DBZ CYOA: A Giant Born Free by Hangman_Link
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The Journey Begins by Hangman_Link
Author's Notes:
This is a CYOA (Create Your Own Adventure) that I began writing a while back. Unfortunately, I will not be allowing choices to be posted on this site because it just won't work properly.

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So without further ado I present to you, A Giant Born Free:
"Prepare to die!" a voice shouts from the distance. Breathing heavily, you whisk your head out from behind the lush, green tree to see a fleet of soldiers scouting the area. You think to yourself, "Ugh, damn it! If I don't make a run for it now, they'll find me...I have no choice but to get out of here as fast as possible before they're on to me."

You dash forward running deeper into the forest, hearing nothing behind you. Everything is dead silent. You can't even hear the grasshoppers. This brings fear to you the most though. "Have I lost them? No, it couldn't have been so easy. I could be playing right into their trap...but what if there is no trap and i'm just wasting my time? ****! Oh well, it doesn't matter. It's not like I can do anything even if I knew it was a trap."

Right before you step forward to continue running, a bullet shoots by and grazes you cheek. You stand still, in complete shock, afraid to look behind you, but before you can even figure out what you're going to do, you hear a calm but terrifying voice shriek, "Hehe, I win..." and everything goes black.


"AH!" You sit up sweating all around you, breathing heavily. "Oh, right...It was just a simulation."

You unhook some sort of machine from your head and hang it back on the wall. Soon afterwards, you hear a knock on the door of your private headquarters.

"What is it?" You call out.

A foot soldier walks in, puts his right hand on his forehead and says, "Permission to speak, Commander Kiryu!?" You nod your head ever so slightly and he begins to talk once again.

"Sir, our Lord has summoned all of the commanders to his quarters. It's an important meeting, sir!"

You think to yourself, "Hmm, what could he want, summoning all of us together at once. The nerve."

Finally you reply to the soldier, "Very well. You're dismissed."

"Thank you, sir!" he replies diligently before exiting the room.

You throw on your gear and prepare to dress yourself, all the while cursing at yourself. "Damn it, no matter how much I change my plan and way of entrance during the simulation I always end up dying. What the hell am I doing wrong? How am I supposed to complete this mission if I can't even succeed in the simulation of it. I have no chance. Ugh, I must perfect my strategy later and find all the holes in my plan. It's the only way. Though, it'll have to wait...I wonder what that Rem wants with us now. Heh, knowing him it probably won't be the least bit important." You say to yourself as you exit the room without rush.


As you travel through the bases corridors, every soldier that you pass by gives you a nod or a bow depending on their rank. The walls are all painted white, and you're currently in an underground level. You pass by several locked doors where the majority of this sectors army rests. Most rooms are small and compact, excluding those of the commanders. You reach the end of a somewhat small base, and an automatic door opens for you after you put your hand print on the front of it. Security can be such a bore. As you walk in, a large room filled with 7 people awaits.

"Hello, Kiryu. It's nice of you to FINALLY join us." The one sitting in the largest chair at the 'head' of the room calls out.

You spit on the marble wood floor and state boldly, "Would you rather I not show up at all? Eh, Rem?"

"Hm? Such a cold greeting. But anyway, have a seat. It's time for the meeting to commence."

You take your seat in the far left corner of the room, as the others eye you down like a hawk.

"Well," you call out, "Are you guys going to continue staring at me or are we going to start the so called meeting?"

"Don't forget your place, Kiryu." Rem says annoyed. "But onto more important things," he continues, "We seem to have a slight problem."

"What do ya' mean?" A voice calls out from the second seat to the farthest on the right side.

"Quiet Loukar! Let me FINISH you imbecile. I've grown bored of these childish games prior to all of our meetings!" Rem rages.

The room goes dead silent. Even you know not to talk back once Rem's temper grows.

"..." Rem lets out a puff of air and continues, "It seems a pack of Saiyajins have crossed the border. Eight have been spotted as of now, but they were all spotted near the south terminal. I sent out forces to scout the other terminals three days back, but I haven't gotten a reply since. It's safe to assume that they have been killed."

"Damn...Who did you send out, my Lord?" A quiet voice echoes from the center of the room.

"Kaiba...Don't panic. Your brother wasn't sent out on this specific mission. He's still at the main forte on standby. Don't worry about him. However, I did send out Arliens squad, Mourns' squad, and Devia's squad. I've tried and failed to get in contact with them..." Rem says bitterly, "These Saiyajins have gone too far. They think they can plan a sneak attack on MY army. I will not let them get away with it. And this is where you all come in."

