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Possible Security Problem (Heartbleed Bug)

I recommend that all users on this site change their password. I'm not sure whether or not the server my websites are hosted on was affected, but you can't be too careful, right? I've checked my webhost's main site with the Qualys SSL Server Test and it has checked out as secure (now), so I feel confident in giving everyone this advice.

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, I recommend that you read the article found here and CNET has a list of top websites and their current status.

--Goku Girl on Apr 12, 2014 08:57 pm ()

Site Move Completed

The site move has been completed. Thanks for your patience. If you get any errors, though, please contact me.
--Goku Girl on Apr 01, 2013 01:32 pm ()

Site Move

First of all, sorry the site was in maintenance mode for so long. I was going to switch web hosts the first week of March but changed my mind and forgot to turn it off. March 29th-April 1st is now the new host-switching time. It should only take a few days.
--Goku Girl on Mar 17, 2013 11:06 am ()

Submission rules update
  1. I removed the link to the Front Page Express editor and added two new editors (BlueGriffon and KompoZer, which are both available to Windows, Mac, and Linux users.) If there are any that you think should be on the list (or removed from the list) please contact me.

  2. I added the following to the submission rules:

    "All stories must be written in either prose style (like a novel) or traditional screenplay style (like a play). Other styles are confusing to readers."

  3. I changed the rule about chapter length to exclude prologues and epilogues from the 500 word minimum. They must be at least 100 words, however.

Here are the highlights of the submission rules:

  1. Stories must be in English.
  2. Stories must be Dragon Ball-related unless you contact me first. If it's not fanfiction, it must go into the "special content" category.
  3. Stories must be written in prose or screenplay style.
  4. Stories must have a disclaimer in either the story notes or the chapter notes of chapter 1.
  5. Paragraphs must be double-spaced.
  6. Stories must have good spelling, grammar, and punctuation.
  7. Short stories must be at least 100 words. Chapters in stories must be at least 500 words (prologues/epilogues must be at least 100 words).
  8. Author's notes/advertisements can't be separate chapters or longer than a chapter's actual story text.
--Goku Girl on Dec 10, 2011 03:01 pm ()


Sorry I've gotten behind in looking through the submissions. It should all be taken care of today.

Reminder: If your story a) isn't properly formatted or b) has very short chapters, I'm not going to approve it. Problem "a" makes the story difficult for people to read and problem "b" wastes database space. I've been remiss about adding "b" to the submission rules but it will be there starting today.

If your story doesn't have at least one chapter approved, please don't send chapters in groups. If I don't approve chapter 1, I'm not going to approve the rest of it.

--Goku Girl on Dec 01, 2009 04:15 pm ()

The Spam

I'm turning off anonymous reviews again. This means that you'll have to be logged in to leave a text review. The problem was a combination of allowing this and being behind in updating the script. The reviews from 2009 & 2008 are mostly legitimate. After a while, I'll probably enable it again.

I apologize in advance if I delete any real reviews by accident.

--Goku Girl on Oct 20, 2009 07:05 pm ()

Submission Guidelines

Here are a few tips to help prevent your submission from being rejected.

  1. Double-space your paragraphs. Indentations don't show up on the web well (if at all).

  2. Don't post your story/chapter immediately after you finish it. Wait a few days. Ask someone to look it over then look it over again yourself. And USE SPELL CHECK.

  3. Your chapters can't be very, very short. Every new chapter submitted forces the script to create a new entry in the database. A chapter that only takes a few minutes to read isn't worth that. Chapters under 600 words will not be accepted. If you write very short chapters, you must merge them into one document. (This does not include entire stories, but they must be added to the "Drabble" category.)

  4. If I reject your submission, please e-mail me after you've made the necessary corrections. Otherwise, you might be waiting a long time for me to review it again.

  5. Preview. Preview. Preview. PREVIEW. Don't assume that your submission looks perfectly fine. I would even advise you to look it over again after you click the add button.
While this doesn't guarantee that your submission with be accepted, it does significantly increase its chances.
--Goku Girl on Aug 17, 2009 04:52 pm ()

New Chapter SQL Error

It seems to have been fixed with the recent upgrade. Sorry for taking so long to move to the next version.

--Goku Girl on Aug 04, 2009 12:01 pm ()

SQL error when adding a new chapter

If you receive an error after adding a new chapter to your story (copy & paste or upload) then you're probably on the auto-validate list (which means that your additions go up on the site immediately). Unfortunately, there isn't a fix for this problem right now, but your chapters will go up on the site just fine. It's the confirmation page that's misbehaving.

