from the ground with drool dripping out of his mouth, sword in hand. Swiftly, Kaiba ducks and dodges the initial slash, but Cold knees his open face directly knocking his opponent over. Kaiba stands up gracefully and laughs it off while scratching his head.

In anger, Cold jumps at his enemy. A large pool of some type of mucus begins to form on Kaiba's stomach, causing Cold to stop in his tracks. "What is that s***?"

Kaiba smiles and the mucus fires at Cold, engulfing his entire body in it. Once it lands on him, Cold struggles to get it off but is unsuccessful. It begins to melt his skin harshly and he screams in pain while falling on the ground, trying to peel it off. The mucus begins to touch the floor, melting it too, to a crisp.

Kaiba looks over to see Kiryu battling it out with Thrigon's former opponent in a raw exchange of blows while the girl is on the ground beside Maize. Maize, still uninterested looks at Kaiba as he begins walking towards the door. Kaiba steps over Cold on his way, hearing his former opponent scream in anger and pain while he begins to melt. "Sorry. If you never came after me, you would have never died by melting in a pool of Sulfuric Acid." Kaiba frowns while walking past Cold, as he continues to disintegrate.

"So I take it you're not going to let me just open the door and see King Vegeta?" Kaiba questions while laughing hesitantly.

"Eh. Probably not." Maize admits while Kaiba closes the distance between the two.


The giant Echo stares Goku down in his Deighty Form while Goku emits a powerful red aura in his Kaioken. Thousands of Soldiers continue to race through the Saiyan Base in an attempt to kill King Vegeta for what he has done. "What's the matter? Haha. You gonna let all those guys break into your homestay? Sounds like a sloppy idea to me, hehe."

Goku looks up at Echo harshly, "This wasn't the plan."

"Oh yeah?"

"I sensed your battle power when I came outside. It was obvious that you're the most powerful player on this field, so I planned to blind everybody with my Solar Flare and take you out in an instant with my Kaioken. But you're more durable than I had hoped, and now that you've grown in size and power, I've decided to focus all my efforts in destroying you before permanent damage is done to both the Saiyan Base and me."

"Hahaha, good choice. Now if you don't mind, I'd like to get this over with!"

"Fine by me." Goku doesn't waste any time, charging at Echo with his Kaioken flaring around his body. Echo swats his gigantic arm down at Goku and smashes him into the ground like a fly. After, he jumps on Goku, crushing his bones with all his weight. Goku screams in pain before he begins to lift up Echo's foot from under. "I won't be done in by THIS!"

An even bigger aura envelopes Goku and his power explodes to a new height, throwing Echo into the sky. Echo looks down at Goku who is now flying up after him and throws both of his fists at him. Goku dodges Echo's attack with his unmatched speed and smashes his body into Echo's with a pillar of strength, knocking him out of the air.

Echo smashes into the ground, killing hundreds of Soldiers who hadn't entered the building already. Goku flies at Echo in a spiral with his Kaioken with him. Echo tries to grab him but is completely defeated in speed. Goku flies into Echo's open mouth and fires a blast inside of it, dealing unreal damage.

Echo bites down at Goku but by the time his teeth reach each other, Goku is long out of his mouth. The Kaioken aura leaves Goku and he stands across the field from Echo, breathing heavily. Echo slowly gets up in pain, and stands above his enemy once again.

"Is that...all you got you little s***?" Echo taunts.

Goku breaths heavily in pain, staring up at Echo. "Kaioken X3!" The same aura from before explodes around Goku and he vanishes from Echo's sight once again. He finds his way to Echo's mouth and delivers a series of jaw dropping punches and kicks, totally outmatching his opponent. While Goku continues to dominate Echo, Watson fires his most powerful attack at the unaware Goku.

It impacts him directly and sends Goku flying into the ground, screaming in pain. Echo begins to lose his footing and collapses on top of Goku exhausted.

"Whoa, that was awesome bro!" Stiffy compliments.

"Th-thanks. I'm just trying my best to help the Commander." Watson replies.

Echo's size begins to shrink down from his Deighty Form back to regular. His weight is removed from Goku and Watson and Stiffy run over, worried. By now, everybody is off the battlefield and inside of the Saiyan Base.

"Hey, Commander Echo!" Watson shakes him dramatically.

"Wake up man! You can do this!" Stiffy adds.

To their side, Goku begins to stand up in pain. He looks over to Watson in what seems to be anger, frightening him. Goku breathes heavily and walks towards those two. They both jump back and put their guard up. Goku turns away from them and grabs Echo, feeling his pulse gently.

"It's beating." Goku tells them. "He'll be fine. His body just took a lot of damage from me. Get him out of here if you want him and you both to survive another day. Something terrible is going to happen inside that Base soon..."

"What's gonna happen?" Stiffy questions.

"King Vegeta isn't out of offensive strategies just yet. Just get out of here."

"We're not going anywhere! Now tell us-"

"Stiffy! Lets get Commander Echo out of here. This guy...whether what he's saying is true, can still kill us in one attack EACH if he wanted too. He's sparing us. Lets take it and go!"

"Still, we can't just leave the war behind. What about everybody fighting with their lives on the line?"

A) Take Commander Echo and leave.
B) Leave him somewhere outside the Base safe, and go in and fight.


Thrigon lands at the bottom of the steps and is flooded by a rampage of Soldiers. Thousands of angry rebels rush the base together, destroying everything in sight. Their goal is to kill King Vegeta, but they plan on destroying everything in the entire Base before they make their way to him. "God damn it, how the HELL am I supposed to find White in this big mess?" Thrigon scrambles around aimlessly, unable to locate a single face.

He runs into an empty room and closes the door. "Good, it's empty." He walks over and has a seat on the bed, thinking to himself. "I can try to kill them all, but if White does plan on doing anything, by the time I finish that he'll have done it for sure."

A female Saiyan flies through the door with her back on it and lands on the ground with blood surrounding her. "Please spare-"

A Ki blast is fired mid sentence, obliterating her from existence. Thrigon looks up and notices General Blue with perfectly clean hands. "How cruel." Thrigon remarks.

"Hello, Commander Thrigon. Cruel, you say? What's cruel is how that women grabbed my buttocks in the mess and tried to caress my body. How filthy!"

"Hahaha," Thrigon laughs before standing up. "Say, have you seen General White anywhere?"

"White? No, I haven't. Why do you ask, Commander?"

"If you see him, seize him. Don't kill him but make sure he can't do anything."

"Hohoho, sounds interesting. I'll definitely keep my eye out for him."

Thrigon puts his hand on Blue's shoulder and walks out of the room. He puts his hand out and fires a generic Ki blast, destroying multiples fighters at once. He runs out into the mess and begins jumping on peoples' heads, scouting the area for familiar faces. General Pac ManTM is fighting 4 Saiyans at once, having fun all the while. Seems like he's got the edge, but he wouldn't know where White is considering he's mid-battle.

Thrigon jumps down another flight of stairs and sees General Pooface lying against a wall with a blood stained vest. Thrigon runs up to him and puts his hands on him, "Who did this to you!?"

"I don't know...I got struck from the back with somebody's hand. It was some sort of Ki filled blade. It pierced right through my chest and in the mess, I couldn't find out who did it..." He whines.

"It's alright General. I'll get somebody to get you back to the Camp so we can fix you! Just hang on!"

"Don't...waste your time on me. I've lost a lot of blood by now. I won't make it much longer. Just...try to find the bastard that did this to me and kill him!"

Thrigon closes his eyes and nods. "Fine. I'll grant you that much." He takes his hands off of him and lets him rest on the wall, before turning his back. A flood of Saiyans continue to destroy the place, but have now begun to fight each other. It's now just one mass blood stream of everybody trying to kill each other with very few actually going up to King Vegeta. They're savages who have lost their way.

Thrigon knocks over a few of them and sees a cross hall this time, looking both ways he decides where to go:

1) To the left. Tons of Saiyans and FBM Agents fighting to the death down this hall.
2) To the right. Mostly Saiyans destroying each other and the building.
3) Down another flight of stairs. Who knows what awaits down there.
4) Back up stairs. It's impossible to find White in this mess. Lets just give up.


You continue to battle it out with Trunks, both of you giving it your all by this time. The two of you finally take a break from the close up combat you've been having and jump back, dripping with sweat all the way. "This is no good. At this rate I won't be able to even stand when I get to the King."

Trunks runs at you at full throttle. To slow him down, you toss three Ki blasts at him in which he easily dodges and shoves a hard right your way. You duck and attempt an uppercut which he deflects with his left arm. In the blink of an eye he throws his right palm at you and fires a quick blast to your face which sends you flying back a few feet. You stop yourself and are blasted in the back, sending you full speed towards Trunks with no control.

He ducks, letting your body hover over his for a second before launching his legs into your gut. You go flying in the air in pain and you see him begin to fire another Burning Attack. You put your arms out to block this time and he fires it. It smashes into you and burns your arms heavily, sending you soaring through the skies of the roofless building. After a short while, you manage to throw his attack off of you and notice that both Fasha and Trunks are in the air with you.

They fly to each side of you, cornering you in the air. "That's what you get for earlier, you piece of trash!" Fasha screams at you while holding her fist out.

Trunks remains quiet with a serious face on. He's ready to finish you off for good this time. "Damn it, what can I do? They have total advantage in the air, and there are two of them! If I don't come up with a plan quickly, I'm done for!"

X) Use a Technique (Specify Which).
Y) Hold your block and hope you can land as quickly as possible.
Z) Fire a Ki blast at both of them in hope to get them off of you long enough to land.
Thrigon's Peerless Speed by Hangman_Link
Author's Notes:
Choice that won:

A,3,X (Use the Four Witches to fire two ki blasts at them and use the other two arms to shoot ki blasts up in the air to send you down and land quickly).
"Right now, assuring Commander Echo's safely is the only thing we can do. It's up to the rest of the Commanders now. I hate to say it, but we're completely outclassed by these top fighters."

Stiffy looks disappointed, despite his face being hidden as he stares at the ground. "Fine. Let go."

Watson looks over to Goku and gives him a nod. The two pick up Echo together and begin to carry him away from the Saiyan Base. Goku sets out in the other direction, heading into the belly of the beast.

The wind calmly blows as the two make their distance across the bloodshed battlefield. Far off in the distance, they can see the camp that was made when the FBM originally arrived at the Saiyan Empire. Tens of thousands of bodies are scattered across the entire battlefield. Such a horrifying sight.


"Alright, since they've pushed me this far I suppose I'll show them my TRUE power!" You say to yourself while Fasha and Trunks close the distance between you. "The Four Witches!" You scream wildly making Fasha hesitate for a second. Mucus and sweat begin to leak off of your back as you focus an immense amount of Ki together. Two extra arms rip out of your back simultaneously!

"Impossible!" Trunks screams, finally relinquishing his first words since the battle has begun. Fasha stays frozen in her place, but doesn't back off for long. She fires a quick Ki blast filled with a pink aura at you. You stare at it for a second before batting it away with two of your arms. It flies into the sky without direction before finally dispersing.

"Heh, did you honestly think that pathetic blast could stop me?" You taunt.

Angered, Trunks bursts at you with incredible speed. Fasha does the same. As they close in, you fire a full powered Ki ball in each direction. A second after, you launch yourself down to the ground with the speed of two Ki blasts you shot in the air with your remaining arms. Trunks stops quickly and throws up his block, tanking your attack without damage. Fasha on the other hand cannot react quick enough, and is shot in the face directly by your attack blasting her through the skies uncontrollably.

You land comfortably and laugh at Trunks, who still resides in the air. He looks down at you with a frown, before he releases himself from the air and lands back down.

"You ready for round 3?" You question him with a stare that pierces through him.

"Pth," he spits on the ground and puts up a fighting stance.

"Not bad. I can't see any openings in his stance. But there has to be something..."

"You're a good fighter. Just as your reputation dictates."

"Hahaha, cocky aren't we. Don't you think you're underestimating me?"

He smiles for a brief second, "No. If anything, I'm overestimating you. But lets see how well you can handle those extra arms. HAAAAA!" Trunks powers up once again, finally showing his full aura. He runs at you swiftly, still with a perfect defense.

You block his first attack, and retaliate with the full force of two arms. Your fists pass through an Afterimage of his and he comes swinging at you from behind. With an extra arm, you grab his forthcoming elbow and counter him with a direct right.

He flies back in pain before back flipping and landing safely, jumping at you once again without rest. You enter an exchange with him, only using two of your arms. He has a slight advantage, despite you only using two arms. You decide to pressure him by throwing in another arm, completely changing the flow of the exchange. You begin to bully him, rendering him nearly useless.

Trunks jumps back, trying to get away but you don't let him. You fire yourself at him, ready to deal the finishing blow. You grab both of his arms with two of your own, and lift him up in the sky with force. Taking your last two arms, you grab his neck and begin choking the life out of him.

Trunks struggles to escape your hold by smashing his legs into your chest with all his might, but his efforts are ultimately useless. After a short while, Trunks begins to lose his strength, unable to even try and stop you. "Ahahaha, is there something you would like to-"

A devastating foot smashes into the side of your face and you are pushed back a few meters, releasing Trunks from your arms. He breathes heavily, trying to catch his breath. Looking over, you see Fasha with a bloody face squeezing her fists tight. "You got some nerve. Trying to take on the two of us at the same time! You'll die in the end, scum!" Fasha roars as Trunks makes his way up.

"Hahaha, 'Trying' you say? As I've already shown, you two are simply no match for my Godly strength. I'll crush your entire Empire with my absolute power!" You boast.

"Thank you." Trunks says to Fasha before turning back to you. "Don't think you'll stand a chance against King Vegeta with power like yours. If you're struggling to just hurt us, then-"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. You tell me how strong the King is. He comes out and shows he's pretty strong but still ends up dying in the end. I know the routine, but thanks for trying to explain it to me." You cut him off, grinning.

"Burning Attack!" Trunks counters immediately. You put out all four of your arms and grab the fiery ball of Ki, crushing it into thin air.

"You were saying?"


Thrigon storms through the crowded halls in search for General White. Another flight of stairs approaches and he swiftly hops down it. But the noise from thousands of fighters simply amplifies as his body falls down the long stairwell. When he lands, he sees General Joseph Pike slaying countless Saiyans with complete joy.

"Come at me you filthy Saiyans! I need excitement. More. More!" Pike screams as he slits one of their throats without mercy.

"S***, that guy's f***ed up." Thrigon thinks to himself as he jumps over them all, continuing to run down the hallway. On his way, he meets up with General Dr. Fiasco, sitting against a wall with two other FBM agents trying to aid a heavy wound on his chest. He smiles as Thrigon stops by him and begins conversation.

"Hello, Commander. What brings you to..." Fiasco coughs up a bit of blood on himself before looking up again to finish his sentence, "...this floor?"

"Have you seen General White anywhere around here?" Thrigon persistently investigates while paying no attention to the gaping wound on Fiasco's chest.

"White? Yeah, I did a little bit ago. When I came storming in this place after the Dome collapsed, ahead of the crowd may I add, he was somewhere on this floor with Jones and Silver. If I recall, they were in critical condition. He may have left the Base to get help for them." The Dr. responds, ignoring the wound himself.

"Critical condition? Did he already attack them or were they in that condition before? Naw, why would he attack them now of all times? He could have at any time in this whole war. What Kiryu's saying doesn't make much sense...blah!" The Commander stays still, thinking.

Fiasco stares at Thrigon blankly, waiting for a response. Thrigon catches on in a second, "Thanks for the info. What's up with the wound anyway?"

"Oh, this?" He smiles while taking his hand off his chest for a second, allowing blood to leak out at a faster pace. "I was having a little duel with that creature. Freeza, I think his name was. I saw him kill a bunch of our soldiers so I confronted him...and well, I lost. Uuahahaha." He carelessly laughs while finally standing up, getting help from the FBM agents by his side.

"You two, get him back to the base camp. I don't want any more Generals to die." Thrigon directs and the Soldiers nod, trying to carry him off. Fiasco interjects though.

"No...that won't be necessary." He puts his right index finger inside of the wound and begins flowing Ki through the hole. His skin tissue begins to patch itself up and the blood ceases to drip from him. Within a minute, his wound is completely healed.

"W-what the hell?" Thrigon practically screams.

"Uuahahahaha, it's healing energy. I learned it a long while ago. Why do you think they call me Doctor? Uuahahaha." He gently laughs while walking away from Thrigon.

"If you can heal yourself like that, why not do it earlier? Why lean against the wall and lose so much of your strength?"

"Uuahahahaha, don't mistake it for an easy thing to do. Everything gets worse before it gets better. There are certain..."requirements" so to speak, before you can do it." Fiasco laughs as he walks off into the battlefield, preparing to fight once again.

Thrigon stares back at him puzzled before running off once again. "I doubt he's left the building. And if he were going to do something rotten, I suspect that he'd want to get in a secluded place to do it." He thinks while opening up countless doors across the hall, checking to see if White is in any of them. Thrigon makes it to a large hole in the floor in which underneath is a broken computer system with a dead corpse on the floor in the room. Seems like it belonged to an FBM General.

He looks around and sees a broken chunk in the wall, and looking through it you can see the old battlefield. A small pack of Elites with a man with bright yellow teeth are standing outside. Thrigon turns back around and sees a two horned creature standing across from him. "Eh, who are you?" Thrigon says before thinking, "I know this person from somewhere...but where?"

"Kikikiki," the creature laughs while walking towards Thrigon. "I am Freeza. Of the Cold family."

Thrigon's eyes go wide in anger. "So you're the bastard who killed General Pooface? I'll make you PAY!"

"Huh? That pathetic excuse for a, caulih, fighter. I should have killed him while we were both outside." He responds, bits of drool leaking from his mouth. "Oh well, the weakling had that death coming. He thought we were teammates. Well I've grown tired of listening to my brother! I shall prove my greatness to all of you fools, killing you one by one!" He barks.

"Sorry," Thrigon says while cracking his knuckles. "I don't exactly have much time to deal with you. I'm searching for somebody and I'd like to find him as soon as possible. So lets skip the warm up."

"Kikikiki, this is good. I've been searching for a Commander to kill and finally I found the most pathetic one there is. I'll use you to shake off my rust!" Freeza lets out an enormous burst of Ki in his legs, launching himself at Thrigon with his full speed.

Thrigon stretches his arms and begins firing ruthless jabs at his opponent, keeping his distance clean and safe. Freeza struggles to close the distance between the two, and is continuously taking jabs to his unguarded face. After a short amount of time, his anger spikes to a new level. "You COWARD! Stop hiding behind your long arms and fight me like a MAN!"

"Hehe, no thanks."


Trunks grips his fists in rage, clearly wondering what he can do to win against you. Fasha stays behind him, ready to take his lead whenever he's ready. You don't let them think any longer, charging at them with your four arms. Trunks reacts in shock, putting his block up in a rush. You begin to smash your deadly fists into his guard, before you hear clapping start off in the distance.

It catches your attention, causing you to relinquish your assault on Trunks and jump back. He breathes heavily and holds his right arm in pain. You look over to where the clapping came from and see Pitou standing in the middle of the room. He came out of the whole Kaiba made earlier.

"Four arms, Kiryu? How interesting that you've been hiding such a powerful technique. I applaud you." He smiles at you.

You laugh a bit before dropping your arms to your side. "What happened to your face? It looks even worse than usual."

Pitou frowns at your comment, unhappy. "Do you want my help or not?"

"I'll be fine against these two. Perhaps Kaiba is in need of your assistance."

You and Pitou look across the room and see Kaiba holding his arm while kneeling on the floor to the Saiyan Maize, who looks completely unfazed. Despite his obvious advantage in their battle, he looks bored and unamused. Trunks keeps his eyes on you, not paying attention to anybody else in the room. Pitou reacts fast, leaping at Trunks with a plan.

Trunks feels Pitou's Ki as he takes off and turns around with his arms out. The two enter a raw combo with Pitou at a substantial advantage. Trunks continues to try and fend Pitou off with his left arm, due to his right being either broken or dislocated from your assault earlier. "Stop! He's mine!" You scream to Pitou, but he doesn't stop his attack at all.

Trunks finally attempts a counter attack on Pitou, firing a quick Ki blast at him. As it approaches Pitou, it suddenly stops in mid-air before flying back at Trunks with twice the speed. It impacts him directly. Pitou leaps at Trunks and whips out his Ki Sword, slicing at him with the intent to decapitate him.

Trunks dodges his attacks with all his remaining strength until Pitou finally lands a slice on his open chest. Pitou attempts to finish things off with one final slash but Trunks jumps back, getting cut in the process.

Blood squirts out of Trunks' hand as the room goes silent for a second. Four fingers collapse to the ground in a pool of blood, Trunks staring at them all the while. Pitou launches at Trunks with his remaining arm and grabs him by the neck. "Absorb!" He calls out and begins sucking the life out of him. With nothing but a thumb on his only usable arm, Trunks is completely useless.

Power begins to creep out of Trunks at a mad rate before you make your reappearance to the battle, shoving your arm right through Trunks' chest. Your gigantic arm pierces right through the Saiyan, blood and guts spilling all over the floor as you take your arm from his body. An adrenaline rush shoots through your spine and your power explodes to a new height.

"Yes, yes, YES!" You scream in joy.

Pitou removes his hand from Trunks neck with disappointment on his face. "You couldn't have let me finished with him, could you?"

"It's your fault for trying to steal my opponent from me. Next time stay out of my way."

"Don't make me laugh. There are no locked opponents in a war..." Pitou gazes over to Fasha, who is on her knees terrified of you two.

"Go help Kaiba." You direct.

"After I kill the girl," Pitou licks his lips and dashes at her. You begin to charge too, but feel an incredible amount of Ki surface into the air, freezing you in your place.

"What? This Ki...it's so powerful!" You look around the room in fear and see a fiery red aura blaze through the room at a near invisible speed. Turning your head to where you saw the aura fly by, you see Pitou standing in front of a blank wall with Fasha at the other end of the room in a Saiyans arms, safe and sound.

The man stares at you two, Pitou in particular, with a serious face on. "I told you to leave, Commander Pitou!" He screams.

You gaze over to Pitou and question, "Who the hell is that guy?"

"He's a Saiyan who goes by the name of Goku. I fought him earlier. He's my check." Pitou replies, and thinks: "Echo, I thought you could take care of him. What happened!?!?"

"What's up with that Ki of his? It goes from a tremendous power to almost nothing in seconds."

"I haven't fully figured it out yet. It's some sort of technique that can amplify his power though. Watch out, he isn't a slouch." Pitou directs while putting up a fighting stance. You do the same.

Goku takes his arms away from Fasha and screams, "Kaioken!" His power spikes once again and he races at you two.

A) Choose How You Are Going To Fight Goku


Thrigon uppercuts Freeza's jaw, catapulting him in the air. As he flies, Thrigon stretches his arm and grabs him by the neck, and than throws him into the ground. Freeza hits the floor hard. He gets up wiping some blood off of his face and begins firing a relentless attack of Ki.

Thrigon begins to deflect every blast thrown at him but Freeza closes the distance between the two during this time until they're both right in front of each other. Thrigon retracts his arms so he can fight at the distance but Freeza's offense proves superior at this range. Thrigon begins to take heavy blows, unable to get away. "Damn it, I need to get my distance so I can fight to my fullest." Freeza throws a violent punch, pushing Thrigon back.

Thrigon skids across the floor and Freeza dashes after him, throwing a Ki Disk. Thrigon ducks and it goes straight over his head; he stretches his arms and begins to jab Freeza successfully, until the blade comes flying back from behind him cutting him in half.

Blood explodes from the center of Thrigon's stomach and he falls on the ground in two, screaming in pain. "Ha, you're just as pathetic as I thought you would be. Squirm in pain and die!" Freeza barks, and than begins walking away from the scene.

"Don't...UNDERESTIMATE ME!" Thrigon rips out a new pair of legs from nowhere and stands up. Freeza turns around and stares at him in disbelief.


"I'm a Namekian, idiot. I can regenerate my body. Don't take me lightly!" Thrigon fires a jab at Freeza and stretches his leg across the room, tripping Freeza. As Freeza falls to the ground, Thrigon jumps across the room over him with his hands behind his back. "Da da da da da da DAH!" He fires a remarkable amount of blasts at Freeza, blowing him and the floor to a crisp.

Once Thrigon lands on the ground, he ends his rain of Ki and turns back to Freeza who is now standing with blood covering his body. Thrigon puts his fists together and his muscles bulk up, strengthening his body. He begins jumping back and forth like a boxer, increasing his speed with each step.

"What the hell are you doing?" Freeza then charges at him without giving him time to answer. He fires a Ki blast at Thrigon but it passes through him. "Huh? An Afterimage?"

"Not exactly." Thrigon appears to Freeza's side and delivers a ruthless uppercut from under his jaw. A loud crack is heard and Freeza falls down into the large hole in the ground that leads to the broken computer room that Thrigon found earlier. He walks over and looks above Freeza who is squirming on the ground, struggling to get up. It seems that he won't be able to do so for at least a short while.

"How did you...get there?" Freeza inquires as he rolls on the ground.

"Ever since a friend of mine destroyed me in combat, I've been training with everything I could muster, particularly in speed. I needed to overcome my lacking defense by being able to avoid getting hit, and I finally found my answer. The ability to move at an incredibly speed without leaving a hint of Ki or sound in my tracks."

Freeza slowly gets up off the ground and stares at Thrigon with a smile. "Is he bluffing? It's hard to tell if this guy has any strength left and is waiting for death or if he still has a lot of gas left in the tank. I don't have any time to waste with this guy! Should I just get the hell out of here and find White or should I finish the job before I get going?" Thrigon thinks cautiously.

1) Leave Freeza behind and find White. He's more important right now.
2) Finish Freeza off before you go and search for White. This is more important right now.
The Final Guardian by Hangman_Link
Author's Notes:
Choice that won:

A. Pitou and Kiryu will try to make short work out of Goku, Have them go all out and if there is an opportunity, Kiryu will grab Goku taking advantage of his 4 arms and the Pitou will absorb power from him. Try to make this as quick as possible, and, if possible, leave Goku alive but weakend enough so that he will not interfere anymore.

2 I thnk we should wo find White ASAP but Freeza will not let us just go like that so he needs to die.
Kaiba bursts towards Maize with a grin and fires a series of powerful fists, all of which are dodged. Maize stands against the wall guarding King Vegeta's room and continues to shut down his opponents efforts to get past him without breaking from his position. Kaiba jumps in the air and swings his leg at Maize's head. Maize ducks without even looking.

Kaiba twirls in the air and fires a Ki blast at Maize while his eyes are down but the Saiyan whips his hand out and knocks the blast away. Kaiba lands a few feet away from Maize and stares at him with a smile.

Maize stares back for a second before yawning and wiping his eyes. "Man, you haven't made me move an inch from here since the battle started."

"So you noticed too?" Kaiba jokes.

"Why don't you just do your transformation already. You'll probably have a better chance in pushing me to the side then." Maize smiles.

"I'm fine with our current arrangement. I won't be using any of my signature techniques nor my Transformation until I budge you from that spot!"

"This is gonna take a while, isn't it?"

"Only if you make it!" Kaiba charges at the unmoving Maize and fires a few jabs which are easily dodged, jumps to the left and launches back at him with his head. The Saiyan takes out his palm and closes it on Kaiba's head, crushing it slowly. Kaiba gulps in pain and flings his body around with a roundhouse kick, but Maize counters with his spare arm, bouncing Kaiba onto the floor.

"Damn it, I was sure that was gonna work!" Maize stands still with his body slouched over and his eyes practically dozing. Kaiba stands up and walks back a few feet with a grin on his face. "Hehe, I got the perfect idea!" Maize raises an eyebrow with a slight interest while his opponent prepares another attempt to make him move from his position.

"AH!" Kaiba points into the air in shock and stands still for a second. Maize doesn't move his eyes off his opponent though.


"...Damn it, why didn't you look up in the air!?!?"

"...That was your idea?" Maize sighs and scratches his head in boredom.

"Newp." Kaiba fires several generic Ki Blasts at both Maize and into the air and sprints to the left of the room. Maize smacks the blasts coming at him to the side with one arm without imploding them. Kaiba leaps at him from the side and delivers a series of punches and kicks, all of which are blocked. Meanwhile, the rain of Ki blasts fall down from the sky. Maize pushes Kaiba back with one arm and puts his others up ready to knock the others away.

Immediately before Maize hits them away, they all explode on command and create a cloud of smoke in his face. Maize coughs up dust and receives a fairly powerful kick to the bottom of his leg. He cringes in pain and throws his fist down, hitting Kaiba directly.

The Commander slides across the floor for a second before getting up with a grin. "What's got you so happy?" Maize raises an eyebrow and questions.

"Hehe, your foot." Kaiba points down at Maize's leg which is now a few centimeters out of its previous position, shown by the dent on the floor Maize made with his foot.

"Well congrats. Can we fight seriously now?"

Kaiba puts up his fists together with a grin. "Show me everything you have!"


"Don't hold back!" You call out to Pitou while raising your four arm guard.

"Hah, I don't plan on it." Pitou takes out his Ki Sword and cautiously eyes Goku.

In the blink of an eye, Goku is in front of you smashing his fists into your guard at incredible speed and power. Even with your four arms, it's difficult to keep track of and block each of his attacks. "I'll find an opening eventually, you piece of s***!" Pitou runs over to you both and Goku bats an eye to his right, slowing one of his fists down by a fraction.

"FOOL!" You deflect his incoming attack and counter with all your strength. Your fist plunges through the air and reaches Goku, striking right through him. "Damn, he put up an Afterimage in that time frame? I better watch myself." You look over to the side and see Pitou slashing madly at Goku on the offensive, while the Saiyan merely dodges his attacks calmly, as his crisp aura bends in the air.

"Die!" A cluster of Ki balls are fired at Goku from you, and you charge right after them. As they approach Goku, he disappears from Pitou in a flash. He must have sensed them coming. The blasts strike Pitou's body directly and pass through him too. "So Pitou can use an Afterimage as well." Behind you, Goku charges through the air with a current of wind behind him.

You turn to your opponent and see Pitou clashing with him as they move alongside the room in your direction. Pitou's speed gradually increases as the battle rages on. Goku flares his red aura and kicks Pitou back, sending him skidding across the ground. Moments after, Goku's aura fades back to a normal colour and he slows down to a noticeable degree. Taking advantage of this, you leap at him with your four arms and grapple his entire body. He struggles to break free, but with your superior power you hold his position firm.

Pitou catches on to your plan and speeds up, racing towards the subdued Goku and grabs his neck without remorse. "You were a worthy opponent, but it's time to say your prayers! ABSORB!" Muscles pump into Pitou's arm as a mass amount of Ki drains from Goku who has now stopped struggling.

"Just don't kill him. He has a pure heart and great power. Defeating him will be enough."

Pitou stares up at you with a cold eye. "Sorry, but it's survival of the fittest. It's his own fault for sparing my life earlier. Now he knows it will cost him!" Pitou screams and laughs maniacally while sucking the life out of Goku.

"KAIOKEN X3!" The Saiyan screams and an un found aura explodes around his body, bringing his power to a never before seen height. He rips out of your grab and backhands you in the face at lightning speed, sending you smashing into the corner wall. Goku grabs Pitou's wrist ruthlessly and twists it around fully, making the Elf scream in pain. He then kicks Pitou in the face as his body crumples down, bashing him into the wall on the other side of the room.

Goku breathes in pain heavily and falls to his knees. That monstrous aura disperses for a second before he stands tall and brings it back. He turns around to you and warps to the other side of the room. You throw all four of your arms up and begin to tank every ruthless hit the Saiyan throws at you. Bruises begin to form on your arms, and than they begin to break altogether.

Despite the incredible pain you're in, you stand tall with a smile. "Is that all you...got Saiyan? I overestimated you. And that's saying something because I was aware before the battle started how trash you were. Show me a real punch! Ahahahaha!"

Goku doesn't take into your bait, he simply continues to smash his fists into your arms until your block fully breaks. Your arms fly wide and he pushes both of his arms back as if he's about to deliver the finishing blow to your chest. You hold your gut in and he screams, firing a devastating body blow to your gut. You fall onto your knees and cough up blood in pain.

"Kamehame..." The Saiyan jumps back and begins to shout. You stare up at him before he fires and smile with a mouth full of blood. "HA!" The beam fires at you and comes as close as your head before it freezes before you. Goku struggles to make it move but is unable to do so.

Pitou stands behind Goku with his arms pulled behind his head and his teeth cringing together. "F***, why won't it...MOVE!" He screams as he tries to Attract Goku's Kamehameha Wave back at him. "It has too much power in it, Kiryu. Get out of the way and let me let go of this thing before it blows you to pieces!" He directs.

You stand up before the blast and crack your knuckles with a smile. "No, I think this is our ticket to the end of this fight." You stare at Goku with an ugly smile while he struggles to put the blast forward.

You throw all four of your arms backwards so that they smash through the leftovers of the wall behind you and begin to pump muscle into them. "Giant Bulldozer!" You scream while firing all four of your arms at Goku's Kamehameha Wave, pushing it back violently. Your hands burn in pain as the blast melts the skin off of you but you refuse to falter.

Both you and Pitou push with all your might and Goku's blast slowly fires back at him. "Just...a little... more!" You and Pitou say united. Goku screams in pain as the Kaioken takes its toll on his body and the blast fires back at him at full throttle, blasting him into oblivion.

Pitou jumps away from Goku as both he and the Kamehameha are pushed back together. "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!" Goku screams in pain as he blasts out the window with his Kamehameha engulfed in him. They fly through the empty skies before the blast explodes with a bang. Looking off into the distance, you can see Goku falling from the skies.

Both you and Pitou fall to your knees in exhaustion. "We gotta help Kaiba."

"...Yeah, I know. With whatever strength we have left."

You both look over to Maize and Kaiba and stand up once again. "Lets do this!" You direct and Pitou follows.


"Even if he isn't bluffing," Thrigon thinks as he begins to stretch his arms. "I have to finish this guy here and now so he isn't a problem!" He fires his stretched arms down into the room and grabs Freeza by the pressure points near his neck, squeezing tightly.

While Freeza is unable to move, Thrigon fires his body at Freeza with the extension of his arms and knees Freeza in the jaw. Crashes and screams are heard from Freeza as he is sent flying through the wall head first. Within a second, Freeza is up once again and charging at Thrigon with spite. "Stop attacking my JAW!" He barks while forming two Ki Disks.

Thrigon watches eerily as the blades leave his enemies arms and go flying about the room. Without paying attention to the disks irregular path, Freeza leaps at Thrigon with a destructive punch but before his punch can connect, Thrigon vanishes with his miraculous speed.

Freeza looks around the room cautiously before taking an uppercut to the jaw, sending him back upstairs for a short second. He pummels back down from above and is grabbed by the neck before landing. Freeza's eyes remain closed but Thrigon watches him intently while he sucks the life out of him.

His eyes flip open together and a terrifying smile appears on his face. "Die green man!" Freeza swings his arms back and the Ki Disks come running across the room at Thrigon, but he remains calm.

"You've just sealed your fate." Thrigon crushes Freeza's neck with with firm grip and the blades fly into his body. Freeza begins to fall to the ground and Thrigon vanishes from his field of vision, reappearing at the opposite end of the room. The blades come flying at Freeza and he can do nothing but throw his arms out in fear. The blades rip through his body in two and go drilling through the wall.

Three quiet taps are heard by Thrigon's Namekian ears when Freeza's body falls onto the ground in pieces. Thrigon fires a few Ki blasts and his body disintegrates. "That was for you, General Pooface. Now, I better go get White."

Thrigon stretches his arms to the above floor, and flings himself upon it. He lands safely and runs down the hall. Noise from the battlefield amplifies the further he goes down the hall. He takes a turn down the opposite route he went before and sprints down it, opening every door he can see - finding nobody in each one.

"Damn it, show yourself White!" Thrigon punches a nearby wall in rage and the ceiling above him crumbles. Thrigon jumps back and avoids the landslide of rocks falling from above. With them, General Blue falls down with General White in his arms. They crash on the ground and Blue gets up, wiping the dirt off his pants.

Thrigon stares at them in shock, almost not believing that White just fell from the ceiling. Blue turns around and sees Thrigon, and puts his hand on his forehead. "Sir, I completed your orders."

"What happened?"

"I saw him running up to King Vegeta's quarters on the top floor just now. He just came from down here. I'm shocked that you didn't see him. Well, as ordered I took justice into my own hands and pinned him down. Unfortunately, he refused to cooperate so I had to take things seriously."

"Hehe, well good job. Perfect timing." Thrigon walks past Blue and picks up White by his collar. "Me and you have a few things I'd like to talk about. So if you don't mind, how about you make things easy."

White gazes at Thrigon with fear and nods his head. "Now, what should I do with him." The Namekian cautiously thinks.

A) Kill him. He's a traitor and he needs to die.
B) Interrogate him. Lets find answers!
C) Take him to Kiryu. He knows the situation best.


"Yo Kaiba, you need a hand?" You call out as you approach him from behind. He's standing idle with a bit of blood running down the side of his temple, still in his base state.

"No, you two should go past him and kill King Vegeta."

"Are you positive?" Pitou intervenes, "I can tell by so much as his attitude that he will be far from an easy opponent. Perhaps an impossible one."

"Hey now, three against one isn't exactly fair. But then again, I have strict orders to not let a single soul pass me by so I'll man up and make do with what I'm given."

"Well that's very noble of yourself, but one way or another...we will get to the King." You smirk.

"No, you won't."

"Guys, you being here is actually great timing. He was still playing around with me because I haven't transformed yet. Probably because he thinks that he'll kill me if he goes all out while i'm in my normal state. But if you try to get past him he'll be going all out to stop you, giving me exactly what I wanted."

"Kaiba, why won't you transform against a stronger opponent?" You question.

"Because I refuse to enter that state of being unless i'm forced to! And since I'm in perfect condition, I see no reason to use it."

Maize steps forward and eyes the three of you. "Your morals are about to get you killed. That is...truly pitiful." A small bit of pleasure comes from the Saiyan as he says that.

"Maize...kill these scum! Kill 'em ALL!" Fasha screams as she stands up in the corner of the room. "Lets do this!"

"Enough of this talk. Kiryu, Rem left you in charge of the main assault on the Saiyan Empire so now that my mission is complete I'll obey you so you can do yours. So, what's the plan?" Pitou notifies.

"Hm, what IS the plan? General White is still somewhere so I shouldn't act too rash until I know what's going on with him. On the other hand, the King is right beyond these doors. This Saiyan Maize won't be easy by any means but with 3 Commanders we're sure to be able to crush him. But how quickly is the question. There are also a lot of Generals downstairs, so perhaps they can help in the battle if I go down and get them. Fasha has proved that she isn't much of a threat so we can take her out quickly now that she's weakened. So now that I have all the information on the table...what should I do?" You think patiently while Pitou and Kaiba wait for an answer.

Kaiba's Move List:

- Transform: You enter a short metamorphesis, doubling your power.
- Split Form: You split yourself into either 2, 3, or 4. Your power is divided with each split however.
- Acidic Meltdown: A pool of Sulfuric Acid forms on your stomach and you can fire it out at any time you please.

1) Choose Your Plan Of Action!
Long Con by Hangman_Link
Author's Notes:
Choice that won:

First off...C Take Blue with us as well, and any other commanders/generals we find on the way if possible.
Second off:
1. Kiryu will go back to find more reinforcements, perhaps find Thrigon. Normally I wouldn't do this, but Pitou DID receive a large power up from Goku. Kiryu needs a bit of a breather, and to retract those broken extra arms. Kaiba will split into 4 different Kaibas. The three copies will attack Maize, and so will Pitou. If Maize fires ANY blast, Pitou can reflect it All this should give Pitou a chance to Thief, or Absorb. Absorb should take priority, but if it seems unfeasible and we've seen a good technique, then Theif. The 3 clones will charge up Acid, and fire it at him when ready. Pitou should be fine, as he can reflect the acid if worst comes to worst (and it would only take out Maize or clones.)
"Okay, if you two are willing to follow my orders then listen carefully," you begin. Maize raises his eyebrow with slight interest while the two Commanders listen intently with their guard up. "I'm going downstairs to finish up an errand. You two will fight Maize with everything you've got. I should hope that you'll be able to handle yourselves without me babysitting."

"Run an errand? At a time like this? What's that about, Kiryu." Pitou remarks with displeasure.

"A traitor walks among us. I have to deal with him now. Don't worry, I'll have Thrigon and a fleet of Generals up here to back you up in a minute."

"Fine. Run along now, coward." Pitou taunts.

You retract your extra arms and take a small puff of air. "I'll see you guys soon." You sprint down the room and begin heading downstairs, in search of Thrigon and White, along with any Generals you find along the way.

"Awww, maaaan. He's bringing more people I gotta fight? Sigh, this is gonna be a long day."

"Quit your babbling!" Pitou bursts at Maize and his Ki Sword forms.

Kaiba puts his hands in a prayer position, "Split Form!" 3 copies of himself form and they all leap at Maize. The Saiyan finally forms a guard as the 4 fighters approach him.

Pitou slashes Maize numerous times with his new found speed, causing Maize to struggle to avoid them all. Three Kaiba's surround Maize from all angles and begin to rush him. The four of them begin to bully the Saiyan, pressuring him to the utmost degree. Maize kicks a Kaiba clone in the stomach, firing him across the room.

Another one attempts to deliver a roundhouse kick to his head. Maize ducks and flips frontward, kicking the second clone to the ceiling on his way up. Pitou slashes his sword horizontally and Maize sways his body back, barely dodging the sword. The third Kaiba kicks him in the back pushing him into the blade. Unfortunately, Pitou retracts his sword as Maize is pushed forward, only causing a minor scrape across his chest.

Maize bites his lip and throws his fist back at Kaiba. By the time it fully reaches back, Kaiba has already jumped back a few feet and Pitou has begun rushing him again. While the third Kaiba clone stays in the background waiting for an opportunity, Pitou uses his full strength in an attempt to finish Maize off.

Maize puts Ki shielding across the outer layer of his arms to allow him to parry the slashes that Pitou lands. The two enter a violent combo at an incredible speed, leaving the third Kaiba clone in complete confusion.

"Not bad, Commander!" Maize laughs in joy as he parries a slash and retaliates with a right which is blocked by Pitou's spare arm. Pitou holds his block firm while his opponent struggles to break through for a second, before jumping back. "Brilliant, you're a remarkable fighter." Maize compliments while he puts an awkward fighting pose up.

Pitou remains silent, examining his opponent. "This isn't good. The battle against Goku is going to take a serious toll on me in a minute. Despite the power I've gained from him, I simply don't have enough Ki to hold this guy off for long. The only way to stay in the game is to Absorb him so I can surpass his power!"

The two stare at each other for moments longer before flying at each other once again, resuming combat. Suddenly, 3 Kaiba's join the fight and begin to pressure Maize, this time while Pitou looks for an opportunity to grab hold of his opponent. The Saiyan puts both of his arms out and fires a burst of air from his palms, sending two of the Kaiba's sending into the wall. He throws his leg around and trips the third clone, before jumping shortly and kicking him backwards.

Taking the opportunity, Pitou teleports to Maize and grabs his neck with a grain. "I got you! Absorb!" Ki begins sucking from Maizes throat and going into Pitou's body while the two stare directly at each other, both smiling.

"Eye Lasers!" Two red beams squirt out of Maizes eyes and slam into his opponents. Eye juice explodes from Pitou and the Commander relinquishes his grip and falls back onto the ground, screaming in pain.


"Looks like I got you, heh. At least now you're aware of that blatantly obvious weakness though, riiiiight?" Maize laughs.

Pitou looks up from the ground with his bloodshot eyes and grips his fists in rage. "I swear to God...I'll kill you if it's the last thing I do."

Maize lets out a small bit of laughter at that, before he looks around and sees 3 Kaiba's with a pool of Acid on their stomachs, intrigued. "The stuff that killed the father of the Cold family, right?" He smiles and puts his arms in the air as if he's going to surrender.

"What are you doing?" The third clone shouts. Maize stares back at them with a blank face while everybody stares at him on confusion.

"Ah...A BLUFF!" Pitou screams from his position and the Kaiba's all look around for another copy of Maize. Pitou jumps at the one still standing at tries to grab its throat. Before he reaches, Maize turns around and elbows Pitou in the face. Blood pops out of his nose and he flies into the ground.

He bounces toward Fasha and she kicks him in the face, sending him right back. "IDIOT! You thought the most powerful warrior in the entire Empire would pull out such a lame bluff that you would figure it out? HAH! Idiot, think again! Hahahahaha!" She laughs hysterically while Maize stands in front of the 3 Kaiba's, waiting for them to take action.

"Phantom Star!" Maize fires a beam of Ki shaped as a sphere into the roofless Empire and it spirals through the air before finally stopping at a safe distance. He then looks at the 3 Kaiba's and dashes at them. They keep their Acid in their stomach and accept his challenge, entering an exchange with him. His incredible speed totally dominates the three of the them, giving them no chance to even land a hit on him.

The first clone receives a heavy blow to the temple, yanking it's head back until it's neck fully breaks. The clone falls to the ground disappearing, and on cue the remaining two clones bulk up and gain a power boost. They charge at him and the three enter a fast paced combo, Maize completely dominating them. He elbows the second clone in the gut and than uppercuts him in the jaw sending him soaring through the air, dispersing as height is gained.

Kaiba bulks up and his full power returns, still holding the Acid with him. The two have a short stare down and than jump at each other once again, now having a more even battle with Maize at a clear advantage. He begins to smash Kaiba around and beating him senseless before Pitou reappears and delivers a roundhouse kick to Maizes liver while occupied.

The Saiyan bends over in pain and screeches, "Aaaahhhh!"


"Acidic Meltdown!" A poisonous beam of Acid is shot from Kaiba's stomach at Maize. The Saiyan jumps out of the way with his ultra quick reflexes and rolls across the floor. He turns to his left hand and sees it melting as Sulfuric Acid burns to the bone, and begins travelling up his body.

"You son of a b****." Maize glares at Kaiba with flare in his eyes.


"Hey Blue, you up to fight some of the strongest Saiyans you'll ever meet?" Thrigon questions.

"Sounds lovely. What about White, though?"

"I'm takin' him to Kiryu. I really don't have a clue what's going on here anyway. Lets go! Any Generals you see along the way, bring them upstairs. We're gonna need all the help possible!"

"Aye, Commander." Blue responds.

Thrigon picks up White by the collar and begins dragging him across the floor as he sprints down the halls with Blue, heading the King Vegeta. They storm through the floors, evading the massive explosions that are detonating from the planes outside the building. This place seems like it's going to go down any minute. Going through the floors, a huge difference in numbers is apparent.

Compared to the thousands of Saiyans and FBM warriors there were when Thrigon came down earlier, a mass amount of them are now on the ground with their bodies rotting as they turn to corpes. Along the way up the floors, Thrigon and Blue come across many Generals including Joseph Pike, Dr. Fiasco, and Pac ManTM.

Thrigon and his crew make their way through the battlefield until they see Commander Kiryu jumping down a flight of stairs. They all freeze when Thrigon puts his arm and the two initiate conversation.

"I see you found White." You begin.

"...What would give you that idea?" Thrigon jokes.

"Heh, good that you brought along some Generals. I'll take care of White from here on out, I want you all to go up to the summit and help fight the Saiyan Maize off if he's still alive. If not, King Vegeta awaits."

The Generals all prepare to go upstairs but Thrigon puts a halt to them, "You better not be sitting on your ass interrogating some low life for long while we're risking our lives up there. Ya' hear?"

You close your eyes for a second before nodding and they all head upstairs in a rush. White stays still behind with a small smile, "Kiryu, what's going on? I'm being treated like a pris-"


White is pushed back a bit by that. You walk over to him and punch him in the gut, causing him to spit out blood in pain. You grab him by a pressure point on his shoulder and whip him through a closed door. He smashes onto the ground along with the door and you walk in the room after him. "I know you're the spy."

He stares blankly at you without response.

"I want you to tell me everything.

Still, he refuses to say a single word. You stare at him with rage before you relinquish the anger that's possessing you and have a seat on the ground with him. "White, at least for old times sake. Tell me the truth. It won't do you any harm. You've been caught; now at least show me the honor that you'll admit to it!"

White continues to gaze at you before a small smile appears on his face. "Fine, Commander. What would you like to know?"

"Everything. I want to know, everything."

"Well, in that case I will start at the beginning..." He takes a deep breath and closes his eyes, "Shortly after the destruction of Forte Hieno, you, Commander Kiryu were transferred to Forte Valkyrie. I was already there, but only as a foot Soldier so I would go under the radar. I didn't want to be of anything higher, so I suppressed my Battle Power when I was scouted. A lowly fighter with a power of a mere 1400 is useless to anybody."

"How did you take over White's body then?"

"I'll get there in a minute so wait patiently," he counters. "But when you were transferred to the Forte, I heard what happened on your prior mission and that you and White held a sort of "friendship" if you will. So I contacted my superiors at the RRA and they responded soon after with new orders for me. I was to kill General White and take his persona. How? There are camera's all over the Forte so I went to the one area in the entire place that doesn't have a camera. The bottom floor that monitors the Forte. I'm sure you've been there if you know that I was a spy."

"Yes, I have..."

"I lured White down there with urgent news, since he had no clue what was down there. Not many people do, despite you only needing to be a General to get down there."

"And once you got him down there, you killed him."

"Correct. Quite a difficult task, but a possible one. I had a Battle Power or 19 000 when I first infiltrated the FBM. White had a Battle Power of 18 500 at the time of his death. He put up a good fight and could have possibly won, but with the gaping hole I put in his back before the battle had officially started, he was at something of a disadvantage."

"You coward. You wouldn't even fight him with honor."

"Of course not. I would have been found out easily if too much ruckus was made. Not too mention that that man has...heh, had a natural talent for fighting. I played by the book and won. Don't you dare speak to me about honor." You stare at him intently, quite angry at his story but let him continue. "After that, I hid the body in the basement, using his General Key Card to get in, and became General White. I would have disposed of the body, but if I left that room with him, I would have been spotted for sure. The safe thing to do was bury him as best as I could. I suppose his rotting corpse was finally discovered though..."

"A devious plan. Well thought out. It sounds just like the RRA's doing. But I still don't understand: How can you just...become somebody else?"

"Hehehehe, why that's the best part. The Red Ribbon Army truly is far superior to the rest of the world in every aspect. We've developed a technology that can be inserted in ones body, allowing them to become a Shape Shifter. Only a few have been made last I heard, but it fooled you guys alright. After I killed White all I did was have to learn his techniques, which wasn't too hard since I was instructed to study him since he came to Forte Valkyrie. I erased my previous low life Foot Soldier from the books and became General White who you've all come to know and love ever so much."

"Shape shifting? Not possible..."

"Damn right it is. But that damn Silver caught on relatively quickly. While I looked completely like White, my personality wasn't there at the start and he caught me making a few...holes in my statements. Soon after that, he found a Dyno Capsule in my pack and started questioning. I told him I got it on a mission a while back but that trash didn't believe me, causing conflicts in our day to day lives. I knew I couldn't lie to him for much longer. And then you came, hehe."

"Hmm? What's that supposed to mean?"

"I saw you and Silver talking down the hall before you met up with me for the first time, so I thought of a plan quickly. I took my Dyno Capsule and put it in visible range so that you would see it, but so it was believable that I hadn't saw it. Of course you picked up on it, and your suspicion began. After that, all I had to do was throw in a few "it must have been Silver" lines and I was golden. I had decided that the only way I could successfully escape from my pickle was to have Silver killed."

"Why me? Why couldn't you do it yourself?"

"Too risky. He was always on guard so I would never be able to deceive him into carelessly going downstairs. And do you think Rem wouldn't notice a well known General going missing? It had to be you that wanted to kill him. So I painted the perfect picture for you. Heh, it's funny. I could tell that he didn't trust you at the beginning either. He thought you and I were on teams, hence why he tried to listen in on our conversation that first time. To see if more was going on than what appeared to be. He was totally off there though."

"So you can Shape Shift into anybody at any given time?"

"Correct. Yes, it was ME that attacked you in the halls that time. When you gave me orders to go back and help out those guys at the Base Camp, I disobeyed and followed you two in hope of an opportunity. I got it. Some idiot Saiyan distracted you long enough to separate you two. Once he turned the corner and you were flashing in and out of it, I appeared as if I was him and confronted you. Unfortunately, I made it too obvious that it was supposedly Silver in desperation for you to kill him before the War had ended. I applaud you for that though; figuring it wasn't Silver before you killed him. That really pissed me off. But when you were choking the life out of him and I had my head down, I was just holding in an unbelievable grin. If only you killed him!"

"You're sick. But no, that can't be true. Too much coincidences took place at once. I just happened to feel light headed and collapse unconscious?"

"HA! That was no coincidence. It was sheer brilliance on my part. A few days before we set out for War while you were in your room sleeping for days on end, I Shape Shifted into you and put your finger prints into the security monitor. I snuck into your room and drugged you with a toxic, set to activate in your body when I pressed a button on a remote control. Unfortunately for me, it's a one time use so I can't finish you now with it."

"Wow...so much effort and thought went into this. But why only me? Why didn't you drug the other Commanders?"

"Peh, don't misunderstand. I wanted the FBM to win the war and would do nothing to jeopardize the extinction of the Saiyans. I just had to get you down for a little bit so you would go ahead and kill Silver."

"And where are Silver and Jones now? What did you do with them?"

"Jones...his body gave out somewhere along the way and he passed out. That saved his life. I dropped him off somewhere on one of the floors since I had no reason to kill him."

"What about Silver!?"

"He's dead."

"... What?"

"You heard me. Just before I came running upstairs back to the summit I took his life in some random room downstairs. He was too exhausted to even fight back. But if it makes you feel any better...he was happy when he died."

"How could he possibly be happy?"

"Because...he was right. Him being right about me all along was enough for him to go out in peace."

"Damn it...I'm sorry Silver, I took too long." You think while staring at White carelessly for a second before standing up.

"Anything else you want to know about? I won't tell you anything about the RRA but if I left out any details you're curious about...go ahead and ask me. You know, before you take my life."

"Is...there anything?" You wonder.

A) What Do You do With / Ask White?


The Acid fired from Kaiba continues to melt Maizes arm, now crawling up him and melting more and more of his arm. He forms a sharp blade of Ki on his right hand and closes his eyes. While they're closed, he flings his right hand down and cuts off his left just short of the elbow. He cringes in pain while biting his lip while blood squirts out of his arm quickly.

"You better get a band aid before you die of blood loss." Pitou remarks with a grin.

Maize replies with nothing but a bitter stare, before he clenches his entire body. Skin on his left arm begins to grow over the wound before it finally closes it entirely, leaving him with one and a half arms. "So be it. I won't hold back any longer. Ha!" A green aura envelopes his entire body and his power begins to steadily increase.

"S***, this better not be another Kaioken-like attack like Goku!" Pitou barks.

"I sort of wish it was...I don't wanna be fighting this guy with a permanent power like that."

"Let the real battle begin!" Maize fires himself at Kaiba and begins to beat him down with one arm relentlessly, knocking him onto the ground. Just as Kaiba falls, Maize jumps on top of him and pummels his face into the ground repetitively. Pitou forms a Ki Sword and jumps at him with a stab.

Maize stands up above Kaiba and turns to Pitou, who then stops in his tracks with fear by the look in his opponents eyes. "You'll die if you move a step closer. You know that, don't you?" As he says that, Maize puts his remaining hand over Kaiba's still body and a large green ball starts forming.

Pitou cringes at his situation, "If I move any closer to him, I get this overwhelming sense that I'll die. But if I don't he'll kill Kaiba right before my eyes."

Maize smiles for a brink second before unleashing the blast at Kaiba. It moves to him at an incredibly slow pace to Maizes surprise. He looks over to Pitou and sees his arms flung backwards, trying to Repel the blast away from Kaiba. "In such a short amount of time, you managed to pull off the best possible move. Well done. However..."

A tremendous powered ball of Ki strikes Pitou directly, exploding on contact. The Commander flies back, relinquishing his Repel and Maizes blast smashes into Kaiba immediately after. "It seems you forgot about my little friend." Maize says aloud while pointing in the air. The sphere from earlier has now evolved into a Phantom of Maizes body.

Pitou rolls across the floor but is stopped by a familiar foot. "Hehe, you two seem to be in a little pickle. Don't worry though. Yours truly, Thrigon The Great will come to your aid!" The Commander screams with a small fleet of Generals stand behind him.

Maize stares at them and sighs. "More of you guys? Bleh."

As he says that, Kaiba stands up with blood covering him. "Lucky Pitou gave me time to block it...eh."

PacManTM's Move List:

Eat - His teeth become as hard as iron allowing him to eat anything without harm to his body.

General Blue's Move List:

Telekinesis - He freezes any given opponent with his mind. Its length depends on the difference in power between him and his opponent.

Dr. Fiasco's Move List:

Heal - He can heal any physical wound in his body by inserting his hand in the wound with healing Ki. This process takes a few minutes.
Transfer - He can transfer his own Ki into another persons to heal both their physical wounds and Ki.

1) Choose How To Fight The Great Saiyan Maize.
King Vegeta's Proposal by Hangman_Link
Author's Notes:
Choice that won:

A. Ask his real name, where is Chi Chi, because if I remember correctly, her and Silver went with him. If she's dead, Kiryu won't be happy...

I WOULD say to destroy him, but it would be much more interesting to keep him alive. The FBM could use this technology...heh heh heh.
Break his legs so he can't run, then take him upstairs. When we get up there, we'll replace Blue, who will take this guy captive, and keep him prisoner. If Blue's dead when we get there, then Pac Man, or failing that, Kaiba. Someone will take him.

1. Preferred Scenario:
Dr. Fiasco transfers to Pitou, who was complaining about ki loss a while ago. So this would be the PERFECT opportunity to put him back to max capacity. To make sure he has time to do so, Blue will telekinesis Maize, while Pitou grabs him while being healed and absorbs what he can.

No matter which of those happens, if Kaiba is alive, he needs to transform...now.

Pac Man can beat up on Fasha for a while. She's weakened alot, and has been annoying on the sidelines for FAR too long! Try and get a good chomp on her! Wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka!
"Yes, I do have a few more questions."

