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10 Longest Stories
A powerful fighter, named Kiryu, is working with an organization called the Freeborn Military. Journey with him as he faces many challenges and battles while he tries to find his true path and the secrets that lay within him.

Categories: Action/Adventure, Alternate Universe, Special Content
Characters: OFC(s)
Genres: Action, Adventure, Alternate Universe, Fantasy, Mystery
Warnings: Coarse Language, Graphic Violence, Major Character Death, Minor Character Death

Series: None
Chapters: 115
Wordcount: 339803 - Pageviews: 146407
Complete?: No - Published: Dec 03, 2011 - Last Updated: Jan 11, 2014
B/V get together on Namek. What if Vegeta had gone looking for Bulma after he'd met up with Krillen and Gohan, and forged his alliance? What if Future Trunks showed up earlier, and Goku wasn't the one he confided in? What if Bulma and Gohan were the ones?

Categories: Romance
Characters: Briefs Buruma, ChiChi, Kuririn, Mirai Trunks, OFC(s), Other, Piccolo, Son Gohan, Son Goku, Vegeta, Yamucha
Genres: Alternate Universe, Drama, Lemon, Lime
Warnings: Coarse Language, Graphic Violence, Non-Consensual/Rape

Series: Royal Namekian Blues
Chapters: 44
Wordcount: 291149 - Pageviews: 113687
Complete?: No - Published: May 24, 2007 - Last Updated: Jan 02, 2008
The sequel to "Consuming Madness" set after "Seven Deadly Sins".

Categories: Crossover
Characters: Briefs Trunks, Son Gohan, Son Goku, Son Goten, Vegeta
Genres: Horror
Warnings: Graphic Violence, Minor Character Death, Major Character Death

Series: A TRUE SAYIANS STRUGGLE, the created dbz stories:vol1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10
Chapters: 10
Wordcount: 259554 - Pageviews: 22255
Complete?: Yes - Published: Jun 08, 2005 - Last Updated: Jun 08, 2005
A boy is thrown into a new dimension where he is thought to be some sort of a Legendary Hero, a Super Saiyan. Here he must learn the ways of fighting, DBZ style. But are those who have chosen him correct? After all, how can you put the fate of the world on a boy?

Categories: Special Content > Originals
Characters: OFC(s), OMC(s)
Genres: Action, Adventure
Warnings: Coarse Language, Graphic Violence

Series: None
Chapters: 45
Wordcount: 204358 - Pageviews: 82844
Complete?: Yes - Published: Feb 20, 2006 - Last Updated: Mar 19, 2006
(x-over w/ Ronin Warriors, Pokémon) Anime charcters from different shows come together to MST good fanfics. However, the main target of this team is Goku/Vegeta yaoi fics. Will Vegeta survive?

Categories: Humor
Characters: OFC(s), Vegeta
Genres: Crossover
Warnings: Shounen ai/Yaoi

Series: None
Chapters: 10
Wordcount: 160643 - Pageviews: 23163
Complete?: No - Published: May 29, 2006 - Last Updated: May 29, 2006
Son Goku is a hero, pioneer of the age of the warrior and the avenger of his race. We already know of his sons; what if he had a daughter? An experiment in the form of Son Chiyo.  COMPLETE

Categories: Action/Adventure, Alternate Universe, General
Characters: Briefs Bura, Briefs Buruma, Briefs Trunks, ChiChi, Juuhachi-gou, Kamesennin Muten Roshi, Kuririn, Mirai Trunks, OFC(s), OMC(s), Other, Piccolo, Satan Videl, Satan-san/Hercule, Son Gohan, Son Goku, Son Goten, Son Pan, Vegeta, Yamucha
Genres: Action, Adventure, Alternate Universe, Drama, General
Warnings: Coarse Language, Fluff, Graphic Violence, Major Character Death, Minor Character Death

Series: None
Chapters: 79
Wordcount: 144582 - Pageviews: 275452
Complete?: Yes - Published: Mar 05, 2009 - Last Updated: Jan 11, 2011

Vegeta recieves a message from old allies the Idsarjin that they know the location of the missing Saiyan Race Banks.  Bulma offers to help him, but Krillen and Yamcha tag along for the ride. This is slightly A/U interpretation with a dash of Puffyamiyumi thrown in for fun. In this, Ami and Yumi are childhood friends of Bulma Briefs, having known her from school. Capsule Corps is one of their sponsors. This takes place in that infamous three years after Freiza's demise by Mirai Trunks, and before Baby Trunks is born. Yamucha is NOT a cheating boyfriend in this, and he and Bulma are separated but still on good terms (although I love the ones in which he is for the fun of it but I'm giving the poor guy a break here). Vegeta is staying in a small guesthouse on the Capsule Corps property next to his GT room in a separate building, and has been staying there for a few months already. Everyone is taking a slight break from training for the Android Invasion.

Categories: Alternate Universe, Crossover
Characters: Briefs Buruma, Kuririn, Mirai Trunks, Non-Anime, Other, Piccolo, Son Gohan, Son Goku, Vegeta, Yamucha
Genres: General, Humor, Lemon, Lime, Romance
Warnings: Coarse Language

Series: None
Chapters: 39
Wordcount: 134656 - Pageviews: 70500
Complete?: Yes - Published: May 08, 2007 - Last Updated: Jul 03, 2007
The sequel to "Not As Stupid As They Look".

Categories: Crossover
Characters: Vegeta, OMC(s)
Genres: Drama
Warnings: None

Series: None
Chapters: 18
Wordcount: 98378 - Pageviews: 27387
Complete?: Yes - Published: Jul 11, 2005 - Last Updated: Jul 11, 2005
The sequel to "Bulma the Saiyan" and "Revelations". Vegeta becomes king of his own empire.

Categories: Lemon, Drama
Characters: Briefs Bura, Briefs Bura, Briefs Buruma, Briefs Buruma, Briefs Trunks, Briefs Trunks, Vegeta, Vegeta
Genres: General
Warnings: None

Series: None
Chapters: 49
Wordcount: 90559 - Pageviews: 4269
Complete?: No - Published: May 14, 2005 - Last Updated: Jun 10, 2005
(Sennenki 2002 Action/Adventure Runner-Up) Years after Goku left to train Uubu, a legendary apocalypse is coming and a gateway into hell will open. The powerful vampire Osiris wants the Z fighters out of his path to the power of the Golden Moon, but, when the gate opens, he may be the least of their worries...

Categories: Special Content > Sennenki Fanfiction Contest > The 2002 Contest Winners
Characters: None
Genres: Drama
Warnings: Graphic Violence

Series: None
Chapters: 26
Wordcount: 90363 - Pageviews: 41587
Complete?: Yes - Published: Jun 19, 2005 - Last Updated: Jun 22, 2005