--Goku Girl on Apr 15, 2009 11:54 pm ()


The following problems have been resolved:

  1. Unable to stay logged in to your account.

  2. Unable to register for a new account because the CAPTCHA verification won't work.

  3. Unable to read an AO-rated story because you can't get beyond the warning page.
--Goku Girl on Oct 14, 2008 06:39 pm ()

Registration Problems

If you're unable to register, send me an e-mail with the user name and e-mail address that you want to use and I'll manually add you.

UPDATE: I now know what's wrong (member/visitor sessions aren't being saved) and am trying to figure out how to fix it. Hopefully it'll happen sometime before Halloween.

--Goku Girl on Sep 26, 2008 01:23 pm ()

Infinite Content Warning Loop

Here's a new bug: if you try to read a fanfic that's rated AO you will get a warning about the content within. If you click continue, it will take you back to the table of contents. If you click the chapter link again you will get the warning page again. You see where this is going, right?

Something else to add to the annoyances list.

(By the way, I know short stories shouldn't have "table of contents" pages. It bugs me, too.)

Update: I've completely deactivated the age warning until I can get it to work like it's supposed to.

--Goku Girl on Sep 11, 2008 09:38 pm ()

Log In Problems

If you log in you may get an error message that says, "You are not authorized to access this function" when you click on the "Account Info" button. Clicking on the other links will log you out. I'm aware of this issue and I'm trying to fix it. Also, if you change your skin selection, it may revert back to SSJ when you leave the page. You don't have to be logged in for that to happen.

At this point in time, the only advice I can give is to use Internet Explorer 7. As much as I hate this browser, I'm able to stay logged in while using it. Opera might work as well.

The fanfiction itself is not affected.

--Goku Girl on Sep 01, 2008 03:39 pm ()

The server move is done. Yes, I actually upgraded. I also replaced the layout dropdown menu with a page (finally). Since I'm pressed for time (school starts again on the 27th), I'll be able to get a lot done. More belated additions are coming soon.

--Goku Girl on Aug 23, 2008 12:30 am ()

I sort of lied before

Okay, so no upgrade. As soon as school stops kicking my butt I'll rectify that. It's gotten to the point where all I think about are derivatives and I absolutely detest math.

Anyway, count on an upgrade toward the end of July. My Calc class runs a little long.

--Goku Girl on Jun 14, 2008 07:12 pm ()

An update is coming soon

Since the site isn't going to be moved to the new server anytime soon, I've decided to upgrade the archive script sometime this weekend. I'll be sure to do it in the early morning hours when it's unlikely that anyone will be visiting. If you want to preview new versions in advance, I always upgrade my test archive first, followed by the Otaku Institute sites. I have the most to lose with this one.

--Goku Girl on May 30, 2008 06:45 pm ()

I modded a few things

1) You can now submit yaoi/yuri fanfics of any rating. I originally disallowed fics over T (PG-13) because I was afraid that authors would receive flames. This archive has only general and het fanfics at the moment. Hopefully, the general population has grown up a little since then. I'll re-add the ones I moved to OISA someday soon.

2) I fixed the help page so that it accurately reflects this archive. I tend to copy and paste a lot so that's why it used Otaku Institute terminology.

--Goku Girl on Apr 26, 2008 12:12 pm ()

Sever Update Part 2.5

The entire process is going to take awhile. I asked customer support how long it would take since they have to do it instead of me, and I didn't receive definite answer. So, I'm going to re-open submissions. I make weekly backups of everything so, in the event of a data loss, it won't be too bad.

--Goku Girl on Mar 15, 2008 03:56 pm ()

Sever Update Part 2

Yes, everything's still in limbo. I have to make a manual backup of everything (not that I don't usually do it) so PLEASE don't add/change anything after 8pm EST.

For updates, please see the archive of my mailing list. It's a lot easier to post there than to post on three different sites. You don't have to join the ML; the archive is accessible to everyone.

--Goku Girl on Feb 21, 2008 03:41 pm ()

Server Change

This is pretty much a plea for you NOT to add or change anything on the site until February 16th. I have to change over to a new server and it might take awhile for the URLs to switch over to it. This means that whatever you add/change might be lost after my domain is pointing to the new server. Actually, it's probably better for everyone to wait until I give the "all clear."