"Hehehehehehe...Perfect. I was getting tired just lying around the base, dealin' with small fry. These Saiyans are just the appetizer I need to reignite my love for battle again. I'll slaughter the fools." A deep and cruel voice chimes in.

"Don't be a fool Echo, these Saiyans have proved to be powerful warriors. Our victory isn't a done deal as of yet...We must take every precaution to assure our victory." A man named Pitou screeches softly.

"Pitou, Pitou, Pitou. Always acting cautious when we all know you're the most ruthless killer in the group."

"Shut up, Thrigon."

"Heh, make me. What, you think that YOU can handle ME? Don't fool yourself. You wouldn't stand a chance."

"Oh really? Lets put that theory to the test then."

"Guys...Lets wait for Rem to finish the plan before we get ahead of ourselves." Loukar softly states.

The rest of the commanders all look around at each other, and agree with a cautious nod, hushing down soon after. Rem continues.

"I'm going to send four of you guys out. You all can decide who goes. One of you will go to each terminal. The other three will carry on with their usual missions like this meeting never happened. If you don't have any missions, just stay here on guard the base. We don't know what these Saiyajins, or anybody else have planned."

"I have absolutely zero interest in these Saiyans. My current objective is to eliminate the Red Ribbon Army. I will continue my objective in doing so. Nothing will slow me down. These pesky no names aren't worth my time. The Red Ribbon on the other hand...They are far more fearsome and must be dealt with before their superior technological advances gain ilfe and begin to overtake us. I refuse to waste my time on the Saiyans, and for that matter, this meeting as well. Excuse me, Rem." Dysect boldly exclaims as he removes himself from his chair, and disappears from the room.

You frown at Dysect's comment, clearly disliking his speech, but you refrain from speaking.

"Well, that brings us to six people," Loukar says enthusiastically. "So, whose going?"

You think to yourself with your arm rested on your cheek, "Should I go? I have a mission that I have to tend to, but I can't seem to succeed in the simulation. Then again, real life combat is completely different and I could just be over analyzing things. I might be able to do it..But should I do it now...Or should I polish myself with these Saiyans first?" You wonder to yourself for several minutes, totally unaware of your current surroundings.

"Alright everybody," Rem calls out, "You are all dismissed. I'll be leaving here tonight, though, so make sure you all decide on what to do by yourselves. Be sure to take a few squads with you. We don't know how powerful these Saiyajins are, or where they are for that matter. Don't underestimate them. I don't want anymore bodies to pile up...Well, non Saiyajin bodies." Rem smirks at that last comment.

"Where you goin', Lord?" Loukar asks.

"I'll be heading over to Forte Valkyrie. It's under protected right now, and even though everybody is alright at the moment, anything can change in a matter of minutes. We have plenty of people to guard here, but make sure at least one of you all stay here and keep charge." Rem then gets up and exits the room.


"Well, I'm going to get my crew. We'll be leaving for the North Terminal at dawn." Pitou says calmly.

"At dawn? Heh, getting sloppy aren't you, Pitou?" Echo taunts with a smirk on his face. "I'm leaving tonight."

"Huh? What did you say, idiot? Go ahead and leave tonight. You may have night vision, but your crew doesn't. Hahaha, good luck with that. Go on and have your whole squad die by the Saiyans while I sip on a cup of hot chocolate and prepare for not only myself, but my squad." Pitou says as he whisks out of the room, laughing all the while.

Echo kisses his lips. "I guess he's right. I'll just get my crew ready for now. Later you guys." Echo waves as he crashes out of the room.

"Thrigon," you question him. "What do you plan on doing?"

"Eh?" He responds. "I'm goin' to kill some b**** Saiyans of course. Hehe."

"Hmm, I see. What about you two, Kaiba, Loukar?"

"Tatito (A weird catch phrase Kaiba enjoys making), count me out of this one." Kaiba chimes in enthusiastically. "I'm not too fond of killing, so I don't have any interest in this mission. Besides, I plan on leaving this place tomorrow so I can go to the main forte to watch out for my brother. The place is under protected too, so I'll take charge in case of an emergency. You know, in case Rem is busy. Always nice to have a right hand man."

You simply nod and turn your head over to Loukar.