White raises his eyebrow with curiosity, "And what might that be?" He casually responds.

"What is your name?"


"I just want to know. I want to know the name of the man who killed and stole my...friends identity."

"Heh heh, sounded like you struggled to say that. Are you sure White was your "friend". Hah hah."

"I suppose i'm just not used to saying that. I've never really-" You stop yourself mid sentence and smile a bit, "Very nice job changing the subject so casually. Now, your NAME!"

"Keh, lets just stick to General White."

"Lets not."

"Fine, I'll tell you. My "name" is Agent 86. I was born as a Red Ribbon Soldier. Never given a chance to live a "normal" life, nor even given a name. I was given a tracking number so the higher ups could keep track of me. There, happy now?"

You look him in the eye with a bit of cold sympathy, "That's disgusting. I never knew the Red Ribbon Army could be so sick." You put your arm forth to lift him up, as a sign of friendship.

He opens his mouth in shock but says nothing, just smiling. He grabs your hand and stands up. You hold onto it tightly and throw your dominant leg across the floor, smashing into his leg. Loud cracks roar as the ligiments in his bones break apart. You release your grip from his hand and he falls to the ground in pain, holding in a scream of hatred. You put your foot over his other leg and stomp down dramatically; more cracks are heard.

"Ooowww...AHHHHHHH!" White screams in pain, finally letting go of his tongue.

"Don't mistake me, you piece of s***." You stare down at him triumphantly, "You're only alive because you're useful. I am NOT your friend! You have no one, Agent 86."

The nameless impersonator smiles in pain while looking up at you. "I certainly don't."

You pick him up and throw his weak body over your shoulder and exit the room. Thousands of Saiyans and FBM Agents continue to battle it out without even paying attention to you. Perhaps because you're insignificant. Perhaps because you're too much for any of them handle, they won't even both trying. "By the way, have you seen Chi Chi anywhere?"

"...No, by the time I got downstairs the place was flooded. Couldn't find anybody if I tried."

You stay silent, and continue to run through the base. Time to go back upstairs!


Pitou stands to his feet and looks over to General Dr. Fiasco for a second before turning back to Maize. "Is it true that you can Transfer your Ki into somebody else?" Pitou questions the Doctor.

"It is. You need help with that?"

"Yes. General Blue, if I recall, you have the ability to paralyze your opponent?"


"You," Pitou says pointing to Pac ManTM. "No clue who you are, but do you think you can take the girl in the corner?"

He puts his fists together and chomps his teeth down, "I gots this, yo."

"Thrigon, you're smart enough to know when to get into the battle. Support me. Pike, support Thrigon. Blue, paralyze the Saiyan. While he does that, Transfer Ki into me. I would be a lot happier fighting if I could come close to my full power."

The five of them nod and Pitou puts his guard up. "Now!" He dashes at Maize who dashes right back to him. The two enter a fiery exchange of blows with Pitou holding his own. Suddenly, a bright ray flashes and Maize's body freezes still. Without wasting a second, Pitou latches onto Maizes neck and begins sucking the life out of him.

While energy pumps into Pitou from Maize, a transparent ray of Ki coming from Dr. Fiasco flows into Pitou. One second. Two seconds. Three seconds pass and Maize rips out of parametrization and flings his arm at an incredible speed into Pitou's face.

With Pitou's new found power, he jumps back at a near invisible speed. Maize stares at him in shock while his fist stays out in the air. "So...shall we begin another round?" The Commander questions with a grin.

"Right after I finish up some business..." A large green aura envelopes Maize and his power skyrockets, finally reaching its peak. Pitou blinks and when his eyes return to normal, Maize is on the other side of the room. He turns his head and sees Thrigon struggling to hold Maize in his tracks.

"What the hell happened...?" Pitou says quietly to himself before shaking out of it and sprinting back to his comrades.

"Damn it...GET OUT OF THE WAY!" Thrigon screams to the Generals as he struggles to hold Maize in his place. Blue, Joseph, and Fiasco run out of the way on command while Pitou sneaks up from behind.

"I presume you're a Commander?" Maize calmly asks.

"And you must be a Saiyan dog?" Thrigon retorts.

"You must be mistaken...Eye Lasers!" Beams shoot out of Maizes eyes and penetrate the Commanders throat. His hold weakens dramatically and Maize overpowers him with complete ease. Thrigon is blasted away from Maizes strength in the air and falls down the stairs in pain.

Maize turns around and throws his right arm out, blocking Pitou's forthcoming attack. "Now we'll start another round." The Saiyan swings his leg forward to trip Pitou, but the Commander sees through it and jumps over it.

Once again, Pitou and Maize enter a raw exchange of attacks at lightning speed.

On the other side of the room, Kaiba takes in the scenario while blood leaks down from his temple. His hands begin shaking tremendously and at the same time his eyes go pure white as if he's losing consciousness. Kaiba's body aches as it begins to enter a metamorphosis.

Blue, Joseph Pike, and the Doctor gaze at Pitou and Maize in amazement while the two fight at the top of the stairs, trying to edge the other down. Pitou jumps back from the exchange and takes out his Ki Sword. He dashes back while swinging it wildly, yet with perfect precision. Maize backs off, trying to carefully disarm Pitou from his hierarchy.

Meanwhile, Pac ManTM charges over to Fasha with his iron teeth at the ready. As he charges, Fasha fires multiple Ki Blasts filled with a pink aura. Pac Man opens his mouth wide and chomps each and every blast up without trouble. The female Saiyan gasps in shock and jumps into the air, flying above her opponent. "HA! If you want to kill me, you better get up here and fight me scumbag! I'm NEVER coming down!" She screams with a snare.

"Grrr, this is nonsense!" Pac ManTM bites his teeth down in anger.

Maize hops away three steps and Pitou charges forward with a horizonal slash. Maize limbos his body down to the ground, dodging the sword. Pitou tries to retract his arm before Maize counterattacks but is unsuccessful. The Saiyan holds himself up with his right arm and fires both his legs at the Commander, sending him flying down the stairs.

He turns to the three Generals with a grin and dashes at them with his arm in a fist.

"Telekinesis!" Blue screams. A blink in the room flashes and the same paralyze aura from earlier wraps around Maize. Despite being frozen, the Saiyan still skids across the room from his earlier sprint start with his arm out. Blue throws up his guard and takes the slowed down punch. The force sends him flying across the room, smashing into the wall at the other end, coughing up blood. "S***...even while he's paralyzed he's stronger than me."

Joseph Pike leaps at Maize while he still can and kicks him in the back of the neck with full force. The Saiyans neck doesn't even budge from its position and moments after, Maize turns back to Joseph. The General throws his palms together, "Sense!" Maize does an obvious backhand at the General and smacks him in the face directly.

Pike flies across the room with blood leaking from his lips as he flies, "Damn...I knew it was coming but just couldn't do anything!" Pike does a flip in the air and lands on the ground, skidding for a bit before coming to a halt. He whips his head up and sees Maize charging at him at an incredible speed. "Atomic Blast!" The General fires his most powerful blast, which is simply batted away by the Saiyan.

Maize lands in front of Joseph and stares at him blankly. Joseph jumps back constantly, trying to make space between the two. Maize puts his arm forward and a large Ki blast painted green fires out at his opponent. "Barrier!" The blast wraps around Joseph and explodes, filling the area with smoke. When it clears, Joseph stands tall without damage.

Maize laughs a bit at this. "Good job. It's a shame you don't have the power to back up your battle sense!" Maize warps to Joseph once again and fires his hand out in a stabbing position. Inches before it strikes Pikes heart, Maizes arm distance runs out and he's sent flying. The Saiyan rolls across the floor in pain as Kaiba lands gently. No time is wasted with talk, Joseph leaves Maize to Kaiba and begins running over to help take on Fasha.

"I will kill you." The transformed Kaiba bluntly states before teleporting in front of Maize once again.

Maize stands up and grabs his nose gently, turning it back to its normal position. "Finally." An enormous aura explodes around both Maize and Kaiba and the two smash fists into each other violently.

Thrigon and Pitou finally climb back up the stairs and observe the new battle scene. Kaiba and Maize are battling at what seems to be an even battle. Dr. Fiasco is doing nothing but observing his surroundings, glad that he's alive while Blue is on the ground resting, awake. On the other side of the room, Joseph and Pac ManTM are dealing with the female Saiyan.


King Vegeta stares at a monitor that is watching the entire Empire, both the chaos inside and the terrorist bombings outside. "Perhaps it's about time I made my appearance. Don't you agree?" He says to a phone receiver.

"It may be the time. How is Maize doing, King?"

"He is doing fine. But by the looks of it, he won't be able to live much longer. The Freeborn Commanders are all trying to take him on at once. One or two would be no problem, but 3 is proving quite difficult for him..."

"Maize won't lose."

"You think so too?"

"Has he used his trump card yet?"

"Hah, you know he hasn't. The entire Empire would be nearly gone if he had."

"That's true. But the girl and I are underground right now. It's possible that we wouldn't have noticed."

"Yes. Just make sure she doesn't go anywhere, Tarble. I will phone you back when more developments are made up here."

King Vegeta puts down the phone reciever and continues to look at his monitor. "Finally running up the stairs, are we Kiryu. I'm so anxious to see what your decision will be. Hah hah hah."


You make it to the top of the stairs to see Thrigon and Pitou standing idly by. You drop White on the ground without remorse, causing them to turn to you. "What's happening up here?"

"Kaiba...he just transformed." Pitou responds.

"So he was pushed that far...both mentally and physically."

"Yupp. And that's why we're just standing here. I ain't gettin' close to Kaiba when he's in that state. I just hope he's enough to take care of that Saiyan." Thrigon says.

You turn to Dr. Fiasco and wave him over and in seconds he's by your side. "Listen carefully. This is the situation and what I want you to do..." He stares at you eagerly as you explain what happened and what you want him to do with White.

While you explain things to Fiasco, Fasha floats in the air like a coward while taunting Pac ManTM. "Scum! Maybe if you were born with GREATNESS like us Saiyans, you would be able to meet me up here, but you're nothing but trash!"

Joseph Pike leaps off the ground from behind her while she's occupied and roundhouses her in the spine. She screams in pain and collapses to the ground with a thud.

As she stands up, Pac ManTM leaps at her with his teeth wide. She jumps out of the way like her life depended on it but doesn't make it in time. Chomp! Blood drips out of Pac ManTM's mouth as he chews on Fasha's arm as she lays by King Vegeta's door with blood squirting from her like a water fountain.

"Noooo...IT'S NOT FAIR!" Fasha sulks in pain.

Just then, King Vegeta's door begins to creak as it opens. The room goes silent and everybody turns to it in shock. "He's...coming out?" You think to yourself.

A figure emerges as the door is fully opened, and King Vegeta stands before the entire room with a rugged smile. "Hello guests. So sorry to keep you waiting."

You hear loud thuds jumping from someones heart. You look to the side and hear them clearly from Thrigon. He's either terrified or excited for combat.

Fasha looks up to her King in a pool of blood and stretches her arm out to him. "King...Vegeta...save me. Let me live! I know it's in your power to do so, so HELP!"

King Vegeta stares down at her with cold eyes. "Fasha...did they do this to you?"

"...Yes, my King. The two closest to your door." She snitches.

King Vegeta looks at PacManTM and Joseph, causing them to jump back several feet in fear. He doesn't try to attack them though. "I'm so sorry this happened to you." He says sympathetically.

"Just...save me, my King."

He smiles at Fasha, "Beg."


"I want you to beg for your life. If you do, I will save you."

"Okay...King Vegeta, please lend me your great power and save a fellow Saiyan. Please!"

"..." The King stares down at her, now his eyes showing anger. "Disgusting. That you would beg for your life in front of your King. Absolutely disgraceful. Fasha, you do not deserve to survive in my army."

"W-what!?!?" King Vegeta puts his left hand out and electricity begins to form around his arm.

"Implode." A tube of air shoots from King Vegeta's hand and flies into Fasha's mouth, and her body begins to grow in size for a second. Her body expands and expands until it finally implodes from within, blood and guts shooting all over the room. The King remains emotionless and turns back to the FBM fighters. "I'm so sorry you had to see that. Now, shall we continue?"

You crunch your fists together and prepare to attack the King, clearly with a grudge. "Hey now, Kiryu. Don't do anything rash. You remember what happened last time we fought, don't you?"

"It won't be like last time. I'm far stronger now."

"Doesn't matter how much you improved, I am simply a better fighter. I always will be. You cannot defeat me, Kiryu."

"Hey, Kiryu. You met the Saiyan King before?" Thrigon questions.

"Yes. Long ago, back when I was with the Red Ribbon Army. The Saiyans attacked our base and he was in charge of the assault. I ended up fighting him, but I lost once he turned into an Oozaru."

"You were better off dead, Kiryu."

Ignoring his obvious taunts, you dash at the King with your guard up to which he responds by turning around and running back into his room. The door closes on command, locking you out. With Maize occupied, you're free to break down the door. You prepare to punch a hole right through it but before you do, it opens once again. The King stands at the other end of the room.

"Fight me, you coward!" You bark.

"No...and if you try to attack me one more time, I'll kill both you and the girl."

"What...the girl?"

"I believe she goes by the name of Chi Chi, is that correct?"

Your eyes go wide in shock and you clench your fists together. "What did you just say?"

"You heard me. The female who holds you so dearly in her heart is captive by one of my followers."

"Prove it..."

"Very well." He presses a button on his keyboard and a large monitor appears in the front of his room, behind him. "This is live video footage." You see Chi Chi tied up against a wall in a dark area, with a young Saiyan standing beside her. By the looks of it, she doesn't seem too injured.

"Why did you capture her?"

"Hah hah hah. When I saw her trying to wake you up after your own teammate supposedly drugged you, it was clear she cared for you. The fool. Her feelings have got her captured. I saw a chance to take advantage of the situation and took it. Though, you can still save her."

"Damn, what am I going to do?" You think to yourself, and than speak up: "What do you want?"

"Commander Kaiba is currently fighting my underling, Maize. Use your strength to separate the two. You don't have to kill him, or even hurt him. Just break the two up, using force if necessary. If you can do that, I will release the girl outside. No strings attached. You have my word."

"You word, huh. Just like you promised to save Fasha if she begged for her life?"

"Well, hopefully a little more of a promising one."

You stare at the King with pure hatred, thinking of what to do.

A) Get Kaiba away from Maize so Chi Chi will be freed.
- What will you do after that?
B) Forget about Chi Chi and attack King Vegeta.
- How will you carry out your attack (Think about your other teammates too)?
C) Other?
Hyper Tornado by Hangman_Link
Author's Notes:
Choice that won:

I'm going with A. Break them up. But use force to separate them. Tell Kaiba what's going on, and to back off, while grabbing Maize, and tossing him toward King Vegeta (not AT King Vegeta though, don't wanna piss him off!)
You stare at King Vegeta in rage, but hide your feelings with a blunt grin. "Fine. I'll get Kaiba off of Maize." You turn your back and slowly walk away from the King, still keeping your ears open for an incoming attack from him. Though, nothing comes. You walk back into the now destroyed room and approach Kaiba, who is slamming his fists into Maize without remorse. Maize has the clear technical advantage but it seems that Kaiba refuses to lose any strength.

"Kaiba! Stand down now!"

The Commander doesn't even bat an eye towards you, despite your obvious calls. Thrigon begins running to you, wondering what's going on while the rest of the room simply observes. Now annoyed, you jump at Kaiba and slam your left leg into the side of his head. He's launched from his position and crashes into the ground, getting up immediately.

You land on the ground and quickly attempt to grab Maize with your giant arms but he jumps back several meters, escaping from your grasp.

"KIRYU! What are you DOING!?!?" Kaiba screams.

"They have a hostage. I was told to keep you away from that Saiyan in exchange for the King letting her go."

"And...you think he's gonna keep that promise? Do you actually trust that piece of TRASH!" Kaiba sprints at Maize in rage with his arms out in claw-like positions. The green haired Saiyan, now beside King Vegeta laughs at his opponents foolishness.

"Why thank you, Vaajita." Maize says quietly to the King.

"Just do your thing, Maize. If he catches you in such an exchange again, lets just say that things would become a tad more complicated."

"Hm, whatever you say." Maize carelessly replies while he sticks both of his arms in the sky. An explosion of wind circles around his body at an enormous speed, and the Saiyan's body is covered by the storm or air. King Vegeta slowly backs up, and begins to walk back into his room. He stares at you with his hawk eyes and smirks.

"Let her go!"

"Hah hah hah. Commander Kiryu," the King begins to speak. "I think you all have more important things to worry about right now." He calls out to across the room. "I knew that he would save the girl, but I am still surprised. It appears I overestimated his intellect." Vegeta thinks. His door closes as he walks in and you dash at him.

Both you and Kaiba stops in your tracks, glaring at Maize in disbelief. "No...Kiryu, you idiot. With that much power, he's gonna kill us all..." Kaiba clenches his fists with force. "GET OUT OF THE BUILDING!" He screams.

A cyclone of air continues to grow around Maizes body until he's in a full blown out tornado, touching the skies, breaking through the heavenly gates. The Generals waste no time, and all begin running down the stairs, following their Commanders order. Joseph Pike takes the smart route and hops out of the building itself.

Thrigon walks up beside you and puts his hands on your shoulder, a clear smile on his (ugly) face. He's just loving this scenario. Kaiba pops both his hands in front of himself and begins firing a massive amount of Ki blasts at Maize, screaming as he does it. As every beam touches the tornado, it simply disperses from the absolute power in it.

The ground under Maize shatters and the tornado drops down to the floor below, still growing in size. "Hyper Tornado!" A thunder roars from the sky, taking all of your attention to the top of the tornado. "Do you like it?" Maize questions from above, "My ultimate creation!"


Watson and Stiffy finally make it back to the base camp and place Commander Echo down on a spare bed carefully. "Impossible...the Saiyans even took down a Commander?" Murasaki questions as he attempts to aid him.

"Do you think you can fix him?" Watson wonders.

"No, I have no supplies left for a quick fix. All I can do now is heal up his obvious wounds and hope he wakes up himself." Murasaki replies grimly.

Stiffy waves his arm over and Murasaki and Watson look over to him. "Guys...why are the rocks here on the ground uh, moving."

The three of them turn their heads to where the rocks are flying away from and see them beginning to float into the air. They all look back at the Saiyan Empire in the distance and see a gigantic tornado creeping out from the peak of the building, sucking everything in the vicinity up. "What the hell is THAT!?!?" Watson screams.


General John Giant (Note: Pitou had a conversation with him while he was still on the plane) storms through the bottom floor of the Saiyan Empire, thrashing through every Saiyan in sight. "Heh heh, you dickheads are no match for me!"

"Don't be so sure of that!" A fairly bulky Saiyan jumps out of a dark corner and puts his arms around the Generals neck, in a headlock. "Ki ki ki, what will you do now?"

John clenches his arms around the Saiyan and begins crushing the bones in his arms, causing the Saiyan to scream in pain and loosen his grip. The General whips his elbow back and crashes into his opponents liver. As the Saiyan collapses to the ground, John takes out his trusty Katana and slays his foe without remorse. Blood bursts out of the Saiyan with his death. The General leans over and covers his former opponents eyes gently, "Rest in peace."

John Giant stands up cautiously, looking around for any other Saiyans but there are none in his vision. His eyes make it to the sky and he feels an incredibly amount of Ki, only getting stronger as seconds go by. "Now now, I wonder what that might be." As he finishes his sentence, his footing is lost and he drops to the ground.

The floor continues to crackle until a bug chunk falls apart. He grabs hold of the remains of the floor and pulls himself up. As he does, tons of stones that just fell down through the crater begin flying past him and crash into the ceiling above him. Though they don't fall, they just stick there as if the stones are trying to gain even more height.

"Whatever the hell is going on up there, I want no part in it..." The General thinks to himself before running through the Empire, looking for more Saiyans.


Sweat drips from Kaiba's temple as his nerves tingle in fear. In front of his eyes is a near unstoppable tornado that continues to spin through the air, gaining more power. Far in the sky, Maize stands above it all, staring at all the worthless insects below him. "Kiryu, give me a boost."


"You caused this to happen by stopping my fight with him." Kaiba responds, now calm. "If I don't stop Maize before he unleashes that monster of an attack...I fear that nearly everybody in this entire Empire will be killed. Now give me a BOOST!"

You give him a quick nod and he hops on your hands. You drop yourself to the floor to give him the biggest possible throw you can. "You want a boost?" You say while building muscles in your arms, "Then here, HAVE IT!" Your arms whip up to the sky and Kaiba is launched into the air at a terrifying speed.

He glides in the air and Acid begins to form on his stomach. "MAIZE!"

Maize merely grins at his opponents attempt to stop him. "Give me everything you have! I would hate to see you die before you gave it your all!" He screams back as Kaiba closes the distance between the two.

Two red energy blasts glow in Kaiba's hands, finally flying above Maize. The Saiyan frowns, now having to look up at Kaiba. Maize puts his right arm back and a green aura envelopes his hand. "Gaizer Beam!" He throws his arm forward and launches the beam at Kaiba, who throws his blasts at Maize.

The blasts clash into each other momentarily at a complete tie. Kaiba begins to fall to the ground now that his boost is no longer in effect and as he does, Maize begins to take the advantage in the struggle.

Kaiba grins at Maize as he's pushed back from the massive force of the Gaizer Beam. "You know Maize, the best part about using ball based Ki attacks is the fact that you have full control over them!" Kaiba yells.

"Hah, like that matters when I have more power!"

"If only you knew! HA!" Kaiba's blasts move out of the struggle and begin flying at Maize from each side. Meanwhile, the Gaizer Beam flies at Kaiba with massive speed. "Acidic Meltdown!" The acid from earlier shoots out of Kaiba's stomach and hits Maizes beam, melting it on cue.

Kaiba drops back down to the ground while controlling his blasts to target Maize. The Saiyan is unable to move due to still holding his Gaizer Beam, despite no longer wanting it. Kaiba slaps his hands together, causing the two balls to close in.

"I did it!" Kaiba yells in triumph. Just before the blasts contact Maize, the Phantom Star fires a devastating blast at the unguarded Kaiba, knocking him out of the skies. He crashes into the ground and breaks through the entire floor from the force, falling down to the battlefield below.

Kaiba's Blasts fly past Maize and explode in the distance now that their owners control has vanished. "Hohoho, a clever attack." Maize calls from above, "It's too bad that your friend miscalculated my resources, isn't it?"

"If this thing has as much power as Kaiba said it did, we'll be in trouble." You bluntly state.

"Not only us, but all our FBM Soldiers from down below." Thrigon says.

"Too bad we can't call for an evacuation, eh." Pitou jokes without care to all those lives at risk.

Your eyes mold on him with disappointment before Maize interrupts you all once again. "Well, I applaud you all for your attempts to stop me. But I will wait here no longer! Prepare TO DIE!" He roars from the skies.

His Hyper Tornado destroys two more floors from below and begins to move forward, crushing everything in sight.


King Vegeta sits in his chair smiling while he watches Maizes Hyper Tornado destroy, suck up, and kill everybody and everything in the Empire. His computer begins to beep so he looks over to it and than presses a button. After he does, a young Saiyan appears on his computer monitor. "King, sorry to disturb. I was just curious as to what was going on."

"Hm...kill the girl."

"Are you sure?"

"Y-actually, no. She'll be a useful bribing chip in the near future. Open up the gate below. I'm coming down."

"Yes, my King. But may I ask why?"

Vegeta spins on his chair and faces his door. On it are hundreds of papers and utensils that are trying to break through it. "Maize has used THAT attack. As of now, the Freeborn Military Commanders won't be able to get passed him because of the force of his attack. But in a few minutes, if that, my entire room will break apart and be sucked into his attack. I don't want to be here when that happens."

"Oh, okay King. I just unlocked the gate. You're free to come down from your room now."

"Good. I'll be down shortly." The monitor fades away and the King stands up, walking to the right corner of his room after. Once he gets there, he pushes a bookshelf over and presses a small red button behind it. The wall opens up and a small elevator awaits. He steps into it and without pressing anything, it begins to descend down to the bottom floor - where Tarble and Chi Chi reside.


The ground shatters across the entire base and begins flying to the skies. Oblivious to what's actually going on, many of the Saiyans and FBM Soldiers continue to fight each other to the death.

While they do that, General Jones creeps through the base in pain, trying to get outside "What happened? Where is...Silver and White? Maybe if I go...outside." He thinks to himself.

He makes it to the end of the hallway and is met up by three Saiyans, all with dirty blue hair and black overcoats. "Hwa hwa, when we kill a General King Vegeta will be bound to promote us!" The tallest one states.

"Right brother, lets kill him!" The two others add.

"You three reeaaallly don't stand a chance, even if I am weakened."

"We'll see about that! RHA!" They all charge at Jones in a sloppy formation. He hops into the air swiftly, leaving them clueless of where he is. As they look around blindly, Jones lands on the tallest ones shoulders and twists his legs around the Saiyans neck, breaking it in half. He falls to the ground, angering his brothers.

They charge at Jones from each side and are met with a punch to each of their faces, knocking them out. "Ew, you guys aren't even worth killing."

Jones continues to head through the base until he reaches the outdoors, and in the distance sees General White and Dr. Fiasco with a pack of Elites and that yellow toothed scientist that killed Big Daddy. "Huh? What the hell is going on...?" He says to himself prior to heading over to them.


"Damn, my planes aren't in the sky no more. That means my whole crew is down below fighting. We gotta stop this guy Kiryu, Pitou!" Thrigon directs as he jumps back many feet, evading the destructive power from Maizes Hyper Tornado.

You crank your arms back and build muscle in them both, "Gigantic Bulldozer!" You fire them at the Tornado's base, trying to collapse it from the sky. Your hands crash it and blood squirts from your hands as the rapid speed from the tornado rips your hands apart, causing you to retract immediately. "I wish I could help them Thrigon, but I can't do anything to that attack, and you saw what happened to Kaiba when he tried to take Maize down himself...!" You respond with displeasure.

"There must be something we can do!"

"I have an idea." Pitou speaks up. "If you two can get up into the sky and take down Maize, I can Repel any attack that that Phantom does, giving you guys an opening."

"No time to waste then!" Thrigon jumps into your arms and you launch him to the skies. Pitou throws you into the air just after, though not nearly as high as Thrigon had gotten.

"You fools," Maize laughs. "Kaiba already tried this. If you had joined him in his first attempt, it may have worked but now that my Hyper Tornado is at full power, there isn't a chance in the world you'll be able to lay a finger on me!"

"We'll see about that!" Thrigon responds as he approaches Maizes height.

"Suction Cup!" The Tornado spins at an increased velocity and both you and Thrigon and sucked into it. Pitou barely holds his ground from below, but everything on the ground including King Vegeta's door all shatters to pieces and flies into the Tornado.

You and Thrigon throw your guard out in preparation to tank the tornado but before you hit it, you guys fall to the ground peacefully. "What just happened?" Thrigon wonders.

"I happened." Pitou responds while he holds his arm back. "I Repelled the direction of the tornado so it won't suck you guys in until I release my grip, but I suggest you get out from in front of it." The two of you don't waste any time, and run back while Maize and his monster move forward.

The pressure returns all of a sudden and you all struggle to hold your balance without being sucked into it. "Pitou, why did you release it!!!" You scream.

"So I wasn't hit by THAT! He points to a green blast from the Phantom Star flying away.

"I've had fun with you guys, but it's time I take this entire Empire to the GROUND!" Maize explodes with emotion and the tornado gains even more power and height. The entire Empire crumbles to pieces as valuable structural pieces are sucked into the tornado. By now, hundreds of soldiers are being absorbed and split into pieces by the great beast.

The three of you hop to the edge of the room and watch the tornado suck in countless life forms for a few seconds before you finally speak up, "How are we going to handle this?"

"Perhaps we should just run and wait until he runs out of Ki and this thing all just goes away..." Pitou responds.

"Or we can get try to hit Maize with Ki attacks from back here." Thrigon adds.

"There isn't time to think! I need to develop a plan to get us out of this mess before he destroys the entire Empire. But what can the three of us do? Should we get help? But if three Commanders can't handle this freak, who can!? Wait, I got it..."

A) Create A Plan Of Action
B) Go With Thrigon's Plan
C) Go With Pitou's Plan
D) Commit Suicide.
Ryuki by Hangman_Link
Author's Notes:
D Wins...somehow, lol.
"We lost..." You bluntly state in a low tone voice.

"It ain't over yet, Kiryu. We'll think of something!" Thrigon reassures you while slowly backing away, covering his eyes from the mass suction from the gigantic Tornado that clouds above all of you.

"Kiryu, you're really drawing a blank at a time like this! Idiot, I put my trust in you but it turns out you're just a waste of life." Pitou barks while he releases his fighting stance, now just watching the Empire crash and burn.

"Pitou, calm down!" Thrigon defends you, "If we put our power together we're bound to be able to do something. We're three of the strongest fighters in the entire FBM and he's just one Saiyan!"

"Kiryu... think very carefully and logically. I will give you half a minute longer to come up with a plan of action. If you don't, consider me out of this little group we have going on." Pitou speaks out, now back to his calm and cold self.

"I do have one idea." You finally respond with a powerful ball of Ki forming in your grip.

"Good, what is it?" Thrigon anxiously questions.

You close your eyes and point the blast to your chest. "Heh, for some reason I hold no regrets about doing this. How joyful." A substantial amount of Ki explodes from the ball and you smash it against your chest, creating a tremendous explosion. Blood squirts out of the gaping hole in your body and you collapse to the ground, fading away from this realm.


Kaiba inches through the lower floor of the Saiyan Empire, clinching onto his liver in pain, blood dripping from it in a gruesome manner. "Damn, that really sent me flying. And falling on a sharp piece of stone didn't help the damage in the slightest..." He thinks back, now back to his original form. Kaiba crosses a corner and sees a tremendous amount of Saiyans slaughtering each other. Ironically, no FBM Soldiers are around that particular area.

The Commander cringes and turns back, hovering against a wall. "You bastard Rem. Always planning for what seem like impossible events." Kaiba digs down in his pocket and takes out a small chip with one button on it, and at the side has a small slider that switches on and off (Note: Think PSP / Nintendo DS).

Kaiba looks past the corner and concludes that no Saiyans are coming this way. "I really wish it didn't come to this, but this guy is stronger than I had hoped. Rem, this better work just as you said it would!" Kaiba screams aloud.

He walks to the other side of the wall and presses his empty hand gently against it. A small wave of Ki pushes through him and shatters the wall on cue, opening the Empire to yet another beautiful view of the outside world.

Kaiba thinks: "Rem said that once it's planted and I press the button to activate it, It'll take another 3 minutes before it activates. They should be able to stall for at least that time...I just wish I could help them." The Commander looks down at his side and a tear wells up in him, slowly dripping down the right side of his cheek. "Good luck, everyone." He finishes his trail of thought, presses a button and pulls a slider on the switch that he held tightly, and jumps down the many stories from the air.

As he drops, the wind pressure rips through the hole in his body while he descends through the skies.


Gentle footsteps are made by you as you walk alone in a dark tunnel, totally oblivious to your surroundings. All you care about is that shadow that creeps beyond your vision in the short distance. Echoes of your steps are roared through the cave with each drop. Suddenly, the shadow in the distance begins to speed up, leaving you in the dark.

"This is...weird. Am I dreaming? Perhaps a lucid dream. But I know what's going on; I can't seem to control anything. Hello!" You bark after your short train of thought comes to a halt.

'Hello', 'hello', 'hello', your voice echoes back seamlessly.

"Kekekekeke, you're always such a delight, Kiryu." A terrifying voice shrieks back at you.

"R-Ryuki?" You respond in shock, "Why are you here?"

"Have you not yet learned, Kiryu. I am you. It's quite a simple riddle, no? Just rearrange the letters in your name. I'm disappointed that I had to answer such an obvious-"

"No. I did not ask who you are. I asked why you were here. I just blew a hole through my heart."

"Kekekekeke, such a ruthless assault on yourself. Tell me Kiryu, why did you try to kill yourself?"

"I just... felt that it was the right thing to do at that moment."

"And since when have you started relying on your feelings? How unorthodox."

"Wait, did you just say try to kill myself?"

"I did."

"Where am I, Ryuki?"

"In limbo. You are trapped within your minds thoughts. The power that only a very special person has. You cannot develop such a skill. The medical term is 'bipolar disorder'. However, not everybody who suffers from this so called disease has an alter-ego. As I said, only a very special person has it. And even more so if he can learn to develop it."

Shocked at what you're hearing, you try to speak but no words come out. You let out a brisk cough to retain your voice and continue, "I'm alive?"

"Hardly. Within a minute, your heart will give out and all of this will go away. That's why I'm answering your questions. Because very soon, all of this will just...go away. Kekekekekekeh."

"No, it can't end like this. I have too much to do in the real world. Ryuki, save me!" You demand, now thinking semi clearly.

"Kekekeke, you aren't a bore, I'll give you that much, Kiryu. Though, nothing can be done." The voice echoes in a taunting manner.

"Ryuki, I know that you're hiding something from me."

"Kekekekeke, and what would make you think that?"

"Because we're one in the same. I can't read your mind, but I can certainly tell if you're withholding something from me. Now TELL me!"

"...I can save you, Kiryu. But it will not come without sacrifice."

"What sacrifice?"

"Kekekekekeke, nothing of relevance at this time. But you will find out in time. I just hope that you're prepared, Kiryu."

You remain silent, waiting for any changes that may succumb you but nothing pursues. It's as if time itself has completely froze. In the blink of an imaginary eye, everything around you disperses and your face surfaces in the real world. You crank your head up in shock, only to see an entirely new battlefield...


An explosion erupts from Kiryu's palm and a deep ball of Ki penetrates his rugid skin. Blood gushes out like a broken water fountain as he collapses to the ground, shocking the entire cast of fighters.

Pitou quickly puts his hand over his eyes to shield him from his fallen comrade. Even he doesn't want to see such an ending. Thrigon drops down to the floor, and grabs Kiryu by the waist, and shakes him violently. "Kiryu, buddy, you okay? Kiryu! KIRYU! Ki-"

"Enough!" Pitou intercepts, "He's a coward. He chose his own fate. Now let us choose ours. That Saiyan is the only thing that matters right now."

Thrigon glares at Pitou with emptiness, giving a slight nod. The Namekian Commander stands up and turns to the man sitting on top of the Tornado - Maize.

The Great Saiyan stares down from his pedestal and lets out a sigh, "Sucks for him, eh. It's fine though. None of you will suffer for long, because it's time I ended this!" He roars and on cue, the Tornado spins around miraculously, sucking everything in at a terrifying velocity. The walls, Soldiers from below, stones, food, furniture, and anything else in the Kingdom all begin to morph into the Tornado, splitting to pieces on impact.

Kiryu's dying body flies in without care, but before it can gain too much distance an arm stretches from Thrigon and grabs onto it tightly. Pitou gives him a harsh stare before screaming, "What are you doing!? Do you want to get sucked in too!" Thrigon begins to slide and lose his positioning, but remains hold of Kiryu stiffly.

"I ain't gonna let a friend die just like that! As long as he's breathing, I won't give up!" He roars back!

Pitou swings his arm behind his head and the suction is laid off of Thrigon, allowing him to regain his balance on the floor. "Consider that my parting gift." Pitou blankly directs before turning around and sprinting out of the room. The Namekians eyes reveal shock at the thought that Pitou would do such a thing.

"Don't think that this Tornado can't move," Maize grins. The velocity of it slows down for a second before it tears through the floor at an unmatched speed. Thrigon jumps out of the way in fear and rolls across the floor with Kiryu's body. Due to the screeching noise, Pitou turns around to see the tremendously overpowered Tornado edging in on him, while destroying everything in this floor and the floors below.


The Tornado smashes into Pitou and rips his body apart, but due to the lack of velocity on it, the attack doesn't hold him in. Pitou falls to the ground in a pool of blood, totally helpless. The Tornado destroys the flights of stairs that Pitou was heading down and prepares itself to turn around, this time in an attempt to fully kill the Commander.

Its speed picks up and it rushes through the room, but before it can connect with Pitou, he's lifted off the ground and flung towards Thrigon. "And consider that, my thank you." The Namek grins while holding onto both Pitou and Kiryu now. "This can't he happening. A few minutes back I was standing here with two other brilliant Commanders, and now it's just me!"

The Tornado rages towards Thrigon with joyful laughter coming from its peak. He throws both Pitou and Kiryu outside through the now wall-less room and vanishes without a trace. The Tornado smashes into the other side of the room, completely missing its prey.

On the other side of the room, Thrigon holds his ground, bouncing back and forth as if he's ready to 'vanish' again. "So be it. I applaud you for dodging my attack, but if I can't hit you then I'll make you hit me!" Maize barks from above.


The ceiling quakes violently while King Vegeta, Tarble, and Chi Chi all remain underground. "King?"


"Sir Maizes Hyper Tornado has already broke through every floor in the Empire. The bottom of it is right above us now..."

"Don't waste my time with useless information."

"I'm sorry, but do you have a plan, King? If Sir Maize continues to smash around with his Tornado, it'll break through to our floor!"

"I always have a plan."


"You're correct. If Maizes Hyper Tornado breaks the ceiling, our last line of defense, we may be killed. In such a tight area with no exits, we would not be able to hide for very long at all."

"King, are you saying that not even you can stop Maize?"

"That attack...its power is so devastating, absolutely nothing can stop it."

Tarble stares at the King, drawing a blank. "So what's your plan, King?"

"Initiate Operation LWTS."

The young Saiyan gazes at the King shocked, unable to move. "What did you just say?"

The King bats an eye at him with a deadly look and Tarble understands how serious he is immediately. "If I am forced to repeat myself again, I'll kill you too. So Tarble, did you hear me the first time?"

Tarble runs over to the Computer monitor that he was using to contact the King from earlier, and begins typing in a series of codes. King Vegeta stands behind him and watches as he progresses. Shortly after, an authorization code appears on the computer. The King puts his fingerprints on the scanner beside the desktop and his signature is registered immediately.

A loading bar begins to pop up on the screen, showing the progress of Operation LWTS. "How long?" Vegeta asks.

"Between 3-5 minutes it says, my King."


"Once this is all over, what are we going to do? With the Empire gone, how will we survive?"

"Not too far from here, there is a series of islands that don't hold too high of a population. We'll slaughter all who get in our way and rebuild a new Empire on those islands. It'll be far more practical when we are on the defensive in a battle. Once we take all of their supplies, it will only be a matter of time before an entirely new Empire comes into being."

"King...?" Irritated, Vegeta turns to Tarble and grants him permission to speak once again. "You do know that with this, you'll kill Sir Maize too? Are you really willing to risk that? He's the strongest Saiyan in the Empire!"



General John Giant remains in a large empty space, with absolutely nothing around. He crawls on the floor to the edge of the room and looks down below, to see a minuscule amount of FBM fighters outside, but absolutely no Saiyans.

Against his will, he begins to move backwards slowly. He looks back in fear and sees that death Tornado pulling him in once again. "F***! If I could just run I would have been out of here before that...that thing started sucking me up again."

The General digs his Katana into the ground and continues to crawl. The suction from the Tornado ends once again and he manages to make it to the tip of the Empire. He rolls over, and sees his blood filled leg again.

"Nonsense. That Tornado started 'running' at me. Even though it barely touched my legs...I can't move."

The General drops off the building and falls through the air, heading outside. He stabs his Katana into the exterior walls of the Empire, allowing him an easy drop down to safety.


The velocity on the Tornado reaches its peak again, this time only focusing on Thrigon. The Commander holds his ground for a second, but begins to edge forward slowly. "Damn it all to hell!" He curses to himself while being sucked into the great beast.

"Haah, this adrenaline rush. It's too much! After I destroy all of you, nobody will be in my way to slay King Vaajita himself. I will rule all of the remaining Saiyans, and soon the entire world!" Maize clinches his hands together, "I will become a Super Saiyan! Gaaahahahahaha!" The power hungry Saiyan barks.

A loud spark is heard and an electronic device spirals through Maizes Hyper Tornado. While it does, his Tornado begins to slow down. The air currents that are normally spinning clockwise are being countered by the devices artificial counterclockwise currents, making the Tornado moot.

"What...what's happening?" Maize wonders in astonishment.

Maizes pedestal begins to shrink as his Tornado crumbles, but Thrigon wastes no time and begins firing a mass amount of Ki Blasts at Maize. The Saiyan throws up his guard and tries to block all of the attacks but is unsuccessful. Maize is easily overpowered and knocked off of his Hyper Tornado, which has now disintegrated completely. In the sky, his Phantom Star explodes, with bits of Ki raining down from above.

Thrigon drops to his knees and lets out a large breath of air while Maize pummels through the destroyed Empire. As he falls into an empty abyss, the entire Empire begins to light up from below him.

An extraordinarily powered blast erupts from the first floor and begins blowing everything up in an instant. It quickly makes its way up to the top floor, where Thrigon resides, and in seconds after that, the entire Empire explodes in a fiery hell.


You crank your head up in shock, only to see an entirely new battlefield. "What's...going on?" You say quietly while throwing some stones and rubble off of yourself, standing up a bit groggily. You begin looking around to see familiar faces, and find multiple of them very quickly.

Towards the Base Camp in the short distance, you see a multitude of Generals, including White and that Yellow Toothed man. With them, you see an unconscious Pitou laying on the floor. They didn't handle him very kind. A cut up bare leg catches your attention, so you run up to it and throw a large boulder off of it. Under it, is Shugesh.

You bend over his naked body and slap him a bit, causing him to wake up in an unpleasant shock. "You? What the hell's going on...?" He says, as you help him up.

"I don't know. What happened to you?" You reply while you turn your attention to the rest of the area. The entire Empire no longer towers above you, but instead is buried beneath you. Millions of smashed up pieces of the leftovers of the Saiyan Empire now cover a large area. It's as if a bomb exploded.

"I'm not sure myself, boss. After I uh, got knocked out of the Empire, I barely had enough strength to glide down and reach safety. After I landed, everything just went blank. Did the Empire...fall on me?"

"Don't be ridiculous. If it did, you would have died in an instant. A few blocks of stones fell on you at the most. Fortunately for you and myself, we were far enough away from the main fall of it that we weren't crushed. But what i'm wondering is how all this happened, perhap-" Several meters away, a large portion of stones begin crumbling and being throw up. Somebody is trying to get out.

Without wasting any more time with the still naked Shugesh, you run over to it immediately. A boulder flies from the hole and flies into you. Before it contacts your body, you swiftly punch a hole in it and it shatters on cue. Once the dust from the shattered stones breeze away, Thrigon emerges from the burial. He climbs to his feet and stares at you in awe, completely speechless.

"K-kiryu!" He yells with joy, ignoring his obvious wounds.

"Good to see you're alive. What just happened here, anyway?"

"I-I threw you and Pitou out the window and tried to take on Maize myself."

"You won...!?!?"

"Uh, sort'a. Something happened to that Tornado. It just-, disappeared and he was pretty much out of Ki after that. A few shots and he was done for. But about half a minute later, a bright light engulfed the entire Empire and destroyed everything...apparently."

"What do you mean it-"

"Wait! How the hell are you alive?" He interrupts, pointing at your chest.

You gaze down shortly and notice that the gruesome hole you put in yourself earlier is no longer there. In fact, it's as if it never happened at all. "Wait a second," You say in your head, now remembering everything that happened with Ryuki but nothing afterwards. It's as if your body just healed itself. "I...-"

"You can thank me later," Kaiba breaks in. The two of you stop your conversation and turn around, seeing Kaiba walk slowly towards you two, with a gaping hole by his liver. "I implanted some device that Rem gave me before I came to the top floor. That was my job in this war. Rem knew of Maizes Hyper Tornado, it seems, and planned for me to stop it with that if worst comes to worst. It was a last resort mechanism though; even Rem wasn't positive it would stop him."

"So that's what you meant when you said you were 'planning for the future' earlier." You respond.

"But how the hell did some sort of...machine stop a Ki attack with that much power in it?" Thrigon breaks in.

"I ain't too sure on that one," Kaiba carelessly responds while looking around the area. "But it has something to do with reverse currents. By creating a new wind direction inside the Tornado, it cancels out the other one which makes it...well, useless. At least Rem said somethin' like that. He talks a lot, and I get bored pretty fast, haha."

A substantial amount of noise breaks open a couple hundred yards away as an ancient elevator with 3 people in it surfaces from underground. You three meet their eyes instantly, and notice that it's none other than King Vegeta, a young Saiyan, and Chi Chi who is held in locks and being held by the Saiyan. This aggravates you to a phenomenal degree.

"Well, hello again. I'm surprised that such a large number of people survived the bomb I detonated. Surprisingly, I don't see any Saiyans around which means that the only people that survived were hiding outside of the Empire like cowards. Hah hah. I would expect nothing less of Freeborn Military fighters. How despicable."

You grip your fists tightly, but don't act yet. "King, we had a deal. Give Chi Chi back to me."

"Kiryu, did you honestly expect that I would let her free? Just be thankful I haven't beheaded her as of yet."

Kaiba looks at you with a 'I told you so' look, and than looks back at the King. You hear a little dripping sound coming from Kaiba, and when you look to see it, bits of blood are dripping from his side. "How can he be standing so carelessly with such a deep wound?" You wonder.

"So Kaiba," the King calls out while stepping forward. "Do you remember your friend, Commander Loukar?" He licks his lips.

Kaiba lets go of his hold on his liver and crushes his fists together with a dark look on his face, "Don't you dare mention his name."

'Hah hah hah. I just wanted you to know that he died like a weakling." Kaiba begins shaking uncontrollably, about to explode in sheer rage. "When I pierced his heart from behind, he just collapsed to the ground. The fool tried to fight, but he couldn't even make me flinch. What a pathetic fighter. And to even my surprise, he started begging for his life when he lost the battle. How-"

"SHUT UP!" Kaiba breaks in and dashes towards the King at full throttle, transforming in the midst of his dash.

"Kaiba, nooooo! He's just trying to bait you!" You scream, before charging yourself. Thrigon grabs you by the shoulder and gives you a harsh stare.

"Don't do it, Kiryu. Think of a plan to take down the King. We still have us two and all of those Generals back there if need be. Do not act rash...! Or kill yourself for that matter, either."

After taking a deep breath and closing your eyes for a few seconds, you re-evaluate the situation and now know what to do:

A) Create A Battle Plan On What To Do Next.
B) Use The Four Witches And Chase After Kaiba.
C) Stay Back And Let The Battle Unfold.
D) Search Among The Rubble And Area For Other Survivors.
Unstoppable Power by Hangman_Link
Author's Notes:
Choice that won:

Gonna go with A. get Dr. Fiasco to transfer to Kaiba, at the same time, charge in with Kiryu to help Kaiba fight the king, but use blue to freeze him in place and try to remove his tail as quickly as he can, if the situation starts to get desperate THEN we use four witches. Thigron and the other generals will fight with Tarble and try to free Chi-chi.

Everybody here at this point:

- Joseph Pike
- Dr. Fiasco
- General White (broken legs)
- General Blue
- General John Giant (bottom half of his legs have been cut off)
- General Aquadolf
- General Benjamin Windmore
- Pac ManTM
- Jones (barely awake)

- Bunch of random elites
- Yellow Toothed scientist

- Pitou (unconscious
- Thrigon
- Kaiba (severely wounded)
The Saiyan Goku looks back and sees the entire Empire crumble to pieces. Stones and pillars fly hundreds of meters in every direction, some coming close to hitting him off in the distance. Breathing heavily, he continues to walk away from his former home. "Gohan...I'll find you. I won't be a pawn in King Vegeta's games any longer!" Goku boldly states.

He continues to walk across the dry landscape, blood dripping from his body with every step. His previous battle with Pitou and Kiryu along with the abuse of the Kaioken attack have really put a huge toll on his body. The Saiyan drops to his knees and a mountain of sweat explodes from his pores.

"I can feel...something terrible coming this way. I don't know what it is yet, but...their intentions are far from pure...!"

Goku uses all his remaining strength to stand up once more, and turns back to see the crumbled Empire in the distance. "Damn it...I couldn't save any of them. All of those people...The King just killed...without any remorse! There are less than a hundred strong (Note: Goku means lively/healthy beings, not limited to those with high power levels) Ki readings left...as opposed to the thousands just a few minutes ago. DAMN!"

A swirl of wind squeezes by Goku as he continues to walk a lone path.


"Fiasco," you call out from afar. He turns to your attention immediately and you continue, "Transfer whatever amount of Ki you have left into Kaiba. With that wound, if he doesn't get something he'll be killed!"

"Roger that," he responds now beginning to transfer his Ki into Kaiba as the Commander dashes towards King Vegeta.

"Blue, use your Telekinesis to freeze the King. I'll handle the rest."

"Aye." Blue says, standing by your side. By examining his face you can tell he has serious doubts about your plan but refuses to express any of it. A true soldier.

"Lets go!" You fire yourself after Kaiba with all your speed and Blue follows suit. Every other General in the background takes your implication and charge towards Tarble and Chi Chi.

The King merely smiles at what he perceives as foolish attempts to win a lost battle, "Tarble. Those fighters will try to kill you, but if you don't waste time you should be able to win. None of them break a Battle Power of...20 000, you can kill them."

The young Saiyan, looking frightened, gives Vegeta a nod and powers up to the fullest. Multiple Generals begin to appear in his line of vision, all ready to put an end to his life.

"How despicable, Vegeta. Lying to him like that. You and I both know full well that he doesn't stand a chance against the strongest of the Generals, let alone all of them at once." You think while dashing at the King.

In a flash Kaiba reaches King Vegeta in rage. "I'll KILL YOU!" A pool of deadly acid shoots out of his stomach at his enemy. Without moving from his position, Vegeta simply puts his right arm out and a burst of air fires from him, causing Kaiba's attack to drop to the ground.

The Commander throws a series of punches at Vegeta, all of which are dodged due to his lack of energy. Vegeta begins to taunt the wounded Commander, still not even suffering from a scratch.

You sneak up from the side and fire a ball of Ki at the King. He flinches in shock and throws his spare arm out, stopping your attack mid-air with another burst of air. The blast explodes and you scowl, "Damn it, he's good. Still..." Your train of thought is cut short as the King is smashed in the face with Kaiba's transformed arm.

His face bulges back in pain, and you notice that his body is paralyzed. Blue succeeded! Wasting no more time, you jump at the King's tail with a grin but before you can reach it he regains his movement and a real Ki blast is fired at you. "Shi-," you sway to the side but it still brushes past your large body, scraping your arm.

Kaiba gives the King a clean uppercut and he's sent flying, sweat dropping from him as he gains height. You, Kaiba, and Blue all stare up at him prepared for whatever is coming next, but he doesn't fall down. The King, now airborne begins to speak: "A clever trick. But in your current states, none of you stand a chance!" The wind surrounds his body and he bursts down at the ground with vengeance, his target still unclear.


Tarble cringes as he's pushed back by Joseph Pike. His scouter blinks wildly, finally stopping at 26 000. "No...not possible!" Tarble squeals.

"You will die, Saiyan." Pike laughs a bit sadistically, and than palm thrusts Tarble back, knocking him to the ground. Thrigon jumps past Tarble and reaches Chi Chi. He rips off the rope that covered her mouth and snaps the one binding her arms with complete ease.

Chi Chi lets out a big breath of air and gives Thrigon a quick hug. Almost as if he expected it, he hugs her back with a perverted grin. "Thank you, everyone!"

Thrigon lets go of her and crosses his arms over his chest, trying to make a pose. "It was my pleasure."

Joseph kicks Tarble multiple feet back and he crashes into the ground, burying within it. Pac ManTM lifts his defeated body up, crushing Tarble's head in his palms. The Saiyans' eyes is now closed. He may be unconscious. "We killin' 'em?"

Benjamin Windmore steps forward and does a short prayer for Tarble, and than a strong wave of Ki gathers in his hand. "May God have mercy on your soul."

"Hey, hey now!" General Aquadolf steps forward and blocks Tarble from Windmore's blast. "We beat him. Lets just leave the guy be. Look at him...he isn't evil. Poor guy just got brought up the wrong way!"

Both of them turn to Joseph Pike as if he's to make the decision, being the strongest General in this group and all.

"Hmm..." Joseph thinks, rather uninterested.

1) Kill Tarble.
2) Let Tarble live.
3) Other?


King Vegeta crashes into Kaiba and his ribcage is torn apart on impact. The Commander coughs up an unusual amount of blood and falls to the ground, rolling over in pain, but still trying to get up. "How pathetic. You can't even avenge that pathetic excuse for a fighter that you so badly wanted. Now wither in pain and die!"

You whisk behind him and launch a left hook forward. The King throws up both of his arms to block but is still sent back, crackling in his bones heard as he's pushed back. A stare down breaks open between you two for a second before you clash once again, delivering multiple blows to each other, nearly completely even.

You flip your leg over and crash it into his skull, launching him through the air. You scream and dash after him, passing him in nearly an instant. He tries to recover before you grapple onto him but fails. You smash your palms together and crush his skull between you. Despite hearing his muffled screams, you don't let up.

After what seems like minutes, Vegeta puts his hands on your stomach and a surge of wind fires through your body. You let up on your grip on his skull and he frees himself. The two of you enter another exchange of brutal blows, this time you at an advantage. "No good," you begin. "If I can't get rid of that tail, he'll transform like before. I have to make my move right now!"

You deflect his incoming punch and elbow him in the gut. His body leans down and you grab his shoulders and fire yourself over his body, landing behind him. He looks over to you in pain and shock and you grab him by the tail. He squeals in either pain or anger, and you swing his body to the ground, still holding onto his tail.

You try to let out a pull on the tail but are fired into the sky by a thrust of air before you can. "You did well, Kiryu. But we all know what's going to happen now. So I suggest that you prepare yourself because in a minute a power you've never experienced will form!"

The King flies his body into the air after you with a tremendous amount of speed. "The Four Witches!" Two extra arms pop out of your shoulders in a sickening process and you start to fend off the Kings blows in the air.

"Not bad, Kiryu. You really have improved." The King compliments you, still trying to knock you down into the ground. "But we all know the outcome of this struggle. Even if you had eight arms, you still wouldn't stand a chance! Not in the air!"

The King knees you in the gut, freezing your movements for a blink. During that time, he flies behind you and delivers a hard elbow to your neck, shutting your bodies movements down entirely. You use your extra arms to reach behind and grab him but he ascends too high for you to reach.

"Palm Thrust!" A surge of invisible Ki fires from the King's palm and sends you pillaring down to the ground at a terrifying speed. You throw your arms out to assist in the fall but still explode on impact. "Now, feel my POWER!" A bright light flashes and a moon soars into the sky. Kaiba grips his fists in rage, still trying to muster enough strength to stand.

King Vegeta stares up at the moon with an enormous smile and his body begins to quake. "Yes, yes...FEEL MY POWER!" He roars, his body now growing in size.

The entire battlefield freezes and stares up at him. Tarbles scouter begins to beep uncontrollably. Pac ManTM takes it off while still holding him and reads the number. His eyes go pure white once he does so. "N-not...possible...!"

Joseph Pike tears the scouter from his hands and smiles in fear. "750 000...what was I again?" He says, laughing it off.

You get off the ground and see the King, completed his transformation. "Nostalgia..."

Kaiba finally makes it up off the ground, holding the hole in his liver and the dent that Vegeta put in his chest from earlier. He's back in his base state once again, so he must be thinking more clearly. "Think you can take it?" He questions, almost serious.

"Yeah, I'll get right on that." King Vegeta roars, blinding the ears of everybody still alive. "Now now, what the hell are we going to do...!"

A) Create A Battle Plan!
B) Run!
C) Do whatever is possible to get that tail off!
Showdown! by Hangman_Link
Author's Notes:
Choice that won:

First off, I'm changing my vote earlier to C. They hold Tarble's eyes open, and make him transform as well. They should probably get away from him afterwards.
Tarble has been betrayed, if he's in control of his form, he attacks the King. If not, everyone should keep their distance from Tarble, until he concentrates on the biggest target that he still doesn't like (Gohan seems to show oozaru's can choose one target over another).

This won't stop the King, but it will hinder him.

Next I vote A.

My plan is for Joseph Pike to take Kaiba, and use Rejuvenate. While doing so, if he happens to run low on ki, Dr. Fiasco can try and help give him some more, though he may be running dry. This should allow Kaiba to re-transform. Pester him with attacks of acid and clones while he's busy with Tarble. After that, see if the Dr. can heal John Giant (poor guy).

Since the description of Rejuvenate was "large aura of ki" I figure it may be able to fit around more than just Joseph, thus healing them both. Joseph will likely be spent on ki from there. After that, he should hang back, perhaps using Sense to help keep himself or others alive.

I'm conflicted between Kiryu ordering White to be healed by Joseph also, or to have Blue take him somewhere safe...I kinda feel bad for the spy. But if we heal him...he may run off...
Have Blue take him somewhere far. Blue won't be much use against Vegeta.

The elites, fire near his eyes. Meanwhile, sneak PacmanTM near his tail (he's so weak I doubt the King would notice, especially while dealing with another oozaru). PacmanTM can bite through it with his awesome teeth!

If that fails, have everybody have a go at the tail.

Now for Kiryu, I looked up something special. Have him use that special little "Attenuate~!" ability of his. That ability to turn small. He'll tell Thrigon to toss him in Vegeta's ear, where he will expand to normal size either IN the ear (only if he can fit) or right outside. (Do all this AFTER Tarble, that way the King doesn't see it coming) Either way, do some MAJOR damage to him, then just focus on the tail, and staying alive.

*phew* Oh, and someone wake Pitou up (lazy elf), and see if he can't...wait...
Have the Dr. use Transfer (it doesn't have to do much of anything for this) on Pitou (after he wakes up.) Have Pitou COPY that attack, and heal anyone who wasn't fully healed (except White of course). If anything, Pitou can also go grab and absorb some of King Vegeta, while he's distracted from being attacked by an Oozaru while deaf and being blinded by beams and acid.
Joseph Pike turns to the King, now an Oozaru and than turns back to Tarble while Pac ManTM holds him in his firm grip. He does so again. Then again and again until he finally smirks. "You three, listen to the following very carefully." Benjamin, Aquadolf, and Pac all give a nod and open their ears wide. "Windmore, go over to Pitou over there and wake him up. Bring him back here immediately. Rest time is over."

