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Vegeta recieves a message from old allies the Idsarjin that they know the location of the missing Saiyan Race Banks.  Bulma offers to help him, but Krillen and Yamcha tag along for the ride. This is slightly A/U interpretation with a dash of Puffyamiyumi thrown in for fun. In this, Ami and Yumi are childhood friends of Bulma Briefs, having known her from school. Capsule Corps is one of their sponsors. This takes place in that infamous three years after Freiza's demise by Mirai Trunks, and before Baby Trunks is born. Yamucha is NOT a cheating boyfriend in this, and he and Bulma are separated but still on good terms (although I love the ones in which he is for the fun of it but I'm giving the poor guy a break here). Vegeta is staying in a small guesthouse on the Capsule Corps property next to his GT room in a separate building, and has been staying there for a few months already. Everyone is taking a slight break from training for the Android Invasion.

Categories: Alternate Universe, Crossover
Characters: Briefs Buruma, Kuririn, Mirai Trunks, Non-Anime, Other, Piccolo, Son Gohan, Son Goku, Vegeta, Yamucha
Genres: General, Humor, Lemon, Lime, Romance
Warnings: Coarse Language

Series: None
Chapters: 39
Wordcount: 134656 - Pageviews: 71174
Complete?: Yes - Published: May 08, 2007 - Last Updated: Jul 03, 2007
I know. I’m a heathen to FF for doing this. I’m so horrible. Anyway, so Sephiroth didn’t really die, see…Cloud just kind of omni-slashed him to the DBZ world. Not good. Totally uncalled for. Totally cliché. Totally not hilarious, and yet hilarious. Totally worth a read.

Categories: Crossover
Characters: Son Goten, Non-Anime, Mirai Trunks
Genres: Humor, Horror
Warnings: Graphic Violence, OOC, Coarse Language

Series: None
Chapters: 2
Wordcount: 2586 - Pageviews: 2525
Complete?: No - Published: Nov 17, 2005 - Last Updated: Nov 19, 2005
(x-over w/ The Legend of Dragoon) The Dragoon warriors are catching up to Lloyd and the Divine Dragon when they run headfirst into some certain Saiya-jin... who's ancestors helped the Dragoon's oldest enemy.

Categories: Crossover
Characters: Briefs Trunks, Other, Son Gohan, Son Goku, Vegeta, Non-Anime
Genres: Action
Warnings: None

Series: None
Chapters: 1
Wordcount: 1463 - Pageviews: 1250
Complete?: No - Published: Jun 29, 2005 - Last Updated: Jun 29, 2005
AndrAIa's game experience sends her to the Dragon Ball Z world.

Categories: Crossover
Characters: Vegeta, Non-Anime
Genres: Humor
Warnings: None

Series: None
Chapters: 1
Wordcount: 3108 - Pageviews: 1117
Complete?: Yes - Published: Jun 09, 2005 - Last Updated: Jun 09, 2005