"If you want to go, just go man. If you don't want to go, don't go. I don't have any missions to be on either, so we can do whatever we want. Just let me what you're going to do in the morning so I can prepare too. Sound good, Kiryu?"

You think to yourself, without flinching. "Either, eh? Heh, no use in rocking the craddle."

"Yeah..." You calmly state, clearly thinking of what you're going to do still, "Okay. I'll see you guys tomorrow then."

The two of them exit the room with you, but eventually disappear from your sight as you each head toward your own quarters.

You walk to your quarters and have a seat on your couch. You think to yourself calmly, "Tomorrow...Why do I have a bad feeling about it? Heh, oh well. I best get some sleep for now." You lie down in your bed and immediately pass out.


Boooom! Explosions surround you as you gaze around in terror.

"Conrad! Conrad! Where are you!?!?" You scream in anger. You start running through the breaking city as large Ki blasts come storming down like rain, destroying everything in site. "Damn it...Where are you? COOOONRAAAD!?!?"

"You won't be finding Conrad anytime soon..." A voice echoes from behind you.

You immediately whip around to see a tall man, with dark hair that spikes up. He has long, dark blue pants that cover his legs, which are tucked into his boots. His boots are pure black, with red stripes going through the tip. He also has greyish black armor that covers upper body, and on the left side of his face, a device that hooks onto him. You glare at him in rage, even though you're clueless as to who he is.

"Who the hell are you...!? Huh!?!?

The man doesn't reply. He simply smiles at your comment.

"Heh," you let out a smirk and lick your lips. "Well, you obviously don't know who I am considering how ignorant you're being. A mortal like you..."

He cuts you off, with his cold voice. "I know exactly who you are, Kiryu. It seems that you are the one who's lost. I am King Vegeta...I am also the one who has lead the assault on this city. I don't wish to exterminate the lives on innocents, but if I could save millions by simply letting thousands die, I wouldn't dare hesitate.

You stare at him puzzled, so he continues.

"The Red Ribbon Army is a despicable organization that imprisons innocent lives and turns them into machinery. The RRA has a simple objective: World domination. You guys plan on going about this by brain washing the people into thinking that you are their saviors when in fact you are recruiting them to simply turn them into machines to serve you in evil purposes. That's right, I know your plans. You must be stopped."

"Hahahahahahaha!" You burst out in laughter, a few tears dripping from your eyes. "So what? No seriously, what's your point? You may think our objective is sheer evil, but that doesn't change the fact that our cause isn't. This world is utterly disgusting. The Red Ribbon Army has vowed to change it from the inside. We're "brain washing" the people into thinking what is just. If we change the worlds perspective on how one should live and have proper laws to reinforce it, this pathetic world will change; for the better. THAT is the point of the Red Ribbon Army. Get your facts straight before you start spouting nonsense."

"Urgh, just what I'd expect from one of their 'high ups'. You're completely brain washed into thinking that the RRA has a just cause, Executive Kiryu. I'm sorry...I've tried reasoning with you, but I don't think I have any other choice but to capture you." King Vegeta roars at you while preparing a fighting stance.

You simply smile. "You really think you have a chance? Ha! You're a complete and utter fool! Now prepare," You scream as you put up your arms in a fighting position, "To DIE!"

You rush at King Vegeta at full speed and prepare to gun him in the face with a deadly right straight. You plan on ending this fight immediately! As the distance between you two closes in, he simply vanishes. You stop in an instant, filled with confusion and you look around the area in an attempt to find the fool. Crunk! A merciless kick slams you in the side of the head and you fly full speed into a building, crashing deeply into it. Ki continues to rain down on the city and citizens continue to scream in fear and pain.

"Cauh!" You cough out blood from the mouth and wipe some more off your forehead. "You...You are...GOING TO PAY!" You burst out of the building as it begins to crash down and you see King Vegeta laughing as you fly towards him. You eye him careful in case he tries to disappear again...And he does! However, you're prepared for it this time and you jump into the air along with him and see him straight across from you.

"Haaaa!" You yell as you fire a powerful Ki Blast with your right hand directly at his face. Still in a shocked state, he has no time to avoid it and it hits him dead on! You land on ground gently as he crashes down like a fallen bird causing the ground to shake and crumble. Such force! You smile, and raise your arm high in the air while crunching your hand together as a claim that the fight has ended. However, you're quickly proved wrong as he gets up from the pile of rubble, blood dripping from his entire body and bruises surfacing on him. He still remains calm though, and continues talking as if you never even hit him.