"You mean Commander Pitou?"

"Go now," Pike breaks in, and turns to Aquadolf. "You, Kaiba is by the foot of that beast. Bring him over here." Aquadolf smiles a bit before looking over to the King nervously, and runs off. "Pac, leave Tarble with me. Dr. Fiasco is by that pack of Elites. Get him over here, now! Don't mess up, because he's the glue that holds this together."

"Iight, but what's with de conspiracy? You got a plan brewing or somethin'?"

"No, I don't have a plan. I'm just getting everybody over here for no reason," Pike stares at Pac with annoyance. "Now shut up and GO!" The Pacster backs off a bit, totally shocked, and than dashes towards Dr. Fiasco. Joseph lifts up Tarble and flicks him in the nose, causing the Saiyan to shake, his fake slumber ending.

"What good will pretending to be dead do?"

"I was preparing myself..."

"What a shame," Pike grabs the young Saiyan by the throat and yanks his head to the artificial moon in the sky. He waits for a moment before Tarble begins to tremble uncontrollably, still gazing at the ball of light. Joseph backs off hastily.

"You called?" Dr. Fiasco asks, patting Joseph on the shoulder. Beside him is Pac ManTM. Soon after, Aquadolf and Benjamin Windmore resurface with Kaiba and Pitou in their arms.

Joseph Pike kicks Pitou in the stomach and he rolls over, making noises. "What the...hell...?"

"Get up, Commander."

Pitou slowly stands and looks at the group by his side, "Did you just kick me?"

"This general right here, Fiasco, is going to use a move called Transfer. I hear you can copy attacks, no?" Pitou makes a quick grumble, giving Pike the answer he needed. "Copy the move. After that, use it on anybody who is in critical condition. Saavy?"

"Heh heh, this General has guts. Talking to me like that. As much as I hate taking orders, let alone by somebody of his status, I can see where he's going with this." Pitou thinks before speaking up, "Got it, Joseph, was it?"

"Correct." Pike replies, quickly dismissing the Commander. He picks up the severely wounded Kaiba, who doesn't respond in the least, and holds him closely. "Rejuvenate." An aura of Ki envelopes Joseph's body, and Kaiba's as well. The wounds on both of them slowly begin to disappear and their power level slowly rises as time passes by.

Pitou turns his head, breathing heavily, and notices two large Oozaru's, both still familiarizing themselves with their surroundings. "Transfer!" Dr. Fiasco fires out his last bit of remaining Ki into Pitou, giving him a needed boost of energy.

"Thief!" Pitou grabs Fiasco by the neck gently, gaining the technique himself. He turns over to others around the battlefield, observing the weakened, and than heads off to John Giant.

The aura of Ki disperses from Kaiba and Joseph, and the latter falls to the ground exhausted. "Thanks, General." Kaiba says in a cheerful voice. He cracks his knuckles while Pike remains silent. "Vegeta...don't think I'll let you off easy after what you said about Loukar...!" Kaiba's body begins to enter another metamorphosis while he walks towards the great beast.


"Eh, Chi Chi." Thrigon says while looking at the King, "Why don't you go run along now? No point getting yourself killed after all that trouble of getting you rescued, ya' dig?"

"Commander, I want to fight! After everything that's been done for me, I can't just back away now. It's clutch time!"

Thrigon puts his head down. That wasn't the response he was hoping for. "That's an order. Get back and survey what's happening from afar. You're far too weak to be mixed up in this. That thing has the power to kill you in one attack. A weak one, at that."

Chi Chi clenches her fists and than gives him a nod. She starts running away but not before long she stops and looks back, but Thrigon is no longer there.

You turn to your side to see Thrigon there. "How did you get there?" You ask.

"Kiryu, your girl is safe."

"She isn't my 'girl', Thrigon..."

"Ha hah, yeah right man. You know you want to fu-"

"Roooooaaaar!" Oozaru King Vegeta roars in front of you, finally in control of his form and ready for combat. "I would have expected you to run, Kiryu. A God of combat isn't going to morph out of nowhere and save you this time! Bahahahaha!" He laughs in a surprisingly deep voice.

You quickly sift your eyes around the battlefield and smile, "Well done, Pike. Your brilliance has just sparked an idea." Vegeta throws his fist to the ground at a incomprehensible speed. Just before it connects, your grabbed and teleported out of the area. You notice that Thrigon is the one holding you, and you're not teleporting...he's actually running.

"W-what speed!?!? When did you learn this, Thri-"

"It's all thanks to you!" He cuts you off while coming to a halt a few dozen meters away from the King's fist. "Still, even with my speed if I didn't see that attack coming before he threw it, I would've been toast too. We shan't underestimate him!"

You look over Thrigon's shoulder and see Blue in the short distance, looking very confused. "BLUE!" He snaps out of his daydream and stares back at you. "Get White and yourself out of here, now!"

"White too? Just let that trash die, Kiryu!" Thrigon breaks in.

"Do you remember when we first fought and I used that move to shrink my body against you?"

"Pah, how could I forget."

"I'm going to use it right now. When I give you the signal, throw me into Vegeta's ear. I'll take things from there."


Tarble, now an Oozaru, finally makes his move. He's clearly out of control but he has a designated target: King Vegeta. "Just as you planned, Joseph." The Oozaru takes a giant step and thrashes its entire body at the King. It's hard to tell if he has a shocked expression or not due to his form.

"Hey, you guys!" John Giant calls out to a bunch of Elites who are still standing by the yellow toothed scientist. "Don't just stand there, throw some pop shots at the King. He's so big he might not even be able to dodge 'em! Take his eyes out!"

"Yes, General!" A few of them respond in sync, some not answering though.

"Here, have a gift." Pitou calmly says to John Giant while transferring some Ki into him. "I can't get your legs back, but that's a start. At least you won't bleed to death." Pitou smirks at that last comment.

John Giant scowls, but still thanks the Commander. Pitou turns to Jones who is laying close by the Elites and transfers some Ki into him as well. Just enough to get him up and going. Pitou is being very cautious with the amount of Ki he gives out.


Oozaru Tarble thrashes into the far superior King, pushing him back slowly. A dirty smile crosses the King and he launches both his fists into Tarbles chest, knocking him down to the ground, coughing up blood.

Pac ManTM races around the area, looking for an opening to attack the king. He's terrified, but continues moving forward.

Kaiba, now fully transformed AGAIN loads up a pool of Acid in his stomach while firing beams simutaneously. A series of weak blasts are fired from a squad of Elites, who have took it among themselves to scatter around the King. Each of the blasts fire into the great beasts' face, but he doesn't budge in the slightest. From the angle you're standing at, he seems to be enjoying himself.

The deep voice roars, "FOOLS! Your efforts are futile!" Tarble gets up once again and tackles his body into the King's, barely pushing him back. Acid leaks onto the King's foot and he barks in pain while trying to retaliate with a swift kick to Kaiba which is dodged.

"Attenuate~!" Your body shrinks down to a shrimp size and Thrigon puts you on his palm.

"You sure 'bout this? If he notices you,-"

"Now!" You scream in a high pitched, squeaky tone. Thrigon shrugs his sentence off and fires you at the King with his top speed. You reach the King's ear and return to your regular self, holding in the pain that the move causes your body.

Two arms rip out of your back and they all begin to grow in size as you stretch them back. "Giant Bulldozer!!!" Four fully powered arms launch into the King and smash into his face. You hear a drawn out scream and he loses his footing. You glimpse down to the ground and see Kaiba dripping a large portion of acid on his feet while Tarble punches the King in his stomach.

A swift Ki blast brisks by you, barely missing. It came from an Elite so it wouldn't have hurt much even if it did hit. An explosion erupts below you as the King pillars down to the ground and crashes on the remains of his Empire. Dust fills the area soon after, blinding everybody from a proper view.

You land on the ground gracefully and look at the King as he lays on the ground. "Still not moving..." The wind rushes by you with tremendous force nearly knocking you over and on cue, the Oozaru slams his fist onto the ground and launches himself to the sky. The King does a swift flip with his gigantic body and lands safely, breaking the heavenly sound barriers.

You jump back as fast as you can to gain distance from him but it's not enough. A rugged smile writes itself on his face, "My turn!" A great thunder of noise erupts from the Oozaru's legs as he dashes after you. Tarble jumps in the way and fires a blast from his mouth at the King, which is deflected without trouble.

Vegeta places both of his palms on Tarble's chest and a pocket of air fires from them, ripping through the Oozaru's skin tissue. The sky begins raining blood, which you casually dodge while you continue to make distance. Tarble collapses to the floor, his body shaking wildly. In a few seconds, his movement seizes altogether and he lays on the ground.

A fleet of Ki blasts continue to patrol through the air, from the Elites. Oozaru Vegeta gives a deep blow and they all fly back with over four times the speed, killing two Elites in the process. Pac ManTM leaps at the King from behind to try and chomp his tail in half but Vegeta sways his tail to the sky, causing the General to miss completely. On his fall down, Vegeta smacks his tail down at full force.

It crashes into Pac's face and a loud crack is heard as his bones shatter to pieces. He bounces on the dry ground continuously, until he finally comes to a stop far off in the distance, with a trail of blood behind him.

Kaiba splits himself into four and begins spreading around Vegeta, shooting Acid with each copy. The Oozaru flies himself into the air and stares down at all of the inferior beings below him. "Bahahahahaha, you will ALL die!!! Breath Blaster!" Multiple mouth blasts are fired from the King, killing everybody they hit on contact.

A particular blast crashes into your guard, and you feel a shutter in your aching body. Before you know it, you're on your knees, struggling to move. The King lands on the ground and everybody is within his grasp, despite being spread out hundreds of meters. The great beast slams his palms together and the pressure sucks everybody in the battlefield closer to him.

He fires out Breath Blasters without remorse in an attempt to kill everybody at once. All of Kaiba's clones are killed within seconds, and he doesn't have enough Ki to make anymore.

Jones and John Giant are behind Pitou while he uses his Repel, making behind him the only safe place right now. Vegeta gets tired of shooting blasts and begins to sprint to each of the fighters now.

Benjamin Windmore is his first target. The General jumps into the skies and throws a sharp disk of Ki at the King, but it's simply blown away. As Windmore soars near Vegeta, the King puts his hand above him and squats him down like a bug. Benjamin crashes into the ground and doesn't move a muscle afterwards.

"Damn it, at this rate he'll kill all of us...! I have to think of something I can do to take this monster down. Alright, here goes nothing! Pitou, follow my lead!" You call out to him. Before even waiting for him to acknowledge you, you fire a Ki blast to the ground with each of your arms and you fly into the sky, meeting eye to eye with the King. He smiles and attempts to smack you away, but Pitou Repels the Ki blasts you are holding onto out of the way, causing you to sway past the King's arm.

You relinquish control of your blasts just as Vegeta swings with his other arm. His arm crashes into the blasts and they all explode. Meanwhile, you land on his arm and sprint up it like your life depended on it. The beast continues to try and swat you away while you run up his arm, in which you dodge easily as he's careful not to use too much speed so he doesn't hit himself.

"This should be good...!" You stop in the middle of his arm, by his elbow and hold your right fist dearly. "Earthquake!" You slam it into his arm, resulting in him roaring in pain. "Heh, worked just as I expected. I could never use this on a normal opponent, but since you're so big I can easily manage it. Instead of cracking the plates on the ground when I punch it, I used it on your arm to disrupt the blood flow and movement of your arm. So now...!" He looks worried as you explain it to him, still trying to move his arm.

A spiral of Ki rises from below you both and Pitou lands on the King's arm, smiling. "Thank you for the opportunity, Kiryu. Absorb!" Pitou clinches his hand on the King's arm and starts absorbing as much power as he can.

Within three seconds, Vegeta screams in outrage and smashes his usable arm down on the other. Both of you jump off of him before it hits you and start falling down from the sky.

He doesn't let you off that easily though, the Oozaru lifts his back leg up and does a 180 degree cross kick on the two of you. You both pillar to the ground and crash fall.

"Breath Blaster!" Vegeta loads an enormously powered blast using all of his strength in his mouth while you and Pitou struggle to move.

"I...won't be able to Repel that...or even slow it down for that matter." Pitou grimly says.

"It makes Goku's Kamehameha look like nothing...I can't say I blame you...!" You respond.

"Now say, GOODBYE!" Vegeta roars while firing the blast at you both. There is nothing you can do.

Time seems to slow down as it approaches, "So why did you put so much trust in me with that plan of yours?" Pitou questions, prepared for death.

"Heh, don't mistake me. I don't trust you at all. I just trust your combat abilities, and you figuring out what I was going for so quickly is exactly why."

"Well for what it's worth, I'm glad you're dying." He laughs. It's hard to tell if he's serious or not, but you have a feeling he is. A crackling noise breaks out from the blast as the distance closes in.

You close your eyes and smile. "Nah, I ain't gonna die here. I have too much to do." You gather the strength to stand and stare the blast in its face.

"VEEEGEEEETAAA!" A terrifying voice shrieks from behind King Vegeta. A loud thud is heard and you see Vegeta's tail hit the ground. Then, a purple and white man with three horns on his head and a blue crest in the center of it comes spiraling down to the dry land smiling. A yellow and orange orb is already in his hand, and he fires it at Vegeta.

The Oozaru's head tilts backwards due to the sudden imbalance in his weight and the Breath Blaster that was heading towards you breezes above you and blows up in the distance, destroying chunks of the Earth. You would have seized to exist if it even came close to hitting you.

Vegeta's head continues to fall back and he's already starting to shrink in size. The purple and white alien looks at the shrinking King with a remarkable grin while the orb he threw earlier grows in size until it finally contacts Vegeta's face, exploding on impact. King Vegeta crashes onto the ground and continues to shrink down to his regular state until he's wearing nothing but partially destroyed armor.

"Who... is that?" You quietly say, not looking for an answer.

"Cooler...! Only he's different now." You hear Kaiba say in the distance, on his knees.

"Look at all of you weaklings," Cooler says with a smile. "You couldn't even handle one Ape. And in your conditions, I could kill you all without trouble."

"Don't underestimate us," you boldly reply to his claims.

"Where is that Commander, Echo?"

"He got knocked out a while back," Pitou jumps in. "Why?"

"Sigh...oh well. When you see him again, tell him that now we're even."


"Keh, just deliver the message." Cooler grips his hands and begins to walk off.

"Why are just leaving!" Kaiba screams, "You could have been far away from here by now yet you stayed behind to help us out? I don't-"

"I did NOT help you out. Don't mistake me taking down Vegeta as an act of kindness." He pauses for a moment, as if he's going to continue, but doesn't. He just walks off into the landscape and within minutes, he's completely out of sight.

You, Kaiba, and Pitou all drop to the ground and let out a large breath of relief. Just as you do, a pile of stones are pushed over and King Vegeta stands up once again, beat up and bruised yet still smiling. "Hah...hah..." He tries to start a sentence but only deep breaths emerge. "Lucky...Cooler left...the fool should have finished the job. And now that he hasn't, I will kill you all! Even though i'm weakened, I'm still in far better condition than you three!"

"Damn it...he's right. I completely spent all my Ki in that last struggle. And my body...I can barely stand...!" You think to yourself, and than look over to Kaiba and Pitou who look just as damaged as you.

Footsteps break out and Thrigon's fist gives Vegeta an uppercut to the jaw, knocking him down. The Commander breathes heavily and wipes some blood off his upper lip. You can tell that his left arm is completely broken; one of Vegeta's blasts must have gotten him earlier.

The King stands up and laughs a bit, "It wouldn't be a complete victory unless you were here, Commander Thrigon! Now, give me your best shot you weaklings!" Despite saying that, Vegeta is the one to launch the attack.

A surge of Ki bursts from his feet and he flies at Thrigon, easily taking the upper-hand. Vegeta hooks him in the liver and delivers a roundhouse kick to his neck, dropping him to the ground.

A Ki Sword forms in Pitou's hand and he engages the King in combat, going all out to put a hole in him. The sword continues to just slip by, but just can't manage to hit. "Palm Thrust!" Vegeta launches Pitou back into the hole he was in earlier and throws a brief blast at him, hitting directly. You cough during the smoke but stop once you hear the King's voice again: "It seems you too, are out of Ki."

The Commander gets up and laughs, "And what would make you think that?"

"You did not Repel that blast I just shot and your sword has been withdrawn. Face it, Pitou, you're out of options." The King dashes forward a few steps but stops quickly and throws up his left arm, parrying Thrigon's kick. He tries to counter but Thrigon jumps back quickly and begins stretching his arms with multiple jabs.

The King fends off the jabs, while closing in the distance between him and Thrigon. Pitou jumps in the mix, and Kaiba soon after. All three of them go all out to take down Vegeta, but he somehow has enough energy to take them all on. "Should I get in this? No, I need to make a plan; I won't be able to afford making rash decisions."

You turn your head to see all the Generals that are still in fighting condition. After that, you know exactly what you're going to do:

A) Forget the Generals and jump into the mix. 4 Against 1 will surely work!
B) Call everybody over and rush the King all at once. With so many fighters, he won't be able to stand a chance!
C) Create A Battle Plan To Defeat King Vegeta!

Remaining Generals (In Fighting Condition):

Joseph Pike: 60% Health. 0% Ki.
Chi Chi: 70% Health. 30% Ki.
Jones: 20% Health. 15% Ki.
Dr. Fiasco: 40% Health. 0% Ki.
General Blue: 60% Health. 0% Ki.

Remaining Commanders (In Fighting Condition):

Kiryu: 30% Health. 0% Ki.
Pitou: 20% Health. 0% Ki.
Kaiba: 35% Health. 0% Ki.
Thrigon: 40% Health. 15% Ki.

Shugesh: 40% Health. 60% Ki.
Butcher: You charge the opponent and attack them wildly.
The Final Struggle by Hangman_Link
Author's Notes:
Choice that won:

C. The commanders will all break away from the fighting, and stop. Knowing that they cannot win in their current condition, they send Chi Chi to fight (highest health, second highest ki). They send Joseph Pike with her (second highest health, can use sense to try and prevent danger to himself and teammates). Thrigon rejoins the fighting (being the current best off commander, has ki AND decent health...

Here's the fun part! Pitou will absorb from both Shugesh, AND the small amount of ki Jones has at the same time (as long as it won't kill Jones, I assume ki doesn't help keep from bleeding out, and that the health stat does that.) If it would kill Jones, or he cannot absorb both at once, just absorb from Shugesh.

With all that awesome power he then Transfers all of that to our main man Kiryu! Kiryu then joins the fray, and KICKS VEGETA'S ASS! MAIN CHARACTER POWER!
"Palm Thrust!" The King roars and a tunnel of air pushes all the Commanders off of him, skidding across the floor.

You turn to Pitou immediately and begin speaking: "You still listening to me?"

"Depends on what you want me to do."

"Absorb Shugesh for just about everything he's worth. After that, Transfer whatever you got into me. I'll finish Vegeta off myself."

"Heh, consider this the last time I listen to you." Pitou then runs off to Shugesh and grapples his neck. The Saiyan is too confused to even try to struggle.

"Chi Chi! Joseph! Get over here, now!" You scream to them and they start running on command, "Thrigon, ready to take another go at Vegeta?"

He cracks his knuckles and grins. He doesn't need to respond for you to know his answer. Vegeta laughs and begins taunting you all, "Ah, so you're planning a new way to die?" Quick footsteps break out and Thrigon and him are at it again. Not before long, Chi Chi jumps in with a serious face on and Pike afterwards. Kaiba falls to his knees again and breathes heavily. You can feel anger teeming out of him, probably from how useless he feels right now.

The King throws a series of blows at them all, completely overwhelming them. Thrigon dashes at Vegeta from behind and throws a sloppy punch which Vegeta responds to by ducking and elbowing Thrigon in the stomach repeatedly, causing the Namekian to fall to the ground in pain.

Joseph Pike throws multiple pointed jabs at Vegeta, all of which are dodged. Pike jumps back and the King laughs a bit before being struck in the side of the face by a Kamehameha from Chi Chi.

He smashes into the ground but gets up quickly, frowning. Joseph and Chi Chi both run at him from each side but are blown pack by a wave of air Ki. Thrigon jumps at Vegeta from the back but is dodged once again. He skids across the ground and starts throwing jabs at the King from afar, but stops once he senses a sharp rise suddenly.

Your muscles bulk up and an incredible surge of Ki enters your body. A grin writes itself on you as your eyes turn to Pitou. "You better not mess up," he grimly supports you before you can speak.

"No, I won't lose." Your left fist grips tightly and you sprint at Vegeta in a spiral dash. His eyes gaze up at you in surprise and your fist rockets into his face, sending him crashing to the ground. The 3 fighting him stand back and give you a stern nod, Chi Chi smiling as she does it. "Get up, Vegeta. We're settling everything here and now!"

He snaps his nose back to its righteous position and laughs in your face while he stands. "Ah hah hah hah hah hah, oh my how you've grown. Such a fine warrior. It's a pity that I have no choice but to blast you into oblivion." Both of his arms fly up in a crisp pose and the smile disappears from his face now that he's serious.

"A 'fine warrior'? I wish I could say the same for you." Two arms explode from your spine and cover your upper body while your main arms prepare to go on the offensive.

The talking ends and you find yourself throwing fists out at Vegeta wildly while he analyzes your movements for a counterattack. The King begins throwing out quick jabs at you, which are easily blocked by your extra arms. You land a powerful gut blow and he cringes down in pain, leaving him open. Taking advantage of this, you take both of your arms and smash them into the side of his head with destructive power.

As he soars through the air without control, you sprint after him to try to meet him at the other end but before you reach him he swings around suddenly and kicks you in the face. In your vulnerability a massive explosion of jabs break out, penetrating your stomach.

With your extra arms you grab him by the neck and begin squeezing the life out of him, but he doesn't let up.

His face starts to change colour while you try to fend off his melee of jabs with your spare two arms. After what seems like hours, Vegeta slows down in his attacks. Immediately, you smash both of your fists into his stomach and he tries to scream in pain but due to your latch on his neck nothing comes out.

It seems like he's trying to grin while placing his right palm on your (now) open chest. A burst of invisible Ki tunnels through your open body until you let go of him completely and jump back. He lets out a large breath of air and speaks: "Aha, good choice. If you even gave me a few more seconds...at that range, I would have been able to rip through your skin tissue completely.

"He's right...that pressure I felt on my chest...just what kind of Ki is he using?" You wonder, taking fighting form again. Vegeta jumps into the sky and begins parading you with weak balls of Ki, all of which are batted away with complete ease. Two blasts of his circle around you and explode on the ground, causing more dust to fill the air.

You jump back constantly in order to get out of the dust cloud but are elbowed in the back before you can make it far. The King throws another punch but you block it and retaliate with one of your own which is blocked too. Before you know it, you and Vegeta are in an exchange of blows, both unable to overcome each other.

He tries to finish it up quickly and throws his palm out wide. Your muscles contract and you shrink down to a miniature size as a wave of Ki fires out from it in a straight motion. Time seems to slow down as your body retracts to its normal form while you form a position to fire off an uppercut.

Vegeta's eyes seem to grow during this time; your arm slowly crawling up, aiming for his chin. Time returns to its normal pace and you skyrocket up to him and bash your fist into his wide-open jaw. You hear a shatter as you watch blood spill from his mouth with joy.

Vegeta towers through the air slowly and drops to the ground, shaking uncontrollably. Illegible words are spewed from his mouth as he rolls over in pain.

"Y-you did it, Kiryu!" Thrigon shouts.

"It is not over...!" Joseph replies, taking the words right out of your mouth.

You turn back to the King and see him getting up, blood seeping through his teeth while he growls. "I...no mercy...you'll...DIE!" A blue ball of Ki spirals in his hand while he looks at you in anger and fear. "Kiryu, this is your destiny. To die in vain, fighting without a cause. Now eat...this!" The balls size and power grows from Vegeta pouring all his Ki into it.

"S***...this isn't good. He still has that much Ki left!?!?" Thoughts race on your mind, trying to think of a way to stop him.

"Spirit Cannon!" The King roars and throws the outrageous ball of Ki directly at you and all of your peers.

"I gotta think...FAST!"

A) Dodge It!
B) Block It!
C) Throw A Blast Of Your Own And Enter A Beam Struggle!
D) Use All Your Strength To Punch It Right Back At Him!
Conclusion by Hangman_Link
Author's Notes:
Choice that won:

"Spirit Cannon!" The King roars and throws the outrageous ball of Ki directly at you and all of your peers.

You clench all four of your arms together and begin stretching them back as the blue ball edges closer and closer to you.

"Get outta the way!" Thrigon barks from behind you.

"Shut up, Thrigon!" Pitou screams while he sits defensively. He knows that if you dodge it the blast will come flying into him and the others. The rest of the fighters all throw their arms over their head in an attempt to block whatever comes this way despite knowing it will be futile.

"No thanks, Thri. This is my battle and I swear that I won't lose so rest assured." Your arms begin building muscle mass as the fruition of your attack comes into life, "King Vegeta...will DIE!" The Giant Bulldozer you had loaded fires off with all four arms and clashes into Vegeta's Spirit Cannon.

A tingling sense of joy boils down to the inner core of yourself as you scream, putting everything you possibly can into your attack. The Spirit Cannon burns through your skin to the bone but you don't let up in your assault at all; more is pushed into the Bulldozer, if anything.

Suddenly, you begin to creep through the blue orb and an unforgettable look of turmoil writes itself on the King's face as his most powerful attack is pushed back at him.

Earlier, Vegeta had a tacit agreement with his army that they would feast when this ended in their favour and now he was alone, being pushed to his limits by what he felt was an inferior race. The King snaps both of his hands forward and presses all his might into overpowering you. He knows that if his blast can overwhelm you, everybody will be destroyed in the impact and he won't have any problems to deal with.

The skin on your bones continues to tear off until your hands are left completely dry. You roar a loud ululation and shove all four of your fists inside of the orb so they burn at a faster rate but with this, you are able to overpower Vegeta once again.

He roars and ties the struggle back up and you gaze across the shining crystal to see his ugly face grinning. He's still confident that he'll win this bout, which angers you even more. You hear soft screeches of exsibilation coming from Thrigon and Chi Chi which surprisingly calms you down.

"It's time to END this...! King Vegeta, you have lived for long enough. Too long, for my tastes." You bark, "Perhaps if you were a more intellectual being you would have won this fight but your generic battle sense will now cost you your life...!"

"Don't...ergh...be a fool, Commander Kiryu. You know just as well as I do that you don't have the resolve to push back my Spirit Cannon! Eventually, your hands will completely disintegrate and this battle will be over. All I have to do is stall from here on out...Bah, bwahahahaha!" The King retorts.

"Vegeta...I will give you one thanks. If it wasn't for you attacking the Red Ribbon Army long ago, I would have never joined the Freeborn Military. For that, I am grateful. Now..." You take a big step forward and than another, now pushing Vegeta's blast back. He takes a step back himself in surprise but still puts all his energy into holding you back.

You continue to take steps forward and push the King's final struggle back until it freezes just in front of his eyes. If he lets go or is overpowered now, his own Spirit Cannon will fire back and blast him into oblivion.

Vegeta's face, now turned dark in colour screams in anger due to the knowledge that he will be defeated:

"Kiryu, please! Don't do this...you can still...spare me!" You hold back from completely overpowering him for a second and stare deeply into his eyes. "Please...don't kill me. I don't want to die!!!"

"Begging..." You quietly say to his terrified face.

"Just reconsider. I'll do anything. I'll even join the FBM!" He continues to shriek but you harden your grip and push him back fully, now done with hearing what he had to say. His Spirit Cannon comes into contact with his hand and he shrieks in pain, losing full control over it.

The tremendous amount of Ki in the Spirit Cannon erupts and envelopes the King's body. A sound wave crackles before screaming to the remaining fighters that the battle is over.

You retract your arms as fast as possible to avoid getting caught in the explosion and they snap back into position while you smile uncontrollably. You did it. Without any control over yourself, your arm raises itself to the sky while you stare up at the heavens. It's finally over.

In the distance, you hear cries of joy and turn around to see Chi Chi and Thrigon running towards you while Kaiba gives you a grin as he sticks his thumb out to congratulate you. Continuing to look around, Joseph Pike is smiling himself and nodding his head like he's agreeing with something you've said or done. You feel a tap on your right shoulder and swerve your body around.

A warm body clenches tight to you and you cringe at the thought of it. When you look down, you notice Chi Chi hugging you and push her off. "Ugh, get off of me." You say, frightened by the human contact. She simply smiles at that.

Thrigon slaps you on the back again, "Nice job, Kiryu. I owe you one, eh."

"Hm? I don't follow."

"If it wasn't for that ruthless ass whooping you gave me a while back, I would have been killed by multiple opponents I fought. Thanks to you, I was able to compete with the bests."

"Yeah...don't mention it." You reply, finally noticing all the praise you're getting. It's starting to get on your nerve. Too much contact. Suddenly, a jolt of Ki enters your body and you feel like you just orgasmed. The victory against Vegeta is finally kicking in to your natural fighting instincts and a large power of Ki surrounds your body.

Thrigon looks at you in a questioning manner as he watches you shake violently, but lets it go. "Hey," you hear Pitou call out solemnly and you turn over to him, still shaking at the joyful feeling of victory. "He isn't dead."

"What!?!?" Thrigon practically screams.

You run over and see Vegeta lying no the ground, unable to move and coughing up blood. "No...can't be happen-" He runs out of breath mid sentence and glares at you and Pitou as the two of you stand above him triumphantly. A tear forms in his left iris and begins slipping down his face, shocking all who watch him.

A splatter of mucus lands on his face and he's unable to wipe it off. Turning over, Kaiba stands by him. "That's for Loukar."

Vegeta's tear drop bounces off the ground and vaporizes. His eyes begin to close and a small whisper is heard from his cold, shrill voice: "I was...going to become a...a... super saiyajin...!"

The wind breezes by and the reign of the fallen King ends while you all stare at his deformed body with pride. The war is over!


End Of The War Arc..!


- 3 Achievement Points Unlocked. Current Points: 5

- Kiryu's New Battle Power: 82 000

(Authors Note: The "Achievement" element will be explained later. Worry not, for now.)
Ambush by Hangman_Link
Author's Notes:
The beginning of the third Arc.

"Hey Commander Kiryu," Pike calls out to you. You look over and catch a red projectile flying at you and grasp it in your hands. It's the scouter that he took from Tarble earlier. "I'm sure you can use that better than I can. Besides, scouting my opponents strength before we fight isn't my style."

"Thanks," you quickly reply. A frown appears on his face shortly afterwards.

"Tatito, look what we have here. It's him!" Kaiba jumps in with a grin while kicking up a few rocks. A familiar face comes into vision while you slowly step towards Kaiba with curiosity.

"Huh...didn't expect that." Down on the ground before you, the Saiyan Maize slowly stands up with a beaten and wounded body. "You...?"

"Aw man, I was hoping you guys wouldn't find me." He speaks up in a careless tone, despite knowing his life is on the line.

"Tatito, how long have you been there?"

"I uh know, probably since that ass tried to kill me with a bomb."

"Why didn't you try to escape earlier; you know, when he was an Oozaru or when we were all fighting him." You break in.

"Derr, maybe because I just woke up now?" You clench your fists and frown at this comment but decide to let it go.

"Kill him, Kiryu." Pitou yells from behind you. "I would do it myself but I gave you all my remaining Ki."

"Should I kill him? He's harmless now..." You think while pressing a button on your scouter and getting a battle reading of 440. "But in the future he could turn out to a major threat. I should think rationally."

1) Kill poor little weakened Maize in cold blood like a bastard.
2) Be a nice dude and let him go free.


Tension between everybody grows silent until Kaiba finally breaks it. "So I guess we should get going by now...Forte Valkyrie is pretty far away."

Thrigon looks around the empty terrain and sighs, "We lost a lot of lives since this thing started. Hopefully Rem did better than us or else we won't have an organization to go back too..." Kaiba looks at Thrigon with worry but the Namekian speaks up quickly before he frightens his comrade too much. "I-but i'm sure your brother is safe. Rem wouldn't let anybody lay a hand on him."

"Yeah, you're right!" Kaiba replies, smiling.

"Enough chatter. Lets get going already!" Pitou barks and starts walking off.

"What's his problem?" Thrigon wonders.

"I know right. He's been in a bad mood since...well, since Vege-Man died." Kaiba replies.

"Pitou...are you feeling jealous that you weren't the one to take Vegeta's head?" You yell and he turns around with his face in pandemonium.

"Watch-" A big bang crackles and explodes beside Pitou, stopping him mid-sentence and having everybody look around to see where it came from. As the remaining FBM fighters search the ground for where that attack came from, more continue to rain down from the sky.

You throw up your guard as a green ball of Ki pummels through the air and crashes into you, knocking you to the ground with force. Thrigon passes you his hand and helps lift you up to your feet without turning to you.

After examining where his eyes are trailing off too, you find yourself gazing at 3 Blimps in the sky with large logos on each of them saying Red Ribbon Army. "Those bastards." You quietly say to yourself and Thrigon nods.

Powerful Ki blasts of multiple colours and appearances continue to crash into the ground, turning the desert terrain into another war zone. "Think anybody strong is in those blimps?" The Namekian Commander questions.

"Does it matter?"

"Hehe. So what's the plan?"

You remain silent, still observing the blimps. By squinting, you can vaguely see a familiar face standing at the peak of one of the blimps but you can't make it out at the moment. Hundreds of bodies begin to form in the distance and you're well aware what's happening now. They continue to grow as time passes, and some Soldiers begin landing on the ground.

Pitou clashes with one of them and is barely able to hold his own against what should be a regular Soldier. You slowly begin to back up with Thrigon by your side, "We can't win...! After all of that fighting, there is no way we'll be able to stand up against anybody. Those dirty BASTARDS! Before it's too late, I gotta tell everybody what to do. They're counting on me!!!"

A) Tell Everybody To RUN! (Alone)
B) Take One Person With You And RUN! (Choose Who) ~60% Chance Of Escape~
C) Take Two People With You And RUN! (Choose Who) ~40% Chance Of Escape~
D) Fight The Red Ribbon Army Off To Give Everybody A Chance To Escape!
Captured by Hangman_Link
Author's Notes:
D2 Wins.
"My father is dead..." Prince Vegeta states while chewing on the remains of his apple.

"Oh?" A voice replies.

"Yes. It appears the Freeborn Military overcame him. His life reading on my scouter has disappeared."

"Hah. Poor old King Vegeta. Guess his plan didn't work out as expected."

"Apparently not, Bardock." Vegeta stands up and cracks his knuckles. He then walks over to a large titanium door and taps his fingers on the soft digits on it, resulting in it opening after a loud crack. "You're free to go, Gohan. My father, King Vegeta, is now dead. So as the lead heir in this family, I plan on taking rule over the leftovers of our race."

"Is my dad okay!?" Gohan urgently questions.

"...I'm sure he is, sprout." Vegeta replies, erasing his doubt from his voice.

"Eh Turles, who crippled you like that again?" A muscular, broad man without a shirt on barks while he sits on a shiny gold chair.

Turles steps forward from the shadows while stretching a silver coloured arm out as his other lays idly by his side. "Kiryu. Commander Kiryu was his name. I wasn't prepared for such a powerful foe at the time. But make no mistake..." He clenches his mechanical arm while sparks surge from it. "I won't suffer the same fate when we meet again."

"Easy now, Turles. I just installed those new arms into your body. Take it easy for now. Straining your body is the last thing you need." Says a man who lays in the shadows of the room.

"Yeah, I heard you the first time Doctor."

"Good. But as for that Kiryu, we better deal with him immediately. I will not have him screw up our plans."

"Kiryu is but a minor problem. Our real concern is drawing HIM out of his cavern. Are you sure you know how you plan on doing that?" The muscular man breaks in.

"Kah kah kah, Broly...leave Rem up to me. As of right now, nothing can stop us."

"Doctor." Prince Vegeta calls out, "You better hurry up. Its been multiple months and you've yet to make any progress. Was it a mistake in joining up with you?"

"Prince," the Doctor replies nervously. "Just give me a little more time. Joining with me was no mistake. I promise you...this will all get done!"

"It better." Vegeta responds, still eyeing the mysterious Doctor like a hawk.


"RUN!" You roar. Everybody takes your order and begins escaping the area while the Red Ribbon Army floods down from the skies in their ambush attack while you clench your fists once again, in preparation for battle.

Thrigon grips your shoulder tightly and squeezes gently. "Lets go man!" He backs up and gets ready to dash until he realizes you aren't beside him. He looks back and bites his slip, "You comin' our what?"

"Naw, Thrigon. Get out of here. I'll create an opening for you all by holding them back. Just make sure you get everybody out of here, alright?"

The Namekian looks around swiftly, nervous. He eyes the Red Ribbon soldiers pillaring down from the sky and than the remaining FBM soldiers before closing his eyes, "DAMN IT!" His voice explodes and he sprints off with his tremendous speed.

Not wasting another second, you thrash your body into the soldier that Pitou was struggling to maintain and he crashes into the floor. You give Pitou a harsh stare and he starts running off without complaint.

The soldier you just knocked down gets up and throws a hard right at your gut, which you block with your left and swing your right at him to counter. His neck cracks and he collapses to the ground.

You smack your bare (literally) fist into a random soldier and a feeling of pain and agony overwhelms you, so you grapple your hand while blowing on it. "God damn it...I forgot I nearly lost my hands during that struggle!"

While quickly surveying the area, you see all of your colleagues running with all their remaining strength, some carrying others. Hundreds of Red Ribbon Army members are chasing them down with impure goals while blasts continue to rain down from the air - shockingly, none are aimed directly at you.

Three soldiers sneak up on you from behind and begin pounding you to a pulp while you refrain from punching back with your knuckles due to their condition. A shocking pain zips up your spine and you fall to your knees, getting kicked in the chin right after.

Once you fall on your bottom, you notice that you're completely surrounded by low class soldiers who are somehow keeping up with you. Hands gripping to the floor and one leg pressed up against your chin, all of the remaining energy you have is used to stand up tall. You do just so and the soldiers jump on you once again, beating you to a pulp.

Your eyes begin fading in and out of reality as the beating ensues; it's hard to tell, but you hear someone laughing. Is it...you? Everything is so blurry that you can't comprehend what is happening to you nor what you're doing.

You snap back to reality and realize that your arms are chained up while soldiers escort you to a blimp that has now landed. You try to turn your head to the sides but a chain is holding you in place so you can only stare forward.

After blinking again, a familiar face is before you waving his hands back and forth. It's hard to tell who it is but he has a black afro, a mustache, black and white boots that one might use for boxing, baggy white pants, a brown judo uniform and a white laced belt holding his uniform together. He has a fairly toned body with a bright smile on his face upon your awakening.

"K-kiryu! Long time no see!!!" The man brightly speaks up.

"Where...am I?" You ask, puzzled and dizzy.

"In a blimp. Being transported to the nearest Red Ribbon Headquarters. We just took off 15 minutes ago."

You gaze past him, totally oblivious to what's going on until a light in your head turns on and you shudder in fear. "He-Hercule!?"

"Yeah, it's me. I requested that I be the one to lead the ambush attack on this war and was approved by President Red."

"Why would you want to...?"

"To see you, man! I was told you were at the war and just knew that you would survive no matter what! Glad to see you, Kiryu. I really missed you bro!"

"Oh, I see..." You trail off and drop to a hard floor. Your eyes drift off once again and everything goes black.


You awake on a cold floor, locked up in chains in a small prison cell. Once you lift your head up, a shock surges through your body and you drop down the ground once again, now shivering.

"Looks like he's finally awake." A broad man laughs to his young colleague while they watch you through the cage, sitting on comfortable chairs with a box of fresh donuts on their table.

"Yeah, I'll go get Lieutenant Colonel Iceberg. Make sure he doesn't do anything suspicious, Jim."

"Roger that."

"What is...going on here? Oh right, I tried to save everybody and than got captured. Damn it...what a stupid decision." You think while eyeing the man called Jim who sits across from you. "Hey, you. How about-"

"Shut your face!" He says while standing up, walking towards you with some sort of remote control in arms.

"Heh, make me."

"All right, I got permission from the Lieutenant Colonel to use this baby if I see fit. Lets see how tough you really are, ex Executive Kiryu!"

"Hm? What-" Jim presses the only button on the remote control in his arms and an unbearable shock zips through your body. "Ahhhh!" You scream in pain while gripping your fists.

"Hah!" Laughs Jim, "Ain't so tough now, are we? Betraying the Red Ribbon Army and thinking you can get away with it. Lemme let'cha in on a tiny secret. When we get back to HQ, I heard President Red is going to hold a trial for all of your sins. If you're guilty, we'll execute you on the stands." You spit out some blood and frown, still not speaking. "Of course we all know that the trial is just a formality. You're gettin' the death penalty for sure. But you know, we gotta play the justice card. AMIRIGHT?"

"You're true scum, you know that...Jim." He simply smiles and begins turning a knob on the remote control resulting in an even more powerful surge whipping through your body, dropping you to the ground in pain.

"Got something else to say?"

"Go kill yourself." Another bolt of electricity whips through your body but doesn't stop this time, until a man walks in the room and puts hir left arm up high. Jim takes the command and turns off the remote, leaving you confused. "Heh, stopping already? And here I thought we were finally getting acquainted."

Jim scowls and walks out of the room, while a man exchanges places with him. "Hello, Ex-Executive Kiryu. My name is Lieutenant Colonel Iceberg of the Red Ribbon Army. It's a pleasure to finally meet you. I've heard countless stories of your accomplishments while you were situated at the RRA. It's unfortunate that you had to join up with the Freeborn Military."

"Unfortunate for whom?"

Iceberg smiles briefly and repositions his purple tie. You take a good look at him and notice that he's a fairly tall and thin male with black gloves and a blue suit with a wife beater underneath. His black cargo pants reach the bottom of his legs where he wears purple and black shoes to match his suit. "Next to Brigadier Officer Hercule, I am the highest ranked person on this mission. Due to circumstances, the Brigadier Officer is unable to speak with you at the moment. But worry not, I shall accompany you for the time being."

"Now isn't that the greatest thing a guy could ever ask for."

"Kiryu, on behalf of the Brigadier Officer - I am going to ask a favor of you."

"And what might that be?"

"Return to the Red Ribbon Army. If you face trial, you're sure to be executed. However, if you sign a contract that you will retire your position as a Commander from the Freeborn Military, with my help, we can defeat trial. Granted, you will have to work under the Red Ribbon Army once again but it's a small price to pay for your life."

"Hmm...why are you proposing this? I just met you and you say that with your help, I can survive. What does my life have to do with you?"

"You're a powerful, cunning, and brilliant combatist. It would be a shame if your life was lost. Especially if it was for something so simple as to who you were loyal too. Consider, Kiryu."

"Heh, what an interesting scenario this has turned out to be..." You think with a small smirk on your face.

"Think about it. At the speed this blimps are going, it'll take several days before we reach Red Ribbon Headquarters. I shall make my escape now. Don't worry about Jim; I will order the restriction on the use of the remote control electric generator so worry not." Lieutenant Colonel Iceberg turns around and begins walking away from you while you lay still on the ground, biting your bottom lip.

A) "Wait up! Fine, I'll join the Red Ribbon Army."
B) Keep quiet. Let things play out for now.
C) Call Lieutenant Colonel Iceberg back to question him.
- What questions?
D) Other?
Breakout by Hangman_Link
Author's Notes:
Choice that won:


First we call that Liuetenant Colonel back, and basically get into a conversation about that spy. Just a chat to see what we can learn about it. They probably know he's still alive, since he was there at the battlefield (if they even knew he turned into White.) If he doesn't know what happened, and asks...the spy was found, and will probably be killed (kinda a lie, we don't know what Rem will do.)

Next, it depends on this. Have we recovered since we were unconscious? Are we at full power, or any decent amount of power? Not likely.
Since we likely haven't recovered much, especially our hurt arms, we wait, eat what they give us, and just recover. When Kiryu feels ready, we initiate the plan.
We activate our shrink mode, and escape the shackles we have, grow back and defeat the loser guard(s?) in the room. If our two arms still haven't recovered, we use Four witches to create two fresh ones.

Next we wait beside the door to the room, for if anyone knows we've escaped, or heard commotion. We immediately surprise pound the crud out of them.

This next part doesn't matter whether we've recovered. We make our way through the plane, defeating anyone we come across. Use underhanded tactics, since I doubt either way we'll be at 100% (though if we rest...we might be...).
Carry a couple corpses, if someone blasts at us, throw a meat shield at the blast (though still block if it goes through.) Even better, pull a Bojack, maybe keep a living shield, and toss it at a friendly, and fire THROUGH them to surprise attack.

If we come across Hercule...well...don't let our guard down (I doubt he's nearly as weak as we'd think), but don't kill him unless necessary.

We're hijacking this thing. Oh...and MAYBE leave a pilot alive...if Kiryu or Hercule can't fly it. They might be unwilling to help...but they won't be if threatened by Kiryu.
"Eh, Colonel." You shout out to him just as he exits the room.

He stops, turns around, and re adjusts his tie once again before he responds. "Ahem, it's Lieutenant Colonel Iceberg."

"Riiiight; anyways, I was wondering if you knew anything about an implanted spy in the FBM?"

"Why do you ask?"

"Oh, no reason. I was just thinking that General White, ah sorry, Agent...86 was it? It is a darn shame that he'll be executed once he arrives back to Forte Valkyrie."

"Hah, yes "a darn shame" indeed. No matter, Kiryu. After he killed the real General White, I can't imagine the feelings you must bare for him."

"Tell me, what type or person is Agent 86?"

The Lieutenant Colonel smiles briefly as he wraps his gentle fingers around his tie. "I best be going now. Work awaits."

"Heh, you don't know anything about the origin of Agent 86 or anybody else, do you?"

Iceberg stands tall and closes the distance between he and you. "I apologize. The workload I have been given is quite stressful and I simply do not have the time to explain all of this to you, despite my undeniable urge to do so. When I have a spare moment, I will return and we will continue our talk." He smiles briefly once again and exits the room for good now.

Before he does though, you notice that his right palm is clenched tight and his head is buried to the ground. "Heh, looks like I got to him." Before you know it, you're laying on the cold damp floor in a ball, your eyes descending from their neutral position until everything completely goes black.


( Authors Note: This is the continuation of Kiryu's dream he had at the last update in the first Arc. It will most likely be beneficial if you reread it so here is the link for those who wish to do so: http://dbfl.gokugirl.com/viewstory.phpsid=1618&textsize=0&chapter=11 )

A series of ruthless punches are fired off from you at King Mario. Unfortunately, every strike you throw is casually dodged and your anger rises with each miss. "Why...WHY CAN'T I HIT!?!?" You roar in your head, before bashing a stray punch in his chair. It breaks down to a crisp and you turn your head to the side to see the King with a look of unforgettable turmoil on his face.

"It's a me...me chair!"

You take this opportunity and begin stretching your arm back once again. "He won't be able to block it this time, I'll make sure of it! Giant Bulldozer!" After exploding in size, your arms fire at Mario at full power. Upon impact, your arms freeze still once again and he peaks his head beyond you. "Not possible...!" You barely manage to whisper.

Mario throws your fist back and dashes at you, ready to finish things quick. His white gloves begin shredding through your skin with every punch, forcing you to stay still, unable to counterattack. The King jumps over your head and boots you in the face when you turn around.

On the ground, you grip your fists and scream in anger. You hear laughter begin to surround you, and you look around in shock and notice that King Mario's second hand man's head is shoved in the ground while your nameless comrade stands over him. He's the one laughing at you. Trying not to lose anymore composure, you stand up and put on a fighting stance.

"Lower your hips. Raise your left hand. Bend those knees. Bleh, there is just all kinds of wrong with that stance you have going on." He taunts you.

"Quiet, you have no idea how powerful I am!"

"It's no wonder you can't land a hit on the guy. Your slow and have no technique. Haha, I bet the Veteran Soldier is better than you!" He continues to taunt.

"Urrgh, I'll show him!" You prepare to charge Mario, but freeze when you see his gloved palm held open and his eyes burning red.

"Luigi...!" He sharply whispers. A flare of fire bursts from his palm and shapes itself into a ball. "DAMN YOU!"

"What...? Creating fire from thin air? How did he do that!?!?" You wonder in astonishment.

Your comrade slaps his palms together and a purple shield of Ki emits from him. "FIREBALL!" Mario roars in rage while throwing the ball. You jump away and it smashes into the purple shield of Ki while crackling and shaking.

"Now's my chance!" You stand up and stretch your arms back while King Mario struggles to push his Fireball forward. His pupil grows while he eyes you, unable to do anything else. A bit of saliva drips from your upper lip as your wet tongue crawls up your exterior facial wall. "Giant Bulldozer~~~!"

Mario screams in fear and is struck directly by your attack, smashing him out of the rock wall at a terrifying speed. His Fireball disperses from your comrades shield and he lets out a big breath. "You really don't slack in the attack department."


"But then again, if it weren't for my awesomeness you would've been killed by him. Suuuucks for you." He interrupts you while sticking his tongue out walking towards the exit of the room. Before he makes it out, Yamcha breaks in with blood and sweat running down his forehead. He takes in the situation before speaking up.

"...So you guys did it?"

"Where the hell were you?" You break in.

"Dealing with all those damn soldiers down there. They just wouldn't let me get up here! But at least pretty much all of them are done for...!!!"

Without saying another word, you walk straight past him with your head down. "Pathetic...I was made a complete fool of. I couldn't even land one attack on the King! I am still...lacking!" You bitterly think while returning to the ship.

Your train of thought is broken fairly quickly by Yamcha, "Looks like the weather has cleared up." He says while pointing to the sky. He's right. The previous storm has been completely replaced by a cool, sunny day.

You stop dead in your tracks and turn back, seeing your nameless comrade trail behind you two with his arms relaxed behind his head. "Hey, you handle yourself well."

"Mmhmm." He casually brushes you off, now ahead of you.

"I never got your name before?"

"Cool beans."

"...So what is it?"


Yamcha hops in the ship first, Conrad right after. "Conrad, eh. Somehow I know this won't be the last time we meet...!" You say quietly, now entering the boat yourself.


Upon awakening, you're greeted by a thin man with short brown hair that curves past his hazel eyes. He's wearing a standard Red Ribbon Army uniform that covers his entire body in a black body suit with red stripes swerving throughout. On it, are 6 gold badges placed by his heart. It seems the RRA still awards their soldiers for the accomplishments they have done. By the quantity of medals that he has placed on him, he must have done some extraordinary feats. "Howdy."

"Yeah..." You crack your neck and begin clenching your fists, giving the body a morning stretch. "How long was I out for?"

"A few hours." He simply says. "My name is Zita. Pleased to meet you."

"Hmm, no title before it? He has 6 medals on him, he can't be a normal soldier of any kind. Does he just not care to reveal his status? But his uniform is still that of a soldier..." You silently analyze before speaking up. "I see. Well, Zita, what can I do you for?" Afterwards, you think carefully: "No good, I can't do much in my current state of health. It appears I'll have to wait a bit longer before I make my move..."

"Lieutenant Colonel Iceberg instructed me to keep watch."

"And that's all?" He nods. "Why would you need to keep watch on a sleeping person?" You further investigate. He doesn't respond. His colourful eyes just lay on you with little care until you hear a smash on the door. It flies open and you see Jim sweating wildly.

"Zita, we got to go. NOW!"

"What's happen-"

"It's Hercule!" Zita's eyes grow and he stands up, smiles at you briefly and runs out the door with Jim by his side. Half a minute after they escape from the room, Brigadier Officer Hercule enters with a grim look. He steps in a small puddle of liquid by the door and jumps up a bit before seeing you. He immediately has a seat on the floor by you and takes a big breath.

"So the rumors are true. You are awake, Kiryu!" He practically shouts.

"...Yeah, what of it?"

"I told my underlings to notify my as soon as you got up. Not like I have anything better to do while I'm in this stupid Blimp. Goes so....SLOW. Anyway, I wasn't told nothin' which really pissed me off."

"If you weren't told anything, why are you here now?"

"Oh, wasn't told nothin' 'til now. Not even directly. I heard some rumors going around the cafe' about you giving some of the boys attitude and decided to take a quick decoy."


"Yeah, decoy. Like, side trip."

"...You mean detour."

"...Shut up." You smirk and than he continues. "Well anyway, I guess they just forgot to tell me. I'm over it. So how are things man!?" Hercules asks while putting a plate of food through the crack in the jail cell.

"Oh, things are just fine and dandy locked up in this cell." You say as you begin to eat the food.

"Yeaaaah, sorry about that. But when we arrive at Red Ribbon Headquarters in a few days and you go to trial, I'll have your back! We can beat it!"

"Mm, yeah yeah. I'm sure we will." You say aloud before thinking, "You live in such an ignorant life, Hercule. I almost pity you." Now finished the food, you put the plate down.

"Well anyway, i'm gonna get back up to my quarters. I'll check back later." You give him a nod while he stands up and exits the room, waving to you with a smile.

"I still don't have enough strength to do anything. I'll rest for now...!" You analyze and drop down to the cold, damp floor and close your eyes.


Meanwhile, in an unknown location...

"Keh, damn it...!" Joseph Pike creeps between two large stone structures while hundreds of Red Ribbon soldiers rush past him. He drops to the ground while holding his arm, stained with blood. "I used up all my Ki to get this far and now I can't Rejuvenate myself." The rush of soldiers stops and he peaks out in curiosity to find them all far in the distance, now splitting up into groups to find him.

"It looks like I'm safe...for now...!"

"Is that a fact?" A voice calls out from behind. Pike whips his head back in shock.



Your eyes mold back to an upright position and nobody is in your room this time. "Lucky me. Attenuate~!" Your body shrinks down to a miniature size and the shackles that binded you collapse to the ground. You sift through the bars in the jail cell and find yourself free. Upon realizing this, you release yourself and snap back to your original, giant self. "Ow," you say while stretching your body.

Silence. No noise is emitting from outside of those doors. "Do they know I escaped? No, that's ridiculous." You walk to the door and stare out through the crack in it, seeing nothing but a flight of stairs. "The Four Witches!" You whisper and two arms protrude from your back, dripping with sweat and mucus as you breath heavily. "With my regular hands in this condition, I won't be able to fight with them...!" You say while looking down at the bare bone on them that holds no skin.

The doorknob is subtly opened by your palm and you walk out of it without trouble. Noise is finally heard as you step up a long flight of stairs and light begins to blind your eyes from the normal darkness that you have been experiencing down below.

A familiar face comes into vision at the top of the stairs and eye contact is made. "Hello, Jim." You leap up the stairs and grab his throat, putting severe pressure on it. By now, you notice that you're in the middle of a room that's jam packed full of Red Ribbon Soldiers.

Everybody stares at you in complete shock and you snap Jim's neck in half. Moments after, they all stand up and begin charging at you without remorse. "Haaa!" You fire two balls of Ki from your palms and it kills numerous amounts of them at once. "Damn it, I didn't want to half to do that. Now I'm sure the rest of the people on board know something is up..!"

Not wasting another second in this room, you sprint out of it and begin smashing through all the soldiers you see, looking for the Pilot's room. You grab two soldiers by their heads with your over sized arms and smash them together before questioning them. "Where is the control center for this Blimp?"

"Just...down that hall." One answers, clearly dizzy. After smiling, you continue carrying them and sprint down the hall until another familiar face comes into view. It's Lieutenant Colonel Iceberg. You freeze and stare him down as he puts his palms up.

"Out of the way, before I break you in half."

He frowns and tightens his tie. "Ergh, so I take it you won't be joining us?"

"Heh, I'll take a pass on that." He frowns and walks to the left, leaving you enough space to enter the only room beyond him.

"Just gonna let me go?"

"If that is your wish." He replies, eyeing you down like a hawk.

You throw one soldier to the ground and fire a Ki of beam backwards, hearing screams of pain shortly after it explodes. Still holding the man that told you the control center is down this hall, you run forward and kick down the door. Iceberg did not move an inch from his position while you did so.

Now faced with a large hallway that can go either left or right, you turn down to the soldier and he points to the left. "You know, if you're leading me to an enemy I WILL break your neck before we initiate combat." He gulps and than nods, as if he's saying that he isn't doing that.

The hallway becomes thinner and thinner as you approach the end of it. With your boot straightened, you jump into the door that awaits and it smashes right through it. "Heh, well it seems you weren't lying to me after all." You turn over to see the Pilot in a chair, looking back at you completely still. Must be from fear!

"What's going on!?!?" He shouts while standing up and backing into the corner of the room.

"You're going to pilot this bird to Forte Valkyrie in the Freeborn Military's jurisdiction. If you don't, I'll kill everybody in this blimp right before your eyes. And after that's done, I'll torture you to death." You say while smiling. "Are we clear?"

He nods in fear and then you turn back to the hall, seeing multiple armed soldiers far down the hall, setting up. It appears that they have a battle plan brewing in the midst of them. "Come on!" You roar, "Fight me!!!" Screaming once again, before you think rationally: "Has Hercule not heard of this yet or is he organizing this attack? Hmmm..."

Just as you finish your train of thought, the soldier that was in your room earlier appears at the front of the crowd in point blank view. "Zita...!"

He stares coldly at you for a second and than begins his dash. Smoke surfaces from his feet at every step he takes. "Lets see what you got," two balls of Ki surface from your extra arms and you toss them at him with all your strength. Without slowing his pace, he turns to the left and than to the right and dodges both of your blasts.

Zita does a front flip and digs his arms into the ground, while you put your guard up and prepare for him to continue his dash. "His speed is certainly impressive, but lets see how he handles himself in combat while facing a top class fighter!" You feel something on your feet and look down, to see both of his hands holding you down. "HUH?"

Cannons and bullets of all kind are fired from the Red Ribbon Army and they all impact your arms directly. You try to hold your ground as the soldiers from earlier begin to trounce forward with their weapons while Zita holds you down. "S***, if I grab his hands I'll lose my defense. But if I don't grab his hands, they'll eventually close the distance between us and I'll be screwed. Besides, how much more of these blasts will I be able to take in this condition. What can I do?"

