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Submission Rules

I really don't recommend that you use Microsoft Word 2000 or newer to create your HTML files if you're going to upload them to this site.

Alternate (FREE) Programs:

You can also choose to copy & paste your story directly into the text box from your word processor, text editor, or even from the Web. Any special formatting that you have should be preserved. Firefox users must paste into the enhanced text box using the keyboard shortcut (CTRL+V in Windows/Linux, Apple/Command+V in Mac OS) due to a security restriction. If you don't see the fancy editor, check the box marked "Use tinyMCE" below. Go to "Account Info > Edit Preferences" and check the box marked "Use tinyMCE WYSWYG editor" to make this choice automatic. DO NOT just type your story into the box without saving it elsewhere (in a file on your computer, in Google Docs, etc.) because, if it's rejected, it's deleted from the site completely.

Now for the actual submission rules:

  1. I will only approve stories that are written in English. I'm pretty sure that I don't get enough multilingual visitors to justify approving stories in any other language. Besides, I'm only fluent in English, which means that I wouldn't be able to review a story in any other language for quality.

  2. You can add stories, songs, articles, or lists to this archive as long as you do so in the appropriate category. You CAN NOT add incomplete chapters, author's notes as separate entries, advertisements, etc. Also, your author's notes should not be longer than the actual story/chapter. Less than 10% of the story text, actually.

  3. All stories must be DB/Z/GT related. If you have a story that doesn't fall into any of these categories you can submit it directly to the Otaku Institute as long as it's related to a Japanese fandom.

  4. All stories must have a disclaimer in the beginning of, at least, the first chapter. It's also acceptable to use the story notes box instead.

  5. All stories must be written in either prose style (like a novel) or traditional screenplay style (like a play). Other styles are confusing to readers.

  6. If you plan to submit a yaoi (or shounen ai) or yuri (or shoujo ai) story then do so under the Special Content category ONLY. There isn't a rating limit any longer, but I still recommend that you submit to OISA instead to protect yourself from potential problems.

  7. Please spell check your work and have it edited by someone else before submitting. If you need help with grammar, punctuation, etc., then I recommend visiting Grammar Book, the OWL, and Word Wise. I also recommend reading a lot of published stories and/or novels.

  8. No plagiarising the work of other authors. This is a very serious offense.

  9. Each individual "chapter" must be at least 500 words unless it's a prologue or an epilogue. If you can't make it longer, please combine it with another chapter. Each complete short story (one chapter only) and prologue/epilogue must be at least 100 words.

  10. If your story doesn't have at least one chapter approved, please don't send chapters in groups. If I don't approve chapter 1, I'm not going to approve the rest of it.

  11. All lemon (adult rated) stories must be given an AO (NC-17) rating and be labeled a "lemon" in the genre box. Likewise, all "not quite a lemon" stories must be rated M (R) and labeled a "lime."

  12. Keep all main story titles and summaries rated no higher than PT (PG).

  13. Do not only upload part of your story then proceed to link to the rest of it which can be found on another site. If you don't feel like uploading your entire story then recommend it instead.

  14. Story notes and chapter notes are not to be used the same way. For example, placing a disclaimer into the story notes is a good idea since it will probably be the same for every chapter. Placing it also into the chapter notes is redundant. Chapter notes are designed to give readers information about a specific chapter.

  15. To upload work that doesn't qualify as fanfiction, it still must be DB/Z/GT related, but it can be an essay, an article, etc. Also, it must go into the "Special Content" category.

If you are uncertain about any of these rules, feel free to e-mail me.

When you submit a story PLEASE PREVIEW your story to make sure that it uploaded the way that it should and that your paragraphs have a blank line between them. If the story didn't upload correctly, try copy and pasting into the textbox. All of your formatting should be preserved and it seems to solve a lot of problems. If you don't and the story isn't formatted correctly, I'm just going to e-mail you and ask you to fix it so save us both some time and take the few extra seconds to check.

If you follow these rules consistently I will input you on the auto-validation list which means that your stories will go up on the site immediately without going through me. But don't abuse this privilege as I can revoke it and will even ban you from the site if I have to.