--Goku Girl on Feb 15, 2008 10:05 am ()

At Last!

At least I was able to actually get to the end of the upgrade script, but things aren't working correctly so I have to figure out how to change that. You can read fanfics (submissions are still closed for now), but there may be periodic outages.

Oh, before I forget, Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it.

12/26/07: I think I've fixed everything so submissions are open again. If you get any errors, or if any pages fail to load, then contact me.

--Goku Girl on Dec 25, 2007 09:40 am ()

Upgrade, Take 5

I thought I had posted a note about this, but it seems to have mysteriously disappeared...

The upgrade was a complete disaster and forced me to restore from backup three times before I gave up. What little help I could find on the eFiction forums resulted in try #4. Now, since no one will answer my post, I have to figure out how to fix things on my own. No, I really don't know what I'm doing, but there aren't many other options.

Submissions will be closed as I try a manual upgrade sometime ths week. I figure that there will be very little site traffic (if there were any to begin with) so it's the perfect time.

--Goku Girl on Dec 24, 2007 08:04 pm ()

Coming Soon

I'm going to upgrade this archive to version 3. The benefits outweigh the potential difficulties of upgrading at this point. But before I can do this, I need to create a new skin that's compatible with the new version (I did this for the DBFLSA (now OISA) so it's only fair). Hopefully this will be done by the end of the month. Once I upgrade I'm going to integrate the off-site fanfiction into the archive and also add the rest of the fanfics from the old, non-automated DBFL (about 150) and some fanfics from the 2004 Sennenki fanfiction contest that never happpened.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, etc., leave a comment or e-mail me.

--Goku Girl on Nov 14, 2007 11:07 am ()

Submission Confirmation

Recently I've had a few submissions not show up on the site like they were supposed to. The listing was there, but the actual story was not. Please check after uploading/copy&pasting your story to make sure it's really up on the site. If you get errors at the top of the page stating that the file doesn't exit, try adding the text again by editing your story. If the problem persists, e-mail me by using the "contact us" link in the navigation.

Update (11/14/07): I think I've fixed the upload problem. The permissions somehow changed for the directory that all the stories are saved in so that no one except me could write to it. If you try to submit your fanfic to the archive again it will (hopefully) work. If you have any problems please contact me.

--Goku Girl on Sep 23, 2007 07:42 pm ()

The Submission Rules

The submission rules aren't there to look pretty, people. I'm not going to approve your submission if you don't follow them, especially the ones about content. I thought I'd made a news post about the importance of the rules when I posted it on the other archives, but apparently not.

I want everyone to know that the submission rules for this site are not identical to the ones found on The Otaku Institute and The Otaku Institute Same-Sex Archive even though the three sites do share some of the same rules. Each site has rules that are specific to that particular archive since they all have different focuses. So you need to read the rules on each site in their entirety so that you won't accidentally break any of them.

Here is a list of the universal archive rules:

  1. You can add fanfics, songs, lists, etc. to an archive as long as they match the theme of the archive. You can't add incomplete chapters, author's notes as separate entries, advertisements, etc. Also, your authors notes must be less than 5% of the total text of your submission.

  2. You can submit fanfics that don't match the theme of the archive but they have to be e-mailed to me with via attachment (HTML or plain text) with all of the submission's information.

  3. It is recommended that you have your work edited by someone else as you may miss mistakes. Spellcheck is also recommended.

  4. Plagiarism is very serious and is not allowed. Those who are found to be plagiarists will be deleted and banned from the site.

  5. Fanfics that contain sexual content must be marked with an M (R) or AO (NC-17) rating depending on the level of detail.

  6. Story titles and summaries must be no higher than PT (PG) level.

  7. You are not allowed to submit part of your fanfic and then link to the rest on another site.

If I missed any, or if you have one that you think should be included, feel free to add a comment.
--Goku Girl on Jul 30, 2007 08:06 pm ()

Category Reconfigurations

I combined the vidfic category with the songfic category since there weren't many fanfics in either and they're so similar. I also created a new category, drabbles, for those who write fanfics with small wordcounts (under 1000 words or a series of chapters each under 1000 words). Previously I didn't allow these fanfics, but I've seen this type in other archives so it's obviously something people are interested in. I'll update the submission rules and/or the help page to add the requirements for submission to the new category.

Also, I fixed the fanart page so that there aren't any broken images. The problem cropped up after I got a subdomain for the DBFL. Eventually this page will be moved to the Otaku Institute, but I don't know when that will be.