A) Grab Zita's hands that are locked onto your feet and try to get him off of you.
B) Remain still while keeping your guard up and hope for the best.
C) Use a technique (Specify Which) to counterattack. How?
D) Use a technique (Specify Which) to defend. How?
E) Use your meat shield and hope for the best!
Electromagnetism by Hangman_Link
Author's Notes:
Choice that won:

C. Decent strength ki attack at Zita. His arms are going through the ground, and latched onto our feet...which means the fool left himself WIDE open for attack, as he'll either have to A. Let go of us and dodge, or B. Can't do so in time, and take the hit.

Either one leaves us able to move, and take down these soldiers, hopefully he doesn't have time to dodge, and can't just utterly tank the blast.
Meanwhile, in an unknown location...

"Looks like I shook 'em off...!" Commander Thrigon says quietly to himself as he jumps out of a pile of hay. Looking around, he's in a barn with multiple farm animals all around him. "Guess they didn't see me come in here. Damn, I just hope everybody else is alright. Stupid Kiryu trying to play hero. That bastard better be alive."

"Who the hell are you?" An old man plainly asks while tilting his head, just entering the barn with a few dishes of food in his frail hands.

"Oh, sorry! I was just on the run so I hid out in here. Hope you don't mind." The Namekian replies while he wipes some dirt off his bloody pants.

"No no, it's okay. Stay for a while. By the looks of it, you need a change of clothes and a shower! Besides, this old man can use the company."

"Hehe, thanks gramps. Just point the way." The old man puts the food for each of his farm animals down and begins leading Thrigon out of the barn, pointing to a small house attached to it. The Commander carelessly follows. "Now that I think of it, where the hell am I? I was sprinting as fast I could for at least an hour, maybe two. but who knows how fast I was going...I'm awfully tired." He thinks.

The old farmer opens the door and smiles as Thrigon enters. Before he makes it all the way in, Thrigon turns to him and speaks up: "Yo gramps, where am I anyway? I was just at the Saiyan Empire earlier today so I can't be that far, right?"

"Hohoho, no, you're not far from there at all. This is just a modest farm I started a few years back. Just off into the distance, maybe an hour walk before you come to the dock, there is an archipelago a few miles off shore. I help supply some of those islands with scarce products."

"Huh, I see..." The Commander finally says and walks into the man's house, blood still dripping from his obvious wounds.


"Don't underestimate me!" A Ki blast forms in your right arm and you launch it down the hall, directly at Zita. A grim smile appears on his face as the blast closes in on him. Zita opens his mouth wide and the ball of Ki flies into his mouth. He closes it tight and swallows it whole, licking his lips immediately after.

"Heh, thanks for the snack." You feel a sudden clench on your leg and notice that Zita's arms are much more muscular than before. A rush of pain strikes your chest and a cannon ball drops to the ground, you soon after.

"Damn it, I let my guard down to attack Zita...!" Footsteps break out and you peak your head up, noticing the Red Ribbon Soldiers sprint down the hall with shields that cover their entire body. You struggle to get up as Zita attempts to pin your legs down, but you manage to make it up, only to be shot over your entire body with firearms.

While you hold your block up and the Soldiers charge forward, the roof smashes from behind you and Hercule comes tunneling down. His arms wrap around your neck and he begins to tug on it tightly, leaving you completely defenseless to the incoming attacks.

"...I can't take this...ANY LONGER!" You break out in your head and elbow Hercule in the gut with all your remaining strength. He cringes over in pain and loosens his grasp on your neck. Two balls of Ki form in your hands and you smash them together while the RRA Soldiers charge forward, creating an even larger ball of Ki. "Wipeout Wave!!!" The blast is fired and they all whip their shields out in defense.

As a dust cloud fills the room, you turn around to see Hercule regaining his composure. "Not a bad plan you have going on." He simply puts on a fighting pose, without replying. His attire is different from earlier; he's wearing some kind of red and yellow body suit with strange colorless patches at multiple areas of his body suit.

You swing your right arm to hook him in the face but he swings his left up to block it. Still trying to overpower him, you rip two extra arms out of your back and grab him by the neck, squeezing tightly.

"Now listen Hercule, I don't have any intention of taking your life so listen to my words carefully...!" You say in a ghostly tone of voice. He attempts an uppercut but you block it with your spare hand.

"...Ha...I don't listen to terrorists!" He barely manages to squeeze out. Immediately after, the floor behind you shatters and Zita pops out from underneath with a his claw shaped hands out. You now notice that your legs are free so you immediately jump to the side without releasing your hold on the Brigadier Officers neck, but now have his back face Zita instead of yours.

You see a bright light appear in the other room and Zita turns to it. A mountain of energy is fired from the room and Zita opens his mouth wide, sucking it all in at once. He then turns to you and Hercule and opens up wide.

An ounce of fear strikes you as the great blast of bright yellow Ki is fired at you from the lowly soldier named Zita. "S***!" A large explosion takes place in the control room and everything fades away.


Meanwhile, just outside the Saiyan Empire...

A series of footsteps from multiple soldiers walk in unison with one completely out of balance. "You think you can walk any faster? We gotta deadline here!" A Soldier calls out while dragging along somebody in his arms with some sort of gun that has the Red Ribbon Logo on its side.

"Suck my-"

"You wanna finish that sentence you piece of s***!?!?"


"Ergh, shut up!" The soldier lifts the man by his neck to the sky and strikes him in the face with his fist. The Freeborn Military General flies to the ground and crashes, skidding a few meters before stopping.

"Calm down Captain. The guy has like no legs so cut him a little slack, will ya?"

"Psh, whatever. Pick him up, I ain't holding that freak no more."

"In my current condition, there just isn't a high enough probability that I can deal with these guys even if I got these shackles off me. What will happen to me?" General John Giant thinks while he's dragged into a large blimp that is situated on the ground now, just near the Saiyan Empire.


The smoke clears and you find yourself pinned up against the wall, bleeding harshly. Hercule stands up and dusts himself off like nothing happened and stares you down from above. Zita stands casually behind him and waits further instructions. "Bad move, Kiryu. You just added one more crime to your list. This ain't gonna hold up too well at trial." Hercule warns.

"What was that...? That...Zita character can not only eat Ki but he can store others' Ki in his mouth and fire it out at will. But that blast hit Hercule too, i'm sure of it. Hercule's back was FACING the blast, how is he just standing up so casually? I didn't sustain too much damage thanks to him shielding me anyway, so it shouldn't be much of a problem...!" You wonder to yourself.

You stand up and an electric shock surges through your body, dropping you to the ground once again, shaking violently. "Errrrghh," you manage to let out.

"The battle is over," Hercule triumphantly states. "Zita fired off electromagnetic energy at you. It'll break down your body until you can't move."


"That's right. Thanks to Dr. Gero and his team, the Red Ribbon Army now has the power to tap into the most powerful energy source in the world, and manipulate it for our own uses. We've already started building hundreds of deadly warheads."

"Well..." You begin, struggling to stand up as electric volts rip through your body. "Sorry to disappoint you and these pleasant inventions but..." Your body shakes uncontrollably and you flip your head forward, smiling. "But this battle is far from over."

Hercule stares at you with a shocked expression while Zita tilts his head to the right with a curious look on his face. "Bring it." Hercule declares and you two clash once again, him pushing you back into the wall while surges from the electromagnetism spark through your body. Zita turns to the side and opens his mouth wide as he stares into the long hallway where all the Red Ribbon Soldiers stand guard.

Hercule elbows you in the gut and whips his backhand into your face as you cringe down. Crashing into the wall, you notice a large crack on it and survey the room once again. The pilot is hiding under his control desk. Hercule stands before you and Zita a few meters behind him. The wall you're laying against is severely cracked from the battle. On top of that, there is a blatant hole in the middle of the floor from when Zita surfaced from underneath. "I do not care to see how my body will react to another shot of electromagnetism, but in my current condition there isn't much I can do. S***!" You angrily analyze.

Suddenly, your vision disappears which brings fear into you until you hear a familiar voice speaking. "Kiryu, just think your way through this. You're a brilliant battle commander, so this oughtta be no problem for you. Just don't be rash, and weigh your options!"

"Huh? Thrigon, why are...how are you here?" You respond.

"You can do this man!"

You're right," you say and reality comes back to you. Hercule's fist comes plowing through the air which you block with one of your extra arms and give him an uppercut to the jaw with your (real) right. You cringe, expecting a shock of pain to come from your bare boned hand but feel nothing. Upon looking down, the skin is still off of your hand but the pain from earlier is gone. "How!?"

Another bright light flashes and your smashed into the wall from the force, but this time you feel no pain from the blast. Hercule and Zita stare at you in shock while you smile. "Heh, is that all you got?"


Meanwhile, in an unknown place...

"Thanks Doc, I owe you one!" Kaiba joyfully says to a young women with a stream of lush, blue hair that runs down her back. She wears a long white doctors coat and tight yellow shorts that help show her assets. The girl wears red shoes worn with green socks and a green tank top that exposes the tips of her full cupped breasts. Most of this is covered by her lab coat, however.

"No problemo. Just be sure not to strain yourself too much. I recommend that you don't walk back to Forte Valkyrie just yet. Especially with the Red Ribbon Army on patrol." She warns.

"Yeah yeah, whatever you say." He responds and she raises her left eyebrow, which causes him to back off a bit. Kaiba pokes his liver with his finger a few times and smiles. "It's as good as new!" The Commander runs out of her modest office and the door swings back and forth as he leaves.

The doctor takes a deep breath and counts to three. At three, Kaiba barges in the door once again and opens his palms. "Hehe, I forgot my pills Launch!"

"Just don't forget to take them. Really, you should be resting for at least a few weeks after such a rough battle! Speaking of which, how are you even going to get back to Forte Valkyrie?"

"What do you mean?" Kaiba wonders while scratching his head in confusion.

"We're on an island. An island! Just because I picked you up at the dock a few miles offshore, don't expect me to take you back. At least not until you fully recover."

Kaiba sighs and takes his phone out of his pocket, "Fine, I'll wait a bit before I head out. But only if you promise to drop me off where you picked me up. By the Saiyan Empire!"

"One week. That's as soon as I'll take you."

He smiles and waves his phone at her, "Just call me on my cell. I'll be at a hotel or something, bye!" Kaiba runs out of her office in a rush and she peaks out after him, sighing aloud.

"With what money!?!?"


"The electromagnetism must be numbing the pain that I'm experiencing in my body so it cancels itself out on the second dose, as well as protected my hands from breaking down after that punch. But if that's the case, will there be side effects?"

"You're lucky the electromagnetism wave is still in the experimental stages, Kiryu!" Hercule shouts, "But don't think you won this fight yet!" Zita dives over his leaders head and smashes his fist down at full throttle. You jump to the side and he rips right through the wall behind you, creating a powerful suction from the air.

The pilot is sucked from under the desk and flies out of the window at an incredible pace. Zita stretches his arms into the air and grabs hold of the pilot, bringing him back best he can. "Fool!" Hercule breaks out, angry at Zita for taking matters into his own hands and failing.

Hercule prepares a grim fighting stance and doesn't take his eyes off of you for a second. The corner of your eye reaches Zita and the pilot and you smile, "Heh, it looks like I just hit the jackpot."

A) Attack Zita from behind and knock him out of the Blimp.
B) Focus on Hercule while Zita is busy.
C) Ignore them both and try to take down the Red Ribbon Soldiers in the other room.
D) Go to the control system and try to pilot this thing to Forte Valkyrie.
E) Make A Battle Plan To Defeat Them!
Now Or Never by Hangman_Link
Author's Notes:
Choice that won:

E. Our two arms on our side closest to Hercule fire ki blasts at him, to distract him and cause him to block. Meanwhile, Kiryu dashes at Zita, and punches him out the blimp. We then cause one arm to grow giant and bring the pilot back (as he's sure to be dropped.

If Zita tries to grab our arm, and does so, we grow another arm, reach out, and pull him off or crush him. If he doesn't grab our arm in time, then he's probably doomed (yay).

Quickly pull the pilot up, if Hercule's already recovered (likely) point out that we have the pilot, so let us at least pull him in first. This should at least give us time to pull him in, put him down, and fight Hercule.

Whether or not he's recovered, we start with rapid fire ki blasts from all our available arms on Hercule, assuming that the plan hasn't been completely screwed over somehow by Zita in some way I haven't forseen. Focus on using our extra arms and (temporary) painlessness to our advantage.
Meanwhile, In An Unknown Location...

"He's waking up!" An old lady exclaims while wearing her hair in a bun and a nightgown covering her elderly body.

"Yippee! You did it aunt Cherel!" Says a young child with an unforgettable grin on his face. A body rises from a beat up futon and the frail male brushes his hands over his head, as if he had a devastating hangover. "Are you okay mister?" Asks the child, still smiling joyfully.

"Who are you?" The severely injured man questions as he uplifts himself from his resting place and begins to stretch.

"I'm Timmy! And that's my aunt Cherel over there! We saw you un-uncon-bleh, what was that word again?"

"Unconscious." His aunt assists.

"Right! We saw you unconscious out in the forest when we were picking fruit for supper so me and my aunty felt we had to bring you home to rest!"

"That's right," Cherel comes in with a smile, now rising from her seat and walking over to the kitchen. "We couldn't just let you die like that! What kind of trouble could have gotten you that badly beat up?"

The man stares at them with a scowl before speaking up, "I was fighting against the Saiyan Empire in a war. But after it all ended, the Red Ribbon Army ambushed us all and initiated an assault on all of the survivors. I only managed to get so far before my body finally gave out, but it appears it was far enough."

"A war? Red Ribbon Army? The Saiyan Empire? Whoa...just what kind of man are you?"

Timmy smiles and speaks up without giving the man a chance to answer, "Wooow! You're so cool! I wish I could be like you!"

Aunt Cherel frowns harshly and stares at the man again, awaiting an answer. He clears his throat but is interrupted once again, this time by Cherel. "Forget it. We really don't need to know anything about your background. Though I do question the reality of your story. The Saiyan Empire is quite far away from here, but the real discrepancy I see is the fact that we're on Cipro Island. You would have to pass a long terminal of water to get here and a bridge has not been built yet! We don't need liars in our household."

Staring at her with hatred, he smiles briefly and flaps the butterfly-like wings that remain on his back. "These wings are not just for show. I flew across the river. It maximized my rate of success while escaping."

Cherel sighs and doesn't continue the conversation at hand, "So what should I call you anyway?"

"My name is Pitou."

Timmy looks at him in awe and grabs onto his aunts leg, "Aunty, can we have supper now!?!?"

She smiles back and nods, "I'll go make something. Pitou, do you have any preferences?"

"No, do as you wish."

"Alrighty, Taco's and fruit sound good Timmy?"

"Yeah!" He yells before running to his small box of toys and taking out two cars - one red, and the other yellow. "Mister Pitou, do you want to play cars with me?"

Pitou stares at him boldly for a second and walks straight past him, putting his smooth hands on the front doors handle. "No." The door swings open, banging against the wall and the Commander exits plainly, having a seat on the porch.


You stare Hercule down momentarily and smirk. He tightens his grip and prepares to block while you fire a series of generic Ki blasts at him. The balls crash into him and he smashes into the wall, holding his block best he can.

Taking the opportunity, you run over to Zita and tackle him out of the hole in the wall. He flies twenty meters in the air and is sucked down to the Earth below. You scream and your right arm stretches after the fallen pilot, grappling onto him as gently as possible, but screams of pain are still heard. You swing him back in as fast as possible but feel a surge of pain run down your spine.

In pain, you fling your arm back as fast as possible and your arm smashes a huge hole in the side of the Blimp. He rolls onto the ground and ducks for cover as multiple structures break from the roof and collapse onto the ground below.

You do nothing but stare Hercule down, who is now only a few meters away from you. Your body shivers in pain and you fall to your knees, feeling all the strength within your body leak out of you.

Time freezes for you and all of your senses heighten. Drip, drip, drip. A small pool of blood leaks from your back as the gaping hole begins to expand and shrivel up. Noticing Hercule, he has a crimson knife with red carvings all over it, dripping just as you are. Upon touching your leg, your body both freezes and burns simultaneously.

You now realize that you're standing tall, footsteps exploding from Hercule as he travels towards you in slow motion, knife in hand. A sultry taste climbs through your mouth while your entire tongue licks the surface of your lips. His fist fires through the air and you sway to the side, dodging it without even fully comprehending the magnitude of his attack.

Placing both hands on his covered chest, one large ball of Ki forms in your hands and you launch it through him, smashing him against the wall. He twitches uncontrollably until the wall he's against smashes right through it. You look at him in shock, but he gets up quickly, now in another room.

"You bastard," he grimly states while wiping blood that you can vaguely smell off his lips. "Doing any more damage to this Blimp and it'll crash...!"

"I'm not too worried," you smile and look over to the pilot who remains under the seat. "Pilot, do as I say and fly this bird to-"

"You will not!" Hercule barks! "Kiryu, I didn't want to have to use this but you've left me no choice! Haaaaaa ~ !" His body begins to bulk up as he screams in agony, but before anything happens a huge quake breaks out from below and you all fly into the corner of the room, wondering what is happening. The pilot manages to stand up and get to the controls, pressing a series of buttons madly.

"No good...! Brigadier Officer Hercule, we're out of gas."

"WHAT!?!?" Both you and Hercule scream in sync.


"Mister Pitou, do you want to have a sleepover? Please aunty Cherel! Pleeeeaaasse!"

"I don't mind as long as Pitou over here is fine with it."

The Commanders chair is pushed back and he stands tall, eyeing them both down satanically. "No, I would prefer to get far away from here as quickly as possible." He boldly states while picking up his near empty plate and bringing it to the sink. Pitou begins to think cautiously, "Why are they being so kind? Is this an ambush of some sort? I'm on Cipro Island. Is this the home for a Red Ribbon Base?"

"Awww, but-"

"Now now, Timmy," Aunt Cherel interrupts. "He's made his decision. Lets not bother him anymore. Pitou, have a small rest on the couch and stay for a bit longer before you head out on your journey. I'm just going to go put the garbage away. Watch Timmy for me, okay?"

Pitou breathes rather heavily and gives her a short nod. Cherel puts her and Timmy's leftovers in the garbage and ties a knot around it, lugging it over her shoulder moments after. The door creaks as she opens it and her figure disappears from Pitou's sight.

Timmy has a seat on the floor and starts playing with his cars once again, with a large smile on his face. "This is no good. I do not trust these people...!" Pitou worries.

The door flings open and Cherel resurfaces. "I might as well take the recycling to the lot while I'm at it." She bends over and starts placing some items in a small, reusable bag and a figure crawls up behind her. She freezes for a moment and turns around slowly, seeing Pitou standing tall in front of her.

His tongue creeps across his upper lip slowly as he places his cold hands on her neck and forehead. Unable to even move from his grasp, she simply stares at him in complete shock and terror. A loud crack breaks out and she drops to the ground, with her neck completely shattered.

A scream is heard from Timmy as he rushes over to aid the only person he has in this World, tears flowing down his eyes. Pitou stares at him coldly while illegible words are spouted from the child's mouth as he cries over his dead aunt. Hands grab onto the child just as they previously did his aunt and another crack is heard.

Minutes later, the door flings open and Pitou exits with style, closing it behind him gently. Inside, lay a broken family buried in a closet while the world continues to move on without a care. The Commander stares into the sky as if he's lost before his eyes resurface on the near empty town in front of him. After smiling, he starts walking away from the scene with joy. He has escaped death once again.


The blimp swerves in the air without a course while you struggle to stand up, holding onto the gaping wound in your back that Hercule stabbed you with. "S***, my body is giving out! I don't know how long I'll be able to even stand up, let alone fight...!" You somehow manage to think while Hercule and your eyes meet again.

Zita flings through the hole in the Blimp from earlier with his Namekian arms and lands safely, spitting bits of blood out as he lands. "You almost killed me there!" He yells at you in a joking tone.

"Almost? Well that's a shame." You taunt while putting two of your arms forth while the others hold your back tightly. He dashes at you at a incomprehensible speed and before you know it is delivering a ruthless combo while you attempt to block. Hercule charges next but the ground shakes again and you all fall over, ending the battle.

"Pilot, what can you do?" Hercule yells out while rubbing his head.

"I...I don't know! The engine is fried, we're out of fuel, and all this damage to the blimp isn't helping!!!" He screams back, holding onto the controls as hard as possible so he doesn't fly out the window once again.

You roll over to the hole in the window and stare down, noticing that the Blimp has lost a massive amount of height from earlier. Still far in the distance, you see a huge bay of water surrounding multiple islands, some of which are connected via bridge.

"I might be able to jump...! If I can survive the landing and make it ashore, I'll certainly be far away from these guys but if I die being far away from them won't exactly mean much. On the other hand, I could always try to throw THEM out of here and take over what is left of it! Damn it, so many options, so little time!" Your mind races.

You turn around and stand quickly, noticing that Hercule and Zita are doing the same. Hercule pulls pitch black handcuffs out of his back pocket and gives Zita a quick nod. As the ground shakes even more, you stare them down with a tint of fear due to your current condition. "It's now or never...!"

A) Jump out of the window:
- 1) Try to land in the water.
- 2) Try to land on the land.
B) Try to knock Zita and Hercule out of the window:
- 1) Focus your efforts on both of them.
- 2) Focus your efforts on one of them (which?).
C) Give up and let them handcuff you.
Djawa Island by Hangman_Link
Author's Notes:
Choice that won:

"This has been fun, Hercule and friends. However, I don't plan on staying in this blimp any longer." You bluntly state. They stare you down with caution as the blimp shakes, losing height by the second. "Ha!" A ball of Ki morphs in your hand and you smash it into the core of the room, blinding everyone momentarily.

Smoke piles through the room while you make your way to the edge, staring down once more. "I wonder what awaits me down below. Well, no point in dreaming about it!" Your feet disperse from the floor and before you even realize it, you're already treading through the skies at an unmatched speed.

"Where did he go!?!?" You hear Hercule scream from above, now that the smoke cloud has obliterated. Upon looking up, you see Zita staring directly at you while he holds onto the wall of the blimp with a yellow spiral of Ki in his hand.

"I don't know," the soldier lies. "Maybe he's in the other room." The surge of Ki disperses from his hand and he gives you one last stare with his calculating eyes, disappearing from your vision seconds after.

Screeches roar past your ear during the quick flight down to the ocean that awaits below, while blood squirts out of your aching back from the pressure that ripples through the air.

"S***, I'm going too fast! At this rate, I'll explode on impact. I better do something, quick!" You crush your shaking palms together and concentrate your remaining Ki within them. "Haaaa ~ !" You roar from the skies and fire all the Ki you could muster in those greasy palms of yours.

The beam crashes into the ocean and your drop comes to a complete halt, before speeding up again at a much slower pace. The blue crater of water glistens bright as you pillar down from the skies, your Ki now fading away.

Turning your head to all angles, you notice two islands far off in the distance, but still close enough to see. One island, however, is much closer to you. According to your completely inaccurate assumption, it's about a mile or two from where you currently are in the ocean. "Hmm, it's close but...I won't be able to swim that far in my condition. I have no choice..."

Your large spear of Ki begins turning as you shift your giant body to the side of it, swinging the blast off the center of the ocean. The pool of water shakes due to the unusual amount of power that is piercing it, until you finally release your attack at the best angle you can withstand.

A loud explosion is heard and you're fired off into the trajectory you aimed at. The force from your attack propels you through the air while you struggle to even stay awake, losing blood every instant your wound is exposed.

Your energy is drained and your body shudders in pain uncontrollably as you collapse into the water. Pressure builds up in your intoxicated lungs and your eyes plunge from reality, back and forth until they remain closed while you drop to the bottom of the ocean without struggle.

"So peaceful...I could just do this forever. Wait, what's going on? Am I...drowning? S***!" You snap back to reality and whip your head up, seeing the surface far off in the distance.

Using all your remaining stamina, your arms and legs paddle back and forth until you whip out from the water seeing a small, yet populated island. "Yeeeees!" You yell out in joy, before swimming the rest of the way and grappling onto the dry ground of the town.

Your nails dig into the dock and you manage to pull half of your body on top of it. A smile is on your face, and you can't seem to take it off despite knowing it's there and trying to bring your cold and ruthless face back on. The town starts to flicker momentarily before it is fully engulfed in darkness.


"Are you sure it was alright to do that, Lieutenant Colonel Iceberg?"

"Yes, Zita, it is all going according to plan. You played your part well too."

"Heh, but still...emptying the fuel chamber and melting the engine. Just letting the Blimp crash! You could have killed tons of people, Iceberg!"

"Do not focus on the what if. Nobody was killed, except the few that Ex-Executive Kiryu took out." Iceberg demands, while readjusting his purple tie. "We already won. Hercule is finished. He volunteered to escort Kiryu back to HQ, and during this time all he managed to accomplish was letting the prisoner escape and allowing the only source of transportation to break down. He'll be demoted, if not executed for this failure."

"Yeah, but..."

"Zita, listen carefully. I am the one who salvaged the leftovers of this mission by using my ability to allow the Blimp to land safely. You fought bravely beside Hercule, but due to his incompetence - once again - you couldn't defeat Kiryu. I will take the Brigadier Officer's rank, and you will get yet another promotion, which you will of course deny."

"Iceberg, I could probably be an Executive by now. Why am I still denying promotions? And why did I have to go easy on Kiryu to allow him to escape!?"

The Lieutenant Colonel smiles while tugging on his tie. "The ideal situation would be for Kiryu to join the Red Ribbon Army. Such a powerful fighter that only I could manage to recruit would give me a promotion. However, his breakout threw that plan in the trash. So I was forced to improvise and devise a new plan, which I did so without fuss. I could have annihilated him on sight, which would get me recognition for the job well done, but Hercule would still be the leading force in this mission. In order to solidify my promotion to Brigadier Officer, I had to succeed while making that fool fail."

"So you're gonna blame everything on him?"

"The evidence will do that for me. As for you denying your promotions..." Iceberg continues, "You are doing this so I will have power over you, and we will be able to continuously work together in our endeavors without suspicions growing. When an Executive fails to deliver, said person will get in trouble no matter the case. The lower rank you are, the better. It'll excuse the failures you're bound to meet. Besides, President Red has already granted you permission to go on any mission you see fit so the benefits of promotion will not help you too much."

"I live in a s*** hole room and my paycheck is nearly non existent. Forget about the missions, I want-"

"We all want a lot of things, Zita. And trust me, we will get them. Just be patient! And one more thing, we cannot have LEAKS! If Hercule had an intellect of anything above a fool, that leak in the cafeteria could have been detrimental to us!" The Lieutenant demands, before walking away from his partner, surveying the area.

"Hey, Iceberg." Hercule calls out, causing the Colonel to turn to his side. "Thanks again for saving all our asses. A lot of people would have died if it weren't for you and that weird...ability thing you have."

"It is not a problem. Hurry up and phone Headquarters to pick us up though. I've grown tired of waiting on this island."

"Uh huh, I hear ya'. Dang, they sure are gonna be mad." He replies while picking up his cell phone.

"I pray that you won't get in any trouble." Lieutenant Colonel Iceberg says with a smirk.


"Where am I?" You say aloud while sitting up from a comfortable bed and rubbing your head while a person named Ned stands beside you with lead. Wait, that isn't what's happening at all! You tilt your head from side to side only to find that you're alone, hooked up with large medical supplies that seem to be pumping blood into you. Upon looking to your side, you see a silver bell beside your bed. Taking a leap of faith, you tap it and it rings vibrantly.

The door slams open seconds after and an old man with a young nurse walk in, both smiling. She is wearing a white nurses uniform and hat that covers her entire, slim body. He on the other hand is wearing an orange and white overcoat and blue track pants with beige socks. The man is bald, and has a thick white beard that covers most of his face, while his red sunglasses cover the rest of it. His left hand begins to wonder to the side and makes its way to the nurses buttocks while she stares at you with a smile.

"You finally awoke!" She yells with a smile. The old man's hand grabs onto her ass and he squeezes tightly while laughing pervertedly. She shrieks in surprise before elbowing him in the face with all her strength, smashing him outside of the room.

"I uh, eh...sigh." He sadly says while standing up, trying to fix the broken lens for his glasses. "Nurse, can you excuse us for the moment. You can check on him after." Now calm, she gives him a smile and walks past him as he enters the room again, closing the door behind him. Still confused at to what is going on, you remain silent. "Hello there, my name is Master Roshi. It is a pleasure to meet such a fine fighter."

"Yeah, whatever. I gotta go though, I'm sort of in a hurry." You rudely respond.

"No, I don't think you are." Says Roshi.


"You've been in a coma for three years. Whatever you were in a rush to do back then is no longer a primary concern."

You stare at him in awe, speechless. "...You're...You're joking, right?"

"I'm afraid not."





"Nah, I'm just kidding. Keyeh, keyeh, keyeh." He laughs mysteriously.

"Ergh, you bastard!" You leap from your bed, unplugging all the medical supplies connected to in the process, and smash your giant fist into his old face. He crashes through the door and flops into the hallway, once again. "How long has it REALLY been?"

He gets up, now with a large band aid on his face and laughs a bit. "Six days since you were picked up offshore. You took one hell of a beating, Freeborn Military guy."

"How do you...-"

"Oh, don't mind me. I just did a little research once I saw all of your contacts in the cell phone you had while I was prank calling them."

"Ergh, you bastard!"

~ Afterwards ~

"Now that we got that over with, what is going on here?" You boldly state to Master Roshi while he puts more band aids on while checking himself out in the mirror.

"Man, I look really sexy today." You can't help but smile a bit before taking it off of your face and facepalming. He sees this and than turns around to you, a walking stick flying into the room and entering the palm of his hand as he does so. You wonder how he did that briefly, but he interrupts your train of thought. "I am Master Roshi. You are currently on Djawa Island. We're on an Archipelago that homes 7 unique islands. My nurse saw you pull yourself up from the water on the dock and brought you here, to our home."

"Why? Why be so kind to a stranger?"

"Because you did nothing wrong to me, so I should treat you respectfully. My nurse holds the same ideals in that regard. I can tell just by looking at you that your heart is far from pure. But I can also tell that you have a great set of principals and you do have morals. So if not because of anything else, I respect you."

"Oh, well that makes me feel so warm inside. An old perverts respect. I'm brimming with joy!"

"Your name is Kiryu, correct?"

"Yeah. What of it?"

"Show me different kinds of Ki that you can manipulate?"

"Hmm? You mean like a ball or a beam?" He doesn't answer. "Peh, who does this geezer think he is? I'll show him the power of a Commander of the Freeborn Military!" You silently roar before spouting two arms from your back, sweating violently while doing so. A Ball of Ki forms in two of your palms and you smash them together, creating a beam which you fire at the wall.

It crashes into it destructively and Roshi puts his hand up on cue. "That is enough."

"Heh, so what do you think old man?"

"Just as I suspected, you are a typical Ki user. I would tell you that you are not worth my training, but from that demonstration I was able to gauge a great deal of potential hidden within you. So if you wish to be taught-"

"Hold it right there, gramps. I'm one of the most powerful fighters in this world, and you are nothing but a perverted old man! Don't spout nonsense about training me, you fool."

Not upset, he changes the subject casually. "Kiryu, have you ever met a person named Big Daddy? He was in the Freeborn Military too. A General, if I recall. I am just wondering because he told me he was shipping off to war last time he was here. I would like to know if he made it back safely or not."

"Hmm, I remember him alright. Chi Chi told me how he died too." You think to yourself.

1) No, I have never met him.
2) Yeah, I know him. He escaped safely.
3) Yeah, I know him. His head imploded, from what I heard.
4) Yeah, I know him. I was told that he died bravely.


You exit the house and look around the island. It seems like a tropical paradise. There are many people drinking from coconuts and others playing on the sandy beach, while some do their grocery shopping at the open markets. This island has a large emphasis on healthy fruits based off of what the residents are buying.

You hear commotion coming from around the corner so you walk towards it, to see two grown men men beating up a little boy no older than eight. They're both wearing long black uniforms with a skull and cross bones over it. They also wear a pirates hat with the symbol of a crow shaped over top it. "What the...!" You barely manage to think before getting ready to dash.

Moments before you do, your shoved into the side of Master Roshi's house by a tall, black male with crimson eyes and a Hawaiian shirt. On it, is a name tag that says 'Chad' in bold letters. "Careful what you're doing, bro. To even attempt to try and touch Crow's men must mean you're new, bro."

You push him off of you quickly and he falls on the sandy ground, in shock. "Dude, careful bro. If they see us over here, they might come after us too!"

"What are-, who the HELL is 'Crow'?"

"Bro, where you staying? Captain Crow of the Crimson Pirates! You don't know him!?!?"

"No, and I don't really care." You turn back to the child to see the two men drowning him in water, and than pulling him up briefly before doing it again, laughing the entire time.

The man gets up and hops in front of you. "Check it bro, Captain Crow, he RUNS this place. All the islands on the Archipelago. They came a few months ago and totally took over. All of our best fighters from the entire Archipelago couldn't stand a chance! They have us building a runway that connects the entire archipelago together. I heard their base is over on Rhodus Island!"

"What does this have to do with me?" You say, slightly confused and annoyed.



"If anybody even goes as far to touch any of Crow's boys, he'll com-a-huntin' for realz! Bro, the guy is f***ed. If one of his guys gets injured, he just knows it happens somehow and BOOM!"



"Boom what?"


You walk past him and prepare to take care of these two but think of what he's saying before you do so. "Perhaps I should just let things be. But this is just..." Relocating your eyes on the kid, he's now trying to run away while they jump on top of him and begin to beat him down with wooden bats while he tries to cover himself.

The black guy runs in front of you once again and stares you deep in the eyes. "Bro, even if you can handle these guys think about us! Don't just be bringing chaos to our home! This is just how things go around here. Let. It. Be. Bro!"

"He does raise a good point, but this kid...I may not be the kindest guy on the planet but I know what's right and wrong." You analyze.

A) Leave things be.
B) Go beat the s*** out of both of them.
C) Kill both of them.
D) Other?
The Crimson Pirates by Hangman_Link
Author's Notes:
Choice that won:

4D: Walk up and distract them. Ask about this Crow guy as if we're interested about this weird ability "boom" talk. If they get distracted, the kid can get away. Maybe even ask them to take us to him if he's nearby. That should get them off the kid, and get us to meet someone fairly interesting.
Prior To Going Outside...

"Big Daddy? Yes, I did know him." You reply with a tint of sorrow in your eyes.

"Did?" Master Roshi quietly questions.

"I was told that he died bravely in battle. He was a good fighter and it's a shame that he didn't make it. Many great fighters died that day..."

Roshi gives you a slight nod before turning around and walking over to his pink couch, having a seat on it. "He was my student," the master bitterly speaks up. "Though I only knew him for six months, but my time with him was memorable. Such a passionate student he was, always trying to improve upon himself. He nearly tripled his Battle Power in the time he spent with me. But his growth wasn't the only thing that stood out. His way of fighting stood out most to me."

Bored at first, that last comment spiked your interest. "What do you mean, Roshi?"

"He had no interest in Destructive Ki. The man did not want to learn it. I suppose he didn't feel it was necessary."

"Huh? I can't say I follow. What do you mean 'Destructive Ki'?"

Roshi sighs while closing his eyes and staring at the floor. He flips his head up and continues, "Big Daddy only wanted to learn Rehabilitation Ki. Or 'Healing Ki', whatever you want to call it. To be able to Transfer one's own Ki into somebody else to power them up, and even to repair one's bodily tissue with this Ki. It's a step above the most commonly seen Ki."

"I've seen that before...how can I obtain it?"

"Keyuh keyuh keyuh, it is not time for you yet." You grunt at this and he continues. "Big Daddy even started to learn the basics of 'Dark Ki', the most deadly form of life force known to man. I can't say that I know why somebody who refused to learn Destructive Ki would be interested in something so deadly, but for whatever reason, he was."

"How do you know all of this?"

"Keyuh keyuh keyuh, because I taught him. I told you that already."

"That isn't what I'm asking." The old Master tilts his head in confusion while you stare him down boldly, "Your an old buffoon, yet you continue to speak about foreign terms for something that I've been harnessing my entire life. Why!?!?" You demand.

"According to specialists, roughly 31% of the world's populace is able to harness their life force - using Ki."

"Thanks for the history lesson, but-"

"Of that 31%, roughly 19% of those Ki users are only familiar with the most basic form of Ki, often called Destructive Ki. It's primary function is to cause destruction. You can hardly hope to accomplish anything else using it. A very small percentile of the Ki educated World are aware that one has the ability to do much greater than simply using their Ki in such basic ways. You are not in that percentile."

A harsh stare down breaks out between you two, confused emotions crawling up your skin. "Is he insane? Am I ignorant? Can I improve? How can I learn what he's talking about? Damn it, this is all so sudden...!" You think, still not blinking.

"Ahem," Master Roshi clears his throat as he stands up, his arms folded behind his back. "I am going to take a s*** now. I shall mourn Big Daddy's death during the process. Excuse me." He makes a full turn around, and walks away from you slowly while his Kane rests by the couch.

You decide to stand up and take your leave for now. "Ah, it feels nice to be in working condition once again. Might as well see what this town has to offer while I decide on my next move." You casually think, now turning the handle of the door and exiting this realm.


Meanwhile, In An Unknown Location...

"You alright, Chi Chi?" General Jones questions his colleague.

The female general looks up into the open landscape and sighs, "I broke my promise..."


"To Big Daddy. I promised him a proper burial in his name, but couldn't deliver. Now his body is gone and this blood from my lie remains on my hands." She says in sheer sadness, nearly breaking into tears.

Jones stops briefly while she continues to watch, before making a quick dash to catch up to her. He doesn't say anything. Instead, just putting his injured hands over her shoulder while she rests her head on his own. "That truly was a horrifying battle. I...I feel dirty. Weak. So many people died. Many by my hand. I just...I don't ever want to experience such a feeling again. War..." The General chokes on his own thoughts and throws his spare hand up to his eyes and covers them in fear of letting tears slip out. He sniffles a bit and rests his head on Chi Chi's, still walking despite their injuries.

In the far off distance, a large temple showcases itself. The two Generals separated from their fellow fighters during the Red Ribbon Invasion, and have ended up in a completely off course area. Luckily for them, they have finally reached a place where they can rest without worry. At least for now...


Back on Djawa Island, Kiryu contemplates on what to do next...

"Sorry, 'bro', but I refuse to watch these two kids attempt to kill a little child." You push the man onto the ground gently and he scowls as you walk towards them. They take notice of you within 10 meters and cease their assault on the child. He crawls away on the sandy beach in pain and they begin laughing as you walk plainly towards them. "Hey, I heard you guys belong to some pirate named Crow. Correct?"

"Aye, sir." One of them says and the other smiles while nudging his fellow pirate.

"Problem we got, aye?" The other jumps in.

"Hm, judging by the stories I've heard of your leader I found myself a tad interested in him."

"Surprising it is not, aye."

"Aye, aye."

"Care to take me to his headquarters?"

Both of them smile at each other and than begin to laugh insanely. After what seems like several minutes have gone by, they stop and smile with their bright yellow teeth. The first one speaks up, "Take you I shall not."

"Slay you-"

"We might."

"These two lack not only strength and style, but intelligence too. I am not impressed." You think while staring up at them with your cold eyes. "I'll make you two fools a deal..." You say aloud with a grim look on your face. "Bring me to Crow and I won't snap your necks in the next ten seconds."

"Attitude, this one has."


"Aye, aye."

"Nay, I direct." The second one barks as he licks his lips. He turns to his side and you see a long sword laying in its sheath. The sheath is fancier than anything these two can ever hope to wear, with a gold symbol of a crow on it. "Gone be, aye." The pirate directs.

"Oh, a sword? It's unfortunate that the weapon does not make the man. Unsheathe it, and your death will draw closer."

"Aye." You two make eye contact while his sword is drawn from its cavern. During your brief stare down, you noticed that he had a tattoo of a crow carved in his eye.

His friend steps forward and grins, drawing his sword next. "Mate, I tell you nay. Idea, yours, leads to great death, aye. Off now, back."

"Nay," you say with a smile, putting up your guard, still not serious. They both jump to each side of you with their sword in arms and begin to chant a song quietly while circling you. "Hmm, what is it that these two are doing?"

"Aye," the left pirate calls out.

"Mate." The one on the right says. Their ritual ends and they both dash at you immediately. The Left Pirate swings his sword horizontally while the Right Pirate does so vertically. You jump to the side to avoid their slashes and fire two balls of Ki in their direction. With a swing of their sword, both of your Ki blasts are cut in half and sent flying.

"Sober up, aye."

"Perhaps you two aren't as trash as I suspected. I might just be able to have a little fun with you." You taunt.

"Nay, mate. Yo'll walk the plank, aye!" The Left Pirate shoves his Crimson sword forward and a beam of Ki fires out of it at incredible speed. It impacts your chest directly and you feel a burning sensation crawl up your skin. The Right Pirate jumps high into the air and spins his sword wildly while doing so, eventually stopping once it's facing downward.

You fall to the ground while holding your chest and the Right Pirate pillars down from above, preparing to deliver the finishing blow.

"S***, I underestimated these clowns. These swords that they possess...something is weird about them!" You struggle to move your body but you're completely paralyzed. "The Four Witches!" You roar, ripping two arms out of your back while the rest of your body is unable to move.

The Right Pirate slams down on you with full force but is caught by your excess hands, holding the side of his blade cautiously. "Ohhh? Aye, bad not is it."

"You catching me off guard almost cost me my life...!" You angrily state, still not letting him go. Upon moving your legs, you realize that you are no longer paralyzed. "I will not make that mistake again. HA!" You swing your legs up and kick the pirate in the face, launching him into the air with his sword.

Placing your hands on the ground, you fling yourself to your feet and dash at the Left Pirate without a moments hesitation. His eyes go wide in fear as you grapple his neck and lift him into the air.

His sword clashes against the ground and you grin. Victory is yours. "Now listen, you will take me to this 'Crow' and you will do it now. If you do not abide by my orders, I will kill you without second thought. Saavy?"

"...A-Aye." He manages to leak out. You throw him on the ground harshly and he rolls over in pain, now laying beside his comrade. "To Crow, aye?" He directs.

"Aye, mate. Aye."

The black guy with the Hawaiian shirt runs over to you and slaps you on the back. "Bro, you're hain buddy!" You eye him down ruthlessly, thinking about killing him just for the hell of it but decide against it and walk towards the pirates that lay on the ground. He doesn't catch the hint, and runs to your side again. "Still bro, if s*** just goes boom then we're finished. Finished."

You speed up your pace until your back beside Master Roshi's house, who you see peaking out the window. "So? Shall we get going." You order to the pirates, who begin to make their way back up.

"Aye," they say together. Master Roshi exits the house with his cane in his right hand and waves his head for you to come over. You hear the two pirates whisper something to each other, Roshi's name being in their speech.

"What is it?" You plainly question.

"Do not go with them, Kiryu." The old master warns.


"It is not your time yet. The Captain of the Crimson Pirates, Crow, is too much for you to handle in your current state. Stay here, at least for now."

"Heh, too much for me to handle? You're not doing a good job of convincing me not to go, old man."

"Don't be a fool!" You roll your eyes and turn around, walking away from the old master. He runs after you and intercepts your path, "Let me train you. I can teach you a lot, Kiryu."

"Errrgh," you growl while clenching your rugged fists.. "Shut up! Don't make a mockery of me, old man. There is nothing an old buffoon like yourself can depart onto me besides your disgusting, perverted habits."

"You are powerful, Kiryu. But in a battle of Ki, strength does not mean everything. Crow is a master of the arts...don't make the mistake of going up against him with your most primal form of Ki. Put aside your pride and let me teach you...!"

You stare Roshi down with a smidgen of anger, annoyance, and hatred. "Errgh, what should I do!?!?" You contemplate.

A) Go with the pirates and head to Crow's base.
B) Stay behind and let Master Roshi train you.
C) Forget about Crow and Roshi. Lets explore the island!
The Five Classifications by Hangman_Link
Author's Notes:
B Wins!
"Fine," you state boldly with a grim look on your face. "I'll test out your training for the time being. This better not be a waste of my time." Master Roshi smiles and you turn to the two pirates who are waiting patiently behind you. "Change of plans you two. I have lost my interest of meeting up with Crow for the time being. I want you two to be off of this island now." You direct.

They both give you a slight nod, "Aye, sir." After that, they run back over to the beach and jump on a fairly low tech boat, driving away afterwards.

"First things first," Roshi says while walking to the back of his house. "Follow me!"

"Hm." You trail behind his slow pace and reach a grassy garden at the back of his house. He places his hand on the garden floor and moves it back and forth, obviously looking for something. After a few more seconds of searching, you hear a hollow thud at the corner of the garden. He grips the grass hard and pulls a large medal gate from it.

"Here we are." A blinding noise emits from the gate while he pulls it open, screeching all the way. "It has been a while since I've opened this gate...!" A rusty stairway that leads deep underground is beneath his feet now. Roshi gestures his hand forward and you follow his movements underground carefully.

"You said you trained Big Daddy up until he shipped out for War. Its been a month or two at the most."

Master Roshi turns around and shuts the large gate behind him, locking it tightly after doing so. "I did not show this place to Big Daddy. He wasn't far along enough to learn something like this."

"Oh, how special I feel." The two of you walk down a long passage for a few minutes until you finally reach a room at the bottom. It's filled with ancient architecture at the sides of it and at the front most part of it has a large stone pillar that goes from floor to ceiling. A small entry is a few feet from the floor where a hand print is implanted. "My hand would never fit in that. It's built for a human."

"Try it." He directs, gesturing you to move forward once again. You do just so and place your hand over the old one, and upon doing so a surge of knowledge shoots through your body. The rush is so substantial that you feel like jumping back but you hold firm until it finally ends. As you breath heavily, Roshi walks up to you and places his frail palm on your forearm, as he is unable to reach any higher. "Did you feel it?"

Still not sure what happened, you give him a slight nod. "What...was that?"

"It is called a Karma Calculator. Only a select few exist on this Planet, so I was told. Once you place your hand in the entry, a knowledge of some sort enters your body. Not even I know how it works. My master Mutaito brought me down here a long time in the past, and explained what he was once taught. This was here from the beginning of time, apparently. Well, Planet Earth's time. Civilization eventually built over it, but some people found their way back to it. Generations moved forward and it remains here today. You are the third person I have told about this, despite the many people I have trained."

"The first two being?"

"The man before you goes by the name of Goku. You may have met him while you were at war."

"I did. You trained that monster?"

"Keyuh, keyuh, keyuh. He's grown quite well, that boy. Ergh, that man."

"Enough of past stories about people I hardly care about. What kind of 'knowledge' just entered my body when I touched it? I feel different yet...the same, if that makes any sense."

"It does to anybody who has placed their palm on it."

"You didn't mention who the first was."

"I thought you were tired of hearing stories?"

"Peh, fine. So explain what just transpired."

"For all of the large accomplishments you have ever done, an 'Achievement Point' was given to you by God. Of course, you can do nothing with these points unless you have the knowledge that the Karma Calculator imparts to you. But once you exchange your points here, once, you will permanently be able to use them at your leisure."

"Fair enough. And what can I do with these Achievement Points?"

"That's the good part! For every technique that you have, you can use one Achievement Point to level it up. Every technique has a maximum level of five. If it reaches level two, it simply powers up - or if it isn't a technique that can power up, you'll become more familiar with using it."

"Thrilling!" You say in a sarcastic tone.

Roshi looks at you in complete shock that you aren't on the edge of your invisible seat right now, before continuing. "If it reaches level 3, a new addition will be added to the move. So if you have a s***ty move called 'Mega Punch' that does nothing but well, deal a powerful punch, leveling it to level 3 might make it a Fire Mega Punch! Who knows what might happen though..."

"A Fire Mega Punch would be awesome," you agree.

"Yes, yes it would." A long pause of silence breaks out before Roshi clears his throat in remembrance and continues. "However, the drawback to Level 3 is that to use the added bonus that your technique might receive, will cost much more Ki than it normally would."

"I see."

"When you level the technique up to level 4, it will power the new added bonus to your technique up."


"Oh, I know. And finally, Level 5 is mastery of the technique. Using the Level 3 version of said technique will now cost the same amount of Ki as Level 1 would normally cost. And using the Level 1 version of the move, which is the original technique, will not cost any Ki to use anymore."

"I want to upgrade The Four Witches to Level 5 RIGHT NOW!" You roar in out of character stupidity.

"Currently, you have 5 Achievement Points. You can choose to Level Up a technique at any time you choose. It is definitely a possible course of action, but remember that I am about to train you. Lets hold out on leveling up your techniques because during the course of my training, you will definitely learn some new techniques."

"Alright, sounds good." You reply, finally returned to your normal self. "So shall we begin the training?"

"Indeed. Lets leave this underground chamber. We have a lot of work to do above." You nod and both begin leaving the underground chamber behind, walking up the long flight of stairs with swag.


Meanwhile, in an unknown location...

"Yo, Watson." Echo barks.

"Yeah, Commander?"

"You sure we're going the right way? I mean, I haven't seen a uh, building or nothing in a while."

"Should be just beyond this grove of trees."

"Ehh, I 'unno. You would think that we'd have seen something by now. The Forte is pretty big, you know."

"Don't underestimate Watson's sense of directions. This guy has a photographic memory. Just seeing this kinda thing once and he'll have memorized it." General Stiffy breaks in, rubbing the sweat off his forehead with a smile.

Watson sifts through one last patch of trees and pushes a few bushes apart, showcasing a massive structure far off in the distance. "Well, what'dya know..." Echo says in a happy shock. "Forte Valkyrie, oh how I missed you."

"I wonder if anybody else has made it back yet." Stiffy comments.

"Doubt it. I am Echo The Great, after all!"

"Heeeyyy, I'm the one that found our way back..."

"Lets go team!" Echo shouts, ignoring Watson. The three pick up their pace and jog back to Forte Valkyrie with excitement.


Meanwhile, in an unknown location...

"It's this way, idiot!" General White screams.

"Shut up! I know what I'm doing, stupid traitor." General Blue counters.

"Obviously not, because its been SIX DAYS and we still haven't made it anywhere. By this point in time, I'm pretty much begging you to take me back to Valkyrie. Like S*** your sense of direction is garbage."

"Shh," Blue says while putting his index finger by his lips. "Right when we cross this grove of trees, Valkyrie will be right beyond it. Just watch!" Blue pushes a few trees over and hops over loose branches, slightly irritated and looks back to White with a smirk while he drags him with a worn out piece of rope. "Forte Valkyrie here we come!" Blue screams, pushing the last bit of trees away and exiting the small forest.

"Well what do ya' know..." White says, looking out beyond. "Nothing." Before the two Generals is another blank terrain of grass. In the far off distance, a large sea seems to be there. Other than that, the two stare at open landscape. Not an artificial creation in sight.

"...Damn it." Blue says with a sigh.


You find yourself sitting on a pink couch while Master Roshi sits on a half broken stool across from you. Silence impedes. "..."


"It really should be the other way around," he points out. "Why am I on this stupid stool?"

"Can we just hurry up and get this started?"

The wise master clears his throat and stands up, his cane flying into his hand seconds later. "There are 5 different types of Ki. It is more than possible to learn, and even master, all of these types. But do not mistake it for an easy task. Not everybody's body can handle such a feat, nor their mind. And on top of that, it would take years to develop all of these types, and that's for a gifted fighter. I have been granted Eternal Life by God. So while I continue to age far past my prime, I will never die from age."

"Your point being?"

"While I no longer dedicate all my time to training, I still haven't even come close to mastering all of these types. Though, I have a great understanding of each classification of Ki so I will be able to train you in any method that you desire."

"What are the 5 Classifications of Ki?" You question while rubbing your chin with your rugged thumb.

"Destructive Ki. Rehabilitation Ki. Manipulation Ki. Inflation Ki. And the most powerful of all...Dark Ki." The Master shivers at that last statement.

"Explain..." You simply state.

"..." The Master takes a deep breath before continuing, "You are already familiar with Destructive Ki. It is the most basic manipulation of Ki. Anybody can learn it. Its primary purpose is to cause destruction, despite it having practical uses as well. One must be familiar with this Ki before he can move forward."

"Fair enough."

"From there on, you can branch out into any other Ki Classification, difficulty varying depending on what your body is more suited for. So while you may be able to master every Classification of Ki, if your body isn't built to handle Manipulation Ki, your Manipulation powers will never be able to reach the same height as somebody whose body is adapted to said Classification. This is all assuming that you both have the same potential, which is near impossible. This is quite unfortunate because it's impossible to tell what your body may be suited for. Does that make sense?"

"Yeah, I think I got it."

"The next Classification I am going to cover is Rehabilitation Ki. I'm positive that you have seen it before, especially considering you just came from a War with thousands of great fighters. This Classification is nearly the opposite of Destructive Ki. Primarily, you can transfer your Ki into somebody else to heal them or refresh their Ki supply, possibly making them more powerful from it. You can also repair your bodily tissue with ease. Though the time for doing so fluctuates depending on your experience with it. With enough experience, you can repair entire limbs, though by using a great deal of Ki I would assume, or even another person's body parts. Of course with more training, you might even be able to do even more than the advantages that I listed. It is quite a handy type."

"Yeah, it is." You say aloud before thinking, "Dr. Fiasco had that...it certainly helped a great deal..."

"Next, we have Manipulation Ki," Roshi continues. "The Saiyans are a prime example of this. I was told by Goku that their training methods are primarily based upon Manipulation Ki, starting from birth. However, the majority focus on Destructive Ki due to lack of a proper trainer."

"Hmm? I don't recall seeing the Saiyans manipulate anything..." You think back, still listening.

"The ability to freely manipulate anything around you. Namely, the air that surrounds us." What Roshi is talking about finally strikes you like a bolt of lightning, and he continues once again. "By manipulating the air around them, they can do many things. Like flying. Or creating an invisible Ki wave that has the power to rip through ones body with ease. All of this is done by manipulating the air around them so they can use it freely."

"Incredible..." You gasp in awe.

"Those who take it another step further can even link into telepathy. By manipulating their brain waves and whoever they want to read's brain waves, it is said that you can synchronize them together so you can read their thoughts and even speak to them through their thoughts. I can explain a vast amount of ways that you can harness Manipulation Ki, but that's something for you to chew on for now."

"I can't say I've seen anybody use that. Though I may have come across people who were reading my thoughts without my knowing."

"Indeed. Fourth, I shall explain Inflation Ki. Now this is arguably the most dangerous Ki - to your own body. You can amplify your body's potential. If you are a master, you may end up like my student Goku. He developed his own type of amplifying technique called the Kaioken. In an instant, he could multiply his Battle Power at the cost of his physical, mental, and spiritual condition. A dangerous, yet extraordinary powered technique. But don't think this is all you can do."


"Inflation Ki is the most shallow Classification as it revolves around one outcome only. But you can inflate your speed, defense, stamina, strength, and anything else. Some for long periods of time, some for short periods of time. Some take a great toll on your body, some don't. I imagine you understand the concept by now."

"Echo...his Deighty Form seems to fit the description. Inflating his power to a great degree, while making his size increase to decrease the strain on his body. Quite a smart development for somebody who lacks intelligence. And that Saiyan Goku with Kaioken too...geez that was annoying." You reminisce quietly.

"Finally, I will discuss Dark Ki. First things first, I refuse to teach you this Classification. My first student...I taught him it long in the past, and for lack of a better term, he turned evil. I misjudged his heart and upon mastery of Dark Ki, the power got to him and he slowly turned into a satanic creature. I don't ever want to unleash that kind of evil upon the world again..."

"Peh, fine. Continue on..."

"This is a very complex Ki. One that has nearly no limitations. It strengthens upon the emotions that one bears. The darker your emotions are, the more powerful it becomes. For somebody who possesses a pure heart, this Ki does not suit them well. However, with enough training and artificial negative emotions, you can make it work."

"Hmm..." You continue to listen, somewhat confused.

"This Ki is primarily composed by taking the darkness in your heart and mind and substituting it for a Decomposing Ki. The true opposite of Rehabilitation Ki. You can decompose and break anything you choose with enough control. It is said that a master even has the power to absorb darkness. This Ki...it's dangerous."

"Dark Ki...Dysect! So his...power...it's Dark Ki...! And to think we're put on the same level when he is so much more knowledgeable about Ki than I am." You think while eying Roshi down fiercely.

The master stands up and smiles. "So now that we have covered the basics...what do you want me to train you in, Kiryu?"

Choose What Ki You Want To Focus Your Efforts On!

Main Category:

Kiryu will focus most of his training on this Ki Classification.

Sub Category:

Kiryu will focus the remainders of his training on this Ki Classification.
Training Begins by Hangman_Link
Author's Notes:
Choice that won:

Main: Inflation Ki

Sub: Rehabilitation Ki
"I've made my decision. I will focus my main efforts on Inflation Ki and all my remaining time on Rehabilitation Ki. That alright with you, old man?" You boldly state with a grin.

"That's uh...Master Ro-, ah, whatever. I can do that. Are you positive with your decision?"

"Yes. How long will this take anyway? I don't exactly want to be on this island for ten years."

"That's completely up to you! Tell me how long you want to stay and I'll create a training regime that will best fit our time. Needless to say, the longer you stay, the superior results you will receive. On the other hand, you don't want to disrupt your life entirely. Think carefully...!"

How Long Will You Stay With Roshi?

1) 3 Months
2) 6 Months
3) 9 Months
4) 1 Year

"Fair enough. You can stay in your room for the time being. Give me a few hours and we'll be on our way!" You give him a nod and turn around completely, travelling to the room you first awoke in a short while ago.

You have a seat on the unfolded bed and survey the room. It seems that Roshi and his nurse use this room as a medical station. Though these specific medical equipments seem to be quite old and outdated. Perhaps Djawa Island is still not up to the current times.

