DBZ CYOA: A Giant Born Free by Hangman_Link
Summary: A powerful fighter, named Kiryu, is working with an organization called the Freeborn Military. Journey with him as he faces many challenges and battles while he tries to find his true path and the secrets that lay within him.
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Arc #1 Finale...! by Hangman_Link
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C Wins
"Sleep..." You say quietly to yourself. "I need some; I can't go to the War in this condition. I'll rest up for now." You throw your clean, dress shoes off your feet and lie on your bed in comfort. You don't toss and turn at all, instead just pass out quickly. So many thoughts on your mind while you drift off. A spy in the Forte. A dead general. A large war that you have the main command over the attack. A ruthless attack will take place at Valkyrie, with such little defense. It's one large game of chess between three super powers. The outcome...unknown.


"Welcome, Mr. Kiryu." A voice begins as you inspect your surroundings, "On behalf of the Red Ribbon Army, I welcome you to our organization. We're pleased to have you aboard. I'm sure you'll find life exquisite at your new home."

"I'm sure I will," You say with a grin. "Now, where are my quarters?" You question.

"Right this way, Mr. Kiryu." The man responds and leads you down a large hall. Hundreds of Soldiers pass you in the halls without acknowledgement. Busy town this place is. You walk up six flights of stairs until the man opens a door to your left, which opens another hall filled with Soldiers fooling around. The two of you tread through the hall until the man comes to a complete stop in front of a dirty door. He enters a key into the door and it opens, creaking all the way. A room awaits.

"Right this way, Mr. Kiryu." He instructs. You frown, and follow him slowly, while inspecting the room. "I apologize for the mess, Mr. Kiryu. I hope you find this room satisfactory for the current time. As you can see, the Red Ribbon Army has a large quantity of inhabitants so finding space for more Soldiers can become troublesome."

"Yes, I can see that..." You respond in disappointment.

"Well, I must be on my way now. The Missionary Report Station is on the 10th floor. When you're ready, you can sign up for any mission that is vacant. Some of the more difficult missions will have more Soldiers signed up for it for obvious reasons. You can take whatever you want though, but remember that every Soldier must have 52 missions completed per year or else they will be released from our organization."

"I see. One a week."

"Yes, indeed. I wish you good luck. Train hard. Work hard." The man gives you the key he used to open the door with a short smile before continuing. "Perhaps someday you'll reach the rank of a Squad Captain, or maybe even a Lieutenant. Aim for the stars, Mr. Kiryu."

"Captain? Lieutenant? No, don't be a fool..."

"Hahaha, yes I know. That's really aiming high up but as I said, aim for the-"

"That's not it," You cut him off. "Those Ranks are nothing in the grand scheme of things. I plan on becoming a Chief Executive in the least." You state with ambition.

The man practically spits out saliva in shock. "C-Chief Executive!?!? You do know how high up that is, right? That's the second highest rank somebody can reach in the Red Ribbon Army. There are only a small number of Chief Executives in the entire Army!"

"Yes, I know. What's your point?"

He stares at you in rage, clearly disliking your ambition and than he calms down and fixes his tie. "Nothing. It's good to aim for the stars. I like you." He reassures you, but you see right through his lie. You know he doesn't see much in you, but that doesn't matter to you at all. "Well, Mr. Kiryu. I should get going now. I'm behind schedule as is." He then puts his hand out to shake and you respond with class, by shaking it. The man leaves the room soon after.

"Hey, Black." You call out before he can leave the room.

He looks back with annoyance on his face. It's obvious he wants you out of his sight by now. "Yes, Mr. Kiryu" He responds, trying to play nice.

"I'll see you at the top soon enough. You'll be seeing a new Chief Executive soon enough."

"Yes, I will." He agrees. "But it won't be you!" He finally snaps before taking his leave. "He's not a kind man; I wonder why President Red would have somebody like him do this job. Nevertheless." You think.

"This room and floor is completely disgusting. This isn't what the Army promised; no matter. Soon enough, I'll be at the highest position in this Army so living with class should not be a problem." You walk out of your room after locking it back, and head towards the flight of stairs that you just came from. It's time to sign up for a mission; your first mission!

Once you reach the tenth floor, you enter a corridor and immediately notice that this floor looks much cleaner despite the fact that anybody in the entire Army can enter this area. This floor is much smaller than the others. Many desks are lined up against the walls with papers on them but there are no rooms on this floor. Only a handful of people are in this room. Some are in suits; some are just wearing casual clothes but they are probably all at a much higher rank than you currently are. You're just a Soldier after all. You walk over to each of the desks and read the heading to all of the papers until you find your specific Rank: G1 Soldier.

