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Layout Options

I decided to do the layout options similar to LiveJournal's "viewing options" page. I like being able to see how a design looks before I choose it and thought others would appreciate it as well.

Note for browser listings: I'm not sure about Mac and Linux (for the most part), though I suspect that the site works fine when using Safari for Mac. Please let me know about any bugs you see.

Waterworld v2 will return someday. Probably.

SSJ Seafoam


Resolution: 800x600+
Browsers: (Win) Firefox 1+, Chrome 2+, Opera 8+, Safari 3+, IE 7+; (Mac) Safari 2+
Type: graphical
Color Scheme: brown, orange, and gold
Navigation: top


Resolution: any
Browsers: any
Type: text only
Color Scheme: blue, green, & white
Navigation: top