"Hmm...I should probably give Rem a call, telling him what's up." You think while reaching for your idle phone on the nightstand. Upon picking it up, you flip it open and look in your contacts. "I'll call the Private Line, just in case..." The phone begins ringing continuously, but nobody picks up. And since this is the Private Line, no Caller ID is displayed and Rem will never know you called. You try your luck with the main line, but after several rings an automated voice speaks up, saying that the number you are calling has been disconnected. Please check the area code and try your call again.

"Damn it," you say aloud. "Whatever, the FBM is hardly on my mind right now. I wonder how everybody else is doing though. Still...I can't get that Crow off my mind. I wonder how he handles himself. And those swords that his mooks held...why did they paralyze me like that? Ki is such a vast art...apparently..."


Meanwhile, In An Unknown Location...

"WHAT!?!? You CAN'T be serious, Joseph..." General Hugo roars.

"I am."

"Why would he...why would he do something so stupid?"

"He was probably thinking something more along the lines or heroic or selfless when he sacrificed himself. Nonetheless, thanks to Kiryu, many of us were able to get a solid lead on the Red Ribbon Army. Despite it being short lasted, it wasn't completely in vain."

"Still...Commanders aren't exactly easily replaced. What with Loukar dead, and now Kiryu captured. Probably gonna get executed...the other Commanders better have got away safely. Those beasts sorta hold the Forte down...Lord Rem can't do it all by himself, you know."

"Do you not have any ambition to further your rank?" Joseph asks, puzzled.

Hugo lets out a sigh, "Eh, I don't know. Commander is such an impossible rank to get. After fighting in the war, I just don't think I'll ever be able to match up to some of those powerhouses. I mean, Taurus? F***...that guy was on a completely higher level than all of us. And that last Explosive Wave-type attack he did...it killed just about everybody in the area. I would've died myself if I was a bit closer to him."

"Yes, my Barrier was barely able to defend against that. I may have died if I wasn't carried back to the Base Camp."

"Eh, I don't remember much about it. I woke up sorta burried in the ground after it was all over. I saw you sprinting away and followed you for a bit until I noticed the Red Ribbon Army was on our tail. Once we got to this place I split up, hoping the Red Ribbon would only chase you."

"Heh, and did they?"

"Y~uu~p. But I found you later so it's all good. Where are we anywho?"

"I can't say I'm positive...it looks like there is a temple just off in the distance though..." Generals Joseph Pike and Hugo continue to walk through a long runway, heading towards the temple in the distance. All around them are what seem to be broken houses and stone pillars. Joseph finishes his train of thought silently, "...With two people inside of it...but their hearts seem to be fairly pure so we shouldn't have much to worry about."


Meanwhile, In An Unknown Location...

"Chi Chi! We got company..." Says General Jones with a tint of fear in his voice. His colleague jumps up from a rusted bed and runs to the tinted window, holding her body up against the side of it. "It's hard to see them properly from this far, but the one on the left..."

"I feel it too. His presence...it's completely impure. Jones, we have to prepare for battle!"

"Judging by the way they're strolling along, I don't think they know we're here yet."

"A preemptive strike? Not a bad idea." Jones nods his head but then Chi Chi's face turns grim. "The Temple...we can't battle here! It has too much important scripture for us to let it get damaged!"

"We better go outside and hide behind one of the pillars then. And quick." The female General nods her head and the two run down the stairs to the temple, feeling a blinding ray of sunlight strike them once they exit. "I just hope we have enough energy left to beat them..."

"Think positive!" Chi Chi says with a smile, now hiding behind a pillar by the entrance to the temple, Jones on the other side.


Roshi enters your room with a crooked smile on his face. "Are you ready, Kiryu?" You relieve yourself from the bed you lay on and stand up tall, nearly touching the roof of the room. You give Roshi a quick nod and walk towards him. He turns around and you two enter a solid pace, exiting the house. You close the door behind you and walk along the sandy beach, enjoying the scenery.

The walk continues along the beach for quite a while, and you notice that this island has many buildings and houses desite its tropical feel. "I wonder where this old man is taking me." You think.

"We're here...!" Roshi says with a grin amidst his face. You find yourself staring out at an open ocean, barely able to make out the islands far off in the distance.

"Where are we now?"

"There are three islands off in the distance of this direction. This is an Archipelago, after all. Fortunately, these particular islands aren't very populated. Humans vacated them a few years back, and spread out across the other islands in the Archipelago."

"Hm, why would they do that?"

"Because dark forces started spawning in them. I can't say I know what caused it as I've always lived here, but powerful creatures and even monsters began to appear. They weren't very kind to the citizens - apparently - and much blood was shed. This lead to the evacuation. After this happened, I checked them out myself."

"What a surprise you made it back alive."

"Keyuh, keyuh. Anyway, these islands are quite suitable for training and so depending on my students wishes, I send them to one of these three islands."

"You got a boat lying around here or something?"

"Where would the training be in that? You will swim to the island you choose."

"Heh, that would hardly be a challenge for myself."

"I should hope not. Though I will warn you...the living conditions on these islands are far from what they used to be. I doubt any normal person could live there in their current condition."

"Elaborate." You quickly respond while gazing out into the ocean.

"For one, Kharaj Island on the far left used to be a beautiful village. However, once the volcano erupted at the peak of the island, it flooded nearly the entire city. Hundreds of people were killed in an instant, but that still didn't drive people away completely. They blocked off the volcanic stream that was leaking down and were safe for a short period of time."

"Idiots. Why would they choose to live in such a hazardous area. Of course the volcanic stream was going to leak into their habitat eventually."

"Actually, that isn't exactly what happened." You look at Roshi with a tint of surprise but let him continue. "I've never seen them myself but apparently a species of some sort surfaced from thin air and broke the barrier the remaining citizens set up, effectively flooding the remaining village out, killing roughly 80% of the remaining population."

"A species from thin air...what did they look like?"

"Again, I've only heard stories but apparently they are pitch black with deep purple 'bubbles' that spread throughout their body. All of their other bodily features are either textbook or non existent."

"Hmm...intriguing." You leak out while licking your sultry lips.

"Secondly, we have Maluku Island. It's the center most island from our position. I may be the sexiest man you've ever seen, but this island is far from that. It always has been." You roll your eyes and Roshi continues, "It's a desert like region. The temperature is boiling hot like any desert, and the humidity is quite high. But it too has been corrupted."

"By the Black and Purple creatures?"

"No. Well, at least I do not think so. A river used to flow through the town on said island, which the people relied on."

"And the river went dry, right?"


"This is nonsense...I'm getting everything wrong!" You think, annoyed.

"It actually...died."

"Riiiiight, because that's totally possible."

"Well, not the river itself but everything inside of it. Sure, it was still there but it was lifeless. All the species within died, and it tasted worse than sewage water! It just...lost its purity. The townsfolk couldn't rely on it and were forced to vacate the area."


"I also think it's important to note that afterwards, nearly the entire desert was succumbed to quick sand. The entire civilization and all of its history was simply buried underneath. Since then, I haven't seen anything but violent animals appear at random with pure hatred in their veins. Quite an extraordinary event, if I do say so myself."

"I suppose."

"Finally, we have Ysabel Island, which you can see on the right most side of our position. Can you guess what this place was like?"

"Hmm...we got fire, sand...so...forest? Yeah, that must be right." You think before speaking up, "It should be a forest terrain, correct?"

"Well would you look at that. You managed to get one right. Good job, Kiryu!!!"

"...Shut up."

Roshi laughs quickly until he finally decides to continue speaking. "A war transpired. Captain Crow of the Crimson Pirates ran a rampage on that island immediately after he acquired..." You squint in anticipation and Roshi breathes heavily. "Anyways, he killed the majority of the population, imprisoning the remaining for who knows what..."

"It's good to see you're doing something about that."

"I can't!" He screams, clenching his fists tight. "...Ergh, Crow has long since evacuated to Rhodus Island, so you should be fine. I've had many students go to and from these areas moderately safely over the years. Be careful though, as this area appears to have continuous natural disasters strike it over and over again. I really can't figure out why though...!"

"I see...Roshi, what the hell am I doing on these islands and how is it training?"

"I placed multiple key items on each island long ago. I usually have my students bring me back one of these items, but for the more gifted ones such as yourself, I want you to bring me back 3 of these key items during your trip."

"And what are these 'key items'?"

"I'll tell you such when you choose where you want to go. Accomplishing this task in itself will provide great training for you. Remember though, this is only the beginning! Now, choose your fate, Kiryu...!" Roshi demands.

You think carefully to yourself, "Hmm...they all seem to have interesting features about them but the one that stood out most for me is definitely..."

A) Kharaj Island - The Heated Hell
B) Maluku Island - The Deceased Desert
C) Ysabel Island - The Woodland Warzone
Unexpected Defeat by Hangman_Link
Author's Notes:
4C Wins.
"I'll head out to Ysabel Island. I'm curious about this place you label the 'warzone'." You declare.

"Very well." Master Roshi rises his hand up and the sandy beach begins to shake violently. A solid ball of metal flies out from underneath and he whips his hand across your area of vision, catching the ball. He puts his remaining hand in his pocket and pulls out what appears to be a small fan, along with a crescent orb that is painted dark blue, with a swirl of white crossing over top. ""You see these three items?" Roshi declares while holding them all up.

"Yeah," you quickly answer, deciding to not bother with the obvious sarcastic remark.

"Bring them back to me."

"Heh, is that really everything I need to do?"

"Yupp. I'll see you in a few weeks, Kiryu." Roshi says with a smile before turning around and walking away from you at a slow pace.

"Weeks? That old man is clearly underestimating me...no amount of Natural Disasters are going to stop me!" You dive into the ocean with all your clothes on and trounce through the water at full speed, creating a small current behind you. Your strength slowly drains from you and you stop fully, looking at your surroundings. "S***...I'm tired of swimming and the water is getting cold...!" The night sky darkens your surroundings and you contemplate whether or not you should attempt to sleep in the ocean, but decide against it. "This is no fair, I've been swimming for hours and I still don't seem to be making much progress...!"

After you finished sulking, your arms pedalled through the water at a steadfast pace. The sky brightens up and darkens once again, and when you peak out from underneath the waves, you see Ysabel Island at a reasonable distance away. "FINALLY!" You roar in your hand, using a great deal of energy to burst through the water at full speed. To cancel out the freezing sensation of the water, you use your strength to make friction within the water which in turn, heats you up.

A splash of water drops to the ground, soaking into a dead plant, nearly giving it life. The island is calm, unlike what Roshi told you. "I should get some sleep for tonight...it'll be harder to hunt for such small items with no light anymore." You drop to the ground and water (or sweat?) leaks down your forehead. Eyelids drop down, and soon enough you fall into a peaceful slumber.

In the dreamworld, you find yourself covered in a pool of water that slowly sifts over your body as you lay down plainly. Oxygen escapes momentarily, so you snap back and look around this sensational world. It is no longer a beautiful scenery, but rather a ruthless flood that is sucking you away from the peace this dream once had.

"Grrrahhhhhhhh!" You silently scream, waking yourself up from your dream. The vision you hold is unclear, but there is one bright light at the peak of your sight. The Sun, perhaps? The distance between you and the bright light closes in until you find yourself swimming to it. Upon crashing your head up, you notice that you have drifted off far from Ysabel. Back to the middle of the ocean, in fact. "H-how...?" The next thing you know, you're swimming at full speed back the island you were pulled away from.



"...It's a pity, isn't it?" A sharp, deep voice shrieks out from a tall and bulky man as he stands before a young, frail man with green hair that runs past his shoulders.

"You..gau!" A pool of blood squirts out of the small man's mouth and splatters all over the ground. He drops to his knees and squeezes the solid ground with his fingers tightly, tearing it apart with his grip. "Da-, da-, DAMN! Why...why can't I do anything!?!?" Commander Kaiba roars.

"I will ask you one more time, fighter. Join me in my conquest." The rugged man asks.

"SHUT UP!" Kaiba pushes himself off the ground, blood boiling through his veins. His body begins to shake uncontrollably for a few moments until he begins to enter a metamorphosis, sweat shooting out of his pores all the while. The Commander screams at the top of his lungs, his body bulking up in size.


"Haaa...haaa...!" Kaiba breathes heavily, finished his transformation. He grips his hands tightly, cutting through his skin tissue and allowing blood to squirt out once again. "D~I~E!" The Commander launches at the mysterious man at full speed and shoves his fist directly into his opponents chest, firing him back several meters.

The man holds his ground until he comes to a complete stop, holding his chest with his left hand afterwards. "Such impurity. Owahahahahahahaha! Entering such a metamorphosis was a bad move, fighter."

"Bad for YOU!" Kaiba fires himself at the man once again, a pool of acid forming in his stomach as he charges.

"Yes, I can use this evil...!" The man puts his right hand out and a dark circle of Ki engulfs his hand. "Farewell, fighter."

"Acidic Meltdown!" Kaiba screams, firing his ultimate attack at his devastating opponent. It spirals through the air and meets the dark pool of Ki that Kaiba's foe put forth. Immediately after making contact, the acid completely disappears into nothing. Kaiba gasps in shock as the pool of darkness overwhelms him completely. Kaiba finds himself on his knees, breathing heavily in fear. "What...was that...?"

The man submerges from thin air, staring Kaiba in the eye with a sadistic look in his eyes. He places his cold hand on the - still shocked - Commander's chest, and a dark aura emits from his hand. "Had you not shown your true emotions, this fate would not succumb you. Now, you will experience many things that are far worse than death."

"No...get OFF OF ME!!!" Kaiba screams in complete fear, throwing his fist forward. Before it reaches his enemy, Kaiba freezes completely as the dark aura from earlier enters his body in a stream. "AH, AH, AHHHHH, GHUA, GHUUUUUAAAAAAAA!" Kaiba screams at the top of his lungs continuously until his ruthless enemy removes his dark hand from the Commander's chest, an aura no longer around it.

"You are mine now!" Kaiba stares at him without movement, completely lifeless. The man turns around and sees another person with a purple bandanna over his head, chains all around his saggy pants and shirt.

"Dare say I: done, it is?"

Kaiba's former enemy replies with a quick nod. "Aye..."


"What is that tapping noise?" You question yourself while walking along the grassy shores of Ysabel, finally back on the island. A strange tapping noise continues to echo in your head while you stroll along, eventually annoying you to the brink of desperation. "SHUT UP! Haah...haaah...it seems to have gone away. What was that noise any-"

"Kehehehehe, how rude, Kiryu...!" A sly voice speaks up from your mind.

"Urgh! Ryuki...so you were the one making that tapping noise inside my head. Why!?"

"Do you have any idea the danger you just put yourself in?"

"How so?"

"Kehehehehe, I already told you that you would be forced to pay a price for the luxury of me bringing you back to life. And I am afraid that I cannot wait any longer. The cost must be paid...!"

"Why must the cost be paid now? And how were you able to heal me in the first place? I was inches away from death and then POOF! The wound was suddenly repaired and you were gone once again. I want...no, I need answers!"

"Kehehehehehe, very well..." The voice echoes. "Deep inside of you, there is a vast amount of power that has yet to be awakened. It is a subconscious power that you will never be able to awaken. Only I can tap into this power. You already have the ability to perform Rehabilitation Ki - and more - through your subconscious mind. I simply granted your wish to be able to use this power."

"So I'm training to learn things that I already know...?"

"Kehehehehe, that is a rather grim way of looking at it. And of course, not entirely correct. While Kiryu has this power, only Ryuki can tap into it. Perhaps with enough training of you body, mind, and soul you will reawaken this power deep within you. Perhaps not. Not even I have such insider information."

"What about this 'cost' you keep speaking of? If I'm just tapping into my own power through you, there shouldn't be any cost to fulfill, correct?"

"Incorrect. Kehehehehe, do not be a fool. To put it simply, no human is able to use 100% of their brain power. Tapping into this subconscious power is you attempting to use this full power. It is damaging to your mind, body, and soul. Many people have tried to tap into their own power - many people still do - but only in a very extreme case do they succeed. Typically, the result these people receive is negative. Attempting to use their subconscious mind and power can lead to anxiety, paranoia, suicide, and multiple other harsh symptoms."

"And so you...allowed me to use this power without a negative cost?"

"Correct. But only for a short period of time. Your subconscious mind is trying to leak its way forward and enter your conscious mind. If this transpires, it is highly probable you will go insane. You are not powerful enough yet. In order for me to stop this from happening, you will pay the toll for the sin of trying to achieve omnipotence. It is now time, Kiryu...Kekekekekekekeke..."

"Ryuki, one last question."

"Time is of the essence. I would prefer the cost by paid prior to you experiencing any symptoms."

You decide to speak further anyway, "I heard Thrigon talking to me. Giving me some kind of pep talk...that was you invading my mind again, no?"

"Kehehehehe, a story for another time...!" Suddenly, a feeling of complete emptiness overwhelms you and you drop to your knees, sweating nervously.

Quietly, you think: "This...feeling...! Damn...iiii-t" Your head thumps against the ground and everything disappears.


You awake to a haze of heat bleeding through your nose. After taking a quick wift, you know exactly what's going on: A Forest Fire. You jump onto a large turf and scout the area with your tired eyes, finally finding the location. "With a quick blast of Ki, I should be able to wipe out that entire vicinity - effectively destroying the fire as well." You attempt to form a ball of Ki in your hand but nothing comes out. "Huh?" After trying multiple times to receive no result, a sharp thought enters your mind.

"Oh no...The cost...He...Ryuki...MY KI!!!" You roar in anger, slamming your knuckle against a nearby tree trunk. "How am I going to do anything without the ability to use Ki? This whole training is based off my mastery of Ki...Ryuki...you..." You clench your fists tight and calm yourself down. Think rationally. The inability to use Ki certainly hinders you, but there are many things you can do without it!

"Alright, I should put out that fire before anything else." You sprint through the grassy terrain in an attempt to put out the fire before it burns down the entire forest. Within minutes, you're in front of a pillar of smoke creeping through the trees. Impulsively, you try to form a ball of Ki but nothing comes out. "Damn it, I forgot...Ergh, how am I going to put this-"

Before you finish your train of thought, heavy rain randomly comes pouring down on the island. The wind suddenly spikes and curves through the area around you, nearly knocking you over. The forest fire has been fully watered down, so you give yourself a sigh of relief but before finishing, the ground quakes violently.

"S***, what is up with this place?" You say shocked, falling onto your knees. The light from the island disperses and before you know it, it's pouring rain and the sky is pitch black. "Heh, end of the world weather."

Now that the ground is no longer quaking, you stand up tall and survey the area. With a few trees burned down, you see a familiar object far off in the distance. No doubt about it, it's the fan that Roshi pointed out. It appears to be shoved into a large boulder. "That's hardly a place to hide it."

You pick up your pace with a light jog, reaching it after a quick minute. You smash your giant hands into the cracks of the boulder and rip the fan out with relative ease.

Upon doing so, a growling noise breaks out from the forest behind you. You whip yourself around and look carefully. "That was no ordinary animal's noise. How scary." You quietly analyze.

Suddenly, the noises break out all around you, one after another until these strange growls completely surround you. "Heh, so it's just a bunch of wild animals? And here I thought I would be facing a challenge. Hahaha!" You laugh. Six large Bears painted black and white surface from the forest, all with devilish red eyes. They all let out an unorthodox growl together. "Ohh?"

"RrrrrRHHAAAAAAA ~ !" An even larger screech roars and the boulder behind you is smashed to pieces on cue. In complete shock, you sift your head backwards while side stepping on impulse and see an enormous bear that bares the same unusual color as the rest of them. The beast wraps its claws around each other and growls more. On top of his head, a feature spikes your interest.

"Urgh! Is that...?" An unusual black and purple smoke is floating above the bears head. "Similar to how Roshi described...but this is a live creature. Interesting." Wasting no more time, the formidable bear swings itself forward and slashes at you with its claws, in which you jump back to dodge. "Without my Ki, this could be trouble!"

The bears behind you all break out in some sort of dance while surrounding both of you. It's clear that the monster before you is the leader here, and it's possible you did something to anger the group. Or are they just bloodthirsty?

"RHA!" The leader screams, leaping at you wildly. It crushes both of its claws together and impacts nothing. The beast looks around confused while you survey it from above, slowly floating down.

"Flying certainly would be handy in this situation...Nonetheless, I'm not cowering away from a bunch of animals! I've never had such a feeling though. I can't use my Ki, so that's a no-no to ALL of my techniques. But on the other hand, I still have my reflexes, a large portion of my speed, and a great deal of my strength. Heh, with just my power alone this wild animal should be no issue."

You finally land soundly on the ground and grin at the beast in front of you. "And here I always thought that bears were one of the smarter species. Congratulations, you single handedly changed my opinion of your entire species!"

"RHAAA!" It swings its claws at you once again, in which you sway underneath both of them and make it to its belly without hesitation.

"Farewell, you overgrown piece of trash!" A loud thud is heard from the impact of your right straight and the monster falls on its knees in pain. You turn around and slowly walk away from it as it growls in pain. This so called battle is over. The other bears don't move your their tight circle though, which causes you to wonder. "Is the battle not over yet or are these beasts just as moronic as their leader? Hmm..."

After turning around, your greeted with a solid punch to the face by the bear. Your head bulges back in shock and you're launched into the pack of bears. They don't harm you, however. Instead, they just throw you forward back into the ring on your knees.

Staring at your cold, rugged hands, you feel a small sense of defeat. This leads to anger, which leads to even more rage. But a controlled one. You slowly stand up and give the leader bear a stare in the eye with your hatred filled eyes. It's hard to tell, but it appears to be a bit scared now. The thing that truly catches your attention though, is that the beast is now standing without trouble, despite taking serious damage from your attack earlier.

"I am going to kill you." You plainly say with unwavering attention to its movements.

A) Attack the Leader Bear head on and go for the kill.
B) Get on top of the Leader Bear's head and attack the Black & Purple Smoke.
C) Fight him evasively by dodging its obvious attacks and counterattacking.
D) Forget this. We already have the Fan, so lets just try to escape.
E) Try to make friends with the bear. How?
The Second Trial by Hangman_Link
Author's Notes:
B Wins.
"I am going to kill you." You plainly say with unwavering attention to its movements. The leader bear slices its claws together and growls ferociously. "Heh," you smirk before speed blitzing behind it in an instant.

You jump up to behind the beasts' back and attempt to grab hold of the smoke that is molding around the bear. Your hand slivers right through the smoke as if it were a cloud and on cue, the bear swings its elbow back at full throttle, smashing into your face directly.

You pillar to the ground and burrow beneath it while an audience cheers for your defeat. "Ohhh?" You say to yourself quickly, jumping up casually after. You hear the bears roaring in ululation but once the leader bear sticks its hand up, they all go silent.

Dust fills the area as you smack your clothing with a smile, still staring at the great beast. "Just as I suspected. The smoke that is covering you is aura. Based on observation, it is clear that you are so enraged because of this unusual aura. Heh, it's a real shame that I have no choice but to annihilate you. Perhaps if you were stronger...this fate would not succumb you."

The Leader Bear gazes at you tightly, leaping at you like a wild animal seconds after. "RHAAAA!" You duck under its open claw and grab its wrist with your own. The beast attempts to smack you away with its remaining arm but you parry the attack by using its own arm. "Farewell...!"

Blood explodes from the bears stomach as your full fledged arm pierces an enormous hole right through the center of its body. Leader Bear falls to the ground flatly, but you don't turn your back on it. "So it isn't regenerating its damage? Hm. I suppose it can only do that to minor attacks. But is the dark aura allowing it to regenerate or is it the bear itself? I wonder."

You turn around solemnly and signal for the bears to move away. Without fuss, they open a path for you to walk through and you do just that. Rain pours down hard as the battle ends, thunder coming soon after. "Now that I have the fan, I need that crescent orb and the metal ball. Shouldn't be too much trouble."

You survey the area swiftly, finding nothing unusual in sight. Because of this, you journey without a destination. Night falls quickly, so you set up camp for the night and continue to look again tomorrow, having the same empty outcome.

You eventually find yourself walking up a steep hill that carries on for what seems like days on end. "An entire year of training...what will become of the world in this time Sorry, everybody. But it seems that Commander Kiryu of the Freeborn Military will be taking a short break." The mountain you were walking on has now finally became a flat area and far off into the distance you can make out what seems to be a thunderstorm in one, sunny area.

"This island just keeps getting stranger." In an instant, you arrive at the front of the thunderstorms. You stand outside of a large, circular arena with thunderbolts crashing down on the entire area. In the center, the metal ball that Roshi showed you is sitting still. "And there goes object number two."


Meanwhile, At Forte Valkyrie...

"...Commander Kiryu of the Freeborn Military was executed as of five days ago. He was transferred to the Red Ribbon Stronghold the night before, being held captive until his execution the following evening. We send this as a message to the Freeborn Military, and to the entire world. The Red Ribbon Army is justice, and will succeed in the end..."

"...That's horrible..." General Watson says with complete sincerity in his voice.

"A private execution too? Kiryu deserves better than that!" Stiffy breaks in.

"Ehh, still, I'm calling bulls***." Echo speaks up, "I ain't saying it's impossible that this could'a happened but...peh, I've known Kiryu for a long time. He ain't one to go down without a fight, ya' dig?" Both generals give Echo a stern nod.

"I agree, Echo." Lord Rem begins. "When I first went over this small article, I found two inconsistencies. But now that I have read it aloud to you three, I have picked out yet another."

"Go on." Echo casually says.

"You said that the Red Ribbon came in Blimps, correct?"

"Uh huh. What of it?"

"The Red Ribbon Army uses those Tank Blimps for specific purposes. It has a built in Radar to scan all enemies and their current Ki level in the vicinity. On top of that, it masks the Ki of everybody on board. Precisely why you all could not predict their attack. Finally, these Tank Blimps can take a substantial amount of damage prior to breaking down. All of this is at the cost of speed. I have spies implemented in the Red Ribbon, which gave me access to many of the specs for their technology. It is physically impossible for the Tank Blimps to have arrived at the Red Ribbon Stronghold in the amount of time listed in this article. At a fast pace, the Red Ribbon Blimps arrived four days ago."

"Errgh, that's a small detail..." Echo exclaims.

Rem continues speaking without change in his facial expression, "The Red Ribbon Army has a law. A prisoner must go through trial prior to an execution, no matter the scenario. A one day time frame from his arrival is simply not enough to do this."

"What losers!" Echo laughs aloud.

"Finally, you cannot be 'transferred' to the Red Ribbon Headquarters unless you are already at another base. It is contradictory. Kiryu would have been transported to the Red Ribbon Stronghold in his position, not transferred. Whoever wrote this article is a fool. Kiryu is alive. We'll just have to wait until he comes back to us." Rem takes a breath and stares at the three before him. "Anything to add?"

"Haha, nah boss, I think you got all the mistakes covered." Echo says before thinking, "Geez, talk about a try hard."

"Mm, apparently." Rem walks over to his desk and looks down on it intently. On it is a map that shows all the remaining FBM fighters from the war and possible locations they could be at. "Kiryu, Pitou, Thrigon, Kaiba...with four of the Commanders missing, Valkyrie torn up from the Red Ribbon attack, and the casualties from all of this...we may be in detrimental trouble if another ambush takes place. I better make a Plan D just in case..." Rem analyzes silently.

"Rem, you alright? You oughtta take a break. We're safe. We won the war against the Saiyans and you held out against the Red Ribbon Army. We're doing well."

"No...I don't take breaks." Rem quickly responds while his leg shakes uncontrollably and he taps his desk with his index finger repeatedly. "Speaking of which, you are all very lucky to be alive. Had I planned for King Vegeta underestimating us incorrectly, you all would have lost that battle in a horrific fate."

Echo stands up from his chair tall with a fierce look on his face, "What the hell did you just say to me? HUH!? Telling us that all our efforts would have been for NOTHING if the Saiyans hadn't treated us like children? I don't wanna hear that s***!!!" Echo roars, smacking his chair across the room without care.

"Ignorance is bliss only if you cannot handle the truth. It appears that I overestimated your mental stability. Duly noted." Echo clenches his fists tight and glares at Rem with sheer anger. "Listen carefully, Echo. I am not insulting any of [your] efforts. But had the Saiyajins brought their top fighters like Vegeta Jr, the Calculating Bardock, or the Brute Broly, the war would have turned out much differently - in their favor."

"I've heard of Vegeta and Broly, but who's this Bardock guy?"

"Bardock...of course, I have never crossed arms with him, but rumour has it that he is the greatest Ki Manipulator in the entire world. I cannot say why King Vegeta didn't bring these fighters, as unlike his son, King Vegeta has a morbid habit of playing with his food. I doubt he specifically told them not to come to the war for no reason; I am almost positive that they were doing an ulterior mission. Though I was unsure what top Saiyajins would enter the war, probability dictated that not all of them would show. To our success."

"...Meh," Echo plainly says, now calm. "I'm out. Gonna go help with the repair of this place..." Rem gives Watson and Stiffy a nod, signalling their departure as well. Soon enough, all three of them had exited the room, leaving Rem alone.

Rem has a seat at his desk without blinking once, "I wonder what those Saiyajins could have been doing outside of their Empire during such a critical time. Nonetheless, we have not heard the last of them...!"


You take a step into the circular arena and on cue, a lightning bolt leaps at you from the skies. Unable to dodge, you throw your arms up in protection but are struck out of the arena within seconds.

"Hmm...how about this then?" You say while standing up and putting your full length arm into the arena. Lightning does not strike you this time. "So it's completely at random. Fair enough." Stepping into the arena once again, nothing jumps up at you.

You speed blitz through the arena and leap at the Metal Ball, grabbing it swiftly before sliding across the ground. Multiple bolts of lightning shoot out from the sky and smack into you directly, knocking you right onto the ground. The Metal Ball flies away from you and rolls across the arena, bolts of lightning smashing into it by the second.

"Errgh, I was careless. The Metal Ball is acting as a conductor...and since this island is so prone to end of the world weather, capturing this ball is harder than it seems." Now that you're standing tall, you stare at the ball and smile deviously. "Ha!" A failed attempt at throwing a ball of ki is made, "Oh, right. Very well..."

You charge forward and kick the magnetic sphere, sending it flying out of the arena. Unfortunately, the bolts of lightning don't cease. As if they're following the sphere, all the lightning strikes are now outside of the arena and continuously blast the steep hill you were previously climbing.

"I could always kick the ball back to the beach and worry about it last. That would hardly be training though. I came hear to learn and if that old pervert wants me to bring this metallic sphere back to the beach, then so help my God I'll find a way to do it!"

A) Kick the metallic sphere back to the beach and worry about it last.
B) Upon picking up the sphere, focus your mind and try to sense the presence of the lightning bolts to avoid them.
C) Take a break from this and go explore the civilization Crow and his crew wiped out.
D) Attempt to learn Inflation Ki so you can:
- 1) Dodge the lightning bolts with inflated speed.
- 2) Tank the lightning bolts with inflated defense.
Countdown by Hangman_Link
Author's Notes:
D2 Wins
"Roshi should know how impossible it must be to be able to bring this all the way back to him with constant lightning bolts crashing down all around..." You say aloud while staring at the metallic orb as bolts of lightning strike its core over and over again, the sky still bright sunny. "So this is part of the training. But how will I surpass this wall...?"

Your legs collapse and you drop to the floor soundly, rubbing your trimmed chin intently. "I must figure out a way to evolve my Ki. To break the wall that has captivated me for so long. It is time for me to learn Inflation Ki!" You analyze, now focusing a brilliant aura around your toned body.

"Kehehehehe," A voice echoes in your head. "I'll let you use your Ki again, but it's your funeral. The more the cost is ignored, the higher price you will be forced to pay later on. Kehehehehehehe," Ryuki laughs once again.



"Thanks gramps. Really, for everything you've done for me this past while. I owe you one." Says Thrigon with a smile on his clean, Namekian face.

"No problem, young man. Be safe on your way back to Forte Valker..ona? And make sure you use that water I gave you very carefully. The desert packs a mean punch after a week or two!"

"Yeah, I will. Thanks." The Commander gives a wave to the old man he met earlier and sets out to Forte Valkyrie, squeezing his left palm intently until blood squirts out.

"Is it true...Kiryu?" He says while digging into his pocket with his spare hand and pulling out a newspaper. He bangs his fist against his forehead repeatedly while he steadily walks through the open desert. "You can't be dead, can you? S***! I shouldn't have...left him. I knew this would happen. He saved my life and all I could do was...was...DAAAAAAAMN!" Thrigon roars, slamming his bear knuckle into the dry terrain.

A soft breeze swings by, swiping the tears that formed on his iris away. Hours go by as he continues to walk without fluids, until finally coming across the Saiyan Empire in ruins. Thrigon quickly surveys the area, reminiscing on the war that just recently transpired.

Suddenly, the Commander's heightened hearing ability picks up. Growling? No, a moan. "Is somebody alive?" Thrigon thinks in a rush, throwing over multiple stones and bricks around the area, searching for the being that continues to emit such noises.

Finally discovering the whereabouts of said individuals location, Thrigon throws his iron fist into a stone, smashing it to hundreds of pieces that all scatter throughout the area.

"A, a Saiyan?" Thrigon swallows deeply and clutches his fist. "Aren't you..."

"Wa...wa...t-t-ter." Moans the Saiyan.

"This guy has gots some perseverance, surviving out here for this long without any food or water. And in that condition too?" The Commander thinks. Thrigon takes a wooden bottle of water that dangles from a chain on his neck off and gives a portion of it to the Saiyan, frowning as he does it.

"Thank, cau, cau! You..." Says the Saiyan, stretching his arm out for Thrigon to help him up. The Commander does just that.

"You were the guy aiding Kiryu, weren't you?"

"Kiryu? Oh, you mean boss man. Haha. Sure, what of it?"

"Have any plans?" Thrigon questions.

"Meh, not really. Why?"

"Come on back with me to Forte Valkyrie. You can join us if you're interested." The Saiyan shrugs casually and gives a nod, and the two start walking away slowly. "What's your name anyway?"

"Shugesh, at your service. Haha."


Night falls quickly, but you remain still. The aura you presented earlier still flares around, now calmer than before. You feel an imminent zing shoot through your body, as if a great discovery within the depths of your mind has been awakened.

Your eyes fire open with passion strewed about. "Have I done it?" Upon blinking, you flick your eyes open once again and examine the aura that emits around your body. To your surprise, it has a distinct colour gushing throughout it.

Your crisp, purple aura flutters around vibrantly and you stand tall, watching the metallic orb like it's your prey. "This is just like that time when I developed The Four Witches. Just this time, I took it to a level beyond. I feel as if I can do anything with this Ki, but I know what I must do in order to surpass this trial..!"

Now focusing your newly acquired aura, it loses its calm flake and begins shooting around violently while you attempt to harness the power surrounding you. Your muscles begin vibrating uncontrollably as a surge of Ki enters your body, pumping in and out in a flash.

Without even realizing, screams of agony roar from your dry lips as you feel effluxes of Ki filling your veins. "HAAAAAAA!" You screech at the top of your lungs and the aura around you disperses instantly. "Haaa....hahaaaaa," you breath heavily, currently stepping towards the metallic orb with a grin on your face.

Zipping noises run through the air, resulting in your gazing up to the sky. Bolts of lightning crash down and strike the skull you value so dearly, but nothing more than a mere red mark is made. "Incredible...I developed a new type of Ki. So this is...Inflation Ki."

After picking up the metallic orb, repeated stakes of lightning smash into your entire body. "I can't feel anything. This is brilliant. No matter how much I'm hit, the damage I sustain is non existent. I did it!"

Before you know it, you're sprinting down the mountaintop as lightning attempts to skewer you without success. Your within meters of the beach now and suddenly, a feeling of emptiness ignites from within. "Was that my aura!?!?"

A ruthless series of bolts strike you simultaneously and the metallic orb springs into the sky, collapsing onto the sandy beach afterwards. You roll on the ground in pain, attempting to clutch your entire body. "S***, what's happening!?"

Bruises and scrapes suddenly form on your body and the pain grows. You laugh to yourself hysterically for a few moments."Aha, I see now. Using that technique has negative costs as well. It appears that the aura only temporarily blocks out the pain I receive. Once the aura runs out...all the damage I took strikes me at once...I like, I like. Caugh, hahahah!"

Your legs groan in pain as you stand up once again, watching the lightning crash into the metallic ball while it resides on the beach safely. It's time to get the final piece of the puzzle. The crescent jewel.

You make a quick step and realize that your body is still frail from the damage. "I suppose I'll make camp for tonight." You quickly say to yourself while dropping to your knees, laying on the sandy beach afterwards. After closing your eyes, sleep comes soon after.

New Technique Acquired: "Absolute Safeguard." By focusing your aura, you inflate your defense by covering your entire body with Ki. While using this, you will receive no damage from attacks. However, the damage will still pile up. Once you release this aura, all of the damage received will be dealt immediately so try not to let too much damage stack up. This move uses a great deal of Ki.


"Congratulations, Kiryu!" A short man with red hair flaring about says with a smile. "You've been registered in my army for a mere six months now and you've already gotten this far. I applaud you. You deserve this promotion, Lieutenant Kiryu."

"Thank you, President Red. Your kindness means a great deal to me." You respond.

President Red smiles, "Don't be so formal." He laughs a bit while brushing his trimmed mustache, "Keep up the great work. Seriously, is there any mission you CAN'T do? Bahahah!"

"Ahem," Executive Black speaks up as he enters your newly furnished quarters. "Sorry to disturb you, sir. But Dr. Gero, Dr. Myuu, and Chief Executive Graham are waiting outside. King Vegeta of the Saiyan Empire should be arriving soon, so it's best you prepare for the meeting."

Red gives a short sigh and nods, "Got'cha. Kiryu, my man, I'll talk to you later. Keep up the good work! I'm looking forward to seeing your progress in the near future!"

"Yes, sir!" You give him a short bow while smiling. As you go down, you catch Executive Black give you a sharp glare of disapproval. President Red exits the room seconds after and you retain your mutual standing position, now alone. "Hmm, I suppose there isn't any use wandering around here alone. I'll go see what missions are currently available."

Just before you place your hands on the doorknob, it swings itself open and hits you directly in the face. "Ow..." You say quietly, annoyed.

Conrad pops in while scratching his head. "Oh, sorry. Do you...usually stand in front of the door for no apparent reason?"

"I was just leaving, jackass."

"Heh heh, whatever. So I was just comin' here to congratulate you, Lieutenant. Peh, I can't believe you snuck past me in rank like that."

You smile swiftly while sifting pass him and walking into the hallway. He closes your door and follows suit, "Yeah well, you haven't been on a mission in half a month. Serves you right, slacker."

Conrad shrugs without care and the two of you enter the elevator just down the hallway. It starts to move slowly and Conrad digs his hand in his pocket. "By the way, I got you this." He pulls out a small Capsule with purple squiggles running through it. "You know, for reaching Lieutenant and all."

You take it out of his hand and survey it with glimmering eyes, "This quality...you can't buy this. Where did you get it?"

"President Red owed me a favour for taking down Cobra's Factory alone last month. He was reluctant, but once I told him it was for you, the man couldn't contain his excitement."

"Heh, wow. Thanks man." You fling the Capsule in the air and whip your hand across the elevator, catching it with your dry palm and putting it in your pocket afterwards. The elevator opens and both of you walk through the mission room promptly, "So are you coming with my on my first Lieutenant Mission or what?"

"I can't. I'm still a Commodore, remember?"

"Right." You snap your fingers and laugh, "Guess I'll catch you later. If you ever decide on ranking up, that is." You write your name down on a mission and laugh at him while walking away.

Red Ribbon Army Rank Listings:

01) President Red.
02) Fleet Executive.
03) Chief Executive.
04) Executive.
05) Brigadier Officer.
06) Lieutenant Colonel.
07) Lieutenant.
08) Commodore.
09) General.
10) Squad Captain.
11) Major.
12) Veteran Soldier.
13) Elite Soldier.
14) Soldier.
15) Recruit.


You awake to find yourself laying in a wet puddle. It appears a rainstorm has just passed. You slowly sit up while wiping your eyes down, and look around. "Okay, now I just need to find that crescent orb and I can get back to Djawa Island."

Your eyes flick back and forth as you examine the island from your position, and a peculiar sight sparks your interest. It's a large tsunami continuously rising from the ocean and smashing into a partially destroyed cliff. "Fire, thunder, and now water. Each of the items had an environmental theme around 'em. That tsunami is where the last item is!" You smile and form a bit of Ki on your feet, allowing you to sprint at a much higher speed.

Eventually, you find yourself looking at a shredded town down in a grove. You look down on it from the hillside you stand on, "So this is the place Crow and his crew destroyed." Rain suddenly pours down hard and drenches you completely.

It appears that the town was small, as the majority of the destroyed habitats were tents and shacks. Even then, there aren't more than a dozen. You hop down from the hillside and notice that a destroyed tower that must go on for miles on end is stretching throughout the island.

After feeling this tower, it has very sturdy material and is painted grey with tons of scripture along it. Continuing your examination, you see a note imprinted at the base of the fallen tower: "Built in honor of the great hero."

"I wonder who that might be," you say aloud. "Oh well, I should get going." Wind breezes around your body as you jump through the air and land back on the hillside you were previously on. After a few hours, you find yourself standing before a cliff that isn't connected to the island. The walkway appears to have been broken off.

On the cliff that stands alone, your brilliant vision scouts a tiny crescent covered blue. You jump through the air and land on the cliff safely. You bend over and pull the orb from its position on the cliff after a bit of struggling.

A ruthless tsunami blasts from the water and smacks into the cliff, breaking multiple parts of it off. You stumble for a second before jumping back on the hillside without trouble.

"Aye, finally found you. Klehbahahahaha." A shrill voice shouts off in the distance. You squint tightly and see a broad shouldered man with a purple bandanna over him with the mark of a crow flowing through it. He's wearing chains that drop from the side of his pants. "The Captain sent me here, aye. Hear fists of yours had a word with Mook and Shook, aye mate."

"I think you have me mistaken for somebody else," you declare while walking along the hillside towards him, putting the crescent orb into your pocket.

"Nay." He starts walking to you while chains dangle along his legs. "Funnay, how I search here last. Usually people want not of Ysabel, off base the stories. Disasters, n'all. Aye?"

"Your English makes me want to choke a puppy. Just stop talking, please." You taunt.

He frowns a tad but doesn't stop speaking. "Karore, name, aye. When God saves your soul, tell him me said aye, aye?"

"Tell him yourself, aye." You dash at Karore at top speed and he sprints towards you simultaneously. Lightning crashes into the hillside hard and rain pours down heavily. You feel the Tsunami that was crashing into the cliff earlier change course and notice a shadow that covers the entire hillside surface. "S***, there's a lot of force in that wave behind me! If it strikes this platform we're on, it's sure to break apart in an instant. I'm no expert, but I don't think we have much time before it decides to drop down on us!"

The two of you finally reach each other and start throwing out wild punches in a frenzy. Karore dodges your left hook and uppercuts you in the jaw, which barely even fazes you.

"Good, it appears that you're nothing but a weakling!" Both of your arms wrap around his waist and you lift him high into the air, squeezing tightly.

He grimaces in pain, but doesn't give up. Both of his arms reach down to the chains that lay on the sides of his legs and he grips them tight. You see a black aura of Ki form around the chains and he swings them up at you.

Not taking any chances, you jump back to avoid them. "Chances are that if he thought he would have a better chance of knocking me off of him with those chains rather than a Ki blow to my face, those chains must be dangerous." You analyze.

Karore swings both of his chains about wildly and they seem to stretch the more he swings them. You swiftly dodge them without making contact while stll closing the distance. "Playin' like a b****, aye? Well, very..." He slashes his chains together and wraps them around tight, forming a knot between both of them. "God mercy have soul on yours."

"I said stop talking!" A large ball of Purple aura fills your right hand and you launch it at him without mercy. He puts his chain in front of it and the moment your attack comes into contact with his chains, it disappears. "What!?!?"

"Chain Crusher!" The black chain glows mysteriously for a few seconds and Karore laughs. You feel the Tsunami edge closer behind you but don't want to take your eyes off of him, even for an instant. "WHAAAA!" He screams and the chain in his hands disperses.

Suddenly a tight hold is around your neck and upon reaching for what is causing it, you feel his chain. "Not possible!"

Karore dashes at you once again in your lack of oxygen and you feel your power draining steadily. "I have to finish this quickly. Before the tsunami destroys this entire portion of the island...and before I run out of oxygen!" He closes the short distance between you with both of his arms out wide.

You sprint at him wildly, two arms sprouting from your back as you do so. "AAAAAHHHHHH!" You roar at the top of your lungs, preparing to finish things off!

A) Enter a physical exchange with Karore and kill him in an instant.
B) Dodge his attack and attempt to knock him off the cliff.
C) Try to blast a hole through the Tsunami above you and jump into it, letting it crush him.
D) Other?
Crow Makes His Move by Hangman_Link
Author's Notes:
A Wins.
You flare your aura up and the plateau you reside on shakes violently, pieces crumbling as your power rises. "HAAAAAAA!" You roar, using the last bit of your breath. A purple stream of Ki fires out from you and before you know it, you're dashing at Karore at full speed.

"I can feel that wave behind me. I have a minute tops." You think. Karore throws a series of black coloured orbs with all his might, but you dash through them without care.

"Sober up, AYE!" Karore enters a spiral spin and continues to go round and round as blasts of Ki are fired from every part of his body. Strangely, they all go right passed you.

As he persists in his attack, you think: "Bad aim? No, I can feel the Ki blasts he's shooting out. They aren't dispersing, which means...!" You do a small hop and flip through the air until you're just above him. Both of your hands are filled with an orb of Ki and you smash them together once they're ripe.

A cloud of dust sprouts from the crash and an even bigger wave of Ki is held in both of your hands. "Wipeout Wave!" The blast is fired down at Karore and impacts directly, sending billows of dust and dirt hurling through the air.

You land safely and see his figure resurface from the smoke completely undamaged. You can feel power leaking out of you at an undeniable speed and the tsunami creeps out from behind, slowly inching down.

"I've wasted too much time! Forget about examining his movements. I'll shut him down with brute force!" After you train of thought, cracks are heard from your muscles as they build in size, starting to stretch back.

The smoke completely dissipates and a black barrier of Ki is engulfing Karore. He smiles with his brown teeth and the barrier evaporates. "Out time of yours, aye!"

You charge at Karore and your Giant Bulldozer reaches its full potential. Karore smacks his hands together and the army of Ki blasts that were awaiting orders smash into you relentlessly. You charge through his assault and launch your attack.

Smoke piles through the plateau for an instant before Karore sees four arms burst out from the cloud and fly directly towards him. He gulps in fear while throwing both of his arms over his chest and squeezing them tightly.

The chain on your neck tightens, causing you to grimace in pain. All four of your arms finally reach Karore and smash into him directly. "Kwaaaaaaa!" The pirate screams as his bones are smashed into pieces.

The entire plateau you're on quakes from the magnitude of your attack. You lose your footing and fall to your knees to find that a big chunk of the land has broken off. You retract all of your arms and they swing back to you like rubber, while Karore lays on the crumbling plateau in defeat.

The chain on your neck slowly fades away and you take a large breath of air in pure ecstasy. "Haaaa...S***, I forgot about the tsunami!"

Without even looking at the wave, you scout the closest piece of land to you and spot a small rock that has been smashed apart from the mainland. Not thinking twice, you leap at it with a spring in your step.

The tsunami crashes down on the plateau and shatters the entirety of it in an instant. The wave buries through the land and creeps to Karore, who can do nothing but stare the wave down. You hear a scream of pain shriek out and moments later, he pillars through the air without motion. With him, multiple pieces of rock formations from the plateau collapse by his side.

You stand tall and eye him shortly, smiling all the way. His body crashes into the water and is hit by many pieces of the shattered island as his body slowly sinks away to infinite darkness.

"You better step up your game, Crow. I want a challenge."


"Owahahahaha, what do we have here?" Dr. Fiasco examines while he slowly raises his arms in the air.

"FREEZE! PUT YOUR HANDS UP - NOW!" A man with blonde hair that runs just passed his ears roars in complete rage. He has a black and red body suit with the "Red Ribbon Army" insignia running across his chest.

"I already have." Fiasco responds in a calm tone.

"Oh, well, SHUT UP! I'm taking you in to HQ. Make one move and I'll have you sniped. Ya' hear, HUH!?!?"


"That's right, you HOMO!" The blonde man puts his right hand in his overcoat pocket and pulls out a small phone. He pops a few digits into it and speaks up. "Alright, if he makes one move on me while I make the arrest, kill him." He whispers into it.

A small voice responds, "Yes, sir! Give me ten seconds to make the order to the others, General Fiender."

"Roger." Fiender slips his phone back into his overcoat and looks back at Fiasco. "That work for you?"

"...What exactly is wrong with being a homosexual?" Fiasco questions with a little smile on his face.

"Shut the F*** up you little piece of s***! You're the lowest type of person this planet has. If I hear you speak again, I'll order my snipers up there to blow your head CLEAN OFF." Fiender walks passionately towards Fiasco who remains still, his hands in the air.

"Owahahahaha, it appears that Kami has smiled on me today." Fiender walks behind Fiasco and whips out a pair of silver handcuffs that are glowing green. Fiender reaches for Fiasco's still arm and just as he makes contact, the Doctors other arm flings backward and he smashes his elbow into Fiender's face.

"AHHH! Owowowowowow, you little-" Fiasco ducks quickly and six bullets fly past him, striking the General across his chest. "Guh...you f***ing idi...ots." He drops to the ground softly and doesn't move at all afterwards.

Another six bullets with an aura surrounding them fly towards Fiasco, who eyes them cautiously. "Based on the trajectory of each of the bullets, it's evident that there are six different shooters all firing one shot each. No good."

He sways forward and then sifts to the side, dodging all of the bullets, still looking around to find the snipers. His eye zooms in far down into the terrain and he sees small posts set up outside of a mediocre van. Not wasting another second, he dashes at full throttle towards the group, dodging every shot that is fired.

Fiasco launches himself in the air and sways to the side, dodging another set of bullets. He lands on a post and elbows one of the snipers in the gut, who then begins to fall down. Fiasco catches him and throws the sniper into another group of bullets.

The Doctor fires two balls of Ki to take down another set of snipers, while three bullets fire at him once again. He ducks quickly and dodges the first, but blood squirts out of his chest as two Ki Bullets penetrate his skin tissue. "Oh noes."

The snipers fire three more bullets which strike Fiasco once again. He falls off the plateau in pain while forming an aura at the tip of his middle and index fingers. Both fingers are shoved into his chest and Ki flows through his body.

"Sorry, Doc." One of the sniper laughs. Three more shots are fired, all hitting Fiasco directly. One Ki Bullet rips through his neck, another hitting the center of his chest, and the final shot impacting the right side of his chest.

Fiasco drops to the ground while blood leaks out of his holes, "Owahahaha, well that isn't what you want..." He pants as the snipers pick him up and drag the Doctor towards their van.


Now on the beach, you see bolts of lightning crashing into the metallic orb that you left. You dig into your pocket and pull out the Fan and the Crescent Orb. A purple aura extends out from your body and you pick up the Metallic Orb, lightning striking you as you do it. No damage is sustained.

You take a deep dive into the ocean and start swimming back to Djawa Island at full speed, aura in your arms as you do it. About a mile offshore, the lightning bolts no longer cease their assault on the metallic orb and the rest of the swim is nice and easy.

You arrive back on Djawa Island and rise up from the ocean, water dripping from your body. You release the Absolute Safeguard you had put up and sustain all the damage from the bolts of lightning - as well as a fish bite - but stand tall without much trouble.

"Roshi. I wonder what you have planned for me next..." You say aloud, catching a confused glimpse from a fisherman with no pants on. Paying no attention to him, you take up a steady jog and arrive back at Roshi's humble house quite quickly.

You find Roshi sitting outside, smoking from a pipe while he watches the sunset. He takes notice to you and coughs up a bit of smoke in shock, "Uh, Kiryu!?" He takes the pipe from his lips and throws it on the ground as if he never had it. "Back so soon?"

"No, no. I'm actually Ghost Kiryu. Why do you ask?" You have a seat on the steps and the smoke from before clouds your nostrils, resulting in you standing up and sitting farther away from him.

"It's herbal smoke! It keeps me big and strong! I swear."

"Fair enough; so what do you have planned for me next?"

"Lets see the items that I had requested, Ghost Kiryu!" He challenges. You dig into your pocket and toss them over to the old master who examines them closely. "Fake, fake, and fake. You didn't do the training did you? As consequence for your failure, I instruct you to do fifty thousand push ups. After that, you can piggyback me around the island!"

"You're funny." You form a sarcastic grin on your face and take it off immediately, "So what next?"

"How did you surpass the lightning challenge? I'm shocked...it's only been three weeks since you left and you collected all three items? It usually takes my students about a month to collect one of them. And in order to receive the metallic orb on that island, you must have evolved your Ki."


"Impressive," Roshi compliments, while standing up. "Well it looks like it's my turn to train you. Now that you know the basics to evolving your Ki, I will teach you everything I know about tricks to enhance your Inflation abilities. I imagine that your Inflation is in its most primary state right now. What did you inflate, anyway?"

"My durability."

"I figured you might. It suits you better, due to your physique. Stand up, son. It's time to train, ROSHI STYLE!" You crack your knuckles and pull yourself up so you tower above him. "But I ran out of groceries so can you run out and get them?"


Meanwhile, On Rhodus Island...

"Captain, word, may if I." A grunt with a pirate suit and crimson hat on questions.


"Right Mate, has returned not. Karore, is that, aye." The man stands up from his seat tall and nods his head. "Know happened what, do you?"

"Aye. His life force has disappeared. The man that I sent him to kill - the man who fought Mook and Shook and sent them a' crawlin' back - has murdered him." The man crunches his fists hard.


"Aye, it seems."

"Wow, I say. Karore has power by yours only outmatched. Killed him...WHO?"

"I know not of his identity..." The bold man takes a step forward and walks over to bed. He bends over and pulls a long sheathe from it, a sword laying inside. "But I will find out, aye."

"Crow-Sama! Need not you worry. We will handle ourselves, this, this matter."

Captain Crow of the Crimson Pirates shakes his head slowly, "Nay. Nobody kills one of my men and gets away with it. I shall hunt him down to the depths of Hell until he has PAYED!" Crow smashes his fist into the wall and it smashes into pieces.

"Captain..." The man pleads.

"Prepare me a ship, aye?"

"...Aye." The pirate runs off, leaving Captain Crow alone in his Headquarters.

Crow has a seat on his mattress and places his hands on his forehead. "Karore...I am sorry."


Personal training with Master Roshi begins later that day. He started out explaining how one goes about meditating in order to harness their Ki, and helped you with forming a proper aura later on. The day flies by quickly and at the end of it, Roshi asks a serious question.

"Kiryu, what type of Inflation Technique do you want to focus your efforts on?"

"Hm?" You question while dropping to your knees, sweat rolling down your spine.

"There are so many different aspects of Inflation you can focus on. What type do you want me to teach you now? Don't worry, you can branch off to different techniques later in the training. This is just to get you started."

"I see." You say aloud before thinking, "Hmm...what should I focus my efforts on right now?"

A) Offensive Inflations: Strength increases.
B) Defensive Inflations: Durability increases.
C) Evasion Inflations: Ability to avoid attacks increases.
D) Speed Inflations: The maximum speed you can move at increases.
E) Battle Power Inflations: Your Battle Power increases.
F) Balanced Inflations: Everything increases, but to a much less degree.
One Month by Hangman_Link
Author's Notes:
D Wins.
Tension grows between Roshi and you, beads of sweat dripping from your forehead. "I'd like to learn how to inflate my speed."

Roshi nods carefully. "Then let us begin!" And so, the training with Roshi takes another step in its direction. The wise master teaches you the physics to amplifying your own Ki. It's quite simple once you learn it, actually. All you have to do is focus your aura around a specific part - or parts - of your body, and flare the aura around it.

In fact, using Ki based blasts that amplify ones battle power are subtle versions of Inflation Ki. The hard part comes with learning - and mastering - the ability to keep that aura for longer periods of time, without causing permanent damage to your body from the unusual strain that comes with each inflation.

At the days end, you take a break from meditating your aura due to a severe migraine and rest through the night. But when you wake up, it is all but still there. "I never get headaches...what the hell!?" You think, angrily, while laying on a bed - alone.


"Crow-Sama, ship of yours ordered you that arrived, aye." The same grunt from earlier says to his leader.

"Aye, thank you, Crook." The head of the Crimson pirates stands up and walks past Crook as he places his long, crimson colored sheathe on his side. "I will put Djawa Island at the bottom of the ocean!" Crook takes a large gulp but says nothing.

The two finally exit the castle that Crow resides in and they walk past multiple stone pillars that are painted black and hold an eagle at the tip of them.

After a long and quiet walk, Crow and Crook stand before a small boat with a motor on it, as well as a sail that is put down. "Accompany, aye?" Crook asks.

"Hmm...Aye." Crook smiles and hops in the small boat, putting his hands on the wheel soon after. Crow walks in soundly and has a seat beside his comrade. "Did Mook and Shook give a name?"

"Nay. Known is it not, fortunately. Un, of course."

"Aye. Set sail." Crook nods at this command and fires up the motor. It roars and in an instant, the two part from the dock.


Meanwhile, In An Unknown Location...

Pitou sits under the shade of a flourished tree while looking at a small, laminated paper in his hands. It reads: "You will be ours forever." The Commander scowls upon reading it and slips it back in his pocket before dropping his head down. He hears footsteps break out from behind the tree and turns around instinctively.

A small green alien with black whiskers in a magicians outfit is standing in the middle of a group of three. On his left, is a tall man painted pink with long ears and a devilish grin. He's wearing a black and white overcoat the shapes throughout his entire body while the center of his stomach and chest are exposed. Finally, the man that stands on the right has a long head and horns on his back. All three of them have an insignia of "M" on their forehead.

"Master Babidi, is this him?" The pink one asks the small wizard in the middle.

"Yes, it is, Dabura. I can tell from his Ki Signature," the Wizard whispers back. "You." Babidi says while pointing at Pitou who is now standing up and preparing his guard.

"What do you want?" Pitou responds.

"I go by the title of Great Wizard Babidi. You go by the title of Commander Pitou. Am I correct?"