"I'd expect nothing less of one of the Red Ribbon's most powerful fighters. I came here to deal with you for a reason." He smirks as if the battle's already over himself.

This annoys you and you don't attempt to hide it. "So you think the battle is over? Heh, well you're sadly mistaken. I think it's time that I begin to fight seriously. And after I crush you and you beg for mercy, you'll tell me what you know about Conrad."

"Very well. But just to make the fight even, I'll only use one arm." King Vegeta taunts again.

You leap at him like a wild animal and began to pound your fist into his chest several times. Every hit creates a spark of wind that shoots out behind him. He attempts to block your attacks, but his guard is crushed quickly, rendering him useless.

"Hahahahaha, what's wrong, KING? Are you so outclassed that you can't even ATTEMPT to make a move? Huh! Huh!?" You continue to laugh and taunt him while delivering what should be, lethal blows to a normal fighter. King Vegeta jumps back and coughs up some blood.

You don't let him rest, however, and let out a burst of ki to charge at full throttle. King Vegeta's eyes widen as you disappear from his view, and that device on his ear beeps frantically. Your right hand digs into his liver, and he collapses to the ground in pain, unable to let any words out.

"What's the matter?" You say with a undeniable grin. "I'm sorry, how insensitive of me. I shouldn't have been so cruel. Here, let me help you up." You call out to him while grabbing him by the arm and picking him up. You lick your lips and let out another smile as you put your left palm directly on his chest. Your hand begins to blow as Ki gathers in your palm.

"Bye bye, King..."

"Wait! Nooooooo~~~" The King screams in pain as you let a powerful Ki blast rip right through his chest. He flies twenty feet back, all the while with blood leaking from his chest like a broken water fountain. To your surprise though, he does a small flip in the air and lands on the ground safely, sliding back a few feet while his hands claw at the ground in an attempt to stop himself, coughing up an insane amount of blood as he does so.

"Haaa...Haaa" The King breathes heavily, and puts his hand over his chest to stop the blood from dripping too much.

"Ohh? Not bad, old man. However, you don't have any fight left in you. You should have just rolled over and died. Because now, it's time for you to hold up your end of the bargain!" You ruthlessly say while walking towards him with a grin.

To your surprise again, he starts smiling. Laughing, even. "Is he losing it?" You think to yourself while stopping in your tracks with a puzzled look on your face.

"Well, I think it's time I ended this battle!" King Vegeta screams in rage as he looks up in the sky, but it isn't due to his frustration...His body has begun to morph into something else. But what is it? His size is growing enormously and his power...It's off the charts!

"What...What's happening!?" You scream while backing away slowly, as his power rises dramatically. His transformation finishes and you stare up at a giant ape in terror. "He's...He's huge..."

"Well, what you do think?" King Vegeta laughs, clearly still in pain. "The battle was over before it began, but don't feel bad. Very few have the power to make me unleash my true power...Bahahahahahaha!"

"Fool!" You call out to him. "All you've done was sacrifice speed for power. You'll NEVER hit me! Ahahahah, you idiot!" You laugh hysterically, not completely buying what you're selling.

Un-phased by your comment, he slowly rises his left foot and it begins to crash down immediately. "He's so large, but his speed...It increased! Not possible!"

You jump out of the way as fast as you can but your still crushed under his boot. Your bones begin to shatter and you can feel every rip in your bodily tissue as if it was in slow motion. You scream in pain but you don't even have the breath to let it out.

"Is it...possible?" You begin to think. "For such power to exist...For me to be so totally outclassed? What will happen to the Red Ribbon Army? To Conrad? To...me...?"

You wonder to yourself silently. Darkness begins to cover through your entire body, mind, and soul.


"Ah! Was it...another dream?" You whisper to yourself as you sit up from a pile of sweat. "One of those again? Damnit...Conrad. I haven't given up on you yet. I'll come find you...I swear. Ugh, what time is it?" You say to yourself while wiping some sweat off your head.

You look over at the digital clock near your resting quarters and the clock reads '11:48am'.

"Guess I better get up. Wait...What was I planning on doing today?"

A) Go on the mission to take care of the Saiyans.
B) Forget this meeting ever happened, and go on your planned mission from before.
C) Stay at the base for a little while longer, and explore your options some more.

Character Biographies

Kaiba: Kaiba is a frail young man, who has a small body size. He has long green hair that goes just past his shoulders. Although he looks weak, when he gets angry, his power is one of the most frightening of the entire group of commanders.