--Goku Girl on Jun 10, 2007 03:00 pm ()

DBFL Update

Okay, so the archive is now 43 fanfics lighter. I removed all of the stories that were written about other fandoms, but the original stories are still up.

I also decided not to upgrade this archive to eFiction 3.0 since I don't really need to. Not much was added to that version beyond a lot of customization options. I also don't want to screw up this archive if the upgrade goes wrong the way it almost did for the slash archive. If you see a big difference between the functionality of this archive and OI (or OISA ) and it bugs you, you can contact me about it.

--Goku Girl on Jan 17, 2007 12:49 pm ()

The Otaku Institute

Starting today I'm letting people add their fanfics to the new site. I'm also in the process moving all non-Dragon Ball fanfics from this one to that one. Until I get all of them (and their reviews) they'll still be up. I should be finished by the end of the week.

The Otaku Institute has rules that are different from the ones found here, so read the submission rules, the terms of service (regulations), and the help page (psychiatry) carefully.

Until I get around to changing the splash page, you won't find the URL by going to

--Goku Girl on Jan 04, 2007 09:25 am ()

Missing Stories and/or Chapters
Some stories are missing completely even though they look like they're not. You can recognize these right away since it will say "Chapters: 0" in the story information section of the listing. Other stories have only a chapter or two missing. This is from upgrading the site a year ago. If you find any of these stories, e-mail me or use the "contact us" link I recently added to the navigation to help encourage lazy people to report bugs. Tell me the author and title of the fanfic. The more information the better.
--Goku Girl on Dec 30, 2006 01:14 pm ()

The Site's Back to Normal
Step one of my newest project went fine and you all have permission to login again. Step two will be completed someday soon (and this site will be unaffected).
--Goku Girl on Dec 13, 2006 04:54 pm ()

Login Temporarily Unavailable

Since I don't want people adding or editing fanfics while I'm trying to do things with the database, I'm not going to allow people to add new stories or edit existing ones. If you have the login page bookmarked, please don't login.

You can still read fanfics like normal. That's not going to be affected for the most part, though there will be a little downtime in the future. 

--Goku Girl on Dec 12, 2006 12:38 pm ()

Big Changes Are Coming

I've decided to create a general anime, manga, video game fanfic archive. This doesn't mean that I'm getting rid of the general archive, just that I'm going to be reorganizing my sites again.

The new archive is going to be called The Otaku Institute. It will become the main fanfic archive. The DB Slash Archive will become a sister-site of the Institute (and will have its name changed). All of the non-Dragon Ball fics in the general archive will be moved to the Institute and I will start to allow all DB/DBZ/DBGT slash fics on the gen archive (and I don't want to see flames on any of them).

In addition to this, I'm going to be upgrading both of my existing archives to the newest version of eFiction. Currently I'm experimenting with the upgrade so that I won't screw anything up during the real thing. I also need to create new skins and update my old ones. It might even be January before I get to it.

If anyone's got questions/comments/concerns, feel free to contact me. I know it's an e-mail link instead of a convienient form, but don't be lazy.

--Goku Girl on Dec 07, 2006 09:12 am ()

Category Rearrangement
I moved the non-fanfiction, non-dragon ball fanfiction, and the Sennenki Dragon Ball Contest winners into the "Special Content" category. This category also includes the new (yet old) categories of shounen ai and shoujo ai. Yes, there is a difference between shounen ai and yaoi as well as shoujo ai and yuri. It has to do with the level of content within the fanfic. If you have a gay- or lesbian-themed fanfic that you want to submit, but it's over the T (PG-13) rating, then it still has to go up on the slash archive (in the appropriate category, of course).
--Goku Girl on Sep 29, 2006 12:03 pm ()

Quality of Fanfiction

Recently someone posted a message to the guestbook about the quality of some of the submissions. All of the newer submissions I screen but there were older ones that were screwed up when I upgraded the archive script. If you see a fanfics that are of poor quality could you PLEASE e-mail about them (include the author and the story) at How can I improve something if I don't know about it?

On Another Note: the next version of eFiction is going to be released sometime in October. This means a little downtime for submitters as I'm going to delete the login link so that the upgrade doesn't go badly. The features the new version has are good and there's a "report this" link to make that entire process easier. I assume that more people would report problems if they didn't have to go through the hassle of logging into their e-mail account (:cough:lazy:cough).