Scanning the papers and flipping them over to see all of the missions available to you, you notice that none of the missions are going to be soloed. Whether it's because there are so many Soldiers who need work so they sign up for missions and other people choose to join them later on or because all of the Soldiers here are cowards and refuse to go on a mission alone is unknown.

"Conquer and exterminate the Mushroom Kingdom". This one only has two people signed up for it. The difficulty is "C" Rank too. That's the most difficult Rank that any Soldier will ever be able to partake in. There is only one in the entire handbook here. Why is there so little people signed up for it? They must all be cowards. You jot your name down on it and sign up for it. You leave via boat in 2 days. Signup for this mission will close tomorrow but perhaps more will come.


You toss over in your sleep while you dream silently. While you silently sleep, your door creaks open and a figure appears. "Hello, Kiryu." The voice echoes quietly while your door begins to shut. You remain asleep.


CRASH! The small ship smashes over a large wave as it navigates itself through the stormy night. You sit silently with your head down waiting for arrival, totally oblivious to your surroundings. Only two people are in the small ship, excluding yourself. All three of you guys reside in the same room of the ship - the only room in the ship. The storm worsens and you wonder if this self navigated ship will make its way to the Mushroom Kingdom. The guy who programmed the ship said the trip should only take 2 hours, and its been nearly 4 already!

You stand up and walk towards the window to see if you can spot any islands. A small one lays in the distance. At your current pace, you can probably get there in 15 minutes. Not bad; only 2 hours late.

CRUCK! Another strange sound ignites from beneath you all and you nearly lose your balance and fall. The man in the corner laughs at this.

"You have a problem?" Angered, you yell out to him.

"Yes, I do. We're two hours late and not 2 words have been said on this ship until now. Excuse me if suddle moments of clumsiness result in me laughing. Don't take it to heart." He responds with an arrogant smirk.

You refrain from continuing this conversation and take your seat once again. The boat arrives at shore.


"Alright you two," The third man begins as he hooks the ship on the dock so the waves don't blow it away. "I'm taking charge of this takeover. I know what i'm doing. You two are just rookies; i've been a Soldier for 11 months now and know exactly what goes down on these missions. You guys on the other hand just started working at the RRA what, this week?"

"You've been a normal Soldier for nearly a year now?" The man that laughed at you earlier questions.

"Yeah. What of it?"

"You must be pretty weak then. I think it's best if you just stand in the back."

"What did you SAY!?" The man screams in rage. "I oughtta teach you a lesson now, you little PUNK!" He begins walking over while raising his fist in the air and doing nothing to protect his body.

"Is THAT his fighting stance?" You wonder to yourself. "Now now, don't go killing each other so soon. The people here should be capable of doing that to us if we aren't prepared so shut up and get ready. It's not exactly nice weather so lets hurry up." You demand, taking charge.

The "Veteran Soldier" didn't like this, but he listened...for now. All three of you start heading towards the large kingdom you see in the distance. The storm continues to crash loud as the rain poors down hard and the lightning drops on the ground creating quaking eruptions. Yet even with all of this noise, silence falls between you three until eventually, the Veteran Soldier speaks up.

"Hey, newbies. Get down, now!" He whispers. Without question, you two duck down and as if on cue, a flare of light bursts from the tower right on your location.

"S***!" You scream out in a whisper. "How do they know we're-"

"Radar. Didn't you guys read up on the manuscript for this mission?"

"Manuscript for each mission?" You wonder, "Never knew there was such a thing. Nonetheless, elaborate!"

"The Mushroom family have some sort of radar in their base that is constantly watching for anything that comes in the vicinity of 800 meters before the castle. Luckily for us, it detects Ki. That's our life energy."

"Ah, I see. And since it detects Ki, it doesn't have to be enemies; it could be simple Animals for all they know."

"You catch on quick. That's exactly right. So if we duck down, they won't find us...hopefully." The Veteran Soldier whispers back.

"By the way," You whisper back while surveying your surroundings. "What should I call you?"

"Me? The names Yamcha. And you?

"Kiryu," You reply.

Yamcha and you look over to the side wondering what the third guy here's name is, only to notice that it's just the two of you here. "Uh, where did he go...?" You question.

"I...I don't know." Yamcha replies, puzzled as well. Just then, a massive explosion takes place in the background and the two of you jump up. You look over to the Mushroom Kingdom and find that a large hole has appeared in one of the higher floors. "Oh...dear." Yamcha says, shaking in fear.