Race: Alien

Loukar: He has short, brown curly hair and a rugged face. Although his plain face makes him look like a serial killer, he's quite gentle and has a high pitched voice. He has bulky legs, but his upper body is slim. When he gets serious in combat, he puts a white bandanna over his head. His specialty is long ranged fighting, and he focuses on luring his opponents into Ki Blasts of different sorts.

Race: Human

Thrigon: Thrigon is the most difficult person to identify. He isn't dumb, but he acts dumb in order to fit in with some of his peers. For some reason it seems that his number one goal is to fit in with the others. Besides that, he has sharp, pointy red hair and deep green eyes. Thrigon has a large hunchback which makes him look at least a foot shorter than he is, but when he does stand up straight, he's gigantic. He wears baggy clothes as well. Also, Thrigon has the unique ability to regenerate bodily tissue whether it's been pierced or ripped right off. This is the basis of his fighting style.

Race: Namekian

Pitou: Pitou is tall with a stick-like body. He wears dress pants and a dress shirt. At first site, he may be seen as a gentle, and kind person but his true self is that of a demon. When angered, he loses his conscience, and turns into a calculating killing machine. He has large wings that sprout from his back which allow him to fly, and he has two antenna's that poke out of his forehead. He finds joy in manipulating people and his combat specialty is using unique techniques to destroy his opponent. Although he doesn't look it, he's the most deadly fighter of the group, and the most intellectual.

Race: Elf

Echo: Echo seems like a body builder. He's huge! However, it's simply due to his Race. He's brown, and has a long pointy nose with a gold piercing going through it. He has no hair, and his ears are on top of his head. He has pitch black eyes, and holds a ruthless face. Not to mention his voice is quite deep as well. Echo's fighting style consists of dealing multiple, lethal blows from close up. He stays in as close as possible, and uses minimal Ki attacks.

Race: Giant

Dysect: He has the eyes of a machine. He's cold, calculating, and ruthless. Although he appears slow due to his large and bulky body, he's quick witted and works very well under pressure. He's a master of all types of fighting styles and can easily adapt to whoever he's fighting. He has a bulky body throughout, and wears fairly tight clothes. On a good day, you can see his abs right through his overcoat. His hair is pitch black, and fairly long but he ties it back in a bun. His eyes are bloodshot red.

Race: Human

Rem: Rem is the leader of the entire organization. He once saved you from death prior to your joining him. You don't know why, but he once told you that it's because he knew of your power and wanted to recruit you. His power is peerless. You don't even know the depths of his strength, but based on the quick battle he had with King Vegeta's Oozaru form, you fear that power; that rage he holds deep inside. He's moderately tall, but still holds a normal body. His eyes are black sometimes, and red at others. He has black hair with red highlights that spike up like a Saiyan. He wears dress clothes. He's a relaxed person that you enjoy teasing, but when he gets angry, nobody would dare talk back to him. He tends to lick his lips and shake violently as he gets the urge to kill. It's as if he goes through a trance in his mind.

Race: Unknown

Every Race:




- When facing an enemy stronger then you, your power level raises by 5%.
- You have a fighting advantage when facing someone around your level.
- Advanced basic skills (eg. back flips, combos, etc.).
- Easy learning capacity.



- Stronger then normal.
- All attacks do a little less damage.
- Higher defense than normal.


- Slow.



- Can fly.
- Quick learner.
- Easy mobility.



- Can transform.
- When hit with a physical move, it absorbs the opponents punch decreasing the damage, and trapping there hand in your stomach.


- When fighting someone around your power level, you weaken a bit.
- Bad at combo's.



- Can regenerate.
- Ki is naturally powerful.


- Face blows are 2x stronger then normally.



- Faster than normal.
- Very good learning capacity.


- Low physical attack.
- Low physical defense.
- Low health.

Strength Increases:

-1 - Gets weaker
0 - No increase
1 - Moderate Increase
2 - Large Increase
3 - Enormous Increase

Human - Training: 1 - Victory: 2 - Loss: 1

Giant - Training: 0 - Victory: 3 - Loss: 1

Saiyan - Training: 1 - Victory: 1 - Loss: 2

Alien - Training: 2 - Victory: 3 - Loss: -1

Namekian - Training: 2 - Victory: 2 - Loss: 0

Elf - Only gets stronger by absorbing opponents energy.

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