--Goku Girl on Sep 25, 2006 12:18 pm ()

The Submission Rules
I want author as well as visitor input on my archive submission rules. The link to them can be found on the navigation to the right. Do you believe that they're fair? Do you think anything should be added, removed, or changed? I know I'm probably forgetting some things (as I'm reminded when I have to reject submissions) but some situations you just can't predict.
--Goku Girl on Aug 05, 2006 04:43 pm ()

New skin... and some other stuff

Silver Vegeta is my second anime-themed eFiction skin (the first is a Rurouni Kenshin skin called SA-MU-RAI). What's unique about this one is that there are two different layouts in the stylesheet. I was having some problems with IE (as per usual) and since I didn't want to give up on my idea I came up with a different design for it. It's plain because I was annoyed at the time and figured if people wanted to see a decent design that they could download a browser that actually works the way it's supposed to. To see the skin the way I originally designed it, load the site in Firefox, Netscape, or Opera.

To see a screen shot, click here. As usual, if there's any weirdness going on be sure to tell me.

Another Issue: I fixed the problem with people using bots to spam the challenge page. I should have applied the fix a while ago but I was lazy and look what happened. Now you have to be a registered member of this site (and be logged in) to issue a challenge.

I also stopped procrastinating and added more of the old fanfics I have. There are still a lot more left, unfortunately.

--Goku Girl on Jun 03, 2006 12:48 pm ()

Banner Exchanges

I'm thinking about starting up a banner exchange. I did this a few years ago but then everything fell apart. How many people would be interested in this? To discuss this topic, please follow this link to the forum.

--Goku Girl on Jun 01, 2006 05:00 pm ()

Chapter Dropdown Menus

Okay, this is entirely my fault. When I moved this archive to a sub-directory I forgot to edit the settings. Anyway, the chapter dropdown menu in multi-chaptered fanfics should be working again. Sorry about this.

--Goku Girl on May 29, 2006 10:02 am ()

Waterworld v2: Revamped

I spent a week reworking this skin because of several issues that I (and probably more than a few other people) had with it.

1. My CSS was bloated with a lot of redundant declarations. I slimmed it down so the pages should load a little faster now. This skin was the first time I ever used layers instead of tables so I didn't really know what I was doing at the time.

2. I did something different with how the fanfics display since it was probably annoying to read them in a little narrow column. This took the most work since Internet Explorer was being difficult (as usual). Now once you get beyond the navigation sidebar, the fanfic should fill the entire content area.

If there are any bugs please be sure to tell me. How do I know what to fix (if anything) if everyone pretends that the problems don't exist?

Known Issues:

*Category pages and author pages that have series as well as stories are not displaying correctly (the story listings are partially beneath the navigation). I'm working on this. If anyone can provide any assistance, I'll be grateful.

*Some fanfics are missing chapters due to me upgrading the archiving script to 2.0. Likewise, some fanfics are missing linebreaks (they look like one giant paragraph). This is also due to the upgrade. If you see any fanfics like this, please tell me.

--Goku Girl on Apr 20, 2006 08:55 am ()

Change Is Coming

Sometime within the next few days, I'm going to be rearranging the structure of my domain. For a long, long time The Dragon Ball Fanfiction Library was the toplevel site of Now that's going to change.

What this means is that the current URL you use for this archive will become invalid. Right now, it's and it's going to become I've created another site to be the main one since I will eventually have six subsites.

The main URL ( won't change. You can still use that if you want. The first page you see will still be a portal to my different sites just as it's been since 2001, only the name on the title bar will be different.

--Goku Girl on Apr 01, 2006 11:17 am ()

The Pages Are Back

I've readded the fanart and off-site fanfiction pages as well as readded the link to the guestbook. The music and links page you won't find on this site anymore, but I don't have them up at the moment. More on that later.

--Goku Girl on Feb 26, 2006 10:09 am ()

Internet Explorer Weirdness... Solved

Okay, after nearly 45 minutes of staring blankly at my stylesheet, I finally figured out why it was displaying so badly (other than the fact that IE hardly ever displays anything correctly). I would have done so sooner if someone had told me about it, you know.

Next Up: finally adding the rest of the fanfics I have. There's about 150 of them remaining and they're not going to add themselves no matter how much I want them to. :sigh:

--Goku Girl on Feb 01, 2006 09:37 pm ()

The Missing Pages

I promise that everything that fell under the "other" category (that has been up since the launch of version 4.0 of the DBFL) will return very soon. I simply have to convert the pages over to the new layout. The fanfics that are linked off-site will also return soon, but it's been delayed for the same reason.

