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Genres: Crossover
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A few years after the Cell Games, Chichi decides that it's a good idea for Gohan to attend Junior High like a normal teenage boy. But when he meets the Sailor Scouts and a new enemy arises, he wonders if his life will ever be normal?

Categories: Action/Adventure, Crossover, General, Humor, Romance
Characters: Briefs Bura, ChiChi, OFC(s), Other, Piccolo, Sailor Moon, Son Gohan, Son Goku, Vegeta
Genres: Action, Adventure, Crossover, Fantasy, General, Humor, Romance
Warnings: None

Series: None
Chapters: 1
Wordcount: 1491 - Pageviews: 799
Complete?: No - Published: Nov 17, 2012 - Last Updated: Jul 20, 2013
After the events of "Goku vs. Superman: Confrontation on New Namek", Goku is brought to the DC Universe to fight against Superman. Twice.

Categories: Action/Adventure, Crossover
Characters: Son Goku
Genres: Action, Adventure, Crossover
Warnings: None

Series: None
Chapters: 10
Wordcount: 37418 - Pageviews: 10754
Complete?: Yes - Published: Dec 21, 2011 - Last Updated: Feb 09, 2012
After the Cell Saga, Chi-Chi found out she was pregnant. She was elated, but there was a complication. Depressed, and heartbroken, she wandered West City, and found the Shop. The woman inside told her she could carry to term, for a price. (xxxHOLiC)

Categories: Alternate Universe, Crossover, Drama, Romance > Goku/ChiChi
Characters: ChiChi, OFC(s), Son Goku
Genres: Alternate Universe, Crossover, Drama, Mystery, Romance
Warnings: None

Series: None
Chapters: 1
Wordcount: 2692 - Pageviews: 1703
Complete?: No - Published: Feb 17, 2010 - Last Updated: Feb 18, 2010
With Bulma's help Gohhan Naruto and Sakura all make it safely back to Gohan's home but much to everyone's dismay there will be no happy homecoming and Gohan will soon suffer a tragic loss.

Categories: Romance
Characters: Other, Satan Videl, Son Gohan
Genres: Alternate Universe, Crossover, Lemon, Romance
Warnings: Major Character Death

Series: Sayain and the Blosom
Chapters: 1
Wordcount: 2577 - Pageviews: 728
Complete?: No - Published: Aug 15, 2008 - Last Updated: Aug 15, 2008
With his world in parel  Gohan is mysteriouly falls into Naruto's univers where he falls for Sakura and meets Naruto can unlikely pairing save both their worlds from utter destruction or is this a love that is doomed to end as quickly as it was formed?

Categories: Romance
Characters: Other, Son Gohan
Genres: Action, Alternate Universe, Crossover, Lemon, Romance
Warnings: Coarse Language, Graphic Violence
Challenges: Shinobi Saiyan style

Series: Sayain and the Blosom, A TRUE SAYIANS STRUGGLE
Chapters: 4
Wordcount: 9972 - Pageviews: 4116
Complete?: Yes - Published: Aug 28, 2007 - Last Updated: Jan 09, 2008

After the events of Hero (Season I) had ended, there was a time of prosperity. Things were relatively peaceful.  Until the next mission was laid beofre Kevin and his friends. What new things will they not only discover about their enemies, but themselves. And, just who is going to help them discover it?

Categories: Alternate Universe
Characters: None
Genres: Action, Adventure, Alternate Universe, Crossover, Drama
Warnings: Coarse Language, Graphic Violence

Series: None
Chapters: 30
Wordcount: 83642 - Pageviews: 48928
Complete?: Yes - Published: Jun 20, 2006 - Last Updated: Dec 13, 2006
(x-over w/ Ronin Warriors, Pokémon) Anime charcters from different shows come together to MST good fanfics. However, the main target of this team is Goku/Vegeta yaoi fics. Will Vegeta survive?

Categories: Humor
Characters: OFC(s), Vegeta
Genres: Crossover
Warnings: Shounen ai/Yaoi

Series: None
Chapters: 10
Wordcount: 160643 - Pageviews: 24038
Complete?: No - Published: May 29, 2006 - Last Updated: May 29, 2006
A/U Crossover DBZ and Neon Genesis Evangelion... Piccolo catches a girl who falls from the sky, but the sky is empty, where did she come from? And why is she here? If you haven't seen Neon Genesis Evangelion don't worry... it explains all you need to know... so please read ^^

Categories: Crossover
Characters: Briefs Buruma, Briefs Buruma, Other, Other, Piccolo, Piccolo, Son Goku, Son Goku, Vegeta, Vegeta
Genres: General, Mystery, Alternate Universe, Crossover
Warnings: OOC, Coarse Language

Series: None
Chapters: 3
Wordcount: 4103 - Pageviews: 6398
Complete?: No - Published: Dec 30, 2005 - Last Updated: Jan 02, 2006