Pitou clenches his fists while examining the three. "You cannot tell somebody's name from their Ki Signature. How do you know who I am?"

"Behahahaha, ergh." Babidi laughs maniacally a bit before stopping himself. "Sorry, dear. But I am the one asking the questions."

"And why is that?"

"I'll keep this brief," the Wizard begins. "Will you join me in my conquest, Commander."

"What is your conquest?"

"You have a bad habit of answering questions with a question, Pitou."

"And that's because you have a habit of asking questions that beg for answers. And did you just say that it is a 'bad' habit? Don't be foolish, Wizard. I do not have any bad habits."

"Hah hah hah!" A devilish grin writes itself on Babidi's ugly face. "I came from a far off planet. It appears that my fathers ultimate creation, Majin Buu, is situated on this Planet. I have recently discovered the whereabouts of its location."

"I'm thrilled."

"For some reason I doubt that." Babidi replies back with a grin still on his face. "The dilemma that I am facing, however, is that in order to resurrect this great beast, I am forced to issue a large amount of life energy...Ki...into it."

"So why not attempt to steal my Ki?"

"Because I already found the perfect source to receive this Ki." Tears drip out of Babidi's eyes as he continues. Some sort of sadistic pleasure is flaring within him the more he talks about stealing people's Ki.

"And who might that be?"

"Pitou, Pitou, Pitou...It is not limited to one person." The Commander's eyes widen a bit but he remains silent. "I will use the Ki of the entire Freeborn Military."

"Ugh!" Pitou gasps in shock. "You freak...!"

"And this is where you come in, Commander. Behahahahaha! You will enter this Forte they call Valkyrie and suck the life out of everything living inside. Kill them all. Behahaha!"

"No deal," Pitou quickly responds, now eying the man called Dabura carefully. "He's powerful...I better watch his movements carefully!" He thinks.

"Don't listen to your feelings Pitou. I chose you for a reason. The only Commander in the FBM that is so despicable to betray the entire organization without care is you. You, Pitou, have no honor. No morals. NOTHING!"

"You have the wrong guy, Wizard. Now get out of my sight."

Babidi laughs freakishly again while holding his forehead in complete ecstasy. "You don't want to be who you are, Pitou. But make no mistake...you are...who you are. Behahahaha!"

"Shut up!" Pitou screams, clenching his fists even tighter.

"But you would never do such a horrific act without reason, would you, Pitou? Huh, Pitou?" Babidi continues to taunt. "Think about all the power you will receive from doing this. You will stand above everybody in the entire universe. I will grant you the one thing you have always wanted...infinite power. The ability to do anything you desire. Nobody will be able to stop you. Anything that was once out of your reach will now be an easy task to obtain. Behahahaha!"

Pitou releases his clenched fists and turns his eyes back to Babidi, "How can you grant me this power? No...why would you grant me this power? Why me? What about this Majin Buu? He's what you really want! But no...why would I betray Rem!?"

"I am a Wizard. With the right person, I can increase their power beyond belief. But the real power will be fueled by your betrayal of the FBM. Sucking the life out of every soul that once looked up to you. I need you Pitou. Dabura and Pui Pui are a valuable source, but are still nothing in the grand scheme of things. You, Pitou, on the other hand...have the power and desire to infiltrate your home and take everything away from Rem. Majin Buu will come later. Worry not of him, for now."

"I will not betray Rem nor the FBM. Or anybody else! I'm not that kind of person...I'M NOT!"

"YOU ARE!" Babidi screams back. "And you will betray Rem. He has gotten you this far, but you will go no further with him. That gaping hole in your heart will never be filled! Join ME, Pitou! You will not regret it!"

"I cannot defeat Rem, no matter how many souls I absorb. His power is truly infinite..."

"Hah hah hah, worry not of Rem, for Dabura will take care of him."

Pitou shakes his head. "No, Dabura is certainly powerful...But Rem would tear him to shreds."

"Behahahaha, Pitou! Obey my instructions and not even a force like Rem will be an issue for us. So Pitou...do we have a deal?"

"...Yes...we have a deal, Babidi."

"Then accept my mark on your forehead! It will do you no harm, other than show your true alliance for me."

"Very well," Pitou agrees, before thinking: "This Wizard is no fool, but he thinks that he'll manipulate me!? Well, I won't have it. I shall devise my own double cross plan and rule supreme over everybody!"

"Pau Pata Ma Pau!" Babidi roars. Pitou falls to his knees and shakes violently while gripping his head tight. "Let it go, Pitou! Do not struggle!"

"ERRRRGHH, GAH!" Pitou finally stops screaming and lays still. A large M is now on his forehead.

"The process is complete. You are now mine, Pitou...!" Babidi laughs.

"So what first, Master Babidi?" Pitou questions with a smile.

Babidi smiles at this. "We have a lot to do before we go up against the entire Freeborn Military. Do not worry about that, for now."


"Haa....haaa!" You say aloud after swinging yourself up from the bed. You feel all of your strength leave you, causing you to drop off the bed and hit the ground. "This migraine...on top of my lack of power...There is no doubt about it...Ryuki, you bastard!"

Master Roshi enters the room and runs up to you. "Kiryu, are you alright? I heard a crash!"

"It's...it's nothing." Laughs begins surrounding you from all around, and it's hard to tell but the picture at the other end of the room appears to be moving itself up and down. Roshi starts talking but because of all the noise surrounding you, everything he says simply fades away. You nod your head at Roshi to try and agree with whatever he's saying.

Just then, a huge crash explodes from outside. Roshi gulps and stands up quick, running outside of your room instantly.

"What's...what's...?" You barely manage to say, trying to pull yourself up from the ground and walk after him. You do so, but at a very slow pace.

After about a minute, you reach the window that Master Roshi peaked out from when you were fighting those two pirates. You see smoke filling the beach due to a fallen building has been smashed down. "What? Buildings don't just fall down..."

Suddenly, the building disappears without a trace. Your eyes go wide in complete shock and you gulp, still struggling to even lean on the window. Tons of people run onto the sandy area and all jump down on their knees, bowing down without speaking.

Roshi does the same. A figure morphs into your vision and than another. They look different from the townsfolk though. Pirates!

The two pirates walk through the line that all of the citizens have formed, looking at them all carefully. "Aye, Crow." The grunt named Crook says while pointing to a bowing Roshi.

Crow smiles and walks in front of Roshi. "Stand." The wise master listens and does just so, shaking all the while. "It's you, isn't it?"

Roshi stares the Captain down fiercely without answering. Crow raises his eyebrow and swings his left hand to the side, pointing at a random civilian with a black orb of Ki forming in his hands.

"STOP!" Roshi screams. Crow nods and puts his hand down, the ball dispersing as he does it. "I was the one who injured Mook and Shook. I just-"

"Roshi," Crow says calmly. "Do NOT insult my intelligence. Saavy?"

"I'm sorry."

"I do not wish you any harm, which is why I did not lay a hand on Djawa Island. But you know the rules!"

"Crow, please leave. None of your men will ever be harmed again...just...just-"

"Nay." Roshi gulps. "The damage has been done. You're training another fighter, correct?"


"Well, that fighter has crossed the line. My right mate - Karore - was killed by him a few days ago."

"WHAT!?" Roshi screams in complete fear, shaking. "Kiryu, you fool!" He thinks.

"'Tis true. Bring me to this fighter, Roshi!"

The old Master thinks intently, "Kiryu, you sure picked a good time to get deathly ill." Roshi stares Crow down intently, "Please, give him time. Crow, you're an honorable fighter. You shouldn't settle for killing somebody in a near death state...fight him when he's-"

"I've heard enough, Roshi. I'll grant him his life today."

"T-thank you, Crow!"

"I wonder." Crow responds, causing Roshi to look at him with a confused look. "Crook, take him."

"Huh!?" Gasps Roshi.

Crook whips out his sword and puts it to Roshi's neck, "Walk, aye." The two of them walk through the bowing civilians until completely out of sight.

"Damn it..." You think in knots. "They took Roshi...And I can't do...ANYTHING!" You slip from the window sill and fall hard on the ground, drifting off unconscious soon afterwards.

Crow stares at all of the citizens and licks his lips. "Aye, mates! Ready, I hope you are!" He roars, making them all look at each other uneasily. "I apologize for the inconvenience, but this anger...must be TAMED!" Crow's hands turns into spherical orbs with black aura spewing from them. The Crimson Captain breathes heavily while putting more aura into his arms.

All of the citizens stand up together and sprint in different directions, all trying to escape from Crow. The captain laughs with pleasure while putting his hands on the sandy beach. "Darkness Insurrection!"

The entire beach quakes, slowly crumbling. The dark aura pummels through the ground at full throttle, causing even the sky to turn pitch black. "HAAAAAAA!" Explosions break out as everything outside is melted away by the darkness that he holds.

After a minute, Crow stands up tall with no aura left in his hands. He takes a deep breath and looks up at the - now - sunny sky from the crater he's in. He jumps out of it casually and looks around the empty beach. Not a soul around. He then takes out a piece of paper from under his sleeve and jots something down on it quickly, throwing it in the crater afterwards.

Crow slowly walks away without expression until he finally catches up to Roshi and Crook, who are standing outside of the boat. Roshi looks at Crow in complete terror. "Crow...how could you?"

"You wanted your fighter to live, aye? You should know that once my anger builds, no reason can fully contain it. Hurry up and get in the boat, Roshi." The master follows his orders and gets in without fuss, Crow following suit. "Besides, I'm curious to see how this fighter will respond."

Crook powers the boats engine once again, and the three of them leave the beach.


"Ugh," you say to yourself while standing up and looking out the window, forgetting about what happened last time you were awake. You stand up and gaze out the window briefly, seeing a large crater in the middle of the beach and not a soul around.

"Kehehehehe, watch what you do, Kiryu. The cost has only been payed temporarily. It can strike at any given moment!" Ryuki mutters.

You memory returns quickly, and you run outside in a rush. "So that was Crow...That sick FREAK!"

Your eyes scout the bottom of the crater and a peculiar note catches your attention. You jump down the hole and stare at it in surprise, seeing a clean paper that reads: "Fighter, I have your master. In one month I will execute him just like the rest on Djawa. Meet me on Rhodus Island. Be ready...!"

"One month, huh..." You say aloud. "Hmm...what should I do?"

A) Find a boat and head to Rhodus Island immediately.
B) Train for a month here to try and perfect the Speed Inflation.
C) Head to Maluku Island (The Deceased Desert) and train.
D) Head to Kharaj Island (The Heated Hell) and train.
E) Head to another island on the Archipelago that is more populated:
- 1) Bahrein Island.
- 2) Cipro Island.
Inside The Volcano by Hangman_Link
Author's Notes:
D Won.
"Well, I have one month." You say to yourself while walking along the empty beach. Eventually, you reach the edge of the island and see three others off in the distance. "I'll explore Kharaj Island...The Heated Hell!"

You dive in the water and breaststroke through the ocean at a fiery pace. Night falls quickly, dawn approaching afterwards. After a long swim, you pull yourself up from the water and step on the flat ground.

The heat quickly burns your toes but you hold the pain in. "It really is hot in this place...!" Upon surveying the area around you see a volcano at the highest point of the island. Magma is dripping from it and spilling into a large crater down below. It appears that the town used to live in that crater.

You walk along the flat surface, sweating all the while. "What am I going to do here?" Suddenly, a strong sense of urgency grows in you, making you whip your head around violently. The ground begins shaking as if about to crack, so you jump into the air.

Just as you do, the ground shatters and lava spews from it. The hot flames leak onto the ground and melt more of it, shattering more holes on the surface of this heated island.

As you drift through the air, a purple orb of Ki appears in your hand. "Shortcut!" You launch the beam into the remainders of land and it fires you towards the volcano at tremendous speed. The land beneath you crumbles to pieces but you leave it behind without second thought.

Heat boils beneath your skin and sweat drips from the entirety of your body until you finally land outside of the volcano, staring just down into a crater. "What idiots, building a civilization right in front of such a massive volcano. They deserved to die. Hmph."

You stare directly at the volcano while opening your palm wide, Ki forming in it just as you do. "I wonder...HA!" You launch the blast towards the belly of the tower and it explodes.

Sweat continues to boil at the tip of your forehead while you stare at the hole in the center of the volcanic tower. Nothing is happening. "5...4...3.." Booooooooom. A huge blast crackles from within and lava fires out straight at you.

"Shi-" You flip to the side and barely avoid the attack. After looking just past your shoulders, you see yet another crater from that attack. "I better watch my step...That blast would have disintegrated me in an instant."

You stand up tall and casually leap over the buried town, landing just over the hole you put in the volcano. You sift over to the edge of the hole while avoiding the leaking magma and stare down to the base of the volcano.

"Well that...I did not expect..." A series of Ki blasts come flying up from the molten rock at the base of the volcano. You swing your head back and they zoom right past you. "So these are the creatures that caused the volcano to flood out the town...Huh."



Wind breezes through Thrigon's flaky red hair as he points out Forte Valkyrie to the Saiyan Shugesh who stands beside him. "Finally," Thrigon says in a calm tone. "I didn't think it'd take this to get back here. Eeshk."

"Meh, I needed time to think about why the hell i'm even comin' here so it wasn't too bad." Shugesh replies while taking an obnoxious snore. "Still didn't get an answer but whatevs."

Thrigon shrugs carelessly and continues walking forward. In a few minutes, the two reach a torn up gate that used to be the entry for all non Commanders. It appears that the RRA did quite a lot of damage.

Thrigon steps inside, Shugesh following suit. Just as he does so, he sees Echo and a few random soldiers repairing the walls on the inside. "Yoooo, made it back alive, eh? I see ya' captured a filthy Saiyan too. Nice!" Echo calls out while pounding his arm forward.

"Naw, this guy's joining us man." Says Thrigon.

"Pfft, lame. Still, I oughtta catch ya' later. Sorta busy with these noobs."

"Heh heh, alright, alright. Later." Thrigon waves goodbye and jumps through a large hole in the roof to land on the second floor. "Well, that was certainly faster than taking the elevator. We should probably leave that hole there."

Shugesh floats through the air after him and finally lands gracefully with a chuckle. "I'm feeling out of place already."

"I can't say i'm surprised. How do you think the other Saiyans would feel if I randomly joined 'em?" Shuegsh nods at that as the two continue walking to Rem's room. After walking in, they notice that unlike the rest of the Forte, it's in perfect condition without so much as a stain of blood.

"Hohoho. Welcome back, Commander Thrigon." Rem says formally while standing up from his desk, holding some sort of gun. "I would normally be displeased with the mass amount of time you have graced yourself with in your return, but considering Echo is the only other Commander to arrive...Good job."

"Just Echo? You would think that if he got here, Pitou would be right beside him. Haha."

"Yes, that would be your initial thought. Nonetheless, i'm glad you're back. I expect more Commanders to arrive within the month."

"About that...Did you hear the news about Kiryu?"

"I wouldn't put too much thought into that news article. It has a high probability of being false. I'll explain the details of my analysis later. For now, get settled in. After that, I want you to assist in the repair of Valkyrie. Got it?"

"Really? Awesome! And yeah, sure. By the way, what's with the gun?"

"Oh, yes. A pack of Elites brought it in recently. It is Saiyajin Technology. They claimed that a General that went by the name of Big Daddy was killed in one shot with it. It fires out an invisible wave of what appears to be Ki and implodes the body from within."

"A General got one shotted by a gun?"

"I wouldn't be surprised if this Ray Gun would kill you in one shot. However, I am still studying it. I hope to incorporate this technology in many of our own weapons. It will certainly take an extended period of time to do such, but perhaps within a year we will be able to fully harness its power for our own use."

"Huh...Yeah, make sure the safety is on that thing. Heh." Rem nods quickly. "Uh, yeah, anyway. I'll go help with the repair of this place. I'll talk to you later."

"Thrigon?" The Commander turns around and gives Rem a questioning look. "Who is that man beside you?"

"...Oh, yeah. About that..."


You leap into the volcano and fire off a series of Ki blasts down below. They fly at tremendous speed, treading through the air towards three creatures that are pitch black with purple bubbles growing and popping around their body.

The blasts crash into them and the lava beneath explodes, firing into the skies of the volcano. You sift past the spray's and do a quick flip, landing on a solid piece of magma at the bottom. Your shoes are slowly burned down to nothing so you put an aura of Ki around them to cease the effects of the boiling magma.

The smoke from your attacks clear and the creatures are nowhere to be seen. "Hmm...I can't sense any presence around me. They couldn't have died so easily!"

Three shots of lava are fired into the sky and the area around you begins to bubble. The magma you're standing on explodes in an instant so you jump into the air and scout the fiery area around you. "Show yourselves!"

"Right here," a shrill voice calls out from the side. You shutter and turn your head quickly, only to be kicked in the face by the foot of one of the monsters.

You spiral across the volcano and crash into the other side of it. "Urrrghh, AHHHHH!" You roar, pushing yourself off from the boiling hot interior wall. Surveying the volcano, you notice that the creatures are gone once again. "Heh, you guys want to play hide and seek? Alright, lets play!"

You crash your hands together and a dust cloud erupts from the power, you blitzing out of it shortly afterwards, jumping from wall to wall at top speed.

The lava at the bottom of the volcano roars once again, and shots are fired in the air. In order to dodge it, you slow your pace down and swirl in the air.

Three figures leap out of the lava instantaneously and all engage you in combat, throwing a mass amount of blows. Each attack strikes you directly, and imprints of lava are burned into your skin. "S***...These things aren't even ALIVE!"

An aura of Ki wraps around you and a wave of Ki explodes from it. "HAAAA!" All three figures are fired into the walls of the volcano, collapsing into the pool of lava without movement afterwards. In a second, they all fly out of the lava and charge at you once again.

"Just DIE!!!" You smack two orbs of Ki together and an even bigger one forms. "Wipeout Wave! HA!" A monstrous aura of Ki wraps around you and the blast is fired, overwhelming all of the creatures.

It crashes into the bottom of the volcano and a giant explosion takes place, lava spouting up from the depths of its container.

As you pillar through the air, the lava at the bottom shrinks down through the hole you put in the base of the volcano. "Good, if my calculations are right then those...creatures should have been blasted through the hole and sunk to the bottom of the ocean!" You laugh at this and prepare to fire another blast to launch you out of the volcano.

Just before Ki forms in your hands, a long arm stretches out from the hole and latches onto your throat. The arm pulls you down into the hole at full force, but you try to stop it with all of your might.

"I'm not coming down WITH YOU!" You latch onto the arm tight and rip it off without difficulty but by the time you do so, you find yourself already falling inside the hole you created. You flip through the air and look up to see the remaining pool of lava falling right on top of you. "S***, even if I launch myself with another wave of Ki...I'll just be shooting into a pool of lava!"

After grimacing at the facts, you continue to fall through the dark hole that seems to have no bottom.


"Where am I...?" You say to yourself while standing up, and brushing yourself off. Under your feet is a considerable amount of light purple water while just above you, the hole that you were falling through has been blocked off with a steel cage.

"Kehehehehehe," A voice in your head laughs.

"What is it now, Ryuki?"

"The cost, Kiryu...The cost. Kehehehehehe, say goodbye to your arms!"

"No...I refuse to let you invade me any longer...Ergh, HAAAAA!" You roar while flaring Ki about you, brightening the dark room you reside in.

"Kehehehehe, this is one battle you cannot fight, Kiryu. Do not be a fool. Just except it and eventually the cost will be paid."

"And then what? By the time that happens, I'll be killed. Those creatures...are not dead. And without my Ki, they'll kill me!"

"Kehehehe, you should have thought about that back when you killed yourself and then begged to live. Kehehe, sorry Kiryu, but-"

"HAAAAAA!" An explosion of Ki erupts around your body as you harness all of your power. "I will...control YOU, Ryuki!"

Keh...Not possible! Suck it up an accept the cost!"

"I refuse. You live inside of me and therefore it's possible to overcome your manipulation." The powerful aura of Ki around you calms itself as you focus all of it on your mind.

"Keheh...Kiryu! Stooooo-" Suddenly Ryuki disappears, so you release the aura you had around you while breathing heavily.

"I...Managed to ignore the cost by overpowering Ryuki. That means the next step is..."

"Dying?" A shrill voice creeps from around you.

"Dying." Another one says.

"Just like we did." The third breaks in.

"Aha, so you guys are here after all. I was beginning to get worried." You laugh while preparing a fighting pose and focusing your aura. The three beings surface, bits of their purple bubbles popping around and falling into the pool of water underneath you. "So this 'water' is in fact...their juices dripping? Disgusting..."

They all growl while opening their mouths, ridiculously sharp teeth showing themselves. "Haaaaa...RHA!" The three of them leap at you so you fire a few quick blasts to knock them back. They smash into the creatures and knock them against the wall.

"Heh." You smile quickly, before realizing they get off the wall unharmed. "Just what are you?"

"Pondering souls."

"We can only feel anger...hatred...aggression."

"We died a long time ago."

"Great explanation. You certainly know how to bring MORE questions to the table!"

"Grrr, we don't care enough to explain our past to you!" They all leap at you again, growls screaming from them all the while.

"How am I going to deal with beings that won't die!?!?" You think.

A) Create A Battle Plan.
B) Continue to blast them away and hope it eventually kills them.
C) Avoid their attacks and continue to ask them questions.
D) Try to escape!
E) Tie them up with something (what?) and hope they don't break free.
How It All Happened... by Hangman_Link
Author's Notes:
C Wins
Your body swings through the air and avoids an incoming punch. The second creatures leg swings underneath you in an attempt to trip you, but you casually jump over it.

"What are you things?" You abruptly ask while they all growl at you.

"We aren't THINGS!" One of them screams, now stretching both of its arms after you. You grab both of them and break them in half with complete ease. It's as if they had the durability of a new born child. "MY ARMS!?!?" It screams.

"Oh? So they can't feel pain nor die...Hm." The one that attempted to trip you earlier jumps at you bearing sharp fangs. You swing the broken arm in its way and it rips the arm to shreds in one gulp, causing the owner to shriek in anger.

"Just answer the question! It's possible that I can help! I'm a world renowned fighter!" You roar while dropping the remaining arm to the ground.

"Grr...We are no longer ANYTHING!" The creature with one arm calls out, "A man engaged us in combat a long while ago. Needless to say, we were completely defeated!"

"Afterwards..." Another speaks up, "He put some sort of spell on us. While we were at the brink of our rage ready to explode and release it all..."

"He sealed our anger and hatred." Says the third. "Some sort of devil spell. After that...He just left us be. Only our anger and hatred that we acquired in the midst of battle...-"

"...Would never go away. The hatred only continued to grow but could never be released."

"Then we started getting symptoms of that man's spell. we lost our shape...Our feelings...Everything that once described us as real people. And finally..." A purple bubble drops to the ground from its arm.

"These bubbles started forming on us. I think that they represent our inextinguishable hatred!"

"And for THAT," the last one screams. "We will do the only thing that can possibly satisfy ourselves and KILL YOU!" All three of them dash towards you with their fangs out, making you let out a sigh.

"Truly pathetic..." You grimace, "Killing off everybody that you once knew because things weren't going your way. If any of you had any morals prior to being possessed, you would have drowned yourself before harm was done!"

"Bleheheheheeee! Too late for apologies now!" One of them calls out, its arm regenerating itself and stretching out with a punch.

"We can't die! Drowning ourselves would do no good, clehehehehe!"

The final one jumps in the air and lands behind you, still laughing. "You're just a mortal. No way will you be able to fight us for long! We don't need to sleep! We don't even run low on energy!"

The three continue to bombard you with attacks, some managing to hit you for small bits of damage. Eventually, you get tired of avoiding them and smash one in the stomach with your elbow. You grab him by the throat and throw him to the ceiling.

"Die!" A powerful Ki blast is thrown from your palms and it smashes into him directly. The gate that locked you in the underground of the volcano breaks down from the attack and the remainders of lava pillars down the ground.

The creature is assaulted by the molten hot lava, but he still stands tall with a smile. "You. Can. Not. Win. Blehehehehehe!"

"I wonder about that." You say with a smirk, eyeing all three of the lifeless beings.


5 Years Ago...

"Is it...possible?" You begin to think. "For such power to exist...For me to be so totally outclassed? What will happen to the Red Ribbon Army? To Conrad? To...me...?"

You think to yourself silently. Darkness begins to cover through your entire body, mind, and soul. King Vegeta laughs as he towers above you, crushing your figure with his unstoppable power.

Suddenly the pain ends instantaneously, so you pop your eyes open in shock. "Wha...?" You mutter, while turning your head.

"Who. Is. THERE!?" King Vegeta roars deeply in his Oozaru voice. You see the King on his knees and whipping his eyes back and forth, searching for who knocked him off of you.

Cracked knuckles are heard and a figure emerges. "Me?" The voice says calmly. "You can call me The God of Death. No, Rem will do."

"Hurrr, only cowards hide away! Fight me like a true warrior, Rem!"

"According to my calculations, your Battle Power should be around 450 000. Impressive." Rem boldly declares, now standing right in front of you while you lay on the ground in complete defeat.

"Ghurrr, so Kiryu has a little friend, does he? No matter. I am KING VEGETA! The most powerful fighter in history!" The King dashes at both you and Rem and is there in an instant, delivering a gigantic punch.

"Kiryu is not what you describe as a friend," Rem declares with his palm open wide. "Farewell, Saiyajin." A black and white ray is fired from Rem's palm and clashes into Vegeta's chest, smashing his crisp armor to pieces and launching him to the ground.

Vegeta gets up quickly and fires three tremendously powered blasts out of his mouth. Rem slams both of his arms together and fires another Ki blast, matching that of the King's. "Fly away...!" Rem pushes his blast with all his might and it easily overpowers that of Vegeta's.

Oozaru Vegeta crashes into the remains of the Red Ribbon Buildings and shatters them in an instant, having all of them fall down and explode on him. Ki blasts of all sorts continue to rain down on the Red Ribbon HQ, destroying everything in sight.

"Come." Rem plainly says while taking your hand. "Before he comes back."

"What about Conrad? The rest of the Double RA?"

Rem grabs your hand and throws you on his back without emotion. "You will never see them again." Ki surfaces beneath his feet and he blasts himself off the ground and flies out of the Red Ribbon Headquarters.

The two of you land on a cliff edge far away from the RRA HQ and he drops you to the ground without care, landing safely himself. "Urgh, that Vegeta certainly did a number on me...Still, thanks for saving my life."

"Don't mention it. You will repay the debt anyway, so you do not need to thank me."

"Will I now?"

"As you probably heard, I go by the name of Rem. I have this plan to create my own organization to put an end to these trivial battles between the Saiyajin Empire and Red Ribbon Army. The world is constantly suffering and in fear of being killed because of those they are loyal to."

"The Red Ribbon Army will eventually come out on top. Once we perfect our technological warfare, the Saiyan Empire will fall."

"I suppose that is what you were told?"

"That isn't the point."

"Your name is Kiryu, correct?"


"You were brain washed by the Red Ribbon Army. There is no evidence to your argument. And to be blunt, the Saiyajin Empire completely annihilated your forces. It appears that all of this technology you were praising will be extinguished as well."

"Ergh, we were only defeated because we weren't prepared. The majority of our forces aren't even at Headquarters right now. Besides, the blueprints to the technology that will eventually bring us out on top are secured so even if the Saiyans manage to destroy them all...It won't be the end of us."

"That is completely true. But realize that the Red Ribbon Army is not the only one powering themselves up. These two super powers will constantly be at war. This conflict will not end for a lengthy period of time."

"That's certainly a possibility."

"Join me." Rem says bluntly.

"I'm indebted to you for saving my life, but I can't."

"Do you want to see positive change?"

"Of course."

"Then you will join me!"

"Persistent, I see." You laugh a bit while sitting up and looking out at the scenery. "What plans do you have for this organization?"


"...Such us?"

"It will be titled the Freeborn Military. Abbreviated as FBM. I am currently in the process of recruiting as many powerful fighters as possible. Once I gather world renowned fighters - and others - the soldiers will begin to flood in and we'll explode."

"Do you have any ideas on who you'll be recruiting?"

"Not as of yet. You're the first. But I do have some leads on where to find fighters."

"Heh, you aren't very prepared."


"Hm. So why did you choose me? How do you even know of me?"

"I did not choose you personally. I saw you in trouble and detected your power and personality. With that, I decided that you may be a good fit to be near the top in my organization."

"Heh, you're powerful. But not nearly enough to put an end to all this conflict."

"That is correct. Precisely why I plan to recruit more powerful fighters and develop the Freeborn Military. Unfortunately, I do not believe I will be able to recruit many of the more powerful Saiyajins."

"I doubt it..." You say with a sigh. "You could have killed him, couldn't you have?"

"Yes, the probability of me losing that battle was slim to none."

"Heh...So why didn't you?"

Rem stares you deeply in the eyes. "It is far too soon for me to make powerful enemies. King Vegeta of the Saiyajin Empire is a very influential being. If I killed him, then the probability that the remaining Saiyajins in his Empire initiate a full blown war against me would be extremely high."

"Haha, I like you." You say with a smile. "You're no fool, that's for sure."

"Your comment is appreciated."

"Heh, just work on the robot attitude." Rem stares at you with a tint of confusion but nods anyway. "Rem, I will join you in your endeavors. After today...I'm in the mood for a new adventure."


"Well stop wonderin' and start believing!" One of the creatures yells, signalling that it'll leap at you any second.

"Giant Bulldozer!" You scream while launching your arms back and building sheer muscle mass into them. "HAAA!" Your arms fire into the two creatures in front of you and smash into them, sending them straight throughout the chamber that you're in.

They crash into the wall at the other end, and upon feeling that you release all of your power into the Bulldozer and smash right through the wall.

Water pours in immediately after and rushes through the room, sweeping up the remaining lava that was sitting along the floors. The two creatures at the other end of the room are sucked into the current and blown outside into the ocean.

"Heh, just as I expected. The Volcano on the island may be mostly above land, but this underground chamber that these things built to live in...Yeah, this place is completely in the water!"

Water gushes along the floor and slowly makes it to your knees as you retract your arms and swing them back into position, staring at the final creature who is staring at you with pure rage and hatred.

"I hope your friends can swim. Hahaha!" The two of you dash through the water and enter a brawl, you pummelling him with every punch. You knee him in the gut and slam your elbow against his head when he bends down to grab his stomach.

His head is buried in the water that continues to pile through the room, and you grab it from behind and let it sit in the flooding room. Illegible words are spouted from him now that he's regained his composure and is attempting to break free of your grip.

"What's the matter, freak!?" You laugh, burying his head in the water. "From the erratic movement that i'm seeing from you, it seems as if you KNOW that if you drowned that'll be the end of your pathetic life!"

"MM, BLEASE, STO, PIIIT!" He mumbles in his lack of oxygen.

"What was that? I CAN'T HEAR YOU!" You laugh maniacally. "Heh, it was a gamble but this so called spell that you fools have is nothing more than an extended version of my Absolute Safeguard. You will never feel the pain - but make no mistake, it IS accumulating. Looks like you know this too..."

Movement is completely halted from the creature so you remove your hand from him and he floats to the surface still. The water has now risen to your neck so you begin to search for a safe route out. "Truly pathetic," you mutter. "They killed everybody on the island from this captivated hatred when they were able to kill themselves all along. What a disgraceful group of people..."

You whip your head around and identify all the possible route's out of the water. "Hmm...How should I get out of here?"

A) Swim through the hole you created from your Giant Bulldozer.
B) Swim up through the hole you fell down through and escape by going up the volcano.


What do you want to do once (IF!!!) you escape?

1) Free choice.
Leveling Up by Hangman_Link
Author's Notes:
Choice that won:

A,1: Swim back to Roshi's place, and put our hand on that special level up Karma Calculator, so we can enhance our abilities before our fight. After that, go save Roshi.
"I suppose it's time to leave...!" You dive your entire body into the pool of water filling the room and blast through the exit that you created with your Giant Bulldozer.

The heavy current pushes against your body, but you manage to surpass it and make it out into the open sea. You whip your head above the surface and quickly scout the area, looking for Djawa Island. "It's gotta' be around here somewhere...Aha!"

With your destination set, you continue to push through the ocean for another long swim. Night falls before you manage to make a noticeable difference in position, but you keep moving, eventually making it to the sandy beach.

Water drips from your wet clothes and collapses onto the sand, efficiently making piles of mud. The crater that Crow made earlier comes into your field of vision, Roshi's house appearing afterwards.

"Hmm...I should dry my clothes before I rip that man's head off." You say to yourself, now opening Roshi's front door and looking around. All of your clothes are thrown on a rack that is in position to be heated by the sun, leaving you in nothing but boxer shorts. It's not like anybody is going to see you. Crow killed everybody already.

You end up inside of the room Roshi had lent you, gazing at the floor that you collapsed on when Ryuki shut down your body. You kiss your lips with a smidge of annoyance, but regain your composure upon noticing a particular item on your nightstand.

"Heh, I forgot about this." You smile while picking up the scouter that Joseph Pike gave to you after the defeat of King Vegeta. "This might come in handy." The scouter is equipped to your head handily while you walk out of the room and head outside.

A crisp aura of Ki flares around your body while you sit calmly on the beach, focusing your thoughts. "Ryuki, can you hear me?" No answer is heard. "I know you can hear me...Now hurry up and speak up!"

"Kehehehe," his voice screams in your head. "You sure have become rude, Kiryu. Perhaps I should not have filled you in on what I am. You were better off while you were ignorant."

"What abilities can you allow me to use?"

"Say that again?"

"When you explained the 'cost' to me, you said that I have a lot of hidden abilities that haven't been awakened yet. I'm asking you what they are."

"Kehehehehe, that is none of your concern." You aura flares up again and the pinnacle of your strength is reached.

"Answer me!" You scream while focusing that aura to your mind.

"Kehehehehe, no deal." Ryuki laughs. "You cannot hurt me, Kiryu."

"...Then why was the 'cost' ignored when I flared my aura up last time?"

"Kehehehehe, because I allowed it to relinquish its hold on you. You asked for it. Soon enough, your subconscious mind will attempt to invade your thoughts. Slowly, you will lose your brain and eventually go insane."

"I don't believe that will happen."

"Is that so? Kehehehe!"

"I was once given a pep talk about surpassing my fear. Controlling it. That was you invading my mind, correct?"

"It was."

"So you can mimic another person's voice?"

"Kehehehe, yes, I can. Anybody who your brain has registered, I can use their voice and personality. Depending on the situation you're in, I aid you with what they might say."

"Why would you do that though?"

"Do not misunderstand my intentions, Kiryu. I simply don't want this joy ride to end as of yet..."

"Ryuki...I will control you. Afterwards, I will be the one using you!"

"Not possible..."

"Try me." You boldly state with an unwavering aura. "With enough training, I should be able to harness the full extent of my body, mind, and soul. Once I've done that, I will use you as a weapon. No longer will I be controlled be your influence!"

You feel a sudden fade in your mind and an answer isn't heard from Ryuki. You laugh at this and stand up tall, turning to the garden that Roshi once brought you to. "Just one thing left to do...!"


"You're nearly 2 minutes late." Says a women in a calm voice. She's wearing a long, black hooded attire that covers nearly her entire body. She digs her hand into the cape without taking her purple eyes off of a sweaty man who just arrived in front of her.

"Sorry, Meli-" A gunshot is fired, stopping the man mid sentence. He drops to the ground, squirming in his position.

"When I say 12pm on the dot, I don't mean 11:59, and I certainly don't mean 12:01." She gazes at the man who is dying before her, blood leaking out of his mouth while he attempts to breath, coughing violently instead. The girl bends down and puts her hand in his pocket, picking out a small parcel from it.

She grins with pleasure and nods to herself, gets back up quickly, and walks out of the dark alley without making another sound.

Police sirens roar from a distance while she walks away from the area. After she gets a safe distance from the crime scene, the girl has a seat on a park bench and looks around cautiously. Seeing nobody in sight, she opens the parcel up and throws the remains of the package on the clean grass.

She plucks a small fruit that is colored light orange from the opened parcel. It has bumps that surround it entirely, almost looking like tiny spikes.

Her fingers run gently along the fruit, shaking the entire time. "I've got it. The most deadly fruit known to man. I better get back to base quickly!" She thinks to herself, slipping the fruit into the crease between her breasts.

The young women stands up from the bench and takes a step forward, stopping immediately after. Her hands tense up and she instinctively goes into a fighting position. "That Ki...! It's enormous!"

"Behahahaha!" An evil being laughs, suddenly appearing in front of her. There before the girl stands a little green man with an orange cape and whiskers. "I was waiting for you to get ahold of that fruit."

"Two, no...three gigantic Ki's are behind me! Less than twenty feet. If I try to run, I'll be sniped from behind. Damn!" The girls heart races, but she remains composure. "What do you mean?"

"The fruit of the Tree of Might! Behahaha! Give it here, Melisa."

"How do you-" A man wraps himself around her body and holds her neck firmly.

"Try to resist and you die." Commander Pitou whispers into her ear. The Wizard Babidi laughs with a huge smile on his face, moving his hands around wildly.

"Pau Pata Ma Pau!" A spell is cast on the women named Melisa while Babidi laughs hysterically. She attempts to struggle, but is unable to even move an inch due to Pitou's hold on her. After a few moments, an M is written on her forehead. Pitou relinquishes his hold and the girl drops to her knees. "The fruit, Ms. Melisa. Hand it over."

She digs deep into her breasts, and pulls out the fruit from earlier, handing it over without a fuss. "Master, how did you know who I was?"

Pitou looks at her shocked but remains quiet, letting Babidi speak up. "You're the last one on a very special list that I created, Melisa. I've been waiting for you to settle the deal and obtain that Fruit for a long while now. Pitou, tell the others that it's time to leave."

"Yes, Master Babidi." Pitou obeys, before thinking: "That girl...She's playing the Wizard. Smart one, she is. If Babidi knew that she couldn't be controlled, he would have had her killed." Ending his train of thought, Pitou stands before three warriors behind a few bushes. "It's time to go. We have the Fruit." Grumbles are heard from the others, but Pitou walks away without making any more contact.


You walk forward into the garden and put your hand down, feeling the area around you. After banging on the grass a few times, you hear a loud thud and smirk.

Your hands dig into the grass and pull open a large gate that screeches all the way up. An underground stairway showcases itself so you let go of the gate and jump down as far as possible, hearing the gate crash into the ground on the way down.

"Hmm..." You wonder aloud, now putting your hand down on the Karma Calculator that Roshi showed you before. A surge of energy pushes itself throughout your body, but you remain calm. "It's time to advance my techniques to the next level!"

A) Choose what techniques to level up:

Kiryu's Move List:

- Giant Bulldozer
- Earthquake
- Attenuate
- The Four Witches
- Wipeout Wave
- Absolute Safeguard
Dark Kaiba Attacks by Hangman_Link
Author's Notes:
Choice that won:

- Attenuate (spend 1 here)
- The Four Witches (Spend 2 points here)
- Absolute Safeguard(Spend 2 points here
Techniques Have Leveled Up:

The Four Witches: You can now sprout two extra arms on your back, making "The Six Witches" accessible for use. However, to use this added bonus to the technique, a great deal of Ki will be used. You cannot maintain this technique for a long period of time. When you use "The Four Witches", the total Ki consumption is halved from what it was before, making it much easier to maintain for a long period of time.

Attenuate: You will no longer take damage from the use of this technique.

Absolute Safeguard: Much less Ki is used while maintaining this technique, making it easier to maintain for longer periods of time. On top of that, you now have the ability to "Discard" ALL of the damage that you have received during the use of this technique. However, when you choose to "Discard" the damage sustained, you will lose an amount of Ki based on the damage you took percentage wise. Example: An attack that would have taken off 85% of your Health, but is "Discarded", will now take off 85% of your Ki.


You find yourself walking up the stone stairway with a powerful aura waving through the room, lighting the entire area. "I feel...Powerful." You say loudly while gripping your hands tightly.

You push the gate at the top gently and it flies open, nearly breaking. The handle on Roshi's door turns as you grip it, opening the door afterwards. In an instant, your dry clothes are pulled off the rack and put back on.

A peculiar map on the wall catches your attention, so you walk closer to it while stroking your chin intently. "Hmm...Aha, this must be a map of the archipelago. I recognize the positions of the islands that I recently visited."

In the middle of all of the islands, an insignia of "DI" has been placed. To the left of it, three islands are on the map, all placed in a line with a fair bit of ocean between them. The one on the bottom of the line has the mark "MI"; the island right above it having "YI"; and the island at the top having "KI".

"They must be the initials of each island on the Archipelago."

Continuing to examine the map, the initials "CI" are above Djawa Island which lies in the center. To the right of Djawa is the initials "BI", and below Djawa Island has "RI".

"That counts for all 7 islands in the Archipelago. That man told me that Crow set up base at a place called Rhodus Island. Which means...RI! If I head south of Djawa, it shouldn't be long until I make it. I oughtta head out now though!"

You step outside of the house, but decide to leave the door open. Not like anybody is going to break in anytime soon. "Just one more stop before I head out...!"

You dash across the beach while surveying all of the open markets with nobody attending them now that Crow wiped out the majority of the population, if not all of them. A few motor boats come into view, so you grab one of them and carry it over your head, walking towards the open water.

The water explodes with a splash, the boat now waiting for you in the water. The current pushes it away a few feet, but once you hop in, the motor boat ceases its escape.

A level is pulled, firing up the engine. After a roar, it blasts out from the water and pushes through the water at full throttle. "You better not disappoint me, Crow...!"


The motor on your boat comes to a stop as it dangles in front of a cracked dock. You hop out of it and gaze straight ahead, seeing a small mansion in front of you. "So this is Crow's hideout. I could probably smash this place down in one strike."

You start walking towards the front entrance and see two Pirates guarding it. They each have a sword in their arms similar to the two pirates you fought when you first left Roshi's house.

They move to the side of the door without saying a word, so you cautiously walk past them, grip the handle on the door, and push it open respectfully. "Not going to attack me?"

"Aye," the one on the left says.

"Strict orders from Crow. Engage you not, aye." The other continues.

"Aye, mate. Move along, right." You give them a nod and walk in the open door, seeing a large room that is perfectly suited for battle. A staircase is to your right that leads onto another floor which circles above the floor you're on now. You stand in the middle of the room, looking around carefully.

It's completely empty. Other than large steel doors on the right side of the room that are bolted down tight, not a soul is around. There aren't even any rooms down here. You crack your knuckles, considering destroying the entire place but decide against it.

"Crow! Show yourself, before I bury your house in the ground!" You scream at the top of your lungs, almost shaking the walls of the mansion. A figure emerges from the floor above, coming through the only visible door upstairs.

A fairly large man grins down at you with some black teeth mixed in with the white ones. His arms touch the railings gently and he hangs over them, surveying you intently. You do the same to him.

He has a black pirates hat with a crimson crow running through it, similar to most of his crew. His hair nearly drops down to his elbows, but it's spiky which makes it look masculine. The Captain's hair is colored black with brown highlights, and his pure brown boots match. Crow has an intimidating black mustache, with sideburns and a beard that nearly connect to each other.

His pants are light blue but tinted black, that drop down to his boots. Although the pants are quite baggy, they seem to fit well, allowing him for accessible movement.

( Authors Note: Here is a picture of Crow: http://img444.imageshack.us/img444/6648/captaincrowsmallbs4.png )

"Ah, so you're the infamous pirate that runs these waters." You smile, slowly raising your power.

"Aye, sir. And you must be the fighter that Roshi has been training." He replies in a deep, yet relaxed voice.

"Perhaps..." You reply, putting your finger up to the scouter that is attached to you. Crow raises an eyebrow but you do nothing but smirk at him and tap the button on the scouter. It beeps quickly for a split second, before settling down at 60 000. "Hahahaha! You certainly aren't weak, but...With my current strength, this will be an easy victory. That is, unless you're containing a great deal of your power."

"I recently came across a powerful fighter," Crow begins talking, completely ignoring what you just said. "Such power is a rare breed. The problem that this fighter faced, however, is that when unleashing this power of his...He lost himself in the rage."

"This is a great story," you cut him off sarcastically.

"With my infinite power, I took control of this fighter. He will never be same, because as long as that rage...hatred, or what have you. As long as its contained at the peak, he will be a bloodthirsty animal with little recollection of what he once was."

"He sounds like a fool. Letting his emotions take control of him like that."

"He was a fool. But I have a new play thing because of him. Of course, if I engaged this fighter in combat, he would be killed in an instant." Crow laughs slowly, with his deep voice. "HuHuHu. But I am interested to see how you will fare against this killing machine that I made."

"Too afraid to fight me yourself? That's fine. You just have to admit it. I won't judge you. Heh."

"If you are worth my...attention, then this fighter shan't be a problem for you, aye."

"I guess we'll find out."

Crow turns back to the open hallway that he walked through from and shouts a few words down it. He then turns back to you and smiles from above. "HuHuHu. Think i'm gonna' enjoy this, aye."

A loud crack is heard from the steel gate from beside you, and it begins to raise. You turn your full attention to the cage and a bulky man with green hair that runs past his shoulders comes out, bits of purple bubbles popping from his shoulder blades. "Ugh...!" You say in complete shock.

Crow smiles wickedly and opens his arms out wide, palms pointing to the ceiling. "This, my friend, is my previous play thing." Crow's play thing growls ferociously at you, and squeezes its fists tight, preparing to attack. Crow turns to you and grins with a gold tooth shining, "I hope you don't show me the same kind of anger that he once did, ya' dig? HuHuHu!"

"Not possible...Is that you, Kaiba!?!?" Thoughts race through your head as you glare at him: "I don't understand, why are you here? Why are you like this? How did you get like this? What the F*** IS HAPPENING?"

You remain calm and breathe deep, looking back to Crow with one eye. "How did you do this to this man?"

"HuHu, do you know him by any draw?" Your eye pierces right through him and he laughs. "Aye, mate. You do. You do. Tell me, fighter. How does it feel to know that you'll have to...kill your own friend. If you can manage, that is. HuHuHu!"

"Those purple bubbles. I've seen them on other creatures. But more so...And their bodies are different too. Explain!"

"And if I don't? HuHu..."

"Do you really wish to find out?"

Crow smiles viciously, still leaning on the edge and looking down on you two. "Where did you see these creatures?"

"On one of the islands in this archipelago. The Heated Hell, they call it."

"Hohoho, those things are still alive? HuHuHu. Be grateful then. The man you know is not completely possessed. Maybe you can still save him. But I doubt you will."

"Why don't you start from the beginning?" You quickly respond.

"I'll try...But I don't know if our play thing can take much longer without attacking you." You turn back to Kaiba, to see him with sharp fangs, still growling.

"Then speak quickly."

"The purple bubbles are the anger that is trapped in their body. If the anger stabilizes, they will begin to lose their body. Once that transformation is complete, they will never be able to return to their former selves. A bonus...They will no longer be able to feel anything other than anger, which includes pain. HuHuHu. Saavy?"

"Kaiba still has his body, which means he should still be damageable. But can he ever be brought back to himself? Those creatures that I killed earlier couldn't be reasoned with. And by the looks of it, Crow possessed Kaiba in his transformed state, meaning he never had full control of himself to begin with. This is bad!" You think.

Kaiba growls once more, now walking towards you with his sharp teeth out. "It looks like he's ready, fighter." Crow taunts.

"One last question," you shout out to Crow without turning to him.


"...What exactly is it that you want?" You see Crow smile out of the corner of your eye and laugh maniacally.

"My crew and I are in the process of-"

"RHAAAA!" Kaiba roars, cutting him off. You gulp in anticipation and see the Commander leap at you with hatred. The scouter beeps frantically, finally coming to a halt at 80 000.

Both of your arms are thrown out in a guarding position. Kaiba is in front of you in a split second, smashing his fists into your guard.

You're quickly pushed back, but manage to keep your footing. "Kaiba...Do you not remember me!?" The Commander grins without care, and a green aura forms around his body. Ki forms in his hands and he smashes them into you, destroying your guard.

Immediately after, Kaiba slams both of his fists together and fires a ruthless blast of Ki into your open chest, launching you into the wall at the other side of the room.

You smack into the concrete wall hard and drop to your knees, bits of blood forming on your knuckles. You look up and Kaiba is already in front of you, throwing an uppercut into your jaw. His fist connects and you're fired into the skies, coughing up blood as you gain height.

"These blows are heavy! I never knew Kaiba was this powerful in his transformed state!" You think while trying to regain composure. Kaiba reappears in front of you and laughs in a voice you never knew he had. "Here it comes...!"

You throw your arms up in a sloppy blocking position, preparing for Kaiba's attack. To your surprise, his attack doesn't come out though. You peak out from your block and see that he's not even in front of you, before feeling a feeling of imminence behind you.

"Eyes on the prize!" Kaiba screams while digging his Ki fists into your back, nearly ripping right through your skin tissue.

"Gaaaah!" You grimace in pain. Kaiba lands with clean footing, but you collapse to the ground with a thud. Not willing to give Kaiba any more free attacks, you pull yourself off the ground as quickly as possible.

The two of you enter a stare down with no words being spouted. Both of your aura's fire up and the two of you clash with a bang, entering a high speed brawl.

"Kaiba is no joke. If Crow managed to defeat him, he can't be an easy opponent either. But at this rate, I won't be able to put Kaiba down for a long while. If my Ki runs too low from this battle, i'm finished. I better think of a strategy as quickly as possible!" You examine, trying to evade as many of Kaiba's blows as possible.

A) Create A Battle Plan!
Clash Between Commanders by Hangman_Link
Author's Notes:
Choice that won:

Use the Four witches technique to try and keep up with his attacks. Only focus on defending or dodging.
If he begins to use acid, and it doesn't look like we can dodge, then firing a blast to counter it is our only option. Kiryu's seen the acid, and knows it well, so he can gauge just how strong the beam would have to be without going overboard and hurting Kaiba too much.

During all this, Kiryu will try and reason with him. Those creatures on the island were still able to commune with Kiryu, someone they had never even met. Kaiba has some connection to us.
Mention his brother and Loukar. Mention how Loukar would feel about Kaiba betraying a fellow commander (or whatever our rank is). Ask how he can do this when his brother is still out there with the FBM.
Kaiba cares about both those people, it should be enough to bring him back to his senses.

If worst comes to worst, and that doesn't work, try popping the bubbles. The ones on the creatures popped and regrew, but they were fully taken over. These bubbles contain his anger, so if they pop, it might release it.

And lastly, if all else should fail, try and knock him out, so we can take out Crow, which would likely end the curse.
Kaiba's fists fly at you rapidly while you attempt to block and evade each strike. The Commander throws a sloppy right that you manage to dodge by ducking. As you go down, you tighten your grip and launch your body up at full throttle.

Your foe gulps hard as the distance between your fist and his chin closes. He tries to back step before your fist collides but completely fails.

A loud crack roars from Kaiba's chin and he spirals through the air and crashes into the wall at the other side of the room, resulting in concrete collapsing onto his head.

You take a deep breath and focus your Ki. Sweat drips from your forehead and evaporates mid air while your back quakes violently. "Ha...Haaaa....RHAAA!!!" Two extra arms morph from your back with mucus dripping from them as you breathe heavily.

The broken wall shutters on the ground for an instant before it explodes and flies about the room without aim. You squint tightly and see Kaiba fire from the ground with tremendous speed.

Kaiba's left smashes into your original arms, nearly knocking you over from the force. Your excess arms swing down and try to grab hold of him but a generic beam of Ki is fired from his spare hand.

You slap it away with complete ease, grinning all the while. Suddenly, you feel light so you dot your eyes to ground. Upon doing so, you see that both of your legs are off the ground and you're falling to the side.

Kaiba smiles as he regains his footing from the trip he performed and two large balls of Ki pop out of his hands. He jumps back and throws them at you, while your hands grab the floor and push off into the air.

A smokescreen covers the entire area while you press the only button on your scouter to locate Kaiba. The machine beeps uncontrollably as it detects Kaiba's Ki coming from behind.

You grin evilly and swing all four of your arms backwards, gripping each one tight to deal the most damage. Kaiba appears out of the smoke with the intent to kill but before he can touch you, all of your arms crash into his face.

He pillars back down to the ground and crashes into the floor, creating a small crater. You land safely and spit on the ground while eyeing Kaiba, the smoke now cleared.

"Don't be too rough on my house, aye." Roars Crow from above.

"Kaiba, come back to your senses already!" You shout at him as he lays on the ground still.

"He has no senses to come back to, aye mate!" Crow laughs.

"Was I talking to you!?" You scream, before clearing your throat and looking back at Kaiba. "Do you think your brother would approve of you trying to kill a comrade?" Kaiba gets off the ground and growls ferociously. "He's back at Forte Valkyrie. You know, your home. So do you plan on wasting more time in this dump, or are you going to get home to your brother?"

"Heh," Kaiba laughs. He smacks his forehead with his teeth out, bits of drool slipping out from his mouth. "I don't have a brother."

"Yes, you do. Think back, Kaiba!"

"No, no, I don't have family."

"You do!"

Kaiba digs his nails into his skin fiber and roars, "I DON'T!!!" The Commander launches at you once again and fires a series of punches at you, all of which you block with relative ease.

"I must have triggered something..." You think as you jump back and fire a generic Ki blast at Kaiba, which is easily slapped away. "He's lost his fighting sense and is just attacking me relentlessly. But even so...It isn't enough to bring him back!"

Kaiba glares at you with hatred, purple bubbles growing all over his body. His muscles begin expanding for a second and he laughs crazily. "Split Form!" Kaiba makes two of himself and they slowly walk to each side of you.

Whilst that happens, pools of acid grow on the both of their stomachs. "So you really intend to kill me? How do you think your friend Loukar would feel about this? I doubt he would enjoy seeing you as you are now."

"I don't know who that is!" Both Kaiba's leap at you and engage in a close up combo. You jump up high to get away of them but they follow suit.

"Sit down!" You slam both of your Ki filled fists together and a purple beam explodes from hands, flying at your foes.

It melts in an instant as grains of acid disintegrate it and travel up towards you. You gulp tightly and watch it eerily, now forming another beam of Ki in your right hand.

You fire the blast and the air current pushes you off to the side, barely avoiding the acid. You spiral through the air and land on a piece of cracked concrete, your scouter now beeping frantically.

"Th-three!?" A Kaiba lands in front of you; another on your right; and the final one on your left. "Their power is a fraction of mine, but if I jump at him without a plan...That damn acid on their stomachs can still kill me...!"

"This is fun, isn't it, fighter?" Crow calls out from above. Instinctively, one of your eyes scans Crow, momentarily taking focus off of one of the Kaiba's.

"FOOLISH!" You regain your focus and jump into the air, barely avoiding the acid from the Kaiba on your right. One of your shoes disintegrates mid flight but you don't worry about it; instead, you retain focus on the remaining Kaiba's.

The only one without acid jumps after you and swings both of his knuckles at you, but you easily grab both of his arms and place your other two on his waste. The clone cringes, so the two others on the ground jump up at you.

"Too late! HAAA!" You use all of your strength as you grip onto both sides of Kaiba's waste, slowly ripping through his skin tissue. He screams in pain while you smile, before letting out an unstoppable surge of power. Blood explodes from the clone you had in your hold and you drop him to the ground, now in two halves, split like a hotdog.

Clone Kaiba disappears before it touches the ground and the two others are now at your height, with a noticeable increase in power. They both throw multiple blows at you which you tank with complete ease, and grapple their heads.

The acid in both of their stomachs shoots out from the close range immediately after you grab them. You let out a roar and your aura spikes which slows down the speed of the acid by a fraction.

You crush the face of both of the Kaiba's and throw them back as fast as you can before sifting through the air to dodge the puddles of acid that came from them.

"Errghh!" You scream as you land, blood dripping from your right knee. "Damn it, I couldn't avoid both of the attacks from that range after all."

Both Kaiba's do a back flip mid air and land smoothly, jetting back towards you with no mercy. You sprint towards them as well and deliver a ruthless punch to the one on the right, sending him flying into the wall.

The other one gasps on shock while you smash your bloody knuckle into his gut. He grabs onto his stomach and tilts his body forward in pain, giving you an easy grasp of his head.

The Kaiba you knocked away earlier regains composure and dashes back at you, which your scouter confirms the distance that he is travelling at. "Without that Acid, you're NOTHING!" You squeeze the head of the Kaiba in front of you which cracks his entire skull.

Just before the Kaiba that is charging reaches you, you swing the Kaiba in your hand back at him. He swirls at a massive speed, smashing into his clone and sending them both into the ground in front of you.

One of the clones disappears and Kaiba's natural battle power returns instantaneously. He gets up while wiping some blood off his face and shrieks at you with one gigantic ball of Ki forming in his hands.

"I only have one idea left to return this idiot back to himself. Here goes nothing!" You prepare for Kaiba's blast by putting all four of your arms in front of you. The Commander screams and throws the ball at you in an attempt to kill but you simply laugh at the attack as it closes in. "Sorry Kaiba, but this attack ain't coming close to putting me down!"

You smash your fists forward simultaneously and they collide with Kaiba's attack, completely knocking it back at him. He gulps in fear and throws his own arms out, grabbing it himself. Kaiba cringes in pain, trying not to be overwhelmed by his own attack while you move at full speed behind him.

You reach his back and dart your fist into one of the purple bubbles on his back, popping it with some force. "Grr, get away from meeee!" Kaiba screams while whipping the ball of Ki to the skies. It crashes through the center of the roof, resulting in a mass amount of rocks falling down on you two.

You hear a few of the bubbles on Kaiba pop and slowly reform as he laughs maniacally. Crow calls down to you from above, but you don't take your eyes off of Kaiba this time. "A clever idea, mate. Fortunately - un, of course - this fighter has too much excess anger that has been built up inside of him. He maintains control of it by putting it aside to that form of his, but once he goes into it...That anger reaches the tip, ready to explode. You won't be able to bring him back to his senses by ridding his anger. Not with the amount that he's kept bottled up, aye. Owahahahaha!"

"Fair enough..." You calmly state, "I suppose I'll just have to knock him out."

You eye Kaiba down and smirk, dashing towards him after. This time you lead the attack in this round and crash your left arm into his own, breaking his shoulder bone. He winces in pain and swings his right arm into your own arm, giving you no time to defend.

