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Under Their Skin by StarbearerTM ()
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Summary: An exploration into the Android Saga including Vegeta and Bulma's relationship, and the development of Krillen and 18, trying to be as cannon as I can without too much OOC but one or two OC's that shouldn't detract from the story much. 
Characters: Briefs Buruma, Juuhachi-gou, Kuririn, Mirai Trunks, OFC(s), Vegeta
Genres: Action, Alternate Universe, Lemon, Romance
Warnings: Coarse Language, Graphic Violence, Non-Consensual/Rape
Parent Series: None

Vegeta prizes the most unlikely trophy, the armor he wore that was damaged on Namek. But when it goes missing, why does he bother Bulma in her lab? Does he think that she's looking for the holes in his armor as he tries to find the chinks in hers? (reposted due to a lot of editing)

Categories: Romance > Buruma/Vegeta
Characters: Briefs Buruma, Vegeta
Genres: Lemon, Lime, Romance
Warnings: Coarse Language

Series: Under Their Skin
Chapters: 15
Wordcount: 42334 - Pageviews: 39890
Complete?: Yes - Published: Apr 11, 2007 - Last Updated: Apr 16, 2008

What has happened since CITA? Find out from the Android's POV! Krillin cannot forget Android 18's kiss, and her brother hasn't failed to notice this strange attraction. How will 17 try to come to terms with his own past?

18/K 17/OC

Categories: Drama, Lemon
Characters: Juuhachi-gou, Kuririn, OFC(s), Other
Genres: Alternate Universe, Drama, Lemon, Lime
Warnings: Coarse Language, Graphic Violence

Series: Under Their Skin
Chapters: 4
Wordcount: 15010 - Pageviews: 3605
Complete?: No - Published: Apr 16, 2008 - Last Updated: Apr 18, 2008