The link page will take a little longer. I plan to combine the links of all my sites into one directory so that it's easier for me to maintain the list. I also plan to use a script so that I won't have to go through so much just to add new links.

Oh, and the fanfiction toplist? I'm working on it (sort of...) and it should be back by March at the latest. Here's a little question for you. Should I have the toplist the way I had it before (as in both general and slash fic sites allowed to join) or should I separate them like I did my sites? Post your opinion to this news post.

--Goku Girl on Jan 10, 2006 04:39 pm ()

eFiction Version 2.0.2

Submissions are now open again so feel free to add/update your fanfics.

Oh, before I forget, there are going to be some fanfics that suddenly don't have linebreaks (the fanfic is just one big paragraph). I don't know why it happened, but when I did the upgrade some of the fanfics were changed. Anyway, I need you to tell me which ones those are so that I can either re-upload them or contact the author.

--Goku Girl on Dec 26, 2005 01:02 pm ()

Introducing... the Forum!!

No, I'm not that excited about it :), I only added that extra exclamation point for effect. Anyway, now has a forum. I say that and not, "The Dragon Ball Fanfiction Library now has a forum" because it's not just for the DBFL but for every site I run and may run in the future.

So, anyway, go forth and post.

--Goku Girl on Dec 06, 2005 03:03 pm ()

Missing Fanfics

This is a list of all the fanfics that were in the old, non-automated, archive but haven't made it into this one for various reasons. Most you can find on the "off-site" and "incomplete" fanfiction pages, but there are a few I can't find (either the information or the actual files) or the quality of the submission isn't very good. If you know where I can find any of the missing fanfics, a revised version of the removed fanfics, or are able to give me detailed information about the other fanfics please let me know.

Removed Fanfics: These aren't allowed to be archived unless I receive a revised version of them. Errors may include bad paragraph formatting, grammar errors, punctuation errors, or spelling errors.

- Arena (F)
- Blue Eyes (F)
- Crazy Five-Word Story (F & G)
- Crouching Saiyan, Hidden Warrior (F)
- Dayshin Saga (F & G)
- False Hope (F)
- Goku Jr's Big Journey (F, G, & S)
- The Good, the Bad, and the Green? (F)
- Growing Pains (F)
- Guardian of the Universe (F & G)
- His Hair Was Golden Fire (F)
- How? and Why? (F)
- Insanity's Game (F)
- The Message in a Sunrise (F)
- Mystic Destiny (F)
- Requiem for a Super Saiyan (F)
- The Saiya-jins Versus Area 51 (F)
- Shards (F)
- Should I Leave? (F)
- With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility. (F, G, S, & P)

Missing Fanfics #1
: These I'm either missing chapters for, or the entire story.

- ALF: Fireball Kingdom (entire story)
- Karyx: Engel (entire story)
- Kuriyamimizu: Touched (entire story)
- Laguna: Angelus Errare (chapter 19)
- Melantha: Pandemonium (entire story)

Missing Fanfics #2: These I'm missing all of the information for.

- Anderea: Exstinctor
- Gaia Faye: Cell's Perfect Tea Party
- Kris-sama: Dragon Ball Z: What Funimation Doesn't Want You To Know
- Mr. Crash: Rock, Roll, and DBZ
- Psyco Gotenks: One Busy Day and The Remake of the Trunks/Android/Cell Sagas
- SSJ4: Best Friends 'Til the End
- SSG: A Christmas Carol
- VegetaGokuLover: Shades of Danger
--Goku Girl on Jul 16, 2005 08:07 pm ()

Version 4.0

I bet you thought I would never update again, eh? Well, I've taken the wonderful eFiction script and automated the site so that it's no longer next-to-impossible for me to maintain the DBFL. I'm adding authors and stories all the time from the old archive so if you don't see your work, wait for a little while before e-mailing me about it. New authors can also submit their own work to this site without going through me, but be advised that I'm not going to accept everything related to Dragon Ball any longer. If your fanfic isn't edited or formatted correctly, you're going to receive a rejection notice from me and your work will not be on this site until you make the necessary corrections. I know there are old fanfics that don't quite follow these guidelines, so if you would point them out to me that would help a lot.

--Goku Girl on May 13, 2005 04:53 pm ()