The two extra arms on your back jump out and grab Kaiba by the neck. Immediately afterwards, acid forms on the Commander's stomach so you relinquish your grip and jump into the air. Kaiba grins and follows you while shooting multiple blasts of Ki to distract you.

Your guard is put up and all of the blasts collide into it, dealing minimal damage. Suddenly, the scouter beeps in fear and Kaiba is behind you while the two of you float in the air. "H-How!?"

You turn around and prepare from an incoming attack while watching the acid dangling in his stomach. Kaiba's right arm twitches subtly so you throw up two arms to the right. Unexpectedly, a left hook smashes into your open kidney. You cough up blood in pain while Kaiba grabs your face with his small palm, blasting you to the ground with a wave of Ki.

You crash down and Kaiba is around on top of you, smiling devilishly. "HA!" He fires the acid from his stomach while pinning you down, ready to finish you off.

"Attenuate!" You scream, shrinking down to a miniature size, barely avoiding the acid. Kaiba stands tall and looks around in shock while you grow in size and deliver a gut wrenching punch to his stomach. The Commander falls to his knees slowly, allowing you to knee him in the face at full power.

His neck swings backwards and he flies in the air without movement. You teleport above him and crank both of your fists above your head. Kaiba closes his eyes tight just as your hammer fist bashes into his open face.

The Commander pillars to the ground and explodes in the floor, letting smoke fill the room from his injuries. As you fall, a ball of Ki appears in both of your hands. You smash them together and the power of the blast maximizes. "Wipeout Wave!" You scream while firing the blast on Kaiba's still body.


You land safely and spit on the ground, waiting for Kaiba to resurface. The smoke clears and he somehow managed to not only survive your assault, but is standing tall with torn clothes and blood dripping from his entire body. Despite standing tall though, it's clear that he's just about finished.

"Give up, Kaiba." You warn. He screams in anger and launches himself at you once again, but you do nothing but fire your right arm forward and smash it into his face. He flies into the cage that he was in before and drops on the ground, still managing to stand up.

"Hmm...What should I do with him?" You analyze.

A) Kill him. He's never going to return to his former self.
B) Knock him out. Defeating Crow might return him to his former self!
C) Try to convince him to help you defeat Crow.
Dawn Of The Final Battle by Hangman_Link
Author's Notes:
B wins.
You speed blitz towards Kaiba, in preparation to knock him out cold. He gulps in fear and throws both of his arms up across his chest. Your elbow bashes into the crease of his block and the Commander drops to the ground after coughing up a river of blood.

You turn around and stare Crow down without emotion while he simply scowls at you. "Before Kaiba attacked me, I asked you what your motives were."


"Now that my ears are open, I would like to know."

Crow kisses his lips and swings his tongue out of his mouth. "You may have heard from the people on Djawa. I'm having them all build a runway that connects the entire archipelago. It will reach all the way to the bottom of the ocean and scatter across every island." He begins, now walking across the hallway upstairs and heading towards the stairs at the other end of the loop. "Eventually, this runway will turn into a dome that will separate this archipelago from the world. Three, maybe four months until they finish it."

"Is connecting a few islands your entire purpose in life?" You say with an inch of disappointment.

"HuHuHu. Well, I suppose it doesn't matter if I tell you. After all, one of us won't be leaving here alive, aye mate."


"A girl in my crew is on a mission right now. She's picking up a parcel from a man who runs an intergalactic black market. Inside, is something that can give me and my Crew a substantial boost in power. A fruit."

"A fruit...?"

"Aye." Crow makes it to the staircase and slowly walks down it while grinning sadistically. "But once it's planted, it will suck the life out of everything it possibly can, killing whatever it can. Of course me and my crew will leave the archipelago during this time. But once it's killed all it can...That energy lays within the fruit..."

"Which will power you up by a significant amount?"

"Aye," he replies with a wink. "Me and my crew will become a stable super power. Saavy?"

"So you're going to trap everybody in the archipelago with this runway, plant the fruit, and have it kill everybody?"

"HuHu, you're smart."

"What will you do with the tree? Won't it continue to suck energy once you release the Dome?"

"HuHu, don't be dumb, aye. I'll destroy the tree so that won't happen."

"Hypothetically, if this fruit will suck the life out of everything it can, why would you trap it in a contained area? If you let it feed off the entire Planet, you would get much more power from it, no?"

"Aye." He nods, nearly at the bottom of the steps.

"Then why don't you?"

"I don't want to destroy our Planet and I don't want to kill people when I don't need to. The power I'll get from the archipelago on top of what I already have will be more than enough."

"Hahaha!" You break out laughing, "Tell that to the people on Djawa Island. Oh wait..."

Crow frowns harshly as he steps off the staircase. "Those deaths are you, fighter. In exchange for killing Karore, all of those innocents had to be killed. I wasn't the judge of that. If you weren't afraid to fight me back then, they would still be alive and you know it!"

"Peh," you spit on the ground and crack your knuckles. "You know..." Your tongue climbs up to the top of your lip and sweeps across while you grin at Crow, "I smiled when I killed that pirate. Karore, was it?"

Crow's face turns into that of a demon, his eyes locked onto you tight, piercing right through your own. "I will kill you, FIGHTER!"

"Bring it on!"

Both you and Crow dash at each other without holding back. His power level spikes up to 64 000 just as the two of you meet in the center of the room.

You throw a right hook which he swiftly ducks and attempts to elbow you in the gut, which you easily block with your left.

Crow jumps back at tremendous speed to regain and his footing and launches right back at you with his hands in a claw like position. You bulk your muscles up and give him a backhand to the face, but he teleports just before you hit him, completely disappearing from your sight.

The Scouter informs you of his location so you turn around, only to get bashed in the face from his fist. Your head swings back and you feel multiple blows impact your gut. You readjust yourself to see Crow delivering a countless amount of pointed jabs into your stomach.

You grip both of your hands and hammer fist them down down. Crow teleports and appears behind you before you even scratch him. Crow delivers a gut wrenching knee and you drop down in pain, letting him jump into the air above you and form a small ball of Ki in his hands.

"Urgh, he hits surprisingly hard for somebody with that kind of power!" You whip your head up and the ball of Ki collides with your face, knocking you back into the ground.

Crow does a back flip and then lands safely, forming another ball of Ki in his arms. "This is the end!" You push your hands off the ground, just in time to knock Crow's blast out of the way. It crashes into the wall and smoke blinds you both momentarily.

When the smoke clears, the two of you are in each other faces once again. You flex your extra arms and throw them into the mix of fists that you're throwing at the Crimson Captain. But no matter how many different combinations you put out there, not a single scrape writes itself on him.

"Ghrr, you think you're funny!?!?" You scream while jumping back and shoving your tight fist into the floor. "Earthquake!" The entire room shakes violently while you smile.

Crow stares at you with his dark eyes, trying to pull himself out of the crater you trapped his feet in. You leap at him and throw a full powered right straight into his face.

The wind pressure pushes out of your fist and pillars into the wall at the other side of the room, completely destroying it.

You look at Crow and frown, to see that he still managed to dodge your punch by sifting his head to the side at the last millisecond. You swing that same arm to the side in an attempt to bash his head in but he limbo's backwards and dodges you once again.

Crow shoots a ball of Ki at the ground and destroys the floor, letting him break free. His golden tooth shines and he fires both of arms at you, smacking your stomach with another series of pointed jabs.

Less than a second goes by but you can already feel over a hundred impacts. You throw out a left straight, but Crow dodges it with complete ease, jumping back afterwards.

You jump back at him and grab hold of his arms, grinning in pure ecstasy. "I HAVE YOU NOW!"

"Nay." He quickly replies, placing both of his hands on your chest. "Fly Away!" A severe amount of pressure forms on your chest and launches you back, relinquishing your grip on his arms.

You do a back flip and skid backwards, eyeing Crow carefully. "What a great fighter. He studied my movements from my battle against Kaiba and deducted my only weak point. My lack of speed! Very well, I'll just have to step up my game..." You think.

Crow vanishes and reappears in front of you with Ki in both of his hands. He grins toothily and slams his hands into each of your kidney's, jumping back afterwards, refusing to give you a chance to retaliate.

After cringing in pain, you form a huge ball of Ki in both of your hands and smack them together, greatly increasing the magnitude of the attack.

"Wipeout Wave!" Crow jumps into the air, easily avoiding the blast. His fist lights up as he builds Ki into it, but you laugh at him still. "Don't get so...Cockyyyyy!" You swing your hands up and your blast pursues Crow.

He gulps in surprise and throws his hands out to block, unable to move fast enough in the air. The blast explodes within his arms and you take this time to spring yourself directly at him.

Crow looks in your direction despite the smoke blinding him, but can't do anything to stop you. Three balls of Ki are fired from Crow but you don't slow down in the slightest.

"Lets see you dodge this!" You roar, completely tanking his blasts. You reappear out of the smoke and haymaker Crow in the face. His entire body bends backwards and blood squirts out of his mouth, dripping over your arm.

You do a full body turn in order to get under Crow as the two of you fall. You scream to psyche yourself up and slam your rugged fist into Crow's gut. He gags heavily and wraps his arms around his stomach in pain, but you don't let up your attack.

As the two of you continue to fall, you grapple Crow's waist with your spare arms and begin to bully him with your other hands. Crow loses control of the puke in his mouth and it just leaks out right onto you, giving you a sick feeling of joy.

"What's the matter, pirate!? Is this how you plan on avenging that weakling that I killed? Give me a challenge at least! I've only just begun!" You taunt, now realizing that you're just about back on the ground.

You let up your assault on Crow and put your hands backwards, firing two balls of Ki at the ground. The pressure blasts you both back up to the peak of the gigantic mansion Crow lives in.

The Crimson Captain's internal battery kicks in, letting him catch his second wind. Crow slaps his hands together and a burst of wind fires out from it, pushing you back to the ground. You grin while he does this, still not relinquishing control over his waist with your extra arms.

"Face it, fool. No matter where you send me, you're coming!"

"Nay, fighter!" The ground explodes from both of your collision, and dust billows through the room. Crow glares at you, the two of you still latched together like butter and glue (Wait, what?).

You press your hands up against the ground and push both of you two your feet. Crow begins another assault of pointed jabs at your gut, which starts giving you sharp pains with each strike. A loud thud is heard from Crow's face as you smash your right fist into it, landing a direct hit.

Crow puts both of his hands out simultaneously and presses them up against your chest, pushing you back with another burst of pressure.

The combined force of his blast and your punch rips apart your grip on his waist, and you both skyrocket to each side of the room and explode against the broken walls with great impact.

You stand up quickly while breathing abnormally heavily, wiping a severe amount of sweat from your forehead. A bunch of rocks scatter into the air and Crow stands up himself, wiping blood from his bleeding nose.

"This...This isn't normal!" Your thoughts race in a panic, but you remain complete composure in the eyes of your opponent. "I'm exhausted! The battle has just begun and I didn't suffer that much damage or stamina loss in my battle against Kaiba. Yet I feel so...weak! What the Hell is happening to me!?!?"

Crow's golden teeth brightens the room and he turns into a complete blur, reappearing right before your eyes. Countless amounts of impacts strike your stomach as he begins another assault with those blasted jabs!

You hop back in a rush, but Crow is already behind you by the time you confirm your footing. He elbows you in the back hard, knocking you down to your knees while sweat explodes from your pores.

Crow does a full fledged kick in your back and teleports back in front of the path it sent you in, uppercutting you in the jaw. You cough up blood, still dripping with sweat but manage to stand tall in front of him.

"Haaa...Haaa...." You can't help but breathe heavily, despite knowing that if he knows about your condition, he'll exploit it to no end.

Crow winds back and swings a right hook to your face. Then a left, followed by a few more jabs in your stomach, and another right to launch you back to the ground.

You slowly get up and stare at him tightly. "This is it...I have to finish him NOW! In my condition, I won't be able to compete much longer if he keep smacking me around like this." You silently deduct.

Crow sprints at you while performing a baby jump, kicking you in your jaw. You pillar back to the other side of the room and skid across the ground, stopping inches before the front door of the mansion.

You stand up once again, seeing six Crow's blur towards you at ultra high speed. "RHAAA!" You dash back with your right arm out wide and grapple onto the neck of the one in the middle. It connects!

You stare at Crow as he's held high in your arm, still sprinting towards the other end of the room. You smash his entire body into the ground, digging him into a small crater. He coughs up more blood while you pick him up by the throat and wind your arm back.

He cringes his teeth at you and squints his eyes in anticipation. Your arm swings at full speed with Ki filled in the fist and smashes into his face, letting out a disgusting crack. The captain flies through the air without movement, but you don't quit yet. You jump over his body and place your palm on his open face.

"DIE!" You let go of the ball of Ki and it explodes in his face, knocking him to the ground with a bunch of rocks and stones dropping onto him soon after. You land safely and let out a huge breath, staring at his still body. You walk towards him slowly - with your guard still up - and gaze at the pile of stones he resides under.

They all explode, so you jump back three large steps and spit on the ground in frustration. The Captain begins to laugh maniacally while he stands up, glaring at you with pure hatred.

"HuHuHu, what a great fighter you are, aye!" You remain silent, awaiting his next move. "No good though. You won't win this battle because of the path you choose."

Your curiosity spikes, so you drop your guard temporarily. "My path?"

"Aye...Aye, mate." He grins again, "There isn't enough hatred...impurity. Not in your soul. Owahaha, obviously you're no saint, but you still ain't evil enough to be possessed by my powers."

"And that's bad because...?"

An imminent, black aura wraps itself around Crow and slowly inches around the room. "Dark Ki. The most powerful weapon known to man. Only somebody with the right heart...HuHu, the wrong heart, technically...Could handle such a destructive force."

You put your guard back up, gazing at Crow in anticipation, your mind racing: "Him too!?!? This isn't good if he's anywhere around the same level as Dysect!"

"Maybe if you chose the same path I did, you would live longer. But since you didn't...HuHuHu!" Crow's aura extends around him and begins disintegrating the ground around him without a trace. "Farewell, fighter." The dark aura around Crow screeches mysteriously and flies to the sky of the room. "DARKNESS INSURRECTION!"

The entire aura flies at you at an incredible speed in an attempt to kill you in one strike.


A) Tank it like a pro!
B) Try to jump out of the way.
C) Try to overpower it with a blast of your own.
D) Run out the door and try to find a meatshield.
E) Free Choice.
The Moment Of Truth by Hangman_Link
Author's Notes:
Choice that won:

Kiryu will activate that awesome perfect defense power up, the second version, where we only take ki damage later. Secondly, grow our extra arms out, and attack head on with a Giant Bulldozer technique. Our perfect defense will allow our arms to tank it, and CRUSH Crow while he's busy firing the technique.

We've already shown that he can't maneuver well in the air, so he's not gonna dodge this. Since Giant Bulldozer hit's from the sides IIRC, it will squash him, and won't have to fight all the way through his attack like a beam would.

I figure we'll be out of ki after this, but this attack will have enough power to totally crush him. He will either be completely killed, or so crushed that there will be nothing he can do, allowing for a quick finishing strike.
You gaze into Crow's cold eyes for a moment. The dark wave of Ki flutters around his body, gaining mass with each second. "Farewell, fighter." Crow grunts hard and his attack swirls through the air, flying towards you.

"Absolute Safeguard!" You quietly say and a brilliant purple aura engulfs your entire body. The Ki surrounding you quakes with sheer power, and you now stretch each of your gigantic arms backwards as muscle builds into all four of them. "Sorry, but I have too much to do before I die!"

The Darkness Insurrection blazes at a magnificent speed, but you don't falter in the slightest. "Giant Bulldozer!" All of your arms fire forward and blast through the darkness which now surrounds your entire body in an attempt to eat your exterior shell.

The darkness compresses onto your body and ruthlessly crushes the defensive aura you put up. Meanwhile, your arms zap towards Crow with a vengeance.

The captain presses his feet tight onto the ground and springs himself into the air at a tremendous pace. Two of fists bash into the wall where Crow used to stand in front of and blast it to smithereens. You adapt to Crow's movements with your remaining arms and pursue him into the air.

"UGH!" He gulps, trying to move out of the way of the incoming fists.

"DIE!" You smash your over sized hands over his puny body with full force, hearing him shriek in pain on contact. The dark aura that was eating you before disperses on cue but you refuse to let up your finishing attack on Crow.

His body is continuously crushed under the magnitude of your attack and you now Discard all the damage collected. Despite doing this, a surge of pain breaks open in your body, forcing you to relinquish your grip on Crow.

All four of your arms snap back to position and you fling to the ground and roll over in pain, laughing all the while. Your extra arms disperse immediately after. "What an incredible attack of his...!" You think to yourself as you slowly get up, shaking off the pain. "My Ki is completely drained and I suffered damage on top of that. I reckon that his attack would have shredded my entire body in one shot if I hadn't discarded the damage!"

You stare up at Crow and see his body drop to the ground and destroy the remaining pieces of ground on impact. He remains still so you take the liberty of pressing the button on your Scouter. It beeps wildly until finally coming to a stop.

"What!?" You say in shock. "His Ki is still strong! Despite me crushing his body with all my force, he still managed to..."

A swirl of Darkness fires into the sky and crashes into the roof of Crow's base, fully melting the entirety of it. Not a single stone falls down, despite it being destroyed like that.

"Haaa...Haaaa..." You hear Crow breathing heavily, and his silhouette forms within the dust that is still blowing around. "Did you really think that a top tier fighter like myself would be done in from that? HuHuHu!"

"More like hope." You bluntly reply.

"Whoo!" Crow blows and all of the smoke surrounding him blows away in an instant. "Hope is such a fickle concept."

"Your point?"

"Owaha...I am going to kill you, fighter."

"Aww. Aren't you the blandiloquent one."


"Heh, don't worry." You laugh a little bit before turning on a serious glare. "So you've been toying with me? Hiding your true powers like that."

"...Nay. I was draining your stamina to make sure I won. It was clear to me that you knew of Dark Ki, and most likely had a way to counter it. Because of that, killing you in an instant with the attack you just managed to overcome was out of the question."

"Draining my stamina...?"

"HuHuHu, are you trying to tell me that you haven't felt the effects of my jabs?" You gulp in shock, but shake it off.

"Enough chatter!" Your feet smash into the ground as you dash towards Crow, forming a fighting stance during the sprint.

Crow's body becomes a blur and his leg appears just in front of your chin. "Sober up, AYE!" His left leg fires itself into your face, causing you to soar through the air. You put both of your arms behind your head and try to grip the ground to stop you, but Crow is already standing behind you before you can.

You cover your face and Crow's leg crashes into your block, pushing you into the air. He places his palm out and a dark ball morphs in his hand. He winds up hard and whips his hand forward, launching the ball at you full speed.

The air crackles in pain from the orbs speed. "Attenuate!" Your body snaps to a miniature size, allowing you to barely dodge Crow's fierce attack.

The Captain stares at you questioningly but lets it go. He fires himself after you and grapples onto your puny body with a wide grin. He attempts to squeeze you in, but struggles due to your body growing in size just before he manages.

You're released from his grip and he shutters in fear as you wind your fist up. "Bye bye." Your fist smashes into his face and he pillars to the ground at incredible speed, hopping back up seconds later with a scowl on his face.

A loud tap is heard from your own landing and the two of you stare deeply at each other. Crow makes the first move by placing his right arm to the peak of the room. His face darkens in anger as a flat ball of Dark Ki writes itself on that same hand.

"I have now...Lost my patience." He says with a blistering amount of hatred. Hundreds of Dark Orbs are fired into the sky at a countless rate while he remains still. His entire arm covers itself in Dark Ki as he continues firing.

"What are-" You stop mid sentence, eyes wide. "You wouldn't!"

The Crimson Captain gazes at you with bloodthirsty eyes and slowly licks his lips. "Boom."

A loud explosion is heard from above, and then another one. The explosions continue to break out from all over the base as dark balls of Ki drop down from the sky, destroying the entire base.

You sprint towards Crow, but stop meters before him due to the ground disappearing. You fall into a large crater while thousands of balls of Ki crash down from above.

"S***, he plans on destroying the entire base! If even one of those attacks hit me, I could be in serious trouble!" You squat down and jet yourself out of the crater, standing across from Crow.

His base continues to implode from his Dark Ki, some pieces completely dispersing from the architecture, allowing others to break down and collapse all around.

You sift to the side while looking directly at Crow, dodging every blast you possibly can. "He doesn't have a target. And considering this is his own damn base, it means he simply doesn't have enough control over this attack!" You analyze, still dodging other attacks with nothing but your ears.

Explosions break out continuously but suddenly come to a complete halt. Crow drops his hands to the side and breathes heavily. You look around the area and notice that multiple craters are surrounding you and the Sun is shining bright.

The wind breezes by smoothly, exemplifying the new scenery. The entire base has been crashed to the ground and the two of you are now standing in a desert like region. Not a soul around. "...Did you just kill your own crew?"

Crow walks slowly towards you, covering both of his hands into darkness. "What kind of man do you think I am? I ordered them to leave once you entered the building."

"...And Roshi?"

Crow scowls tight and the darkness in his hands fade into his fingers, engulfing them with a pitch black aura. "Is safe, aye?" You nod casually and put up a fighting guard once again.

Footsteps break out and Crow is already in front of you, swinging at you wildly with his hands in a claw formation. You hop to the side in a rush to avoid his Darkness Finger Tips. Crow follows pursuit so you decide to take the offensive, giving him a hook to the cheek.

The Captain ducks, and swipes his claws across your chest, completely erasing pieces of you. Blood squirts out from the fresh scar and lands in his eye, momentarily blinding him.

You take this opportunity to deliver a gut wrenching knee to his jaw which pushes him into the air. You fire yourself after him and headbutt him with all your might, completely shattering his nose.

You do a front flip in the air and grab onto his neck and whip him down into the ground at full throttle. He crashes hard and smoke blows from throughout the ground.

You smile briefly before a spiral of darkness springs up from the ground. You sift backwards but it stops right in front of you.

The darkness forms into a shape and finally turns into Crow, glaring at you with the eyes of a demon. He beams both claws forward which pierce right through the wound from earlier. He pulls one hand out and a dark ball of Ki morphs in it.

He slams it down on your face but you disappear from his view, dodging the attack. Your body snaps back to full size and you grapple onto his full body and fling it back into the ground, landing momentarily after. The smoke clears and Crow stands across from you.

He places his left hand forward and a swirl of darkness twists in the center of his palm. "Blackhole!" You feel something from within you get pulled and before you know it, your feet are skidding across the ground and jetting towards the Crimson Captain.

"Wha-!?" In a second, you're right in front of him and his right arm is swung at near light speed, knocking you to the ground.

You roll away from him and hop up, breathing heavily, but you're sucked in once again. You smash both of your arms into the ground while sweating nervously, which seems to stop his pull.

"You can't run! If you have evil in your heart, I will suck it up! OWAH!" The ground rips apart and you fling towards him, only to be uppercutted in the jaw and pushed into the air. Before you make much height, you're already being pulled back to him but this time you're prepared.

You clench your fist tight and fire it forward, smashing into Crow's forehead. You feel your liver rupture in pain, noticing that he still managed to make contact.

Crow soars into the ground and you squirm in pain, sweat dribbling from the entirety of your body. "Haa...How the Hell can this guy still stand!?!?" You think, exhausted.

Crow gets up and dusts off his clothes before sprinting at you once again. Both of his claws dart forward, but you manage to limbo down and dodge them. He's slowed down!

You swing your body back up and smash your head into his own. He shutters in pain and you grip his left shoulder tightly. "HA!" Your right fist smashes into his gut and he wrenches over in pain. You pummel his gut in again and again and again, until blood is shooting out of his mouth.

You refuse to let up and smash another fist into his chest this time in an attempt to shut down his heart. Another! Another! Another! Crow squeals in pain while lifting his right arm wide, a small wave of darkness forming in it.

You angle your fist up and launch it forward with all of your strength, smashing the Captain's entire jaw. Before you can even see him move, you hear the explosion from his landing across the deserted battlefield.

You fall to your knees, and the Sun burns your wounds. "There...How'd that feel you son of a b****?"

Wind swipes by and blows an unreasonable amount of sweat from your face, while you take notice to Crow, who is making his way back up again. "What is your name, fighter?" He calls out to you from afar.

"Kiryu." You reply back, trying to contain your energy.

Crow nods slowly and grips on the sword in his sheathe. He pulls it out slowly and it screeches in agony as he does so. The captain waves the blade around while examining it and finally turns back to you. "Kiryu, lets finish this. Aye?"

A) Create A Battle Plan!
B) Fight Crow with all of your strength in an attempt to finish him quickly.
C) Play smart while dodging his attacks and dealing lethal blows when he's open.
D) Give up and go home. Forget about Roshi!

Health: 30%
Ki: 0%
The Exciting Climax! by Hangman_Link
Author's Notes:
C won.
Crow grips the handle on the sword in his sheathe. He pulls it out slowly and it screeches in agony as he does so. The captain waves the blade around while examining it and finally turns back to you. "Kiryu, lets finish this. Aye?"

You clench your knuckles, sweating nervously. "Ready when you are."

"Blackhole!" You feel something within you get pulled and before you know it, you're skidding towards Crow. He readies his blade and a dark aura emits around the sharp katana. "Farewell!"

"Attenuate!" Your body snaps to a miniature size which increases the pull Crow has on you by a tremendous speed. He swings his sword wide and completely misses, but doesn't give up.

Your body ruptures and stretches back to normal only to be sliced by Crow's sword. Blood squirts out of your chest from his diagonal slash and you scream in agony.

Crow lifts his boot up and slams it into your chest, further injuring the wound. "That all you got!?" You right hook him in the face which completely bends his neck forward.

While he's stunned, you shove your knuckles into his gut and he wrenches over in pain. You do a mini hop in the air so your feet face his head and swing your legs forward. Crow soars through the air and crashes into the ground.

He gets up quickly and swings his sword around with style, the dark aura fluttering around it. "Spiral Ace!" Crow throws the sword with all his might, so you hop to the side, completely dodging it. You turn back to see it molded into the ground.

Footsteps catch your attention so you swing your head back to see Crow right in front of you, jetting you in the gut with hundreds of pointed jabs. You swing your arm across and bash him across the head, elbowing him to the ground afterwards.

You kick him in the face which launches him back up and grab him by the neck to stop him. You begin to crush his neck without mercy until an uneasy feeling ignites in your stomach.

The grip you had on Crow's neck is lost and he drops to the ground, laughing all the while. You gaze down and see Crow's sword lodged in your stomach, the same dark aura around it from earlier. Without thinking about it, you bring your hand to the handle on your back and grapple it tightly.

Crow - now standing up - jumps back several meters, still laughing deeply. You rip the sword out from your stomach and blood squirts out of you like a broken water fountain. A loud thud is heard and you notice that you're now on your knees, all of your strength draining.

The sword is held in your hand and you still stare at it, trying to figure out what happened. "Heh...The aura...He can suck it in because of the darkness aura around it...!" You think, looking around for Crow.

He puts his palm forth and the sword is ripped from your hand, flying right back to him. He retains the sword and slowly walks towards you, staggering all the while.

"Am I going to be killed?" Crow towers above you and places the sword just by your neck. "No...I don't wanna' die!"

"It was fun, Kiryu." Your eyes black out and then return, and you finally realize your predicament. Crow swings his sword and blood explodes from your body, squirting all over the floor uncontrollably.

You scream at the top of your lungs but not a sound comes out. More blood dribbles down and you glare at Crow in fear; anger; pain; joy; every emotion you can possibly feel all blends into one foul taste.

Crow stares at you questioningly but finally laughs it off while nodding to himself. "Good reflexes." You whip your eyes down to the floor and see a gigantic arm laying still, slowly losing its colour.

You gulp hard, holding in a pile of vomit that resides in your throat and put your right arm up in a guarding position. Crow swings his sword once again and dashes at you, ready to finish things once and for all.

You dodge each vicious slash of his, looking for the opportune moment to strike. But no matter how much he swings, you can't scout a single opening in his offense. You hop back and Crow follows pursuit, swinging his sword wide. You limbo back while smiling, barely dodging his slash.

Your hands grip the ground and you attempt to smash your legs into Crow's gut, but can't muster enough strength to do it. A dark orb of Ki forms in Crow's hand and he slams it into your chest, melting your bones to pieces. You finally gather enough strength to retaliate and swing your legs up, firing Crow off of you.

He slides on his back and rolls over on his stomach to allow him to stand up with the help of his hands. You walk towards him with blood and sweat dripping out of you and the two of you stand before each other, both dying of exhaustion.

Both of you walk around in a small circle without taking an eye off of each other. Crow places his palm out and a tiny ball of Dark Ki forms for a second, dispersing afterwards. "Aye, s***."

"RHA!" You punch Crow in the face and he is picked up off the ground effortlessly. Muscle is built into your remaining arm and its stretched back. "Giant Bulldozer!" You fire your fist forward with all of your strength and Crow skids on the ground, gripping it tightly.

He grimaces in fear before your fist slams into his stomach. He coughs up an unreasonable amount of blood and you notice that you're sprinting at him now, your brain completely shut down.

Your right arm snaps back to position and you uppercut Crow in the jaw, pushing his frail body off of the ground. A loud crack breaks out as you jet a right straight into Crow's knee. The bone in it shatters to pieces and bends backwards, completely separating itself from his legs.

You stretch your arm to the sky and clench your hand in a tight hammer fist. Crow lands on his legs and screams in pain at the agony of having his knee torn out of the ligament. "RHAAAAA!" You smash your hammer into his skull with everything you have and the captain crashes into the ground face first. "Haaa...Haaa...Stay down...Just stay...DOWN!"

Crow's body shakes in pain, and his hands grip into the floor. The captain pulls himself up with everything he has while you glare at him in fear and think: "No...No NO NO!!!"

He stares at you softly and smiles, now standing on a slant. His arms fling out to the sides with the palms pointing at you. "...Finish me." He whispers.


"...I...can't move anymore. Looks like my body finally shut down, aye." You squeeze your fist tight and prepare the finishing blow. "Roshi's in an underground chamber behind me, aye?"


"HuHuHu," he laughs maniacally, his body still shaking. "A scar on the back is a swordsman's greatest shame. Aye?" You smile and shape your fist like a claw, beaming it forward into his chest. Your hand rips through his skin tissue and his heart explodes from the impact. You tear your arm out from his chest and he drops to the ground with a faint smile.

An enormous post battle high melts its way through your skin but you don't even have the energy to celebrate it.

You stutter forward and step over Crow's lifeless body, looking for any type of chamber that Roshi could be hidden under. You step forward and your feet clicks against a solid gate and you stare down, seeing a small handle bolted into the deserted ground.

The door crackles as you bend over and pull it open, blood slowly leaking out of your wounds. Down below, Roshi is sitting on the ground with his hands on his lap. He turns up and the two of you make eye contact, until your vision blurs harshly.

"K-Kiryu!?" Roshi gets up quickly and gazes at you in shock. You smile back and fall to your side, hearing nothing but a screeching noise burning your ears. Any type of potential vision fades and you cough up blood while laying on your side, dying. "KIRYU!?" Roshi roars and hops out of prison he was in.

He rolls you over onto your stomach and places his fingers on your pulse. Roshi glares in horror, taking in your condition. The old master picks you up and places you over his shoulders, carrying you away from the battlefield.

"You, who are you?" A soft voice shrieks and Roshi whips his head to the side. Kaiba stands tall and scratches his forehead in confusion. "Where am I?"

"No time, I have to get this man to a boat before he dies!"

Kaiba tilts his head and makes out your silhouette on Roshi's shoulders. "Ki...Kiryu? No, no, no. WHAT HAPPENED!?" He makes his way over to Roshi and lifts you off of his shoulder, placing you on his own.

"You know him?" Roshi questions.

"Yeah, he's my good friend! Where...am I?"

"I'll explain on the way, find a ship and get it ready to take off. We need to find a doctor!" Kaiba snaps his fingers and looks around, running to the dock.

Roshi bends forward and stares at Crow's body with sympathy. Kaiba notices this before he gets to far and speaks up. "I remember him. He's...He's the enemy, right? Why are you mourning him?"

Roshi flicks his fingers over Crow's eyes and closes them, standing up after. "He-, ergh. Crow was an old student of mine." Kaiba nods slowly and turns around, running to the dock. The old master picks up your arm and chases after Kaiba.

The two hop in the boat and place you down gently. The motor boat that brought you here roars and blasts off from the dock at full throttle. Kaiba moves Roshi off of the wheel while nodding. "It's alright. I know a good doctor nearby."

Later That Day...

"Are you sure you can treat him!?" Kaiba asks nervously while handing you over to a women wearing a doctors uniform. She eyes him cautiously while placing you onto a stretcher, refraining from answering. "LAUNCH! ANSWER ME GOD DAMN IT!"

Launch hooks you up to many medical instruments and breathes heavily. "Kaiba, leave me alone. I need to focus." He clenches his fists and storms out of the room. Master Roshi follows him.

"Quite a hot piece of ass." Roshi says to Kaiba, trying to break the ice. Kaiba eyes him down ferociously in anger.

"It's because of me. If I wasn't so weak! Getting possessed by that pirate and trying to kill Kiryu! DAMN IT!" Kaiba grabs his forehead and paces back and forth.

"So you remember what happened to you?"

"...Yeah. I was here on Cipro Island where I saw these pirates abusing some kid. I beat the s*** out of them and made 'em take me to their base."

"In which you were defeated by Crow."

"...Sounds about right." Roshi gazes at Kaiba but remains quiet, looking into the closed doors where Launch attempts to save you.

Several Hours Later...

The closed doors pop open and Launch exits the room quietly. Both Kaiba and Roshi jump out of their chairs and stare at her deeply; only Roshi is staring at her breasts with a dirty grin.

"Kiryu..." She begins and Kaiba's breathing becomes rapid and nervous. "Is fine. He'll be able to make a full recovery within the month. I was able to reattach his arm as well. Of course, the scarring from the wounds will be permanent."

Kaiba smiles brightly and runs up to Launch, hugging her tightly while laughing in joy. Roshi looks around in confusion now that Launch's breasts are being covered, "Wait, what did you say?"

"Kiryu," she says in a deep voice. It's clear that Kaiba is squeezing her so tightly she's struggling to speak. "He's okay now."

"WAH!? Well done!" Roshi exclaims and runs up behind her, grappling her firm buttocks with pleasure. "Thank you! Thank you!" He continues to say without releasing his hold. Roshi's face gets smashed in by Launch and he flies through the wall in pain. "Heh ah, wha...I deserved that."

Launch shakes her head and smiles at Kaiba once again. "You sure you don't need me to give you a check up too? Looks like you're in pretty bad condition."

"Tatito, Launch. Don't worry 'bout me. I'm fine now!"

Launch nods quickly and turns around. "Well, I suppose I'll go check on him. You guys might want to come back in the morning. He might just be awake by then."

"Yeah, about that. Hey old man," Kaiba yells and Roshi turns to him. "I gotta' head back home. I can't stick around for a few weeks; lots to do, you know?"

"That's fine. I'll take care of Kiryu from here. You don't need to worry, Cleba."

"Ergh, it's Kaiba." Roshi laughs slowly and scratches his bald head, waiting for someone to break the awkward silence. Finally, the commander does just so. "Earlier, you said Kiryu plans on training with you, right?"

"I did?"

"You did."

"I did."

"...What? Anyway, just be sure to tell him that I'll tell everybody at the FBM what's going on with him and to just focus on training. Alright?"

"Okay, I will." Roshi says with a smile and Kaiba jets out the door after giving the old master a wink.


Many Months Later...

Kiryu made a complete recovery thanks to Dr. Launch's exceptional medical knowledge combined with the correct usage of Rehabilitation Ki. During the coming months, Kiryu continued his training with Roshi while expanding his knowledge on Ki and has finally completed the one year training course.

"...-You're leaving tonight?" Roshi questions.

You put a few bottles of water in a bag and throw it on your back. "Yeah, it's been a long year. No communication with the outside world for ten months. I'm quite introverted but I think it's time that I had some Human contact."

"Keyehehe, are you sure you're content with the results?"

"Heh. Yeah, i'm sure. Uh, thanks for everything. You've really helped me a lot..." You walk out the front door and Roshi follows you quietly.

"Kiryu...Use your powers to better the World. You're a good person. Don't get tempted into doing what you think is wrong."

You smile at this and turn around to Roshi. "Are those your last words of wisdom, Roshi?" He nods carefully. "Do you plan on staying on Djawa for much longer? Not a soul lives here anymore."

"Keyehehe. Yes, I shall stay here. I am a hermit after all."

"I won't lie to you by saying that I'll visit. We most likely won't ever meet again."

Roshi places his frail hand on your elbow - as that's as high as he can reach - and squeezes it. "You saved the archipelago and my life. I will be forever grateful." He bows down to you in honor, which annoys you.

You turn around and start walking to the edge of the beach where a boat resides. "I didn't kill Crow to save the archipelago, or even you." Roshi flips his head up and looks at you questioningly while the motor to the boat fires up and it floats away from the dock. "I did it for me."


End of The Training Arc!


- 3 Achievement Points Unlocked. Current Points: 3 (Note: The maximum amount of attainable points was 4)

- Kiryu's New Battle Power: 104 500

- New Technique Learned: Speed Blitz. Kiryu inflates the aura of Ki around his legs which allows for him to either double or triple his maximum speed. If you choose to double your speed, it drains your Ki at a constant rate. It lasts until you turn it off or run out of Ki. If you choose to triple your maximum speed, the inflation burst only lasts for five seconds and you can only move in one direction. The Ki consumption for tripling your speed is vast.

- During the training, Kiryu learned how to call Ryuki out and "use" him as a weapon in battle. However, it is still a risk to bring Ryuki out. When doing so, Kiryu will lose consciousness and Ryuki will take over command for an unknown amount of time. Ryuki will always be a playable choice in battle, but be wary when using him.


Choose What Rehabilitation Technique You Learned (only one):

A) Recover - You wrap an aura of Ki around your body and it heals all of your minor wounds while recovering a large amount of Health. This move can only be used once per battle. The Ki usage is zero.

B) Remedy - You gather Ki in your palm and place it on another person. After doing so, this Ki is departed into said person and it heals double the amount of either Health or Ki you used. Example: If you use Remedy and put 25% of your Ki into it, 50% of the Health / Ki (one or the other; you choose) of the person your healing will be restored.

C) Regenerate - You concentrate an aura of Ki and are able to fully regenerate any lost bodily ligament that you may have lost. This move drains a lot of Ki.

Invent Your Own Inflation Technique:

1) You can invent your own Inflation Technique that you learned over the training course. It can be anything you want, but must stick to the guidelines of Inflating something (think of all the examples you have seen in the story to help make your decision). You must make a negative cost for using this inflation that cannot involve Ki consumption. I will dictate the amount of Ki used for the technique and approve whether or not you can use it.

Good Example: Transformation - Kiryu's Battle Power gets 2 times stronger when he transforms. His size increases by a great amount to ease the strain on his body, but he loses speed when entering this transformation. No other Inflation's can be used during this one (Meaning you cannot stack all the Inflation techniques you have).

Bad Example: Super Power - Hurr derr, Kiryu's Battle Power becomes 10 trillion for the rest of the battle.

2) Pfft, I don't need no more moves, yo.
End Notes:
Well, after 22 chapters, this arc has finally come to an end. Hopefully you guys enjoyed. As always, comments on the story, arc, characters, and all that stuff would be just lovely. :P
One Year Later by Hangman_Link
Author's Notes:
Choice That Won:

Juggernaut: Kiryu becomes slightly bigger, his muscles bulk up and he gets an overall more ferocious look. His power level doubles, giving him a special boost on attack and defense but his speed takes a blow, also he can't use recover while in his Juggernaut form.
The Dawn Of A New Arc...!

A gust of wind blows your hair to the side as you stand before a great beast. Roughly eight stories high and nearly a kilometer in both length and width. Buildings are piled high all around the biggest one in the middle, all connected via small passage ways. This is Forte Valkyrie.

"It's been a year yet this place looks the same," you exclaim while walking to the front gate, taking a sip of water as you do so.

"Halt!" A voice booms from a random goon that is in charge of front gate security. Without a care for his words, you continue to walk forward. The man runs out of his booth and sticks a large gun to your face, "I said halt! You do speak English, right?"

You brush your wavy hair to the side and dart your eyes forward while lifting your head up, glaring at him intensely. "Yes, I believe I do."

"UGGH!" He backs off in shock and drops on his bottom, frozen from the shock. "C-c-c-,"

"Sorry, I don't understand what you're saying. You do speak English, right?"

He gulps hard and pulls himself off the ground, bowing down to you. "Please excuse my insolence, Commander Kiryu!"

"What's your name?"

"General Orez, sir!"

"Orez, eh." You slip your fingers forward and push them up against his chin so the two of you make eye contact. You can feel him shivering in fear just by your subtle touch. "Get back to work. We wouldn't want an intruder to break in because you're slacking off, now would we?"

General Orez nods with enthusiasm and gallops back to his booth and you walk right through the front gate. Soon enough, you reach a titanium door with a finger scanner on it. You put your finger under the scanner just as instructed but the gate refuses to open. Instead, it beeps loudly at the sound of an intruder.

An explosion breaks out from underground and a man launches out of it, swinging his leg at you without remorse. You lift up your arm and grab his leg, putting a bit of pressure on it. "Watch yourself," you whisper. A radiant glow of Ki emits from your body, sending shivers down the man's spine.

"Wha-? Who ARE you!?" You swing your arm to the side and let go of his body, flinging him into the ground. It explodes on contact and he coughs up a bit of blood, gasping for air.

"My name is Kiryu. Your commanding officer."

"Is that so...? Pehaha." He laughs a bit, trying to push himself off the ground and stand up. "Have any way to prove that?"

"I see Rem amped up the security in this place even more so. I suppose White's murder must have been a wake up call for him. Tell me, what's your name?"

"Pehaha...I uh, I asked you a question first." Your smile turns into a glare and thoughts of breaking his neck flood into your mind, but you abstain yourself. Suddenly, the gigantic gate behind you opens up and a rugged, brown man stands before you both. He has a gold earing pierced through his long nose and a face of shock on.

"Well I'll be...You finally decided to come back, Kiryu!"

You turn away from the man who attacked you earlier and grin a bit. "Long time no see, Echo...You haven't changed a bit."

"Meh, whatever." Echo turns around and starts walking away from you, leaving the door open.

Taking the opportunity, you sift back and stare at the man from earlier. "So...Your name?"

He frowns tightly and starts walking past you, "McGuy. General McGuy."

"I'll remember that name...!" You walk inside Valkyrie and slam the door shut behind you. All attention is on you immediately; tons of soldiers are lined up across the room, bowing down.

"Since we thought you were an intruder, all the soldiers were lined up. You know, ready to kill you in case McGuy was taken out."

"I see," you quickly reply, slowly taking in the scenery. There are hundreds of people; elite's, general's, frontier agents, and of course, regular soldiers all surrounding the area. "What are you all doing!? Get back to work!" You roar and they all listen immediately. "Hoi...That was too much attention," you mutter under your breath.

"Yo Kiryu, I suggest you go talk to Rem. I'm sure he'll want to fill you in on everything you've missed here at Valkyrie."

"How much has changed?" You question, the two of you now walking together down the halls.

"Heh heh, lots. To help in the amping of the security, each of us Commanders has our own job that we take care of. And the Generals have all been assigned to specific missions around the base too. I don't think much as changed with the all the other ranks but I ain't too sure."

"About the Commanders, what specific job is everybody assigned to?"

Echo stops for a second pounds his fist against his chest. "Well for me, i'm the head of security. That's why I was the first one to come out of the building. McGuy is my right hand. Just he works down below, which is why he you know...Came out of the floor, heh heh."

"...I see. What about the other Commanders?"

"Look, Kiryu, as fun as it'd be to explain all this to you, just ask Rem. Since he's no longer in charge of security as well as like, everything else, he doesn't know that you're here. After all, I didn't signal for backup."

"Alright, alright." The two of you reach the elevator and walk in together. "So what else should you inform me about?"

"Hmm, let me think. Oh! Heh heh, your friend White, he's workin' with us now. As well as that Shugesh guy. He's pretty awesome. Too bad he works under Pike."

The elevator takes off soundly to a higher floor. "Pike?"

"Yeah, Joseph Pike. You don't know him?"

"Oh, him. Yeah, I met him in the war. So Generals get their own guards too now?"

Echo turns to you and laughs a bit, "General? Nah, Pike's a Commander now. Just like us."

"W-what!? Last time I checked his Battle Power was short of 30 000. No way he can be a Commander."

"Guy is like, dedicated." Echo responds while scratching his head, waiting for the elevator doors to open. They do just so and the two of you walk out, now on the second floor. "He must've like went in some sort of hectic training, naw mean."

"No, sorry, I don't 'naw mean'."

"Go see for yourself. Pike's gotta' be at least fifty, sixty thousand by now. I wouldn't take him too lightly. Heh heh, not like you'd be fighting him."

"60 000? That's impossible...! What kind of training did he do over the last year?" You think before speaking up, "Oh, by the way. Where the Hell are we walking to?"

"Your room. Rem had it custom made during the reno. For whenever you came back."

"So with Joseph as our new Commander, Loukar's open spot has now been filled?"

Both of you stop in front of a door and Echo signals you to scan your fingerprints on it. The machine beeps quietly and registers you in the system for future use. "Well, not exactly..." Intrigued, you turn over to him and tilt your head to the side. "You see, Pitou hasn't really came back yet. That's why Rem felt it was necessary to promote Pike. With you gone, Pitou gone, and Loukar dead...It was really just Thrigon, Kaiba, and myself running the game."

"Pitou hasn't come back...Interesting."

"Don't worry, he'll certainly be back!" Echo says while nodding intensely. You smile a bit and put your hands over his shoulder.

"Don't worry, i'm not sweating at all. Heh." Echo frowns at this. You walk in your room and look around, seeing a large bed and all of the other necessities of life.

"So, what do you think of your new bachelor pad?"

"It's just a room Echo. I don't 'think' anything about it."

He shakes his head, a bit annoyed at your attitude. "What the Hell were you doing for the last year anyway?"

"I was training," you quickly respond. "Training at an archipelago fairly close to where the Saiyan Empire used to be. Though there was quite a bit of conflict in the first few weeks. Pirates, and whatnot."

"Training? You don't look all that much stronger. Not for a whole year'a training, at least. Besides, why not just train here instead of some pirate infested hippie island?"

"Looks can be deceiving, Echo. And I didn't stay because of the resources. I stayed because there was an excellent teacher who helped me expand my knowledge and abilities of Ki. That okay with you?"

"Geez, fine, whatever." Echo turns around and exits your room slowly.

"Hey Echo," you call out.

"Yeah, what'dya want?"

"I have a message I was supposed to deliver to you." He turns around and raises an eyebrow, gesturing his hands forward. "Near the conclusion of the war while you were unconscious - nice job with that by the way - somebody by the name of Cooler came in and saved our asses. Did Kaiba tell you about this?"

"Uh, no...He didn't mention anything to me about the war after I got knocked out."

"Yeah, well, Kaiba isn't exactly the most reliable source. Anyway, after he saved all our lives, he asked about you. Where you were. Upon telling him that you were unconscious, he told us to tell you the words: 'Now we're even.' That mean anything to you?"

"Heh heh, I see. Okay, alright." Echo smiles softly and turns around, not answering your question. He pushes the door back against the slot, close enough that it doesn't click, but far enough that nobody can see what you're doing. You roll your eyes and have a seat on the king sized bed at the corner of your room, thinking.

"Why hasn't Pitou returned? I really can't see somebody like him accepting to be trained. I'm far less bigoted than he is and still didn't want to be trained. Of course, he could have disbanded from the FBM altogether but what reasoning could he have had for this!? Why do I have a bad feeling about this?" You wonder.

Your door flies open and a tall Namekian with fiery red hair and a large slouch is standing in the midst of your room. "So the rumors are true...!?" You stand up with a faint smile and face the man. "You're back!"

"Heh...Hey, Thrigon." You casually say. The two of you swing your hands far and slap them together in a handshake, pulling each other into a 'bro hug'. "Alright, that's enough!" You push him away, and he backs off soundly.

"Wow, to think its been an entire year. I had doubts if you were still alive!" He yells enthusiastically.

"Huh, really? Why?"

"Why!? What do you mean why!? You got captured by the Red Ribbon Army, then they posted a news article saying that you got executed, and finally...You were gone for over a year! So excuse me if I didn't have that much faith."

"They said I was dead?"

"Uh, yeah, Rem read us the article. He found a lot of discrepancies though, which sort of rendered the article as a lie. You didn't read about it?"

"No, I haven't heard any news for an entire year. I was on a secluded island with no contact with anybody except one perverted old man."

"...Oh...That's uh, that's neat. But no news...? So that means you didn't hear about the fall of the Red Ribbon?"


"Hey man, don`t ask me. You`re gonna` want to talk to Rem about everything you missed. But it can wait; lets catch up!"

"Alright...What do you want to know?"

"So what were you doing on the island?"

"Training. Didn't Kaiba relay the message?"

"Eh, not to me. This is the first i'm hearing of it. So what did you learn!?"

"How about we share these lovely stories for another time. I'm not in the mood to explain a year's worth of training."

"Alright, that's cool. Then how about you show me?"


Thrigon's smile grows into a grin. He pounds his fist against your chest, staring at you mysteriously. "It's been a year. What better way to renew our friendship than kicking each other's asses?"

"Hm...That is tempting." Thrigon laughs a bit while you rub your chin, thinking of what to do next.

"I really should talk to Rem to figure out what's been happening around here and around the world. But then again, that would be a lot of talking. Another match with Thrigon is quite tempting, especially since its been a year but my battle with Crow feels like it just happened last week. There is always another route...Finding people around Forte Valkyrie that I knew from the war and catching up with them. Hmm..." You think.

A) Go talk to Rem. Figuring out what has been going on is the most important thing right now.
B) Accept Thrigon's challenge for a duel. Lets find out what he's learned this past year while testing out my new moves!
C) Search Forte Valkyrie for some old buddies to catch up with them (Choose 4).
The Power of One Man by Hangman_Link
Author's Notes:
A won.
You stare at Thrigon in a blank state for a few seconds before speaking up, "Eh, I'll pass. I'm more interested in finding out what's been happening this last year."

Thrigon puts his palms up in a defensive manner, "Alright, alright. No big deal. Guess I'll catch you later." You give him a stern nod and he quickly retreats, leaving you alone.

You plop down on your bed and grip your forehead with both hands. After a short rest, you find yourself walking through the halls and heading towards Rem's room. Valkyrie is quite different than it was before the war. You figure it must have had something to do with the Red Ribbon Army attacking while the majority of the fighters were at tbe Saiyan Empire.

Most of the walls have paintings and decorations scattered about, making the area much less bland. Feeling the walls, it's clear that they have been reinforced with much more durability than before. Furthermore, the entire volume of the Forte just appears to be much greater than it ever was.

Multiple Soldiers pass by during your walk, all of which stop and salute you without hesitation. Though it hasn't been long since you've returned, you find yourself surprised that only Echo and Thrigon have seen you so far. Reunions are never what they are made out to be in one's mind.

Now at a large door that is painted dark brown with swirls of blue scattered throughout, you give yourself a nod of approval. This simply must be Rem's room, despite it being in a different location than before.

You give the door a few knocks and after a short wait, it's answered. Rem stands before you, looking identical to how he appeared one year ago. His clothes consist of a white dress shirt with small black stripes running through, plain black dress pants and a pair of white socks. The length of his hair is still the same, flaking around his symmetrical head.

"Welcome back, Kiryu. I've been waiting for you." He says briefly before turning around and walking towards a living room with multiple couches, chairs, and a large table in the middle of them all. You figure this is where the Commander's have their meetings.

Both of you have a seat across from each other, examining each other without spouting a word. Finally, you break the ice and speak up, "You don't seem at all surprised to see me, Rem."

"I imagine that is because i'm not." You squint your eyes at him and start stroking your chin with your left hand. "I can sense your Ki signature, Kiryu. Just because the Radar is no longer in my private quarters, that does not mean I'm completely ignorant to what is transpiring around Valkyrie."

"Fair enough. Sensing one's Ki would be a neat trick to pick up. Perhaps I should learn it."

"Do as you wish, but it would not benefit you very much. Nonetheless, we have a substantial amount of figures to discuss."

"Yes, we do." You quickly reply, taking in the scenery of Rem's new room. His bed is in the far corner of it, along with a closet and nightstand close by. His treasured Computer and desk are just behind where he is sitting, and the last thing of interest in the room would be the meeting area. "So why don't you start with the changes around Forte Valkyrie."

"Okay." He takes a deep breath and clutches his hands together, obviously thinking of how he is going to start. "My previous duty of covering security of the Forte, our next move as a super power, covering data on worldly events, recruiting fighters, punishing fools, renovating the Forte, and so much more became too overwhelming for me to handle. Especially without Pitou or you to assist in matters. I made do with what we had when Ex Commander Loukar was murdered, but this was just too much."

"I can imagine."

"Indeed. Because of this, I assigned each Commander to their own position around the Forte. Commander Echo is in charge of security of the Forte. Commander Kaiba is in charge of communication of everything that transmits in and out of Valkyrie. Dysect is head of invasions and offensive forces, particularly involving the Red Ribbon Army. Right now he is away from the Forte, studying for any possible openings in the Red Ribbon's security. And finally, Commander Joseph Pike is in charge of everything involving the prisoners, as well as Forte Valkyrie's supplies. He imports everything we need to live on, and whatever else I tell him to get a hold of. I am in charge of everything else."

"Hmm, alright. And what exactly do you have planned for myself?"

"To tell you the truth, I do not know. What with you being gone for an entire year, I couldn't exactly hold a slot open for you. Same goes for Pitou. For now, just do as you please. I shall assign you work soon enough."

"Sounds fun." You sarcastically agree.

Rem scowls at this, but doesn't go into detail with his displeasure. "I was told that you were training on an island. How did it go?"

"Quite well. Both my understanding and technical abilities in anything involving Ki have greatly improved."

"Splendid. I figured that you would need to branch off your understanding of Ki eventually, but I am far from capable of assisting you, which is why I refused to bring it up."

"I see. So continue; fill me in on everything."

"Don't fret about it. You will be informed shortly. First, I want to congratulate you on your great achievements in the war against the Saiyajin Empire. Well done, Kiryu. And thank you." You give him a short nod, signalling him to continue. "Aside from the near collapse of Valkyrie, matters went smoothly defending against the Red Ribbon Army."

Him mentioning the RRA reminds you of what Thrigon said and you snap your fingers on impulse. "About that, I was unable to keep up with any events that transpired around the world during my year of training. What happened with the Red Ribbon Army? And everything else for that matter."

"I won't tell you irrelevant news stories, but anything that matters...I'll thoroughly explain." You give him another nod, and he goes on. "They were attacked. Over four thousand soldiers were killed on that day. This assault took place at their main headquarters, and the damage was so extreme that they were forced to completely abandon two other bases close by, in order to cut their losses. They are gaining strength once again, but this happened last month. Of course, a significant amount of resources were lost so they are still building back up."

"...Wow. Wouldn't that mean now is the best time to attack them?"

"Theoretically, yes. But according to my sources, only one Executive was killed. Everybody else was below that rank, mainly consisting of fodder. Right now, they expect us to attack. I have no doubt in my mind that all of their top fighters are at the ready, preparing for us."

"Very true. And who attacked them?"

A grim face writes itself on Rem's face, so he stands up and walks over to the kitchen and takes a pot of coffee out. He offers it to you, but you shake your head, having no interest in the caffeine. "That's the problem," Rem begins, his cup nearly filled to the brim. "I do not have proper information on this matter as of yet. All of the Frontier Agents that were stationed at the Red Ribbon Army were killed, leaving me with only guess work and rumors."

"All of them? It sounds to me like it was a plan to take care of all of the spies." You examine.

"Believe me, that thought has crossed my mind multiple times. But it just seems so...so implausible." Rem has a seat on the leather couch, coffee in hand, and slurps some of it up. "Ah, tasty." He says with a smile.

"Rem...What information do you have on it?"

"...One man." You give him a look of confusion, squinting one of your eyes. "Apparently, the damage...the attack...It was done by one man. One soul. Just one person...alone."

Practically jumping out of your seat, you shout back at Rem, "What!? That's...Not possible!" Both of your eyes bulging out of the sockets, you calm yourself and lean back against the chair, awaiting a reply.

"Nearly. It would explain why only fodder was destroyed but so much damage done by one person. I wonder if even I could have managed to do that. It's not like they were able to capture this man. He disappeared without a trace moments after the damage was done!"

"...Incredible. Every step I take, it just becomes clearer that there are so many people above my level. This world is so vast...!" You think silently.

"Whoever did it, we have not heard the last of them. I fear that they will strike Forte Valkyrie next. Which is another reason why I haven't initiated anything against the Red Ribbon Army as of yet." You give him a nod, and dart your eyes to the floor, thinking of any possibly candidates who could have done this. Nobody comes to mind though.

Silence impedes, but Rem finally shatters it. "Oh, yes. About Agent 86, formerly known as General White." You pick your eyes back up and glare at Rem, anticipating his next words. "General Blue brought him back about ten months ago now. Since then, he has sworn allegiance to us. He is currently working under Commander Pike in the prison."

"Ha! And you believe that piece of trash? He's probably been crossing you since he got back."

"That was my first impression, but I doubt it. He's told us a vast amount of information about the Red Ribbon Army, and has even let us to experiments on that chip he has inside of his body. The one that allows him to change shape. Furthermore, Agent 86 has put in continuous effort in order to protect the Forte since he swore allegiance. Perhaps he was just fed up with how the Red Ribbon Army treated him..."

"Peh, whatever. What information did you get out of him?"

Rem smiles briefly and puts his cup of coffee down. "For starters, the Red Ribbon Army has been undergoing the process of experimenting on children and turning them into artificial killing machines. Giving them numbers to assign who they are. For Agent 86's case, it was slightly different."

"He already mentioned this to me." You cut in with not a hint of enthusiasm.

