Blame Kakarott by Ash the Wanderer
Blame Kakarott by Ash the Wanderer

(This was inspired after watching Robin Willian's performance at the 2000 Oscars. Sing to the tune of "Blame Canada")

*Goku beats up Vegeta in their first encounter, before Vegeta tears through the screen and Final Flashes the wreckage*

Vegeta: *sings* Times have changed

Once I was the best!

Then a third-class warrior beat me!

I never would have guessed!

Should I blame myself

For being too cocky?

Should I admit someone is stronger then me...?


*All the villians that Goku and Co have beaten come dancing out on the stage*

All: Blame Kakarott!

Blame Kakarott!

Vegeta: It's seems that everything's gone wrong

Since Kakarott came along!

All:Blame Kakarott!

Blame Kakarott!

Cell: Even though his brat stopped my assault,

All: It's Kakarott's fault!

Freiza: Don't blame me

He was out of my class!

Then I killed his friend,

And he SSJ'd my ass!

Majin Buu: I just wanted to have fun!

Everyone misunderstood, you see.

I just wanted to blow up Earth

But he Genki Damaed me!

Vegeta: Well, blame Kakarott!

All: Blame Kakarott!

Vegeta: With those ever clueless eyes

And that mouth stuffing down pies!

All: Blame Kakarott!

Blame Kakarott!

Akira: SSJ4 isn't a real state anyway.

King Kold: I made my son a cyborg

So he could do the job,

Instead he got carved up like shis-ke-bob!

All: Should we blame Vegeta

For not getting the job done?

Or should we blame his future sword-wielding son?

Vegeta: *realizing what's being sung* Hey!

All *except Vegeta*: *cutting him off* NO!

Blame Kakarott!

Blame Kakarott!

Koola: For all his Kamehameha hubabaloo!

Dr. Gero: And that bitch Chi-Chi, too!

All *except Vegeta*: Blame Kakarott!

Blame Kakarott!

Nappa: All our failed world assaults,

All: *except Vegeta, who is looking more pissed by the second* It's Kakarott's fault!


*Vegeta gets shoved out of the way as the villians form a kickline. He falls into the orchastra and gets stuck in the tuba*

All: Blame Kakarott!

Blame Kakarott!

Cyber Tao Pai Pai: He keeps our roving eyes

From seeing Bulma's friendly thighs!

*Vegeta hears THAT, and begins to struggle even more furiously to get out of the tuba*

All: Blame Kakarott!

Shame on Kakarott!

He made us all lose

Left us battered and bruised

So Vegeta did bring

Us all out here to sing...

*Vegeta frees himself from the tuba and flies up into the air and goes SSJ2*

Because Vegeta refuses to admit because he's dim

That Kakarott is stronger then HIM!!!!!!!

Vegeta: Stronger this! BIG BANG ATTACK!

*The ball of energy flies from his hand and utterly annihalates the whole villian singing choir. The music stops as the smoke clears. Vegeta floats down to the ruins of the stage, going out of SSJ state as he does*

Stage Director: *running out* YOU IDIOT! You had one more chorus to do and you just killed the entire choir!

*Vegeta blasts the director, sending him to hell (NOT ANOTHER BLOODY DIMENSION) and then looks around at his work*

Vegeta: Great. The Prince of the Saiya-jins left without someone to sing for him! Blast! I'm not singing alone!

Goku: *flying out on stage* Hey Vegeta, I'll do it!


Goku: Yeah, but anything to help out a friend! I even brought a back-up choir!

*All the DBZ hero cast comes flying out on stage, including Piccolo, who is floating in the air meditating, and is totally oblivious to the fact that he's being being dragged on by Goten and Trunks*

Vegeta: Hey, I'm not singing with the third-class warrior who...

Goku: MUSIC!

*Music starts back up again*

All: *except Vegeta, who is acting totally exhasperated as the man he was insulting is now singing* Blame Kakarott!

Blame Kakarott!

Goku: Because although I know it's wrong,

This is still a catchy song!

*Vegeta falls down anime style*

All: Blame Kakarott!

Blame Kakarott!

*A spotlight focusses on Piccolo. The light snaps him out of his daze*

Piccolo: What am I doing on this sta-urk! *is dragged into a new kickline*

All: Blame Kakarott!


For all of his charms!

Piccolo: Let go of my arms!

All: Ever since birth,

The savior of earth!

*Vegeta gets back to his feet and has the spotlight focus on him as the chior backs him up*

Vegeta: Well, being second best may be my curse

But I'm still the greatest bad-ass in the UNIVERSE!

*The music stops and the audience applauds*

Vegeta: ARGH! MY EARS! You weaklings annoy me! FINAL FL-

*Everyone on stage pounces on Vegeta and drags him off, while he yells that no one treats the prince of the Saiya-jins this way and vowing all sorts of painful deaths to everyone*

Gohan: Wonderful. Now we have to go hunt down the dragonballs again so Vegeta doesn't try and wish for immortality again. I wonder what I should get Videl for this wish...

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