"Heh, guess we have no choice now," You say with a smile. "This really isn't my style anyway." You then get up and give yourself a little stretch and shake some of the water out of your air. Within seconds, it returns. "Lets go!" You call out before taking off in a quick dash. Yamcha, still shaking takes a few seconds to gather himself together.

"Uh, uh, yeah alright." He studders before taking off behind you. Rain continues to poor down and you notice that it's very difficult to run without slipping. Still, it's nothing that would stop you any time soon! "Ah, ah, ahhhhh~!" Yamcha screams out and a crash appears afterward which wasn't lightning. You come to a halt and slide a few feet before you fully stop, and turn back to see Yamcha lying in the mud. The incompetent fool collapsed in the rain. You can't let this slow you down. He'll catch up eventually.

"Wait for meeeee!" He calls out while trying to get out of the muddy swamp. You don't lose focus however, and continue to dash through the area while the alarm sounds in the distance.


Silence fills the area. Nothing can be heard other than your heavy breathing, and the storm which has begun to settle. You left Yamcha behind over 15 minutes ago and he still hasn't caught up. Well, considering you're hiding right now he wouldn't have found you even if he caught up. I wonder where that other guy is," You question in your head while backed up against the wall on the side of the Kingdom. Several Soldiers have come and gone since you've been hiding here. It appears that the Radar they have isn't too accurate considering they've been searching the area for a long time and haven't checked here yet. You don't have a doubt in your mind that Yamcha is probably at battle with them at the moment. "I've rested here long enough! It's time to break into the Kingdom."

You take one more look around the corner to find nobody on each side, and begin sprinting down to the front. In what feels like seconds, you reach the main gate without having anybody spot you. "That was easier than I-"

"FREEZE!" A deep voice screams out in rage! You slowly turn your head backwards and notice that a fleet of Soldiers are all before you. How they appeared so quickly is a mystery to you. "I swear to God, move one inch and I'll blow your head clean off!" The voice instructs. You can't help but smirk at this. "What's so funny scum bag!?"

"Besides your stupidity?" You taunt and than begin walking towards them without a care.

"I said FREEZE! One more step and...AH!" The man screams out as you vanish in an instant. "Where'd he go?" The man asks his Soldiers as they all look around.

"Heh, I really don't have time for the small fry. I have bigger heads to hunt." You say aloud to yourself, quietly. You stare down and notice many Mushroom Soldiers are looking around for you. In an instant, you had jumped into the air and landed at the top of the main gate. Originally, you thought it would be dangerous due to the possibility of a snipe post and the large flashlight they have, but that's much less of a risk than staying down there with hundreds of armed Soldiers.

"I'm up here, fools!" You call down to them as you prepare an attack. They all look up at you simultaneously in shock and fear. Some begin to whisper 'How did he get up there?' but you ignore them. It's time to end the weaklings' life. You bulk up your Giant arm and prepare to end this. "Giant Bulldozer!" Your arm multiplies in size and power and fires out at what seems like light speed to all of them. A loud explosion occurs once your arm connects with them, and they all die on contact.

Without wasting another second, you jump down from the main gate and land in the Kingdom vicinity. You run forward and enter the main doors; it appears that all those Soldiers left it wide open in the rush. Not very smart. You walk in casually and survey the area. The place seems fairly empty now that all the Soldiers are outside. This makes things easy for you. Time to go behead the Mushroom King!

You race up the stairs and run up 7 flights of stairs before you reach the top. A neat, clean door that is closed is at the end of the staircase. Much more tidy than all the other doors you passed as you ran along. Instead of opening the door like a gentlemen, you conclude that smashing it down with one leg makes a stronger statement. You do just that. CRASH! The door rips from the wall and flies roughly fifteen feet before it hits the ground, right under the Kings chair.

"I see you finally made it." The man in the Kings chair speaks. You notice that the guy that laughed at you earlier on the ship is in this room as well. He's in the midst of a battle, but its stopped now that you've entered.

As you walk forward, your comrade speaks. "Took you long enough. Where's the Veteran Soldier?"

"Who knows," You carelessly respond. "What's your name anyway?"

The King practically jumps out of his seat at that question. You know for sure that he's thinking "How could two people work together but not even know each others name!?!?"

Unfortunately, your comrade doesn't have enough time to answer your question. The relatively old man that he was fighting earlier leaped at him like a wild animal, preparing to finish him off quickly. The two of them stare each other down in a stale mate while you eye the King with a devilish look on your face; he doesn't look fazed at all though.

