The Lost Warrior - Alternate Reality by ChibiChibi
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About the story: This fanfic is actually the fourth part of my Lost Warrior series, but seeing as the first two parts were my first stories ever and weren't really something to be proud of and it doesn't make sense to read the third one without knowing the other two, I didn't upload the first three stories. However, this story can be read without knowing the other three parts, so I wanted to upload it here. However, if you want to know the contents of the other three stories, just send me a message and I'll give you a summary. :)
A huge part of this story has already been finished by the way, so I'm going to upload a new chapter once a week, until I'm running out of chapters, but this should take more than one year. ;)
Prologue by ChibiChibi
Author's Notes:
So, this is just the prologue... it's not much and more of an introduction, so I'll upload the first chapter as soon as possible!


Many, many centuries and decades ago, when the human’s only worry was to find a place to live in some cave and to kill some poor animals to have something to eat, he had no idea that next to the small territory, where he was living, something else existed. He didn’t know the meaning of why things happened the way they did, he didn’t know the reason of day- and nightfall, nor did he know any laws of physics. The only thing he knew was one ever-present law of nature. The survival of the fittest. But that was all he needed in that time.

First many thousands years later famous scholars and astronomers started to theorize about the world. At that time they were still thinking that the earth was as flat as a plate and the sky just a dome-like vault. According to them there was a huge waterfall at the end of the earth, letting all the water fall into black nothingness directly to hell. Sailors were scared that they would sail over the edge with their ships, so they never dared to get near the horizon and so they never looked for better seaways to other countries and islands.

It would take another century or so for them to finally realize that the earth was a sphere. Yet they were still far behind our knowledge about the universe, because they still thought that the earth was the center of it and that all other planets were circling around it, until a few of them got the idea that the sun could be the center and that all other planets, including the earth, were on its orbit.

But no matter what time we look at, there will always be things our scientists don’t, can’t or won’t know or understand. For example did people think for a long time that we were all alone in the universe. An egoistic and at the same time illogical thought. But the eyes of those skeptics had been opened as one day at 11.43 am two space pods landed in a city, leaving huge craters in the street and two human-like beings, just much stronger, with brown furry tails, emerged out of them. From that moment on they were definitely sure that we aren’t alone in the universe.

But this story is not about those two aliens, well, at least not about one of them. This story is about something else that needs a bit more explaining.

As you know now, there’s the universe and in this universe are many different galaxies, each with its own solar systems. But the universe isn’t everything out there. Parallel to this universe other universes and timelines do exist. Those do exist in different dimensions and worlds. In one dimension the earth could be populated by normal humans, in another by other creatures, who are like or not like humans and there’s the possibility that just other humans are living there. The technology could be more advanced or you could find yourself in the Stone Age.

The same goes for the different worlds, just that they are on a complete different plane of existence than the dimensions. Like the name already says, this other world is different from everything. There are other planets, other beings, the time could even pass differently there. One example for another world is the afterlife, the world of the dead, what is kind of lying in another dimension, just that the laws are different from those in parallel dimensions.

But above all dimensions and worlds stand different realities. A reality is kind of like a timeline, just way more encompassing. You know that, when you go back in time and change maybe just one small detail, you’ve created a new timeline, while in your own nothing has changed. This same law reigns in a reality. Just one small incident could create another reality, with its own timelines, worlds, dimensions, universes, galaxies, stars and planets.

This is what this story is about. This story tells you what influence the birth of one baby girl in the wrong (right) dimension could have on the happenings in the future. Some things could become better, other things worse. But one thing is sure. Happenings, both important and unimportant ones, would definitely differ from the original reality, of which this one had been created…


In a different world, the world of the dead, also called the afterlife, was found among many other small and big planets one that was much like earth, as we know her. The only difference was that the sky was purple and that no mortal being was allowed to set foot on it. On this planet the most powerful being of the universe was living together with his friend and servant. When I’m talking about powerful I do not entirely mean strength. This being possessed the wisdom of many hundred years of living and of his ancestors and he was the most powerful of his rank in this world. He was more important than the god on earth, more important than the four Kaious and even more important than the Dai Kaiou. He was the Kaioushin.

The small incident that would change everything, happened one week after the terrible jinzoningen Cell had been defeated by a boy of merely eleven years. It was night and a large fire was lighted in the middle of a meadow. The shadows of the high flames were dancing playfully on the purple skin of the Kaioushin, whose white mohawk was swaying in the wind. His brows were furrowed in concentration and sweat was running down his face, while he was mumbling a combination of words in a strange language, repeating them again and again like a mantra.