"Not entirely. #86 was captured, had his memory wiped clean, and turned into a numbered soldier. No artificial enhancements needed. But for the children that they have been kidnapping, they have been turned into complete killing machines that have no choice but to obey whatever the Red Ribbon Army instructs them to do."

"That's sickening," you quickly reply. "But what does it have to do with us? All it does is show that the RRA does some despicable acts under the table."

"Very well. Perhaps it is not completely relevant, but if anything, it signifies that he is willing to cooperate and shows us who his true allegiance is for."

"Hardly. He gave me similar information before he wanted anything to do with us. He's playing you, Rem."

"I doubt it."

"I guarantee it."

The two of you glare at each other, strongly disliking each other's point of view. This goes on for what seems like several minutes until Rem speaks up. "Moving on, it appears that a diplomat will be coming to Valkyrie in due time."

"A diplomat? Representing whom?"

"The Red Ribbon Army."

"What!? Why would-"

"Because we have a prisoner." Rem boldly cuts you off. "And they want this particular one back at all costs. As a result, Kaiba contacted me two days ago and said that their plan is to bring three people in to discuss the future of this prisoner. If anything happens to him, an all out war will unfold, evidently."

"I have doubts...The Red Ribbon Army as a whole doesn't give two s***'s about anybody. If I was captured back when I was there, they wouldn't have sent a diplomat to retrieve me. President Red would want to, since in all honesty, he's a very kind and generous man...But he's highly influenced by those under him. And those under him...Are very corrupt."

Rem stares at you with sympathy, putting his hand over the bottom half of his face. "Kiryu, President Red was assassinated." You try to speak, but not a word comes out. Nothing but a face of shock, mixed in with fear. "Just under two months ago. As of now, his advisers back when he had power are in charge. The perpetrator is still unknown, as of now."

"It's...It's the end of all of us...!" You say in shock, gripping your forehead tightly.

"Hmm? What are you going on about, Kiryu?"

"President Red...He was the only thing containing the Red Ribbon Army. Think of it like a bottle of wine and a cork. The prior which represented the corrupt nature of Red's advisers. President Red himself was the cork...Containing all of that evil. In order for his advisers to get what they wanted, they had to use sneaky methods to get around Red so he wouldn't know what they were doing. As a result, the Red Ribbon Army was more or less, a just corporation. But if he's dead...Nothing will contain them anymore."

"Nothing out of the ordinary has transpired so far."

"Doubtfully. Nothing known has happened, but his advisers, otherwise known as the Fleet Executives...They're a whole new level of corrupt. Rem, why are they coming to Forte Valkyrie!?"

An unusual look of worry now on Rem's face, he quickly answers. "I have a prisoner. His name is Phoenix Graham. During the Red Ribbon Army's assault on Valkyrie, he was in charge. I had everybody else killed, and kept him as a prisoner. I tried to get him to talk in a numerous amount of ways but...Nothing. And right when I had thoughts of having him executed due to him being useless, Commander Kaiba relays a message to me saying the Red Ribbon Army wants him back and they are coming to negotiate terms."

You search your memory while rubbing both of your hands together, heating them up with the friction. "...Chief Executive Phoenix Graham. I remember him..."

Rem stands up with an empty cup of coffee in his left hand. He walks back over to the kitchen and pours more liquid into the cup, finally replying. "You're welcome to speak to him, Kiryu."

"Where is he?"

"Over at the prison. Same place as before." Says Rem, putting some sugar into his coffee. "Although I would be careful if you do decide to speak to him. He's dangerous."

"How so?"

"I am not positive how exactly, but he appears to be a master of Manipulation Ki. Somehow...He has the ability to invade another's mind. Because of this dangerous ability, I haven't had too much of a drive to speak to him."

"Invading another's mind...How did you figure this out?"

"Commander Pike told me. If you're curious of the details, i'm sure he'll be glad to go over them with you."

"Rem," you cautiously say. "When the Red Ribbon Army comes to negotiate terms, do not allow them to take Phoenix Graham. If these corrupt bastards are going through the trouble of getting him back, he's very important. And THAT my friend, makes him extremely dangerous..."

"I may not have a choice. After all, there is a high probability that they have their own prisoners. Prisoners that belong to the FBM. And if this man is as dangerous as you say...I can't imagine that this is all the ammo they have to get him back."

"Just don't give him back..." You warn.

Rem makes a sigh and puts his empty cup back down. "I think that pretty much covers everything I wanted to speak to you about. Unless you have any other questions?"

"Hmm, do I?"

1) Yes, I have more questions.
- What are they?"
2) No, that's everything.


Afterwards, you walk out of Rem's quarters and find yourself in the halls of Valkyrie. Multiple soldiers are still roaming the halls, but none in particular that you recognize.

Suddenly, you see the Saiyan Shugesh exit the elevator across the hall and turn to the left, walking down the hall. You walk across the hall and peak into the direction he's going in, seeing him enter a room called "Communication Center."

Shaking it off, you begin walking back to your room until you realize that there is no particular reason of going there. "What to do next...?" You wonder aloud.

A) Visit the prisoner - Phoenix Graham - to speak to him.
- Bonus: Any questions in particular?
B) Follow Shugesh into the Communication Center to see what he's doing.
C) Search Forte Valkyrie for some old buddies to catch up with them. (Choose 4).
Iceburg's Treacherous Scheme by Hangman_Link
Author's Notes:
2B Won.
Prior To Leaving Rem's Private Quarters...

"Yeah, I do have a few more things I would like to speak to you about." You boldly speak up. Rem nods his head and gestures his hand forward for you to continue, which you do after clearing your throat. "Ergh, do you know what happened to Brigadier Officer Hercule? He was escorting me back to the Red Ribbon Army before I escaped."

"Why do you ask?" Rem investigates.

"The Red Ribbon Army doesn't tolerate failure, and he told me that he volunteered to escort me back to Headquarters so I can't imagine they did anything good with him."

"I apologize. I can't say that I do know anything about the man you speak of." You nod your head slowly, with a bit of disappointment in your eyes. "I'll tell you what, Kiryu. I'll do my research on the topic and relay all the information I find about him."

"Alright, sounds good," you swiftly reply. "Another thing. Has anything out of the ordinary transpired with the fighters who survived the war?"

"Hmm...For starters, I was brought a type of Ray Gun from a pack of Elites. Over the past year, I studied it and have already began integrating its advanced technology into our own firearms. The team of scientists are still working on it, but I've been told that a mass production of those Ray Gun's will take place within the coming weeks."

"I see. More specifically, what about news on the Generals?"

"That's a vast topic," Rem replies while stretching his arms into the air. He puts his empty glass of coffee down and scratches his nose with one finger, preparing a proper speech. "General John Giant and General Dr. Fiasco are currently imprisoned at the Red Ribbon Headquarters. Unfortunately, they simply were not able to make it all the way back to Valkyrie. I imagine when the Red Ribbon Diplomat comes, the safe return of these prisoners will be one of their offers to retrieve Phoenix Graham."

"Damn it," you mutter. Rem notices this and nods sympathetically, as if he feels the same way.

"Furthermore, General Jones has retired from combat, unfortunately." You give a look of confusion mixed in with concern, but Rem continues speaking before any words are spouted from your mouth. "It appears that he suffers from post traumatic stress disorder. Considering he was a fairly new General at the time of going to war, it must have been a new and horrific experience for him. His mental state was completely broken down when he returned, alone."

"Ah, I see..."

"It's not an entire loss, though. Despite no longer battling, he still resides here at Valkyrie as a communications officer, assisting Kaiba. But i'm afraid to say that he won't ever be able to fight again." You give him a short nod, awaiting further conversation but none happens.

"So...? Anything else? What about with General Chi Chi, or Blue?"

"General Blue safely brought "General White" back just over seven months ago. By that time, he had somehow convinced #86 to cooperate with us in order for his life. For a better life. I was displeased with the amount of time General Blue was away, but at least he was productive during this time."

"Heh, so that's why you're defending that impostor? Because you promised him a clean slate, you don't want to do any harm to him of any sort."

"That is exactly correct. I gave him my word."

You smile briefly at this, letting out a small laugh. "You know, you would be an absolutely terrible politician."

A small smile is drawn on Rem's plain face, but he takes it off soon after. "Since General Blue has returned, I promoted him and gave him a better position. While he is still a General, instead of being situated at the front gate doing nothing but overseeing those who come and go, he is now working with Commander Thrigon."

"Now that you mention it, you didn't tell me what Thrigon was doing earlier. So what are those two doing?"

"Commander Thrigon is working with General Blue, General Watson, and General Stiffy. The three Generals search the world for new recruits. Once they find somebody who is potentially a valuable asset to the FBM, they bring Thrigon to said person and he gives them a sort of...Audition. If they pass, Thrigon has full authority to give them any rank he sees fit once he verifies it with myself."

"You're certainly giving Thrigon a lot of power. Are you positive that that's wise?"

"Yes. He has been here for just over five years and has done a splendid job. I completely trust him and his judgement."

"Fair enough."

"Ah, you asked about General Chi Chi as well."

"I did."

"Actually, she did not return until just five months ago. Commander Joseph Pike, General Hugo, and General Jones were with her. Although, Jones left the temple prior to any training, returning to Valkyrie after leaving. Both her and Hugo were completely different fighters upon returning, which has dramatically assisted in their progress in terms of increasing battle power."

"What do you mean they were 'different fighters'?" You analyze, now rubbing your chin.

Rem stands up tall and walks back over to his kitchen, pulling a cupboard open. He takes a box of cookies from the shelf and opens it up without care for the crackling noise that came with it. "Apparently, they had found a temple with a vast amount of scripture detailing how to achieve the next level in one's Ki abilities. Afterwards, they each began their own training, completely altering their previous fighting styles. Except for Commander Pike, who only expanded on his previous abilities."

"A-a temple? They just happened to find a temple in the middle of nowhere?"

"It was built by Saiyajins. They found it nearby the Saiyajin Empire. I can only speculate, but my conclusion is that their ancestors built it a long time ago. King Vegeta most likely used the scripture to assist in the training of his people. But considering what kind of man he was, I have no doubt in my mind that very few Saiyajins new of that temple."

"So they found this Saiyain temple, decoded the scripture, and trained for a few months before coming back - only to continue training once they returned. That sound about right?"

"It does." Rem replies with a nod, now walking back to the couch with his hands in the bag of cookies. "If you wish to find out the details of their training, go ask them. I need not to continue speaking about this subject. Now Kiryu, is that everything?"

"One last thing. How would you feel about having White use his shape shifting ability to turn into Phoenix Graham while making the trade with the RRA? If we do that, we can get our prisoners back without losing Graham."

"That's a very sick thing to do, Kiryu. I can't say that I've thought of it, but do you really think it's a good idea?" Rem takes a chocolate chip cookie out of the bag and bites into it, devouring it in one strike.

"How could it not be?"

"I don't know. You were quite worried about the advisers of the RRA and how corrupt they were. Are they really the type of people that you want to cross?" The two of you glare at each other for a few seconds until both of you stand up, still not taking your eyes off each other.

"I'll think about it." You both say simultaneously. Finally finished your conversation, you turn around and slowly exit the room.



"I wonder what he's doing..." You think, slowly stepping forward while eyeing the Saiyan Shugesh eerily. He makes his way down the hall swiftly, so you walk after him. A few Soldiers crowd the area once you turn the corner, which makes you lose distance with Shugesh.

You look back to see if anybody is watching you and find nobody, so you do a slow jog down the hallway. Shugesh opens the door at the end of the hall and closes it immediately after.

Now right outside the door, you gently turn the nob and push it open to see Commander Kaiba, General Shugesh, and General Transny all sitting by multiple electronics, all used for communication.

"What are you all doing?"

Shugesh rips open a bag of potato chips and digs his hand into it, now leaning back against a four wheeled chair. "Nothin'," the Saiyan casually says. Transny swings around on his wheeled chair so he doesn't have to face you and Kaiba ducks his head

You pull up a chair from the corner of the room and have a seat on it, staring Shugesh in the eye with unwavering attention. "Are you positive?" You whisper into his ear with a shrill voice.

Shugesh backs his head up and darts his eyes away from, still not speaking. "Tell him." Kaiba speaks up. Shugesh gasps and whips his head past you, gazing at Kaiba in shock. "It's okay," Kaiba finishes before Shugesh can speak up.

"Alright, uh, where do I start?" Shugesh says quietly while scratching his head.

"How 'bout with that uh, you know, like, that ah, that guy." Transny speaks up with a disgusting voice, now spinning in his chair.

"Right." Shugesh says while waving his index finger. "Yesterday, while Kaiba was working in here alone, he was contacted by a man from the Red Ribbon Army. He went by the name of Executive Iceburg."

You raise your eyebrow with interest, but remain silent. "He wanted to make a deal with us. In exchange for us doing what he wanted, he would assure that the two prisoners over at the Red Ribbon Headquarters would be released and sent back here."

"Icerburg...Looks like that rat is still scheming." You think before speaking up, "What did he want you to do?"

This time, Kaiba voices himself. "He wanted us to...To kill Phoenix Graham. The prisoner." Your eyes bulge out of the sockets and you slam your right palm against your forehead, wondering why the hell he would want that to happen. "I couldn't get any answers out of him, but he also said that he would supply any piece of information about the Red Ribbon Army that we wanted."

"That's-, that's insane. Wait, why are these two being included in on this?"

"Pfft, why are you in on this? See what I did thar? Heh heh." Shugesh retorts.

"I brought Shugesh in because he works at the Prison, so if we go through with this, he'll have the ability to freely go in and out as well as erase the security tapes after it gets done. If it gets done. As for Transny over here, well, he walked in on my while I was taking a piss and was about to reveal...the information that he saw to everybody. So I included him in on this to get him to shut up."

"Dwam stwaight!" Transny breaks in.

"And Rem? He mentioned none of this to me so I can only assume that you haven't told him anything. Correct?"

Kaiba frowns softly and nods his head. "I don't know what to do, Kiryu! Will Rem approve of something like this? If you didn't already know, a diplomat is coming here in a few days. They want Graham. But if we go with this Executive's plan, we can possibly get the same result without giving back the prisoner!"

"But if Iceburg crosses you, you'll be screwed."

"And THAT, Kiryu, is my dilemma. What do ya' think?"

You lean back against your chair while stroking your chin, thinking carefully. "Can that Icerburg be trusted? While I agree with not giving back Phoenix, crossing those advisers can't be a good idea. Should I speak to Rem about it? Or is it better if we make this decision without his influence? Hmm...!"

"I think we oughtta take it to a vote," Shugesh says.

"Ga vote?" Transny says, confused. "Twith just me and you? And him and him?"

"Nah, all the Commanders. Maybe some Generals...Like me."

Kaiba looks up at you, waiting for a reply. "I...I can't say as of now. Can you connect me with Iceburg?" Kaiba shakes his head.

"Sorry, I already tried."

"I see. I suppose we should..."

Choose what to do with Phoenix Graham:

A) Free choice.
B) Kill him.
C) Consult Rem about this.
D) Gather a group of people together and take it to a vote.
- Who is in this group?
E) Keep him as a prisoner. Iceburg cannot be trusted.


1) Visit the prisoner - Phoenix Graham - to speak to him.
- Bonus: Any questions in particular?
2) Search Forte Valkyrie for some old buddies to catch up with them. (Choose 4).
3) Try to contact the Red Ribbon Army.
- What do you want to speak about?
Phoenix Graham by Hangman_Link
Author's Notes:
Choice that won:

"D) Gather a group of people together and take it to a vote.
- Who is in this group?"
The commanders, Rem, the guys here with us (shugesh, trasny) as well as Chi Chi, Hugo, and White (since he might know something about how RRA might react, maybe he knows something of Iceburg...) Discuss possibly telling this to Phoenix to see what he thinks about it. He might be interested to know (if anything he gets back to them, and it starts some internal conflict. That's always nice.) I assume we get to help vote. Personally I'd rather release him back with the info on Iceburg...could cause some good infighting. Trade for our prisoners, possibly hurt the enemy through information.

"1) Visit the prisoner - Phoenix Graham - to speak to him.
- Bonus: Any questions in particular?"
Start by greeting him. We were RRA for a while, so he might feel better talking to Kiryu. Ask with concern if he knew what happened to Red. Also ask about that supposed guy that came in and devastated RRA. Was Phoenix there? Did he hear anything interesting? Other than that, ask why he's so valuable to the RRA considering what they are going through.
He probably won't answer so easily, so bring up Iceburg wanting us to off him. Ask him why that is, or what type of person Iceburg is.
"So Kiryu, what do you think we should do?" Kaiba suggests, dwindling his legs at the bottom of the four wheeled chair he resides on.

The eyes of everybody in the room dart towards you and slowly burn around your body while you analyze the situation carefully. "We can't make this decision on our own." You finally speak up. "The Freeborn Military is an organization and certainly does not revolve around just us. So we should act accordingly."

Kaiba nods his head with a slight sigh. "Obviously you have a plan, so spit it out."

"Gather all of the Commanders currently at Valkyrie together; Rem too. Also, get General's Chi Chi, Hugo, and White. Shugesh and Transny are welcome to come too. Bring everybody to the Meeting Room."

"Huh? W-why?" Kaiba asks, dumbfounded.

"We're going to take this to a vote." You boldly reply, now standing up and exiting the room. You walk down the corridors of Valkyrie until you reach the elevator. With a press of a button, it opens up immediately and you walk in. "Lets see what Phoenix has to say for himself."

The elevator comes to a halt and the door slowly pushes itself open, leaving you just enough room to squeeze through with your gigantic body. You march down a long hall that is shaped like a long tube, eventually reaching a titanium door at the end of the passage.

A loud thud smashes into the door from your fist, until it slowly opens. In front of you, a man with short and flaky brown hair stands tall. He's wearing black jeans that are held up by a belt, and designer shoes that appear to be perfectly fitted for his size. On top, the man has a simple blue T-shirt with a check mark as a logo. He has a toned body and a mean face on.

"Hello, Kiryu."

"Hey yourself, Pike." You quickly reply, pushing Joseph aside and walking into the room. Around you, are multiple computers with surveillance footage on them, and a four legged chair beside them. Small wheels are on each foot of the chair, just like the Communication Center. At the corner of the room, a few stools are stacked on top of each other.

"And what brings you to my Prison?" Joseph asks, walking up beside you.

"I'm looking for the Red Ribbon Prisoner: Phoenix Graham. Where is he?" You ask, looking around the room.

Joseph walks over to the computer on the far left and enters a few codes, which open a door at the far corner of the room. He points towards it plainly. You give him a firm nod and start walking towards the open door, but the new Commander speaks up. "I'd be careful in there, if I were you."

You stop and turn around, right in front of the prisoners room. "Rem mentioned something about mind control. I need you to explain exactly what he meant."

Joseph has a seat on his chair and scratches his right eyebrow, giving in to your demand. "I was far from the first to interrogate him, so I can't speak for everybody. But when that man stares you in the eye...Don't let your guard down. Keep an aura up and be very, very wary of what he says."

"What happened to those who were controlled?"

"The first who spoke to him was Rem, but he couldn't get any answers. But since he 'confirmed' that it was safe, a General was sent in a few weeks later. Apparently, the General exited the room calmly as if nothing were wrong...And than blasted his own head off." You gaze at Joseph in disbelief, but he continues on. "The next incident was another General, who after he left the room tried to kill as many Soldiers as possible before he was finally knocked out by Echo."

"And what happened when he awoke?"

"He killed 37 people before being knocked out and imprisoned in another cell. When he awoke, he tried to break free but once he came to the conclusion that it was impossible...He bit his tongue and killed himself." Still not fully comprehending what exactly is being said, you remain still, staring at Commander Joseph Pike. "So be careful." He says sarcastically.

You nod your head and turn around, slowly walking into the cell that you were directed towards. "Thanks for the info." Pike grimaces at this, annoyed. After entering, the door behind you is sealed shut and you see a man pinned up against the wall with large, silver shackles on his wrists, ankles, neck, and stomach. All of them are emitting some sort of aura.

You pull up a stool from the side and pull it up as close as you can get to the cell he is locked in, but he doesn't even pull his neck up to look at you. "Hello, Chief Executive Phoenix Graham. My name is Kiryu."

He pulls his neck up and stares at you in the eye, which causes you to instinctively put an aura up. He smiles to one side and lets out a small chuckle, sweat bubbling from the tip of his forehead.

Getting a good look at him, he has an average body size with no defining muscles. His hair is dark grey in color, and runs fairly long past his shoulders in length. It isn't straight though; his hair is more puffy and pushed out. Phoenix has grey eyes, a small nose and a piercing in his left ear. It's a small blue hoop earring. You can tell that he has not shaven in a while, as he has a dirty amount of facial hair. Beneath, Graham isn't wearing any shoes, socks or even a shirt for that matter, though he still has a pair of grey track pants with stains of blood all around them.

Despite you opening up to him, he remains silent. "Do you have anything you want to say?"

He rids the attention he had on you and opens his mouth, letting you see his swollen tongue dangle around before he speaks. "No, not really." Phoenix says, his voice being closer to high pitched than deep. "But you obviously have something you want to say to me, so speak up."

"Okay." You put on a sympathetic face and look him straight in the eye, "Do you know what happened to President Red? I was told that he was assassinated."

Phoenix puts on a sadistic smile for a second, taking it immediately after. Now he has a face of regret and turmoil. "So they finally did it..." He quietly says.

Your interest peaked, you push on for more answers. "Did what...?"

He shakes his head with his eyebrows pushed down, one eye open more than the other. "K-Kiryu, you were once a member of the Red Ribbon Army. Were you ever informed about President Red's advisers?"

You gulp tightly and nod your head. "There were four, last I heard. I only met one of them though."

He blinks repetitively with his head pushed to one side, barely able to hold it up. "And who was that?"

"His name was Tao. Tao Pai Pai." Phoenix bobs his head up and down, now squinting at you. "That man is responsible for the death of President Red. He wants to be the ruler of the Red Ribbon Army...the World...and he...Tao...will stop at nothing." You eye Phoenix down with caution, waiting for him to finish his slow moving sentence, but he doesn't continue.

"Another thing I heard was that the Red Ribbon Army was attacked. A vast amount of casualties appeared, but the peculiar part about this story is that...One man did it. Any idea on whom this was?"

Phoenix bites his lip down and shrugs without care. "I've been locked in this cage for a long time now. Whoever attacked the Red Ribbon Army did so after I was imprisoned here."

You nod slowly, but don't let up quite yet. "Any idea who?"

"Tell me, Kiryu, when was the last time you saw that friend of yours. C-C-Conrad, his...his name was." Phoenix continues, talking very slowly, setting a dark atmosphere up. You clench your fists, starting to get annoyed. "You know...Rem killed him."

You relinquish your clutch on your fist and you can't help but freeze, feeling uneasy. Thoughts of all kinds start flooding through your mind dramatically, while you remain still. "I need to kill Rem. No, he's lying. He must be lying! There is no way Rem would - or even COULD - kill Conrad. Phoenix is telling the truth though, I can feel it. Conrad is alive! How could Phoenix know of anything like this anyway? Maybe I should let Phoenix go to spite Rem! Or perhaps..." Your train of thought is cut short by a burst of anger, causing you to slam your fist into the titanium bars that keep Phoenix in his cell.

"Answer the f***ing question!" You roar!

Phoenix closes his eyes for a few seconds, not answering you. He opens them back up and you notice his eyes are blue now, which confuses you. You close your eyes and shake your head, reopening them to see his eyes back to being grey. "And...what question is that now?"

"Do you have any idea on who could have attacked the Red Ribbon Army?" He chuckles to himself, but refuses to speak up, which only continues to irritate you. "I didn't realize I made a joke."

"I have reason to believe that there is a spy here in Forte Valkyrie. If I were you, I would kill him before too much information is leaked to the men who sent him. After all, his plans involve very horrific things. Things that you would NOT - heh heh - want on YOUR conscience."

"What are you talking about?"

"Time is running out, Kiryu. He plans to-"

"He plans to what!?" You interrupt him, "Even if there was a spy, you would be the last person to know what his plans are. You don't even know what your own plans are."

"Don't be so...sure, Executive. I...Always have a plan."

"A plan that involves being killed by one of your own?" Phoenix looks at you puzzled, which makes you smile now that you finally managed to overwhelm him. Now that you finally managed to take the ball out of your own court. "Oh, didn't you know? We were recently contacted by a man named Iceburg who bribed us to kill you. If I do say so myself, that idea is sounding more and more delicious as time goes by."

Phoenix chuckles to himself a bit, as if he doesn't care. "Iceburg...He tries so...so hard to be me, but he just...He just doesn't have what it takes."

"And what is that supposed to mean?"

"He wants my spot. Iceburg has great ambitions and he'd off his own mother in order to get what he wants. Rising in the ranks would do somebody like him no good though. I would not expect you to understand this though."

"Then perhaps you should explain it to dumb old me."

"Kill me. Blow my head off right now and see what happens. Lets just see how things play out if I die."

"It's tempting, i'm not going to lie." You say with a smirk. "But killing you would completely make the meeting I scheduled upstairs void of any meaning. So I'll ask you once more...Any ideas on who was it that attacked the Red Ribbon Army?"

He gulps hard and swings his head up, now staring at you directly. "I like chicken." You nod your head firmly, not expecting any answers but Graham speaks up once again. "If I had to guess, I would say that no such attack took place and Rem is fooling you."

"And what would he gain from that...?" You curiously ask.

"The same thing any leader wants his people to think; that they're in the loop and actually matter. Moreover, it puts you in your place."

"My place?"

"If such a super powerful fighter exists, you won't go chasing after Rem's spot. You're dependant on him. All he needs is for everybody in his army to think that and he will always - always - control you."

You grimace at this and drop your head down, totally overwhelmed by everything Phoenix has come up with. "Tell me, Phoenix. What makes you so valuable that the Red Ribbon Army is going through all this trouble to send a diplomat here, just to retrieve you. I know that this is an extreme case...One that would not take place for any normal person. You're high up, that's for sure...But no, it still doesn't add up. So...Care to explain?"

"Pfft." Phoenix shrugs, "They aren't coming to save me. When I was told by the man that goes by the name of Joseph that a diplomat was coming to negotiate my freedom...I knew it was the end for me."

"Wait, what are you talking about now?"

"Be-be-before I l-left Red Ribbon Headquarters for my attack on the FBM...I did something bad. Something very irrational. Something that the Fleet Executives and President Red would not have liked...One...Bit." You raise your eyebrow in anticipation while Phoenix holds his mouth open with unwavering emotions, "I killed Fleet Executive Bojack."

"You...You killed one of Red's advisers? WHY!?"

Phoenix licks his lips and sighs heavily, "Because he deserved to die." Silence breaks out between you two, until Phoenix finally continues. "They aren't coming to save me. They are coming to assure that I die the most gruesome death possible!"

"And that's why you don't care if I kill you right now..." Phoenix nods his head slowly, breathing heavily. The bead of sweat from earlier finally collapses from his forehead and smashes into the ground, evaporating instantaneously. You stand up and stare him directly in the eye. "It was a pleasure talking to you, Phoenix Graham. I have to get going now."

He stares at you boldly for a second, not wasting the time to reply. You pick up the stool and put it back at the corner of the room with a few other stools and knock on the closed wall, signalling Joseph to open it up.

He does just so and you walk out without turning back, seeing Joseph sitting at his computers with his arms crossed. "How did it go?"

"I...I don't know. Walk with me." Joseph eyes you peculiarly, but stands up anyway. You two exit the room and start walking down the tubular hallway at a fast pace. "I feel overwhelmed with information. I'll need time to properly analyze it."

"Factual information?" Joseph plainly asks.

"It's hard to say. Whether or not it is, he certainly knows how to make people believe him..." Joseph smiles at this, and the two of you are now rising to the above floor in the elevator.

"Where are we going, Kiryu?"

"I told Kaiba to gather a group of people. We're going to have a meeting discussing the future of Phoenix Graham and you have been invited." Joseph Pike nods his head and silence impedes for the rest of the trip.


Commander Joseph Pike wraps his hand around Rem's doorknob and pushes the door open, walking in immediately after. You follow suit, and see a group full of people all sitting around the coffee table in the middle of the room. Pike has a seat on the only open chair, which leaves you standing up as everybody watches you intently.

"Thank you all for coming." You promptly speak up, looking for a spare chair. Unfortunately, there isn't a single one around so you squeeze through the audience's chairs and have a seat on Rem's coffee table. "We have a lot to talk about, so give me a second to think of how to get started..."

"I already told 'em the situation," Kaiba says. "Figured it'd make it easier on you. Besides, we were waiting for like twenty minutes. I had to say SOMETHING!"

"No, that actually makes things easier," you swiftly reply, now eyeing Rem.

"The floor is all yours, Kiryu. It's your meeting, after all." Rem says, practically reading your mind.

"Fair enough. All right everybody, I just went down to the prison and spoke to Mr. Phoenix Graham. To say the least, he had some interesting theories about why a Diplomat has been sent to assure his safe return. But that is not important in this meeting. Right now, we are going to discuss our next move without his biased opinion infiltrating our minds."

"You go girl!" Transny squeals from the back.

You shutter in disgust, and the obvious thought of killing it right then and there crosses your mind. But that would be far from civil so you decide to hold in your savage emotions. "What I do find important to say right now, is that Graham said Iceburg would have wanted us to kill him because he wants Graham's spot. In the Red Ribbon Army, it is difficult to higher your rank once you're at the Executive level. Not because the higher ups don't want to give you a promotion, but rather there is a limited amount of seats open for taking."

"Which means that the less people there are above Iceburg's rank, the higher chance he'll have of being promoted. Phoenix Graham is a Chief Executive; ONE rank above Iceburg, so I can only assume that Phoenix dying would benefit that rat." White speaks up.

"Well said." You compliment. "So because of this, I think Iceburg can be trusted. He would benefit a great deal from Graham's death."

"I concur." Chi Chi agrees. "Lord Rem already caught this person when he tried to take over Valkyrie last year. Giving him back just seems wishy washy. Lord Rem, how strong was this man when you defeated him in combat?"

All eyes turn to Rem, and he answers immediately. "A lot stronger than every General in the FBM. Battle Power wise, I would rank Phoenix Graham at the Commander level. His ability to manipulate minds isn't anything to be underestimated either."

"With that said," Chi Chi continues. "If we get rid of him, that's a potential threat gone. And on top of that, this Iceburg promises not only Dr. Fiasco and John Giant back, but even information on the Red Ribbon Army! It would be stupid not to take him up on his offer."

"Eh, it isn't so cut and dry Cheech." General Hugo says while rubbing his hairy chin. "I mean, we don't know this guy. I think a Diplomat for God sakes is more reliable than some random who might not even be ABLE to give us back the prisoners."

"Pfft, shut up you noob." Echo taunts, trying to silence Hugo.

"What'd you just SAY!? How 'bout you just go SHUT THE HELL UP!"

"Huh!? You're just some General; how DARE you talk to ME like that!?"

"Why the Hell did you guys even call me up if you're gonna' try an' silence my opinion like that? Stupid idiot." Echo hops out of his chair and charges towards Hugo, who stands up and puts on a fighting pose without fear.

"ENOUGH!" You scream, freezing the entire room. "Sit down you two. Next person who acts like an idiot has lost the right to vote. Am I clear?" Nobody responds so you take that as a yes.

"I'm with Hugo on this one," Thrigon agrees. "We also have to remember that if anything happens to Phoenix, the Red Ribbon Army will declare an all out war on us. I mean, we can take 'em but...It'll be far from easy and thousands will die."

Echo kisses his lips, "The Red Ribbon ain't waging war on nobody. Soon as they try somethin', we got Dysect ready to tell us what's what and sneak attack their asses. Besides, they just got wrecked by ONE fighter. Ahahahaha! F*** that s***, they ain't ready to try and take us after all that they been goin' through."

"You're wrong," Joseph replies, shaking his head. "Whether or not they think they can win against us is not relevant anymore. President Red is dead so they no longer have his judgement call. So if whoever is currently in charge is some psychopath that wants to go on a suicide mission, they WILL go on that mission."

"What makes you think his advisers are psychopaths?" Kaiba questions.

"Because right now, Kiryu is thinking the exact same thing. I'd take his word over ours, considering he used to work under them." You look at Pike in confusion and he chuckles a bit. "Oh yeah, I can read minds."

"Why don't you go interrogate Graham then?" You ask, still in shock.

"I did. But he has the ability to mask his thoughts, so I wasn't able to get much out of him."

"We're getting off topic," Rem interrupts.

"Wait, wait, wait..." Kaiba begins. "What if Iceburg was ordered to contact us and say what he said. This way, the people who are in charge of the Red Ribbon Army right now would have a reason to go into a full blown war against us, while having all of the people as a backing. I mean, if you're right about how crazy they are Kiryu...It's possible, no?"

Silence impedes around the room while everybody thinks of what Kaiba just suggested. "I uh - uh, like, I don't even think-"

"Shut up!" You scream at Transny, cutting him off mid sentence. "Hoi...But why send a Diplomat if they didn't want him back?"

"I don't know...To trick us?" Kaiba suggests.

"It's not exactly a sound theory." Joseph cuts in. "But hypothetically, if it were true, that would mean they don't plan on giving us back anybody. I mean, we don't even know if Fiasco and John are alive or not."

"They should be alive." Rem interjects. "The Red Ribbon Army always announces their executions, in order to keep that 'just' atmosphere about. So if they were executed, it would have had to happen after President Red was killed. That was not too long ago, so probability would dictate that they are alive. At least for now."

"Fine." Joseph gives in.

"Guys," Shugesh says. "I think we got all the facts on the table by now. Should we cut it to the vote now?"

You give a short nod and look around at everybody, who all appear to agree. A few minutes of silence pass by as you let everybody have time to think of their final decision, before finally speaking up. "Are we all ready?" Everybody agrees so you decide to get your opinion on the table first. "I think we should listen to the Diplomat. Return Phoenix Graham back to Red Ribbon Headquarters, all the while knowing what Iceburg tried to do. We'll get our prisoners returned and if anything, some internal fighting will break out. And yes, if you didn't already figure it out, I told Phoenix about what Iceburg said."

"I'm with Commander Kiryu," Hugo agrees.

"I am too." Rem calmly says.

"Same." Thrigon adds.

"I disagree." Chi Chi says, breaking the chain. "I'm all for listening to Iceburg and having Graham killed."

"Yeeaaahhh, I'm gonna' have to agree with Chi Chi here. Lets kill him." Kaiba agrees.

"Well that's four votes for sending him back and two for killing him. Five votes left." General White, Echo, Shugesh, Joseph, and Transny all think carefully. "White, do you know anything about Iceburg?"

"Unfortunately not, Commander. We didn't exactly run around in the same social circles. That being said, I still agree with his plan of action. He has enough to benefit from this that we can trust him. I agree with Chi Chi and Kaiba." White replies.

"I uh, like, practically, almost like, you know, I think we should send him back. Cuz it's not nice and stuff to like, kill people and stuff for like uh, ya' know, no, like, reason. Heh." Transny says, adding another vote to your side of the debate.

"Five votes to three." You declare, awaiting the last three people to vote.

"As I said earlier, Red Ribbon ain't waging war on nobody. So because of that, it's obvious that i'm with the girl, White, and Kaib's."

"Same." Shugesh speaks up, "I'm with Echo as well."

"Hmph." You scowl now that the vote is tied at five all. "So Joseph, what'll it be?"

"...I do not trust anybody associated with the Red Ribbon Army. But considering that I am forced to trust somebody on that side, I find that the logical conclusion would be for us to trust the one with the most credibility. That being, the Diplomat that will be coming shortly."

You smile in relief and give Joseph a nod of approval. "Well that settles it. We'll release Phoenix Graham back to the RRA in exchange for Dr. Fiasco and General John Giant. Meeting adjourned."

Everybody stands up tall until suddenly a rush of Ki spikes out of nowhere. You look around in confusion, to find nearly everybody with the same face of confusion. Echo runs out of the room - presumably to get to his security position, and Kaiba does the same.

"This Ki...It's familiar. I'm not completely adept at sensing Ki but this one is coming fast!" Seconds later, another burst of Ki explodes from the opposite direction. And after that, another spike erupts. All of them are coming from different directions. "Rem, what's going on?"

He looks at you with a face of pure confusion; something you haven't ever seen on him. "Joseph, what can you tell me about the Ki's that are coming?" You ask.

He puts his hands on his forehead and you see a flaky red aura flow from his body. "The first one that's coming has a dark aura around it, but it's certainly familiar to me. That second one is coming at a much slower rate, but I sense an incredible amount of latent power within it. It's also familiar, and far from dark. But this last one...It's the farthest away, but is certainly coming the fastest of all. What worries me is that...I cannot sense an INCH of purity from this individual...!"

You drop down on one of the open chairs and look at Rem, who seems to be analyzing the situation too, albeit at a much slower rate. "Alright, I think we better check things out...!" You state, and the remaining fighters in the room nod.

A) Go towards the first Ki that you sensed. Familiar, yet dark.
B) Go towards the second Ki that you felt. Familiar and pure.
C) Go towards the final Ki that you felt. Unknown and evil.
D) Stay here and let things play out.

Sub Choice:

1) Kiryu goes with: Choose up to 5 People.
2) Kiryu goes alone.
The Return of Turles by Hangman_Link
Author's Notes:
B2 Won.
"Stay here, everybody. Wait for orders from Rem. I'm going to find that second Ki that appeared. Don't wait up." You say to everybody while standing up and stretching your legs.

"One hour, I'd say." Joseph Pike speaks up. Confused, you turn back with a look of confusion and motion for him to continue, which he quickly does. "That unknown and impure Ki will arrive at Valkyrie in about one hour if it keeps at the pace it's going."

"That should be plenty of time." You sprint out of the room and dash down the hallway, coming to a halt at the elevator. "I don't have time for this!" You throw a ball of Ki at the closest wall which smashes it to pieces, revealing the outside world. An aura of Ki wraps itself around your feet and you fling yourself out of the Forte, sensing for the Ki that Joseph described as familiar.

In the distance, you can make out a figure that appears to be flying towards you at a decent speed. You spring yourself into the air and land on top of the Forte, multiple stories high. The being slowly grows in size until it comes to a completely stop about fifty yards away.

"Oh?" You wonder, gazing at the man as his crisp aura breezes through the wind. You flick your finger forward in an attempt to instruct him to come forth and he does just so, until he's floating just a few feet in front of you.

He's wearing an orange martial arts Gi with a dark blue undershirt, as well as two wrist bands of the same colour. The man's hair is black and pointy, easily moved by the incoming gusts of wind. "Your name...It's Kiryu, right?"

"Who's asking?" You reply with a faint smile.

"My name is Son Goku. I don't think we've been properly introduced yet." The Saiyan says.

"No, but I remember fighting you during the war. Tell me, Goku, why are you standing before me?"

He stares at you with unwavering attention and a firm grip on his hands, not answering immediately. The two of you gaze at each other for nearly an entire minute, examining the other carefully. "I've come to warn you."


"Commander Pike, return to the Prison at once. Assure that none of the prisoners are touched." Rem directs and Joseph nods, disappearing seconds after. "All of you, return to your positions immediately. Your Commander in charge will instruct you on what to do next. Except you, Thrigon. Stay here with me."

General Hugo, Chi Chi, Shugesh, Transny, and White all make their way out of Rem's quarters in a swift manner and Thrigon stares at Rem seriously. "What's up?"

"Hold on." Rem says with lack of proper attention and rushes over to his desk, flicking the monitor to his computer on. Rem's fingers scatter across the keyboard until a blank chat box comes up. He types in the box: "Echo, respond immediately."

After a few moments, the speakers beep and a notification titled "Initiate Video And Audio Chat?" Rem accepts the proposal and the main Security Center comes into view of the computer, Echo standing in front of the computer camera.

"Tell me good news, Echo." Rem says, now leaning back on his chair.

"Kiryu is currently outside with a Saiyan named Goku. He has tremendous power, last time I checked. I don't think Kiryu will be able to take him if he engages him in battle." Echo warns, "He's already in the Forte's vicinity so I won't be able to initiate the Barriers. Should I undergo the Second Protocol?"

"No," Rem immediately replies as he shakes his head. "If it's the Saiyajin Son Goku that is outside, I do not believe he will attack Kiryu based off of the information I gathered on him. Tell me what's happening with the other two Ki's."

"I can't get a lock on one of them, but fortunately the Radar says this person won't arrive for another 57 minutes. The bad news is that I can't get a Power Reading on 'em."

"Have someone initiate the Scanner. I want the Satellites to get a reading on this person and I want to know everything about him. You have five minutes to gather this Intel. Activate the Barriers and prepare the Ray Gun as well."

"Got it."

"The last Ki reading, who is it?"

"According to my team, it's Cooler of the Cold Family. The Radar says approximately four minutes before he arrives, and his Battle Power is at a reading of 55 000."

"Very well. Get to work. Contact me if any developments are made; I'll do the same." With that, the communication chat between Rem and Echo is cut and the FBM Leader stands up and stares at Thrigon. "Are you ready?"


Earlier That Day...

"You're a disgrace!" A gigantic mass of muscle barks while grabbing an average sized male with green hair and a black martial arts gi by the neck. "How DARE YOU show your face in front of me after what you just did!?"

"Gee, I didn't think it was that big'a deal." He whimpers, grappling the man's arm and squeezing it tightly. "Chill Broly, before you actually piss me off."

The enormous man named Broly tosses his prey on the ground and grunts. "Maize, does your pathetic excuse for a brain have ANY idea what the repercussions of what you've just done will have!? Urgh, you moron!"

The Saiyan Maize leans back against a titanium door and shrugs, looking as innocent as possible. "What's done is done. Get over it."

"Ugh. Where is Gohan?" Broly asks, clearly impatient.

"Eh, I don't know. Wherever you put him last, I guess. Hah hah." Maize takes his weight off of the wall and walks forward, slapping Broly on the shoulders as he walks by him. "By the way, do you know where Vegeta went? I haven't seen him since the Prototype was completed. And he...ya' know, used it."

Broly glares at Maize with his blistering eyes, clenching his right fist tight enough that green blood squirts out. He looks at it with a mixed emotion of rage and sadness before responding, "He told Bardock that he needed time alone. The side effects really hurt him. I'm sure once we've got the finished product, he'll be back."

"Heh, I still can't believe you guys took that s***. Talk about power hungry."

"Shut up!" Broly roars. "Just...Get him back before he spills."

"No can do amigo." Maize sarcastically says, plopping down on a leather couch. "What would be the fun in that?" Broly punches the closest wall to him and his fist smashes through it like it was non existent, spitting on the floor afterwards. He pulls his arm from the wall and exits the room.

Broly stands in the middle of a small area, a flight of stairs to his left and roars: "TURLES! Get your ass over here NOW!"


"I've come to warn you." Goku states, his aura still emitting throughout the area.

"About what?" You rudely reply. Goku floats over beside you and has a seat on the ledge, loosening his guard and calming his aura.

"Do you feel that Ki coming?"

"How couldn't I?"

"...It's terrifying, isn't it? Such evil emitting from it."

"So I've heard," you have a seat beside Goku and look out into the scenery. You've never sat on the top of Forte Valkyrie and gazed out at the scenery before. Such a beautiful sight it is. A large lake off in the distance that connects into a river, with trees, grass, and all sorts of life surrounding the water.

"The man who has that Ki Signature is named Turles. Crazy, isn't it? Just one person treading towards one of the most powerful organizations in the world with the intent to take what he wants and leave. But nah, he isn't scared. Not one bit."

"Turles, eh. Perhaps he's up for Round 2." You say with a chuckle, turning back to Goku. "Why are you telling me this?"

"For six months after the war between the Saiyan Empire and all of you, I spent tracking down my son. King Vegeta had kept him as a hostage with his own son, because I had initially refused to fight in the war. He said that if I fought, he would give Gohan back after. Obviously that didn't happen."

"Right," you casually reply without any sympathy.

"It took me six months because these leftover Saiyans that King Vegeta entrusted my son to were hiding from me. But once I found their hideout, I tried to take back my son. But I..." Goku clenches his fists and stares to the ground in shame. "I lost to them before I could even see Gohan and then got locked up."

"They locked up one of their own for no reason? How does that make any sense?"

"Gohan has always had an incredible amount of latent power. I think Vegeta is using him as a weapon fueled by my 'death'."

"Please don't tell me you want us to help you get your son back."

Goku looks at you and shakes his head, "No, that's not it. At first, they just interrogated me and tried to get me to be their dog just like King Vegeta did. But when I continued to refuse over the months, they got fed up and said they would kill me if I didn't cooperate. Before I had a chance to deny them again, one of the Saiyans with them freed me and I came here immediately."


"Again, I came to warn you all. I don't know everything since I was kicked out of the loop after King Vegeta died, but I do have some critical information that may help you all."


"They're doing experiments. Working with somebody in the Red Ribbon Army in order to unlock a crazy amount of power. Luckily these experiments aren't complete yet, so we have time to stop them."

"You said you were kicked out of the loop." Goku nods. "So how is it that you know these 'experiments' aren't completed?"

The Saiyan sighs, "Because you're still alive." You stare at Goku in shock, not completely buying what he's selling. "One of the Saiyans interrogating me earlier - named Broly - showed me something a few weeks ago." Goku puts his hand into his undershirt and pulls out a slip of a newspaper.

You snatch it from his hand and examine it quickly, reading carefully. After you're done you gaze at Goku and drop the paper into the wind, frowning ever so slightly. "What do you know about that attack?"

"My guess? That even if these experiments aren't finished, they're close to it. It was definitely one of those Saiyans that attacked the RRA, and to do it alone...I have a hard time believing whoever did it, did it without the help of these experiments."

You hear an explosion at the other end of Valkyrie, but don't bother to even turn your head. "Why are you telling me this?"

"Because I don't want more bodies to pile up!" Goku yells, "So many people have died...I just can't stand to watch any more go, especially knowing that I could have helped..."

You sigh heavily and dwindle with your thumbs, thinking over the situation eerily. Experiments. Betrayal in the RRA. Power. Saiyans. Three Ki's. Iceburg. Prisoners. Latent power. Multiple thoughts all flood through your mind, but you can't seem to grasp a proper conclusion that adds all of this together. At least not with the current amount of information you hold.

"Goku," you begin. "Why is that Saiyan chasing you if they were going to kill you? As long as your son never sees you again, they shouldn't have anything to worry about, correct?"

"No, not really." Goku replies. "They don't want me to spill my information I have on them. Kiryu, we need to take down these Saiyans before the experiments are complete! I want my son back and I want an end to be put to their plans. But I can't do it alone. Will you help me?"

Before you can even think of an answer, you hear a familiar voice shouting for you from down below. You turn down and see Commander Kaiba signalling you over, down at the front doors of Valkyrie. You jump down and slam onto the ground, wondering why Kaiba called you. Goku slowly descends afterwards, with his arms crossed across his chest.

"Rem, he's summoning all of us." Kaiba says with a grim face. "Goku, you're to come too." Both of you nod, without as much as looking at the other, and follow Kaiba into the Forte.

The three of you make it all the way back up to the Meeting Room, and you can now see three people in the room, excluding you, Goku, and Kaiba. At the far corner of the room, a familiar face is leaning back on a chair with his arms crossed and feet up on the polished table. It's definitely Cooler, just this time he appears to have a different form. Less bulky, no horns, and is far less intimidating. The second person is Joseph Pike, who now has a torn shirt and inches of blood on his cheek. He doesn't appear to be happy. Finally, Rem has his hands folded over each other and eyes darted towards Cooler.

"Thank you for bringing them, Kaiba." Rem speaks up. "We have much to discuss, but time is of the essence. According to Commander Echo, the man who is flying towards us right now is a Saiyajin that goes by the name of Turles. I brought you all here because I believe that Goku will at least have a vague idea of why this Saiyajin is soaring towards us."

All eyes turn over to Goku and he scratches his head, "To cut a long story short, he's coming to kill me. I came here to tell you all what these remaining Saiyans are scheming."

"Boooriiiing," Cooler chimes in with a subtle laugh. "Poor fool is racing to his death. If only he knew that I was here."

"What's your business here!?" Kaiba barks, "And take your damn feet off that table. It's worth more money than you can make in your entire life, and then some. Rem, why are you treating him like royalty?"

Rem clears his throat and prepares to speak, but Cooler interrupts him before he can. "Because he doesn't want another problem on his hands. Rem, over here, is afraid. And him telling me to put my feet down is the last thing he's worried about."

"I asked you what your business was," Kaiba breaks in with a tint of anger in his words. Cooler smiles at him and tilts his head to the side, almost as if he were sympathising with Kaiba's lack of knowledge.

"We do not have time for this, Kaiba. Hold your tongue!" Rem barks. "Echo has initiated the Barriers, so if nothing else, we should be able to keep that man out. What I need to know, is what the long term plan is going to be? I cannot get a proper Battle Power reading on him, but Joseph has deducted that he is a dangerous opponent."

You feel a dirty feeling overwhelm you, and Rem's monitor beeps uncontrollably. He slides over to it and with the press of a button, Echo appears on the monitor. "Tell me something good..." Rem bitterly opens conversation.

"Take this however you want, but according to the Radar, Turles'll be here in seven minutes...And now six. He's picked up his pace by like, a lot." Echo replies, still in the Security Station.

The leader of the FBM whips his head over to Joseph, only to see a nod of agreement from him. Rem clenches one fist while his fingers tap his desk uncontrollably. You've never seen Rem this anxious before. It's clear that he doesn't like it when things don't go his way, and likes it even less when he doesn't have a plan prepared.

"Hey, Remmy." Cooler grins, "Want me to go kill him? I mean, I didn't come here to get involved in your political games so lets just save everybody time by killing him. How 'bout it?"

"Don't be ignorant," Joseph scowls, leaving it at that. "Rem, the clock is ticking."

Rem's monitor beeps once again, and Echo continues speaking. "REM! I got something you may want to see. That Saiyan...He's contacted Transny over at the Communication Center. Should we allow his transmission to come through?"

"Yes...Lets see what he has to say," Rem responds. Echo gives him a nod and static buffers from the speakers, until it finally settles down and a voice appears.

"Testing...Teeesstiiing." A shrill voice comes on, continuously repeating the same word.

Rem taps an icon with his mouse and then talks himself, "Yes, we can here you. My name is Rem - the man in charge of the Freeborn Military. How may I help you?"

"Oh goody, i'm talking to the boss, haha. What an honour this is." Everybody in the room remains silent, tension growing in the room. "I'll make this short. Something that belongs to me is currently in your possession and I want it back. If you oblige, I'll leave you all in peace. But if you don't...Things will escalate to the next level."

Static forms again, most likely from Turles' connection. Rem taps a button on his keyboard and fiddles with his computer, bringing Echo back on the screen. "Echo, are the Ray Gun's prepared?" The Commander nods. "Zoom the satellites in. I want live footage of this man." Without waiting for confirmation, Rem minimized Echo's screen and turns the audio back on.

The same words from Turles are being spouted. "Teeeeestiiiing..."

"I apologize for the delay. Some interference with our connection must have blocked out your signal momentarily." Live camera footage appears on Rem's monitor and everybody in the room - minus Cooler who currently has his eyes closed - can clearly see him float in the air.

He's wearing black boots with stripes of purple running through them, as well as a fancy piece of armor that covers his entire upper body. Beneath his armor, the Saiyan is wearing tight black pants that slide into his boots. Minus the difference in his attire, he looks exactly as he did in the war. At the moment, he's putting his dark palm forward against an invisible wall that brights up green every time he touches it.

"So have you considered my proposal?" He plainly says.

"I believe that you are mistaken. We have nothing that belongs to you here in Forte Valkyrie. Please leave before we initiate attack." Rem lies, sweating nervously.

"Heh heh," Turles laughs. "Okay, Rem. Unfortunately, I don't believe you. If Goku is not sent out here within ten minutes, I will destroy your Barrier and wipe out everybody in your organization. I'm feeling generous, so I'll give you a few minutes to chew on that. Heh." The transmission is cut and Rem swirls around in his chair, facing everybody in the room.

Nobody speaks up. "I'm open to suggestions," Rem says, breaking the tension.

"He's bluffing," Kaiba quietly responds. "No way in Hell is he getting through those Barriers! Not any time soon, anyway. They were made to keep out entire armies! One man shouldn't be a big deal at all..."

"And if he does get through them?" You say to Kaiba, making him look down at his toes and silence himself. You begin to think, "What can we do? He wasn't all that when I fought him in the war, but if Goku is telling the truth about these experiments and Joseph is correct in writing him off as dangerous, we might want to act cautious..."

A) Send Goku back to Turles and call it a day. We've got all his information anyway.
B) Initiate attack!
- Describe exactly how you want to perform this.
C) Submit a counter proposal.
- What is the proposal? What do you do if it fails?
D) Do nothing. The Barriers are fit to keep out entire armies. There is no way he'll be able to break through it.
E) Other?
Lord Rem's True Power by Hangman_Link
Author's Notes:
Choice that won:

E Have White pretend to be Goku, and take him, all the commanders, Hugo, and General Blue.

Take them out there, and have Kaiba pretend he doesn't like this, and turn away. He'll be charging acid in his stomach secretly. Kiryu makes some small talk before handing over "Goku". Maybe talk about how we kicked his butt, and how he's got new arms and the remaining Saiyans. This is all formality to buy Kaiba time for acid (which doesn't seem to take long.)
If he asks why we came as well, the excuse is because we don't trust him enough to not attack after we give "Goku".

"Goku" then begins walking over to him. He has no reason to suspect of a shapeshifter, so it will fool him. Once he gets close enough, "Goku" activates Solar Flare, blinding Turles. (Everyone else shields themselves. Turles won't expect this kind of attack from Goku likely, if anything he'd expect an actual attack, and try and block (can't block Solar Flare :) )

At the exact same moment, White jumps high into the air or immediately vacates the area near Turles.
Either way, immediately have Hugo try his Lucky Beam (Hopefully get lucky this time.), and Blue uses paralysis on him.
Kaiba then unleashes his acid on him.
Before he has time to react, or break free Kiryu uses his X3 speed boost to get in front of him, and deliver that beam of his that's name I forget.

Everyone else is there to fire to the left, right, above, basically anywhere JUST around Turles, just in case he somehow breaks out, while in pain from the acid, and moves SOMEHOW before Kiryu can deliver a finishing blow. If Kiryu fails, the other attacks in the immediate area to his left, right, and above should take him out or cripple him.

If he is left alive, yet weak, take him prisoner like the RRA guy. He could be FULL of useful info, if not...well at least that's one more down.

Well, can't wait to see if this works.
"Hey Rem," you shout. Everybody turns their attention to you, besides Cooler who doesn't even appear to be paying attention. "What do you say we go out there and kill Turles?"

He eyes you cautiously and nods carefully, standing up seconds after. Cooler smiles in the corner and turns to you, waiting for you to notice this. He speaks up once you do. "I suppose you want me to lead the team? Just this once, I'll grant you-"

"No, your help won't be needed. Stay here and wait for us to return." You say, cutting him off mid sentence without care. The last member of the Cold family frowns, but doesn't say another word. "Rem, we're going to need White, General Hugo, and General Blue. Can you arrange for them to meet us up here?"

"For the first two, yes. But General Blue isn't at Valkyrie right now. I told you that he is in charge of recruiting, meaning he can be gone for weeks at a time."

"Damn it," you scowl. "Fine, we'll just have to make do without him. Kaiba, do me a favor and round up all of the Commanders here. Bring 'em up and we'll prepare for takeoff." Kaiba agrees and runs out of Rem's quarters in a breeze.

"You do know you're risking our lives, right Kiryu?" Joseph ponders, completely aware of your plan.

"Everything is a risk." You say in response and he seems to agree.

"Alright then," Joseph stands up and starts stretching his legs. "But maybe you should tell the others what we're going to do once we confront that man."

"I plan to." You agree, "Rem, are you going to call them or what?"

"Do not forget your place, Kiryu." Rem warns and walks over to his computer monitor, leaving you feeling insignificant. Not wasting any time in this room, you walk out of it alone and head towards the hole you created in the wall earlier, just by the elevator.

"This better work..."



"Commander Pike, return to the Prison at once. Assure that none of the prisoners are touched." Rem directs and Joseph nods, disappearing seconds after.

The Commander dashes to the end of the hall and notices a large hole in it, "A shortcut. Good idea, Kiryu." He thinks, placing his palm on the floor in front of him. His hand sparkles brightly, Ki filling into it slowly, and a hole slightly bigger than his body falls down below. Joseph jumps down and grabs it before it can touch the ground.

Pike throws the concrete floor into its placement and shoots a ray of Ki after it, which holds it in place. The floor back in position, Joseph disperses from the average fighter's view and charges down a tubular hall that leads to the prison.

Before he can make it far, an imminent feeling overwhelms in, causing him to stop in position and throw both of his hands into a prayer position. "It's here...!"

The wall to the side of him shatters and an Alien leaps through it with its claws forward, flying into Joseph Pike. The sly Commander launches to the side and barely avoids the attack, keeping his composure. A small slice of blood bursts from his cheek and dribbles to the floor. "Heh, not bad reflexes you got there." The white and purple alien compliments, his eyes piercing through Pike. "But I can't say with confidence that you'll be able to do that again."

"You?" Joseph says, putting his arms forward in preparation for battle. He bites his bottom lip in anticipation and shakes with a sadistic anxiety.

"Yes, me." Cooler says with a faint grin. He clutches his sharp hands together and throws his right fist forward. "If you don't mind, I'd like to test your skills."

Joseph breezes to the side and throws his own strike forward, which is blocked by Cooler. The two of them enter a frenzy of blows, both of them dodging each other.

Cooler jumps above Joseph and swings his three toed foot forward, which Joseph responds by disappearing altogether. The alien shoots his eyes forward in confusion before being pounded in the back of the head by Pike's leg. Cooler launches into the wall and smoke billows through the area after a loud explosion.

Joseph lands on the ground and glares at the smoke, waiting for Cooler's next move. "How disappointing. A simple Kiai Wave is all he plans to retaliate with?"

Milliseconds after Pike finishes his prediction, an invisible wave of of Ki blasts from the smoke and overwhelms him much before he can jump out of the way. He