Without saying a word, you stretch your arm back and begin putting muscle into it to prepare an attack. "Giant...Bulldozer!!!" You scream as you launch your attack full speed towards the King without holding back. "Goodbye, old fool~" You call out as you unleash your maximum power into the attack. "HAAAAAAAAaaaaa...." You stop your screams of joy to notice that your fist has stopped dead in its tracks.

"Did you really think that I, the King was such a weakling?" The King stares at you as he holds your gigantic fist with his two arms until they begin to shrink back down to normal size. "Luigi, make sure you kill your opponent." The King instructs to his second hand man.

"As you wish, King Mario." Luigi agrees.

You don't back down, however. Instead you leap towards the King with the intent to kill. Still unfazed, he prepares a cliche combat position and takes you head on. You attempt to dig your right arm into his wide open face, but he predicts your obvious attack and ducks, following with an uppercut to your chin. Without showing pain, you jump back at him immediately. No turning back now!


"Ah!" You sit up in a rush, sweat dripping all down your face. "Was I...dreaming?" You look down on your hands and notice that they are shaking violently even after you've woken up. You wipe some of the sweat off your face using your shirt and try to calm yourself down, hoping that your hands will stop shaking. Why are they acting like this? You shake the rest of your shivers off and stand up; you feel dizzy and lightheaded. That dream must have really got to you. In any case, you feel fully rested at this time. It's been a while since you've felt this good with your body, despite the abnormal morning sickness.

"Commander Kiryu, Commander Kiryu!" Several loud knocks smash on your door and you look over to it alarmed.

"Y-Yes, come in." You respond, still shakily.

"Sorry to bother you, Commander Kiryu!" A Soldier apologizes to you before continuing. "Lord Rem is ordering ALL Commanders to his room, immediately. It's very important!" He demands.

"Huh, what is it that he wants? I just spoke to him a couple hours ago."

"Commander Kiryu, he says that you're all leaving for War!"

Your eyes widen instantly and you freeze for a split second. "I see. Very well then. You are dismissed." You decide it's best to not leave Rem and the others waiting. Whatever happens, it's going to be big!

You walk over to your dresser and begin changing clothes and getting into your battle clothes. You'll have time to prep for war later (hopefully) but it's best to get some things out of the way now. After that, you quickly leave the room and head towards Rem's Quarters.


"Gentlemen," Rem greets. "So glad you all can make it."

All of the Commanders, excluding Dysect are in the room. Everybody looks serious and prepared for whatever is going to happen. Nobody is relaxed even in the slightest.

"It's time. I finally have everything prepared and at the ready for war."

"Rem, has it been 3 days since we last spoke already?" You question.

"Don't be silly. It's only been 40 hours since then. I've just been working at a fast pace."

"Oh, I see." You respond.

"Meet at the front gate in one hour. You're all shipping out to war today. I hope you're all prepared, because preparation time has long since passed."

No words are said between the Commanders; even from the usually talkative ones. Everybody simply stands up and walks out of the room after giving Rem a quick nod.

"Are you ready, Kiryu?" Rem questions.

"Of course." You agree, with a smile that can't hold out any longer. You've been waiting for this day for a long while.


You throw your beloved Capsule in a pouch, and exit your room without looking back. As you step out of your room, you hear large cheers and screams of...joy? Without dawdling, you make your way outside of the Forte.

You walk outside the Forte's main gates and your eyes can barely comprehend what you see. Thousands among thousands of Soldiers of every kind are all lined up a few hundred feet in front of you, cheering and screaming with all their pride. They are completely ready for battle; they shall hold no regrets if they die.

The cheers and screams get louder as you approach the border of Forte Valkyrie's lines. It's frightening, actually. You finally reach the plaza and you're now in the midst of the aggressive culture of the FBM's Soldiers. War is just around the corner.

You smile and give your lips a small lick and your hands begin to tingle once again. This pleasure rarely comes unless you destroy somebody in combat. You must be psyched up as well.

"It's time." You think to yourself. "The Freeborn Military shall prevail!" You scream out in the air and thousands of Soldiers begin repeating your words. You're forced to plug your ear drums before they pop due to the massive amounts of noise.

"The games have just begun." You smile while looking up at the clear, blue sky.



(Authors Note: Since they Saga is over, I won't be posting a choice this time. I'll get working on the next update when I can. The War Arc / Saga. Hope you guys are enjoying. As always, comments and thoughts are appreciated).
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