Next to him a large and strong-looking man with dark rose-colored skin and white long hair was standing. He was Kibito, his friend, servant and bodyguard. He watched tensed how the Kaioushin performed this strange ritual, without directly knowing why his master was doing it.

Even though this girl had just been conceived, the Kaioushin could already feel a great power coming from her and that her role in the fate of this and the earth in another dimension was an important one. She was the daughter of a powerful warrior, a warrior that had saved the earth more than once, but was now dead. Neither this warrior nor his wife knew yet that she was expecting again. Not just one, but two strong babies. This was another, if for some people not even more important, reason to take the unborn girl from her mother, so that another woman in another dimension could give birth to her. Because due to the heritage of the father and the growing strength of both babies, the mother would surely die giving birth to them. She was just human and wouldn’t be able to survive the strains of bearing two children that were more than a hundred times stronger than her.

Both, master and servant, were too deep in concentration and the noise of the fire too loud, making it impossible to notice that they were being watched by two figures. First as those two figures stepped nearer Kibito’s head jerked up, seeing them standing in the shadows the fire was throwing on them. He walked past the Kaioushin, careful not to bother, but at the same time willing to protect him, and stopped, when the distance between him and the newcomers had shrunk to a few yards.

“Who are you?” Kibito demanded to know. His voice was strong and firm and would have made normal people squirm. But those two figures, one as large as Kibito, the other small, even smaller than the Kaioushin, both wearing capes, which hoods were covering most parts of their faces, didn’t seem to be normal. They were just standing there, unmoving. “Who are you?” the Kaioushin’s servant repeated again, when there came no answer. “As you maybe see the Kaioushin is performing an important ritual and he might not be disturbed.”

“I see that,” the small figure now said, stepping nearer.

The Kaioushin stopped his mantra and tensed remarkably, when he heard this voice. He knew it… and he feared and hated it at the same time. All the years he had hoped that he would never hear this voice again, this voice that had brought him nightmares for all those years. But now it was back, the owner of this voice was back, most likely out for revenge. His eyes jerked open, but he stared into the fire, refusing to look into the direction of the voice.

“But the Kaioushin and I, we know each other. Isn’t that so, my old friend?” the small figure now said, laughing mockingly. “What is it?” he continued, when the god didn’t move. “Scared of little old me?”

Now the Kaioushin finally turned his head, got up and walked up to his friend. The ritual was far from finished, but he knew what the owner of this voice was capable of, so he must be his first priority, with the hope that he would later be able to finish the ritual and wouldn’t be dead. “Oh no, I’m not scared,” he said with pure venom in his voice. “I was just surprised to see you here. I’ve thought I would never see you again, after I’ve killed your father, Babidi.”

The small figure, Babidi, laughed again and pulled the hood down from his head, revealing his dirty-yellow and wrinkled skin. “So, you still recognize me.”

“Why are you here?” the Kaioushin wanted to know.

“I thought you knew why I’m here. Vengeance of course. I know that I alone won’t be able to revenge my father, but I’ve found someone who could do it. Isn’t that so, Darbura?”

“Yes master Babidi,” the tall figure said, also pulling the hood down, to reveal the rose-colored skin of the demon Lord himself.

“Darbura?” Kibito and the Kaioushin mumbled, a wave of sudden fear running through their bodies, and both took a step backwards.

“Darbura, you know what you have to do. Kill the Kaioushin,” Babidi ordered.

“Of course, master.” The demon Lord clenched his fist and with a roar rushed towards the god, who was almost paralyzed with fear.

“Kaioushin! No!” Kibito screamed and threw himself in the way of the attack, what just ended with him dead on the ground, having a bleeding hole in his abdomen.

“Kibito…” The Kaioushin fell down on his knees next to his friend. He was defeated and he knew it. There was no way that he could defeat Darbura. He looked back up just to see the Demon Lord shooting a ki blast at him, but before the blast could hit him, he sent a quick prayer to the sky. I’m sorry. I couldn’t finish the ritual. Please forgive me.

“What are you planning to do now, master?” Darbura wanted to know, as he and Babidi were standing in front of the two bodies.

Babidi snickered. “Now that the Kaioushin is dead, there’s no one who could stop us. We will now go and start gathering energy and when the time is right we go to earth, where we will reawake Buu.”

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